simonjjanyone here that knows vm-builder?00:27
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adam_gzul: when are you planning on doing the e4 upload? friday?00:58
hggdhDaviey, roaksoax: bug 943000 is hitting the QA lab01:00
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 943000 in cobbler "update to system fails with  Exception value: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'os_version'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94300001:00
twbDo they have white coats and stuff, or is it all inside a server in a rack01:02
hallynand mice in little cages01:03
zuladam_g: yeah01:04
twbhuge bottle glasses01:05
jcorneli_@kklimonda : I updated to the new kernel but the device still isn't booting properly01:08
adam_gzul: ok, im close to finishing porting the charms to the new branch. hopefully have CI on that tomorrow, and we should be good to update keystone01:12
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Canadian1296I want to set up a VPN server on my server, so I can have a secure tunnel into my network.01:37
Canadian1296What package do I need?01:37
hallynsmoser: would it be acceptable to you if by default you couldn't run lxc/libvirt inside a container, but some workaround (disabling or changing apparmor profile) would let you?03:22
hallynI'm trying to decide whether it's worth immediately doing separate profiles per container03:22
hallyni'd prefer to punt on per-container profiles to make sure we take the time to do it right...03:25
hallynanyway we can talk about it tomorrow.03:25
twblxc inside a container?  You mean like nested ones?03:33
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hallynnothing stopping it right now, but i'd like to clamp down on cgroups inside containers by default03:41
twbJust because it'd be confusing?04:10
hallynto stop changes to the devices cgroup setting04:15
twbOh, you can break out of it that way?04:26
hallynwell you could give yourself the rights to /dev/sda and write to it04:27
hallynnow it's not something that would accidentally happen, and i mainly for 12.04 want to prevent accidental abuse of the host by containers04:28
hallynbut still, it's blatant enough...04:28
twbThat's why my containers lack sys_admin cap04:31
SmoziusCan someone here tell me how to set the PE size for LVMs in Ubuntu server 10.04?04:42
twbDo you mean PV ?04:43
SmoziusNo the physical extent size04:43
Smoziusso I can get LVMs above 256GB04:43
SmoziusBy default its at 4MB04:44
SmoziusFor some reason there is no option in the LVM set up to make it higher04:44
Canadian1296I want to set up a VPN server on my server, so I can have a secure tunnel into my network. What package do I need?05:14
twbSmozius: um, I have LVs >256G and I haven't touched the extent size05:23
SmoziusOh.... well then maybe I don't have to worry about it lol05:23
twbSmozius: and I thought the default extent size was *4kiB*05:23
Smoziusits 4MB on CentOS05:24
twbThe extent size really only matters if you're trying to avoid write amplification, which is a PITA to do05:24
Smoziusand 16MB I heard pushes it up to 1TB05:24
twbIt doesn't hurt to crank it up though05:24
twbI think you set it at PV creation time05:24
twbWell, it would hurt if you set it to 1G and you then wanted a 128M LV05:24
SpankyMy LVM is 4mb extents and I have 3TB volume....05:24
twbYou can obviously only create LVs in exact multiples of the extent size05:25
twbBigger extents might also mean higher data:metadata ratio, I don't know05:25
Canadian1296How would I set up an IRC server? Preferably with NickServ and ChanServ06:20
twbapt-get install ircd-irc206:23
twbDunno about nickserv/chanserv06:23
Canadian1296twb: Alright06:28
twbThere are several ircds, irc2 is the simplest and easiest06:29
twbI use it for my in-office IRC06:30
Canadian1296twb: Okay, so without nickserv and chanserv, I'll get a basic irc that anyone can join and speak in? Can I configure channels and accounts and stuff without chan and nick serb?06:33
twbbasic irc you just join channels to create them06:33
twbI never cared about anything fancier06:33
twb#freenode can probably direct you to detailed irc server info06:34
onredunno about modern irc servers but even original ircd had users and passwords, if that's good enough06:34
Canadian1296twb: Alright I'll ask there about nickserv. Thanks for your help :)06:34
Canadian1296onre: All I need is a simple irc server, I just want to allow users to register their nicknames ( on here it's /msg NickServ etc etc, but idk how to do it without nickserv06:36
SmoziusWhere is the binary file for apache2 installed at in ubuntu server? I cannot find it in /usr/sbin/....06:38
SmoziusAlso did a find / -name httpd* and didn't come with any binary files06:38
twbIt'll be called apache not httpd06:38
twbSince when apache httpd existed, it was the only *apache* product but not the only *httpd*06:39
SmoziusAh okay, found it06:39
Smoziusi assume its /etc/init.d/apache2?06:39
twbuh, that's not a binary06:39
twbI guess you aren't familiar with System V06:40
SmoziusSo then its /usr/sbin/apache206:41
twbLooks like it06:41
twbHere is how you work it out: http://paste.debian.net/158008/06:42
uvirtbot`New bug: #943088 in nagios3 (main) "package nagios3-cgi 3.2.3-1ubuntu1.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94308806:45
Smoziustwb: Is /usr/sbin/httpd a deprecated apache2 version or a fork of apache?07:04
twbIt doesn't exist on my system.07:06
twbIn fact, it isn't provided by and package in Ubuntu.07:07
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davepigottjamespage: ping08:06
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lynxmanDaviey: ping08:41
Davieylynxman: pong08:41
lynxmanDaviey: early morning sir :)08:41
