DaekdroomThere has been people adversitizing a shoutcast (or something like that) on #ubuntu-br.00:01
pangolindid I get them all?00:04
DaekdroomYes. Thank you.00:04
dholbachgood morning07:50
fairuzHi guys, what is the command to get available commands from a bot?08:07
tsimpsondepends entirely on the bot08:08
fairuzIt's lubotu208:08
tsimpsonso you want a list of available factoids?08:08
fairuztsimpson: yes08:09
tsimpsonyou can look (and search) through them at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi08:09
tsimpsonno problem :)08:09
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dejurenHi guys... We lost our channel founder (#ubuntu-bg) long time ago, I haven't seen him in months. Now I need to operate some permissions on the channel, but can't. Could somebody help please.23:31
AlanBelldejuren: ok, we don't have access either, will have to get staff assistance for that23:31
EvilResistanceAlanBell, #freenode sent him here23:31
AlanBellyeah, I saw23:32
elkyif only that gave us magic staff powers...23:32
AlanBelldejuren: I will sort it out tomorrow if one of the others doesn't beat me to it, I am off to bed now. Night all o/23:32
EvilResistancemagic, god-user-from-hell powers, elky?23:32
dejurennigth AlanBell... and thanks23:33
elkyspeak for yourself.23:33
dejurenelky: he does :-)23:33
EvilResistancei tend to do that... i should probably stop... :P23:34

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