philipballew_if only there was a way LibreOffice would type my papers for me...03:16
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iheartubuntui updated the Game Night wiki... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/GameNights05:00
iheartubuntufeel free to add comments, change, etc05:00
iheartubuntumaybe we can whittle down the list05:01
iheartubuntuwould anyone like to test "pyscrabble" with me right now? it should be available in the software center05:01
MarkDudeWhats the link for the Ubuntu parties?05:06
MarkDudeThe Jonopalooza one?05:06
MarkDudeSo its only listed in UTC05:12
MarkDudeFor a local event05:12
MarkDudein one timezone, that makes it rather simple to share with folks....05:13
pleia2that's just because jono didn't set a timezone for the venue05:13
pleia2which is kind of weird05:13
pleia2I can fix it, sec05:14
pleia2MarkDude: fixed05:14
MarkDudeYes it said March 2, 2012 10:30 UTC05:15
pleia2Fri, 02 March 2012 10:30 - 17:00 PST05:15
MarkDudeGood, I did not see Jono and G there before the sun rises05:16
MarkDudeThx pleia2 I was inviting a friend05:16
MarkDudeAnd was like well, just a second05:16
MarkDudeShame it ends at like 5 tho, so it wont be the same time as G-Lug05:19
MarkDudeI dont think they can make it05:21
MarkDudeHmm I forgot my LP stuff. Besides, people are more likely to show up if they dont expect to see me there :D05:25
* philipballew_ would only come if MarkDude was there05:27
philipballew_aint no party like a MarkDude party05:27
MarkDudeFair enough.05:27
MarkDudeJono's no slouch at parties, he is a downright role model05:28
MarkDudeDid you see that Jono what people think I do picture?05:28
philipballew_yeah, I saw that. the meme seemed to nail it I think05:29
MarkDudeWell, minus the what he actually does should have had some booze nearby :)05:33
MarkDudeThose that did not see in on FB http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2424094/Jono%20Cm.jpg05:34
iheartubuntuPyScrabble anyone? :)05:38
philipballewWhats the proper way to upgrade kernels in debian?07:05
philipballew_still waiting on the libreoffice plugin to write papers for me. Any takers here who wanna write it for me?18:56
MarkDudephilipballew_ I started using my phone to take dictation, sorta like having someone write for you18:58
philipballew_my papers on a summery of a book. Maybe if i just block quote the entire sections from the book, I'll get by.18:59
philipballew_in my writing class last year i got in trouble because every paper i was assigned I chose typing it on why Linux is the best thing ever19:00
philipballew_so i had to switch to typing all my papers to Discuss Star Wars. they didnt like that either19:01
philipballew_MarkDude, i think i should do something like that. might be easy19:06
MarkDudeWell it only does a sentence or 219:07
philipballew_im also considering bringing a typewritter to class one day to take notes on and see if anyone notices19:07
MarkDudegood enough forr me thol19:07
MarkDudedo it19:07
MarkDudetake pics19:07
* MarkDude is not ready to let google fine tune my results yet19:08
MarkDudeno point in fighting it tho, I have enoughaudio/video of me already on web19:09
philipballew_march first is the day.19:11
* philipballew_ needs to delete all of his shufflin dancing videos on youtube now19:12
philipballew_cant have google know im a bad dancer19:12
nhainesphilipballew_: Android 4.0 does infinite, realtime speech-to-text.19:13
nhainesSo if you're really looking for cheap dictation....  (I think Dragon might have some Android software as well, but not sure on that.)19:13
* philipballew_ has a 4 year old att go-phone.19:14
philipballew_is a brick!19:14
philipballew_actually I take that back. It usually breaks all time. Its a samsung though.there usually really sturdy19:33
nhainesI like my old Samsung phones.19:42
philipballew_there good. I used to have a sony ericcson, but it broke. and this one ife had for 3 years and still works fine.19:45
philipballew_it makes calls and texts. its all i need as i always have my laptop with me and i live at a place with free wifi everywhere19:45
* MarkDude hella loves his smartphone19:47
MarkDudeHad a razr 3 WITHOUT sd card up until a few weeks ago19:48
MarkDudeSomehow had phones more pink than pleia219:48
MarkDudeI would break one, and friends would give me old phones- always extra pink19:48
MarkDudeThey are very good to have, unless you just use fruit ninja or angry birds :)19:49
philipballew_all the hipsters and hipster wannabees have iphones. they think there really cool because they have siri19:51
philipballew_someone in my math class lat week semester used seri on a math class...19:51
raevolcyanogenmod ftw19:51
raevolthough i can't run it on my droid x :(19:51
BotenAnnai run miui.us20:03
BotenAnnait owns20:03
BotenAnna420 send all your mobile phone data to Chinese spies every day :D20:04
nhainesBotenAnna: I am sad because I am downloading Windows 8 but it is very slow.20:11
BotenAnnanhaines> BotenAnna: I am sad because I am downloading Windows 820:11
BotenAnnathis seems to be the only important part20:11
