M4dH4tt3rCould not burn the image (The provided stream to write is not supported)00:00
CFHowlettM4dH4tt3r   make a usb instead?00:01
M4dH4tt3ryeah i was just trying to avoid downloading something to do it00:01
* M4dH4tt3r is lazy00:01
MuelliM4dH4tt3r: i think you can just dd the ISO to the pendrive.00:02
M4dH4tt3rhas to be mounted00:02
MonkeyDustM4dH4tt3r  or use MultiSystem00:02
M4dH4tt3ri was just gonna use yumi00:02
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:02
MuelliM4dH4tt3r: I *think* nowadays you don't need to mount anything. Just dd the image onto the pendrive and off you go. Haven't tried it myself...00:03
dez4rkM4dH4tt3r: http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent00:03
M4dH4tt3ralready got it00:03
scientesto install to usb just do cat foo.iso > /dev/sd[letter]00:04
scientesbut be careful to not write on your disk00:04
* M4dH4tt3r isnt using nix atm00:04
Muelliwell. obviously, that's the first problem ;-)00:04
Muelliso you're not asking for Ubuntu support anyway...00:05
M4dH4tt3ri am not gender biast i swing both ways ;)00:05
dez4rkM4dH4tt3r: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ ?00:05
M4dH4tt3ryeah thats a goodun00:05
hauxThe partition table on one of my hard disks looks like this: sdb1 sdb2 (free space) sdb4 (free space). sdb4 is my /var directory in Ubuntu. I'd like to move it up to sdb3, so I can create a new sdb4 extended partition to make a few more logical ones. How can I do that without messing up Ubuntu?00:05
Muellihaux: check gparted. It's quite convienient. I hope that won't mess up anything. Can't guarantee, though.00:06
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Muellihaux: to be totally safe, boot off a different disk, i.e.pendrive or CDROM and then move your partition up.00:06
hauxMuelli, I don't think gparted can move partitions OVER other partitions. At least, not that I can figure out00:06
hauxI know you can customize the placement of a partition in am enpty space, but that's all I see that the resize/move option can do.00:08
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Muellihaux: boot off another drive and try gparted then.00:08
_MarcusHow do I make Gnome load by default instead of Unity?00:08
_MarcusI already installed Gnome.00:09
Muelli_Marcus: just select it once in the display manager and it should be selected the next time you log in.00:09
urfr332gO_Marcus, choose it at login and it will default there00:09
_MarcusMuelli: Where is that?00:09
Muelli_Marcus: in the display manager, the thing that let's you enter the password once you've booted up.00:10
urfr332gO_Marcus, the gear next to the login is a dropdown00:10
_MarcusThanks Muelli and urfr332g0!00:10
urfr332gO_Marcus, no problem. :)00:11
rickkmain: ../../src/xcb_io.c:183: process_responses: Assertion `!(req && current_request && !(((long) (req->sequence) - (long) (current_request)) <= 0))' failed.00:12
emubluefrog: Ah, thanks a lot.00:12
rickkplease help me to resolve this problem00:13
Muellirickk: well.. What software is that?00:13
Muellirickk: It's a bug in the software, really...00:13
rickkI am developing stream server00:14
rickkmy software...00:14
Muelliso fix your software then, rickk.00:15
rickkcan you tell me where should I look?00:15
Muellino. that's offtopic. Maybe buy a book or two on programming.00:15
Muelli!offtopic | rickk00:16
ubotturickk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:16
rickkthe thing is it happened suddenly00:16
rickki didn't changed anything00:17
dedicated1hi I am trying to set up an ufw firewall but I cannot figure out which port to open to allow irc to connect. and even when I managed to open some I could connect to quakenet but not to freenode. anyone here that can help me with that?00:19
Muellihm dedicated1. How do you know that you can't connect to freenode/00:19
dedicated1it kept trying to log on to it but couldn't00:20
dedicated1while quakenet had no problems00:20
Muellidedicated1: how do you know?00:20
dedicated1in empathy you see the some icon trying to connect, quakenet account got connected, freenode kept spinning00:21
dedicated1now i turned off the firewall to ask for help here00:22
Muellihm dedicated1. Can you use smth more verbose, i.e. xchat or even telnet..?00:22
frederickhi friends00:22
dedicated1I am sorry but I think it is Empathy, it's the Ubuntu 11.10 default00:22
dedicated1hi there frederick00:23
frederickim from colombian then mi english is more or less00:23
_Marcusdedicated1: I don't think you need to open a port to connect out. You only need it to accept in(You(server) <- Other(client)), not connect out(You(client) -> Other(server)).00:23
Muellii.e. do "telnet irc.freenode.org 6667" and paste us the output00:23
_Marcusfrederick: What is your native language? Ubuntu has many rooms for many languages00:23
_Marcusfrederick: It may be easier to talk to someone in your native language.00:24
frederickim spanish00:24
_Marcus!es | frederick, this may help00:24
ubottufrederick, this may help: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:24
fredericki like this room00:24
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_MarcusSo, what problem are you having with Ubuntu?00:24
dedicated1erwin@ubuntu:~$ telnet irc.freenode.org 666700:25
dedicated1Connected to chat.freenode.net.00:25
dedicated1Escape character is '^]'.00:25
FloodBot1dedicated1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:25
dedicated1:sendak.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname...00:25
Muellidedicated1: uh. use pastebin00:25
dedicated1:sendak.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident00:25
_MarcusOh, Floodbot00:26
_MarcusThat should be a TV show00:26
Muellidedicated1: anyway, your connection to freenode works. But probably you have the firewall turned off.00:26
dedicated1I have it turned off yes00:26
Muellidedicated1: turn it on and try again.00:26
_MarcusWhat does ufw have to do with connecting to freenode?00:27
Muellidedicated1: well done anyway. Nicely quoted your shell in its entirety. Very well done.00:27
dedicated1is that bad? xD00:27
_MarcusNot at all00:28
Muellino, it's good. go ahead with the firewall turned on. If it returns the very same output, your firewall is fine.00:28
danpsyIs there any documentation for letting your application update the icons in real time with Unity?  (i.e. nuding the icon, displaying a number, progress bar, etc)00:29
dedicated1same output so far but maybe it's not active yet.. I'm gonna log out and back in and see what it does. thank you for your help Muelli00:29
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jord_hey guys i have a 313u air card from at&t and i want to use it but its not recognized in ubuntu  any help??????!!!!!!!!00:31
Muelliwell jord. there might be no driver for it. I'd recommend to unplug it, reboot, login, do a dmesg -c, plug it in, do a dmesg -c and give us the output.00:35
jord_can somone help me my 313u air card 4g is not recognized in ubuntu 11.0400:38
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=== RonPaul is now known as wad
UnknownFearNGhey al00:49
_MarcusHello, UnkownFearNG00:50
pokuyhi to all00:51
CFHowlettpokuy   greetings00:52
pokuyCFHowlett, hi can i ask something, how to unintall in ubuntu from download file?00:53
CFHowlettpokuy   you couldn't install from software center??00:53
CFHowlettis that install or uninstall00:54
pokuyCFHowlett, i just download the file and i want to uninstall it its not from the software center or package ,its a third party software00:55
CFHowlettpokuy   is this a .deb file?00:56
pokuyCFHowlett, yes00:56
DShepherdhello all. Can someone tell me what I need to do to find out when (what date) my Ubuntu OS was installed?00:57
CFHowlettpokuy   sudo dpkg -r filename.deb00:57
Random833DShepherd: what date was your home directory created00:57
JulinBMI can not see / home partition on the monitor00:57
JulinBMis "flashing"00:58
Random833DShepherd: seriously, check the timestamp on a file you have never edited, like .face or examples.desktop00:58
JulinBM_srp: do you helpme?00:59
UnknownFearNG_Marcus: hello00:59
DShepherdhmm. let me check Random83301:01
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=== Random832\ is now known as Random832
kingofswordsmy video is crashing all the time in 10.04.....utube ads play but main vid crashes......any ideas?01:01
Random832kingofswords: what flash plugin do you have installed01:01
Random832also, what video is it? maybe it's a different format from the ads01:01
kingofswordsRandom832, i have no idea01:02
kingofswordsRandom832, i have flashaid01:02
Random832whats that01:02
kingofswordsRandom832, sum useless prog sum1 here recommended me01:02
kingofswordsvideo is fine in windows btw01:03
tomvolekHI , all of a sudden, I am getting   apache http segmetnation faults and its not stopping :)01:03
kingofswordsany help01:05
TheAncientGoatkingofswords: try disabling hardware accelleration01:05
designbybeckAny "R - stat" users in here? I'm trying to find people that use it in Linux?01:06
TheAncientGoatright click on video - settings, advanced, untick hardware accelleration01:06
tensorpuddingdoes anyone know what causes notify-osd to be started in gnome sessions?01:06
RoDiMuS-XHello, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good RSS Reader for Ubuntu01:07
kingofswordsTheAncientGoat, thx that seems to stopped the crashes01:07
ScuniziIs the bot sleeping?01:07
trismtensorpudding: a request for the org.freedesktop.Notifications service, defined in /usr/share/dbus-1/services/01:07
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...01:08
_MarcusScunizi: Nope01:08
tensorpuddingtrism, gnome-shell provides org.freedesktop.Notifications01:08
tensorpuddingit's not proper that it should start notify-osd01:08
RoDiMuS-XI guess the Bot doesn't know01:08
_MarcusThere is no "rss" node01:08
Scunizi_Marcus: guess not.. I saw it did send me a private message that it didn't know anything about rss.. that was after my post that I noticed it.01:08
tensorpuddingevery single time i log in, i have to kill notify-osd and restart gnome-shell01:08
tensorpuddingit's getting to be a truly egregious cycle01:08
Scunizitensorpudding: uninstall it01:09
tensorpuddingi don't want to have to, since it's required for ubuntu-desktop01:09
trismtensorpudding: I do understand this, I believe there is a race when it starts, because I've had times where gnome-shell gets it first, and other notify-osd. As a workaround I just install notification-daemon and uninstall notify-osd01:09
RoDiMuS-XSo I guess no recommendations01:09
tensorpuddingyes, but it's a bug01:09
tensorpuddingand i filed a bug on it01:09
tensorpuddingand recommended that01:09
kenmy ubuntu 11.10 partition seems to hang on boot,  just before the login screen;  suggestions?01:12
* ken looks for changes recently made01:12
tensorpuddingand they said they can't remove notify-osd from ubuntu-desktop01:12
trismtensorpudding: that isn't a fix for the bug, just a workaround01:13
tensorpuddingi know01:13
nyancattti'm using wireless braondband and i want to know whether i'm now using gsm or hsdpa , how to find out ?01:16
nyancatttor which app is good for wireless braodband ?01:17
derpIs Evolution the best email client for linux that includes exchange support?01:20
Random832Anyone know how to install a new keyboard layout?01:21
Random832like, so i can properly select it in gnome - no crufty xmodmap crap01:21
kthomas2hmm.  setting my Synaptic driver *.conf to emulate middle button mouse clicks,  hangs boot01:23
tensorpuddingi filed a new bug for the problem, this time in notify-osd01:27
tensorpuddingsince it's probably notify-osd's fault01:27
nyancattti'm using wireless braondband and i want to know how to force it to use  hsdpa01:28
tensorpuddingmy conspiratorial mindset is the devs don't care because they don't care about providing a good gnome-shell experience01:29
tensorpuddingof course it's probably not true01:29
nyancatttnobody know the answer ?01:30
laisnercan i convert my primary partition to a logical one without data loss?01:32
konamis there a way to make nautilus not show icons next to items of the context menu?01:32
zykotick9laisner: that's a odd request, what do you really want to do?01:33
laisnertrying to get dual boot going but gparted tells me i already have 4 primary partitions when i try create a new one01:33
zykotick9laisner: ya, there is a 4 primary limit.  I doubt you can do much without deleting one of those primary to create an extended (but i'm not big on changing partioning after the fact, so someone else might have a better idea)01:35
laisnerthats what i thought : /01:35
guest-IXXLtii change a setting in ccs and now i have to log in as guest to do anything with my computer. I cant get back in to ccs through my username to change it back01:35
guest-IXXLticould someone tell me what i can do to fix that?01:35
urfr332gOlaisner, are those windows partitions?01:36
zykotick9guest-IXXLti: just to be clear, do you mean ccsm (compiz config settings manager)01:36
guest-IXXLtiyes i do01:36
zykotick9just ckeckin'01:36
TUX11can someone tell me how to get libpython2.701:36
laisnerthe one i need to change are ext401:36
urfr332gOlaisner, you can clone one probably, put a exteneded in and reload it inside and have lots of logicals.01:37
guest-IXXLtizykotick9: do you know how i can pull cssm back up, through use of the terminal or something?01:38
laisnerwhat program would you suggest for such a procedure ?01:38
laisnerand how safe is it :-P01:38
zykotick9guest-IXXLti: sorry - i don't have any suggestions.  good luck.01:39
urfr332gOlaisner, actually you would have to dd it probably a clone would not change the partition tyype, my bad.01:39
laisneri would need to clone the data and not the partition i guess01:39
laisnerback up sort of thing01:39
urfr332gOlaisner, yeah waht are the 4 partitions now?01:39
laisnerhave a boot, swap, filesystem and home dir partition01:40
TUX11guys i keep getting this message Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: python2.7 (= 2.7-6)01:40
guest-IXXLtican you pull applications with a gui up with a terminal?01:40
urfr332gOlaisner, this a msdos set up noy guid?01:40
laisnerarch setup01:40
urfr332gOlaisner, I doubt you need the boot partition.01:41
laisnerhmmm maybe your right01:41
TUX11guys i keep getting this message Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: python2.7 (= 2.7-6) andnot sure how to fix it01:42
urfr332gOlaisner, if it is lvm or encrypted I would not know there though.01:43
itaylor57TUX11, what version of ubuntu and what are you running to get the error01:43
TUX11LTS. sorry in noob01:43
TUX11and its vbox01:44
TUX11version 401:44
laisnerif i remove the boot partition i would have to change fstab and such right ?01:45
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nyancattthow to force my wireless connection to hsdpa in ubuntu ? anyone know ?01:46
TUX11is it a corrup file?01:46
erpoI installed kubuntu-desktop and now I have the kubuntu boot screen (blue with the kubuntu text). How do I get the default boot screen back?01:49
platiuslaisner, http://askubuntu.com/questions/30130/remove-boot-partition01:49
laisnerHow can i check which partition is primary and which is logical?01:49
erpolaisner: partitions ending with numbers 1-4 are primary. Those ending with number 5+ are logical.01:49
adpaoluccieta for the new LTS still april?01:51
erpoadpaolucci: Why would they be off?01:51
laisneris there any reason to have a small partition dedicated to boot? might as well ask now that im considering deleting it01:51
adpaolucciwondering if it got moved up by some miricale01:51
erpolaisner: If you have one, don't delete it. If you're installing a new system, you don't need it.01:52
arleslieHey guys, I'm trying to find a package for Remserial, I've checked out ser2net but it's not working the way I need it and the only alternative I can find is Remserial but it seems to be missing out of the repos (used to be in 9.04 repos), any ideas on where I can get this?01:52
laisnerI have one but i need the primary partition spot for my dual boot01:52
Adyhi, can someone help me to delete java and install jdk 7 ?01:53
erpolaisner: You have Linux installed already and you're installing Windows next to it?01:53
urfr332gOlaisner, the only OS that needs primaries is a windows OS partition,01:54
itaylor57Ady, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-jdk-in.html01:54
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mrguserCan i request some conky configs?01:55
urfr332gOmrguser, they are all over the web01:56
urfr332gOmrguser, the ubuntu forums has a huge thread of them.01:56
LinuxephusMight there be somebody here familiar with the IRSSI Client?01:57
ZenIRCBotLinuxephus: Use weechat.01:57
Adyitaylor57, i want to delete 1st01:57
mrguser urfr332g0 still if u have can u plz share it with me?01:57
bazhangZenIRCBot, thats not what he asked for help with01:57
bazhangLinuxephus, whats the issue01:57
mrguserLinuxephus i use mirrg on my symbian phone01:58
LinuxephusZenIRCBot: No. now be silent infidel.01:58
LinuxephusIt takes a bit of getting used to, that's for sure.01:58
bazhangLinuxephus, specific question? there's also #irssi01:59
ZenIRCBotbazhang: Use weechat.01:59
bazhangZenIRCBot, irssi01:59
ZenIRCBotbazhang: Use weechat.01:59
mrguserYeah it does01:59
urfr332gOmrguser, http://paste.ubuntu.com/861381/01:59
itaylor57Ady, what version of ubuntu? what jdk do you have installed? how did you install it?01:59
MrStupidcan I install to an encfs filesystem?02:00
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brian_sHey All02:00
mrguserThanks 4 sharing !02:00
itaylor57Ady, i have 5 jdk's running on my system02:01
urfr332gOmrguser, sits in top right fairly basic.02:01
mrguserThanks urfr332g002:01
brian_sanyone know of a good article on best practices for an Ubuntu LAMP server - security - etc02:02
