dholbachgood morning07:50
RichiePFlashhello all10:05
RichiePFlashmy first time here10:05
RichiePFlashIm new to Ubuntu and was told this was a good place to meet others interested in Ubuntu10:06
leoquantwhere are you from RichiePFlash ?10:07
leoquant: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:09
leoquanttake a look at Localized channels, must more fun!10:10
RichiePFlashSorry in work and got called away11:07
RichiePFlashIm in the northwest of england11:07
RichiePFlashLiverpool to be exact11:08
czajkowskiRichiePFlash: ah welcome you're on in the #ubuntu-uk channel 11:08
nigelbYou know of #ubuntu-uk? If you don't you...11:08
czajkowskilotts people in there from all over ther uk 11:08
nigelbwow, czajkowski was faster :)11:08
czajkowskinigelb: morning 11:08
RichiePFlashIve loaded as a dual boot a number of times but this time decided to go the hole hock and delete windows11:09
RichiePFlashso im looking for places that I can get support from11:10
RichiePFlashbefore i need it11:10
RichiePFlashnothing worse than being stuck and then not having the correct resource11:10
czajkowskiRichiePFlash: the loco channel #ubuntu-uk is better for that11:11
RichiePFlashWork recently sent me on a Red Hat Admin course and it took some of the mystery out of linux for me11:11
czajkowskithis channel isn;t a support channel tbh 11:11
RichiePFlashWhats it for?11:11
czajkowskilocoteams to talk about loco events 11:12
czajkowskior get loco support from the council if needed 11:12
czajkowskiRichiePFlash: lot mof uk folks in #ubuntu-uk11:12
RichiePFlashOK cool just read a link on loco groups11:13
RichiePFlashthanks for the advice11:13
RichiePFlashseems you have been a big help already11:13
RichiePFlashBye and have a nice day11:13
head_victimNice to see webchat being used productively :)11:14
ubot2`The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com22:32
xdatap1mhall119, hello22:33
mhall119ChrisGagnon would like to get ubuntu-us-nh added to the loco-team-portal22:33
ChrisGagnonthanks mhall119 :) 22:33
mhall119which means it needs to be added to ~locoteams22:33
mhall119on launchpad22:33
mhall119ChrisGagnon: no problem, they'll take care of you22:34
xdatap1mhall119, yep, let me check it out22:34
mhall119ChrisGagnon: they can also help you with the ownership issues22:34
ChrisGagnonthe LP page owner for my loco is MIA, no one can add the team to ~locoteam22:34
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, team's LP page?22:35
ChrisGagnonxdatap1: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-nh22:35
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, your team is invited to the locoteams team22:39
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, now the team's owner must accept the invitation22:39
ChrisGagnonxdatap1: :( my teams owner is MIA. 22:39
paultagheyya ChrisGagnon :)22:39
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, sorry, what's MIA22:39
paultagI'm from Ubuntu MA22:39
ChrisGagnonmissing in action22:39
paultagxdatap1: missing in action22:39
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, oh, I see22:39
ChrisGagnonpaultag: hi 22:40
paultagChrisGagnon: send a mail to the owner requesting it, CC'ing the loco-council, and after a week or so, the loco-council can request the team get re-assinged via launchpad.22:40
paultagChrisGagnon: how's NH, getting this snow?22:40
xdatap1paultag, thanks :)22:40
paultagxdatap1: you got it :)22:41
ChrisGagnonpaultag:  not sure ?? I am in MA right now 22:41
paultagChrisGagnon: ah no way. Where abouts?22:41
ChrisGagnonpaultag: lexington ma22:41
xdatap1ChrisGagnon, send a mail like paultag said. We'll take care of it22:42
ChrisGagnonpaultag: so send an email to the owner requesting they accept the ~locoteam invitation on launchpad? 22:42
paultagChrisGagnon: yeah, and a MIA ping seeing if he wants to keep being the admin (and additionally, request if he doesn't want to, to have him transfer to you, saving objections from the team)22:43
mhall119xdatap1: any way we can do something sooner?  He wants to register an event for this weekend on loco.u.c22:43
mhall119I don't see any reason why ubuntu-us-nh *shouldn't* be a part of ~locoteams22:43
paultagmhall119: it's launchpad22:44
paultagthey have the owner approve it22:44
czajkowskiwhats the issue folks?22:44
mhall119lauchpad ops have super-zope-powers22:44
paultagmhall119: make it so :)22:44
* mhall119 doesn't have super-zope-powers22:44
* czajkowski reads up 22:45
mhall119czajkowski: ChrisGagnon wants to register a global jam event for the New Hampshire team22:45
czajkowskimhall119: there are procedures in place 22:45
czajkowskithe team has been invited and the team contact has to accept it 22:45
mhall119czajkowski: yeah, it just means he can't use loco.u.c to register his event22:45
mhall119which is a shame22:45
mhall119but it'll be all set for next time anyway22:46
czajkowskiright but possibly not waiting till this week to do it22:46
* czajkowski lived in NH for 3 months once 22:47
czajkowskiLovely place 22:47
xdatap1Going to sleep, leaving you in good hands22:48
xdatap1czajkowski, night and thanks :)22:48
ChrisGagnondoes the locoteam have a  losa contact that could add the nh loco to the ~locoteam?22:49
ChrisGagnonit's a launchpad op22:50
mhall119Launchpad Operations Sys Admin22:50
czajkowskiaye thats waht I thought but they don't exist any more 22:51
czajkowskiChrisGagnon: we have procedures in place we try and not by pass them tbh 22:51
ChrisGagnonczajkowski: ack :)22:52
pleia2nikkiana still uses irc, let me see if she's around22:54
pleia2yep, she's having a look :)22:56
czajkowskiChrisGagnon: it shouldnt be a problem once the tema contact is poked then they can accept the invitation22:56
czajkowskiand the events can be added as normal to the LTP 22:56
pleia2(nikkiana is the owner of the lp team)22:56
czajkowskiChrisGagnon: but you can see fro our point, if we changed ownership or just added teams when people come in and say they cant get a hold of someone every time it doenst make sense 22:57
paultaghi czajkowski :322:57
pleia2she's going to take a look in a few minutes (at work now, very busy)22:57
czajkowskipleia2: coolio22:57
czajkowskipaultag: howdy 22:57
paultagczajkowski: aloha22:58
czajkowskiam going to sleep am up since 4am 22:58
paultagczajkowski: n822:58
ChrisGagnonczajkowski: yes, :)  I don't want to change ownership though. 22:58
pleia2night czajkowski 22:58
czajkowskipaultag: got a new phone out of the blue today galaxy nexus22:58
paultagczajkowski: we'll talk tom.22:58
ChrisGagnonI don't want to be the owner, and I don't know who else would... 22:58
czajkowskiChrisGagnon: yes but we cant accept the team without the owner doing it 22:59
ChrisGagnonthanks for your help everyone :) 23:03
pleia2ChrisGagnon: doh, she logged off, I'll try to follow up when she returns and let you know23:53
ChrisGagnonpleia2: awesome thanks! 23:57

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