Ghads: disappointed in sudden change in sales tact of RPi?10:33
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ibeardsleeG: I was, but it does make a lot of sense for them18:27
ibeardsleeordered mine from http://nz.element14.com/raspberry-pi/raspbrry-pcba/sbc-raspberry-pi-model-b/dp/2081185, although there is a 38 lead time on those.18:54
snailhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owen_Wilkes made the front page of wikipedia over night...19:05
* codepal hopes ajmitch got an early night ;-)19:52
thumperhmm... this channel is now one of four that start #ubuntu-19:54
codepalany suggestions for a screwed up 10.04, I installed updates that are giving me segmentation faults on nm-applet & other things...19:54
thumperthat I have open19:54
codepalI'm thinking dpkg --force-downgrade *.deb19:54
codepalfor some files, but maybe a kernel downgrade would help in this case instead?19:54
ajmitchthumper: only 4?19:56
chilts*cough* one-upper *cough* :-p19:56
chiltssorry, only messing, I had to :)19:56
codepalI stuck with LTS because I wanted my wacom tablet to work19:57
codepalI had it working19:57
codepalnow I have no reason to use 10.04, cause it's broken19:58
* codepal considers upgrading to next LTS19:58
snailthumper: I'd start by reinstalling all currently installed packages...19:58
codepalI've no network connection to reinstall with....19:58
thumpercodepal: well that blows20:01
thumperunfortunately I don't actually know that much about ubuntu :)20:02
codepalyea, I'd have to create a script for all the packages I want to reinstall, download that on another machine ( maybe my debian 6 box )20:03
codepalthen move those debs over to the faulty 10.0420:03
codepalit's doable, but messy20:03
ajmitchboot off live cd, get networking going there, mount & chroot your actual installation, fix it, ???, profit20:04
* ajmitch got to do that recently when switching out a hard drive in the laptop20:04
codepalajmitch, that's probably my problem20:04
codepalI switched this SSD out of a desktop machine to laptop20:04
codepalbut when I put it back in the desktop20:05
codepalit's still got no networking, gonna try the live-cd route first20:05
ajmitchyou shouldn't need to take it out to fix it, but getting segfaults on things is a bit interesting20:05
codepala bit? - I don't find it interesting at all20:06
ajmitchoh it's interesting, just not desired :)20:06
codepaldarned inconvenient when it's my main ubuntu LTS that's not working.....20:06
codepalI let you know if I make progress20:07
codepalif I don't, well, I'll probably sit in a puddle of despair for a couple of days20:07
ajmitchor just ask, I'm sure someone has an idea of how it could be fixed20:08
Gibeardslee: (argh powercut) that price is +GST?  oh gosh, and I thought it looked like a notbad deal...  and yeah, I agree in teh long run it's great for the project, just a pity that they changed it last minute22:28
ibeardsleeG: yeah +GST23:37
* ajmitch hopes that shipping isn't extra on top of that23:38
ibeardsleeit's included23:39
Gibeardslee: I couldn't (and still can't) see anything on that page that says +GST, pretty bad imo23:40
* ojwb wonders if there's any connection between this element14 and the element14 which was part of Acorn's later history23:42
Gibeardslee: ahhh I see, add to cart, check cart = GST magicly appears... at least places like PB Tech are pretty open and forthcoming that GST is extra23:43
ojwbmaybe they typically supply to businesses23:45
ojwbbut it would be clearer to mention it alongside the price even so23:45
Gojwb: yeah, but even places that supply to businesses and exclude GST have in the footer "Prices exclude GST"23:47
Gojwb: RS are good citizens too and make it pretty clear: http://newzealand.rs-online.com/web/p/single-board-computer/7166400/?origin=PSF_352187|fp23:49
ojwbelement14 don't quote their GST number prominently either23:51
ojwband the "pricing" section of the faq doesn't mention gst23:51
Gojwb: I was just going to say that, their FAQ/Help pages don't mention23:51
Gbad way to go about it imo23:52
GI'd prefer to buy from RS, but RS' NZ & AU sites don't mention the RPi23:54
Gmight fire them off an e-mail and ask23:54

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