brycehhud sure spews a lot of errors and warnings00:01
brycehthink those are all subsequent to the crash though00:01
brycehinteresting; elmo's stacktrace does not match the one upstream00:07
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smoserif someone can help, i *just now* uploaded a cloudinit at http://paste.ubuntu.com/861292/00:17
smoserit fixes 2 bugs that i'd like to have fixed in beta100:17
smoserbut i am willing to have someone say "no, not important enough" or "no, too late".00:17
lynxmanjdstrand: ping00:19
* smoser is out. if anyone can ACK that though, i'd appreciate it. but otherwise, it can just land the other side of beta.00:23
dacharyHi, I wonder how long it takes for a package in Debian testing ( http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?packages=libbpp-core ) reach ubuntu ( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libbpp-core ) ? Does it require a manual operation ?00:34
RAOFdachary: It depends on the time of the Ubuntu cycle.00:35
dacharyRAOF: at this time does it require a manual intervention ?00:36
RAOFdachary: At *this* point in the cycle (after DebianImportFreeze) it's manual.  Also, we're after FeatureFreeze, so if the package introduces a new feature it needs justification.00:36
dacharyit's not about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates just yet, I guess ;-)00:36
RAOFFinally, we're currently in BetaFreeze, so there's basically no chance until the Beta is released.00:37
broderthat's not true for packages in universe/multiverse00:37
dacharybroder: I should have mentionned these packages are in universe. The rule is different there ?00:38
broderas long as they're not on an image, beta freeze mostly doesn't apply (they have to be approved, but it's virtually automatic)00:38
broderbut FF and DIF are still relevant00:38
dacharyThere are a few new features in this set of bioinformatics packages http://biopp.univ-montp2.fr/wiki/index.php/Packaging00:40
dacharybroder: does that mean they will be rejected even if they are in universe ?00:40
dacharyI would like to make sure I'm not missing an opportunity to have them in the next ubuntu release. But if the rules say it can't, they will have to be obeyed ;-)00:42
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broderdachary: it means that you have to manually request the sync (because it's post-DIF), and get a FeatureFreezeException approved (because it's post-FF), and that if the sync was sponsored right now, it would be held for approval (due to BF), but that it would with high certainty get waved through the beta freeze queue00:42
dacharybroder: that's hopefull :-)00:43
dacharyborder thanks for the help. I'll proceed with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess00:50
brycehelmo, thanks again for your help.  I've been in contact with Intel and it's marked as a priority issue for investigation with them.01:06
slangaseksmoser: please use #ubuntu-release for such questions rather than relying on someone to catch it in scrollback on #ubuntu-devel... :)01:15
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pittiGood morning06:04
pittiiulian: you can upload stuff at any time; during the freeze it'll be caught in unapproved, and you should poke in #ubuntu-release to get it through quickly; but yes, ghc seems fine now06:05
micahgI think that was discussed on Friday and it was decided that after beta 1 would be easiest06:07
pittiwell, I guess I can use the buildds to do some rebuilds for bug 87546606:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 875466 in libxt (Ubuntu Precise) "Lots of packages shipping with broken md5sums" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87546606:14
larsduesinghi together06:26
larsduesinga small question about creating patches06:26
larsduesingin a project there is a patch named "01_no-shipped-init-script.patch"06:27
larsduesingwhich uses debian/$PROJECT.init.debian to be copied06:28
larsduesingnow I am building an upstart patch06:28
pittithat sounds overly complicated06:29
larsduesingso this patch is no longer neccesary...06:29
larsduesingIs it advisable to kill this 01_patch alltogether?06:29
pittia patch that creates debian/project.init.d ?06:29
larsduesingit is more funny06:29
pittilarsduesing: it's a little vague, but just build the package and see what comes out of it06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:-@echo "Installing Debian-style init.d"06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:-@mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${diretc}init.d06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:-@cp doc/${PROJECT}.init.debian ${DESTDIR}${diretc}init.d/${PROJECT}06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:+#@echo "Installing Debian-style init.d"06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:+#@mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}${diretc}init.d06:30