lynxmanDaviey: was wondering, I have puppet 2.7.11 packaged, would it be any help?08:41
Davieylynxman: i would think so! :)08:42
lynxmanDaviey: cool, let me make it pretty and presentable then and I'll submit a merge request this morning08:43
jamespagedavepigott, pong09:13
jamespagemorning all09:13
davepigottjamespage: Hi. :)09:13
davepigottjamespage: Just wondering. Do I need to enable vlan on the public network switch as well as the private?09:13
jamespagedavepigott, I don't think so09:13
davepigottjamespage: OK. Well, as I said, I can now ping my instances (there's a phrase I never expected to say!) but when I try to ssh I get connection refused09:14
davepigottjamespage: Unless it's on cloud0109:14
davepigottjamespage: I opened ssh on the switch as well (it was off as well)09:14
jamespagedavepigott, where are you ssh'ing from? cloud01?09:15
davepigottjamespage: No. From a client machine09:15
lynxmanjamespage: morning! I'll be introducing you today to your new disciple ;)09:15
jamespagelynxman, w00t09:15
jamespagedavepigott, hmm09:16
davepigottjamespage: Frustrating, isn't it.09:17
kaihm, I don't get it.. lxc really is acting weird and unpredictable :/09:17
davepigottjamespage: I've come this far, I'm 95% there. I really want to make the vlan solution work. I'm suspecting a switch config again, but I may be wrong09:17
jamespagedavepigott, you might be but if you are accessing the instance through its public IP address I don't think that should matter09:18
davepigottjamespage: And it's obviously talking to the instance, because it's "connection refused" not "host unreachable" or something like that09:18
jamespagedavepigott, thats useful09:19
kaidavepigott: ssh is running and you're not blocked by a firewall config or denyhosts or something like that?09:19
jamespagedavepigott: can you grab the console output from one of the failing instances for me09:19
davepigottkai - ssh is running, not sure about denyhosts, and we're all on the same lan, no firewall09:20
davepigottjamespage: Will do. One moment09:20
davepigottjamespage: First of all, here's an output from ssh -v -v -v: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861673/09:21
kaidavepigott: if you didn;t install denyhosts, you should be fine09:21
Davieydavepigott: is this a cloud instance you are trying to connect to?09:22
* Daviey has missed context.09:22
davepigottDaviey: Yep09:22
Davieydavepigott: Well, it seems you are either: Using the wrong key, the instance has no key, or the key failed to get set09:22
jamespagedavepigott, it might be that the instance can grab stuff from nova-api (metadata) on anywhere other than cloud0109:22
jamespageconsole should tell us09:22
Davieydavepigott: can you euca-get-console-output i- ?09:23
davepigottDaviey: I can connect to an instance running on the "controller" node - i.e. one running all nova/glance/swift - but not one running on a nova-compte/network node. Just getting output….09:23
Davieylets see the console log..09:23
davepigottDaviey: jamespage http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861675/09:24
davepigottAhhh? Please tell me it's simple. :)09:25
Davieydavepigott: so, you are SURE you can ssh to it from the controller node?09:25
jamespagedavepigott, that looks to be the issue09:25
davepigottDaviey: No, I ssh to an instance on the controller node from a client, but if I ssh onto an instance that's on another node I can't09:26
jamespagedavepigott, I suspect that if you grab the console log from one running on cloud01 it should be OK09:26
Davieydavepigott: Well i'm guessing it's SNAT'd traffic.09:26
davepigottjamespage: Yes, it is. I've done it.09:26
davepigottDaviey: ^09:26
jamespagedavepigott, I suspect that your configuration for the nova-api server might be borked on the other nodes09:26
jamespagedavepigott, you are running nova-api on all nodes right?09:26
davepigottjamespage: According to all the documentation I've read you only run nova-api on the controller, but yes, I am09:27
Davieydavepigott: Can you comment what the  --ec2_dmz_host  on compute node is09:27
davepigottDaviey: Yeah, one moment09:27
davepigottDaviey: In nova.conf?09:29
davepigottDaviey: If so, it's not set09:30
davepigottHmmm. Nor is ec2_api09:31
davepigottDaviey: My nova.conf file (same on all nodes) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861681/09:32
Davieydavepigott: is ec2_host?09:32
davepigottDaviey: nope09:33
Davieydavepigott: try adding: --ec2_host=
davepigottDaviey: OK. And then restart compute and network?09:45
jamespagedavepigott, yes09:47
davepigottjamespage: Daviey: Are you sure nova-api should be running on *all* nodes? All the documentation says not09:49
jamespagedavepigott, I think you can OR you can run it in one location - but for the life of me I can't remember the rationale09:50
Davieydavepigott: You can do either.  WE tend to recommend running it on each node because nova-api doesn't scale well.09:50
jamespageI think that nova-api provides the metadata service - so having it on all nodes scales better09:50
jamespageah- like Daviey said :-)09:50
davepigottBut the nova.conf points at the one node as being nova-api09:51
davepigottSo are the others redundant?09:51
Davieydavepigott: Hmm, lets just see if that setting works.. if it does, lets change it to point the the local ip address.09:52
davepigottDaviey: ok09:52
kairight, too much magic...10:04
* kai just figured out part of his lxc trouble :)10:04
kainow let's wait through the bootstrap10:05
davepigottDaviey: jamespage: "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused" :(10:05
jamespagedavepigott, please check the console log again10:16
davepigottjamespage: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861711/10:17
jamespagedavepigott, hmmm10:20
