phillwballoons: ping00:27
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angelwarrior15;lotta people in here01:16
akgranergema_, ping01:44
gema_akgraner: pong08:36
gema_akgraner: I will let you know as soon as we've settled with a name, we haven't had time to discuss it other than a line on g+08:39
njinhello, amd64+mac is the version for the macbook ?09:13
jibelnjin, yes it is11:28
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akgranergema_, understood thanks!11:44
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jibelstgraber, about ltsp, what happens if the server supports 3d but not the client and a user connects on both (connecting on the server first)?15:26
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stgraberjibel: well, gnome-session should do the right thing and start in 3D on the server and 2D on the client15:36
jibelstgraber, even if .dmrc is shared and set to 'ubuntu'  ?15:36
stgraberjibel: yes15:37
stgraberjibel: "ubuntu" is supposed to first do the nux check and then start 3D if the machine is 3D capable, 2D otherwise15:38
stgraberjibel: "ubuntu-2d" always starts 2D even if the machine is 3D capable15:38
jibelstgraber, ok, and if the user logs in the server with 2d first then a client that supports 3d, it will starts a 2d session on the client ?15:40
stgraberas long as the user never explicitly chose "ubuntu-2d", it should start in either 3D or 2D mode depending on hardware15:41
jibelstgraber, ok, thanks15:41
stgraberif the user once specifically selects "ubuntu-2d", then any session from that point will be 2D only, whatever the hardware is15:41
jibelgot it15:41
davmor2jibel: has anyone hit an issue on intel gfx hardware where by Ubiquity seems to stop on the last Who Are You?  page?  ie no slide show, and the progress bar is stuck where ever it was at the time you hit the continue button?15:56
jibeldavmor2, none that I know. any crash or useful info in syslog ?15:58
davmor2jibel: there is a load of disc activity so it looks like it has continued as normal15:58
davmor2jibel: but the screen isn't advancing15:58
davmor2jibel: looks like the screen haslocked completely now actually,  I'll keep an eye on it as I go and see15:59
SpamapShas anyone else done the RAID1 tests this cycle?16:02
SpamapSI'm running into a situation where hot-re-adding the missing disks is failing.. have to zero the superblock and add them as a spare.16:03
jibeldavmor2, can you switch to a console and see if there something useful in /var/log/syslog ? error message, segfault, X lockup ...16:06
davmor2jibel: Nope screen is completely locked up16:07
jibeldavmor2, hm, CTRL+Fn does nothing ? and does the led changes when you press the CAPSLOCK key ?16:08
davmor2jibel: I'm gonna kill this do a fresh burn on a different dvd+r and see what happens then I think,  but this time round if it locks up on the continue button I'll drop to tty immediately16:11
jibeldavmor2, ok. looks like a kernel bug16:11
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davmor2jibel: right back to fresh, hit the continue button and I get the following from tail /var/log/syslog  feb 29 16:26:42 ubuntu kernel: [ 397.552209] [drm;drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id16:29
davmor2jibel: and now the system is completely locked up again :(16:33
davmor2not good16:33
balloonsphillw, sorry missed your ping16:34
balloonscr3, another day.. still wondering how the apport issue is coming :-)16:35
davmor2jibel: I'm going to grab a alternate image instead I need a working system asap for work,  I'll have a play at the weekend and see what I dig up with the live cd16:35
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phillwballoons: it's okay. I tagged them onto the agenda. only a couple of minor tweaks :)16:43
balloonscool cool16:43
balloonsyou want dj today? aka, would you like to host the meeting philw?16:43
balloonsI already plan on talking alot about the checkbox tests.. probably don't need to see my name hosting the meeting too.. hehe16:44
phillwI can if you're busy. Hopefully Jason has got the hang of installing the IRC client onto the SII's server.16:44
phillwI have a gripe re: lubuntu, so I will also be entering some lines!16:45
phillwwe found the cause of http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/reports/bugs/93847216:47
phillwwhich has caused major issue for a week :(16:48
phillwour graphics guy found it last night "it's a change on GTK3 3.2.1 syntax and theme standards (I'm angry because of so many changes, they won't make any standard if it goes that way) and Unico 1.0.1 (some textures changes, too)." He's working on a temp bug fix, then all the RC's need respinning :(16:49
