cprofittI really like the inclusion of the loco team member00:01
jonocprofitt, :-)00:02
jonothat definitely needs some more documentation00:02
cprofittare you looking for additional award ideas as well?00:02
jonocprofitt, always, but not on this page00:03
jonocprofitt, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Trophies00:03
jonoawesome to see some edits happening00:03
jcastrook so I still think "Reported first bug" is a bad idea00:03
jonothanks everyone!00:03
jonojcastro, why? they gained the skill to report a bug00:04
jonothat is the point of an accomplishment00:04
jcastrobecause all it does is encourage you to file a bug00:04
jcastroand we don't want that00:04
jcastrowe want good bugs.00:04
jonowhich is better than someone not filing a bug00:04
jonoagreed, so add that to the docs00:04
cprofittjcastro: true... but it is a baby step00:04
jonoexplain what a good bug is00:04
jonojcastro, this is all designed to be first steps to contribution00:04
cprofittthe next one can be first bug accepted after triage, etc.00:04
jcastrosure, I get that00:04
jonofirst steps and better than no first steps00:05
jcastroit just needs to be first confirmed bug I think00:05
jcastroor I will just file "The window controls should be on the right."00:05
cprofittah... first confirmed ... yeah I could agree with that00:05
jonojcastro, well, then you still filed a bug00:05
jonoand that is a good thing00:05
jonothis is about learning the skills to file a bug00:05
cprofittall sixes for me on that00:05
jcastronot if it's extra work for someone else to clean out my noise!00:05
jonojcastro, right, agreed, but then we get a contributor who now knows how to file a bug00:06
jonoand they can use that skill to help Ubuntu00:06
jcastroright, so if your bug is good00:06
jcastroit will get confirmed00:06
jcastroif it sucks, it'll just sit there00:06
jonothe problem with requiring a confirmed bug is what if they file a great bug...they deserve the trophy, but then they dont get one if noone confirms it00:06
jonothe point of this is not to make this a moderated system where possible00:07
jonoand I agree that this will involve some debate on what makes good and bad accomplishments00:07
jonoand I think those discussions are valuable ones to have too00:07
jcastroI mean, there's a reason they turned off "submit a bug" in launchpad for most people00:07
jcastrobecause they don't want bad bugs00:07
cjohnstonjono: have you packaged accomplishments in a ppa yet?00:08
jonojcastro, right, and this is why we ask people to use ubuntu-bug here00:08
jcastrook, fair enough00:08
jonocjohnston, not yet, just working on getting the backend ported to twistd and then I plan on releasing a package00:08
jonocjohnston, my goal is to get a package out ASAP00:08
jonoI am just waiting on oubiwann to finish the port00:08
cjohnstonim gonna install, so just wanted to see00:08
jonoand then I can look into that00:08
cjohnstonit works on +1 as far as you know?00:09
jonocjohnston, awesome, let me know how you get on00:09
jonocjohnston, it is built for Precise right now00:09
jonodoesnt work on Oneiric00:09
jonoinstalling is simple00:09
jonocjohnston, let me know if you have any problems00:09
jonoakgraner, for the CC one, I would love to see guidance in there on what makes someone a good CC member00:10
jonothat can all go in the summary00:10
cprofittI would like to add something like that to the Loco Council as well00:10
jonojcastro, continuing on from our discussion, I plan on adding "Tips" and "Pitfalls" sections to the accomplishments to say things like "don't file shitty bugs"00:10
jonocprofitt, that would be great00:11
jonothe goal of these docs is to provide a really solid chunk of guidance so the user knows exactly what to do :-)00:11
cprofittare you required to be an Ubuntu Member to be on th LC?00:12
jcastrohah I hope so00:12
jonocprofitt, I believe so00:12
cprofittk I will add that00:12
jonocprofitt, the accomplishments requires the Ubuntu Member one to be completed before you can complete this one :-)00:12
cprofittgot it00:12
cprofittso adding that is redundant00:13
jcastrojono: can we add new ones?00:13
jonojcastro, I am keeping this page just for editing existing ones, but feel free to create a new page if you like :-)00:14
jcastroman so like you know how github gists make git branches of every pastebin00:15