* jamespage scratches his head10:20
davepigottjamespage: Join the club.10:21
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kaidavepigott: tried a sniffer to see if the packets get to the server?10:25
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davepigottkai: No. Actually, the packets are obviously getting to the instance, because pings are working, and if I do an ssh -v -v -v I can see that the instance is responding, it's just refusing the connection10:29
davepigottkai: And when the boot up happens, the instance doesn't appear to have a connection to the outside world.10:30
jamespagedavepigott, I'm pretty sure the issue is on startup - the instance does not initialise properly so you won't ever be able to get to it10:30
jamespageits the link between nova-compute/nova-api for ec2 metadata thats causing the issue10:30
davepigottjamespage: So why is it starting up badly on the compute nodes?10:30
jamespagelet me take a look in the test lab charms to see if anything is missing10:30
davepigottjamespage: OK. Thanks10:30
Davieydavepigott: you might need to put the bridge in promiscuous mode..10:33
davepigottDaviey: Hmm. Uh, and how do I do that?10:34
Davieydavepigott: sudo ip link set dev br100 promisc on10:34
davepigottOn all nodes?10:34
Davieydavepigott: well, if it were me.. i'd be experimenting with one compute node to start with :)10:34
davepigottDaviey: Ah. Good point. :)10:34
jamespagedavepigott, the only flag we set during testing is --ec2_dmz_host10:36
davepigottjamespage: Which I have set10:36
jamespagedavepigott, whats in /var/log/nova/nova-api.log on the failing nodes?10:37
davepigottjamespage: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861735/10:45
davepigottjamespage: But since nothing references nova-api on the other nodes, it won't make a huge amount of difference10:47
jamespagedavepigott, OK - so I'll paste the config from our functional lab - it might help10:55
jamespageCompute nodes - http://paste.ubuntu.com/861749/10:55
davepigottjamespage: So compute nodes are different from the main one?10:56
davepigottjamespage: In terms of nova.conf I mean10:57
jamespagedavepigott, and the cloud controller - http://paste.ubuntu.com/861752/10:58
jamespagedavepigott, yes they are10:58
davepigottjamespage: OK. Let me do a little comparison work. Thanks!10:59
jamespageplease note that this config is for essex on precise so there will be quite alot different I suspect10:59
davepigottjamespage: Yep. Noted10:59
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lynxmanjamespage: ping11:30
jamespagelynxman, pong11:31
lynxmanjamespage: would like to introduce you to bbcmicrocomputer11:31
jamespagelynxman, sure11:31
lynxmanbbcmicrocomputer: jamespage is our java expert (author of http://javacruft.wordpress.com/)11:31
lynxmanjamespage: feel introduced :)11:32
jamespagelynxman, ta11:32
jamespagehey bbcmicrocomputer11:32
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage, Hi, nice to meet you11:32
* jamespage shakes hands11:32
jamespagebbcmicrocomputer, so lynxman tells me that you have a strong Java background?11:33
Davieydavepigott: so, on the other nodes.. did you set it to use ec2* from the compute ip address?11:35
davepigottDaviey: No. ec2* looks to the main server11:35
Davieydavepigott: make it = the compute node.. see how that works out11:36
Daviey(providing you have nova-api running!)11:36
davepigottDaviey: Yeah, I do. OK11:36
bbcmicrocomputerjamespage, yeah, although I keep it silent11:40
davepigottDaviey: Nope. Same deal. Can ping but not ssh11:40
Davieydavepigott: it's the euca-console-log which is more useful tbh11:41
davepigottDaviey: OK11:42
davepigottDaviey: One moment11:42
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davepigottDaviey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/861801/11:46
Davieywell that makes no sense11:48
Davieydavepigott: on the compute node, can you $ echo 1 | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward11:50
davepigottDaviey: Sorry - got a phone call. It gives me "1"12:14
uvirtbot`New bug: #943208 in sysstat (main) "package sysstat 10.0.3-1 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94320812:15
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eutheriai want to setup remote logging for my applications, would rsyslogd be up to the task?12:33
TeTeTeutheria: guess it depends what logging mechanism the applications use, but basically yes, rsyslogd can be used for remote logging12:54
TeTeTeutheria: there's a whitepaper on rsyslog at http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/resources/white-papers12:54
eutheriai was going to use python's logging module12:56
iclebytewhat are you guys using to analyse your logs ?12:59
Davieydavepigott: sorry, that enabled ip routing... see if that makes a difference.13:06
davepigottDaviey: Oh! OK. One moment13:07
lynxmanzul: morning!13:47
zulhey lynxman13:47
tgardnersmoser, I'm researching bug #943119 which led me to your bug #903897. what is your use case for aufs ?13:53
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 943119 in linux "aufs.ko missing from the Precise kernels" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94311913:53
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 903897 in linux "-virtual kernel missing modules" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90389713:53
smosertgardner, i have no specific use case for aufs.13:55
tgardnersmoser, you complained that it would break scripts that expect aufs.13:55
smoseri do think that Bogdan (opener of that bug) is probably not going to be alone13:56
smoserof course it will break things that use aufs.13:56
smoserit deleted a kernel function13:56
tgardnerdo you why overlayfs is inadequate?13:56
tgardnerknow why*13:57