balloonsphillw, I'm not to busy to host/join.. Just thought I would offer it up.. share the love <316:52
phillwhe he, if you'd host. I'm still also on support in #lubuntu as well :)16:53
PaoloRotoloHi all!16:55
cr3balloons: yeah, it's a subtle problem. I'll have another look today16:55
balloonskk phillw, will do16:56
davmor2OK that's annoying  if you add a wifi network for the alternate install to connect to you can't use wifi once the install is complete, but it always fails to find a wifi network if you don't17:54
davmor2also not so good that it stores the AP password in plain text17:57
brendandhey balloons18:00
balloonshey.. hopefully everyone makes it over hre18:00
phillwballoons: you have meetingology on here as well :)18:00
balloonscan I/should I have 2 logs.18:01
brendanddavmor2, heh - that's a long story...18:01
phillwyou can, yes18:01
phillwthey will have unique names18:01
balloons#startmeeting ubuntu qa part II18:01
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Feb 29 18:01:26 2012 UTC.  The chair is balloons. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:01
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balloonshehe, it's better than not capturing it, even if there will be noise18:01
balloonsalright, so yes short term, what do we do.. my thoughts on what to do with the checkbox tests after we had a test management tool was to migrate them at that point18:02
balloonsand if we still had / used the wiki (or whatever, spreadsheet, whatever) they would also be migrated18:02
balloonsour future delivery system should simply use the tests from the management system.. so they are maintained in one place18:03
brendandballoons, don't you think it would be better if you *just* ask people to add to the spreadsheet and then you and a few other people deal with updating checkbox?18:03
balloonsand by having a nice test case management system everyone can see and update them easily18:03
balloonswithout having to be a dev, or use bzr18:03
balloonsbrendand, for anyone who can propose a merge, it makes it easier on me to accept the request.. if you can't I am pointing folks to adding the case to the wiki and I will manually import it18:04
brendandok. let's make an action item to clarify that the wiki should not be used except by those who know they need to use it18:05
balloonsfor example, roignac has sent several merge requests that made it really nice on me for just accepting and not having to re-work his test cases18:06
balloonsbrendand, I'm also concerned about the spreadsheet18:06
balloonswhat does everyone think we should do in the short term for holding our test cases18:06
balloonsput aside the issue of how to contribute for a moment18:06
brendandballoons, you're concerned as in you don't like it?18:08
balloonsbrendand, I think I like the spreadsheet even less than the wiki, simply because it's confusing for people18:08
balloonsand everything in the spreadsheet is supposed to be/ should be in the wiki18:08
brendandit's something of a least worst option situation18:09
balloonsfor example, we could deprecate the wiki, and say checkbox branch has our testcases in it. if you want to contribute a new test and can't we could have an open spreadsheet to do so, we would manually import it, then remove the spreadsheet18:10
balloonsmy concerns with that would be making it hard to see all the testcases for everyone18:11
balloonsand making it hard for the community to edit testcases18:11
balloonshowever it would be a short-term thing18:11
brendandright. i think a spreadsheet is better than a wiki for reviewing18:11
balloonsdoes anyone have an alternative option to present?18:12
brendandi seem to recall that one of the reasons we moved away from the wiki was not because of it being a wiki but because many of the test cases themselves were actually useless18:12
balloonsI'm not necessarily pushing the option above, just that it was an option18:13
balloonsbrendand, yes the wiki was in worse shape that I thought18:13
balloonsanything not written recently was old and useless18:13
balloonsin many cases it was blank18:13
brendandi think we need to head toward the optimum solution post-haste18:14
brendandmake checkbox the definitive store until case-conductor is in place18:15
brendandfor those who don't want to use bzr we have a 'new test cases' sheet as balloons suggested18:15
brendandthis is reviewed every QA meeting and synced to checkbox, then wiped18:16
balloonsif there's no other ideas put forward I'm ok with doing that18:16
brendandonce case-conductor is in place AND we have a tool which syncs down test cases to checkbox, we can start putting test cases in there18:17
balloonssounds fine to me18:17