cprofittjcastro: if you make the page let me know -- I have a few to add00:15
jcastroit would be awesome if this could just make branches of pages too00:15
jonojcastro, yeah, totally00:15
jonomaybe p.u.c/accomplishmentsideas ?00:15
jonooh cool00:15
jcastroTOO LATE00:15
jonojcastro, please create them using the same structure and block00:15
jonocprofitt, so for your organized a loco event, we just need a script to detect that from loco.ubuntu.com00:17
jonoI am hoping cjohnston might be able to help write the script00:17
jcastrowhen he's not busy00:17
jcastrotrying to catch Mr. White in Breaking Bad00:18
jcastroI know right, looks just like the DEA guy00:18
cprofittjono: cool... I can talk with cjohnston00:20
jonocprofitt, :-)00:20
cprofittwhat about teams that do not use loco.ubuntu.com... or do we want to require that for this reward as an encouragement to use it?00:20
jonoI am keen to see how cjohnston gets on running it00:20
jonocprofitt, well we can have any accomplishment that we can detect with a script00:21
jonoso loco.ubuntu.com and LP are good resources for doing this00:21
* cprofitt nods00:21
jonomy hunch would be to ask them to use loco.ubuntu.com00:21
jonoas we encourage folks to use that site anyway00:21
jcastroif you want badges, use loco.ubuntu.com. :)00:21
jcastroI mean, we spend resources to make it, locos should use it00:21
jonowow akgraner and cprofittare rocking the docs00:22
cprofittthat next one might be difficult to detect...00:23
cprofittbut I will talk to cjohnston00:23
jcastrohah nice one on the taking pictures at a loco event00:24
cjohnstonjono: I have no trophies :-(00:26
jonocjohnston, did you install it all?00:26
jonoand click the button to agree to verification?00:26
jonocjohnston, hmmm, one sec00:27
jonocjohnston, U1 might be being a little slow00:27
jonocjohnston, you already have a U1 account right?00:27
jcastro<--- wife home, outta here, will catch up later00:27
cjohnstonby jcastro00:27
cjohnstonjono: the first time i ran the daemon i got: Running: /home/chris/accomplishments/scripts/ubuntu-community/ubuntu-member.py00:28
cjohnston...Other error code.00:28
cjohnstonwhich i assume could be normal as i havent provided info00:28
jonocjohnston, which error?00:28
jonocjohnston, did you type in your LP email address when it asked?00:28
jonoone sec00:28
cjohnstonthe directions have you running the daemon before you enter your LP info tho00:29
jonoyep that is right00:29
jonothe daemon always needs to be running00:29
jonocjohnston, do me a favor, in a terminal type: u1sdtool --list-shared00:29
cjohnstonso im assuming thats why it errored the first time00:29
jonoyoui werent running the daemon?00:29
jonorun the daemon in one terminal00:30
jonoand then run the gui from another terminal00:30
cjohnstoni was.. when i ran the daemon, I got the error... it didnt ask me for login until after i ran the gui00:30
jonowhat error?00:30
cjohnstonRunning: /home/chris/accomplishments/scripts/ubuntu-community/ubuntu-member.py00:30
cjohnston19.28.47 < cjohnston> ...Other error code.00:30
cjohnstonthats a direct copy/paste00:30
cjohnstonno shared jono00:30
jonoclose your terminals down00:31
jononow go to ~/.local/share/accomplishments00:31
jonois there a trophies dir in there?00:31
jonocjohnston, ^00:32
jonoin there in .extrainformation do you see launchpad-email?00:33
cjohnstonin accomplisments?00:34
jonoin ~/.local/share/accomplishments/trophies/.extrainformation00:35
cjohnstonthere is00:35
jonook, open a new terminal00:35
jonomake sure the daemon and gui are not running00:36
jonocat ~/.config/accomplishments/.accomplishments00:36
cjohnstonlooks good00:37
cjohnstonthey are all correct00:37
jonocan you paste it here?00:37
cjohnstonhas_u1 = True00:37
cjohnstonhas_verif = 100:37
cjohnstonaccompath = /home/chris/accomplishments00:37
cjohnstontrophypath = /home/chris/.local/share/accomplishments/trophies00:37
jonook cool00:38
jonook, open a new termianl00:38
jonoagain, ensure the daemon is not running00:38
jononow cd to ubuntu-accomplishments-system/daemon00:38
jonoand run ./rundaemon.sh00:38
jonokeep an eye on the output00:38
jonoit should say it is going to run the scripts after a few seconds00:38
cjohnstonits running the scripts00:39
jonoany say Accomplished?00:39