larsduesing01_no-shipped-init-script.patch:+#@cp doc/${PROJECT}.init.debian ${DESTDIR}${diretc}init.d/${PROJECT}06:30
pittilarsduesing: in general, if you just have debian/project.upstart, dh_installinit will do the right thing06:30
larsduesingit is even commented out... :)06:30
pittilarsduesing: no, the patch comments it out, i. e. disables it06:31
pittiso you need to keep that06:31
larsduesingah... yes06:31
pittias you still don't want the init script06:31
larsduesingi saw this NOW... sorry06:31
larsduesingyes, it's about Makefile06:31
larsduesingsorry, another question...06:37
larsduesingin ubuntu i cannot use dch --nmu --close bug#, correct?06:37
larsduesing(it querries the debian bug-database...)06:37
RAOFlarsduesing: I think you can, but (a) we don't have NMUs (because we don't have maintainers), and (b) --close will add a closes tag for the BTS, rather than Launchpad; that's probably not what you're after.06:44
rickspencer3good morning/evening all06:45
pittihey rickspencer306:45
rickspencer3pitti, Daviey what's the word on the street for beta1? looking good?06:45
pittirickspencer3: no catastrophes that I could see, anyway06:45
* rickspencer3 eyes precice_probs and smoke tests06:45
rickspencer3pitti, good to hear ... it's nice to see the archive and smoke tests are in good shape06:46
pittirickspencer3: ISO tracker for ubuntu images has just one red bug, which is a xubuntu bug and already fixed; it seems it just got mis-placed06:46
pittirickspencer3: precise_probs has that long-standing problem of the new armadaxp kernel, but it's not really user-visible06:47
pittirickspencer3: openjdk will be fixed once it finishes building on arm*06:47
pittirickspencer3: upgrades are a bit unstable unfortunately, bug 92799306:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927993 in apt (Ubuntu Precise) "distribution upgrade from lucid to precise failed with : package dpkg is already installed and configured" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92799306:49
didrocks@pilot in06:53
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Beta-1 Freeze in effect. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/xmGdCW | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: didrocks
YokoZarlarsduesing: btw, the Ubuntu equivalent of Debian's Closes is to put (LP: #123456) in a changelog entry06:56
YokoZarThis will automatically fix-released the bug when the package hits the archive (provided the bug is filed against that package)06:57
larsduesingYokoZar: thanks07:08
larsduesinghow to get quilt to delete a file?07:15
larsduesing(not a patch, but a file in debian/ )07:15
larsduesing(I think I am in a complete wrong way... I want to make a patch which exchanges init.d to upstart... ONE Change out of the debian-dir, all others are in debian...)07:20
larsduesing(this patch is to be given to ubuntu-sponsors07:20
pittilarsduesing: just delete the file07:23
pittiwe don't patch files in debian/07:23
larsduesingok, so a patch for sponsors should be a normal diff?07:25
larsduesing(and nothing with quilt ?07:25
pittiyes, ideally a debdiff between the current package and your new one07:25
pittii. e. debdiff foo_current.dsc foo_new.dsc07:25
larsduesingbut in new should be a changelog-entry?07:26
pittiyes, of course; any change you need to make07:26
dholbachgood morning07:49
dholbachpitti, nothing like a few rebuilds in the morning, right? :)07:50
pittidholbach: yeah, felt like the buildds needed to produce some heat :)07:50
pittithey were getting bored and crummy07:50
dholbachcan somebody please reject https://code.launchpad.net/~maxolasersquad/ubuntu/precise/stellarium/add_quicklist/+merge/94312?07:54
pittidholbach: *zap*07:55
dholbachthanks pitti :)07:56
larsduesingis anybody able to set bug 223825 to triaged?08:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 223825 in aiccu (Ubuntu) "aiccu init.d script will race dhclient (upstart issue?)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22382508:01
pittilarsduesing: yes, but "in progress" seems appropriate as there is a patch now and you are workign on it?08:16
larsduesingpitti: patch is completed... (and working since more than half a year in my ppa)08:16
larsduesingso what type is to be set?08:17
larsduesing*sorry* I'm rather new to all this :(08:17
pittilarsduesing: ah, sponsors are subscribed already08:17
pittilarsduesing: that's pretty much it then08:17
larsduesingsponsors and sru08:18
pittilarsduesing: btw, no need to remove debian/aiccu.init.d08:18
larsduesingthanks for your help08:18
pittilarsduesing: instead, you should call dh_installinit with --upstart-only08:18
pitti(smaller diff)08:18
