bkerensaMorning Everyone!16:09
bkerensabdmurray: Any thoughts on bugsquad focus for Sunday?16:15
bdmurrayin a meeting16:15
bdmurrayI'm happy to work on SRU verification or confirming bugs about a package or whatever…  Do you have any ideas?16:19
bkerensabdmurray: SRU Verification sounds good.... Perhaps heavy triaging (Finding Duplicates, Etc)16:23
bkerensabdmurray: We have a handful of students from WOU that I have been mentoring who will be attending who are very interested in learning about triaging bugs and contributing to the BugSquad16:23
bdmurraybkerensa: okay, cool do you know if they are using Oneiric or Precise? maybe we should have live cds for testing things with precise?16:24
bkerensabdmurray: I am unsure but we do have 15 confirmed attendees right now and 5 maybe with a uncertain amount of unknowns from WOU... I can bring some Live CD's (USB) I have a handful16:26
bkerensaslangasek: Will you need a projecter on Sunday? Also and thoughts on some things we can do to benefit this cycle this Sunday?16:26
slangasekbkerensa: hmm, a projector would be welcome... I had sorta assumed there'd be one16:29
slangaseksince it was proposed that I present things :)16:29
bkerensaslangasek: I hope FreeGeek does have one somewhere bu I just wanted to run it by them just in case.... To my knowledge we will have a pretty open access to the facilities (Multiple Rooms)16:30
bdmurrayif they don't have a projector let me know as I have one16:31
bkerensashirgall: Any chance you might make it?16:32
shirgallbkerensa: It's not looking good at this point16:32
bkerensashirgall: ok well hopefully we will see you for release party16:33
shirgallbkerensa: gotta do these things when I'm not nailed with travel or worse :)16:33
bkerensashirgall: You can blame Michael Hall on Jono's team... I think he picks the date or did this time round16:33
bkerensaslangasek: Had you any ideas on things you might want to work on since we were going to have a Jam/BSP in March again? I'm hoping we could roll that in.17:07
slangasekbkerensa: well, I might try to cook up a list of bugs that are release-critical for wheezy and relevant for 12.0417:10
bkerensaslangasek: Sounds good17:10

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