cjohnstonmember accomplished, fridge not, lp acct accomp00:39
akgranerjono any Loco team member approved or non-approved gets a trophy right?00:39
cjohnstoncompleted running scripts00:39
cjohnstonits only running three scripts tho00:40
jonocjohnston, cool, ok, so it just hasnt offer the share yet00:40
cjohnstonare there more?00:40
jonocjohnston, it should only run them, the rest are locked00:40
jonocjohnston, run: u1sdtool --refresh-shares00:40
jonocjohnston, run: u1sdtool --list-shared00:40
jonodo you see anything in there saying trophies?00:40
cjohnstonu1 seems to be having issues.. running commands for u1sdtool no longer seem to terminate themselves00:41
jonocjohnston, that is a bug in PRecise00:41
jonopress Ctrl-\ to terminate00:41
jonocjohnston, one sec00:42
cjohnstonno shared00:42
jonothis is very odd00:42
jonocjohnston, ok, lets try and reshare00:42
jonokill the daem00:42
jonoCtrl-\ kills it00:42
jonorm ~/.config/accomplishments/*00:43
jonocjohnston, now run the daemon again00:43
jonoand then after the daemon has started, run the gui00:43
cjohnstonthere is nothing in ~/.config/accomplishments00:44
jononow run the daemon00:45
cjohnston* WARNING **: Trying to register gtype 'GDriveStartFlags' as enum when in fact it is of type 'GFlags'00:45
jonocjohnston, thats fine00:46
jonoyou can ifnore not00:46
jonoit looks like U1 might be having some issues right now00:46
cjohnstonu1 and me dont get along to the point where I'm moving all of my stuff off of it00:46
cjohnstonit deleted stuff :'-(00:48
jonoactually maybe it is on my end00:48
jonoI think I might know what part of the problem could be here00:48
jonoU1 looks to be working ok00:49
jonocjohnston, is your U1 working ok on your machine?00:49
jonocjohnston, did you set it up to work?00:50
jonoor did you not enable it in Precise00:50
cjohnstonits enabled00:50
jonook, lets try one more thing00:50
jonokill the daemon00:50
jonops ax | grep accomp\00:51
jonops ax | grep accomp00:51
jonomake sure it is not running00:51
jonomake sure the gui is not running00:51
jonocjohnston, rm -rf ~/.cache/accomplishments/logs/*00:51
jonocjohnston, rm -rf ~/.config/accomplishments/*00:52
jonocjohnston, rm -rf ~/.local/share/accomplishments/*00:52
jonocjohnston, ok, now run ./rundaemon in the daemon dir00:54
jonothen open a new terminal and run the gui with quickly run00:54
jonobe sure to approve the verified trophies and add your LP email address when it asks you00:54
cjohnstonstill nothing under my trophies00:55
jonocjohnston, ok, now see if the scripts say accomplished00:55
jonou1sdtool --list-share\00:56
jonou1sdtool --list-shared00:56
cjohnstonno shared00:56
jonocjohnston, now kill the daemon00:56
jonoand restart it again00:57
jonocjohnston, and now email the log file in .cache/accomplishments/logs00:57
cjohnstonthey say accomp00:57
jonook cool00:57
jononow look in .local/share/accomplishments/trophies/ubuntu-community00:58
jonodo you see .trophy files?00:58
jonobrb phone00:58
jonocjohnston, back01:01
jonook, try this01:01
jonoload the U1 gui tool thing01:01
jonoand click the button to disconnect and then reconnect01:01
jonoit looks like accomplishments is working but you may have found a U1 bug in Precise01:01
jonoU1 has been working in Precise for me pretty well01:01
jonocjohnston, can you email me your log file too01:02
jonothere is definitely a bug in the code here regarding the scriptrunner01:02
jonoI need to fix that01:02
cjohnston.cache/accomp/logs jono ?01:03
jonothere should be one log file in there01:03
jonothanks for helping test this cjohnston :-)01:03
jonocjohnston, I suspect your U1 is broken01:04
jonocjohnston, which email address do you use for it?01:04
jonook, I will try and offer you a share01:05
jonolet me know if it pops up01:05
cjohnstonmail sent to j@u.c01:05
jonocjohnston,  do you see a bubble appear?01:07
jonocjohnston, check your email too01:07
cjohnstonno i havent01:07
jonocjohnston, no email?01:09
cjohnstoni got it01:10
jonocjohnston, ok approve the share01:10
jononow in the U1 gui tool Cloud Folders01:11
jonoand check Sync Locally for the folder I offered you01:11
cjohnstonit still isnt in u1 gui01:13
jonocjohnston, hmmm01:13
jonothis is odd01:13
cjohnstoni still think my u1 is all sorts of screwy01:14
jonocjohnston, it seems so01:14
cjohnstonit can take a day for a file to downlaod01:14