larsduesingso I should put a new diff?08:19
pittilarsduesing: hang on, you don't even need --upstart-only; if .upstart exists, that will be used08:19
pittilarsduesing: would make it easier for sponsors, yes (and you can do another final test build)08:19
larsduesingbut the init.d is the source of that bug08:20
larsduesing(I did a build - but interestingly on updating /etc/init.d/aiccu WON'T be deleted :( )08:20
pittilarsduesing: yes, but that's not because you removed debian/init.d08:22
pittilarsduesing: the init script is a dpkg-managed configuration file, and you need to remove it manually in maintainer scripts08:22
pittilarsduesing: see man dpkg-maintscript-helper08:22
larsduesingarghs, so I have to edit these, too?08:22
pittilarsduesing: if you don't feel up to this, please mention it in the bug, so that the sponsor can add the necessary bis08:23
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
=== smb` is now known as smb
larsduesingI'm able, but I'm learning still08:23
larsduesing(and if I do it not myself, I will never learn...)08:23
pittilarsduesing: no, it's actually enough to add a debian/aiccu.maintscript with something like "rm_conffile /etc/init.d/aiccu 20070115-14.1"08:24
pittilarsduesing: the dpkg-maintscript-helper manpage explains the problem with conffiles, and how to remove them on upgrade08:24
pittifortunately it's relatively easy to do this these days with .maintscript08:24
larsduesingthere is no debian/*.maintscript08:25
larsduesingonly .postrm08:25
larsduesing(and pre*/post*.debhelper)08:26
pittiyes, you need to create it08:26
larsduesingthanks pitti08:26
pittilarsduesing: kein Problem :)08:26
larsduesingpitti - so I should leave the buggy init.d-script in place?08:32
pittilarsduesing: yes, it won't be installed if there is an .upstart script as well (see man dh_installinit)08:32
pittithat reduces the delta with debian08:32
pittii. e. the packaging difference08:32
larsduesingI understand08:32
larsduesingstill one question - should I update debian/control Standads-Version: 3.9.1 to 3.9.2 ?08:36
larsduesinglintian mentions it...08:36
infinityNot unless you're planning to take over upstream maintenance too.08:36
pittilarsduesing: that'd be unnecessarily diverging from Debian, indeed, so we leave it08:37
infinityAlso, rm_conffile surely isn't enough in this case, you'd also want an update-rc.d remove?08:38
infinityOr you leave a mess of dangling symlinks.08:38
larsduesingthat's right...08:38
larsduesingso somewhere put an "update-rc.d aiccu disable"?08:39
infinitylarsduesing: Not disable, remove.08:40
larsduesingah, yes...08:40
larsduesinginfinity: aiccu.postinst.debhelper DOES that08:42
larsduesing# Automatically added by dh_installinit08:42
larsduesingupdate-rc.d -f aiccu remove >/dev/null || exit $?08:42
pittiisn't that just on "remove", not on "upgrade"?08:43
larsduesingI read that, do that after installing08:45
pittilarsduesing: righht, but this line is usually surrounded by if [ "$1" = "purge" ]08:45
infinityI'd actually be shocked if it's there at all after dh_installinit switches to installing an upstart script instead.08:45
infinity(Have you made that change yet?)08:45
larsduesingpitti: no dependencies for that line08:47
pittinice, magic08:47
pittiso perhaps dh_installinit is clever enough to do that by itself then08:47
broderuh, are you guys sure? it makes perfect sense for dh_installinit to cleanup the rc*.d symlinks if you start shipping an upstart job08:47
larsduesingI HATE magic, esp. if I don't understand it08:47
pittibroder: yes, it does, but I wasn't aware that it does that by itself08:47
infinitybroder: I don't think it makes sense at all for it to universally have that in every upstart-using package (and I'm betting it doesn't).08:48
larsduesingso, I'll try an update.. let's see08:48
broderlooks like it adds it unless you specify --upstart-only08:48
brodererr, wait, and unless some other things08:49
pittiso that was probably added so that maintainers don't have to add the same snippet over and over again08:49
infinityI suppose.  But then they'll be there "forever".  I guess it doesn't hurt, unless the user adds their own init script with the same name, assuming some silly maintainer script that doesn't own the file won't mess with them.08:50
* infinity shrugs.08:51
pittiinfinity: remove only removes symlinks if the script doesn't exist08:51
infinitySo, it's just a lot of unnecessary noops.08:51
infinityGood thing it's Perl instead of Python, so it doesn't take 5 seconds to run and do nothing? ;)08:52
larsduesingI am running into problems...08:52
larsduesing*checking again*08:52
larsduesingnothing had been deleted08:53
larsduesingin postinst there is an "exit 0" - and dh_installinit is in the last lines08:56
larsduesing(and I enterered nothing in the config, therefore I ran into the exit 0)08:57
