meowthhhanyone here?18:20
AvihayI made a python script that reverses Hebrew in .ASS subtitle files. it can potentially reverse Hebrew in other subtitle files as is. it depends on pyfribidi, and maybe others. anyone feels like making sure the dependencies are correct, that it works for him, and then post it on the forums?22:14
Avihaythe silence is ear-deafening22:36
AvihayWell, I'll make it easier by lowering the entry conditions:  here: http://paste.kde.org/431576/ try it, post it in the forum and say it's been done, so that there won't be a doublepost23:34
asw3אביחי אם כבר כתבת על fribidi23:37
asw3יש מצב שתפתח משהו ל- xchat23:37
asw3שיהיה אפשר להשתמש ביוניקוד23:38
asw3ולקרוא utf-823:38
asw3או הפוך?23:38

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