directhexgood lord i hate adding javascript to web pages01:12
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Improving Accomplishments Documentation - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/29/improving-accomplishments-documentation/01:17
Azelphurali1234: you awake? :P04:41
czajkowskiI am and not hapy about it04:48
shaunoAzelphur, any other day I'd laugh at you, but the 'pi' is coming on sale in an hour, so ..04:49
shauno(at least, I hope that's why I'm awake,  they didn't exactly spell it out, but they came real close)04:49
=== xubis is now known as Guest84472
sagaciso I'm guessing it'll be like going on ticketek before the sale of a big concert05:01
ali1234the website is already down lol05:52
Azelphurali1234: is it easy to talk to a PCI device?05:54
Azelphurcould I do it in snakes?05:54
ali1234i would a use computer05:54
ali1234snakes are too bitey05:54
AzelphurPython :P05:55
MartijnVdSAaand raspberrypi.org is down :)05:55
ali1234of course it is. their website can't even handle normal load05:55
MartijnVdSali1234: they said they'd switch to a static page instead of the blog05:56
MartijnVdSali1234: static pages have a lot less overhead05:56
Azelphurali1234: but yea, my friend is interested in making a miner that sits on PCIE and I want to talk to it in a nutshell, suggestions? :P05:56
ali1234use USB instead05:57
Azelphurmain reasons why? :)05:59
* Azelphur is attempting to learn things \o/06:01
ali1234cheaper development costs, easier to make drivers, less likely to catch fire06:01
Azelphurfair enough :D06:02
Azelphurall good things for me haha06:02
shaunoit looks like they managed to take our farnell's site in the process :/06:02
ali1234nah farnell goes down all the time outside working hours06:03
shaunooh, fair enough06:03
AzelphurI got through they switched to a static html site06:05
ali1234"go and search rs or farnell"06:07
MartijnVdSwhich are both down now :)06:07
ali1234rs isn't down, but they won't actually sell you one06:07
MartijnVdSno farnell is down06:07
ali1234yeah, farnell's website is almost as bad as raspberrypi.org06:08
MartijnVdS.. at the best of times06:08
OliArgl this is like pulling teeth.06:12
OliAnyone found the right RS page yet?06:16
diploTwitter just mentioned a redirect06:22
diploIsn't thissad06:22
diploI'd ordered one on farnell, and then the page went06:22
* diplo debates going back to sleep06:23
ali1234RS are a huge bunch of jerks anyway06:25
ali1234afaik they won't even talk to you unless you have a VAT number06:26
ali1234and don't farnell have a £30 minimum order?06:26
diploNot used either in a few years06:27
diploJust got order page06:28
diploand then connection reset :(06:28
diploI really cba with this06:28
shaunoyou got an order page?  I got a "you want one?  give us your email address"06:29
ali1234that's because you went to RS and RS suck06:30
MartijnVdSOh well, I'll wait for the second batch then06:31
MartijnVdSwhen the sites aren't down06:31
* AlanBell looks at lots of down websites and goes back to bed06:34
diploFarnell have sold out according to twitter06:35
AlanBell#rasberrypi is going a bit fast, it is like #ubuntu inthere06:35
diplothat was the one i sorta got working06:35
diploWonder if this is why they did 6am, so the takedown was before work hours :)06:36
diploOur websites are currently unavailable whilst we perform a scheduled system upgrade.06:37
diploEvery effort has been made to minimise the impact of this event and we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.06:37
diplo@Farnell :D06:37
MartijnVdSYeah, "oops"06:37
MartijnVdSIt's like the RPi people said "Hey, Farnell, you need to be able to handle a LOT of requests."06:38
MartijnVdSand Farnell "Sure, whatever."06:38
ali1234hey, on the bright side, farnell might fix their website06:39
diploThat's a big ask ali1234 :)06:40
* MartijnVdS really needs to go to work06:42
OliWell they were idiots not to expect this. They've known that they've had millions of visitors on their website over the past few months - they should have set up some sort of lottery pre-order system to handle this. I just feel sorry for people who rely on RS and Farnell to get work done.06:49
diploI used them most days in my last job06:52
diploWell battery is about to give up, so guess that means me giving up as well06:52
ali1234"Initially the £22 model of the Pi, which includes wifi, will be offered for sale. "06:56
ali1234bbc doesn't know the difference between wifi and ethernet06:56
diploI find it a bit worrying about some news stories06:56
diplolol farnell loaded again06:57
diploand then promptly died06:57
ali1234also "teaching people to programme."06:58
ali1234as in, like, scheduling tv shows?06:58
diploRight, well more warnings for battery, so 2 mins and i think i'll be dead..06:58
diplowait for work then06:59
dwatkinshas anyone managed to get anything but failure from RS or Farnell's websites?07:01
OliDamnit. RS loaded again but they're *still* only showing the register interest page >_<07:14
OliY YOO NO LERN?!07:15
OliI feel like today is going to be a grumpy day.07:15
popeyhaha, trending on twitter... raspberry pi, rs and farnell ☺07:31
popeybzoltan: /join #ubuntu07:36
TheOpenSourcererPi just discussed on R4 Today.07:48
MooDoomorning all07:57
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: sites now a static page due to high traffic so i can't get one :(07:57
TheOpenSourcereryeah - lol07:57
MooDoors aren't available and farnell site is down07:57
ali1234farnll sold out an hour ago07:58
TheOpenSourcererReminds me of the HP Touchpad firesale but for much better reasons.07:58
popeytold my daughter to go to school and ask the ICT teacher about them ☺07:58
MooDoopopey: ready for a "say what?" response07:58
ali1234"linux is a virus"07:59
ali1234you can expect the entrenched microsoft resellers to step up this FUD08:00
popeyI gave her enough information that she can explain it to him ☺08:01
ali1234"the raspberry pi is a circuit board with no software included"08:01
popeyI also told her how much it costs and she said "I have enough saved pocket money to buy one!"08:02
ali1234- bbc 6 music lol08:02
popeyi said she could write programs on it08:02
popey"Like minecraft?"08:02
ali1234ICT teachers don't take kindly to having things explained to them08:02
popeythis guy is actually alright08:02