larsduesingwith correct settings it is ok09:01
larsduesingso, I'll publish new patch09:01
larsduesingthanks infinity and pitti (and sorry for so many newbie-questions and -errors... :) )09:02
pittilarsduesing: np; conffile handling isn't exactly a newbie topic09:03
larsduesingI learned a bunch of new things... mission accomplished :)09:04
didrocksdholbach: guten morgen, how are you?09:12
dholbachhey didrocks09:13
dholbachgood good09:13
dholbachhow about you?09:13
didrocksdholbach: piloting, seeing that all keywords patch have no changelog, inline patches, not to the correct branch, but well, in easy brain-off mode :)09:14
didrocksdholbach: I'm trying to get a good text for commenting on them, do you have wiki page handy explaining shortly having a patch in quilt + changelog?09:14
dholbachdidrocks, here's what I did: https://code.launchpad.net/~maxolasersquad/ubuntu/precise/smplayer/add_quicklist/+merge/9450009:15
didrocksdholbach: ah excellent! was looking for a model :)09:15
didrocksdholbach: was exactly what I needed, thanks!09:15
* dholbach hugs didrocks09:15
* didrocks hugs dholbach back09:16
dholbachdidrocks, one thing I was wondering about: how are you going to do it? are you going to use their email address or yours?09:16
dholbachpersonally, I used theirs, so it would be indicated as their contribution in LP - but I'm not sure how everybody else does it09:17
didrocksdholbach: well, we will only upload that part of GNOME .9109:17
didrocksdholbach: as*09:17
didrocksdholbach: so I'm adding the [ … ]09:17
dholbachok :)09:18
didrocksyeah, the one making the .91 update on the component will win the sponsoring :)09:18
didrocksnot me on the chart :p09:18
didrocksdholbach: I'm also sending that upstream FYI09:18
didrocks(as there is no indication it has been done)09:18
dholbachdidrocks, for future reference , I would give them a link to a "forwarding patches to gnome" wiki page, so they do it themselves next time09:19
didrocksdholbach: yeah, and stating in the merge that it was done :)09:19
* dholbach hugs didrocks09:19
didrocksright now, doing the call for help is easy and we are taking all the extra load :/09:19
didrocksso anything in that regard will be appreciate!09:20
didrocksappreciated :)09:20
larsduesingoh, I'm sort of late, ubuntu is in freeze already...09:24
dholbachSpamapS, smoser: are you going to figure out https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/precise/sysvinit/rc.local.d/+merge/88323? (I'm trying to get older merge proposals off the list :-))10:15
dholbachpitti, do you think it'd be OK to reject https://code.launchpad.net/~pali/ubuntu/natty/plymouth/plymouth/+merge/61897 based on broder's comment?10:15
pittidholbach: yes, absolutely; there is no chance that we'll upload this10:16
pittiand not for oneiric anyway10:16
dholbachstgraber, are we still going to get https://code.launchpad.net/~sdeziel/ubuntu/oneiric/openvpn/subnet-icmp-disable/+merge/90740 into precise?10:17
dholbachthanks a lot pitti10:17
Amozdholbach, oh hai10:18
dholbachhey Amoz10:18
AmozI'm running precise with latest updates, I think the battery indicator in gnome-shell is freezing, upower reports correct values, restart gnome-shell, batteryindicator shows correct values again10:21
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Amozhow can one debug the indicator?10:22
=== doko_ is now known as doko
=== eyeofra is now known as conntrack
dholbachAmoz, you could try asking in #ubuntu-desktop10:35
seb128dholbach, Amoz: ask #gnome-hackers on irc.gnome.org10:38
seb128we don't have gnome-shell hackers on #ubuntu-desktop10:39
seb128that might be a distro issue, I will respond there10:39
didrockscan someone reject https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu/precise/vlc/keywords/+merge/95085 please? need to go upstream first10:43
didrocksthanks pitti :)10:45
dholbachI'm currently putting together tasks for Fix It Friday (coinciding with Ubuntu Global Jam) - any requests? I was think of http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.status_upstream=resolved_upstream for now11:14
pittipresumably most of the older bugs on that list have been fixed ages ago; but working on that starting from the newest bugs sounds interesting11:16
dholbachpitti, yeah, and if we can close some of the older bugs during the process, then that's cool too :)11:23
dholbach"just" a matter of making the instructions clear enough :)11:23
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didrocks@pilot out12:23
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Beta-1 Freeze in effect. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/xmGdCW | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