urfr332gOmrguser, no problem acts a bit weird in gnome 3 though not always the same place, not sure why.02:02
bazhangZenIRCBot, hi02:03
bazhangZenIRCBot, irssi02:04
ZenIRCBotbazhang: Use weechat.02:04
tazjinHej, is anyone running 11.10 on a 2011 iMac?02:04
mrguser urfr332g0 i have gnome 2.32 on my natty so the file works just fine thanks again02:04
Guest95681ey i dont know both after 20 minuts of runin ubuntu may computer jus freez02:04
Escherialhello; i seem to be missing my good old rdp client...it's been replaced by "remote desktop viewer", which is vastly inferior02:08
Escherialnever mind, about to try krdc to see if it's any better02:09
Escherialactually, scratch that, too; remmina looks very nice :D02:11
OrediggerAdobe Flash is no longer working in FireFox  I reinstalled the flash package, but that didn't help.  Any ideas?02:14
OrediggerI'm not sure if it's site specific.  I'm having trouble loading this video http://www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/mon-february-27-2012-neil-degrasse-tyson02:15
daniel__some one02:16
bazhangdaniel__, you've not asked a question02:16
daniel__i try to learn ubuntu,do you have some book?02:17
bazhangOredigger, yep, not working here either. perhaps a new version of flash was just released02:17
bazhang!manual | daniel__02:17
ubottudaniel__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:17
bazhang!wiki | daniel__ and this02:17
ubottudaniel__ and this: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.02:17
Orediggerbleh, I'll have to load windows to watch it...02:18
grysammmmmmm ubuntu keep freezing after like 20 minutes02:18
bazhanggrysa, while doing what02:19
Orediggerbazhang TY for the confirmation.  It's at least not just my machine.02:19
bazhanghow much ram, what's running, what does top show grysa02:19
daniel__thx bazhang02:19
grysanothing it just freeze02:20
bazhanggrysa, how about answering my questions02:20
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Random832i forget, how do i fix my window decorations?02:22
grysa8 gb of ram 1tb hard drive and i jus freez02:23
bazhanggrysa, what does top show. what processes are running, please list the top 2 or 302:23
Dr_willisRandom832, you mean run 'compiz --replace' ?02:23
M4dH4tt3rsend it to me grysa ill fix it :D02:24
bazhangM4dH4tt3r, thats not helpful02:24
M4dH4tt3ractually it kind of is beause it caused me to think of something ;)02:25
bazhang!ot > M4dH4tt3r02:25
ubottuM4dH4tt3r, please see my private message02:25
Dr_willisgrysa,  also is it a desktop? laptop? whats your video card?  if you run the live cd - does it also freeze after 20 min. If you just let it sit does it freeze,  basically we need to figure out if its freezing due to overheating, or driver or app crashing.02:26
bazhanggrysa, open a terminal, type top: what processes do you see running; list the top 2 or 302:26
lolmatici am looking for tools to download files from one click hosters on the shell02:26
Dr_willislolmatic,  cant say ive ever seen any.  - seen browser extensions. but thats it.02:26
Dr_willislolmatic,  you are refering to those 'free file hosting sites' like.. err.. rapidshare, and others.02:27
bazhangTribal, ?02:28
KaeruCThe's bugging02:28
lemmuhi kaery02:28
CreativeGuyLAMP Channel was dead02:28
bazhangCreativeGuy, support question related to same?02:31
CreativeGuyhey bazhang - sorry I did not see your post02:33
CreativeGuyI was just looking for good CURRENT info on running a secure LAMP server02:33
zennez0009hello, new ubuntu user here02:33
bazhangdid not think that 'lamp' had a channel02:33
zennez0009i juz did a clean install of ubuntu and run update manager02:34
zennez0009after i did a full update02:34
zennez0009i cant connect to wireless anymore02:34
CreativeGuymost stuff seems out of date and lots of incomplete info on best practices02:34
bazhangzennez0009, kernel update?02:34
zennez0009i was able to connect wireless before update manager full date02:34
CreativeGuyI typed in LAMP to the channel search02:34
CreativeGuybunch of people sitting in there - no chatting02:34
CreativeGuylots of <crickets>02:35
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CreativeGuyI was just looking in Apache channels02:35
bazhangCreativeGuy, whats the specific issue? how to install it? or what02:35
CreativeGuyactually - I found my way through installing - it was really easy02:35
bazhangzennez0009, tried booting into an earlier kernel?02:36
zennez0009bazhang, i use update manager until the system was up to day02:36
CreativeGuyI have some Rackspace Cloud servers setup02:36
zennez0009now i cant use wireless02:36
zennez0009how do i do that?02:36
CreativeGuyI just started my own IT Consuting company02:36
zennez0009however if i disable my wirelss02:36
bazhangzennez0009, tried booting into an earlier kernel?02:36
zennez0009and restart02:36
CreativeGuyI was planning to work through this and get my ducks in a row before havig clients02:36
zennez0009and enable my wirelss after restart i am able to connect to one network02:36
CreativeGuybut I am still coming up to speed and I am getting slammed by new clients02:37
CreativeGuyword is out I guess02:37
zennez0009if i disconnect my wireless . i have to repeat the trick. disable wireless. restart and connect again02:37
CreativeGuyI don't want to be that guy deploying crap LAMP servers02:37
zennez0009i can only connect to one wireless network per restart02:37
CreativeGuyso I have servers active - reading through my amazon books on Ubuntu02:37
VarqHey, I just installed Ubuntu and I have no idea what I'm doing. I want to user a version of Blender from graphicall.org, but I have no idea what to do with the files.02:38
CreativeGuyjust not enough time and it scares the hell out of me02:38
erpoVarq: The normal blender won't do for you?02:38
CreativeGuyI have the Ubuntu 11.10 Server Admin & Reference book02:39
CreativeGuyit is not bad - but typical of books02:40
CreativeGuyhere do this02:40
CreativeGuythis will install02:40
CreativeGuygreat - now what02:40
FloodBot1CreativeGuy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
Varqerpo: Well, I'm using a modifier that isn't in the official build of Blender in my current model.02:40
CreativeGuysearch Ubuntu forms - most stuff is several revisions behind02:40
erpoVarq: What is name of the file you downloaded?02:40
VarqBlender 2.62.0 (Non-Bmesh Edition) +UV Offset Modifier + blah blah blah. http://graphicall.org/83202:41
CreativeGuyyou catch all that bazhang?02:42
bazhangCreativeGuy, I did not see any actual question02:42
CreativeGuyso I have LAMP servers up and running in cloud02:42
NitroTigerI think screwed up xorg.conf and on start up screen stays blank what can I do now to revert it ?02:42
CreativeGuyI need a good document on current LAMP best practices for securing02:43
bazhangCreativeGuy, no need to retype all that---actual question?02:43
erpo_NitroTiger: For reasons purely related to my blood pressure, I would reinstall. Nobody likes editing xorg.conf.02:43
CreativeGuyyou have a link?02:44
CreativeGuysorry for my newbness - trying my best to search docs02:44
=== erpo_ is now known as erpo
NitroTigererpo: well installed 11.10 and in etc/x11 there was no xorg file so but my old xorg.conf for my Samsung monitor there. Isn't there really way to revert that some how?02:47
erpoNitroTiger: Did you install 11.10 fresh or did you upgrade?02:47
erpoNitroTiger: Also, are you saying there was no xorg.conf file right after you finished installation?02:48
zykotick9erpo: xorg.conf is not present by default - not typically used02:48
erpozykotick9: Dang. I feel like a geezer.02:49
erpozykotick9: If you don't remember init, get off my lawn! :)02:49
NitroTigererpo:Fresh few days ago. Yes there was no file and my screen was unknown and low res. So hence I NASA long ago file for my monitor what I used before02:49
erpoNitroTiger: NASA?02:50
NitroTigerSorry I'm on my phone and f* dictionary02:50
NitroTigerI ment made long ago02:51
erpoNitroTiger: So it boots and you can log in, but it was at a low resolution? What kind of video card do you have?02:51
NitroTigerMobile 402:51
NitroTigerOn laptop02:51
erpoNitroTiger: What is the model of your laptop?02:51
=== shadow is now known as Guest28073
erpoNitroTiger: Exact model number?02:52
erpoNitroTiger: There is more than one Sony Vaio.02:52
NitroTigerVgn na38e02:52
bilal03hello there02:56
=== J-Mobi-J is now known as Jyothis
NitroTigererpo: And any ideas?02:56
gryzaI can't change the wireless cards channel02:56
erpoNitroTiger: I'm doing some research.02:56
NitroTigerErpo: Thanks,02:57
bilal03I can't change resolution to 1440x900, it just stuck on 1024x768, i m using ubuntu 11.1002:57
soreaugryza: iwconfig <iface> channel <channel>02:57
erpoNitroTiger: Have you tried changing the resolution with the display tool?02:57
bilal03it was working right till last night02:57
chipotlewhat's the best program to rip blurays on ubuntu 10.10?02:57
erpochipotle: I don't know that blu-ray copy protection has been thoroughly broken yet.02:58
NitroTigererpo: And how I do that02:58
Varqerpo: Sorry to bug you, but did you know what to do with those files?02:58
bilal03I can't change resolution to 1440x900, it just stuck on 1024x768, i m using ubuntu 11.1002:58
erpoVarq: I got disconnected for a bit. I asked which files you downloaded.02:59
erpoNitroTiger: Can you log in?02:59
Ninja-1bilal03: what's your video card?02:59
bilal03Ninja-1, intel Q96502:59
bilal03its was working right with my hp 19" monitor02:59
bilal03Ninja-1, its was working right with my hp 19" monitor02:59
NitroTigerNo i start my pc enter BIOS pass it starts loading ubuntu and screen turns blank03:00
gryzammm still selling router is in channel 3 but card is on channel 103:00
Varqerpo: http://graphicall.org/832 It's Blender 2.62 w/ UV Offset Modifier.03:00
bilal03Ninja-1, but now in display settings it does not show my monitor name03:00
erpoNitroTiger: Does the backlight turn off?03:01
erpoNitroTiger: Have you installed ubuntu yet or are you trying to boot from the live cd?03:03
Ninja-1bilal03: what's the output of running "xrandr" in a terminal?03:03
NitroTigererpo: It Is installed03:04
=== tommyvyo_ is now known as tommyvyo
erpoNitroTiger: So it worked when you booted from the live cd but it doesn't work now. What have you done since you installed it?03:06
NitroTigererpo: I installed it for while ago so I wanted to get my big screen working normally and i but my custom xorg.conf into x11 after reboot that happened03:08
L551Trying to get my printer to work in Ubuntu, but CUPS doesn't have a driver for it03:08
soreau! printer | L55103:09
ubottuL551: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:09
=== matias is now known as Guest65509
L551Soreau, it's not listed.03:10
Guest65509estoy en problemas, necesito un poco de ayuda03:10
=== Guest65509 is now known as djthree
soreauL551: Then it may not be supported. Have you tried googling the model number with keyword ubuntu?03:11
nicknickHow can I get this annoying low battery warning to stop popping up on my laptop? It indicates I only have ~45 min left with 100% charged battery (which is very wrong. it's about 5 hrs.). It is very irritating. I'm running 11.10. Any suggestions please?03:11
djthreeHola, alguno habla español?03:11
nicknickUn poco03:11
soreau! es | djthree03:11
ubottudjthree: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:11
nicknickQue va?03:11
L551I need it to work though. I'm out $80 if it doesn't. Googling comes back with nothing03:11
soreauL551: What is the model number?03:12
djthreeok, todo bien03:12
CreativeGuybazhang: Any links to current documentation on best practices for securing a LAMP server?03:12
irvan-rplahaduh aku ramudeng iki do ngomong opo03:12
soreauL551: yea it doesn't look too promising03:14
L551I need it to work though. Printer was just delievered, I need to print for tomorrow. All machines here run linux.03:14
CreativeGuyAnyone have any links to good current documentation for securing a LAMP server?03:15
soreauL551: Maybe try ##linux? I'm not really sure what else to tell you. If it's a brand new model, the linux drivers may not have been written yet03:15
alaahi everybody i want to  change from xubuntu to unity03:16
soreauL551: If you purchased this printer knowing it needed to run on linux, maybe you should have researched it beforehand03:16
soreaualaa: I don't think you do ;)03:16
* soreau is switching to xubuntu from gnome03:17
urfr332gOalaa, you installed xubuntu to begin with?03:18
alaahow can i convert from xubuntu to unity ?03:18
godofwardoes anyone know how ubuntu 11.10 can remember my running applications when restarting or shutting down my computer?03:19
alaayep, I've installed xubuntu, and I wanna change it to unity ..03:19
zykotick9alaa: you could install ubuntu-desktop metapackage03:20
urfr332gOalaa, ^^^^ and or remove xubuntu as well if you want at some point. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome03:20
VarqWell, I guess erpo disappeared. So can anyone help me install this version of Blender from http://graphicall.org/832?03:27
philipballew_Should a Ubuntu laptop mute of hibernation/suspend by default?03:29
nicknickHow can I get this annoying low battery warning to stop popping up on my laptop? It indicates I only have ~45 min left with 100% charged battery (which is very wrong. it's about 5 hrs.). It is very irritating. I'm running 11.10. Any suggestions please?03:33
urfr332gOnicknick, have you actually gotten 5 hours use in ubuntu?03:35
nicknickNot using it heavily. I've gotten about ~2.5, but I just wanna get rid of this annoying warning03:36
brianp1992what is the KDE desktop?03:37
StevenXHi everyone. I just upgraded my ubuntu to 11.10.03:37
StevenXand now my nxserver is not working03:37
StevenXalthough my ssh server is03:38
=== leaf__ is now known as Guest13279
nicknickIt's an alternative desktop environment to gnome03:39
nicknickIt has a somewhat more windows-like feel03:39
brianp1992nicknick, dose it use alot of resorces?03:40
nicknickAs far as I know it's about comprable to Gnome in that aspect03:41
nicknickIf you're looking for a less resource heavy desktop environment there's fluxbox or xfce and several others03:41
brianp1992nicknick, do you use it?03:41
brianp1992yes im useing xubuntu right now03:42
brianp1992nicknick, yes im useing xubuntu right now03:42
pengwhowdy everyone03:42
Guest13279yes, X server, X client, and Windowmaker would be a great start.03:42
beckiebest122How can I set Windows to boot by default in GRUB? 10.1003:42
pengwwho know if i want to view EAX EBX ECX... what should I do with linux.03:43
nicknickI don't and I haven't since before Hardy Heron, but I have used it before. I'm not sure how it has changed over the years though. I was plenty more buggy than gnome when I left it. That's actually why I stopped using it03:43
brianp1992nicknick, ahh okay well ill keep asking around before i jump into it then03:44
nicknickWhy not go ahead and get it and try it out for yourself? you can keep your xfce desktop manager and choose which one to use at login. If you don't like KDE, then you don't have to use it and can uninstall it. If you do like it, you can keep both and switch back and forth or if you want, uninstall xfce. There's no better way to decide if you like it than to jump right in and start using it03:45
travis69420ubuntu question for everyone... I am currently using ubuntu as my router and i am using IPTables as my firewall (this is Ubuntu server, so no GUI).  I am trying to get my box set up to accept ssh from outsde my LAN (WAN port) my WAN port is eth003:45
travis69420i have ssh server running on port 5432103:46
intokcan anyone recommend a NeoGeo emulator that actually works unlike Mednafen? Seems none of the emulators in the official Ubuntu repos works03:46
travis69420how do i set up iptables to accept all incoming connections on port 5432103:46
travis69420but to the local host03:46
pjmanI'm doing some testing that requires me to change the kernel boot options. After booting I want to double check that used the correct options. What command do I use to list the current kernel options in use?03:47
Jordan_Upjman: cat /proc/cmdline03:49
zykotick9intok: mame is probably the best neogeo emulator out there, gngeo is ok to (and supports the home console like options)03:49
pjmanJordan_U: Thank you!03:49
Jordan_Upjman: You're welcome :)03:50
travis69420i did try the #IPTables channel but no one seems to be awake :-(03:50
intokzykotick9 the mame version in the repos doesn't work, and GnGeo is a long dead project03:51
nicknickIt seems that no one with advanced knowledge is really on this channel right now either03:51
zykotick9intok: if you claim both mame and mednafen "don't work" perhaps they're not the issue.  good luck.03:51
revilodrawhello. when istalling xp in a virtual machine using virtualbox, which filesystem should i use - ntfs or fat?03:52
travis69420NTFS revilodraw03:52
travis69420how large is your drive?03:52
revilodrawtravis69420: 30gb03:52
brianp1992nicknick, ahh okay well ill guess ill give it a try03:53
travis69420eh i'd just use NTFS revilodraw03:53
nicknickdo you know how to get it?03:53
revilodrawtravis69420: thank you03:53
travis69420better performance... I really only use FAT nowadays for Flash drives, as FAT is the most universal filesystem for all OSes (all can pretty much read and write without adding anything)03:54
intokzykotick9 mednafen launches and loads the rom, but gets stuck in a constant loop of configuring keys, the version of mame in the repos launches, but crashes when you do anything, I can't even get it to load a bios or a rom03:55
fully_humanHello, trying to update time with ntpdate; however, whichever server I use I get the error: 28 Feb 11:55:11 ntpdate[5750]: no server suitable for synchronization found.03:55