popeyhe's not some old crusty with no idea, he gets the kids quite excited about computers08:03
ali1234minecraft on rpi? bwahahahahaha08:03
ali1234maybe if they make a 4GB version08:03
ali1234the mer project guy had to patch the libegl just to make Qt work properly on it08:04
TheOpenSourcererWhat can I get my Dad for his birthday? He'll be 85 tomorrow.08:04
ali1234(or any standard egl+x11 software for that matter)08:05
diploThat's all I ever get asked for my dad :)08:05
TheOpenSourcererBeen there done that :-(08:05
TheOpenSourcererHe now has enough Scotch for quite a while.08:05
diploMy gran says never have got enough scotch08:06
diploAll we ever buy her now08:06
diploGlaswegian, reckon shes been drinking it since a young lassy08:06
TheOpenSourcererDJones: Just suggested a Raspberry Pi to me on Twitter ;-p08:06
diploGuess none of you had any luck08:07
DJonesAnd the custard/cream08:07
christelTheOpenSourcerer: pong (somewhat delayed, passed out at 9pm)08:08
TheOpenSourcererHi christel no worries.08:08
TheOpenSourcerercan I pm you?08:08
christelof course :)08:09
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: looks like people are struggling to get one at the moment08:23
TheOpenSourcererMooDoo: Yep - RS and Farnell died under the weight.08:24
TheOpenSourcererApparently Farnell sold out in 7 minutes08:24
TheOpenSourcererYeah - can't believe some peeps are apparently getting angry about it. I think that's great.08:26
diploStill seeing people getting orders on farnell in #raspberrypi though08:27
TheOpenSourcererJust think of the number of peeps' hands this will ultimately get Linux into. And they will know it is Linux, rather than a phone or STB08:27
diploSo not sure08:27
popeyi got one in my basket 2 mins ago08:28
popeybut it's pre-order, they have run out08:28
TheOpenSourcererI'm at a page where I can still "add to basket" but the next step is #fail08:28
popeyyeah, their https server is borked08:28
diploI had add to basket and clicked it at 6:04 :(08:29
TheOpenSourcererOooh - got to the basket :-)08:29
diploIt stuck there until it timed out08:29
diploSo won't bother now until later and just back order08:29
TheOpenSourcererAlthough I'm quite interested in the Pi package, with kbd etc.08:30
TheOpenSourcererWill probably wait a few days I think.08:30
TheOpenSourcererGoing through checkout. I have an account with Farnell already for some the Nanode stuff I bough before.08:33
popey\o/ ordered two08:33
popey"An email has been sent confirming the order you have just placed. "08:33
TheOpenSourcererW00t! Order placed.08:38
AlanBellfrom which store?08:38
TheOpenSourcererEmail appeared straight away.08:38
AlanBellis it a pre-order?08:39
TheOpenSourcererWell it's an order.08:39
TheOpenSourcererBut they are awaiting stock.08:39
* AlanBell has one in the basket, every other page refresh is not working08:39
TheOpenSourcererThey have my card details and have authorised the sale08:40
christelhave any of you guys tried letting your kids play around with conductive dough? (squishy circuits) -- i ordered some bits and pieces and thought i'd see if the boy wonder would enjoy it (http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/apthomas/SquishyCircuits/)08:40
christelmind, your kids may be a bit too old, i dunno08:40
TheOpenSourcererAnd have confirmed my order by email.08:40
DJonesI wonder how many on this model have already ended up on ebay at inflated prices with a promise to send them out when delivered to the original buyer08:40
TheOpenSourcererHa that looks like fun08:40
diploNope christel , taking a look now ( 4 and 5 year olds so maybe to young ? )08:40
christelthe boy is only 2! 4 and 5 may be a good (better) age actually08:43
christel(i suspect it will be more fun for me than him at this stage perhaps)08:43
christelyeah, i thought it was a grand idea08:43
diplooh :)08:43
diploLooks really good08:44
christelit takes the playdough of my childhood to a totally different level :s08:44
TheOpenSourcererThat's really cool christel - great video. But you can make the playdough yourself.08:44
diployou bought anything yet ?08:44
christelyeah, i've ordered some of their circuit stuff, intending to make the playdough at home08:45
christel(it hasnt arrived mind)08:45
diploInterested to see how it works out for you, also interested in what parts you ordered08:46
TheOpenSourcererSomewhere like Farnell, or the nanode/arduino shops would be pretty good for components.08:47
christeli bought their "starter kit" (http://squishycircuitsstore.com/kits.html) -- i think i may (if it is a success) just buy components elsewhere mind08:48
diploMaybe not from Farnell today TheOpenSourcerer :D08:50
AlanBellat the back of maplins they have lots of interesting components in little bags, you can get a load of assorted LEDs and other things08:52
TheOpenSourcererlol: https://twitter.com/#!/Raspberry_Pi/status/17477887008244121608:52
christelperhaps i need to nip into maplins and have a poke08:52
diploGood thinking, reckon that will work ok with this stuff08:52
christelAlanBell: when/where is the next happy hour? :x08:56
christelhello prettylaura09:04
MooDoomorning czajkowski09:04
czajkowskihello my lovely christel09:04
MooDoochristel: how very dare you.....gorgeous is the word your looking for09:04
christelhello gorgeous MooDoo ;)09:05
MooDoochristel: i love you09:05
* DJones checks the date to see if he's gone back in time to 14th Feb09:05
christeli love you too!09:06
ali1234don't buy those maplins assortments09:06
christelDJones: haha09:06
christelali1234: are they rubbish?09:06
ali1234you can never figure out what the things are, so you can't use half of it09:06
ali1234LEDs without datasheet = burned LED09:06
ali1234they are ok when it's stuff that is marked like resistors and capacitors09:07
christelyeah i can see how that could be problematic09:10
* heeed give evils at popey 09:10
heeedtheres me right from the start trying to get a pi and you just saunter up and order two09:11
MooDoohow'd you get two popey ?09:12
* TheOpenSourcerer ordered 2 too (I have two kids)09:12
MooDooi thought it was only one per customer?09:13
heeedany links for the actual secret page we were not told about?09:13
TheOpenSourcererMooDoo: I think that was before they decided to use RS & Farnell to do the distribution/logistics09:13
TheOpenSourcererShame Google didn't do a Raspberry Pi graphic rather than Gioachino Rossini09:14