nhainesBotenAnna: I intend to reinstall Ubuntu 12.04 on my secondary machine at work once beta hits tomorrow, so I can have it running Windows 8 for a day.20:13
nhainesAlso I just realized that the product key in the FAQ and the product key on the download pages are different and this angers me.20:15
* MarkDude has Android. Figured I would ruin any FOSS street cred I have if I got an Iphone20:21
MarkDudeWell any I may have left since I started using photoshop20:22
MarkDudeWhich folks tell me I am going to hell for...20:22
BotenAnnahonestly like, if someone's mad about someone using photoshop they can start by using the energy instead to go make the gimp not terrible20:31
BotenAnnathey can start by changing the name to something that isn't horribly ableist20:32
nhainesBotenAnna: surely you should be *able* to see past the name.20:32
nhainesSee what I did there?20:32
nhainesBotenAnna: someone was upset at me the other day because I had a chance to buy Photoshop CS5 for like $37 or something but I didn't.  I don't even remember where the offer was from.20:32
BotenAnnaGNU IMP would be a cool name, with an imp mascot or something20:33
nhainesBotenAnna: that's already what they have.20:33
BotenAnnamaybe an imp with gnu horns20:33
BotenAnnathis is already like way cooler after 1 minute of brainstorming20:33
BotenAnnawe all lose with ableism~20:33
* philipballew_ can get great deals like that as a information systems major in college20:39
* philipballew_ doesn't take any offers20:40
nhainesI should've grabbed Office 10 when I had the chance.  But I didn't have an OS to run it on at the time.20:41
philipballew_my uncle tried to give me visual studio for free last month, but when i said "no thanks. I use vi" he said"well thats your problem" :)20:42
jtatumsome people, when confronted with a problem, think, "i know, i'll use visual studio!"20:45
MarkDudeGIMP name sucks. I NEVER use the name with the public20:53
* MarkDude still uses GIMP tho. CS5 can do some things gimp simply CANT20:54
philipballew_gim by name means bad.20:54
MarkDudeat all20:54
MarkDudeWell its not a nice word to use20:54
* MarkDude used to use word lame all the time20:54
MarkDudeno longer do20:54
philipballew_had cs5 punning perfectly under wine last year20:54
MarkDudeit offends some20:55
MarkDudewell I may end up doing that20:55
philipballew_it would offend someone with a disability for sure.20:55
MarkDudeI dont mind photoshop, as much as I DONT LIKE using Windows20:55
* MarkDude was called gimp when he was in a wheelchair, it was mildly amusing, since what I had was temp20:56
MarkDudeCant imagine how annoying it must be to hear from some20:56
philipballew_offending asside, if i made a piece of software i would not call my software disabled. even if there  was an acronym for the word disabled.20:56
* MarkDude wanted to make his own version of Ubuntu at one time20:56
MarkDudeput the buttons on the correct side, and also change the gimp name to ANYTHING ELSE at all20:57
MarkDudewanted to call it Dudebuntu20:57
* MarkDude kids about the rest, really did want to make RTF version with just icon name change nothing else20:58
philipballew_for people with a condition such as that, which is so visible to society, it can be hard to be accepted. Its sad in some ways. What I find sad and somewhat amusing is when people try to be nice to someone in a whearchair for the sole reason of being nice that their in a chain so they go and talk to them, then they talk SLOW and LOAD to them20:58
philipballew_dont worry MarkDude im gonna make sure all official ubuntu cd's for 12,04 antecedently say Philbuntu on them21:00
jyoSo did anyone manage to actually order a Raspberry Pi last night?21:02
philipballew_i trued, but was unable to21:03
philipballew_could be that the paged times out, or his card was declined21:03
* philipballew_ is a poor college student21:03
MarkDudeRock it21:03
MarkDudemaybe put oldskool like sticker on it- with you in circle of friends- with yourself21:04
philipballew_like the old 8.whatever cd's with the people holding hands21:04
* MarkDude wants like 12 PIs ty21:04
BotenAnna20:55 < philipballew_> it would offend someone with a disability for sure.21:04
BotenAnnai'm not disabled in any way that "lame" would apply but i'm offended by narrowminded language that equates someone with a physical disability with "bad"21:05
BotenAnnai expect more out of decent people21:05
philipballew_i dont think its bad21:05
philipballew_i agree with you BotenAnna21:05
BotenAnnaright so using "lame" as a substitution for "bad" is... bad! :)21:05
philipballew_does lame have two meanings maybe?21:06
philipballew_it can be seen that way?21:06
philipballew_or it could be seen and used like some people use the term gay to mean stupid21:06
BotenAnnayou can't divorce the two21:06
BotenAnnausing gay to mean stupid is not approrpiate, either21:06
BotenAnnathe very premise that "gay" is equivalent to "bad" is horrid21:07
BotenAnnabecause that's what it comes from21:07
BotenAnnathere's no way to use gay as a pejorative devoid of homophobic context21:08
