TommyTHope things are going well for folks... I haven't checked the logs to see if anyone has been around lately.03:27
TommyTAnyone actually here tonight? (I can't stay so I don't know why I'm bothering...)03:29
kwadrokeI'm not here03:30
TommyToops sorry to bother you then :-)03:31
kwadrokeI'm not sure if anyone else isn't here03:31
kwadrokelong time no see03:31
TommyTya... things have been tough around here.  my wife has been sick, and now her mother is sick, too!03:32
kwadrokethat sucks03:32
TommyTI do have some things I'd like to chat with folks about, but I'm getting the "come to bed" texts earlier than usual since she is sick.03:32
TommyTDo you use Thunderbird for email?03:33
kwadrokeusing Gmail at the moment, but thinking of switching03:34
TommyTI use Gmail for Gmail but T'bird for everything else03:34
TommyTbut it doesn't coexist with Chrome very well on a 1GB RAM netbook.03:35
TommyTat least I THINK that's the limiting factor03:35
TommyTThe whole thing bogs way down. Seems processor-bound. Either alone is OK (not great).03:35
kwadrokechrome's sandboxes are nice, but it starts to eat memory03:36
TommyTThat is probably the problem. I always have 6-10 tabs open and I know it makes new processes for each one03:36
TommyTthe latest Thunderbird seems to have some performance issues, too, so between them it's painful03:37
TommyTThe netbook is an Acer Aspire One something-or-other and the RAM is not easy to get to. Not impossible (youtube directions say) but just enough I haven't cracked it03:38
kwadrokeI have 7-8 tabs pinned on my desktop at work and it can take up all my cpu and memory sometimes03:38
TommyTthis desktop system in my office does great with lots of things open, but it has... (looking) lots of ram... don't know how much03:39
TommyT3gb RAM and two 2.80gb pentium cores03:40
kwadrokeI think it's mostly a cpu problem for me, it's an old single core cpu03:40
TommyTit makes a huge difference. The netbook has two 1.8ghz (sorry mistake above) cores03:41
TommyTI bought a junk single-core 1.8Ghz machine at Luyet the other day for a project for $35 and it just isn't the same. :-)03:42
TommyTthey are really nice -- Debian fans03:42
kwadrokereally... Is that the place on oak>03:43
kwadrokeI need to get about 6-7 junkers03:43
TommyTI have been intending to take them an Alt install disk (Ubuntu) so they can see it is Debian underneath. Yes, Oak & Harkrider03:43
kwadrokeok. almost went by there the other day03:43
kwadrokejust show them apt-get, if they are truely debian fans, they'd know03:44
TommyTabout a month ago they had a passel of these Optiplex systems. OK but not much better than the junker I was replacing.03:44
kwadrokeI have a game I need the computers for, but unfortunately it's a windows game03:44
TommyTYa these $35 systems come with Windows XP "skinned" with their logo03:45
TommyTOr maybe it was Windows 7... I never looked03:45
TommyTI wiped the drive as soon as I got it... then wondered if I would regret it if I need a BIOS update03:45
TommyTthis is one of the models the Dell linux BIOS tools don't work on03:46
TommyTIt also was very picky about RAM; I had to try twice before I found some cheap stuff to get it up to the max 2Gb03:46
kwadrokeyou know if they have more?03:47
TommyTWhen I bought this one they had three on the floor and said they had bought a pallet of them03:47
TommyTBut now that I think about it I probably bought this in December03:47
TommyTOr early January03:47
TommyTThey are definitely a better place to buy junkers than Family computer on Front st.03:48
TommyTI went into Family one day and they were showing me a Dell; wanted $75 for it. They bought it from the hospital. I said "I bet you could get some interesting viruses from that." they said "Not after WE take care of it!" I said (coughing) I meant HUMAN viruses.03:49
kwadroke_some reason my connection died03:50
TommyTdoes it failover to a different account?03:50
kwadroke_I went there a couple weeks ago looking for a AT-PS2 adapter03:50
kwadroke_took me 5 minutes for them to understand03:51
kwadroke_no, on the webchat client03:51
TommyTMy theory is the guy who runs it started the business because a spouse wanted him out of the house. He smokes a LOT, so everything smells of smoke.03:51
kwadroke_yeah, I noticed that03:53
TommyTWell, I still have to go wash some dishes etc. Good to chat with you; Check out Luyet; I was reasonably happy for my $35.03:53
kwadroke_yeah, might go by there tomorrow03:54
kwadroke_cya laters03:54
kwadrokeugggh, keep getting bumped04:16

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