intokzykotick9 I've had the same kind of issues with bsnes and zsnes, neither of those runs either, zsnes crashes silently and bsnes launches, doesn't load a rom and doesn't do anything till manually killed03:56
zykotick9intok: well, sdlmame (if available in ubuntu) is a big improvement over xmame -- but neither is "easy" to setup.03:56
zykotick9intok: are you using ati graphics by chance?03:56
physically_fitany DJ here?, i have a question03:56
intokzykotick9 sdlmame is what I've got, nope, Nvidia Geforce 6200 NV44a core03:57
fully_humanAnyone know why I can't connect to ANY time server?03:58
fully_humanIt's very frustrating: I can't do anything on the net except surf the web (whithout a proxy).03:59
NitroTigerIs here Eunuch specialist?04:00
NitroTigerIs here wubi specialist? Sorry I made mistake..04:01
brian1992nicknick, whats the apt-get for the kde?04:02
travis69420none of us are specialists in anything lol04:02
nicknicksudo apt-get install kde-desktop04:03
VarqI'm new to Ubuntu and I don't really know what I'm doing. Does anyone know how to install this version of Blender? http://graphicall.org/83204:03
zykotick9nicknick: kubuntu-desktop you mean?04:03
travis69420varq: i think it may be in synaptics package manager04:04
nicknickyes that's right. my bad04:04
fully_humanVarq: Usually with blender, just extract it and run the executable in the directory.04:04
travis69420isnt it?04:04
nicknicksudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:04
=== hi is now known as Guest65613
Adyhow i open port pls command?04:04
Varqfully_human: I double clicked on it, and nothing happened. :/04:04
fully_humanWhy is it that I can't connect to any time server?  I run sudo ntpdate -q ntp.ubuntu.com, and get the error: no server suitable for synchronization found04:05
travis69420ady what do u mean?04:05
fully_humanVarq: Then you may not have python or OpenGL installed.04:05
travis69420varq: did u check the synaptic package manager i think it's in there04:05
travis69420you dont need to use their site04:05
Adytravis69420, i mean how i open port utw from console04:05
travis69420ummm utw?04:06
travis69420firewall ports i assume you mean ady?04:06
Adytravis69420, y04:06
travis69420u need to be alot more specific04:06
travis69420utw and port means nothing04:06
Adytravis69420, y sry i newbie04:06
travis69420what are you trying to do ady?04:06
travis69420start from the begining04:07
Adytravis69420, open my game server ports04:07
Varqtravis69420: I'm on Windows right now, so I'm going to have to restart and check. I'll be back in a bit.04:07
travis69420ady that's controlled by your router04:07
travis69420i assume you are on a home network ady?04:07
Adytravis69420, rooter alredy open04:07
Adytravis69420, yes home04:08
travis69420wht do u mean router is already open?04:08
travis69420what kind of router do you have?04:08
Adyalready configurated04:08
brian1992well it would seem ill be waiting for 30 minues while my kubunt-desktop downoads04:08
travis69420so u already configured that in the router?04:08
travis69420well then there shouldnt be a problem04:09
travis69420i dont think04:09
Adymy ubuntu ports ? i think that i cant connect to game...04:09
travis69420ummm well i dunno that ubuntu has a firewall application04:10
travis69420so if u opened it up on the router and forwarded it to the corect machine04:10
travis69420well yes but doesnt he have to setup iptables04:11
travis69420i thought by default ubuntu just leaves the ports open04:11
UbuntunubBelieve so.  Think it's empty of rules by detault.04:11
travis69420could be wrong tho04:11
NitroTigerHow to boot wubi to safe graphics mode04:11
travis69420oh great... i dunno if ubuntu has a firewal gui dores it04:11
travis69420does it*04:11
travis69420we're discussing ady...04:11
Adyhow i check?04:11
Adyopen ports?04:12
travis69420ady, trying to find out the best way04:12
travis69420give us a min to discuss the issue04:12
=== mike is now known as Guest73258
Adytravis69420,  good04:12
travis69420more like the easiest way04:12
Adytravis69420,  will be gr804:12
AdyUbuntunub, ty04:13
travis69420ooo thans ubuntunub04:13
travis69420jst found that myself04:13
travis69420never used ufw before04:13
travis69420lol i'm on ubuntu server04:14
UbuntunubSame.  Never used the ufw -- just fumbled through iptables, lol.04:14
underground_Who's speack french04:14
Jordan_U!fr | underground_04:14
ubottuunderground_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.04:14
travis69420yea i tend to use iptables from within webmin on ubuntu server04:14
underground_i need help with my armitage04:14
scottjis there a gui tool for creating xmodmap lines? like pick a key and pick what key you want it mapped to and it outputs the right code/syntax?04:15
UbuntunubAnyone familiar with using cron as a automated backup tool?  Just needing to copy the folder content from one one dir to another dir -- but I want to make sure that if the source directory is empty it doesn't overwrite what might already be in the backup dir.  Hope that makes sense.04:16
zykotick9Ubuntunub: you should check out rsync04:17
chris_8Hey room: Can someone help me add trash icon to taskbar for GNOME running on Ubuntu 11.10? I looked online to no avail sadface04:17
underground_toc toc04:18
Ubuntunubzykotick9, that's what I was planning, but then someone informed me that if the source dir is blank it might overwrite the backup directory to be empty as well.  The source is a ramdisk, so it might very well be empty when the cron runs.04:18
UbuntunubSo would a standard cp command be better?04:19
zykotick9Ubuntunub: just avoid the --delete stuff and you "should" be ok04:19
chris_8Right-click/add to panel doesn't work because "Trash" doesn't appear on the list of things to add04:19
Ubuntunubzykotick9:  Awesome.  I'll go give it a try.  :)  Thanks!04:19
travis69420anyone here recommend an opendns update client for ubuntu?04:20
chris_8Anyone running GNOME with 11.10? How to get trash icon on taskbar?04:20
intokzykotick9 I take it you had no luck either? I did find a ppa for SNES9x which works for SNES, but that still does nothing for the lack of NeoGeo emulation04:21
Varq All right, I'm back. Now what do I do about this Synaptics Package thing, travis69420?04:22
zykotick9intok: so long as your on 32bit zsnes is certainy my favourite snes emulator.  For neo-geo I think sdlmame is probably one of the best options.  good luck.04:22
xanguachris_8: doesn't unity has a trash icon in the launcher?04:23
chris_8Xangua: maybe, I only used unity for a few minutes before DLing GNOME interface...04:23
chris_8and I'm staying with GNOME, trash icon or not04:24
chris_8I can bring up the Add to Panel window np but Trash isn't on it :/04:24
intokzykotick9 yeah I'm on 32 bit, but as I said, zsnes instantly crashes and bsnes launches but doesn't display anything, just runs invisibly eating resources silently till it's manually killed04:24
zykotick9intok: well, i don't run ubuntu - so can't really comment on stability issues on your distro04:25
intokzykotick9 mint? debian?04:26
zykotick9intok: doesn't matter ;)  it's ot.  Not mint for sure.04:26
travis69420varq: did u look in the package manager for blender?04:27
avyis there a way i can change the settings on the dash sidebar in  11.10?04:28
Varqtravis69420: I did a search, and all I could find was Blender 2.58, which isn't what I'm looking for.04:28
urfr332gOavy, settings?04:28
travis69420ok so guess we'll have to use the one on blenders site then varq, i just wasnt sure if it was in the package manager which would save us steps04:29
avyi want it to be like it was in 11.4 where i have to touch the top left cornerto bring it up instead of touching any part of the left hand side04:30
urfr332gOavy, look in ccsm.04:30
urfr332gOavy, unity is a plugin there if anyc hnages can be made it would be there short of a hack.04:32
VarqIs there any reason I just can't use the files from http://graphicall.org/832 to install blender?04:35
travis69420varq give me one minute04:36
travis69420sorry working on many things04:36
CFHowlettVarq   as opposed to getting it from a known and trusted source?  No, go ahead.04:36
VarqOh, dang it. It opened now. I guess I'm fine. It didn't open before. :/04:37
travis69420varq: u need 64-bit or 32-bit Blender?04:37
travis69420nvm then04:37
travis69420all that work for nothing04:37
VarqI'm sorry.04:37
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avydamn that sucks im 100% sure there was an option that let you change basic settings in 11.404:38
avythanks for the help04:38
fachexHelp, help!  :) I just reinstalled windows 7 in my laptop and wanted to install Ubuntu but now it would not boot any linux distro, the screen will go blank, finally I just got an error: Found something at drive = 91, erro 80, AX = 4283, drive 9104:38
CFHowlettfachex   does windows boot?04:38
fachexI had no problem booting before04:39
CFHowlettfachex   what's your ubuntu installation media?  usb/cd??04:39
fachexany other linux distro04:39
=== mohammad is now known as Guest50859
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
fachexbut I am trying mint, PCLOS and all of them get stuck04:39
CFHowlettfachex   that look like a DRIVE fail message to me ...04:39
fachexit is like this installation of Win7 Ultimate did something to the drive04:40
CFHowlettfachex   consider trying a USB installation04:40
fachexit does look like that but I don't think so04:40
fachexI guess I will do that04:40
CFHowlettfachex   normally media can't do much to a drive, but I find that suspicious...04:40
fachexbut I wanted to install a version of Linux Commodore 64 Vision distro04:40
chipotlehi, how do i configure my receiver on ubuntu? do i run amixer with pulseaudio?04:40
CFHowlettfachex   virtualbox is an option...04:40
fachexand that is on DVD04:40
chipotlemy receiver has 5 channels/speakers that i want to configure... it is connected via hdmi04:41
fachexwell, Linux will be my primary OS04:41
fachexI need some windows for work04:41
CFHowlettfachex   try usb.  If it STILL fails, you're iso is the problem.04:41
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
fachexI don't think my ISO is the problem04:41
fachexi tried several04:41
fachexand some of them used to work before04:42
fachexI don{t think is a drive problem bcz I am trying to run liveCD04:42
fachexso HDD should not matter04:42
=== testing is now known as Guest51374
CFHowlettfachex   if the optical drive won't boot, there's a problem with that...04:42
fachexit does boot windows thou04:43
nathan28CFHowlett: if the optical drive won't boot, it might not be in the bios boot list in the right order04:43
chipotlehow do i configure pulseaudio?04:43
tim167hi,I'm trying to find files that contain a word, using grep, but grep doesn't seem to do anything; i do grep -R "word" ./ and it finishes immediately with no results04:43
CFHowlettnathan28   see the error msg, but you're right.04:43
fachexit does boot other things like MacOS04:43
fachexfor Intel04:44
fachexbut no Linux distro04:44
CFHowlettfachex   this is on a mac?04:44
fachexvery weird04:44
eQuiNoX__is there an ubuntu application that can help monitor any kind of application crashes and log that?04:44
fachexno, PC04:44
travis69420how can i kill a tty session04:45
aeon-ltdeQuiNoX__: launch something from a terminal04:45
urgodfatherdoes anyone in here use xbmc???04:45
tim167how can I get grep to work for finding a word inside files, in a subdirectory ?04:45
travis69420i have my useraccount logged on from two locations and i want to kill one04:45
fachexI have Hiron Boot CD on my usb and it did work04:45
eQuiNoX__aeon-ltd: yes, thats how im doing it - so I redirect the stderr stream to a file, thats what you mean?04:45
fachexlet me try hiron on CD04:46
cal_how do i change the console video mode in ubuntu 11.10?04:46
aeon-ltdeQuiNoX__: it logs/prints messages to the terminal anyway04:46
aeon-ltdurgodfather: they do in #xbmc04:46
eQuiNoX__aeon-ltd: uh, im running a script and chances are that i'll be away when it runs so...04:47
magn3tsHow on *EARTH* do I get Ubuntu/gnome-shell to forget a wifi network04:47
urgodfatheraeon-ltd, i'm in there... watched you enter and leave lol04:47
magn3tsIt always tries to connect to the registration netwokr no matter what I do.04:47
aeon-ltdurgodfather: heh :)04:47
urgodfatheraeon-ltd... no one is answering04:47
chipotlehow do i edit my pulseaudio config so it can find my a/v receiver?04:49
zykotick9cal_: it's configured through grub these days GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 type thing, there is also some KEEP option you might need?  might be more challenging if you use nvidia/ati proprietary drivers04:52
mrmcgibby2Just logged out and back in, now unity is gone and I've got some interface I don't recognize with with "Activities" in the top left corner04:53
mrmcgibby2What is this?04:54
cal_zykotick9: that doesn't seem to be entirely true. I can see the system booting, starting up all the processes, until *right before* i get a login prompt. At that point the screen goes garbled. So it seems to be setting it to a video mode my card doesn't handle right at the end.04:55
armence_I need to set some environment variables for my window manager where can I set those? Is .xinitrc the right place?04:55
cal_zykotick9: i've messed with grub video settings, that changes video mode way before that.04:55
zykotick9cal_: look for that KEEP option04:56
Guest73258if anybody knows any opensource projects that need help, and would be easy to contribute to, I would love them forever04:56
=== Guest73258 is now known as Mike
DeltaWhyI'm looking for a way to block traffic to certain sites at certain times of day. Does anyone know of such a program?04:56
cal_zykotick9: for /etc/default/grub?04:56
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daxmrmcgibby2: sounds like gnome shell04:57
zykotick9cal_: that's to edit it yes, but i mean you'll probably have to search online for that actual option (i don't think it's there by default)04:57
mrmcgibby2how do I get unity back?04:57
cal_" Set to .text. to force the Linux kernel to boot in normal text mode, .keep. to preserve the graphics mode set using .GRUB_GFXMODE. "04:57
cal_zykotick9 : that looks like the ticket, found it in the help. thanks!04:57
zykotick9cal_: there you go!04:58
cal_zykotick9: i wonder what it is taking over the video mode from grub though?04:58
Guest17589any PHP, C++, or python projects looking to take on a newbie, anyone know? One without 10000 lines of convoluted code04:58
zykotick9cal_: i'm not sure... this kms stuff is rather foggy in my understanding04:59
thevaliantxlooking for a general linux channel where i can chat about various desktops for older computers.  for some reason i can't write in #linux or #linuxbeginner :/04:59
zykotick9!register | thevaliantx05:00
ubottuthevaliantx: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:00
cal_zykotick9: nowadays even grub is getting too layered and abstracted... ugh... just one file menu.lst was so much easier.05:00
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urgodfatherdoes anyone in here use xbmc, boxee, or anything of the sort?05:01
zykotick9cal_: oh, i like grub2 way more then grub-legacy myself - very automatic (once you get your head around some of the weird stuff ;)05:01
Guest17589I use xbmc05:01
cal_bah ;)05:01
thevaliantxzykotick9, would the nickname i have now already be registered since i'm using it?05:01
Guest92327hi ,I'm searching a room , talking about ARM . can you help me?05:01
urgodfatherguest17589 do u use navi-x too?05:01
zykotick9thevaliantx: i don't know - did you identify when you joined freenode?05:01
Nach0zNever got my head around why grub2 seems to use bash scripts rather than just straight configs for just about all the default stuff. I'm sure there's a very good reason, I just kinda wish it was ... easier to configure XD05:01
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thevaliantxzykotick9, i just started up xchat.  it automatically gave me this nickname.05:02
zykotick9thevaliantx: try #freenode for issues about registering/joining channels though05:02
thevaliantxzykotick9, ok, thanks.05:02
zykotick9thevaliantx: then, no - it's not registered nick05:02
zykotick9Nach0z: all has to do with the automajic nature of grub2 ;)05:03
Nach0zyeah, that's great and all, but unfortunately sometimes grub2 don't do what I want it to do :P05:03
cal_zykotick9: how about disabling the console screensaver is that in grub too?05:03
Nach0zlike, I don't want "quiet splash", i just want splash. gotta go in and edit all the 20_linux or whatever it is to find that line and whatnot05:03
zykotick9cal_: screen blanking can be a couple of different thing - sorry, I haven't had to "really" deal with that issue.  good luck.05:04
zykotick9Nach0z: poor example - "quiet splash" is in /etc/default/grub ;)05:05
Nach0zoh. well. hell. gonna go look for that right now05:06
Nach0zeither way >_>05:06
zykotick9Nach0z: i still get you point05:06
Nach0zyeah. lol. grub2 is cool and all though05:07
Nach0zsupergrub2disk is the best invention ever, btw05:07
Nach0zsaved my arse on a dozen different occasions05:07
terr_does anyone know if Kubuntu provides an  option to partition the hdd?05:07
CFHowlettterr_   yes05:07
Random832 why does the password prompt warn you num lock is on05:07
Random832it should warn you if it's off, if anything05:08
Nach0zRandom832: because of laptop keyboards05:08
Nach0zif you have nunm lock on on a laptop keyboard the whole right side of the keyboard is moot05:08
Random832can i turn off that setting, i have a full keypad05:08
Nach0zprobably not.05:08
cal_zykotick9: bah. 'keep' didn't work. something is still taking over.05:09
Ben64what is a very light WM i can use on my server05:09
zykotick9cal_: sorry don't know then?05:09