cjohnstonso I'll ping you tomorrow night if it isnt wroking?01:14
jonocan I ask you to purge U1 from your system and restart01:15
jonodid you upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04?01:15
cjohnstonupgrade, yes01:15
jonocjohnston, ahhh01:16
jonoI suspect your b0rked U1 came with the upgrade01:16
jonocan I ask you to re-install U1 and then try?01:16
jonothe good news is that it looks like my code is working as expected :-)01:16
cjohnstonitll be a bit01:16
jonocjohnston, I assure you when this works, it is pretty awesome :-)01:16
jonoand worth the effort01:16
cjohnstonjono pm?01:17
jonocjohnston, sure01:17
cprofittetneg: hey01:18
etnegcprofitt: hey:D01:18
cprofittgot a link to that stuff you are working on for UGJ?01:18
cprofittjono might like to see it!!01:18
etnegi can post the globe idea01:18
cprofittyeah, that works...01:19
etnegthe badge idea should be ready tomorrow hopefully01:19
cprofittI know it is a work in progress, but I think folks would be interested to see it01:19
etnegas for the badge i havent done anything yet01:20
cprofittetneg: that one if the Ubuntu GLobal Jam badge to wear on the Ubuntu Forums right?01:21
etnegcprofitt: ye01:21
etnegit's got a background in there that i wold recommend removing it and keep a transparent bg01:22
etnegbut most of these avatar stuff people seem to use  a bg so i just did one with a bg there01:22
cprofittakgraner: what do you think of the UGJ avatar for the forums?01:22
* akgraner looks01:23
akgranerI like it but it looks like ubj and not ugj01:24
cprofittooh... good catch it does say that01:25
cprofittetneg: we need it to be UGJ - Ubuntu Global Jam01:25
cprofittI missed that01:25
etnegooh right01:25
akgranerwhat do the colors mean?01:25
etnegi had to work on the font anyhow01:26
etnegthe bg is an abstract globe, colors originally are the ubuntu colors there01:26
akgranerwhen I look at things like that   usually when people design them often everything means something01:26
etnegalso i went with that coloring scheme as a friendliness atmosphere01:27
cprofittakgraner: wait until we unveil the new NY logo that etneg did for us01:27
etnegthe globe idea is cprofitt's concept01:27
cprofittHe did it as part of the global jam... and we will unveil it Friday01:27
* akgraner wants a new logo now 01:27
etnegi thought instead of the boring same ole earth planet, something more abstract and colorful would do the trick01:27
etnegive taken the blues from earth colors onto this one01:28
akgranerahh - purple and orange - ok ok aubergine and orange ;-) in the typical blue and green patterns seen on a globe01:28
etnegthere's 3 strokes there01:28
etnegone on top, middle, and botom01:28
etnegall of them have the ubuntu color palette01:28
etnegit's just that under a glass surface  you're not going to see it exactly as it is01:29
akgranerok purple and orange just happen to be my absolute favorite colors in the whole world so any excuse I can find to use them I will01:29
etnegi wanted to mimick the glass surface too01:29
akgranerI like ut01:29
etnegheh ok01:29
etnegthe typography is supposed to be letterpressed, but at that size i might have to tweak it a bit more01:30
etnegor just keep i t flat01:30
akgranerI'm not a graphics person, so is flat what is is now?01:31
etnegwell ye but with the illusion of letter press01:32
etnegyou add a shadow there, a shadow here, few highlights and gie that illusion01:32
akgranerif you had to keep it that way  - it still looks good01:32
etnegbut on a smale scale like 90x90 needs some tweaking to see it01:32
etnegok cool01:32
akgranerjono I've added all I can to your summaries01:33
akgranerunless you want them to be longer :-)01:33
akgranerjames_w, you around?01:34
akgraneretneg, I can't wait to see the finished product thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the new NY one as well.01:36
etnegakgraner: cool:D thanks01:36
etnegi'll fix that b on it01:36
akgraneretneg - heck I might even bug you to help me with a few things :-)01:37
etnegi keep confusing ugj with ubj for some odd reason01:37
etnegakgraner: sure sure:D01:37
akgranerI have a need for some custom Icons - but we can chat about that some other time01:37
etnegoh ok cool01:38
etnegicons should be alot simpler than this, but sure we i'l do them01:38