diploTheOpenSourcerer, nah Raspberrys twitter page saying they expressly said that it should be 1 per customer09:15
diploto RS/Farnell09:15
TheOpenSourcererWell, Farnell took my order.09:16
ali1234yeah, but unless you ordered before about 6:01am you won't be getting them from the first batch09:18
TheOpenSourcererI know that.09:18
TheOpenSourcererIt clearly said out of stock.09:18
ali1234and nobody has ever said it would be !one per customer forever"09:18
diploI tried @ 5:55 onwards, failed :(09:18
TheOpenSourcererAnyway - here's a cheery piece about how the Earth is doomed: http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2012/02/getting-ready-for-the-end-of-growth-on-earth.ars09:19
diploI agree with them tbh TheOpenSourcerer , not that I am some one who can even think that I know what I am talking about09:22
diploBut I 'feel' the same way09:23
TheOpenSourcererYep, me too. We're totally fscked if we just carry on regardless.09:23
JamesTaitHappy Leap Day, everyone! :D09:27
bigcalm[xoom]Good morning peeps :)09:30
DJonesStill mobile I see bigcalm[xoom]09:30
=== nick_ is now known as Guest75762
KrisDouglasMorning all. I am having an issue with SSH from our broadband line here. When I connect to a server and run "ls" the connection drops. SSH works fine from anywhere other than here.09:48
ali1234check your MTU and packet fragmentation settings on router09:49
ali1234see http://www.snailbook.com/faq/mtu-mismatch.auto.html09:49
oimonwhat's the best way to refresh my unity setup without reinstalling ubuntu? (i have a working gnome-shell setup i want to keep)09:52
KrisDouglasthanks ali123409:53
daubersso does anyone have any idea who Michael Rockman is?09:57
DJonesCandian tennis player?09:58
daubersAppears as a quoted "tchinology jounralist"  on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-1719282309:58
daubersurgh//// slow interwebs is slow09:58
dauberstechnology journalist even09:58
daubersthe only relevant result I get for him is that article.....09:59
ali1234oh, the only person they could find who didn't like it09:59
daubersyeah... bit I have no idea who he is :)09:59
daubersI htink they mean "Simon Rockman" from ZDNet10:00
ali1234that or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_%28character%2910:01
oimonah, fixed my osd notify issues by starting notify-osd daemon :D10:09
oimonpopey, that dot in the right hand corner of my windows...i put that there10:09
oimonit's a cute way of putting windows on different workspaces10:10
oimonalthough right mouse button does the same thing...it's nice to have a target10:10
oimonwhile i try to learn left sided buttons10:11
oimonperformance of unity seems better than gnome shell by a fair distance10:14
oimonin 11.1010:14
ali1234for me it is much slower10:14
oimonin my experience10:14
oimoni have nvidia dual screen...gnome shell hates it10:14
ali1234so do i10:14
ali1234unity can't go above 17 fps here10:15
oimon nVidia Corporation G86 [Quadro NVS 290]10:15
oimonali1234, how do i check10:15
ali1234some compiz plugin10:15
gordyeah that plugin isn't a good measure10:16
ali1234i can tell the framerate by just looking10:17
oimonali1234, i had to restart gnome shell many times per day becuase xorg was 100% cpu10:18
gordi get 60+ fps on all my machines10:18
oimonali1234, which nividia card?10:21
ali1234GT 24010:21
* AlanBell wonders how to tell the framerate10:21
gordAlanBell, there aren't any reliable utilities for that10:22
oimonali1234, i'm getting 60fps10:22
AlanBellwell from where are people plucking these figures?10:22
ali1234AlanBell: just grab a fairly large window and move it about. if it's completely smooth => 60 fps. if it is a bit juddery but doesnn't lag => 30 fps and if it is laggy and extremely juddery => 15fps10:23
oimoncompiz extras plugin from sw center10:23
gordeither you get one that forces a new frame constantly, which is cheating, not a good statistic, or you try and measure real framerates which doesn't work because unity will render variable framerates, only drawing a new frame if its needed10:23
AlanBelloimon: specifically which one?10:23
gordali1234, no, thats not good10:23
ali1234it's fine10:23
ali1234i don't care if unity can do 60fps when no windows are being updated10:23
ali1234*that* is cheating10:23
oimonAlanBell, benchmark,10:23
gordno its not, its not measuring framerate, rather compiz's communication with X10:24
oimonali1234, when i move a window it goes up to 70fps10:24
bigcalm[xoom]Use minecraft?10:24
gordthere is a long standing issue with compiz moving windows as its tries to keep X synchronized, which causes the movement to look jittery10:24
ali1234framerate = how fast can you redraw the whole frame10:25
ali1234not how fast you can flip unchanged buffers10:25
oimonthis whole desktop hopping is making me sad10:25
gordno. framerate = how many frames you can present in a second10:25
AlanBellok, benchmark seems to go up to 30fps10:25
gordredraw time = how fast you can redraw a frame10:25
ali1234ok then. let me put it this way: unity redraw time sucks, and i don't care about "framerate"10:26
oimonali1234, 11.10 or other?10:31
ali123412.04 has a large number of fixes10:31
oimonseems to be quite a variation among gfx cards then10:31
oimoni am experiencing complete opposite issues10:31
oimonalthough gnome shell is quite fast for first hour10:31
oimonit is unusable after a while10:32
ali1234on 11.10, fr me, unity is "fast" (ie 30fps) for the first hour, then gets slower and slower until dragging a window takes 5 seconds or so to redraw the screen10:32
ali1234i've never used gnome-shell long enough to encounter any problems, but it is faster right from the start here10:33
oimonali1234, i'll report back in an houe10:33
oimoni tend to login and think, hey this is workable..10:33
oimonthen later that week/day i hate it10:34
ali1234you could always use fallback mode10:34
oimonit's not gnome2 tho10:34
ali1234it pretty much is actually10:34
ali1234in 12.04 it is anyway10:34
oimonoh ok10:34
oimoni'm on my prod work box atm10:35
ali1234you can even add all the old panel applets... because it's just gnome-panel10:35
ali1234and it is incredibly fast10:35
oimonali1234, that makes me happy - does it run compiz?10:35
ali1234and by "incredibly fast" i mean it's as fast as gnome 2 used to be10:35
oimonthat is promising10:35
ali1234it runs compiz if you want it to i suppose10:35