cal_GRR. I can see stuff fine as the processes start up.05:09
Ben64apt-get install metacity wants me to install 256MB of stuff05:09
Nach0zthat's a lotta dependencies05:09
zykotick9Ben64: any of the *boxs are pretty light (openbox, fluxbox, etc)05:10
Ben64cool, i'll check em out05:10
terr_CFHowlett: I didn't see an option.... I'm debating about installing debian instead of kubuntu but I've heard so many good things about Ubuntu.  If  there is an option I missed it.  Are the install steps documented?     I'm building a new machine so I can easily restart the process.05:10
cal_zykotick9; right now my evil eye is on /etc/init.d/setvtrgb.05:10
CFHowlettterr_   when you boot up the installer will ask if you want to use some or all of the hdd ...05:11
zykotick9cal_: i have no idea what that even is... hope you find the answer.05:11
terr_...and I have a major firefox problem.  It will NOT reload.  I jsut restarted X so this means its a Javascript issue in all likelihood.05:11
terr_CFHowlett: I said all05:11
CFHowlettterr_   for less user friendly but more controlled steps, use the alternate install method05:11
Nach0zterr_: kill firefox-bin ?05:11
Nach0zkill ALL the processes :D05:11
terr_CFHowlett: give me a few moments to revert firefox's journel05:12
CFHowlettterr_   no worries05:12
zykotick9terr_: if you want an experience REALLY close to debian, but still using Ubuntu - try the mini iso05:12
terr_CFHowlett: should in in .mozilla somewhere...05:13
scienteszykotick9, wuuuut05:13
scientesthats horrible05:13
scientesubuntu != debian05:13
scientesfor example debian has systemd available in the repos05:13
terr_zykotick9: I'm not really interested in experiance.  I'll set up VM's for that.05:13
scientesa big place debian lags IMHO is that they....well no, they have an installable live CD now05:14
Canadian1296I want to set up a VPN server on my server, so I can have a secure tunnel into my network. What package do I need?05:14
urfr332gO!ot | scientes05:14
ubottuscientes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:14
zykotick9scientes: are you calling the mini iso horrible?  i was impressed with ubuntu for the first time in a long time the other day installing mini - it's got close to 40 different install options05:14
scienteszykotick9, ooooh, I though you meant the ubuntu version of that, the alternate installer05:15
scientescause ubuntu also has the "debian-installer" as a install method05:15
zykotick9scientes: mini is the debian netinstall but with ubuntu packages... moving on.05:16
scienteszykotick9, oh, well thats not debian05:16
scientesso don't say it is05:17
scientesthats what my first point was about05:17
zykotick9scientes: trust me - i didn't...05:17
scientesyes i know, i read " REALLY close to debian" as mocking debian05:17
T_H_XCanadian1296: openvpn05:18
nathan28Canadian1296: have you tried searching with apt or in synaptic?05:19
Canadian1296T_H_X: Does it support L2TP? And can I use a password instead of keys?05:19
nathan28btw why does ubuntu name its pkg manager GUI after the touchpad?05:19
zykotick9nathan28: you have a touchpad called "ubuntu software center" that's odd05:20
Jordan_Unathan28: Synaptic != Synaptics05:20
nathan28Jordan_U: it's close enough to be confusing05:21
maceleSynaptics != Semantics05:21
T_H_XCanadian1296: dunno, support password though .. google it05:22
terr_CFHowlett: I've goit ff loading... hopefully it will laod now.  are the options during install documented?05:24
CFHowlettterr_   you're using the graphic installer?05:24
nagarjunahi guys, i'm facing a problem. Last night i didnt shutdown my system properly. Morning when i was tried to open it is stuck at the login prompt. I'm unable to get the GUI desktop, but i'm able to login via cml-terminal05:24
terr_CFHowlett: I don't think so... been a few months.05:24
jessiehow to create  bootable usb05:25
CFHowlettterr_   sorry, I must have confused myself - quickly remind me of what we're dealing with please05:25
nagarjunacan anyone give me a solution.05:25
nathan28jessie: unetbootin or dd an image that is usb-ootable05:25
CFHowlettjessie   System>Administration>Startup Disk Creator05:25
Jordan_Ujessie: For installation or for use as a normal installed system?05:25
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terr_CFHowlett: I ddo not recall being given the option to partition the disk.  I told it to just use reasonable defaults nad it created one parition:  /05:25
y0om4what is a good torrent downloader?05:26
nathan28terr_: that's why you never trust a "reasonable default"05:26
jessieJordan_U:for installation of 11.10 ubuntu05:26
Jordan_Ujessie: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download05:26
CFHowlettterr_   kubuntu installation tutorial05:27
Canadian1296T_H_X: Okay, I googled it and all I could find was "openvpn vs l2tp"... Is there a VPN server similar to openvpn that supports L2TP?05:27
magn3tsI would just like to say it's beyond absurd that there is no way to get Rhythmbox to not exit like a normal application on every other desktop platform ever in existence ever.05:27
terr_CFHowlett: ff is not fully laoded yet.05:27
magn3tsespecially when it happens when I'm not in Unity for my DM.05:27
y0om4what torrent program do you guys use?05:27
terr_CFHowlett: the installers should advise what they are doing.05:27
CFHowlettterr see this http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/install_kubuntu_2.html#partitioning05:28
zykotick9y0om4: this isn't a good place to poll.  you could try #ubuntu-offtopic05:28
terr_CFHowlett: I have to wait for ff05:28
CFHowlettterr_   you need to select MANUAL partition to get the options.05:28
terr_Its loading about 50 pages with tabs added.05:28
terr_CFHowlett: that is jsut DUMB05:28
tazjiny0om4: Transmission && qbittorrent05:29
maceleCanadian1296: I think openvpn supports passwords05:29
jessieJordan_u:i have already downloaded n saved in usb. As my writter has been corrupted i need to install thru usb so i need to create bootable tel em how05:29
terr_CFHowlett: ff just died again!05:29
CFHowlettterr_   50 tabs?  Seriously?05:29
jessienathan28:what image wr i will get it05:29
Jordan_Ujessie: The page I linked to gives detailed instructions for createing a bootable Ubuntu USB. Where are you getting stuck?05:29
T_H_XCanadian1296: try this one http://strongvpn.com/setup_ubuntu_11.10_l2tp.shtml05:30
CFHowlettterr_   has ffox failed multiple times?05:30
jessieJordan_U: fine i will check it out05:30
Canadian1296macele: Okay, but I need to connect to the VPN server with L2TP or PPTP.05:30
ponrajuganeshHow to recursivly assign a 777 to all the driectories and subdirectories?05:30
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
T_H_Xopenvpn doesnt support l2tp05:30
nathan28ponrajuganesh: why?05:30
maceleCanadian1296: Are you connecting from a phone?05:31
ponrajuganeshnathan28 needed that?05:31
=== AndrewMC_Cloud is now known as AndrewMC
nathan28you need rwx on the whole disk?05:31
nathan28for all users?05:31
terr_CFHowlett: ya!  abouyt the 3rd or 4th time.  I must have hit a web page which it cannot digest and likely its a javascript issue or some jerk is trying to do something bad05:31
Canadian1296macele: Yes. It's just so I can have an ip and access services on my network from other networks.05:31
ponrajuganeshyup I am working on the remote machine nathan2805:31
zykotick9ponrajuganesh: without even knowing what your doing - i can say fairly confidently, that you're doing something wrong.05:32
ponrajuganeshthere wll get it only as root, so to automate the writing process i need that nathan2805:32
T_H_XCanadian1296: use ssh and port forward05:32
maceleCanadian1296: Android or iPhone?05:32
terr_CFHowlett: A few days back I had to manually blow away the sessionstore because even when I deleted certain web pages... teh session store still ahd them.  That store is suppose to be updated each time you visit or blow away a URL05:32
urgodfathercfhowlett, thans for the wiwfi help last night05:33
nathan28ponrajuganesh: chmod -R 777 /05:33
jessieJordan_U:thanks i got it05:33
Canadian1296Canadian1296: iPhone05:33
Jordan_Uponrajuganesh: Do *NOT* run that command.05:33
terr_CFHowlett: I tend to work on a lot of things at a time and I do have about 50 pages open.  then some have 5-10 tabs05:33
CFHowletturgodfather   no problem.  glad we got you fired up.05:33
Flannelponrajuganesh: You really don't want that.05:33
CFHowlettterr_   ffox doesn't really like that ...05:33
zykotick9nathan28: if ponrajuganesh is using / to boot from - you probably just broke that install05:33
terr_CFHowlett: maybe that is why its dying.05:34
Flannelponrajuganesh: If you really want to give that sort of access use +rwX instead.05:34
Jordan_Unathan28: 1: I think you've misinterpreted what ponrajuganesh wants, and 2: Even if that's what they think they want it's a terrible idea and will break their install. Please be more careful in the future.05:34
CFHowlettterr_   yes indeedy05:34
terr_CFHowlett: old version of ff too!  really old.  On Debian Sarge.05:34
urgodfathercfhowlett, i wish someone in here had a htpc that might be able to help05:34
maceleCanadian1296: check this out... http://www.guizmovpn.com/05:34
CFHowletturgodfather   ask on the ubuntu forums as well.  SOMEONE does.05:34
terr_urgodfather: what is an htpc?05:35
nathan28Jordan_U: hey, it's his machine05:35
zykotick9terr_: Home Theater PC05:35
CFHowlettterr_   home theater pc05:35
terr_ah... was tyring to talk to a vendor about buying a nettop for that purpose.  However a $35 raspberrypc should also suffice05:36
Jordan_Unathan28: Part 1 of my statement is important, don't forget it. And we don't give commands which are guaranteed to ruin user's installs here. Period.05:36
terr_was doiung that this evening and it might be their website that is crashing ff05:36
zykotick9urgodfather: i use MythTV for my HTPCs - i find the other frontends are quite unstable myself YMMV05:37
maceleurgodfather: xbmc ftw05:38
cal_zykotick9: i had to add "nomodeset" to the kernel options. something called KMS (kernel mode setting) changes the video framebuffer which is within the kernel.05:38
Canadian1296macele: It requires jailbroken phone (that isn't an issue, I'd just prefer a server that supports L2TP)05:39
zykotick9cal_: thanks - i wouldn't have thought of that05:39
terr_CFHowlett: well... ff is up.  I cpied the session store from feb 24 over top of todays' and now its happy.05:39
fedeHi, I have a problem with konsole. I can't get it to show more than 2 colors. ¿What could be the problem?05:39
cal_zykotick9: you would think that is exactly what the "keep" option would be overriding though. oh well.05:39
maceleCanadian1296: try this.. http://blog.riobard.com/2010/04/30/l2tp-over-ipsec-ubuntu05:40
zykotick9cal_: with the exception of the netbook (intel) that i'm currently typing on, all my systems/VMs require nomodeset - so it's pretty much a default for me.05:41
Canadian1296macele: I found something that could work (using openswan and xl2tpd)05:41
y0om4is there a hotkey to go to the dash screen?05:41
cal_zykotick9: what happends when you leave out that option on them?05:41
maceleCanadian1296: also, there is this: http://strongvpn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=78805:42
Canadian1296macele: It appears we found the same thing... :)05:42
zykotick9cal_: i get a black screen - ie no boot at all05:42
cal_zykotick9: ahh, okay. hey thanks for your help!05:42
zykotick9cal_: glad to help05:42
Canadian1296macele: Thanks for your help, ill give it a go tomorrow :)05:43
maceleCanadian1296: good luck05:43
chipotlecan i use alsa instead of pulseaudio with ubuntu>05:43
chipotleor is that a bad practice?05:44
Canadian1296macele: Thanks :)05:44
zykotick9chipotle: if you using gnome/unity - it's probably not a good idea.  Plus you are using ALSA, pulse requires alsa for hardware access (one is not a replacement of the other, pulse replaces esd)05:44
chipotlezykotick9: :/05:45
chipotlewell, pulse isn't showing a profile for 5.0 surround sound in the ubuntu system prefs05:45
RoastedDoes anybody know of a way to increase Unity's overall font size to be rather huge? I'd like to use Ubuntu with XBMC for my HTPC but if I minimize HTPC to google soemthing I want Unity to be more presentable from 12 ft away from the TV.05:45
terr_CFHowlett: can I ask your opinon on something?  If I were to write a shell which prompted people for options and verified them ... all Q&A... but not fill in the forms and something which is not at all like say BASH... much easier to program then any GUI... would that be useful for an installer and other system utils?05:45
terr_channel split05:45
jessieafter installing ubuntu 11.10 whether i need to install vlc or it already contains05:46
chipotlezykotick9: is there anything i can do?05:46
CFHowlettterr_   I'm don't code, so I'm not the one to ask.  Sorry.05:46
urfr332gOjessie, you have to install it.05:46
chipotleall the searching points to threads with no one helping05:46
zykotick9chipotle: not that i'm aware of.  but sound issues are not my strong suite.  good luck.05:46
macelechipotle: As I understand it, pulse uses alsa05:46
terr_CFHowlett: think of it like your a systems admin.  Instead of being treated like a shgroom it tells you what is going on!05:46
matti_why is that that i can't correctly pin applications on the unity launcher?  it always resets after i logout.05:47
chipotlemacele: yeah, i get that but lots of people on the net say they solved this by removing pulse and working directly with alsa05:47
chipotleim trying to set up a htpc and a lack of surround sound is a no-no05:47
zykotick9chipotle: you'd loose gnome sound if you remove pulse...05:47
CFHowlettterr_   I've never written a script, have no idea what/where/how such a thing would work.  Sorry, but IDK.05:47
terr_CFHowlett: the problem as I see it and I'm a programmer is that the framework for a gui takes so much work that once its set up people try to force square pegs into round holes05:47
terr_CFHowlett: but you've used them.05:48
=== nagarjuna is now known as arjun
terr_CFHowlett: I'll have to flange up a demo... won't be too hard05:48
jessiewhat is gnome05:49
terr_CFHowlett: I'm going to drop the install tonight.05:49
nathan28jessie: a thing that sits on your lawn05:49
nathan28jessie: it's a DE05:49
CFHowlettterr_   good luck.05:49
urgodfatherzykotick9, do u use navi on ur htpc's?05:49
matti_anybody know how to get the unity launcher on the left to correctly remember applications that should be pinned in the sidebar?05:49
zykotick9!gnome | jessie05:49
ubottujessie: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.05:49
zykotick9urgodfather: i have no idea what navi is sorry05:49
terr_jessie: ints an IDE which is different than KDE and others... largely does the same things but some people  prefer one to the other05:49
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
zykotick9terr_: not an IDE just a DE05:50
urgodfatherzykotick9 navi-x? its a plug-in05:50
arjunApart from tty's. i'm not able to login via GUI login prompt. Can anyone tell , what might be the problem05:50
=== companion is now known as Companion
zykotick9urgodfather: then i can say NO, never heard of it05:50
matti_arjun: anything interesting in the log files?05:50
urgodfathermacele do u use xbmc?05:50
urgodfathershould check it out on ur mythbox's05:51
macelechipotle: Yes, and it will work with xbmc05:51
terr_zykotick9: what's the distinction?  I'm clearly out of date.05:51
chipotlemacele: what will? i have no sound with xbmc and only stereo sound in my sound prefs05:51
arjunmatti:yes, but unable to understand that.05:51
zykotick9terr_: IDEs are development environment, while DE is Desktop Environment05:51
chipotlei want my AVR to have sound passthru from the file to the AVR and then the AVR spit out the 5 channel sound i have05:51
urgodfatherchipotle, i might be able to help05:52
terr_zykotick9: Brain fart!  Of course.  Like Borland's IDE which I happen to own!05:52
macelechipotle: My xbmc works with alsa, I installed xubuntu, so no unity or gnome to deal with05:52
chipotleurgodfather: awesome, well, i don't ahve the profile for digital surround hdmi output05:52
chipotleurgodfather: only digital stereo hdmi output05:52
matti_matti: see if there is anything interesting under /var/log/syslog05:52
arjunmatti: one more thing is able to login as root, but no apps is workin glike vlc, thunderbird,firefox05:52
chipotlemy htpc is connected via hdmi to my avr05:53
chipotleurgodfather: i don't know what to do?05:53
chipotlemacele: oh, that's xfce4?05:53
matti_arjun: check if there's any interesting errors under /var/log/syslog05:53
ubottuchipotle: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels05:53
urgodfatherchipotle, but u do have it working in ubuntu?05:53
chipotleurgodfather: oh, it looks like i am on linux 3.0.0-12 and the arch wiki says "As of Linux 3.1 multi-channel PCM output through HDMI with a Intel card (Intel Eaglelake, IbexPeak/Ironlake,SandyBridge/CougarPoint and IvyBridge/PantherPoint) is not yet supported. Support for it has been recently added and expected to be available in Linux 3.2. To make it work in Linux 3.1 you need to apply the following patches:"05:54
chipotlei'm using sandy bridge, so is that why hd audio isn't working?05:54
chipotlei guess i need to buy a video card to get surround sound to work via hdmi?05:55
chipotleurgodfather: no, that system pref is in ubuntu, can only get stereo05:55
nathan28chipotle: you can just wait for the kernel upgrade to get pushed to your repos05:55
chipotlenathan28: when will that be?05:55
nathan28no clue05:55
urgodfathermacele do u use navi-x?05:56
chipotlewell, i don't really want to wait since this is a htpc05:56
chipotleso i think i'll buy a video card tomorrow05:56
arjunmatti: thanks..05:57
