Jester86-MobileOhey guys, can anyone plz help me try to get the IR blaster associated with my HDPVR to work?02:22
Jester86-MobileOI had been using an IR blaster thru my Win Media Center Transceiver but it recently seems to have quit working02:22
XDS2010the grub menu isn't coming up anymore, i just upgrade to SP1, used wubu to initially install07:33
XDS2010where does the ubuntu files live in the case of wubi ?07:49
mrandXDS2010_: Unless you changed it from the default, if you look at a directory listing for C:\ it should jump out what directory the Ubuntu files live under (I think the default if C:\Ubuntu).  But that has nothing to do with grub - that is master boot record related.  Have you searched the Ubuntu forums?  Google turned this thread up for me, and I'm sure there are a bunch of others: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169889012:07
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org] [ubuntu] Can't boot (after Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update) - Ubuntu Forums12:07
imahuphi have an issue with hd programming stuttering and standard programming is running smooth, using vdpau on a zotec z box over wifi21:55
XDS2010_mrand: the ext directory is hidden, i just learned that22:24

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