smoseri completely understand you not wanting to support something that is not in mainline especially when there is a solution that is .13:57
smoseri suspect that its only inadequacy is that it has different interface to it.13:57
tgardnersmoser, overlayfs is not mainline either, though its more likely to get that way then aufs13:57
smoserand things have been built (like this NAS that the guy mentioned) to use aufs.13:57
davepigottDaviey: No. Didn't make a difference. :(13:57
smosertgardner, i suspect there will be more complains about it missing.13:58
smoserbut i completely understand your position13:58
smoserand would probably make the same decision myself13:58
tgardnersmoser, well, it turns out overlayfs doesn't do inotify correctly. things like 'tail -f' don't work. which is why I'm reexamining aufs13:58
smoserah. well inotify is pretty important.13:59
smosertgardner, sorry i couldn't be more help.14:01
tgardnersmoser, however, I'd be better armed with information if I had some specific cases where overlayfs is insufficient, and for which aufs solves the problem. apw is likely to fix the inotify bug, but I'd like to know what else is missing.14:01
smosermy guess is if you wait, others will tell you :)14:01
tgardnersmoser, well, by then its a bit late14:02
smosermaybe ask on ubuntu-devel ?14:02
smoserits at least a wider audience.14:02
smoserbut nothing compared to the onslaught that we'll see soon.14:02
tgardneryeah, I guess thats a good place.14:02
smosertgardner, you could cross post to ubuntu-cloud14:03
smoseror server14:03
smosercloud might expose some use cases specifically14:03
tgardnersmoser, I needed more email in my inbox14:03
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hallyntgardner: gary_poster: ^ if tail -f doesn't work in overlayfs, that's gonna suck for the ephemeral containers whose rootfs is based on overlayfs14:27
hallyn(i'm surprised it hasn't shown up more, in fact, if it's that blatant)14:27
tgardnerhallyn, it seems to be.. Andy is working on it, but he says the patches are pretty ugly.14:28
hallynoverlayfs was *so* clean before it actually needed to do things like LSM an inotify14:28
hallynmaybe it's time to take yet another look at valerie's mount stuff14:29
tgardnerhallyn, unionfs is a ginormous patch set, and I don't think its fully coked yet14:30
hallynit's been years since i looked at it14:30
hallynbut i did understand why overlayfs was so seductive14:30
hallyn(maybe still is - i14:30
hallyni'll have to look at apw's patchset :)14:30
tgardnerits much simpler. it at least works for the live CD use case14:30
hallynstgraber: jjohansen: i think i'm going to add a 'lxc.lsmdomain' or somesuch config variable to do simplest possible per-container apparmor policies for now14:31
hallynif not specified, it'll choose a default, ncie and tight one14:31
hallynubuntu templatse well generate per-container ones to customize cgroup controls14:32
hallyn(cgroups are the main reason i feel i need to do this)14:32
hallyn(would love for someone to say i shouldn't worry about that :)14:32
gary_posterhallyn, I don't have the scrollback; lemme see if I can find the online log, assuming there is one14:35
gary_posterhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/29/%23ubuntu-server.txt doesn't show this yet14:37
hallyngary_poster: sorry, just that overlayfs apparently doesn't support inotify, and tail -f doesn't work14:53
hallyngary_poster: tgardner was looking for aufs use cases14:53
hallyngary_poster: and I would have thought if tail -f didn't work in ephemeral containers, that would've bothered you by now :)14:54
tgardnerhallyn, Leann is gonna send out an information request on ubuntu-devel.14:54
SockPantshi all14:58
SockPantsi've attempted to install a gui on my server, but messed it up and i'd rather remove everything now. so, which packages do i remove to remove both gnome and unity completely?14:59
Davieylynxman: How is that puppet branch progressing?15:01
lynxmanDaviey: just messaged you in another channel ;)15:02
lynxmanDaviey: all ready for review!15:02
lynxmanDaviey: https://code.launchpad.net/~lynxman/ubuntu/precise/puppet/newupstream/+merge/9518515:02
Davieylynxman: rocking15:04
lynxmanDaviey: tested it and its working (on my servers)15:05
lynxmanDaviey: did I tell you I'm running oneiric in prod? :)15:06
Davieylynxman: No.. :)15:11
Adri2000zul: hi, what's the status of keystone for precise? I've seen MIR bugs and keystone light mentioned but no recent comments15:12
zulAdri2000: should be uploaded this week15:13
Adri2000keystone or keystone light? (actually I don't even know what's the status of this upstream). and it's going to main?15:14
zulkeystone light has already been merged into keystone so it really doesnt matter at this point :)15:17
gary_posterhallyn, sorry, been having Precise issues on my desktop.  We only run our test command in overlayfs.  It is surprising that that limitation has not bitten us; it may be because we've been using a single subset of the tests to get everything else set up.  Maybe not wise.  We should hopefully have a full test run this week to examine.15:18
Adri2000zul: ok, didn't know that, thanks :)15:18
gary_postermaybe it would not bite us even in the entire test suite, but that does seem unlikely, given how much launchpad does and tests15:18
gary_posterso, we know aufs works/worked15:19
gary_postercertainly it would be nice to have that as an option.  Since the inotify issue is already slated to be addressed that's promising, but I'll plan to have full test run results to look at the overlayfs situation15:20
gary_posterthis week15:20
hallyni think enabling aufs is a lot more work than justified by "it would be nice"  :)15:24