urgodfatherchipotle, sounds like u problem :)05:57
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
urgodfatherwould anyone be willing to test something for me?06:01
urgodfatheri want to know if the problem im experiencing is b/c of my install or if its related to the software06:02
maceleurgodfather: Not sure. My xbmc connects to a serviio server I have running on another machine06:02
urgodfathermacele, would u install the navi-x script for me and tell me if it is working06:03
maceleurgodfather: stand by06:04
urgodfatherdownload the zip and install in xbmc, all you have to do is go to the add-ons and do from zip06:04
melikwhat are some good php forum software06:05
=== root is now known as Guest99867
CFHowlettmelik   phpbb06:05
melikapart from phpbbb06:05
CFHowlettmelik   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software_%28PHP%2906:06
Chaineri've used Simple Machine Forums and it's pretty good06:06
chown_guys im trying to mount my network partitions at my ubuntu login, i was told to look into the fstab file, and i did some progress, the thing is, i did mounted it all and can acess after the login06:07
chown_the thing is: i can only create folders/files at the root mount point06:07
=== jasmine is now known as Guest39161
chown_i cant create subfolders06:08
urgodfatherin the meantime, can someone help me figure out how to update the medibuntu updates06:08
jessiewhat is KDE06:09
CFHowletturgodfather   what's the issue?06:09
urgodfatherupdater wont do the updates06:09
urfr332gOurgodfather, what are you using from medibuntu, in what release=OS06:09
CFHowletturgodfather   error messages?06:09
urgodfatherjessie KDE is a lightweight gui/window manager06:10
urgodfatherapport-hooks and 2 others06:10
maceleurgodfather seems to work, although I can't figure out what it does above what xbmc does already06:10
zykotick9urgodfather: KDE is a lightweight ... -- you MUST be kidding!06:11
urgodfathermacele, click on portal06:11
arjunCan someone help me figure out how can i know that memory of the graphic card in my system06:11
zykotick9jessie: KDE is the heaviest DE on gnu/linux - requires the most resources06:11
urgodfatheris it? i thought gnome was06:12
Steristanyone know how to use testdisk? im trying to recover my 16gb mem card and it's being detected as 2199gb06:12
zykotick9urgodfather: not even close - KDE is a memory hog06:12
urgodfatherzykotick9 really?06:13
urgodfatheri thought gnome had more dependencies than kde06:13
Guest39161how to install rt3070 network adapter driver?06:13
urgodfatheri know xfce is lighter than both06:13
Steristxfce is awesome06:14
maceleurgodfather: it says "cannot open file"06:14
urgodfathermacele, when you click on navi-x portal does it open?06:14
zykotick9urgodfather: *box, lxde, xfce, gnome, kde (lightest to heaviest)06:14
urgodfathermust be their servers,06:14
urgodfatherwhat about enlightenment?06:14
Steristanyone know how to use testdisk? im trying to recover my 16gb mem card and it's being detected as 2199gb06:15
zykotick9urgodfather: what about awesomewm?  there are lots of others, i just listed the big ones06:15
urgodfatherzykotick9, true but not as talked about as enlightenment06:16
zykotick9urgodfather: i can't understand why anyone still talks about enlightenment - it's pretty much been unchanged in 10+ years, not exactly "current"06:17
urgodfatherand the 3 updates i cant get to install through manager are apport hooks for medibuntu, libav codec library, and libav utility library06:17
urgodfatherzykotic9, did not know that06:18
zykotick9!tab > urgodfather06:18
ubottuurgodfather, please see my private message06:18
Canadian1296What is the best GnuPG GUI for Ubuntu?06:18
urgodfatherzykotick9: thanks for the tip06:19
zykotick9urgodfather: typing z-y-k-o-t-i-c-k-9 is a huge pain, i only noticed cause you typoed06:20
urgodfatherzykotick9: its not that bad... just when youre eating06:20
zykotick9urgodfather: z-y-TAB is a LOT easier ;)06:21
urgodfatherzykotick9: indeed06:21
urgodfatherCFHowlett: the 3 updates i cant get to install through manager are apport hooks for medibuntu, libav codec library, and libav utility library06:23
CFHowletturgodfather   try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:24
arjunhi, can anyone tel me where can i get the drivers for Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset06:24
urgodfatherCFHowlett: the pc DID just do a partial dist upgrade about an hr ago06:24
urgodfatherCFHowlett:  related?06:24
zykotick9urgodfather: do you mean "partial upgrade"?06:25
CFHowletturgodfather   partial upgrade?  yeah, i'd think related.06:25
CFHowlettarjun   what drivers do you mean?06:25
yehi everybody!!!!06:25
zykotick9urgodfather: NEVER do partial upgrade - that translates to, YOUR SYSTEM IS ABOUT TO BREAK06:25
arjunIntel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset06:25
arjunfor ubuntu06:26
urgodfatherCFHowlett: yeah it said partial upgrade06:26
urgodfatherzykotick9: ^^^06:26
arjungraphic drivers i 'm talking about06:26
CFHowlettarjun   OK to DO what?  play videos?06:26
zykotick9urgodfather: ya, NEVER agree to those06:26
urgodfatherfirst time i ever seen it06:26
arjunno. For  games06:26
urgodfatherbut i have had that problem with those medibuntu files for weeks06:27
CFHowlettarjun   sudo apt-get ubuntu-restricted-extras should be all you need.06:27
rexbutlerQuestion:  I have Win7 running Ubuntu 10.04 under VirtualBox.  I have share links set up to my C and D drives, but I was wondering if I can access the Ubuntu file system from Win706:27
icerootrexbutler: only with samba, not with vbox06:28
CFHowlettarjun   I've got the Intel mobile 4 in my Dell - watch videos, play games with no problems.  It is worth making sure you've upgraded to the latest bios...06:28
anonymousinukcan someone please recomend a decent firewall and or anti-virus?06:28
urgodfatherCFHowlett: the error i was getting was an authentication error... even if i did authenticate06:28
icerootanonymousinuk: both are not needed06:28
iceroot!virus | anonymousinuk06:28
urgodfatherzykotick9: is there a way to fix partial upgrade?06:29
doc-saintlyis it possible to write an ext3 FS header to a disk, and hope it finds file records in the system?06:29
bazhang!info gufw | anonymousinuk06:29
zykotick9urgodfather: time machine, if you have one of those06:29
CFHowletturgodfather   fix the partial is now your priority...06:29
doc-saintlyor - is fsck capable of retrieving file names / folder strucutres?06:29
icerootdoc-saintly: no because you also need the superblock06:29
ubottuanonymousinuk: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:29
ubottuanonymousinuk: gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 11.10.2-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 218 kB, installed size 1384 kB06:29
doc-saintlyiceroot: is there a way to scan to see if it's present somewhere?06:29
urgodfatherzykotick9: guess i need to break out the flux capacitor06:30
rexbutlerOkay, next question:  Can I get to the files on a virtual disk image if everything else gets mucked up?06:30
rexbutlerMaybe I'm in the wrong channel...06:30
urgodfatherCFHowlett: how to? system appears to be running fine after a series of boot failures06:30
Canadian1296rexbutler: Not that im aware of.06:30
Canadian1296rexbutler: I guess you could boot the VM from a live cd (ISO), and then access your files06:31
CFHowlettrexbutler   save essential files in virtualbox / usb backups06:31
CFHowletturgodfather   "series of boot failures" ...06:31
CFHowletturgodfather   I did partial upgrade once.  ONCE!06:31
zykotick9urgodfather: "partial upgrade" is a terrible wording - but it means there are packages that aren't available at this time.  Sorry i don't have any real suggestions - FYI this is where "aptitude safe-upgrade" comes in REAL handy, but ubuntu decided to remove that from default install.06:31
CFHowlettzykotick9   is there a fix?06:32
anonymousinukso is there a tool that i can check to see if my pc has been compromised?06:32
CFHowlettto partial upgrade06:32
urgodfatherit appears to run fine now06:32
zykotick9CFHowlett: you mean besides the time machine suggestion?  sorry i don't know of one.06:32
rexbutlerSoon I will get an online backup service06:33
arjunCFHowlett: i installed that. Should i need to install  anything apart from that06:33
urfr332gOanonymousinuk, what makes you think it has been?06:33
urgodfatheri think the series of boot failures were related to me not doing a proper reboot06:33
CFHowlettarjun   that pretty much solved ALL your multimedia driver issues...06:33
CFHowlettgreetings | aleale9706:34
CFHowlettaleale97   greetings06:34
aleale97Thanks CF06:34
urfr332gO!pm | anonymousinuk06:35
ubottuanonymousinuk: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:35
aleale97Problem with the bot?06:35
rexbutlerI'll have to learn how to use rsync06:35
aleale97Google can help you! :-)06:35
capecarnationwhat package is needed to be installed in order to disable the touchpad on a dell inspiron?06:36
anonymousinukcos my cpu being lil wierd and keeps calling for updates even though they are already complete and up to date, im total noob  and maybe just paranoid06:36
urfr332gOanonymousinuk, do not pm me.06:36
anonymousinuknow every fucker knows im noob they all want a piece06:36
urfr332gOanonymousinuk, I just asked you a simple question.06:37
pangolin!language | anonymousinuk06:37
ubottuanonymousinuk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:37
capecarnationjust about every person in this channel is a noob.  it is rare for someone that truly knows what they're doing to be in here.  nothing wrong with that :)06:38
CFHowlettcapecarnation   there MAY be something in the dell Recovery media  creator06:38
anonymousinukyea i know i can read like i said i didnt really wanna broadcast im a noob to whole room06:39
CFHowlettanonymousinuk   too late?06:39
Canadian1296capecarnation: Even if that's true, as long as we all know different things, together we know a whole lot :)06:39
capecarnationCFHowlett, not necessary, but thanks.  i can either disable it in the system set up menu or install a package that gives me a gui.  i'm going the route of the latter ;)06:39
tableswhat is the sound device on ubuntu?06:39
tables/dev/what ?06:40
anonymousinukcfh yea kinda guessed that06:40
capecarnationCanadian1296, ok.  true, wasn't my point, but i do agree with you.06:40
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anonymousinukcan i monitor my eth0 with tcpdump ?06:41
=== marcelo is now known as Guest68483
anonymousinukand check for a compromise?06:42
zykotick9!info rkhunter | anonymousinuk06:43
ubottuanonymousinuk: rkhunter (source: rkhunter): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.8-7 (oneiric), package size 205 kB, installed size 968 kB06:43
anonymousinukcheers guys06:44
anonymousinuki may be back06:44
CFHowlettanonymousinuk   good luck mysterious stranger06:45
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=== tazjin is now known as tazjin|away
anonymousinukCFH im sure thats not true06:45
fairuz_do-release-upgrade --proposed <-- does this command upgrade your machine from whatever version to the latest 12.04? Or I need something else.06:45
urgodfatherCFHowlett: do you program?06:46
CFHowletturgodfather   I do not program...06:46
urgodfatherCFHowlett: ok nevermind06:47
zykotick9fairuz_: i'm not one for upgrading distros, but i think it's -d for development you want06:47
* CFHowlett Thinks distro s/hoppers have commitment issues.06:47
zykotick9fairuz_: ask #ubuntu+1 for confirmation06:47
fairuz_zykotick9: thanks06:47
anonymousinukCFHowlett how would one check to see if the site that im visiting to download hkhunter is a safe site?06:51
CFHowlettanonymousinuk   I pretty much trust my ffox settings and add-ons to alert me.  https-everywhere and betterprivacy06:52
CFHowlettfri[k]   greetings06:53
fri[k]how can i see which programs are using certain ports on localhost?06:53
zykotick9fri[k]: (there's a better method) but if you know the ports you are interested in "lsof | grep 80" should list what is using port 8006:55
fri[k]or netstat right?06:56
zykotick9fri[k]: ya but i don't know the switches required ;)06:56
_joshanybody have experience installing ubuntu on a macbook pro?06:58
Steristanyone know how to use testdisk? im trying to recover my 16gb mem card and it's being detected as 2199gb07:02
chown__josh: i do want that, but as i read it has some issues with EFI07:02
chown__josh: there are some tutorials for that, but it relates that some peaple are able to get it done and some dont07:03
chown_is there a comand to restart the interface only?07:03
_joshchown_, yeah that's what i'm finding out07:04
_joshi'm not sure what to do about boot loader options07:04
dakiyqboot loader problem..?07:04
CFHowlett_josh   see refit07:04
QA@sterist, check u've got the right disk07:04
QA@sterist, otherwise send your 2 TB SD card to me! lol07:05
chown__josh: yeah,  the thing is some ppl are capable of use refit for lion, other dont07:05
dakiyqmy problem......... notebook overheat... :'-(07:05
chown_but refit is the solution for dualboot linux/osx07:05
altabqneed help pls. wanted to force quit an app using the gui widget..then the force quit window itself crashed and stays in the middle of my screen. is there any way to force quit it?07:06
altabqwith force quit window i mean the little rectangle saying 'click on a window to force quit or press esc to cancel'07:06
dakiyqOverheat...... Overheat...... Need help...! Did anyone have same problem..?07:07
* kthomas2 considers re-enabling middle click emulation07:11
CFHowlettshowcheap   greetings07:11
EkurioXyou know what I like... Potatoes07:12
EkurioXfreaking awesome07:12
kthomas2best solution for notebook overheat:  don't let it get hot :P07:12
ubottuekuriox: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:12
EkurioXcan make bread07:12
kthomas2enough already.07:12
kthomas2the channel's OT enough :P07:12
EkurioXNah thrs never enough of potatoes07:13
EkurioXi love fuckin potatoes07:14
EkurioXman they are great07:14
EkurioXhas anyone seen that new Ubuntu Tv07:15
zykotick9EkurioX: do you have an ubuntu support question?  If so, ask away.  To chat about UbuntuTV use #ubuntu-offtopic07:16
EkurioXHave you seen that Ubuntu tv07:18
CoreyEkurioX: Do you have a support question?07:19
CFHowlettEkurioX   please take this conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic07:19
kthomas2anyone out there using Xdmx/xpra?  Instead of attempting xinerama over displays of different sizes,  I'm using xpra to move apps between X sessions in a single Xdmx session07:20
kthomas2but there are issues :)07:20
heliozHi, is there any chance to get ubuntu without too many preloaded software ( I don't use the half of it anyway) an istallation like arch?07:20
zykotick9!mini | helioz07:21
ubottuhelioz: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD07:21
heliozThanks, I owe you guys one! Good day.07:22
user1hi gm07:26
arjunhi guys, i update my ubuntu. after that its unable to detect the eth0. can someone tell me07:26
EkurioXhow r you online right now thn ?07:26
arjunhey this is not for this laptop07:27
EkurioXuse www.opensuse.org07:27
joe_evanshi, newbie here, anyone spend a couple of minutes with me as i have a ZERO SOUND problem, thanx07:28
impihello. i know it's silly, but i cant get flash 64bit installed on my firefox v10.0.2 and ubuntu 10.407:28
joe_evansspeakers ok, sound settings ok, volume up, butno sound07:29
EkurioXYou may want to try a cloud OS http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/overview/index.html07:29
impii've downloaded the latest firefox, extracted it, and the latested flash player, but nothing i do will make firefox pick up flash07:29
theadminEkurioX: Spam is not welcome here.07:29
arjunEkurioX: Hi, i need a solution, i dont want to change my entire os / reinstall new ubuntu07:29
EkurioXinstall flash under root07:30
zykotick9arjun: ignore EkurioX07:30
tsimpsonEkurioX: stop giving bad advice place07:30
impiEkurioX: but if firefox is in /home/win/firefox/ where should i put the libflash.so file?07:31
arjuntsimpson: hi, can i get it back07:31
EkurioXr you using it under tthat emulator ?07:31
EkurioXWin **07:32
theadminimpi: ~/.mozilla/plugins/ or /usr/lib/firefox07:32
impitheadmin: thank you let me try this07:32
tsimpsonarjun: sorry, I can't really help with that. my network "just works" so I've never had to troubleshoot it07:32
EkurioXFire fox should be installed under ~/user/lib07:32
theadmintsimpson: Thank you.07:33
EkurioXhi guys07:33
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
theadminTm_T: You too :)07:33
tsimpsonEkurioX: make sure you read the guidelines link in the channel /topic07:33
theadminEkurioX: If you have no idea what you are talking about, don't talk.07:34
EkurioXshut up moron i done said the exact thing u did... BS07:34
theadminTm_T: And thanks again07:34
XDS2010the grub menu isn't coming up anymore, i just upgrade to SP1, used wubu to initially install07:37
XDS2010please help07:37
XDS2010i think i might have installed to the wrong partition07:38
theadminXDS2010: You may need to reconfigure your bootloader to point to wubi again somehow, or just do a normal install07:38
urfr332gOXDS2010, wubi is a file in windows.07:38
XDS2010theadmin: i don't want to overwrite anything07:38
XDS2010urfr332gO:  is there a fix for this?07:38
recognoscodid anyone here build a gcc-4.7 snapshot on ubuntu successfully? i have tried quite a few times... and failed :(07:38
urfr332gOXDS2010, maybe really a regular install is a better way to go.07:39
XDS2010urfr332gO:  nnnnno i dont want to overwrite07:39
theadminXDS2010: You can install Ubuntu near Windows without any problems07:40
recognoscops. the gcc-snapshot package that is currently installable from oneric is from october 201107:40
XDS2010i dont understand, am i in shock07:40