ali1234metacity by default though10:35
oimoni thought 12.04 was dropping fallback10:35
ali1234it's called "gnome classic" now10:36
ali1234maybe it isn't installed by default... idk10:36
ali1234you might need to install gnome-shell to get it10:36
ali1234"ubuntu classic" is what was dropped10:36
ali1234gnome-session-fallback is the package you need10:37
MooDoohi s-fox x10:47
s-foxHello MooDoo10:47
s-foxHow are you ?10:47
MooDoos-fox: faboo thanks10:47
s-foxGood MooDoo :)10:50
DJonesHmmh, I need to look for a PCIe x16 graphics card with dual screen output for a Win 7 machine and is reasonably priced10:51
phpstudHi, I'm using Ubuntu Desktop version and I love it!10:52
TheOpenSourcererRASPBERRY PI, MODEL Qty Ordered 1 Qty to Follow 1 Estimated Delivery W/C 26/03/2012 :-)10:52
gordDJones, doing anything interesting with it? games or 3d modelling or whatever?10:52
s-foxTheOpenSourcerer,  Where did you order one from?10:53
TheOpenSourcererfarnell s-fox10:53
DJonesgord: No, just lack of screen space on 1920x900 monitor, I need to have some constantly updating data on screen all the time (exchange rates etc), but a web client & bank software takes up a fair chunk of screen10:54
MooDoosold out in 7 mins at farnell :D10:54
OliI think most of the stock went on their lower-trafficked sites because the UK site crumbled after about 4 minutes.10:54
s-foxI did wonder how long the sites would stay up ;)10:55
oimonwhy does everyone want rpi on first day?10:56
s-foxI registered interest on rs-online, but no email about placing an order as of yet :/10:56
oimonhoepfully the spec will improve during the year ;D10:56
gordDJones, an nvidia 200 series gpu should do you fine then, just look on ebuyer to find one with at least two outputs, most do10:56
gordDJones, about 30 quid10:56
OliNot long enough for me to click the Add button (ajax crashed) and that was at 6:04. Couldn't refresh after that :(10:56
DJonesgord: Thanks, thats the sort of price I was looking at10:56
OliFor a few more pounds you can stick three monitors on a AMD 545011:00
OliAnd I do just mean a few, Ebuyer have one for £23.5011:00
OliAnd on paper, the 5450 uses less power and has better performance11:01
Oli(than the 210, budget nvidia card)11:01
brobostigongood morning everyone.11:02
daubersping popey11:02
dauberspopey: Error establishing a database connection <- from uupc site11:02
Olibrobostigon: Is it? Is it really?11:02
brobostigonOli: yes.11:02
OliI saw the crack of DOOM this morning as I crawled out of bed at 10 to 6 to buy a RasPi and here I am, hours later, with no RasPi in sight.11:03
MooDooOli: same as rest of us.11:03
* Oli grumbles his way off to make an espresso 11:04
davmor2morning funksters11:12
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: still no vm11:12
bigcalm[xoom]|Hi davmor211:13
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!!!!!!!11:13
czajkowskidavmor2: good morning11:13
MooDoomorning davmor211:14
davmor2MooDoo: how's life up north11:14
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: :(11:14
MooDoodavmor2: not bad lad :) at work slaving away at the moment lol11:14
daubersuhh... popey, you might have a bigger problem :) ubuntu-uk.org isn't responding either :)11:14
davmor2bigcalm[xoom]|: if you lived closer I'd say come and borrow some of mine, but if you lived closer I'd of been hit by it too me thinks11:14
popeybetter now11:15
richardperkinsMorning all, hope you are well, its my first time here11:15
czajkowskirichardperkins: welcome ;)11:15
czajkowskilot more people in here who can help you11:16
zleaphello richardperkins welcome11:16
richardperkinsCheers czajkowski11:16
dauberspopey: \o/11:16
MooDoorichardperkins: welcome, ready for the initiation?11:16
richardperkinsfinally got rid of the windows safety net11:17
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Pope] Unity is the best choice for the future of Ubuntu - http://popey.com/blog/2012/02/29/unity-is-the-best-choice-for-the-future-of-ubuntu/11:17
MooDoorichardperkins: fab :) how you finding it?11:17
zleaprichardperkins, yay11:17
richardperkinsits really good11:17
yossarianukgood on you - You can stop funding a patent troll that uses your money to lobby governments in support of PIPA/ACTA.11:18
richardperkins i had a play with a few distros and environments and found ubuntu 11.10 and gnome 3 suits me11:18
yossarianuk(they get you tax money anyway...........)11:18
yossarianukcool - I prefer gnome3 to unity11:18
richardperkinsalso new to irc11:18
yossarianukI think KDE4 is the best personally (but not on any debian based system)11:19
richardperkinsi tried unity and liked it but gnome 3 just struck a not11:19
richardperkinswhat disto is KDE4 on?11:19
MooDoorichardperkins: irc is fun, we're a friendly bunch, if you have any questions just ask....watch out for davmor2 he'll give you grief ;)11:20
yossarianukit is in ubuntu (kubuntu at least) - however if you want a 'good' version of KDE4 I would choose opensuse/mandriva or fedora11:20
richardperkinsOK thanks for the heads up11:20
yossarianukjust my 2 cents...11:20
lubotu3Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:20
MooDoodaubers: smart ass ;)11:21
richardperkinsWork recently sent me on a red hat admin course so i looked at fedora11:21
richardperkinsbut i had problems configuring citrix and vpnc using pcf files11:21
yossarianukFedora is nice however not freindly for newbies ...11:22
yossarianukI have always thought suse + mandriva were the most friendly as they have a central control panel to managed to whole OS11:22
richardperkinsmandrake was a distro i tried many years ago and liked but ubuntu seems to be a well supported distro and easier for newer users to get around11:23
richardperkinsanyone use wireless broadcom devices in a laptop?11:25
yossarianukubunutu is designed to be easy - I have always thought they should have build a central control panel though...11:25
yossarianukwhat model?11:25
richardperkinsthats the only issue i have11:25
richardperkinsbcm 430011:25
yossarianuk(have you looked under 'hardware drivers'?11:25
richardperkinsits an older laptop that works a treat with ubuntu11:26
yossarianukrichardperkins - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:26
richardperkinsit was found under additional drivers and works but occasionally crashes any wireless router im connected to11:26
