dholbachgood morning07:50
dholbachbkerensa, c_smith: I'll put in the interview in a bit and some bits about Friday's Fix-It Friday14:00
dholbachwhat do you think about adding a number of "interesting development tidbits" items to the doc?14:05
bkerensadholbach: interesting development tidbits... a new section?17:32
dholbachno :)17:33
dholbachit's what we called "letting developers speak for themselves" before17:33
dholbach(or however we called it :))17:33
bkerensadholbach: Ok sure I will add some here as soon as I get breakfast :D17:36
* dholbach hugs bkerensa17:36
bkerensadholbach: Lovely... Ubuntu froze when I had everything up17:45
bkerensalets try again17:45
dholbach*crosses fingers*17:45
dholbachalright - I'll head out for dinner now - so see you later :-)17:47

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