bdrungdidrocks: bug #94301412:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943014 in vlc (Ubuntu) "[Need upstream first] Update desktop file with latest keyword specification" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94301412:51
didrocksbdrung: thanks for the notice12:53
smoserdholbach, well, slangasek was fairly anti rc.local.d13:17
dholbachsmoser, maybe it should be discussed on the mailing list then? *shrug*13:18
smoserdholbach, my feelings will not be hurt if you make that disappear from the queeu13:19
smoseri agree it isn't worht other pilots looking at really.13:19
dholbachI don't have the necessary powers13:20
smoserwhat do you need me to do then?13:20
dholbachcan somebody please reject https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/precise/sysvinit/rc.local.d/+merge/88323? (based on the discussion above)13:20
dholbachthanks a lot smoser13:20
smoserwork in progress ?13:20
smoseris that good enough ?13:20
dholbachit will make it drop off the list13:23
infinitysmoser: I can delete the proposal, is that the sort of rejection you're looking for?13:27
infinitysmoser: Surely you can do that too...13:27
smoserinfinity, i moved it to "workin progress" an that is good enough.13:33
smoserplease do not delete.13:33
infinitysmoser: Alright. ;)13:34
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stgraberdholbach: yes, I have a package ready for upload, waiting for beta-1 freeze to be lifted14:05
stgraberdholbach: it's in my PPA and already tested14:05
Amozdholbach, you want a merge proposal or a patch in the bugreport?14:10
Amozfor the upg14:10
dholbachAmoz, as you like it - whatever is easier for you14:10
Amozdholbach, http://paste.ubuntu.com/861948/14:11
dholbachthanks Amoz14:11
Amozmy bad for not checking it more carefully14:12
Amozwe fixed it this way last time as well I suppose14:12
dholbachAmoz, ah, cool14:13
dholbachAmoz, applied, tested and committed :)14:16
dholbachgood work14:16
Amozdholbach, nah you did the work ^^14:16
dholbachno no14:17
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dholbachI had no idea what I was doing14:17
dholbachAmoz, did you get your indicator-power query sorted out?14:19
kenvandine@pilot in14:19
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Beta-1 Freeze in effect. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/xmGdCW | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: kenvandine
Amozdholbach, filed a bug14:19
* dholbach hugs kenvandine14:19
dholbachAmoz, ok cool14:19
* kenvandine hugs dholbach14:19
stgraberdholbach: the merge proposal can probably be killed though as the real fix is a merge from Debian14:19
dholbachstgraber, excellent14:19
dholbachan somebody please reject https://code.launchpad.net/~sdeziel/ubuntu/oneiric/openvpn/subnet-icmp-disable/+merge/90740?14:20
dholbach^ based on the discussion above14:20
tsdgeoswho do i need to ask to move to a newer openjpeg?14:46
tsdgeoswe are two releases behind14:46
tsdgeosin a project that releases every year or more14:47
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slangaseksmoser: I'm not anti rc.local.d, I'm anti putting this in sysvinit ;)15:30
smoseri kind of realized that when i re-read the conversation15:31
smoserand updated the bug with a summary in its final comment.15:31
=== bladernr_afk is now known as bladernr_
jokerdinoanyone wants to submit a branch on my behalf? (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/942476)15:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937334 in unity "duplicate for #942476 Unity shortcut overlay needs to include shortcut for video lens" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:36
jokerdinoi can't ssh in here, the network blocks any port other than 80.15:36
bdmurraypitti: I've noticed that some python tracebacks reported by apport are missing information bug 942439 is an example15:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942106 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #942439 mdadm-functions missing udevadm settle (?)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94210615:37
bdmurraypitti: is missing the source package, version and distrorelease bits at least15:37
pittihm, curious -- no idea how this would happen15:38
bdmurraybug 942888 is another example15:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942888 in Ubuntu "unity-scope-contacts-desktop crashed with NoSuchDatabase in _reconnect(): Database contacts does not exist on this server. (Create it by passing create=True)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94288815:38
bdmurraythis is rather recent15:39
pittithat at least has a rather weird Dependencies: field15:39
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