jonothanks akgraner!01:42
cprofitthey jono01:43
cprofittdid you see etneg's post about his avatar?01:44
jonoetneg, yeah01:44
jonolooks cool01:44
cprofittwe hope to have that done for tomorrow in final form01:44
cprofittthen I will publish on my blog and people can sport it on the forums01:44
etnegi'll throw in one more ocncept by tommorrow morning01:45
cprofittetneg: has been awesome with his art contributions01:45
etnegwill update you guys then01:45
etnegcprofitt: thanks:D been fun01:45
cprofittno, etneg - thank you for all the work you have done01:49
cprofittyou rock!!01:50
* etneg nods01:50
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as M0hi
james_wakgraner, am now :-)03:16
nigelbIts a james_w!03:17
james_whi nigelb03:21
cprofittposted the forum avatar etneg made for us04:09
ashickur-noorAny body here?06:20
ashickur-noorHow I can design the event body text?06:23
dholbachgood morning07:49
benonsoftwareHowdy dholbach07:55
dholbachhey benonsoftware07:56
benonsoftwareHow are you?07:56
dholbachmhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~maxolasersquad/ubuntu/precise/stellarium/add_quicklist/+merge/94312 is rejected now - I guess I'll leave https://code.launchpad.net/~arashbm/ubuntu/precise/compizconfig-settings-manager/add_quicklist/+merge/94462 as it is, or would it make more sense to ask for it to go upstream too?07:57
dholbachbenonsoftware, good good - I need to reply to 68658765456789 emails I got during the night, but apart from that great :)07:57
dholbachhow about you?07:57
benonsoftwareI'm alright07:57
* benonsoftware is trying to get white-out of his computer keyboard07:58
benonsoftwaredholbach: How can one get so many emails in one night? :D07:58
dholbachbenonsoftware, I could imagine the number wasn't 100% accurate ;-)07:59
dholbach"a lot" :)07:59
* benonsoftware should read his Gmail as it is growing fast and I have no time to check it :D07:59
benonsoftwareHalf of its spam07:59
dholbachhey dpm08:05
dholbach¿qué tal?08:05
dpmhey dholbach, good morning!08:05
dholbachdpm, should https://code.launchpad.net/~uusijani/apt/uusi-branch/+merge/91593 be rather done over here somewhere? https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/apt/+pots/apt-all/fi/+translate?batch=10&show=all&search=hash08:06
dpmdholbach, yeah, but after it's done in LP mvo or someone else should fetch all translations and release a new apt package containing them. Translations for apt are not shipped in language packs, so they need to be exported from LP and put into the package. So either a) accepting the merge proposal + new upload, or b) recommending him to translate in LP + translations export + new upload would work.08:10
dholbachaha ok08:10
dholbachin that case I'll just get mvo to review it :)08:10
dpmok, cool :)08:20
dholbachtoday is another renovation day in the next door apartment08:39
dholbach→ coworking space08:39
dpmhm, has the shortcut to change workspace changed too?08:58
dpmoh man, it has08:59
dholbachdpm, it was changed back again AFAIK09:04
dholbachare you fully updated and restarted your session?09:04
dpmno, too many windows open right now :)09:04
dpmhey czajkowski09:05
dholbachthe idea was to add "shift+super+arrow keys" to the already existing "ctrl+alt+arrow keys", but compiz can't handle 2 shortcuts for the same thing09:05
dholbachso either upgrade and restart session, change it in the keyboard settings or deal with it :)09:05
dholbachhi czajkowski09:05
* czajkowski is awake since 4am this is gonna be a slow day 09:06
dholbachoh wow09:08
dholbachdpm, who is looking after language-selector these days?09:08
dpmdholbach, I'll choose "deal with it" for now :) - language-selector has no official maintainer. pitti does some bug fixing, and also GunnarHJ09:09
dholbachI was just wondering who is going to review and apply fixes - that might be pitti or somebody on the desktop team then09:10
dpmyeah, probably pitti09:13
czajkowskidpm: can I close the question  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18744909:27
dpmczajkowski, I (or someone else) just haven't had the chance to reply, I'd leave it open for now09:28
czajkowskiokie dokie thanks09:31
dpmnp :)09:34
nigelbpopey: Well said arguments :)11:03
s-foxo/ cjohnston12:00
jokerdinopeople, who can handle this question well? http://askubuntu.com/questions/108745/why-is-ubuntu-not-publicized-in-big-conferences12:13