urfr332gOopps sorry cap locked mistake my bad07:40
XDS2010do the wubi files live on the partition ?07:41
urfr332gOXDS2010, yeah the windows partition, as a file.07:41
pfiforecognosco, whats the problem?07:41
XDS2010urfr332gO: all i see is a 2 meg exe file07:42
XDS2010and the iso07:42
urfr332gOXDS2010, I know very little about wubi really, other then what I have posted.07:43
theadminXDS2010: The Ubuntu install in case of wubi is stored in drive/ubuntu/disks/root.disk (where "drive" is the partition you "installed" to)07:43
XDS2010theadmin:  i see no ubuntu folder in any drives07:44
Steristanyone know how to use testdisk --or-- know of an alternative? im trying to recover my 16gb mem card and it's being detected as 2199gb07:44
recognoscopfifo: failing to build gcc-4.7 snapshot07:45
chown_hey guys, supose i want to install linux on another pc, is there a way to me back up all my configuration from this pc and take it to the another one? if there is, how should i proceed?07:45
recognoscopfifo: had any success with it?07:45
pfiforecognosco, well there not guaranteed to build at all. Ill try the latest and see what happens07:46
theadminchown_: Just take a disk image with dd07:46
theadminchown_: That is, though, only if the target machine has a hard drive of size equal to or greater than that of the source machine.07:46
XDS2010theadmin:  are you sure it lives as a file07:46
theadminXDS2010: Yes.07:46
drcodehi all07:47
XDS2010:-/ , my god i hope so07:47
pfiforecognosco, ill try with GCC 4.7-20120225 Snapshot07:47
drcodehow can I disable pae in ubuntu 11.1007:47
zykotick9theadmin: that is going to cause network issues however - udev is going to find a new MAC and thus change the ethX07:47
zykotick9drcode: install a non PAE kernel07:47
recognoscopfifo: i am trying that myself. thanks.07:47
pfifodrcode, install a non-pae kernel07:47
drcodeI use it in other virtualbox with pure 64bit07:47
theadminzykotick9: Yeah some I guess. Well.07:47
llutz_chown_: tar your old installation, copy/extract to new, edit /etc/fstab, rewrite grub, done07:47
theadminzykotick9: You could use tar07:47
drcodethe vdi is installed with pae , is there way to change it?07:47
chown_theadmin: ok, im sorry i think i didnt express what i mean. how would i backup my linux, so if something happened i would have my linux backup to put in this machine or another one? the same thing?07:48
tsimpsondrcode: unless you installed (and booted from) a PAE kernel, it's not enabled. if you did, then just boot from a non-PAE (ie -generic) kernel07:48
chown_Oh, really that simple?07:48
tsimpsondrcode: sorry, wrong one07:48
tsimpsonpfifo: unless you installed (and booted from) a PAE kernel, it's not enabled. if you did, then just boot from a non-PAE (ie -generic) kernel07:48
theadminchown_: Probably so. But I suggest you use the tar methd.07:48
tsimpsonignore me..07:48
llutz_chown_: and remove /etc/udev/rules.d/*persisten-net*07:48
drcodeI have old vdi that pae is enabled07:48
pfifotsimpson, drcode is asking07:49
tsimpsonpfifo: yeah, just ignore me. not enough caffeine07:49
llutz_"70-persistent-net.rules" it is07:49
chown_theadmin: im sorry im new to this world. when a new update comes to ubuntu, like 12.04 is comming. How would i handle that? should i do a clean install and somehow put my things there or it would just updame my 11.10?07:50
drcodeis it possible to use ubuntu rescue and remove kernel-image-pae?07:50
drcodeany huide?07:50
theadminchown_: Clean installs work, but you can upgrade too (then again you can never be sure it works right, it doesn't work for everyone)07:50
drcodecan I tell in boot menu to diable pae?07:51
drcodeso I can boot and remove the kerenl?07:51
zykotick9chown_: ubuntu's release schedule doesn't allow for much testing of upgrades from one release to the next, so issues are VERY common.  You'll probably find most experienced ubuntu users will recommend clean installs.07:52
XDS2010theadmin:  E2FS worked07:52
chown_theadmin: i see. ty. do u know a good source for me to search and understand what each subfolder of / is for? like bin,etc,usr etc?07:52
XDS2010thanks guys07:52
XDS2010you guys are freakin SUPERB!07:52
chown_zykotick9: i see, but in this case, how should ibackup my things and configurations to pass to clean install?07:53
llutz_!fhs | chown_07:53
ubottuchown_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier07:53
XDS2010i think im going to cry07:53
chown_zykotick9: just my home folder?07:53
theadminchown_: Google for "FHS"07:53
Kartagisdo you guys know of a broken link checker for websites behind CAS?07:53
zykotick9chown_: home is a good place to start for sure, if you don't personally edit system settings /etc, then /home might be all you need.07:54
XDS2010for anyone else that runs into this http://www.chrysocome.net/downloads/vv-0.7-install.exe , this will read the volume07:54
chown_thank you guys, theadmin, llutz_, zykotick9. i apreciate your help.07:55
=== reith2004__ is now known as reith2004
LinuxephusWho here has experience installing scripts for the IRSSI client? The directions for doing so at irssi.org are inadequate at best.07:59
llutz_Linuxephus: ~/.irssi/scripts07:59
llutz_Linuxephus: ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun for those you want to "autorun"07:59
Linuxephusllutz_: That directory doesn't exist in my home folder. Nor have I been able to create it using the listed commands to do so.08:00
llutz_Linuxephus: mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun08:00
chown_quick question, there are programs that install themselves at /usr/bin?08:00
Linuxephusllutz_: Ah, now I'm getting somewhere, my thanks. Standby.08:01
chown_i mean, if my pc has 2 users registred, and i intall a software, this software is able for both users, or just for me?08:01
llutz_chown_: for all users08:01
zykotick9chown_: most programs install there... /usr is shared08:02
theadminchown_: Depends on how you install it. If you use APT, then for everyone08:02
chown_ok, ty again. now im gonna read a little for more understanding. thank you!08:03
llutz_chown_: "a user" can only install stuff inside his $HOME. to install things to /usr/* it needs root-rights(sudo) and it will be available systemwide the08:03
Linuxephusllutz_: My thanks. Such a simple command opens many a door way.08:03
llutz_Linuxephus: well, linux basics :)08:04
pfiforecognosco, im failing at building libiberty, most likely due to new code only partially being introduced. there could be a patch on the mailing list. but Im not going to search for it.08:04
LinuxephusApparently I need to brush up onmine friend.08:04
chown_llutz_: oh, i got it! by default the ubuntu software center install things as root?08:04
llutz_chown_: yes08:04
chown_ok, thanks llutz_08:05
mike___Hey, anyone around that knows about problems with nvidia drivers and (impossible) max resolution on external monitors?08:08
=== dhruvasagar_ is now known as dhruvasagar
recognoscopfifo: i just downloaded the frozen 4.7 snapshot for ubuntu from launchpad. which is supposed to be patched. or so i assume. building it now. *crossed fingers*08:12
recognoscopfifo: thanks anyways.08:12
okumhomeboys.. i used to be able to watch fullscreen vids on youtube, after updating my driver, fullscreen is laggy.. like it skips pixels or something.08:12
Steristanyone know how to use testdisk --or-- ANY alternative? im trying to recover my 16gb mem card and it's being detected as 2199gb08:13
pneftalihi guys, how to create symbolic link ? ln -s name_of_link path/of/the/file ?08:15
tsimpsonpneftali: "ln -s target link_name"08:17
SubjectOnewhat does a symbolic link do ?08:17
SubjectOneis that like a shadow copy08:17
arjunits like a shotcut of that file08:18
tsimpsonSubjectOne: it create a file that only references the target file, but doesn't actually contain data08:18
SubjectOnei want to centralize my logfiles in a dir, wish is synced in realtime to a external location ( so the primary log's can't be erased )08:18
pneftalitsimpson: i'm doing this -- su myname ln -s /var/www/zend/library/Zend ./linkme08:19
chown_but if some sort of service pick this shortcut it will redirect to the file/folder right?08:19
SubjectOnewish = which08:19
SubjectOnemy english sux08:19
pneftaliand got a response -- /var/www/zend/library/Zend: /var/www/zend/library/Zend: is a directory08:19
pfifoI say we order pizza, enough to feed 145708:19
pneftalitsimpson: did i miss something ?08:20
shivam7074can any 1 tell what is this "freenode web irc"???08:22
tsimpsonpneftali: su expects the command to be passed via the -c option, so try:  su -c "ln -s /var/www/zend/library/Zend ./linkme" myname08:22
pneftalimm will try08:23
SubjectOneshivam7074: , how do you mean ? you are already on it08:23
=== arjun is now known as nfsmw
pneftalitsimpson: i'm am getting a permission denied response08:24
tsimpsonpneftali: make sure the user has permission to write to the directory08:24
shivam7074i just get in here wid my probs, but don no wat this place is???08:25
biopytehi. is there such an application that works like a news ticker, scrolling news in a bar, but with own text messages and alarm functionality?  somehow, a scrolling messages alarm clock.08:25
pneftalitsimpson: how do I check my permission ?08:25
SubjectOneshivam7074: , here you can ask a question , and hopefully some ubuntu guru can help you08:25
tsimpsonpneftali: look at the output of "ls -ld"08:25
pfifoshivam7074, this is a chat room, the topic is ubuntu support08:26
pneftalitsimpson: ls -ld at my current directory and get this response -- "drwxr-xr-x 64 bhermoso bhermoso 4096 Sep 29 23:40 ."08:26
pneftalibhermoso isn't me, tho08:27
shivam7074and is this only for ubuntu users like me??? cuz i saw somethin like channels wat r channels???08:27
tsimpsonpneftali: then your user doesn't have any write permissions to that directory, and so can't create a file (or link) there08:27
SubjectOnetry '/list' that will show you the active channels on freenode ( beware : this can take some time to render )08:27
pneftalitsimpson: i'm assuming bhermoso has the write permisison?08:28
pfifoshivam7074, IRC or internet relay chat is a service designed to host chatrooms, freenode is an irc network.08:28
tsimpsonpneftali: well, that output tells you that the owner is "bhermoso" and the group is "bhermoso". the permissions are "rwxr-xr-x", so only 'w' (write) exists for the owner08:29
shivam7074does ubuntu own irc???08:29
tsimpsonshivam7074: IRC is not owned by anyone, it's a protocol, like http is08:30
SubjectOneshivam7074 : how old r you08:30
=== nfsmw is now known as nknown
pfifoSubjectOne, /var/log is a great place to put log files, most of the system and daemon logs are already there as well08:30
pfifoshivam7074 reminds me of the days when DALnet was cool08:32
SubjectOnepfifo : i know, but want a realtime copy of those logs ( on other place ) when there is an intrusion (  i can resort to untampered logs )08:32
SubjectOneshivam7074: , cause all information you asked is available in google :p08:32
AdvoWorkHi there, just wondering, does anyone know exactly what sudo apt-get install php5-gd does? i mean, does it literally get the .so and copy it to a dir and change php.ini or what else? how would I ever find that out?08:32
pfifoSubjectOne, use rsync to move copy them to another location08:32
shivam7074sorry to bother u all???08:33
=== nknown is now known as fquiery
pfifoshivam7074, as you can see this is a busy chatroom, you should join #ubuntu-offtopic to discuss non-ubuntu support topics08:34
SubjectOneshivam7074: , you didn't bother at all, but research your questions abit before asking ( we can put you on the right track )08:34
theadminAdvoWork: dpkg -L php5-gd (once installed) will list all files in the php5-gd package08:35
theadminAdvoWork: Will help you to figure something out hopefully08:35
llutz_SubjectOne: why don't you use a loghost, without local logs?08:36
SubjectOneah didn't know that was an option08:37
SubjectOnewill have al look for that08:37
pfifoAdvoWork, apt-get is a front end for the "dpkg" program also08:37
SubjectOnethanx llutz08:37
recognoscocrti.o was not found08:40
recognoscoapt-file search found it in a few places08:41
k013hi, doubt, please help! why i operate my laptop without connecting to the internet the cpu temperature is 48 celsius when connected via firefox the temperature is 62 celsius, is this normal? (ubuntu 11.10)08:41
pfiforecognosco, why exactly are you trying to build a snapshot?08:41
k013i mean - when08:41
=== yoshx_ is now known as yodhc
=== yodhc is now known as yoshx
tsimpsonrecognosco: it's part of the compiler (GCC)08:41
pfiforecognosco, crti.o would be created while building, it looks like someone messed up the makefile08:42
recognoscopfifo: playing with c++11 features... hehe08:42
aleale97It's definely not normal...08:42
pfiforecognosco, why not use a stable build of gcc?08:42
Subject1neholly crap08:42
=== josh__wines is now known as joshwines
swebubuntu have a problem. destroy my laptop speaker twice and my friend also08:43
recognoscopfifo: 4.6 doesn't support a lot of the new C++11 things... like regex or using typedef08:43
aleale97Hi tester08:43
pfiforecognosco, i thought there were patches for them?08:44
tsimpsonrecognosco: I don't think regex is even in gcc trunk08:44
k013aleale97 - anything i can do to cool things down? (not a code writer by the way)08:45
aleale97K03 any pronli08:45
tsimpsonk013: CPUs normally operate at those kinds of temperatures, ~60 is pretty normal08:45
tsimpsonespecially for slightly older CPUs08:46
recognoscotsimpson: #include <regex.h> is supported in 4.708:46
aleale97But why so much difference?08:47
aithoxhello..i've some problem with my cursor .. it is disappear while mouse press08:47
tsimpsonrecognosco: the <regex> header exits, and many of the classes also exist. they just don't actually work :)08:47
k013tsimpson - thanks, but the laptop is brand new, and the battery stay for only 4 minutes. that's why i asked. when dual boot with windows the battery lasts for 1.5 hrs and cpu temp 52 celsius08:47
recognoscotsimpson: well, i am using boost for now anyways, was just trying to see if i could get 4.7 snapshot to work08:48
Dave_MaydewWill 12.04 work with the GeForceFX video cards?08:48
pfifok013, it might be time to clean your CPU block and fan.08:48
tsimpsonrecognosco: I tried a while ago with 4.7, there are some new toys, but no regex08:48
Starnummm i don't know if this is the right place to ask.. but is there an 64bit alternitive to colinux?  i would like to have some of the ubuntu futures on windows.. and i used to use colinux.. it used less memory the a VM which i am short on.08:48
aithoxhello..i've some problem with my cursor .. it is disappear while mouse press08:49
pfifok013, perhaps youi should look into power saving features of linux08:49
tsimpsonk013: also, have a look and see if there are processes using the CPU, there may be ways to trim down the usage08:49
aithoxon ubuntu 11.1008:49
k013pfifo and tsimpson- i'll do that and get back, thank you so much, have a nice day, bye!08:50
pfifo!pangolin | Dave_Maydew08:50
ubottuDave_Maydew: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:50
=== mang0 is now known as Seryth
Dave_MaydewI'm aware of that, but will it have the issues of 11.04 & 11.10 ironed out for the Nvidia GeForceFX Cards?08:51
pfifo"Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1"08:51
M4dH4tt3ry dave?08:51
SerythDave_Maydew: I have a nVidia GeForce FX 5200, no problems in 11.04 or 11.1008:52
* M4dH4tt3r has never had such issues but has head of them08:52
=== guest is now known as capecarnation
Dave_MaydewI run a Sony VGC-V2M with the GeFprceFX 5700 onboard and I get grey screen and a cutout where Unity is08:52
Dave_Maydewif it can work, where am I going wrong?08:53
Dave_MaydewI know the 173 driver don't work08:54
recognoscotsimpson: i don't know why, but i thought 4.7 had regex support. how naive of me.08:55
Dave_MaydewI want to make the move to Unity, especially after playing on a friends PC with it08:55
Dave_Maydewso if anyone can point me in the right direction to get it to work, I'll be a very happy man08:56
pfifoDave_Maydew, you can always use unity-2d08:56
Dave_Maydewtried but it screws up still08:57
Dave_Maydewas 11.10 boots into a grey screen it won't display anything08:57
tsimpsonrecognosco: http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/libstdc++/manual/status.html#status.iso.200x contains the current status, most of the regex stuff is still "partial"08:58
=== drunderworld is now known as x1649
Dave_Maydewand I've been told my version of card has been blacklisted08:58
pfifoDave_Maydew, have you tried the new noeavu driver?08:58
aithoxhello..i've some problem with my cursor .. it is disappeared while mouse pressing08:58
Dave_MaydewIf I could install it via the GUI I would08:59
aithoxif i m in wrong place plz point me another channel08:59
Dave_Maydewunless there's a way to do it via the Terminal?08:59
Dave_MaydewI've been running Ubuntu since making the move from the darkside in 2009, but I've only just decided t really learn the terminal commands09:01
recognoscotsimpson: yeah. dismal. :(09:01
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=== Companion is now known as companion
pfifoDave_Maydew, this should explain everything https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/NvidiaDriverSwitching09:02
=== reith2004__ is now known as reith2004
Pikkachu"apt-get build-dep: causes apt-get to install/remove packages in an attempt to satisfy the build dependencies for a source package" -- is this process rollbackable?09:04
aithoxhi is there another ubuntu channel?09:05
Dave_MaydewWill this removing old drivers and installing Nouveau ones work on my card?09:05
Pikkachuaithox: a lot09:05