bdmurraypitti: if you need it another example is bug 94080015:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 940800 in Ubuntu "pyclean crashed with Exception in from_package(): cannot get content of python-wadllib" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94080015:49
pittibdmurray: oh, I believe that it's happening now, I just don't know why :/15:50
pittiI guess something weird with the new async way of collecting information15:50
pittiah, no Evan15:50
bdmurrayhe's at a conference this week15:51
pittiso apparently there's some way of sending the report without collecting all the information15:52
diwicpitti, can I borrow your expert brain for a moment?16:08
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
pittihey diwic, what's up?16:15
diwicpitti, the stacktrace given by apport seems inconsistent and I'm not sure what I can trust or not16:16
diwicpitti, in bug 924416, stack trace top is at "drop_block (bq=0xfd6170, q=0x7fede800f440) at pulsecore/memblockq.c:180"16:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924416 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio crashed with SIGABRT in drop_block()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92441616:17
diwicpitti, it says that q=0x7fede800f440 when the function was called. However, at line "pulsecore/memblockq.c:18" is "pa_assert(q)"16:18
diwicpitti, which should succeed if q is non-zero.16:18
diwicpitti, so how should I go about this?16:22
pittihm, I'm as baffled as you; sometimes optimization plays dirty tricks, but SIGABRT very much does sound like an assert failure16:22
* pitti downloads and looks at source16:22
pittidiwic: hm, it doesn't show the value of bq, is there any chance that it really hits the next assertion, pa_assert(bq->n_blocks >= 1); ?16:24
pittidiwic: is pa_assert() even active, i. e. do we not build with NDEBUG?16:25
diwicpitti, I'm pretty certain pa_assert() is active16:25
diwicpitti, but what technique would I use to verify? I assume gdb is involved somehow :-)16:26
pittidiwic: at this point it'd be good to get a core dump16:28
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diwicpitti, can we get one from launchpad or is it forever lost?16:29
pittiit's already a month old, so I think it's gone for good16:30
diwicpitti, bug 932178 is from 14 feb if that helps (it's a duplicate)16:31
pittidiwic: if I read macros.h correctly, pa_assert_se should drop a log message into pulse's log; is that anywhere in teh attachments?16:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924416 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #932178 pulseaudio crashed with SIGABRT in drop_block()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92441616:31
diwicpitti, no, I think it should be in /var/log/syslog though, we might want to apport-collect that...16:32
pittidiwic: Eric says he gets it a few times a day; perhaps he can attach the .crash report the next time it happens, then we'll have it for closer inspection16:32
pittidiwic: oh, I had expected ~/.xsession-errors16:33
diwicpitti, good idea. that would be in /var/crash/apport something?16:35
pittidiwic: yes, /var/crash/_usr_bin_pulseaudio.1000.crash presumably16:35
diwiccd ?16:36
Amozcompact disc16:36
Amozor see directory ? :)16:37
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diwicpitti, ok, I will update the bug and ask for this information. Thanks!16:39
pittidiwic: thanks; sorry that I cannot be more helpful16:40
diwicpitti, both you and apport is already very helpful, so don't feel bad about it :-)16:41
PaoloRotoloHi all!16:50
cndbdmurray, do you have instructions on how to use set_serial for wacom touchscreens?16:56
slangasekpitti: bug #828731> no, kexec-tools hasn't been accepted into lucid-proposed...16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 828731 in kexec-tools (Ubuntu Natty) "kdump functionality not working as expected when /boot is a separate partition" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82873116:56
slangasekpitti: should I go ahead and accept the lucid/natty versions?16:57
pittislangasek: odd, it had a comment; click failure :/ please do, thanks16:58
bdmurraycnd: this is all I have http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=10316:58
cndbdmurray, ok, thanks!16:59
slangasekbdmurray: so I can comment on bug #659438, but hit a timeout trying to move the bug to 'triaged', bah16:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 659438 in apt (Ubuntu) "Installation/Removal fails because of package which could not be located (failure in apt.Cache.required_download)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65943816:59
bdmurrayslangasek: might work via the api which task?16:59
slangasekbdmurray: the devel task for aptdaemon (Ubuntu)17:00