czajkowskijokerdino: well what conferences I guess would be my first question12:13
czajkowskiI do think it has a larger presence in the states than it does at EU events unless it's more commerical12:14
jokerdinoI am guessing something like how Windows or Apple reveals their product.12:14
jokerdinolike keynotes12:14
czajkowskijokerdino: so more of a business launch12:14
jokerdinoor like the CES exhibitions, perhaps12:14
jokerdinothe key word in the question is "at launches"12:15
czajkowskiit was at CES12:15
jokerdinothat was this year.12:16
czajkowskijokerdino: kinda hard to do every 6 months imo given our fast recelease cycle  possibly at a LTS12:16
jokerdinogiving public addresses for LTS will work as well.12:16
popeywe have a live video keynote from mark at UDS12:16
jokerdinothe question was, why is Ubuntu not being publicized about the newer releases / launches.12:17
mhall119jokerdino: Microsoft and Apple spend a *lot* of money on those12:17
popeyapple has billions in the bank12:17
popeywe dont ☺12:17
* mhall119 wouldn't mind a piece of that12:17
jokerdinoyes they do, and they gain a lot of publicity for that too :D12:17
jokerdinoah, monetary restrictions, i see.12:17
jokerdinoone of you awesome people can take a shot at that question, then.12:18
czajkowskijokerdino: I also thinking having a 6 monthly relase in some cases with bug fixes isn't exactly the way to go forard for a press release tbh12:18
jokerdinoit totally makes sense.12:19
jokerdinoi think we are stuck with a vicious cycle :/12:19
cjohnstonjames_w: when you get a second, could you please look at the traceback sent 10 hours ago by status?12:23
dholbachhey mhall11913:12
dholbachhow are you doing?13:12
mhall119dholbach: alright, you?13:12
dholbachgood good :)13:12
=== duanedes1gn is now known as duanedesign
jcastropopey: listening to the episode now14:04
jcastroawesome so far14:04
dholbachhuats, on parle un peu en 10 minutes? :)14:19
huatsdholbach: 20 minutes instead would be possible ?14:20
dholbachouai, bien sûr14:20
dholbachhuats, j'ai beaucoup de bonne nouvelles14:21
huatsI think I have seen some of them :)14:22
dholbachhuats, I'll create the hangout already14:41
jcastromhall119: man dude15:05
jcastrothis guy15:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 940139 in compiz-core "[callgrind] compiz spends about 51% of its CPU time in CompRegion construction/destruction" [High,Fix committed]15:06
dholbachholy cow15:10
mhall119jcastro: I know right?15:10
popeyhelp us test it!15:10
* mhall119 goes off to dist-upgrade15:12
mhall119"drops the CompRegion overhead from 51% to 9% "15:13
popeyif you can run checkbox-unity and spend some time doing the 175 or so tests, that would be awesome!15:15
czajkowskipopey: it's a nice app, just way too many tests15:24
czajkowskiand no way to submit half and then continue when you;ve more time/patience15:25
mhall119+1, being able to submit what you have if you run out of time to test would be nice15:25
czajkowskinods just too many questions/tasks tbh to do it in one go15:27
popeyyes you can15:28
popeyif you close and re-open it carries on15:28
popeyits about 2 hours to do the full set of tests15:29
jonodpm, dholbach, balloons, mhall119, jcastro gentleman, all set in a min?15:59
dpmjono, all set, jcastro cannot make it today, as per his e-mail a few days ago16:00
cprofittpopey: the Ubuntu Friendly test?16:00
jonoahhh yeah16:00
jonodamn, need to reboot, dpm can you create the hangout and send me an invite?16:00
jonowill be there in a sec16:00
dpmjono, sure16:01
popeycprofitt: no, checkbox-unity16:01
* cprofitt nods16:02
cprofitthave not run that one... I did friendly and while it was long it did not seem to be two hours so was curious16:02
popeythis does a lot of very specific tests16:02
dpmsent the invite to everyone16:03
balloons:-( <3 cprofitt16:04
* dholbach hugs cprofitt16:04
* cprofitt smiles16:04
* dpm hugs cprofitt, no worries :)16:04
dpmdidn't want to kick you out16:05
cprofittdpm: no problem16:05
jonodpm, did you send me an invite?16:07
jonoI see it16:07
dpmjono, ok16:08
bkerensaGood Morning16:10
akgranerpopey when do you the results need to be in?  Like do I have until tonight to run these tests?16:12
