pangolinGive dexter some to grep for01:13
elkybazhang, am i missing something re: -ot?01:31
bazhangelky, overtired people lashing out?01:33
bazhangzenircbot a bot?02:02
WrongGuygod, why does ubuntu suck?06:40
bazhangWrongGuy, this channel  is for resolving bans quiets and other such issues06:41
WrongGuyI dont think I want to be unbanned06:41
WrongGuyDon't really care either06:41
bazhangWrongGuy, ok06:41
CoreyWrongGuy: Enough please.06:42
WrongGuyshut up06:42
CoreyYou can go ahead and just pull that ban entirely.06:45
pangolincorey lmaoguy is wrongguy06:49
CoreyNot anymore.06:53
theadminSomeone kill the spammer please (EkurioX, #ubuntu)07:31
theadminThanks :)07:33
tsimpsonmeh, I really need to set up proper aliases07:35
Tm_Ttsimpson: I don't use aliases for other than remove and opping07:35
tsimpsonI don't have any at the moment, haven't created any in quassel07:36
CoreyI have relatively few, considering.07:59
CoreyMostly because some of the less frequently used functions have arcane syntax.07:59
CoreyAnd commonly used ones are obnoxious to type. :-)08:00
tsimpsonthe only aliases I use often is /cs, /ns, and /wii, and 2 of those are server-side08:02
Corey /setcloak is awfully nice. :-)08:03
Unit193Wouldn't be of any use to me. ;)08:03
WhiskeyAny OP around?08:33
Tm_TWhiskey: hi08:34
Whiskeyi got banned from Ubuntu channel please unban me08:34
Whiskeywas some stupid connection flood08:34
Tm_TWhiskey: oaight, will remove it (:08:35
Tm_Ttry now if you can join in08:35
Tm_Tmy client says that "There does not appear to be anything preventing whiskey from joining/talking in #ubuntu"08:36
Whiskeymaybe it helps if you try to connect right channel08:37
Whiskeythx :)08:37
Tm_TWhiskey: anything else we can help you with?08:38
Tm_Thi Silverlion, how can we help you today?09:53
* ldunn looks at Silverlion's voice09:54
daxhi Tm_T, how can we help you today?09:56
* Tm_T huggles dax09:56
ldunnhi ldunn, how can I help me today?09:56
Tm_Tyou already did!09:56
ldunnThis exchange brought to you by the Ops Are People Too Maybe foundation09:57
Myrttitelnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu09:59
ldunn======★ the more you know09:59
SilverlionTm_T: why do you think i need help today?10:56
Tm_TSilverlion: good response11:12
Myrttinot seen that for a while11:43
Myrttisomeone asking help for their Solaris in #ubuntu11:43
bazhangsince when is lshw used to find partitions13:16
Myrttioh wow, is our channel recommended by a book now?15:35
mneptok08:35 < ranger_mcfrendly> ubuntu for non-geeks sent me here!15:37
gordMyrtti, http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=lNylcIBk1xsC&pg=PA367&lpg=PA367&dq=Ubuntu+Linux+for+Non-Geeks+irc&source=bl&ots=HCWLROVQzy&sig=8_6cnkTRB_p2RaYk-rh8q9pIT3o&hl=en&sa=X&ei=FUlOT-6ZAtOo8QO37PHtAg&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Ubuntu%20Linux%20for%20Non-Geeks%20irc&f=false15:53
gordnot a pretty url15:53
Myrttino, but serves the purpose15:53
Pici<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about jack17:58
pangolinjack is the one who built the house18:03
mneptokubottu: you don't know jack18:05
ubottumneptok: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:05
mneptoklike i said ...18:06

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