pfifoDave_Maydew, do the part in #6 Problem: Need to fully remove -nvidia and installing or reinstall -nouveau from scratch09:06
ZeloZelos_not here09:06
=== neil__ is now known as nrdb
pfifoPikkachu, it will list all the packages that it intends to install/remove you can copy this info down and rollback manually at a later time09:08
aithoxi've some problem with my cursor .. it is disappeared while mouse pressing09:08
Dave_Maydewwill give Part 6 a go09:08
aithoxanybody no?09:08
pfifo!patience | aithox, the channel is slow right now,09:09
ubottuaithox, the channel is slow right now,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:09
aithox:S :D09:10
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aithoxno one answer me09:10
daan4711Hi, I have got a question: How can I set up my usb-keyboard to have another keyboard-layout than my laptop-built-in-keyboard. I figured something out using xorg.conf, but this does only work when I start u with my usb-keyboard plugged in, after replugging, it reverts back to the original keyboard-layout.09:10
=== Guest43682 is now known as wild_bat
pfifodaan4711, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf09:12
aithoxoic thx09:12
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
Pikkachupfifo: oh just remembered, but I have a dependency-resolving tool in hand, I don't get how can't it make the process reversible09:14
daan4711pfifo: Hi, thanx for the link. But this wiki doesn't seem to say anything about multiple layouts and keyboards, or am I wrong?09:14
hroiim wondering how often my pid's roll over... how high do they actually go?09:15
hroiI have a process that records pid's and kills those certain pid's after a time-out... so I'm worried about safe practice.09:16
pfifoPikkachu, if it says its going to install x package, then you can later remove x package with ap-get purge09:16
pat123how cant i get my broadcom to f ^%$ work(on maverick) i ve read plz direct me to  documentation09:16
pfifohroi, 6553509:16
Pikkachupfifo: how does that change the point09:17
hroipfifo:  perhaps a more safe practice would be if I can filter both pid and command invocation for the process.... if that is actually possible.09:17
pfifoPikkachu, I dont follow, is there something wrong with simply removing the software when your done with it?09:19
thp_hi! question re remote viewing, client end, it's not connecting, ip is per server end.  keeps on timing out. what might i be missing here?09:19
Pikkachupfifo: you don't really mean removing "the software"09:19
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=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
pfifoPikkachu, thats exactly what I mean, to "rollback" build-dep, simply remove what it installs09:20
Pikkachupfifo: one application can be packaged as a single dummy package of dependencies which won't be tracked by purge but just autoremove or something else09:20
greenithi, i have just watched a vid about ubuntu on the smartphone, and there was an interesting feature, where i want to know, if it alrdy exists in ubuntu: he said that the environment on the phone is able to run windows-applicatiosn (like mso) through a windows7-server where this service is running09:20
greenitis this feature alrdy in the ubuntu-desktop?09:21
Pikkachupfifo: why you repeat yourself and ignore my points? you're not even able to implement what I said, so what are you trying to do? I don't ask for not knowing09:21
llutz_Pikkachu: its open source, feel free to package all those meta-dev-packages you need. the community will say thank you (maybe)09:22
Pikkachullutz_: that doesn't invalidate the point, but you gave me an idea to workaround it09:22
pfifodaan4711, I use "setxkbmap dvorak" myself and switch back and forth as needed, perhaps that is what you need09:23
llutz_Pikkachu: i didn't say you're wrong. its just a thing nobody does yet09:23
dydguys my network icon on the top right is no more visible09:23
dydubuntu 10.0409:23
Pikkachullutz_: I haven't touched PPA stuff in LP but do you think a dummy package could be set up in the web by just picking up dependencies and pushing to the PPA?09:24
soreaudyd: Is nm-applet running?09:24
Pikkachullutz_: but you didn't say I was right09:24
llutz_Pikkachu: i'm not sure but i don't see a reason why that shouldn't be possible09:24
Pikkachullutz_: ok will check ppas maybe09:25
dydsoreau, have no idea, it's the default ubuntu network icon where you can see wireless, eth etc09:25
greenitdoes any1 know if it is possible to run windows-applications in ubuntu 11.10 via a windows7-server? if you don't exactly know what i mean, i can give you a link to the video i watched :)09:25
warmHi, I am using ubuntu 11.10, and my monitor was splitted to six parts,each displaying the same desktop. How can i fix that? thx very much.09:25
llutz_Pikkachu: i just showed you a way to go, i didn't say right/wrong. yes09:25
soreaudyd: Try alt+f2 then type nm-applet09:25
Pikkachugreenit: I don't want to watch it for some odd reason09:26
dydsoreau, i found that manage=false must be changed09:26
Pikkachullutz_: ok thanks anyway09:26
daan4711_pfifo: I am able to use "setxkbmap -device 10 us" to set my usb-keyboard to us (colemak is default), but the ID of my usb-key changes sometimes. Is it possible to run this action every time I plug-in my usb keyboard?09:26
dydsoreau, and yes, it seems like an nm-applet09:26
carpediembabyhi. i mount a fat32 drive and it is mounted as read only. how can i fix it? also, the permissions are set for root09:27
dydsoreau, i edited th enm-system-settings.conf with managed=true but as i restart network it says WARNING: ifup -a is disabled in favour of NetworkManager.09:27
=== Hiz is now known as Guest54980
soreaudyd: well you want NetworkManager and nm-applet running09:27
carpediembabyi mount it like: "/dev/sda6 /media/DATA vfat auto" in fstab09:27
dydsoreau, yes, how to remove that ifup thing09:27
soreaudyd: Check to see if nm-applet is running with this command: ps ax|grep nm-applet|grep -v grep09:28
pfifodaan4711_, You can write a udev rule to setup usb devices when you plug them in09:28
dydsoreau, 1328 ? S 0:00 nm-applet --sm-disable09:28
llutz_carpediembaby: man mount (uid/gid/umask options)09:29
soreaudyd: ok its running so try restarting it with this: killall nm-applet; nm-applet & disown09:29
daan4711_pfifo: Ok, I'll find that out, does udev also work in the loginscreen and tty's?09:29
novataxdyd : can you connect to the internet?09:30
dydsoreau, i rebooted09:30
dydnovatax, the problem is on another computer09:30
dydnovatax, a laptop09:30
soreaudyd: Maybe you just need to add Notification Area to your panel then09:30
dydnovatax, and no, i can't connect09:30
dydsoreau, reboot worked09:30
pfifodaan4711_, udev is a system service so it always works, I think you mean your keyboard, and that depends on how you set it up09:31
dydnovatax, soreau, thank you, now it's fine09:31
warmcarpediembaby, if you want that partition to be writable, you can replace auto with defaults.09:31
novataxdon't mention it09:31
Pikkachufor who asked about ps, ps aux | awk -F ' ' '{ print $4; }' or something like09:31
soreaudyd: cool09:31
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
dydi'm in an university, and we have .p12 certificates to use the wifi network, how can i install this?09:32
llutz_warm: "defaults" won't mount vfat user-rw09:32
mister2is there a way to run a program that has a gui without it? it pops up a little notification in a new window when it's minimized. i want the window that pops up, but i'd like to have the program run all the time without being around. small screen size and all that09:33
mister2it's java based if that helps09:33
warmllutz, oh, I am using  ntfs, that works. sorry for the mistake.09:34
carpediembabywarm: i replaced with defaults, unmounted/remounted and it still has permissions like: drwxr-xr-x with root user09:34
chown_hey guys, im having some troubble here. I did changed my /etc/fstab and its working well, it is mouting up at boot. The thing is when i open myfile browser, it has 2 categories: Devices and Computer. Under Computer it shows all my mounts that i did unter fstab, the broblem is under the Devices it show all my mount again but not mounted09:34
=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
proozWhere can i find PPA for 9.10 ?09:35
pfifo!ppa | prooz09:35
ubottuprooz: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:35
warmcarpediembaby, sorry for the wrong guide, llutz  just points that out, it won't work for vfat.09:35
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
pfifo!9.10 | prooz, also09:36
ubottuprooz, also: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.09:36
rurufufussI seem to have installed gcc/g++ 4.6, but gcc --version is still 4.4. how do I fix this?09:36
klawdhow can i stop ubuntu from overwriting my resolv.conf every time i boot?09:37
llutz_klawd: set your dns in networkmanager or dhclient.conf09:38
pfifoklawd, there are 3 options that work for me, 1. use static IP addresses, 2 edit /etc/network/interfaces and 3 set DNS addresses in network-manager gui09:38
chown_look whats happening to my mounts: http://uppix.net/6/b/5/f1016566a98895efc189aecda77ba.png09:38
wookienzcan someone tell me the difference between oneric kernel and  precise kernel?09:39
klawdit kinda sucks that ubunuts gui stuff overwrites the changes i make on the console in the first place09:39
crizzylinux 3.0 vs 3.209:39
llutz_klawd: /etc/resolv.conf isn't meant to be edited manually09:39
carpediembabyllutz_: is this okay: "/dev/sda6 /media/DATA vfat -o rw,auto" i don't really know how this works09:39
klawdllutz_: i see09:40
pfifoklawd, theres no gui involved in the overwriting, dhcpclient overwrites it09:40
llutz_carpediembaby: read "man mount" about uid/gid/umask options09:40
klawdaye, thanks09:40
dhruvasagarklawd: what exactly do yo uwant to achieve ?09:40
klawddhruvasagar: add another dns server to my resolving09:41
dhruvasagarklawd: I do that, all you need to do is add a pre dns server mapping09:41
llutz_klawd: how do you configure your network, using /etc/network/interfaces or networkmanager?09:41
klawdnetwork/interfaces. i just use dhcp right now though09:42
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
llutz_klawd: edit dhclient.conf, add "prepend domain-name-servers;"09:43
skyzerhi all09:43
klawdaye, thanks09:43
ch33zpm me09:43
ch33zi can help you allthe way through09:43
klawdis there append as well?09:43
llutz_klawd: replace with your preferred dns09:43
dhruvasagarklawd: edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf file and add a prepend domain-name-server09:43
ch33zllutz if you need help pm me09:44
skyzeranyone can help me set up personal vpn on ubuntu09:44
wookienzskyzer, openvpn09:44
ch33zi can skyzer09:44
llutz_ch33z: sure, i will09:44
dhruvasagarklawd: you can add multiple entries separated by ','09:44
pfifollutz_, lol!09:44
skyzerany link for tutorial.easy to understand ?09:45
proozpfifo: Thank you.09:45
klawdthank you guys09:45
wookienzskyzer, nothing on hand...google is always your friend.09:45
skyzer:) thank frenz if i dont understand i will look up for up09:46
llutz_skyzer: look at openVPN.org, they have easy tutorials09:46
KrisDouglasHello, when we connect to our servers from a KCom line in Hull the connection hangs if we try to run LS or anything that has a largish output. Any thoughts on the cause of this?09:46
skyzerok lutz..tq09:46
KrisDouglasThe servers work and respond perfectly from everywhere else.09:46
moogzhi all, i'd like to have a persistent netcat spawned shell attached to a socket upon bootup (in a secure test environment) what's the best way to achieve this?09:46
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
skorketI'm not sure if this is an ubuntu problem or an arduino problem (I've also asked the question on #arduino) but I'm having trouble programming my Duemilanuve arduino compatible board.  It's giving me 'avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding' when I try and program it.  From a brief look on forums they suggest a misconfigured something or other having to do with the USB port.  Do you guys have any suggestions on ways to deb09:47
skorketug this?  I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric).09:47
recognoscollutz_: why would say /etc/resolv.conf is not meant to be edited manually? if anyone feels like it, they should, by all means, edit it ;)09:47
pfifomoogz, I would add a entry to /etc/rc.local09:47
llutz_recognosco: well and then they cry when it gets overwritten09:48
llutz_recognosco: there are better means to setup dns than changing that file directly09:48
moogzaha, thanks pfifo.  this is the line of script i'm intending to use: while true; do nc -lp 23 -e /bin/bash  ; done & - do i need the &? and is there a more elegant way to have it respawn upon connection close?09:48
chown_how to fix this duplicated  mount points?: http://uppix.net/6/b/5/f1016566a98895efc189aecda77ba.png09:49
recognoscollutz_: then you can over-overwrite it with a cronjob perhaps?09:49
llutz_recognosco: bad hacks09:49
llutz_recognosco: just do it "right", no need for hacks09:49
pfifomoogz, you could also make an upstart job if your up to it, upstart will allow you to respawn jobs09:49
moogzwould the while hack work, d'ya think?  this is the first time i've encountered the upstart aspect of rc scripts, so i think i'd like whatever's easiest and most reliable09:50
SerythHey all. I'm trying to play a DVD via vlc, but when I go to open disc, nothing happens. I think this is because it's trying to use /dev/dvd, when my dvd is actually in /media/dvd_title. What can I do? I tried pointing vlc at /media/dvd_title, but nothing happens (again!). What can I do?09:50
pfifomoogz, yes the while loop will work, or atleast it appears that it will, make sure you dont let rc.local enter an infinate loop09:51
recognoscollutz_: tell me more about "right", i like to learn :)09:51
pfifomoogz, it may be better to make a shell script and then run it in rc.local "myscript.sh &"09:52
recognoscopfifo: got to build 4.7 finally :-D09:53
llutz_recognosco: lots of ways depending on your networksetup. dhclient.conf, /etc/network/interfaces "dns-nameserers...", /etc/resolvconf/conf.d/*, networkmanager etcpp09:53
JituHI guys09:53
JituM new in ubuntu09:54
moogzok pfifo i'll try that out09:54
moogzthanks for your input09:54
pfifoSeryth, /dev/dvd is the dvd drive, /media/dvd_title is the disk09:54
Jitucan  u suggest me the most important apps for ubuntu???09:54
Serythpfifo: Well, neither one works :/09:55
pfifoSeryth, try playing /dev/cdrom09:55
JituM geting very low sound in ubuntu as comapre to windows 709:55
Jitucan any 1 help to fix this09:55
pfifoJitu, increase the volume09:56
Jitui did09:56
Jituits over 100%09:56
JituStill same09:56
pfifoJitu, try running 'alsamixer' and increasing it there09:56
recognoscollutz_: networkmanager is gui, we will not count that. dhclient is out - what if there is no dhcp... now read this: http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration#Defining_the_.28DNS.29_Nameservers09:57
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=== neersighted is now known as neersighted|AFK
llutz_recognosco: "dns-nameservers x.y.w.z" in /etc/network/interfaces09:58
mi3Hi, I downloaded a font called bank gothic light bt and installed it, now i would like to add it to conky, what name do I write in that file? can someone suggest that?09:59
llutz_recognosco: you read "Don't use this method if you have the resolvconf program installed"  which should be in most cases09:59
moogzpfifo: i gave that a shot, but it doesn't seem to run my spawnd.sh onboot - it works a charm if i run spawnd & after boot though10:00
moogzto a line preceding exit 0, i've added: /bin/spawnd &10:00
recognoscollutz_: yeah, but that is a special condition...10:00
llutz_recognosco: not really10:00
derpladeehey guys, evince is really fast and cool but it only has room for like 5 pages at the same time when i open a PDF10:01
derpladeecan i allow it to use more memory or something like that?10:01
recognoscollutz_: so we can remove resolnconf and manually edit /etc/resolv.conf < solvs the problem10:01
moogzi do have a successful script setup in rcS.d, so i'm trying to prepend the spawnd & line to that10:01
mi3Hi, I downloaded a font called bank gothic light bt and installed it, now i would like to add it to conky, what name do I write in that file? can someone suggest that?10:01
derpladeei mean, it only stores 5 pages in the memory so if i go to another page not in those 5 then it will stop to load10:01
pfifomoogz, well, upstart gives you the best felixibility if all else fails10:01
derpladeei don't mind it using 1gb memory because i have enough and i use pdfs a lot10:01
llutz_recognosco: so we configure /etc/network/interfaces once, and never have to care about /etc/resolv.conf <- solves the problem. lets stop it here10:02
moogzdang.  so it's a bit strange that even with my working rcS.d/S01blah script which is fully operational, that when i add one extra command as the first line it doesn't work10:02
moogzi guess i could try outputting &>/root/whatsgoingon to see if something's amiss, but it works when i'm booted up10:03
pfifomoogz, it would work if you went to single user mode, you want rc3.d... no actually you want /etc/init10:04
recognoscollutz_: sure. it is ubuntu channel afterall. you're right.10:05
ryanyeahanyone know if it is possible to set up a cron job to download a pdf from a site that you have to first log in to over https? it is surprisingly difficult to google an answer to that question10:05
moogzi've added it as a line to the /etc/init.d/rc.local script in the hope that'll nail it10:06
pfiforyanyeah, yes it is10:06
=== Cyrus is now known as Guest74537
moogzi did a &>/root/whatsup and it's a blank file.  i wonder what's going on10:08