hallyngary_poster: tgardner said an email will go to ubuntu-server asking for use cases15:25
tgardnerhallyn, actually, we've been keeping up with aufs updates, but haven't tested it much.15:26
hallynoh, ok, i figured it was a whole new porting effort15:27
hallynthough i recall bad bugs even in maverick15:27
tgardnerhallyn, yep, bad bugs are my concern as well as soon as aufs sees any usage15:28
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hallyngah.  laptop froze AGAIN.15:36
hallyni'm starting to think vim is causing it15:36
lynxmanhallyn: vim is evil ;)15:39
ogra_yeah, better use oowriter !15:41
* benji performs the sign of vim and kisses his vim necklace.15:41
hallynvim is probably jsut too heavyweight.  back to ed15:42
hallynthat's not a bad idea15:42
hallynrest of the day, i'm using ed!15:43
hallynunfortunately, unlike yesterday, the pic i took with my phone of my screen isn't as clear so it's hard to retype15:46
lynxmanhallyn: just use xxd like real men do15:47
lynxmanhallyn: :)15:48
zulxxd = porn lite15:48
hallyni'm just not sure i need hex for my emails...15:48
hallynor porn15:48
hallynmy recipients might disagree i guess15:48
lynxmanhallyn: I'm sure they'll be glad to hex translate your emails15:48
hallynmy content is worth it!15:49
hallynall right, back to it.  <squints at pic on phone>15:49
hallyn(also playing some metal in case the laptop just got groggy adn fell asleep)15:52
zulhallyn: ooh what metal?15:55
smoseradam_g, i just updated bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/94286515:58
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 942865 in nova "upgrade from diablo leaves existing images with kernel unbootable" [Undecided,New]15:58
smoserit seems like generically, you can't make an ec2 published image public if it has a kernel and ramdisk.15:59
smoserso, rbasak until we get that fixed, i can't make public lucid images.15:59
hallynzul: right now volbeat, for some lighter fare16:03
zulhallyn: never heard of them16:03
hallynmight have to switch tos omething heavier, laptop is dozing16:03
zullaptop or hallyn is dozing16:04
hallynzul: you don't care about non-libvirt lxc right?16:04
zulhallyn: i dont16:05
Adri2000zul: if you're going to upload python-keystoneclient, can I give you bug #934064 ?16:13
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 934064 in python-keystoneclient "Installing openstack-dashboard on Precise removes Keystone package" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93406416:13
zulAdri2000: yes that will be fixed when the new keystone is uploaded16:14
Adri2000bug assigned :)16:14
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diogo_79hi guys16:51
diogo_79what can i use for newsletter management in ubuntu server?16:52
rbasakdiogo_79: do you know about mailchimp et al? They're web services, not ubuntu server. But sending out email newsletters is a complicated fast moving game, due to kickback from spam filters and suchlike. It may be easiest to use such a service. For a simple mailing list manager, you could use mailman which is packaged on ubuntu server I believe16:54
jcastrojamespage: scale of 1 to 10 how complete do you consider the hbase charm?16:54
jamespagejcastro, hmm - about 7 ATM16:55
jamespageworking on it ATM16:55
jamespageit currently broken :-(16:55
jcastrodon't need it now, just wondering if when people ask about our hbase story I can say "we're on it."16:57
jamespagejcastro, quack quack oops - it would help if it was actually pointing at HDFS17:02
* jamespage faceplants17:02
jamespagejcastro, we are definately on it17:02
hggdhDaviey: ping17:17
smoserjamespage, still around ?17:26
adam_gzul: did you already merge the debian stuff into the CI packaging branches?17:26
smoserthe two red dots failed similarly. the instance failed to start.17:26
zuladam_g: yeah did it this morning17:27
adam_gzul: er17:27
adam_gzul: [ERROR] Failed charm: nova-compute, state: install_error17:27
smoserthe one thing i don't undertsand though is https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/ec2%20AMI%20Testing/view/Overview/job/precise-server-ec2/4/ARCH=i386,REGION=ap-northeast-1,STORAGE=ebs,TEST=all-types,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/console17:27
smoserthat has 'failed to copy' for cloud-init-output.log17:27
hggdhDaviey: bug 94300017:30
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 943000 in cobbler "update to system fails with  Exception value: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'os_version'" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94300017:30
Davieyhggdh: hola17:30
hggdhDaviey: I hope you are doing good, sir, and sorry to dump yet another one on you17:30
adam_gzul: meaning nova-compute had some problem installing. looking at logs now17:30
adam_gzul: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862208/17:32
adam_gzul: it looks like installing nova-compute-kvm didn't install nova-compute, and there was no upstart job17:32
zuladam_g: k ill have another look17:33
adam_gzul: installing nova-compute manually seems to have gotten it started, but i havent looked any closer17:33
zuladam_g: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862214/17:36
zuldoes the juju charms just go apt-get install nova-compute-kvm?17:36
hallyndrat, hard kernel crash while doing nested kvm17:40
jamespagesmoser: thats OK - its the collect_data script trying to grab everything - but for that test cloud-init is not used I think17:42
jMCg  * Starting Userspace bootsplash                                         [ OK ]17:43
jMCgHow do I get rid of that? I'm pretty and sure my servers won't need that.17:43
adam_gzul: yes17:47
adam_gzul: or potentially any of the other nova-compute-$flavor types17:49
zuladam_g: ack17:49
smoserjamespage, ah. yeah, i just noticed that17:50
