onatshi guys, anyone here? tanong sana about project management tools01:25
Terminus_onats: what about them?08:17
Terminus_we use taskjuggler btw. =)08:17
onatsTerminus_: what kind of projects do you do?08:29
onatssoftware dev?08:29
onatsparang napaka old school nito08:31
Terminus_onats: building facade design08:34
onatsdiba tech ka?08:34
Terminus_onats: yes but i have no reason to do any project management for myself. =)08:35
onatsI'm looking for a good tool eh08:35
Terminus_we use it for scheduling tasks for proposals.08:35
epalredmine, trac, mantis? sa libre.. meron ding jira, basecamp i think09:20
epalhm, not sure kung pms nga tlga ung basecamp :)09:20
onatslooking for a tool na may timer09:46

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