tioxFigured I would come in and say hi.02:50
tioxQuestion I am sure has been asked a few times already: Could it be possible, some time in the future when Ubuntu TV really comes into fruition, to install on a PC, then make the "TV" display the primary component, with other applications running in the background, and maybe with the aid of Compiz, deferred to the other monitors?02:52
tioxOdd question, some clarification, could I define the primary display, and have the TV components of Ubuntu TV be on the primary while other applications go into secondary displays in the future, so, for instance, I could rock a television setup on the really big main monitor, with other monitors doing things like chatting and web viewing? Or would it be too big a strain on the system, even with today's ultra-powerful processors and vide02:55
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repeteSaviq, any thoughts on whether the Raspberry Pi will run Ubuntu TV?08:51
popeyrepete: we don't support the arm rev of rpi08:57
repetepopey, I know we don't now, because it is ARM1108:57
popeywe could, if we put some engineering effort in08:58
repetepopey, any concerns with the FPS of the GPU?08:58
popeyi don't know enough about it, but xbmc has been demoed on it08:58
Saviqrepete, AFAIK the biggest problem with the Pi is its lack of umph when it comes to CPU power09:07
Saviqthe other issue I saw mentioned was the lack of support for their video decoding HW09:08
Saviqrsalveti, you should know more ^?09:08
repeteSaviq, huh... thought I head it did hw decode of video09:08
Saviqrepete, it does09:08
Saviqrepete, but AFAIK we don't have the drivers09:09
repetebut Debian runs on it, right?09:09
repeteSo the code must be available09:09
Saviqand actually the drivers part will probably be solved one way or another09:09
repeteI know ARM11 is a blocker as well09:09
Saviqanother issue is RAM, it only has 128/256 MB IIRC09:09
repeteMight be a good use case for optimising09:09
Saviqthat is wireless/wired /methinks09:10
Saviqi.e. if you want onboard wireless, you only get 128MB RAM09:10
repeteright.  Was just reading that both now have 256 MB, but still that is low09:10
Saviqoh ok so that changed09:10
Saviqyeah, my unity-2d-shell has 117M residual now09:11
rsalvetiI don't think we'll support raspberry pi so soon14:18
rsalvetiwe'd need to change quite a few things to make it supported14:19
rsalvetiif you want to run debian, you'd just need a way to have the video decode support working with qt14:19
rsalvetieither with gstreamer or using another proprietary solution14:19
rsalvetididn't yet check how it's doing the video decoding14:19

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