jamespagesmoser: looks like it failed to reboot for some reason - where both failures the same?17:52
smoserjamespage, are there logs available more verbose than console ?17:54
jamespagesmoser: the build artifacts for that job should have more info - but for some reason the terminated console has nothing in it17:55
jamespagesame with the other17:55
smoseras in it dididn't start17:55
jamespagethe stopped log is OK17:55
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jamespagebut it looks like those instances never started again17:56
zuladam_g: what machine that nova-compute failed on?17:56
uvirtbot`New bug: #941922 in puppet (main) "do-release-upgrade races puppet for file contents" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94192217:58
smoseryeah, so it basically looks like they stopped but never started.17:58
smoserbut i can't see any thing more than that.17:58
smoserie, i dont knwo if test harness tried to start once, that call failed for some transient reason, and then it never tried again17:59
adam_gzul: test-0318:00
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smoseralthough, i guess that the self.instance.connection.start_instances would have raised an error if it fialed for some reason18:02
zuladam_g: i see alot of connection rejected from rabbitmq in nova-network18:02
smoserso, jamespage i can only think that there is a failure in the test case, but i have very little information to go on.18:05
zuladam_g: its not obvious to me what would go wrong18:15
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adam_gzul: it looks like none of the nova-compute-$flavors have a dependency on nova-compute any more18:27
zuladam_g: thats what i thought18:27
zuladam_g: ill fix that up tout suite18:27
adam_gzul: which i imagine they actually need considering all of the dependencies of nova-compute (iscsi, kpartx, etc)18:28
zuladam_g: do you want to fix that or do you want to fix it18:28
adam_gzul: what is the solution, just add nova-compute as a Depends of all of the nova-compute-$flavors?18:30
zuladam_g: yes18:31
adam_gzul: whats the point of nova-compute-hypervisor? and shouldn't it (and nova-compute-kvm) be dropped from nova-compute Depends?18:31
zuladam_g: im not sure i think its a meta-package type deal i think it can be dropped because no one uses it i think18:32
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savidI'm curious, how does one typically avoid downtime due to automated disk checks?  eg, "/dev/sda1 has gone 345 days without being checked, check forced"   Do most sysadmins just see that as a "fact of life"?18:45
patdk-lapsavid, just don't use *ext?*18:50
savidpatdk-lap, heh, well I'm using cloud servers (rackspace), so I don't think I have much of a choice there.  besides, are there better alternatives to ext*?18:51
patdk-lapheh, I've gone all vm's18:52
patdk-lapbut none of my *server* has more than 4gigs of disk formatted ext418:52
patdk-lapso check times are only a min or two18:52
patdk-lapmy last system, I'm moving over to zfs, has 58Million files in <300gigs of space18:53
patdk-lapthat took a day to fsck18:53
savidwhat fs do you use for your vm's?18:55
adam_gzul: i believe  e4 marks the opening of the folsom branch, so we'll need to adjust our scripts to pull from the essex branch instead of master? or we'll need to come up with a way of testing both18:55
savidI see, so you just keep each instance small so that fsck's are short18:56
zuladam_g: i havent thought that far yet do we care about the folsom branch right now? if we dont we can open up the bzr branches for folsom and then stick everything in a ppa and continue on with essex for now18:56
zulright now i dont care about folsom imho18:57
adam_gzul: since we dont need to mess with switching ubuntu releases between essex + folsom, i think it'd be easy enough to test post-commit, if we had seperate local dpkg repos for each release. we need to also remember to use the essex branch instead of master when doing the upload on friday18:58
adam_gzul: at least i *think* the branches split today, i could be making that up18:58
zuladam_g: agreed18:58
zulill have to find out from mtaylor how they are going to do the tarballs18:59
zuland ask ttx some questions19:01
zuladam_g: im thinking lp:~u-s-d/$proj/essex will branch lp:~u-s-d/$proj/folsom and any fixes in essex can be merged into folsom but im not sure how to handle the tarballs yet19:06
kwolfLooking for some assistance with SOLR and NUTCH with 11.10...  Anyone with some experience?19:06
zul(ie weekly snapshot)19:06
uvirtbot`New bug: #943502 in whois (main) "whois doesn't properly query .hr/.sx/.pe TLDs and incorrect format for whois.arin.net" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94350219:21
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adam_gzul: ping19:43
zuladam_g: yo19:43
adam_gzul: all this xcp stuff needs to go19:44
adam_gits all universe19:44
zuladam_g: huh?19:44
zuladam_g: yeah the binaries can go into universe19:44
zuladam_g: dont worry about it19:46
esuaveanyone know of a good server monitoring tool to use with ubuntu? shows server load etc.. something besides top19:46
adam_gzul: what do you mean?19:47
PrinceKapHotHi there ! I'm having trouble with postgresql, I can connect to but not the local IP address of the server. I think postgresql is configured correctly for remote connections, but are there other things I need to configure in Ubuntu ?19:47
adam_gzul: nova-compute-xcp depends on python-xapi. nova-compute-xcp goes into universe?19:47
esuavePrinceKapHot: make sure you are listening for incoming connections on the outside19:47
zuladam_g: source have to be in main but binaries can be either in main or universe19:47
zuladam_g: correct19:47
