dholbachgood morning07:49
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wendarmorning all17:02
wendarthe news for the week, there is a very cool graphic design Lens coming up this week for Oneiric17:03
wendarit's in the ARB PPA if anyone would like a preview17:03
wendar(It searches COLOURlovers, Deviantart, Dribbble, and Iconfinder)17:04
wendarI ran across this site by the Stanford Design School this week: http://dschool.stanford.edu/use-our-methods/17:07
wendarWould anyone else be interested in talking through these, kind of like a "book club" for design techniques?17:12
thorwilat first sight, that reminds me of ideo17:18
thorwilwendar: not quite sure how a "book club" for design techniques would be supposed to work17:21
wendarthorwil: there's a good chance ideo and the stanford design school are connected, ideo has a location in Palo Alto, where Stanford is located17:22
wendarthorwil: I've gotten as far as thinking: I'd like to learn more about design techniques. What if I took one of those a week, studied it, practiced it.17:23
wendarthorwil: and then: wouldn't it be great if I could talk to others who were doing the same?17:23
wendarlike, in a google hangout17:23
wendarand, when I ran out of those simple slides, maybe go on to some actual design books17:24
thorwilah, like being a student ... ;)17:25
wendaryeah, kind of, but for fun :)17:25
wendarand, something interesting to talk about17:25
thorwili see the appeal. meanwhile, i feel like i have enough theory and need to sink my teeth into a project (outside of work)17:27
wendarwhat kind of projects interest you?17:28
thorwilwendar: i have a very concrete interest in ardour. it's all about scheduling and discipline, now17:29
thorwilwendar: other than that, i still wonder how to spread design thinking in our circles17:29
wendarthorwil: ardour, as in ardour.org?17:30
wendarthorwil: looks like an interesting project to take on17:31
wendarthorwil: and, yes, I'm also wondering how to spread design thinking, but not sure how17:31
thorwilit already has a bit of my fingerprints on it. recent happenings in development suggest a lot to explore17:31
wendarthorwil: very cool17:32
wendarideas spread by thinking about them, talking about them, putting them into practice17:33
thorwilas an example project where one could showcase process, ardour has the drawback of requiring quite a bit of context ... though maybe that's an advantage in another way17:33
wendarthorwil: I'd certainly be interested to see what you've done, and what you're thinking of doing next17:34
wendarthorwil: and even more, why you did it, and how you went about it17:35
wendartheory, process, result17:36
thorwilwendar: quite often it was iteration mockups, with most feedback via irc17:37
thorwilwendar: but http://thorwil.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/export_design_2007-08-11.pdf includes what could be called research17:38
thorwilthe "result" part is a bit tricky, as the export stuff has been implemented in something like a finnish summer of code17:38
thorwiland it's only in ardour 3.0, currently going through betas17:39
* wendar reading through...17:42
wendarthorwil: so, you started with a user survey? then outlined the features in detail17:43
wendarwhat the features are, and why they're used17:44
wendaras well as the greatest requests from users17:44
thorwilwendar: to be precise, the start was defining what the essence is of what is to be designed. setting the scope17:45
thorwilpretty much what is in Introduction17:45
wendarwhich is the export dialog17:46
wendarand, page 7 starts looking at the current dialog in detail17:46
wendarwith detailed notes on what could be improved17:47
thorwilyes, though i like to be mindful of the abstract vs concrete view, where the dialog is not the initial object and has to be questioned17:48
wendarexplain abstract vs concrete?17:49
thorwileven if the answer to "do we need a dialog" seems obvious, the question has to be there17:49
wendarand initial object?17:49
thorwilthe design briefing is not to design a dialog, but to design the export functionality17:49
wendarthe abstract view, then, is to step away from the design artifact in front of your face, and think more deeply17:50
thorwilso i try to keep design decisions out of the core of the briefing17:50
thorwilah yes, artifact is helpful term here17:51
wendarby "initial object" you mean something like "starting point" or "root of the work"?17:51
thorwilrecently one developer said "oh we could ask thorwil" (about a problem discussed before i went online), "but i'm sure he will come up with a good solution that will be too much work". – directly linked to being very methodically, i guess :)17:54
thorwildinner, cya!17:54
wendarcya, thanks for the interesting chat17:55
wendaroh, looks like "initial object" is a term that started in mathematics17:55
wendarthorwil: and really, being methodical is quite necessary in design17:55
wendarHappy Leap Day everyone!18:00
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thorwilheh, i was fishing for words, my maths education is rather weak (and even now my interest there is 'limited' to what seem useful for programming18:28
navaWhat do you think about this idea ? http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/29302/19:39
etnegkenvandine: hey20:56
etnegany update on gwibber?20:56
kenvandineetneg, sorry, no... i guess i really need to spend some time reviewing all the feedback and make a decision :)20:57
kenvandinethe new artwork would be for 12.10 anyway, not 12.0420:58
kenvandineetneg, thanks for everything, i promise to do that soonish... this time in the cycle is crazy20:58
etnegoh ok cool20:59
etnegif you need more, let me know20:59

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