akgranercrap I can't try in IRC to save my freakin' life - popey hopefully you understand what I am asking there^^16:13
akgranertotally just going to invite everyone to my mumble server so I don't have to type any more :-P16:19
akgranercjohnston, yeah  - it's been one of *those* weeks and it's only Wednesday.  It started Monday when some lady (not paying attention and looking ) rear-ended me at a stop light on my way back from dropping Pete off at the airport and went down hill from there - but it's looking better as I round the corner for the weekend.16:27
cprofittakgraner: I had one of those last week..16:27
cprofittthough it was the continuation of the month from hell16:27
* cjohnston and u1 have been fighting since the weekend16:27
cprofittmy wife had an accident...16:28
akgranerha cjohnston you aren't the only fighting with it16:28
cprofittthen after the accident did not result in damage (supposedly)16:28
cprofittwe ended up with a $2300 bill to fix the car16:28
akgranerhad to do a re-install b/c of it on my test machine16:28
* cprofitt looks for wall with bang her sign16:28
* cjohnston is just trying to get my stuff now so that I can move it all away16:28
* cprofitt looks for wall with bang head her sign16:28
* cprofitt looks for wall with bang head here sign16:28
cprofittcan't even type right when I think about that16:28
akgranercprofitt, bummer16:29
cprofittany time I start to close the gap on my debt Murphy applies his law16:29
cprofittakgraner: http://memearchive.net/memerial.net/3503/pregnancy-fail.jpg16:32
cprofittthat made me laugh once I understood...16:32
bkerensamhall119: You are handing part of North America for Jams right?16:39
mhall119bkerensa: no, I was contacting asian temas16:40
dholbachjono, are we going to talk in 20m?16:40
jonodholbach, yup16:40
dholbachjono, I'll use the time to go back home - should be enough time - last night they closed here at 18:00 already16:41
dholbachso see you in a bit16:41
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dholbachjono, I'm ready when you are17:00
jonodholbach, will be a few mins late17:01
dholbachsure, no worries17:01
czajkowskiawwww http://youtu.be/0REJ-lCGiKU17:02
dakerwill you upgrade this https://www.facebook.com/ubuntulinux ?17:03
cprofittcute czajkowski17:08
balloonscprofitt, I hear your the allstar for updating wiki headers?17:10
jonodholbach, coming now17:10
cprofittballoons: ah... I did a bunch of them a while back...17:10
dholbachjono, alright17:10
balloonsI'm trying to add a new icon and link to this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Header17:10
balloonsthis is the icon IconsPage/picto_projects_we_love_48.png17:11
balloonsthis is the link Testing/Activities17:11
balloonsname can be Activities17:11
cprofittadditional box?17:11
balloonsI just make the page blow up when I edit it :-)17:11
balloonsyes please17:11
cprofitttake a look now17:17
balloonsi'm going to look at the syntax17:18
cprofittthe real issue is figuring out where each table or cell stops... depending on how it was built17:18
balloonsi think i was correct17:18
balloonsjust couldn't find the proper place17:18
balloonsthanks so much cprofitt !17:18
cprofittyou are most welcome17:20
cprofittalways glad to help17:20
dholbachalright my friends - have a great rest of your day - it's dinner time over here17:48
dholbachdaker, ليلة سعيدة17:49
jcastrotechnoviking: so has deej said what the next step is for 4.x?18:06
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
technovikingjcastro: not yet, said he could not work on it this week18:31
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
mhall119bkerensa: ping20:37
bkerensamhall119: Yes20:37
mhall119bkerensa: you are on the ubuntu-docs team right?20:37
bkerensamhall119: Yes20:37
bkerensaPlease tell me not another interview?20:37
bkerensaI can only do 2 a quarter20:37
mhall119heh, no, not this time20:38
mhall119bkerensa: I'd like to get the team trying/evaluating SUMO, were you able to register?20:38
bkerensamhall119: I already use SUMO some since I'm on Mozilla WebFWD Team :)20:38
bkerensamhall119: It is a better platform then our help.u.c20:38
mhall119perfect!  Then can you help the rest of the team poke around at my test instance to see where it will meet/not meet the needs of a replacement for help.u.c?20:39