adam_gzul: oh, okay19:48
PrinceKapHotesuave : I followed guides to configure postgresql so it does that, but is there a way to check it is listening correctly ? I don't know many commands in Ubuntu...19:48
esuavePrinceKapHot: netstat -an |grep LISTEN.. look for the port its listening on.19:49
esuavePrinceKapHot: port 5432 should be default.. you will see something like
PrinceKapHotesuave : there is, and ::1:5432, nothing else for this port. I guess it's not listening correctly on the right addresses then ?19:51
esuavePrinceKapHot: right. its only listening locally19:52
PrinceKapHotesuave: okay thanks. I'll check my postgresql configuration then (again !)19:53
esuavePrinceKapHot: exactly. check in postgresql.conf there should be a listen_address somewhere in there19:53
PrinceKapHotesuave: well, I already put that to '*', and restarted the server, but it doesn't seem to be working even though the documentation says it's an option19:55
PrinceKapHotesuave : all right my mistake : after opening the file for the hundreth time I just noticed the line was commented out...19:56
esuavePrinceKapHot: :P. nice!19:56
adam_gzul: https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/nova/debian-merge/+merge/9525319:57
zuladam_g: cool ill merge that into debian-merge and then merge into the essex branch19:57
PrinceKapHotesuave: still not working... But now I'm getting the in netstat at least19:57
esuavePrinceKapHot: do you have IP tables running?19:59
esuavePrinceKapHot: sudo iptables -L20:00
PrinceKapHotesuave: "command not found", I thought this might be the problem at first, so I installed it, added some rules, then removed the rules and removed it.20:01
esuavePrinceKapHot: try to telnet to the machine on that port..: telnet <serverIP> <port>20:02
PrinceKapHotesuave: I'm currently on windows, I have a bunch of videos to convert. I tried it with putty, but I'm getting "connexion refused", things like that. I'll reboot under Ubuntu, the command line sucks in Windows20:06
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PrinceKapHotesuave: so, I'm getting "Connection refused" from telnet20:12
esuavePrinceKapHot: ok so theres something external from your server that is dropping the connection to that port20:12
esuavePrinceKapHot: do you have any kind of firewall in front of it? or router?20:13
PrinceKapHotesuave: The server is in a server room, and the administrators listed me the authorized connections, and postgres on 5432 was one of those20:14
esuavePrinceKapHot: well tell them admins that your listening on port 5432.. but the connection is getting dropped before it hits the server.20:16
esuavePrinceKapHot: otherwise if you do : netstat -an |grep 5432 and see it listening on your set up to listen for external connections20:17
PrinceKapHotesuave: right... But couldn't the server be dropping the connection because of some settings ?20:18
esuavePrinceKapHot: well you said there were no iptables running.. do you have any other software firewall running on the server?20:19
PrinceKapHotesuave: I don't think so... But there could be problems in the allowed connections in pg_hba.conf20:20
esuavePrinceKapHot: that is also possible20:20
esuavePrinceKapHot: but i would think you would still be able to telnet to that port if it were opened and listening20:21
PrinceKapHotesuave: right, and get an error message or something. I'll ask the server room administrators tomorrow, thanks !20:22
esuavePrinceKapHot: sure np!20:23
PrinceKapHotesuave: and maybe ask on #postgresql too, they might have more information (even though you helped a lot already)20:23
esuavePrinceKapHot: yes! that would be a good place to ask more :)20:24
RoyKhi all. I'm testing a two-node setup with kvm on ubuntu lucid (10.04.4LTS-64) and it works well, migrating VMs between the nodes is easy and so on. But - a few things: Starting a VM on node #2 doesn't seem to work until the VM has been migrated there and out again, and even worse, there doesn't seem to be a check for if a VM is running somewhere else, meaning if I start VM xyz on node A and then on node B, it runs happily unaware of that it's sharing its 20:27
adam_gzul: can you hit this one quick, it feel thru the cracks: https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/nova/py-iso8601/+merge/9525520:37
zuladam_g: done20:39
zuladam_g: thank you for your contribution to ubuntu ;)20:39
adam_gzul: <320:41
RoyKam I doing something wrong here, or is the repo fscked?20:41
RoyKroot@xenamd10:~# add-apt-repository ppa:sanlock20:41
RoyKError: can't find signing_key_fingerprint at https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~sanlock/+archive/ppa20:41
guntbertRoyK: you are defintely doing something wrong - but that has no bearing on your key issue  ("root@xenamd10"  :-))20:45
sorenRoyK: Yes.20:46
RoyKguntbert: what should be wrong about that?20:46
sorenRoyK: There's no such user.20:46
RoyKerm. ok :P20:46
sorenRoyK: https://launchpad.net/~sanlock20:46
sorensee for yourself.20:46
* RoyK fetches the sanlock source20:46
* SpamapS would love to see some testing of the b1 candidate .. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds/12749/testcases20:48
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uvirtbot`New bug: #943599 in tomcat6 (main) "[lucid] tomcat6 does not include tomcat-dbcp.jar" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94359921:31
nagyzhi guys21:38
nagyzI'm trying to build my own EC2 Oneiric images based on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds21:38
nagyzcould someone help me out there? the script here is not really in an easily digestible format21:38
SpamapSnagyz: any reason you don't want to just rebundle the official images?21:39