bdmurrayslangasek: re bug 937638 its duplicate bug 937630 also seems to have hardware errors17:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937638 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "package initscripts 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu4.1 failed to install/upgrade: ln: accessing `/etc/nologin': Input/output error" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93763817:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937638 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #937630 package initscripts 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu4.1 failed to install/upgrade: ln: accessing `/etc/nologin': Input/output error" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93763817:01
slangasekbdmurray: right, those two are from the same submitter; there was another one, let me find it17:01
bdmurrayah, got it17:01
slangasekbdmurray: bug #93830617:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 938306 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "package initscripts 2.88dsf-13.10ubuntu4.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93830617:02
bdmurrayslangasek: what about EXT2-fs (loop1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 64092 ?17:07
slangasekbdmurray: well, it's not a hardware error in that case - may simply be fs corruption17:09
SpamapSI just love mdadm.. 44,000 lines of C, about 9 lines of comment17:11
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SpamapS    if (ioctl(fd, GET_ARRAY_INFO, &array) != 0 ||17:15
SpamapS        array.raid_disks <= 0)17:15
SpamapS        return 0;17:15
SpamapSSo.. either there aren't enough disks, or the ioctl exploded. Either way.. lets just fail the same way. <sigh>17:15
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infinitySpamapS: By "not enough disks", you mean "no disks", which is equavalent to "no array at all", which may well be about the same as GET_ARRAY_INFO returning a failure.17:39
infinitySpamapS: Looks more like just covering their bases for all the different "vaguely undefined" ways that an array can not exist.17:40
infinitySpamapS: (I do like that the check accepts the possibility that there may be a negative number of disks, though)17:41
SpamapSinfinity: I'm fairly certain that in this case the ioctl is complaining because the array is degraded.. but I really have no good way to prove that. :-P17:52
infinitySpamapS: GET_ARRAY_INFO should return info on a valid array, surely.17:54
infinitySpamapS: Even a degraded one.17:54
SpamapSinfinity: in that case, it should have set the number of disks to 1, not 017:55
infinityYou'd think.17:55
infinityUnless the array just plain doesn't exist from mdadm's POV.17:55
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SpamapSits also possible the disc.major != 0 or the disc.minor != 017:56
SpamapSthats in another part of the code17:56
* SpamapS is writing a tiny version of mdadm's ioctls to determine that right now. :p17:56
SpamapSwould be nice if the program actually reported *why* it can't re-add this disk17:56
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bdmurraymvo: so I was unable to recreate bug 659438 do you have any other ideas on how to test it?19:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 659438 in aptdaemon (Ubuntu) "Installation/Removal fails because of package which could not be located (failure in apt.Cache.required_download)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65943819:21
SpamapS[  172.326867] mdadm: sending ioctl 1261 to a partition!19:29
mvobdmurray: unfortunately not19:32
mvobdmurray: thanks a bunch for the test though19:32
bdmurraymvo: do you think the bug should be left open?19:37
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dupondjepitti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/936629 why is this marked incomplete?19:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936629 in cups (Ubuntu) "Printing fails after printing first document " [High,Incomplete]19:42
dupondjegot the same issue today19:42
dupondjeif you need some debugging19:42
mvobdmurray: if its still collecting dupes then I would say yes :/19:42
dupondjetkamppeter: seems like you set it on inc19:43
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kenvandine@pilot out20:20
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Precise Beta-1 Freeze in effect. Archive: open | Development of Ubuntu (not support, not app development) | build failures -> http://bit.ly/xmGdCW | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> oneiric | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
tkamppeterdupondje, you are welcome to helpon the bug, simply answer my questions and supply the information which I have asked for from the original poster.20:57
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dupondjetkamppeter: tried it again, but unable to simulate it now21:03