philipballew_its weird21:08
BotenAnnawell its pretty straightforward really21:08
BotenAnnaequating people's innate trates that they have no control over with "bad" is not a thing that decent people do21:09
BotenAnnaso if you want to be a decent person, don't do it :)21:09
philipballew_the thought that what someones desires for sex are related to their intelligence level is sad. But I would say that some people who use it dont think about it when they do21:09
BotenAnnaeven like, calling people stupid can be pretty ableist21:10
BotenAnnaim trying to do that less myself, but that one is horribly pervasive21:10
BotenAnnaand i myself have to get over the less intelligent = bad way of thinking21:10
BotenAnnabut its the least i can do to work on being a basically decent person21:11
philipballew_all places say you shouldnt. all people with decent morals wouldnt even21:11
philipballew_even the bible says people who call someone a fool are in danger of hells fire.21:11
BotenAnnahaha i forgot about that verse21:12
BotenAnnabut good point :)21:12
philipballew_growing up in placer county, the most right wing county is ca, i would hear many gay, racist slurs come out like nothing. Makes me wonder if they know what they really mean...21:12
BotenAnnawill remember that if im ever talking to a christian that is being stubborn about ableism ;)21:13
philipballew_that verse is even in what is the new testament BotenAnna , so no Christian can claim it is anything they are not accountable for.  fyi BotenAnna21:15
philipballew_and fool, by some's logic fool means gimp, lame and gay. so therefor... not a nice thing to say21:16
BotenAnnaone of the reasons im not particularly religious anymore is that there was way more time spent causing divisions between, say, christianity and LGBT/GSM people, than educating people on ableism :321:17
BotenAnnajust in retrospect now, weird priorities21:18
BotenAnnaactually i have an ubuntu question21:19
BotenAnnato bring things on topic21:19
philipballew_do it!21:19
BotenAnnaso i always have problems with more than one ssh key21:19
BotenAnnait only ever seems to use the first one21:19
BotenAnnahow do i specify id_rsa.1 and such to be used as keys, or specify explicitly when necessary21:20
BotenAnnaok well for starters, dont ssh from another computer that doesn't have you rkeyfile lmao21:24
broderBotenAnna: you want to use -i21:25
BotenAnnabroder: thanks, i ended up trying that :D21:25
nhaines  21:25
jyoCould always specify IdentityFile for the host in your .ssh/config21:34
philipballew_Hey! I finished my paper!!!21:37
nhainesphilipballew_: found the "write paper" command?21:38
nhainesUnity HUD will make that even faster come April.21:38
philipballew_true, nhaines It look me a long time reading man pages, but i finially found it. saved me from having to read the book21:40
* MarkDude was ordained online, and is willing to perform marriages of people gay straight , whatever21:50
MarkDudeI know a few real ministers or whatever their title is that do too:)21:50
* MarkDude has never had luck with more than one ssh key, I think they fight it out or sumthin'.....21:50
philipballew_my paper is on Early Christian history and I pray I dont misspell gentile with a word that sounds similar. Thats what happened last time...21:52
nhainespleia2: cats.21:52
* philipballew_ loves cats21:52
* philipballew_ has two21:53
philipballew_i always see stray ones around here and I wanna snatch one sometime and take it home with me21:53
* philipballew_ is out21:53
MarkDudeCats are great. The 6 month old 10 pound kitten has really figured out how to type, hit enter, as well as open all sorts of dialogs and random pages22:03
bkerensaMarkDude: http://i.imgur.com/p5urc.png22:28
MarkDudeWhat is that pic of bkerensa ?22:43
bkerensaMarkDude: That would be a giant candy cane man walking down the streets in Portland22:43
bkerensathey are occupying the streets again22:44
MarkDudeRight on22:44
MarkDudePortland does not do boring either22:44
bkerensaI'm glad they stay downtown and don't try that nonsense on the East Side22:44
MarkDudeCAn I expect to see this in upcoming episode of Portlandia?22:44
BotenAnnaim only impressed if there is a bird on the candy cane man22:45
bkerensaMarkDude: They are occupying the Oregonian offices right now22:48
MarkDudeDid you see the mayor on Portlandia?22:49
MarkDudeHe was making some fun of himself and the city.22:50
bkerensaMarkDude: Yeah I have seen a little bit22:50
MarkDudeHe is rather funny. I highly doubt he would have been elected without name like sam Adams22:50
bkerensaMarkDude: Yeah... He is not running for re-election but I doubt he had a chance at being re-elected anyways and likely most of the city council will lose their seats22:55
MarkDudeWell, I really like how Portland in general could care less how gay he is22:58
MarkDudeI mean folkks that hated his politics mostly never brought it up22:58
MarkDudeHey is that the mayor in drag? Yep (everyone goes back to what they were doing)22:59

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