balloonsdo we feel a spreadsheet is necessary?18:18
balloonswould the mailing list suffice? or is it ok to simply ask them to bzr branch and propose a merge?18:18
brendandballoons, it might limit the scope of contribution, but maybe for the short term18:19
brendandML could work18:19
brendandi was just thinking to have an outlet for those with no bzr experience18:19
brendandballoons, and there's still the question of the testcases.qa wiki :)18:20
balloonsyes I'm concerned about that18:20
balloonsi don't want to limit18:20
balloonsbut perhaps just sending a mail would be best18:20
* phillw has no bzr knowledge :/18:21
balloonsawesome.. so phillw what makes sense for you18:21
balloonswould you feel put off by having the tests in a bzr branch?18:22
balloonsfor instance, you can see all the tests right now by browsing them online18:22
phillwballoons: it is a case of learning and then teaching new testers. My concern is that if it is too complicated it will put them off.18:22
balloonsphillw, what would you propose then?18:23
phillwballoons: the most difficult thing of all. A clear, easy to follow set of instructions for newcomers (And, if I can follow them, any one can.... trust me on that one when I made pcman write up how to set up debug in pcmanfm :P )18:25
balloonsphillw, +1. we are working towards that18:25
balloonsand this decision factors in.. we want this to get iteratively easier, not harder :-)18:26
phillwI was also the 'idiot' who idiot checked the GRUB 2 instructions way back when drs305 was writing them :)18:26
balloonsbut the biggest piece behind this checkbox thing was to get more testers out there18:26
balloonsand I think / hope it will18:26
balloonsthis problem is sort of a side issue.. the main issue I was trying to solve was to get more testing, and better metrics on testing.. in addition, I wanted to increase the number of real tests18:27
balloonsand get the tests we wrote used18:27
phillwI can only say from personal experience, that the likes of http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Plans/LaptopTesting#System are followable?18:30
brendandballoons, i need to leave the conversation now. look forward to a few merges into your checkbox branch from me ;)18:33
balloonsbrendand, awesome thanks18:35
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balloonsphillw, are you trying to say you can or can't follow that wiki page?18:35
* balloons is confused on sarcasm or not18:35
phillwballoons: I thought the wiki is due to go?18:36
balloonsphillw, long term yes18:36
balloonsbut short term.. well we're deciding that now :-)18:36
phillwballoons: do you have the link to the wiki, please?18:37
balloonslink to the wiki? this? http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/18:37
phillwI'm sufferring from tab overload18:37
phillwballoons: that looks familiar aka http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Plans/LaptopTesting#System18:38
phillwit is simply 'what do you expect to happen" followed by - Does it?18:39
balloonsso phillw.. here's a good example.. the nautilus tests are the same in the wiki and checkbox18:39
balloonsphillw, yes the format of those tests are really iffy18:39
balloonsthey would need reworked to go into checkbox or case conductor, etc18:39
phillwooh, pink! Yeah, they are in plain english as to what to expect etc.18:40
phillwSorry, I've GTG - Dinner is served at 18:30 UTC on wednesdays here as I have the lubuntu meeting at 20:00 UTC.18:41
balloonsok, well18:42
balloonsI'll sumarize on the mailing list18:43
balloonsthanks for the extended discussion18:43
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Feb 29 18:43:18 2012 UTC.18:43
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-testing/2012/ubuntu-testing.2012-02-29-18.01.moin.txt18:43
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-testing/2012/ubuntu-testing.2012-02-29-18.01.html18:43
phillwis the qa email address ubuntu-qa-request@lists.ubuntu.com, or have I got the wrong one?19:27
phillwballoons: ping19:36
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botfatherphillw: you want to subscribe ?19:38
botfatheri am going to try this https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-qa19:39
phillwbotfather: I'm already subscribed, I'm just having issues sending to it :(19:39
botfatherah you need the email without the -request i think19:41
botfatherrequest is for membership requests if i recall correctly19:42
botfathermailman has been a veeery long time ago for me ;]19:42
botfatherTo post to this list, send your email to:19:43
phillwbotfather: hmm, it said I'm already registered, but I'll remove -requests when I email. Thanks for your help :)19:51