nagyzhaven't found an up-to-date docs on how I could create my own snapshot of the snapshot used by the official ec2 images21:40
nagyzbut if you can give me pointers I'm fine with that method too21:40
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alex-Is it true that the Ubuntu kernel is modified for server usage?21:41
afernandezHello, I have a trouble with postfix logs, I configure the log rotation in logrotate.d folder then postfix is not saving nothin in mail.conf21:41
nagyzSpamapS do you know of a guide describing the steps I should take to do that?21:44
SpamapSnagyz: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/faqs/#How_do_I_load_and_store_my_systems_with_Amazon_EC221:47
nagyzSpamapS I know about AMIs, and I've even managed to create my own S3 based one. I just specifically want to modify the ubuntu cloud images posted by canonical21:47
nagyzthere should be an easy way to do that21:47
nagyzhow can this be closed off as wontfix? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vm-builder/+bug/57650121:48
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 576501 in vm-builder "vmbuilder doesn't recognize --ec2 flag" [Wishlist,Won't fix]21:48
nagyzit's listed in the official wiki as how it should be used, yet that doesn't work21:49
SpamapSnagyz: I believe we use something different to create those cloud images now21:51
SpamapSnagyz: "official wiki" ? can you share the link?21:51
SpamapSutlemming: ^^ can you comment on how nagyz could get started building his own cloud images?21:52
nagyzwell, this is a description: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EC2Vmbuilder21:52
nagyzand I'm currently trying to set this one up: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuCloud/Images/Publishing21:52
nagyzbut it's pretty, well, outdated it seems21:53
nagyz(hardy, maverick...)21:53
SpamapSnagyz: right, I believe the process has changed some21:53
Davieyadam_g: is bug 942865 likely to me another migration issue?, where the rename isn't being cared for?22:05
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 942865 in nova "upgrade from diablo leaves existing images with kernel unbootable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94286522:05
Daviey(smoser ^)22:05
sorensmoser: Is there a simple way from the kernel command line to tell cloud-init to go fetch a cloud-config file from a url?22:14
onekenthomassafe way for middle mouse button emulation on 11.10-- editing 50-synaptic.conf creates boot hangs?22:21
sorenonekenthomas: Wrong channel.22:22
onekenthomascompared to?22:22
EvilResistanceonekenthomas, try #ubuntu22:23
onekenthomasyeah right.22:23
EvilResistancewhats wrong with #ubuntu?22:23
EvilResistanceits the place for the GUI version of Ubuntu's questoins22:23
onekenthomas#ubuntu is dominated by people who installed yesterday discussing whether they'll go back to Windows next week22:24
EvilResistancewell then you're SOL, because #ubuntu-server is for server-related questions22:24
onekenthomasI've yet to find anyone who would have a clue about a question ...22:24
EvilResistancenot GUI-Ubuntu questions22:24
onekenthomasI can't run a server with a GUI :) ?22:24
EvilResistancethen post on the forums or on AskUbuntu22:25
Canadian1296onekenthomas: Ask again in #ubuntu. There are knowledgeable people there.22:25
EvilResistanceand have patience22:25
Canadian1296onekenthomas: Of course you can run a server with a GUI, but if the question related the the server software ask here, of it relates to said GUI, ask in #ubuntu.22:26
onekenthomasCanadian1296,  no offense,  I'll post in forums if I have to.  the current channel structure doesn't work.  GUI/non-GUI is an odd,  rather arbitrary differentiation.22:27
afernandezumm I made a question about postfix in ubuntu, but nobody answer or interested about my question, but for say not ask it in this channel all people get alive22:28
Canadian1296onekenthomas: Well both GUI and non-GUI, you should use #ubuntu. If it is server related ask here22:28
adam_gDaviey: im not sure that it is, according to that report the bug is still there with a fresh devstack22:28
qman___onekenthomas, that's the one of only a handful of differences between server and desktop22:29
* onekenthomas has his own channels to run22:29
qman___and installing the GUI installs a bunch of extra things, like network maanger, which change everything22:29
Canadian1296afernandez: try #postfix22:29
onekenthomaswhich GUI :P ?22:30
qman___installing a GUI on a server is also a not-recommended-thing, and should only be done in certain circumstances22:30
onekenthomasda da da22:30
Davieyadam_g: oh?  I misread the bug then.. i thought it was the aki id changed after upgrade, and the mapping got skewed?22:31
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adam_gDaviey: the original report sounds that way, but later scott reproduced the issue using essex/devstack with no upgrad22:46
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uvirtbot`New bug: #943664 in openldap (main) "package slapd 2.4.21-0ubuntu5.7 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94366423:11
Canadian1296Im trying to set up a VPN server (l2tp through IPSec, using openswan and xl2tpd), and ran into a problem. Should I ask here, or is there a channel better suited to my question?23:34
SpamapSCanadian1296: a lot of people prefer openvpn for its simplicity over ipsec/l2tp ... any reason you're choosing that?23:46
Canadian1296SpamapS: Yes, I require l2tp over IPSec to connect from my iPhone.23:47
Canadian1296I am testing the ipsec portion of it, and I should be getting connected in the servers logs, but im getting errors (cannot respond to ipsec sa request because no connection is known23:51

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