dupondjebtw, I have the gs command that was executed21:03
bdmurrayslangasek: regarding bug 849414 is there anyway to just make 'plymouth:debug' the default for a while?21:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 849414 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "plymouthd crashed with SIGSEGV in ply_event_loop_process_pending_events()" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84941421:20
slangasekbdmurray: we could, but I don't believe that would actually help us narrow it down21:20
slangasekthe backtraces all point to a signal handler gone rogue21:20
slangasekand we know we have an Ubuntu-specific signal handler that we need to get rid of21:21
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barryslangasek: so bug 941172.  i can easily update the version numbers, but i think it would be useful to link to bryceh 's description in comment #4.  only i'm not sure whether to move that text to the wiki and add a link to that, or just link to the comment in the bug.  thoughts?21:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941172 in update-manager (Ubuntu Precise) "do-release-update to Precise produces a hardware-not-support-in-Natty warning" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94117221:32
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slangasekbarry: I guess the wiki would be better21:34
barryslangasek: agreed. i'm inclined to just copy that whole text to the wiki, mark it up minimally, and link to that21:34
brycehbarry, yeah put it in wiki.  the text should be trimmed down a lot, it was just a brain dump and is probably TMI21:34
barrybryceh: okay, i'll do that, thanks.  i'll follow up with the wiki url once that's done21:35
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dupondjeapport-bug is broken - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/94366123:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943661 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in get_gsubgpos_table()" [Medium,New]23:04
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tkamppeterdupondje, thanks. I have subscribed you to the bug now. Please provide any further information through the bug report, especially whether "sudo aa-complain cupsd" eliminates your problem completely.23:22
micahgtkamppeter: that also removes apparmor protection from the cups daemon and is not recommended23:24
seb128it's seems fair enough to run once to see if that workaround a bug to know if the bug is due to restrictions23:24
tkamppetermicahg, I ask the users only for doing this to determine whether their printing got really blocked by AppArmor. I do not consider the bug fixed when it works with aa-complain.23:25
micahgtkamppeter: ok, but I didn't see that note :)23:25
SpamapSslangasek: opinion sought.. mdadm has added some checks that prevent one from re-hot-adding out of sync former-members of a RAID array without zeroing the superblock..23:43
SpamapSslangasek: I have a feeling this is unintended consequences of some other check...23:44
SpamapSslangasek: 1) how much do we care (at worst, this means people will always have to do a full sync instead of a catch up), and b) if we care, do we push back to Debian or ???23:45
slangaseker, I think all my information about mdadm is out of date.  what's the difference between a full sync and a catch-up, here?23:46
slangasekI mean, doesn't mdadm just know that they're out of sync, and has no choice but to overwrite?23:46
SpamapSslangasek: yes, so this may be a kernel issue too.23:52
SpamapSslangasek: mdadm tells the kernel to re-add a disk to an array23:52
SpamapSslangasek: in the past that was fine. but in this case, mdadm looks at the disk and says "no, its no good for adding, please zero the superblock"23:53
SpamapSslangasek: I'm more looking for how much we care about this, because the debugging effort will be brutal.23:53
SpamapSslangasek: in the new case.. it seems mdadm is being more careful, so I'm ok with it.23:53
slangasekwe care about mdadm working smoothly23:53
slangasekbut I'm deathly afraid of touching that code at all this cycle23:54
SpamapSslangasek: the scenario that has bothered me for a while is where I break a mirror temporarily, and the put the disk back in. I've always felt md should re-sync that, but it never seems to23:56
slangasekin past cycles, you would have counted yourself fortunate to have it just fail to resync23:56
slangasekbecause we have had some data corruption bugs related to hot remove/add23:57
SpamapSYeah, I think its more careful now23:57
slangasekso I wouldn't recommend trying to address this without coordinating with upstream+Debian23:57
SpamapSI'm not really looking to touch it at all23:59

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