yossarianukThe best suggestion may be to try wireless backports or try a newer version of ubuntu11:27
yossarianuk12.04 is out in about 7 weeks.11:28
richardperkinssorry for my ignorance but whats a backport?11:28
richardperkinswired is fine even when connected to the same router11:29
yossarianuksorry - they backport newer drivers to older version of ubuntu11:29
richardperkinscool understood11:29
zleapanyone tried getting a raspberry PI yet11:29
yossarianukPerhaps read - http://www.computerandyou.net/2011/05/how-to-solve-no-wireless-networks-in-ubuntu-11-04/11:29
richardperkinsactually it only crashes when using vpnc over wireless11:29
s-foxTheOpenSourcerer,  I managed to place an order on farnell :D11:29
yossarianukcool - the first British made computer for a while....11:30
diplos-fox, I gave up.. been trying since 6am11:30
diplozleap, yep ^^11:30
yossarianukI used to own a dragon32 in the 80's.11:30
s-foxdiplo, I have been trying since 9am(ish) uk time11:33
* diplo just wants to go home to bed11:34
diploI still can't get on there website, let a lone order one! :(11:34
s-foxdiplo,  :(11:34
MooDoodiplo: just got on their site, pre-orders stock available in 30 days11:34
MooDoopah now it's down again11:35
popeyzleap: yes, ordered two, should arrive mid-april ☺11:35
dauberspopey: Did you get yours from rs or cpc?11:35
zleapthe rs site is still giving a register interest page11:36
popeyyeah, they're selling theirs on friday apparently11:36
KrisDouglasFarnell's website seems to be diing11:37
zleapso if I order one, and its out of stock what happesn my order stays active till they can process the order11:37
popeyi just got a note to say mine will be here 16/04]11:38
TheOpenSourcererpopey: "RASPBERRY PI, MODEL Qty Ordered 1 Qty to Follow 1 Estimated Delivery W/C 26/03/2012"11:39
zleapsounds like they are going to really ramp up orders11:39
popeythats what mine side11:39
zleapand production11:39
popeythen I got a PDF a few mins later11:39
zleapi may wait a few days till the initial rush dies down tben order one11:40
zleapwell wait till tomorrow at least11:40
s-foxMy order status is "processing"11:41
s-foxI guess it arrives when it arrives11:41
zleapwhat sort of PSU  thing is needed,   could do with a model number etc so I can get one now  ready for when i get a rasp PI11:42
diplozleap, USB Phone charger11:42
diplo5v and at least 700ma11:43
zleaphmm camera charget is 4,4 v @ 400ma11:44
zleapso a similar device at the right voltage / current11:44
diploSmart phone chargers are mostly 5v/1a that we have in this office, so that sort of thing yeah11:45
oimonguys, does visual bell on unity show a white screen for long time? mine does11:48
oimon(in a terminal)11:48
zleapok will try and find something11:49
zleapif anyone has suggestions can they perhaps post a message to the list, it may benefit others11:50
diplozleap, Something like these http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/usb%20charger/products11:54
zleapdiplo, thanks i just need to find the one with the right spec11:57
diploFirst one would do it, just need a cable after that11:59
diploCan get all in one units as well11:59
aquariuspopey, ping: the play in ogg popup link on the latest uupc doesn't work, for me. play in mp3 popup link works fine12:03
gorddid you guys setup an u1 uupc share yet so all the latest episodes can just be synced into my computer yet? because you totally should ;)12:08
* popey looks at aquarius 12:08
popeyno, but I should, yes12:08
aquariusyou should indeed.12:08
popey9.6G    uupc/12:09
popeyso have one share which has all, and one which has only the latest?12:09
popeyone for ogg, one for mp3?12:09
aquariusnot only can you do that, but I know how to have your site allow people to subscribe to it without your intervention, if you'd like me to talk to whoever actually builds the site12:09
czajkowskioh that is nifty12:10
aquarius{last 5, all}-{ogg, mp3}, so four shares12:10
aquariusI'd suggest :)12:10
popeythat'd be neat12:10
popeyemail the show ☺12:10
* aquarius listens to the dulcet tones of popey reading a prepared statement about unity being great, which it is ;)12:10
ali1234what's wrong with having an rss feed?12:11
popeyer ☺12:11
gordthis is cooler12:11
popeyali1234: offloading to a content provider12:11
popeyer, content distribution network12:11
ali1234why doesn't U1 music store have podcasts like itunes?12:11
ali1234(two points are unrelated)12:11
aquariusali1234, other than out-and-out coolness, the listeners don't have to poll the rss feed every hour for changes, for one thing12:11
ali1234they just have to sign up for a U1 account12:12
aquariusno podcasts because we just haven't got to that yet.12:12
aquariusI dispute *have* to. They have to if they want to have UUPC delivered to them with no effort, certainly. Don't have to, though; you can do it manually or have your machine hammer the uupc website every hour until the end of time to get new episodes if you prefer. :)12:13
ali1234i wouldn't really call U1 "no effort"12:14
gordsour mango is easily the best thing graze.com sends me12:14
gordevery time i think about cancelling, they send me that and i just can't bring myself to do it12:14
popeyi cancelled my graze last week12:14
matttseems over priced to me :-/12:15
aquariusali1234, then don't use it and keep running an RSS reader. Seems fine to me. :)12:15
gordits completely overpriced, but thats not really the point12:15
matttwhat's the point then?  :)12:15
aquariusthe satisfaction of having paid 45p for one pistachio nut, i think ;)12:16
gordtasty treats, if they just give you stuff you can get at your local shop, there isn't much point. but i tend to get stuff you can't get here12:16
matttwe have some thing called 'the book people' that come around the office12:16
aquariusI went to the local health food place and bought bags of dried stuff, which was cool; fresh stuff in graze boxes is pretty cool though.12:16
matttand since there is amazon and all, i don't really get the point12:16
mattti kind of think of graze in a similar fashion12:17
gordsame reason i pay €15 a month for japanese candy ;)12:17
matttyeah, heck, if people enjoy it and graze are offering a good service, then great12:17
matttgord: straight from japan?  :)12:17
AlanBellmattt: it is manageable portions, and it just turns up, so you don't have to buy a sack of squirrel food to have some stuff to nibble on12:17