mhall119I got apache running correctly now, so it should be good to go20:40
mhall119I may still need to manually activate new accounts since I don't have it configured to send confirmation emails20:40
bkerensamhall119: I can encourage the team to do so :)20:40
mhall119bkerensa: thanks, I really appreciate it20:40
mhall119let me know if there's anything I can do to help encourage20:40
mhall119bkerensa: if all goes well, we can start the process of migrating help.u.c to SUMO20:41
mhall119and I promise ony one interview per cycle :)20:42
mhall119(from me)20:42
bkerensamhall119: You know Matthew East is the chief for doc right? :P20:44
bkerensaat least one of them20:44
bkerensamhall119: Whats the IP for the instance again?20:45
ChrisGagnonhow to I get my event listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam if the owner of my loco's launchpad page is MIA? (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-nh)22:22
jonoChrisGagnon, hmmm, can you transfer your LP page over to another owner?22:25
mhall119ChrisGagnon: what are you trying to do?22:26
ChrisGagnonmhall119: A local hackerspace has agreed to hold a global jam event on saturday and I want to get it listed on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/22:29
ChrisGagnonjono: it's not my LP page to transfer.22:29
bkerensaChrisGagnon: If you are on the loco team you should be able to create teams however if your contact is MIA and your not in the LP group you might need to ping LoCo Council22:29
mhall119ChrisGagnon: any member of your team can add an event22:29
mhall119just log in to loco.ubuntu.com22:30
mhall119and then on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/ you should see "Add Team Event" link on the grey bar at the top22:30
ChrisGagnonbkerensa: I've tried to get the team added to LP loco group, but no one has added my loco. So I can't add the team to the event.22:31
ChrisGagnonbkerensa: how do I ping the loco council?22:31
bkerensaChrisGagnon: You can join #ubuntu-locoteams22:31
ChrisGagnonbkerensa: thanks22:32
bkerensajono: I got your response about oscon and will try and reach out to the right people22:35
jonothanks bkerensa :-)22:35
jonobkerensa, btw, want to help with the Community Leadership Summit this year?22:35
bkerensajono: Does it require carrying stuff to the kinkos?22:36
bkerensajono: Yes sure22:36
bkerensajono: I have also been encouraging local community managers here in Portland who work at tech companies to attend CLS22:36
jonobkerensa, lol22:36
jonobkerensa, thanks, man!22:36
jonohaving some local help on the ground would be awesome22:37
jonomhall119, any chance you could reset my CanoniStack instance?22:46
jonoI want to re-install U1 and file some bugs against headless22:46
mhall119like, terminate it and spin up a new one?22:47
jonomhall119, yeah, just give me a fresh Precise instance22:48
jonoalso...good work on getting SUMO up22:48
jonoare the docs team rocking with it now?22:48
mhall119will do22:48
mhall119jono: bkerensa is rocking it (as he does with everything), and trying to get the rest of the team to come out and play22:49
jonothanks for working on my CanoniStack instance22:49
jonoI appreciate that!22:49
mhall119no problem, spinning up a new one now22:49
akgranerCotton Candy ftw :-) pre-ordered mine...22:58
bkerensaakgraner: Will it run Ubuntu?22:59
akgranerbkerensa, yeppers - check out - Linaro Sweetens Cotton Candy's Success - http://www.linaro.org/linaro-blog/2012/02/29/linaro-sweetens-cotton-candys-success/22:59
akgranerall the links are in there23:00
bkerensaakgraner: cool... I'm thinking I might just get a Panda Board23:01
akgranerthose are cool too :-)23:02
akgranerI've only got a quickstart (Freescale) and Snowball (ST-Ericsson), but I want a panda.23:03
mhall119AlanBell: they make putty for Linux?23:05
AlanBellapparently so23:05
mhall119what's the point?23:05
AlanBellI appear to have it installed, I think I was trying to describe how to do something with it to a customer who was using it on windows and I installed it on Ubuntu23:05
mhall119huh, go figure23:05
AlanBellI have no idea what the point is23:05
akgranerbkerensa, Panda is what we demo'd Ubuntu TV and XBMC on at Connect we also demo'd XBMC on snowball...let me know if you want more information on the boards23:06

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