RAOFOh, boo.03:46
* RAOF forgot xorg-gtest wasn't actually packaged.03:47
RAOFThat puts somewhat of a crimp on an otherwise damn-fine plan.03:54
tjaaltonRAOF: sure is05:11
RAOFSo it is.05:12
wickedgreyhello, i've got a 11.10 install with nvidia-current(-dev), and nvidia-current-updates(-dev).  originally these were the 280 drivers from ubuntu, but i recently added the x-swat PPA to get the 295 drivers.  however, it doesn't seem like the n-c-updates are in the PPA, so /proc/drivers/nvidia/version still shows 280 (even though n-c is installed and shows 295).  is there a way to fix this, or should i uninstall n-c-updates?  sorry if08:43
tjaaltonmeans the kernel driver didn't build08:45
wickedgreyany suggestions on how to troubleshoot that?08:49
tjaaltoncheck the dkms logs in /var/log/dkms or such08:53
tjaaltonor just run dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`08:54
tjaaltonit should complain about it08:54
wickedgreyhrm, i don't have a /var/log/dkms or anything that looks similar, and dpkg-reconfigure didn't seem to say anything about the gpu, or anything that looked like an error :(09:05
wickedgreythanks for your help, i'm off to bed09:21
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tjaaltonsigh.. bug 94297711:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 942977 in xorg (Ubuntu) "m" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94297711:37
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cndSarvatt, bryceh, RAOF: I'm going to enable the right button area by default for clickpads, if that's alright with you?20:45
cndwhot also is advocating for it20:45
cndit would fix bug 94104620:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941046 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Recent "clickpad patch" breaks two-finger-right-click" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94104620:45
Sarvattcnd: "fix" :(20:45
cndSarvatt, hmm?20:45
Sarvatttwo finger press right click is how these things have always worked, thats going to be a hot debate20:45
cnd I got it20:46
cndSarvatt, what do you think would be better?20:46
Sarvattsounds good though, better than no right click :)20:46
cndclickpad support, or two-finger-right-click?20:46
Sarvatt(disabling clickpad)20:46
Sarvatton bcm597420:46
cndSarvatt, why only on macbooks?20:47
Sarvattcnd: what does clickpad get you on these bcm5974's btw?20:47
Sarvattbecause none of them have button areas on the bottom20:47
cndSarvatt, click and drag with two separate fingers20:47
Sarvattits not obvious20:47
cndSarvatt, yeah, that's the reason I'm hesitant20:47
cndit's not obvious there's a right button area20:47
cndSarvatt, people like vanhoof have been begging me for clickpad support20:48
cndand he uses the magic trackpad20:48
Sarvattah yeah i see what you mean20:48
cndI'm guessing he would much rather have clickpad + right button area20:48
Sarvattyeah but magic trackpad wouldn't be affected since its not bcm597420:48
cndSarvatt, if you're going to do it to bcm5974, you should do it for hid-magicmouse too :)20:48
cndthere practically the same20:48
Sarvattgotcha, no worries, disabling clickpad is the better option for my own personal usage because right click is muuuch more important than click then moving with a second finger20:50
cndmaybe I should send an email to ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-desktop20:50
Sarvatthmm, that would be trivial to add to g-c-c, i wonder if its too late20:50
cndSarvatt, that's what I worry about20:51
cndthat and it doesn't really solve the problem20:51
cndI don't want to have a checkbox for "Enable clickpad (and disable two-touch-click for right button)"20:51
cndhowever you phrase it20:51
cndI'm really just two weeks short of have the time to get it right I think20:52
cndI could put in some heuristics to re-enable click action + clickpad20:52
cndbut it's a bit late...20:52
cndand I have other bugs I need to get to20:52
Sarvattcnd: click and drag with a second finger being for pinch to zoom i suppose?22:07
Sarvattor rotate or whatever22:07
cndSarvatt, no22:07
cndjust being able to perform a drag22:08
cndlike dragging an icon on the desktop22:08
Sarvattnever tried doing that without just dragging the finger i'm pressing into the touchpad with i guess22:08
Sarvattwish i never got used to this darn mac trackpad :)22:10
cndSarvatt, the problem is if you try to drag beyond the bounds of your trackpad22:11
cndthat's where you need to be able to do it with two fingers22:11
Sarvattahh low acceleration values, i do raise mine a ton from defaults22:11
brycehcnd, I'm kind of two minds with the clickpad changes (caveat being I haven't re-tested in a week or so)23:04