AlanBellI forgot to have breakfast12:18
gordmattt, yup, comes in traditional japanese envelopes and all that12:18
matttew, underpants12:19
mrevelldavmor2, Apparently Carvers is up in flames12:19
matttgord: heh, that's pretty funny12:19
ali1234if i install the U1 client for android, will it sync photos taken on the phone?12:20
davmor2mrevell: indeed12:20
gordali1234, it will12:20
davmor2he says looking out of his window12:20
mrevelldavmor2, Aha :) Good job they moved those gas bottles12:20
ali1234ie i take a picture and it syncs without asking, like G+ app does12:20
ali1234ok i'm sold. getting it12:21
ali1234is there a symbian client?12:21
aquariusthere isn't, but the website should work fine on Symbian12:22
davmor2mrevell: they didn't the gas tanks are still there, it'll probably be the timber that's on fire12:22
ali1234i'm only interested in getting photos from my phone to the computer12:22
ali1234without having to plug it in, or dig around in the phone menus to upload them to a website12:23
ali1234having an android client is all very well, but i never take that phone outside because it is so unreliable12:23
ali1234if i htink i might actually need to make a phone call i take the nokia12:23
davmor2mrevell: Huge pillar of BLACK that is covering about a mile of sky right now12:24
mrevelldavmor2, oof.12:24
davmor2mrevell: more worryingly is the fact that if the timber processing plant is still up there that contains highly flammable Toxic materials :(12:26
mrevelldavmor2, Time to evacuate Morley Towers.12:26
ali1234"uploading all photos" nice12:27
aquariusali1234, if you're a Symbian hacker I'd be more than happy to give you some pointers or suggestions about how to build a U1 files app on Symbian12:28
ali1234i'm not12:28
aquariusah, OK12:29
ali1234er... how do i access it on ubuntu then?12:30
ali1234oh it's not installed12:31
ali1234hmm this kind of sucks12:35
ali1234can't i control where the files are synced?12:35
gordyou can12:35
gordin the options somewhere12:35
ali1234the only option i can see is "sync locally?"12:36
ali1234also what's with this permanent "Ubuntu One" folder?12:37
gordhum, i'm not sure where now... i know i changed the folder once12:37
gordoh its in configure auto-upload12:37
gordupload directory option12:37
ali1234but U1 in general is locked to ~12:38
mrevelldavmor2, Blimey. Keep me posted; interested to know what happens.12:38
ali1234or rather, it's always a full path12:39
davmor2mrevell: http://ubuntuone.com/4ruO4EWu0YGR0BRJUfWnu8 and http://ubuntuone.com/40O4GNJL91Z6qYVZk4wLvo  and you can hear pops and bangs12:40
mrevelldavmor2, Crumbs, it's so bad the whole world has turn on its side! Seriously, though, thanks for that. Looks pretty serious.12:41
davmor2mrevell: it looks like it might be the main building too which would really serious12:42
mrevelldavmor2, For some reason, Chrome showed that on its side. Scary stuff. I'll avoid Wolvo today.12:43
davmor2mrevell: I hadn't edited it12:43
mrevelldavmor2, The E&S has a video fo it.12:44
davmor2mrevell: that was the angle so I could get a the pillar in on shot ish12:44
davmor2smoke is hitting wednesfield by the look of it12:44
ali1234this carvers? http://www.carvers.co.uk/unavailable.aspx12:47
mrevellServer fire?12:48
davmor2ali1234: expressandstar.com that carvers12:49
davmor2and my ex employer12:49
davmor2me expects a hug insurance spike in wolverhampton now :(12:50
* bigcalm[xoom]| wants a hug12:51
* popey tickles bigcalm[xoom]| 12:51
mrevellbigcalm[xoom]|, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CgHgYIreEXU/Tplz8DS3GII/AAAAAAAAAKU/_Eq7OjVckSU/s1600/hug+one+sided.jpg12:52
bigcalm[xoom]|Oooo, going to send that to Hayley now!12:53
Laneymmm podcast13:43
ali1234hmm i need to namespace my code properly13:53
* AlanBell has order confirmation for raspberry pi \o/14:03
* czajkowski does the new phone dance 14:05
* czajkowski now owns a Galaxy Nexus 14:05
AlanBellnew number?14:05
directhexnew phones are neato14:06
czajkowskiAlanBell: nope not yet but it just arrived14:06
czajkowskiit was a surprise gift14:06
MooDooczajkowski: awesome :D14:08
gordif anyone wants to surprise me with a gift, i like cake more than phones14:09
bigcalm[xoom]Mmmm, cake14:10
bigcalm[xoom]They have nice chocolate cake at the light house14:10
* AlanBell spots popey using old branding14:11
gordalas i can not allow myself to buy cake, for that is a slippery road, only gifted cake can be eaten14:11
bigcalm[xoom]gord: fix czajkowski's problems and maybe when will gift you cake14:16
bigcalm[xoom]When = she14:16
gordalready did!14:16
gordwell, i watched the review land in trunk, i didn't do the work14:16
* gord ponders a "gord wants cake" kickstarter. "will fix bugs for cake"14:17
popeyoh noes14:25
bigcalm[xoom]Heh, could work14:25
TheOpenSourcererOoops. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/29/windows_azure_outage/14:31
matttsomeone mention cake?14:35
popeywww.windowsazure.com/en-us/support/service-dashboard/ doesn't look well14:36
TheOpenSourcererOh dear, shame.14:36
diploI like the cloud for somethings, but  I rather keep stuff in my control14:36
directhexhttp://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/04/21/amazon_cloud_probs/ ?14:41
directhexcloud services explode.14:42
ali1234the more i think about it, the more it occurs to me that "the cloud" is actually a clown car14:42
directhexit's what they do.14:42
directhexali1234, cloud computing in the modern sense is useful for two related use cases14:42
directhexcloud data storage is a distinct product with its own plusses/minuses14:43
ali1234i'm thinking more about the virtual machine type14:43
directhexe.g. when the raspberry pi went on sale today, RS and Farnell's web servers both melted14:43
ali1234where you can just keep pulling more and more servers out of it14:44
directhexif they were hosted on an elastic compute platform like EC2, they could have spun up a couple of dozen more servers at the problem within minutes, rather than running around their mainframes screaming14:44
ali1234only if they had specifically written their platform to actually scale like that, but yeah14:45
directhexwell, yes. cloud compute is crap for non-cloud-compute software14:45
directhexbut the ability to scale up in an instant is useful for lumpy workloads14:45
popeythey should use mongo-db, it's web-scale14:45