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botfatherphillw: np ;]20:12
balloonsphillw, pong20:19
balloonsphillw, botfather is correct20:19
balloonsis thats what you needed;-)20:19
phillwnope, doesn't like rafael can correct the issue with GTK / Unico20:21
balloonsphillw, ohh.. meaning it's just broken?20:21
phillwballoons: can you join #ubuntu-meeting please20:21
jibelSpamapS, what's the status of raid1 testing ?21:17
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SpamapSjibel: done on i386, 90% done on amd6421:31
SpamapSjust waiting on my slow single disk to pretend to be two disks for kvm. ;)21:31
jibelSpamapS, :) great thanks21:32
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jibelSpamapS, would you have a setup to test iscsi too ?21:33
SpamapSjibel: not in a realistic situation, but I could set it up via vms.21:34
jibelSpamapS, Vms are better than nothing21:34
SpamapSjibel: I will stir up some help on my team as well. The automated tests are ok, but they don't completely replace testing the actual user experience.21:35
jibelSpamapS, I agree21:35
balloonscr3, you around?22:16
cr3balloons: sorry, I'm there. got distracted with a security vulnerability this afternoon :)22:28
balloonsno worries.. I'll bug you about something else :-022:30
balloonsall my submissions seem to be failing to upload for some reason22:30
balloonsi get the little cannot submit, do it manually error :-(22:30
balloonsso I went and took a look at your upstream bzr branch again22:31
balloonsbecause perhaps everything "just works" there with apport and the submission stuff22:31
balloonsI moved my jobs over, adjusted the setup.cfg file and ran checkbox-gtk22:31
balloonsthe log shows all the tests loading but then nothing to select to test :-(22:32
balloonsso.. I open to trying to make upstream work (and potentially fix something), or fix my version. thoughts cr3?22:32
balloonsmy deadline for this is fast approaching ;-)22:33
roadmrballoons: did you look at the log file? any ERRORs?22:35
balloonshmm.. nothing popping out22:37
balloonsit seems like everything worked when I specficied the results tracker in the ini file22:38
balloonsi took it out and it seems broken again22:38
balloonsnot sure I remember how to do that..22:38
balloonsfound the old revision.. trying again with the results tracker url22:43
balloonsno dice22:44
cr3balloons: so, you have a submission.xml file, right?22:48
cr3balloons: ok, so try running this command:22:49
cr3xmllint --noout --nonet --relaxng ./report/hardware-1_0.rng submission.xml22:49
balloonsmllint --noout --nonet --relaxng ./report/hardware-1_0.rng ~/.checkbox/submission.xml22:50
balloonswarning: failed to load external entity "./report/hardware-1_0.rng"22:50
balloonsRelax-NG parser error : xmlRelaxNGParse: could not load ./report/hardware-1_0.rng22:50
balloonsRelax-NG schema ./report/hardware-1_0.rng failed to compile22:50
cr3balloons: note that "./report/hardware-1_0.rng" assumes you're in the root of the checkbox branch and you might need to provide a different path to your "submission.xml" file22:50
balloonsahh i see the report/hardware* file in the upstream branch22:50
balloonsbut not mine22:50
balloons/home/bugandboo/.checkbox/submission.xml validates22:51
cr3balloons: ok, so the submission.xml validates. what's the error that you get?22:51
cr3"Failed to contact server. Please try..."22:51
balloonsthat's what I get22:53
balloonssome lines22:53
balloons2012-02-29 17:44:03,820 WARNING  Can't connect to https://staging.launchpad.net/+hwdb/+submit22:53
balloons2012-02-29 17:44:03,820 DEBUG          Started firing exchange-error.22:53
balloons2012-02-29 17:44:03,820 DEBUG          Calling /usr/share/checkbox/plugins/launchpad_prompt.py exchange_error(Failed to contact server. Please try22:53
balloonsagain or upload the following file name:22:53
balloonsyou can see i manually specificed staging in the ini file again22:54
balloonsI can remove that altogether again.. but the error seems to persist. I had successfully gotten some tests up to lp in the past22:54
cr3balloons: did you ever successfully upload to staging.launchpad.net though?22:55
balloonsi wanted to chat with you guys about that at one point.. it seemed to just upload to both places22:55
balloonsfresh run without any ini override22:56
cr3balloons: hm, you mean to both places at the same time?22:56
balloonscr3, yes22:56
balloonsi could link you to some of them22:57
cr3balloons: ok, that's weird22:57
balloonssame error22:57
balloons2012-02-29 17:56:44,945 WARNING  Can't connect to https://launchpad.net/+hwdb/+submit22:58
balloonsi wonder if my launchpad_exchange plugin is too old22:58
balloonsor new..22:58