brycehcnd, from an X perspective I think we do need to move forward with enabling the new functionality even if it regresses a bit.  Like I mentioned before, it'd be nice if it were configurable in some way, but admittedly it's too late in the game.23:06
brycehcnd, from a user perspective, in addition to my netbook, I also have ones for my mom, dad, and mother-in-law, and I can't envision any of them learning and using the gestures23:07
brycehcnd, on the plus side, they hate the pad in general already and pretty much all use external usb mice instead23:07
cndI think this is one reason they may hate it23:08
cndit's nearly impossible to click+drag23:08
brycehI suspect you may be right23:08
cndI think it makes sense to enable the right button area on synaptics at least23:11
cndthat solves all issues there23:11
cndit's really just the apple trackpads23:11
cndif I didn't have people clamoring for clickpad support for apple trackpads, I might be tempted to enable clickpad support only for synaptics trackpads23:12
Sarvattcnd: magic trackpads people use on their non mac laptops where they are used to having right click buttons and want a button area, or people using internal mac trackpads where they have never had a right button area though? :P23:16
Sarvattif the touchpad clicks anywhere on the touchpad surface, it seems weird to want to click in the bottom right corner only to right click23:17
cndSarvatt, people using the magic trackpad aren't used to having right button areas in any OS, as far as I can tell23:17
cndso that makes both internal and external the same23:17
wickedgreycnd: when you say "magic trackpad" do you mean only the external one?  my macbook pro trackpad has right-click functionality in the lower right corner of the pad23:21
Sarvattwickedgrey: did you enable that?23:22
cndwickedgrey, magic trackpad is external23:23
cndwickedgrey, how old is your laptop (or what is its model number?)23:23
Sarvatthmm i guess other distros wont even notice the mac change until they pick up "Input: bcm5974 - set BUTTONPAD property" which doesn't seem to be upstream yet23:26
Sarvattoh it is upstream in 3.323:27
wickedgreyIIRC, i did have to enable that in settings somewhere.  i got the laptop in late 201023:28
Sarvattcnd: if it ever got fixed in the future where 2 finger click could be right click while also  being able to drag with 2 fingers, would it be in the synaptics driver or do you think it'd need server changes? aka is there nothing stopping it from being SRUed ever if it did get fixed and we get bugs?23:31
* Sarvatt hate hate hates looking at synaptics bugs, they are mostly opinion on how the default settings should be23:32
cndSarvatt, it would be in the synaptics driver23:32
cndcould be SRU'd but it would be a big change23:32
cndwickedgrey, oh, you're probably meaning that you have right click from a tap in the lower right corner23:39
cndwe're talking about a "press" in the lower right corner23:39
wickedgreywhat's the difference between a tap and a press?  sorry, not up on the jargon :)23:40
cndwickedgrey, if you have a clickpad you have to press on the touchpad to perform a physical click23:44
cndthe touchpad physically goes up and down23:44
cndso a tap is where you momentarily touch the touchpad surface without the touchpad physically moving23:45
cndand a press is where you press the touchpad surface and move it physically23:45
wickedgreyah, gotcha.  i can press for right-click, but not tap.  sorry for the derail!  :)23:47
wickedgrey(not sure if there are additional settings i could alter to change that or not)23:48
Sarvattbryceh: did i misread the scrollback or did you forward that mesa bug to fdo? got a link handy by any chance?23:48
brycehSarvatt, I did forward it, one sec23:49
ubottuFreedesktop bug 46739 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "[snb-m-gt2+] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in intel_miptree_release()" [Critical,New: ]23:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 926379 in mesa (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in intel_miptree_release() (Needs mesa-8.0.1)" [Critical,Triaged]23:50
brycehno responses yet23:50
brycehhowever I also emailed Eugeni directly, and he confirmed they've escalated it on their end23:50
bryceh(so... I'm surprised there's no further comment today)23:50
Sarvattbryceh: thanks a ton! yeah i didnt see anything on the lists about it23:51
brycehI should forward a few more bugs.  Been distracted hacking on libXrandrUtils this week23:52
bryceh(up to crtcs and outputs and modes, oh my!)23:52
brycehnvidia's seeing an influx of bugs the last couple weeks - http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-precise-workqueue.svg23:57
bryceh-synaptics is getting a few more than usual too23:58

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