ali1234but every time you click the "add node" button or whatever, it's like another clown climbing out of the clown car14:45
directhexpopey, and node.js!14:46
directhexthere are node.js clutter bindings now14:46
directhexhandmade, not generated or introspected14:46
diploStill not played with node.js14:47
diploNot sure I'm going to bother14:47
ali1234it wouldn't make sense for farnell and rs to rewrite their entire website for an event that will probably never happen again14:47
ali1234what they should have done is make a website just for selling this one thing, and then just forward the orders14:48
AlanBelldiplo: node.js is very good for one or two specific use-cases14:48
directhexali1234, probably not, but for new projects, any scalability design which doesn't account for cloud platforms is unfit for purpose14:48
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, now windowsazure.com seems down :p14:48
AlanBelldiplo: etherpad-lite uses node.js to good effect14:48
ali1234sure. but farnell has had the same website for like 8 years14:49
popeyi suspect farnell and rs didnt comprehend the number of potential buyers14:49
popeyso figured their sites could cope14:49
directhexali1234, that's not a good thing, y'know14:49
diployeah not that AlanBell is something I keep meaning to try!14:49
diploThanks for the reminder!14:49
* diplo grabs now14:49
TheOpenSourcererMaybe Farnell & RS use the Azure cloud and in effect Raspberry Pi killed Windows ;-)14:49
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, mainframe backend , three web servers w/ proprietary load balancer14:50
ali1234i'm guessing azure was killed by a bug with leap years14:50
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, the mainframe died, not just the web servers & balancer14:50
TheOpenSourcererdirecthex: Thanks but that is just too boring.14:50
directhexali1234, that killed zune for a day :)14:50
ali1234yeah, you'd think they would learn14:50
directhex"mp3 player is a brick on new year's eve on leap years" is a funny bug14:51
ali1234yeah especially if you were going to use it for music at your party14:51
TheOpenSourcererpopey: AlanBell check out the use of the stylus on the Asus Padfone http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/tablet-pcs/1290634/updated-asus-padfone-specs-stylus-keyboard-dock-hands-on14:51
AlanBellgosh, because that won't make you look silly or anything14:53
popeyreminds me of terry wogan and blankety blank14:53
TheOpenSourcererIndeed. Talkingintoapen14:54
ali1234yeah because walking around with a tablet and a smartphone glued to your hand doesn't already make you look incredibly silly14:54
* popey tickles Myrtti 14:57
* popey downloads windows 8 preview thing for a look14:58
Myrttipopey: why the tickle?14:59
popeyno reason14:59
czajkowskigord: when can i expect your magic to land ?15:00
gordczajkowski, thurs15:01
popeywhich magic is this?15:01
czajkowskithe alt taking over my screen15:02
* popey has that magic15:02
* czajkowski hugs Myrtti :D15:19
PendulumMyrtti: congrats!15:24
* AlanBell is missing something15:36
diploAnyone know of any recent issues with xorg/compiz15:38
diplohad 3 crashes today.. thought they were my fault at first15:39
diploBut this one happened out of the blue with a terminal and xchat open15:39
ali1234i've been getting compiz crashes a lot lately15:39
diploXorg just hit 100% and stayed there15:39
ali1234one 12.04 though15:39
diplo<Goobley> Farnell just emailed me to say that they've cancelled my order because they don't have the item in stock...15:42
diplopi channel :/15:42
diploah but he was in france ( not that it should make a difference15:42
=== mh1 is now known as AppleJ
ali1234AlanBell: you know that new thing with the overlay scroll bars and resizing? it only works on window's outer borders, and not internal panels :(16:16
ali1234what's the purpose of ctrl-t in a terminal?16:30
ali1234it appears to swap the last two characters?16:30
davmor2Myrtti: Woohoo!16:32
AlanBellali1234: ti tranpsoses letetrs fro poeple woh tpye badyl16:54
tugriki presume that's just a bash thing ali1234 ?17:02
ali1234probably yeah17:02
shaunointeresting.  meta-t does it with words too.  never noticed that before17:06
AlanBellali1234: \o/ to partially implemented reasonable ideas17:19
ali1234AlanBell: scroll bars? implementing it fully in the way it's been done so far will be tough. I would guess it is working by detecting that the mouse left the right edge of the window rather than the right edge of the scroll handle... which may be a lot harder to detect17:29
ali1234also, even if you can detect it, figuring out which window element to resize may be hard too17:31
ali1234so yeah... it's not that reasonable17:31
ali1234the reasonable thing to do would be to anchor the handle on the right instead of the left17:31
ali1234then it would only get in the way if you were trying to scroll something that was the same width as the handle17:33
=== tubadaz_ is now known as tubadaz
=== mh1 is now known as AppleJ
AlanBellhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=xeQr_ezIGyw#t=66s I spot Ubunt20:44
* MartijnVdS likes OpenWRT21:11
MartijnVdSeven on old routers it works greast21:11
* MartijnVdS has a few 8-year old WRT54GL's21:17
MartijnVdSor 721:17
mgdmI bought one last year, actually21:17
mgdmit was cheap :-)21:17
MartijnVdSmgdm: The ones I have are owned by a camping (who have replaced them with newer, "outdoor-ready" APs)21:18
MartijnVdSmgdm: but I'm repurposing them to be repeaters for areas with bad coverage21:19
MartijnVdS(it's in a forest)21:19
jacobwwireless, i presume?21:20
MartijnVdSYes, 5GHz point to point connection back to "base"21:20
MartijnVdSI've managed to get a management vlan working (and separated from the wifi vlan)21:21
MartijnVdSso I can snmp-poll them all day long ;)21:21
MartijnVdSI also have an older WRT54GS (the first one they bought), which I'm modding a bit21:23
MartijnVdS(serial console, serial port, arduino attached to serial port, some "weather" sensors attached to arduino)21:23
jacobwhow is the data flow working from arduino to network?21:24
MartijnVdSSmall program on the WRT, reading serial and telling collectd about it21:24
MartijnVdSstatistics/graphing engine/tool thing21:25
jacobwthat looks interesting21:27
* jacobw will test collectd soon21:27
MartijnVdSgetting a web interface for it is a bit tricky21:27