cr3balloons: hm, let me see something in the exchnage code...22:58
balloonscr3, if you think adopting a released version of checkbox upstream would help, I would do it.. obviously what I have here is a fork of checkbox-unity23:01
cr3balloons: that should be fine, no worries23:01
cr3balloons: ok, so are you using the base checkbox from a branch or from the system?23:01
cr3balloons: most importantly, do you know where the checkbox.lib.transport module is imported from?23:02
balloonsyou know what i'm using the system checkbox23:02
balloonsexport CHECKBOX_SHARE=${CHECKBOX_SHARE:-/usr/share/checkbox}23:03
cr3balloons: and you're not specifying a PYTHONPATH pointing to the checkbox branch, right?23:03
balloonsif [ "$CHECKBOX_SHARE" != "/usr/share/checkbox" ]; then23:03
cr3balloons: ok, sudo gedit /usr/share/pyshared/checkbox/lib/transport.py23:04
cr3balloons: are you able to skip to a line number in gedit?23:04
balloonsyea.. i just used geany23:05
cr3balloons: ok, jump to line 318 and change that line to look like this: https://pastebin.canonical.com/61301/23:06
cr3balloons: then, try submitting again and let me know if that fixes the problem23:06
balloonsk trying23:07
balloonsunknown URL type: /+hwdb/+submit23:08
balloonsi'm sitting at the submit in checkbox, so we can play with this now23:08
balloonsit's just submitting a post to that site23:10
balloonsthat's quite odd23:10
balloonsshould print the headers to see what the error is23:10
balloonslp error perhaps? that one seems to have magically gone thru23:11
cr3balloons: with the complete url or just the path?23:11
balloonsi undid your change23:12
balloonscomplete url23:12
cr3balloons: bloody hell!23:12
balloonsrunning again23:12
balloonssweet it failed again23:12
balloonsok, we should print some headers there23:12
cr3this is exciting!23:12
balloonsahh.. ok ;-)23:13
balloonsi don't think my success was correct23:13
balloonsonce it errors once, it doesn't try again23:13
balloonsso :-)23:13
cr3balloons: if you're getting "Can't connect", that's an IOError so you're not likely to get much out of it23:13
balloonswhew.. sanity is returned23:13
balloonsyea.. but I mean, literally it's not even sending a post?23:13
balloonserr.. I mean getting a response23:14
balloonsif it's a timeout thing..23:14
balloonsi don't know.. it's weird23:14
cr3balloons: let's try changing the except to: IOError, error:23:14
cr3balloons: and the logging to: logging.warning("Can't connect to %s: %s", self.url, error)23:14
cr3balloons: ... if that makes sense23:14
balloonssure.. let's see what happens23:15
balloonsahh something more. a little anyway23:16
balloonsCan't connect to https://launchpad.net/+hwdb/+submit: [Errno -2] Name or service not known23:16
balloonslight reading...23:19
balloonsVerifiedHTTPSConnection.. interesting, your doing cert verification23:21
balloonsi'm going to mess with urlparse23:22
balloonsi think you where close23:22
cr3balloons: yeah, slight limitation with httplib23:22
cr3balloons: it seems that the right host is being passed to VerifiedHTTPSConnection though, you might like to double check that though23:22
balloonsit seems like you just wanted to kill the https in the connection call23:23
balloonsi think that may work23:23
balloonsbut your code killed more than that i think23:23
cr3balloons: oh wait, what if unicode is the problem?23:24
balloonsif so.. thoughts?23:25
balloonsu could checkout and try and your box if you wish23:25
balloonsoneiric seems to work better, if I remember23:25
balloonseverything works for you on that box when you test my stuff :-)23:26
cr3balloons: can you try this real quick:23:26
cr3>>> from checkbox.lib.transport import HTTPTransport23:26
cr3>>> t = HTTPTransport(u"https://staging.launchpad.net/+hwdb/+submit")23:26
cr3>>> r = t.exchange("foo")23:26
cr3>>> print r.status23:26
balloonstrying with using netloc and path from urlparse23:31
cr3balloons: it might be worth checking exactly what's being passed to the HTTPTransport constructor, because the above command seems to work just fine23:34
balloonsi started looking at that.. but you had the override in there, so I stopped :-)23:35
cr3balloons: I'd just worry about the url passed to the constructor of HTTPTransport, the rest should trickle down to VerifiedHTTPSConnection correctly considering the above worked23:36
balloonskk, checking23:39
balloonsbreaking things..23:39
balloonsfun fun23:39
balloonscr3, well I'm sure it's late for you also23:47
balloonsthis should work.. no reason really it's not23:47
balloonseverything i'm seeing (when I'm not blowing things up) is working23:47
balloonsI'm going to hang in the towel here in 5 mins.. one more try23:48

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