MartijnVdSbut it's all packaged and very modular21:28
jacobwapc ups plugin is nice21:30
MartijnVdSthey have lots of plugins for everything you could ever want21:30
jacobwthey have a lot of plugins :)21:33
MartijnVdSand you can even write your own if you know how to write to a unix socket21:34
jacobwi don't much unix c21:36
MartijnVdSthey have an example Perl script in /usr/share/doc/collectd/examples21:36
* jacobw will look21:39
jacobwi don't feel like installing anything over my current ~50kB/s connection21:39
jacobwssh to vps for irc is slow enough :|21:40
AlanBellis there a thing to install to get overlay scrollbars in firefox and thunderbird or is it not going to happen in those applications?21:59
dogmatic69I have a US keyboard, is there some way I can make the $ a £ so I dont have to search google every time I want to type £22:20
matttwhy's everyone getting so worked up about these work experience schemes?  :)22:27
mgdmbecause it seemed that they were forcing unemployed people to work for Tesco for a month without pay, or lose their jobseeker's allowance22:29
mgdm(not just Tesco of course, but a few other companies who would be very well able to pay their staff)22:29
popeyanyone on precise fancy confirming bug 94363722:31
lubotu3Launchpad bug 943637 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "Resize gwibber window, content shifts to the right" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94363722:31
popeyits an easy one22:31
matttmgdm: yeah, i guess i see that being a bit cheeky, but still torn22:31
brobostigonbut, the point being, if you work, equally, to someone else, you should be treated equally.22:32
brobostigonie, if i do the work officially, that requires minimum wage, why should i not be payed that.22:33
matttwhy don't they try to arrange some sort of work schemes through the council?  that'd make the most sense22:34
brobostigonno idea.22:34
brobostigonto a point, this is why when i learnt of the drums, my focus changed,22:36
matttsay what?22:37
brobostigonmattt: It become pointless, other than somrthing as a hobby.22:38
brobostigonmattt: as an aspie, no one seems to want me, therefore, endof, i can only work to other means.22:40
dogmatic69nobody know about my question :(22:43
brobostigonor, i mean, focus to other things.22:47
ali1234actually it's 8 weeks22:58
ali1234and they are claiming "340000" did the scheme "without problems"22:58
ali1234which as far as i am concerned means the scheme destroyed 1500 real jobs22:59
ali1234and gave those jobs instead to people who had to work for nothing (and yes, jobseeker's is nothing)22:59
matttbrobostigon: pretty sure i work w/ a guy who's got aspergers23:02
matttanyway, afk23:02
brobostigonmattt: the figures being, 85% of those who have autism, have no work, econimocically, of any kind, why?23:03
BlackiGood evening.23:06
Blackiam I right here for some ubuntu support ?23:06
ali1234i checked my figures, it's 34000 * 8 weeks = 5000 years = 5000 real jobs for the 1 year the scheme has been running23:07
AlanBellhi Blacki23:07
brobostigongood evening Blacki23:07
AlanBellBlacki: what is the question?23:07
AlanBellali1234: that is presuming the work needed doing23:07
BlackiI ve installed the newest version of Ubuntu and now I cant boot. Grub said no such device and a code23:07
AlanBellooh, that happened to me23:08
ali1234if someone did it, it needed doing23:08
AlanBellis it 12.04 Blacki?23:08
ali1234either that or the whole thing is an utter waste of time anyway23:08
AlanBelland is the error about a magic elf?23:08
Blacki10.04.1 I guess23:08
AlanBellali1234: I suspect it is makework and an utter waste of time23:09
Blacki11.10 is the right version.23:09
brobostigonali1234: i am generally a waste of space, i do come in useull, but am generally pointless for most things.23:09
AlanBellBlacki: do you have the exact error text?23:09
Blackisure one sec23:09
AlanBellah, right that is a device UUID23:10
brobostigonanything more?23:10
ali1234sounds like partition UUID changed23:10
Blackiand that means ?23:11
AlanBellBlacki: just looking for a good fixing it guide for you23:11
BlackiThanks ;)23:11
brobostigonit is a way of identifyingthe disks and partions without refferring to to /dev*23:12
brobostigonie, independent from.23:12
AlanBellBlacki: http://www.tavisonline.com/2011/10/fix-broken-grub/23:12
AlanBellthere is some explanation there and the quick fix section should probably quickly fix it, you will need to boot from a live CD to do it23:13
Blackihehe Im using the live cd at the moment ^^23:14
BlackiThanks for the fast help I'll try it.23:14
BlackiI guess this is not my best day ... error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).23:20
AlanBellBlacki: can you do sudo blkid23:25
AlanBellthat should print out the UUIDs that the live CD can see23:25
AlanBellwant to know if it can see one that matches the one grub says is missing, or if it is different23:25
BlackiIt wont write the code here23:28
Blacki# /dev/loop0: TYPE="squashfs23:28
Blacki# /dev/mapper/isw_bgeicabafa_Volume0p6: UUID="3bcf8905-81fa-491e-83ea-3cd4e4d8b947" TYPE="ext4"23:28
Blacki# /dev/mapper/isw_bgeicabafa_Volume0p7: UUID="b156d6de-2c45-4a63-8ebb-2b836d4a5fc9" TYPE="ext4"23:28
Blacki# /dev/sdc1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" LABEL="USB 2GB" UUID="62AE-D90A" TYPE="vfat"23:28
Blackisdc1 = my live "cd"23:29
AlanBellso grub is looking for  bff339c-73cd-49fe-96b7-2b0b892ac48c and it isn't there23:29
Blackiand grub is doing this because .. ?23:30
AlanBellthat is a good question23:33
AlanBellum, I am running out of answers and falling asleep, if someone else wants to help that would be great, otherwise maybe tomorrow23:33
AlanBellor ask in #ubuntu or on askubuntu.com23:34
AlanBellbut I am going to have to leave this now23:34
Blackikay good night and thans.23:34
popeyawww... mate of mine found a pic of me and sophie at the LUG23:34
popeynearly 6 years ago!23:34
popeyover 6 years!23:35
AlanBellyou are the one in jeans right?23:35
brobostigonisnt popey distinctive?23:36
brobostigondoes the pope wear a dress?23:36
popeyAlso. I'm not 8.23:37
brobostigonthat is as good a joke as i can do.23:38
brobostigonwell, it is said, as some men become older, we do become alittle on the childish side.23:40
* brobostigon tried to think of more jokes.23:43

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