moogzso i know it's executing it, but it's not remaining executed10:08
Django_Novicehi there10:08
Django_Novicei want to run a command with sudo in a script....its askin for a password10:09
Django_Noviceis there any chance i could provide password with the command so it shouldnt prompt for password10:10
pfifoDjango_Novice, run the script with sudo10:10
Django_Novicepfifo: let me try that10:10
parapanhello everyone I use ubntu 10.04 LTS; after last update, the system starts very low, the HDD light is always flashing and every 10-15 seconds the systems tries to start File Manager which is not opening anyway; also , every 20 seconds the CPU goes 1005 for 2-3 seconds, and this happens all the time .....any clue how can I handle this ???10:11
recognoscoparapan: look at your boot log10:12
parapancan I do that ?10:13
parapanrecognosco: how can I do that ?10:13
recognoscoparapan: dmesg | less10:13
chown_as i understood /etc/fstab is for permanent mounts, and i did that. And those permanent mounts appears on as a Computer drive.  want to know why  its also appearing at the Devices on my files manager: http://uppix.net/6/b/5/f1016566a98895efc189aecda77ba.png10:15
pfifochown_, can you pastebin the output of `mount` the file /etc/fstab and the file /etc/mtab10:17
chown_pfifo: sure10:18
chown_pfifo: there we go10:24
chown_bwt i what if the mtab?10:24
chown_what is the mtab*10:24
pokuyguys what is on the xterm log in10:25
Truepidcan any one tell me about the configuration file that stores default window manager conf10:26
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
pfifochown_, sorry, im not seeing any hints there10:28
chown_pfifo: ok, np10:28
chown_pfifo: but would u explain to em whats the diff bwtween fstab and mtab?10:29
pfifochown_, from wikipedia The mtab (contraction of mounted file systems table) file is a system information file, commonly found on Unix-like systems. This file lists all currently mounted filesystems along with their initialization options. mtab has a lot in common with fstab, the main distinction being that the latter lists all available filesystems whereas the former lists only currently mounted ones. Therefore mtab is usually in a format similar to that of f10:30
pfifostab. Most of the time it is possible to directly use lines from mtab in fstab.10:30
AdvoWorkHi there, just wondering, does anyone know exactly what sudo apt-get install php5-gd does? i mean, does it literally get the .so and copy it to a dir and change php.ini or what else? how would I ever find that out?10:31
avernosis it possible to set up doble display?10:31
pfifoAdvoWork, pretty much, it downloads a package containing many files, installs them on your system, and then configures the system as neede10:32
avernosshruggar, with acceleration, unity and stuff?10:32
AdvoWorkpfifo, i was wondering if I can somehow find out exactly what files etc so I can manually do it10:32
avernosshruggar, i mean, not as cloned display, as a secondary display10:32
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Django_Novicepfifo: in my situation im running git pull command in the same script....so if i run script with sudo ...git pull command is giving me permission denied error10:33
shruggaravernos: I have dual-monitor set-up with accelleration using NVidea "TwinView"10:33
pfifoAdvoWork, you can use dpkg -L <package name> after its installed to list the files in the package, or use apt-file if you dont want to install it first10:33
Django_Novicepfifo: i cant run script with sudo... so need to provide password with sudo command to avoid password prompt10:33
pfifoDjango_Novice, you can use visudo, to allow yourself to run certian commands without a password10:34
Django_Novicecan i run pkill with visudo???10:34
pfifoDjango_Novice, visudo edits the configuration for sudo10:35
pfifoDjango_Novice, no, but you can make it so sudo doesnt ask for a password when you try to run `sudo pkill`10:35
pfifoDjango_Novice, but in the end, NO you cannot specify a password in the script10:36
Django_Novicepfifo: so visudo pkill -of will not ask for password??10:36
Django_Novicepfifo: whats the best way to execute commands in the script??10:37
pfifoDjango_Novice, no that is incorrect, the program visudo is meant to be run by itself. it is a text editor10:37
wadkarI want to install 'sealert' utility to connect to a setroubleshoot server on a CentOS server10:37
Django_Novicepfifo: I have a situation where I need to execute few commands plus a git pull.... where git pull would'nt work with sudo10:38
pfifowadkar, look in the software center for it and if theres nothing there look for a ppa on launchpad10:39
Django_Novicepfifo: whats the best possible solutoin???10:39
wadkarpfifo: thanks, I keep forgetting the software center , used 'apt-cache search' all the time10:39
pfifoDjango_Novice, ideally you dont use sudo in a shell script, the best possible solution is to run your shell script all as one user10:39
pavucinaHello, I have a problem with downloading packages, is ubuntu server down now?10:40
Django_Novicepfifo: hmmm i dnt have root privilege and i cnt run git pull with sudo :)10:40
Django_Novicenow what am i supposed to do :)10:41
=== reith2004_ is now known as reith2004
pfifoDjango_Novice, run git pull without sudo10:41
Django_Novicepfifo: let me try that10:41
AdvoWorkpfifo, if i do apt-file php5-gd what will that do?10:41
Django_Novicepfifo: thanks10:41
pavucinaHello, I have a problem with downloading packages, is ubuntu server down now? please10:42
pfifoAdvoWork, I dont know10:42
jattwhich server10:42
pavucinaI cant download any package10:43
pavucinaI dont know which server10:43
kalimojowhat is the latest version of ubuntu >?10:43
pfifo!11.10 | kalimojo10:43
ubottukalimojo: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111010:43
kalimojook im on 11.10. i thought i saw a reference to 12.04 tho10:45
pfifo!12.04 | kalimojo10:46
ubottukalimojo: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:46
pfifoit wont be out until april10:46
metaspikeanyone know where the nitty, gritty settings for tap to click functionality are stored for the synaptics standard touchpads?10:47
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:48
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:48
gr33n7007h!feh | gr33n7007h10:48
jn_hi how can i determine which sda is my root partition ?10:48
pfifometaspike, somewhere in /usr/lib/xorg.conf.d10:48
pfifojn_, run `mount`10:49
jn_ok ty10:50
jn_did the trick10:50
pfifo!botabuse | gr33n7007h10:51
ubottugr33n7007h: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".10:51
AdvoWorki'm trying to do sudo apt-get install php5-gd but its on about upgrading other packages. Can I not just say just do that and nothing else?10:53
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drcodehi all10:55
drcodehow can I remove linux-image-pae and replace it with regular image?10:55
chown_what should i do if i create some script and it has a sudo command in there, how should i handle it?10:55
drcodeany idea please?10:55
pfifoAdvoWork, you can download the package and install it manually with dpkg, forcing it and ignoring dependencies, but thats a BAD idea10:55
damo22pfifo: one way is to do apt-get install --no-recommends10:56
pfifodrcode, sudo apt-get install <prefered image here>10:56
drcodeI did10:56
drcodebut it still using pae image10:56
AdvoWorkpfifo, i need to install php5-gd but can't/dont want to upgrade anything else php related :S10:56
AdvoWorkwhy is it a bad idea?10:56
pfifodrcode, well now you can `sudo apt-get remove <old image here>`10:57
damo22drcode: boot into the new kernel using grub, and remove the old kernel10:57
pfifoAdvoWork, because it likely will not run correctly10:57
drcodeI can run both images?10:57
drcodewhat is the regualr image?10:57
damo22drcode: it will let you have both on your system but only one runs at a time10:57
drcodethe regular is generic?10:58
pfifoAdvoWork, thats why I build php from scratch and all of its extras too, thats the only way to get any real control over it10:58
damo22drcode, pae is for systems with more than 4Gb ram and allows physical address extension cpu stuff10:58
drcodeI will try it10:59
FloodBot1drcode: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:59
jphello. Yesterday my Huawei E1762 worked normally. Today, when i started my ubuntu, my network manager cant find it..11:04
jpi use ubuntu 10.04. Does i need to reinstall network manager or something11:05
MonkeyDustjp is that a usb 3g stick?11:06
MonkeyDustok, tou may need an extra module, moment11:06
MonkeyDustusb-switch or so11:07
MonkeyDustjp  you need usb-modeswitch, to be installed the normal way11:07
jphow that gonna do?11:08
MonkeyDusthow you insatll any other program11:08
jpthanks :)11:08
MonkeyDustapt-get install, or synaptic, or software center11:08
Starncan the USB installer of ubuntu 11.10 x64 detect unallocated hard drive space?11:15
jmoerkStarn: yes, if you mean it can detect an empty partition11:16
Starnjmoerk: i believe so.. i had to use windows partitioner to shrink a hard drive made an empty partition thats 240gb for ubuntu.11:16
jmoerkshould be fine then :)11:17
Starnwell 234.38gb to be exact my math was off by a hair lol11:17
jmoerkI did something similar11:17
Starnwell jmoerk  i decided to not remove my ubuntu install on my 160gb external for i often use it to repair broken bootmgr and windows stuff.. (repairs computers as a side job) and it's 32bit.. i want a 64bit for my new machine has over 4gb of ram.11:18
Starnjmoerk: i am correct to keep the 32bit for it's mor compatible with most all hardware?11:19
parapanhello everyone I use ubntu 10.04 LTS; after last update, the system starts very low, the HDD light is always flashing and every 10-15 seconds the systems tries to start File Manager which is not opening anyway; also , every 20 seconds the CPU goes 1005 for 2-3 seconds, and this happens all the time .....any clue how can I handle this ???11:19
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:19
bilal03hello there,11:20
TechDeskHi all11:21
TechDeskIt's true then the last version of ubuntu cannot boot avec grub legacy ?11:21
TechDeskOr the kernel on last version of ubuntu11:21
jmoerkStarn: I don't know really, I'm not an expert on what versions goes with which hardware, all I can say is I still havent found something I couldn't do with my 64bit system11:22
bilal03i can't change my resolution to standard ( its 1440x900 for my LCD). In Display properties it cannot detect my monitor any resolution stuck on 1024x768. i'm using ubuntu 11.10... any idea about this???11:22
bilal03i can't change my resolution to standard ( its 1440x900 for my LCD). In Display properties it cannot detect my monitor and resolution stuck on 1024x768. i'm using ubuntu 11.10... any idea about this???11:23
pfifoStarn, yes 32bit version of ubuntu support more hardware, namely 32bit CPUs11:23
MonkeyDustStarn  32bit can be run on both 32 and 64bit hardware - 64bit can be run on 64bit only11:24
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TechDeskIt's true then the last version of ubuntu cannot boot avec grub legacy ?11:26
pfifoTechDesk, why not try it and find out?11:26
chown_how do i disable gnome auto mount?11:27
TechDeskpfifo Parce que des gens ne me croient pas11:27
chown_i think its cousing this: http://uppix.net/6/b/5/f1016566a98895efc189aecda77ba.png11:27
TechDeskpfifo Because people do not believe me11:28
MonkeyDustTechDesk  "If you run an older Ubuntu or had any trouble with Grub 2 then Grub Legacy & Lilo are still available." -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Grub11:28
Starnpfifo: MonkeyDust: ok so it'd be best to keep my 32bit install on the external for computer repairs than.11:28
Starnwell i gtg to install my new ubuntu onto my internal hard drive :) bbl11:29
parapanhello everyone I use ubntu 10.04 LTS; after last update, the system starts very low, the HDD light is always flashing and every 10-15 seconds the systems tries to start File Manager which is not opening anyway; also , every 20 seconds the CPU goes 1005 for 2-3 seconds, and this happens all the time .....any clue how can I handle this ???11:29
bilal03 i can't change my resolution to standard ( its 1440x900 for my LCD). In Display properties it cannot detect my monitor and resolution stuck on 1024x768. i'm using ubuntu 11.10... any idea about this???11:29
metaspikebilal03, it's likely that you are lacking the additional drivers required by your graphics card11:30
Kartagisdo you guys know of a broken link checker for websites behind CAS?11:31
pfifoparapan, can you explain the part where your CPU goes 1005?11:31
karthick87How to use data card in ubuntu 11.04 ?11:31
bilal03metaspike, its just intel Q965 built in graphics11:31
operatorplikhow to change the display to view xp linux11:31
bilal03metaspike, it was running perfect since last time i boot11:31
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parapanpfifo: 100%11:32
karthick87How to use internet data card in ubuntu 11.04 ?11:32
bilal03metaspike, but now i can't change resolution11:32
Kartagiskarthick87: you mean ethernet?11:32
pfifoparapan, run top and figure out which process is consuming all your CPU11:32
metaspikebilal03, in terminal- jockey-gtk11:32
karthick87Kartagis: USB11:32
parapanpfifo: problem is that if HDD is accessed all time, every single operation takes forever ...11:33
pfifoparapan, reinstall11:34
pokuy guys do you know the link of tron themes11:34
bilal03metaspike, No proprietary drivers are in use in your system11:34
parapanOk, that will be the option > I just imagine I can save something out11:35
mi3Hello everyone11:35
parapanpfofi: any ideea how to backup the e-mails from Evolution client ?11:35
metaspikebilal03, are you running ati or nividia perhaps?11:35
bilal03metaspike,  no just built in intel graphics11:36
pfifoparapan, when you run the install CD, mount your hard drive and copy /home to a safe place befoer installing11:36
metaspikeeh, does the resolution you show with: xrandr ?11:36
ponrajuganeshhow to set the X11 eviroment variable ? whey tried to running a java code in the ssh evironment I am not able to get the output , could anyone pls help11:36
pfifoponrajuganesh, run "ssh -XC"11:37
bilal03metaspike,  i dont know11:37
pfifoponrajuganesh, you might want to use jre-headless too11:37
mi3I have a problem with updating my sources from the terminal there is a hash mismatch or something I dont know can you suggest whats wrong? http://pastebin.com/pJn3A1Uc11:38
erinaceusHi, i have a quick question. I create a usergroup www and gave it ownership of /var/www, i added my account to that group and changed the group rights to rwx but still cant create files. What did i miss?11:38
ponrajuganeshdint get u pfifo where to run so?11:38
parapanpfifo: K, I can do that but ...the .Evolution folder will contain all the messages in order to import them afterward ????11:38
pfifoparapan, then when your done, copy /home back to your system11:39
pfifoponrajuganesh, I dont understand what your saying11:40
parapanpfifo: just that easy ? copy old /home folder on top of the new one ??11:40
casaciao a tutti11:40
casaci sono italiani ?11:40
pfifoparapan, ideally you use a seperate partition for /home11:41
mi3I have a problem with updating my sources from the terminal there is a hash mismatch or something I dont know can you suggest whats wrong? http://pastebin.com/pJn3A1Uc11:41
casaamsn and webcam non function11:41
ROBADINOIA<--- secondo te son italiano?11:41
casahelp me11:41
chown_something is trying to mount all my /etc/fstab twice11:41
casami sa di si11:41
parapanpfifo: I managed to see some process - some times /usr/bin/X si taking 40-50% of the CPU, some times /usr/bin/python is going CPU to 99%11:41
ROBADINOIAma nn ti so aiutare con quello che hai chiesto11:42
casapensi di potermi dare una mano di aiuto ?11:42
casaah ok11:42
casaallora niente11:42
Myrtti!it | ROBADINOIA11:42
ubottuROBADINOIA: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:42
ponrajuganeshI have got a jar file what uses a GUI, it is present in the solris machine? I try runnning it from the terminal in the ubuntu but getting this error as X11 not set .. am I making myself clear pfifo11:42
pfifoponrajuganesh, install X11 on your solaris machine11:42
ponrajuganeshit is installed pfifo11:43
mi3I have a problem with updating my sources from the terminal there is a hash mismatch or something I dont know can you suggest whats wrong? http://pastebin.com/pJn3A1Uc11:44
bilal03hi guyz... i can't change my resolution to standard ( its 1440x900 for my LCD). In Display properties it cannot detect my monitor and resolution stuck on 1024x768. i'm using ubuntu 11.10... any idea about this???11:44
Myrttiponrajuganesh: so how does your Solaris problem relate to Ubuntu? What's the connection?11:44
pfifoponrajuganesh, connect to the solaris machine with "ssh -XC <hostname>"11:44
ponrajuganeshya trying that pfifo11:45
erinaceusHi, i have a quick question. I create a usergroup www and gave it ownership of /var/www, i added my account to that group and changed the group rights to rwx but still cant create files. What did i miss?11:45
parapanpfifo: I managed to see some process - some times /usr/bin/X si taking 40-50% of the CPU, some times /usr/bin/python is going CPU to 99% - is this telling something to you ??11:45
pfifoparapan, what are you running in python?11:45
TechDeskerinaceus relog11:46
parapanpfifo: I think it has to do with the update process11:46
FireballinSup all, i am trying to duel linux with Win 7 but before the gui starts it locks  up and i can see where it says "unable to Mount Image11:47
erinaceusTechDesk: Thanks, worked like a charm11:47
chown_what is this line at my fstab ::   proc    /proc     proc    nodev,noexec,nosuid  ?11:47
pfifoparapan, can you find out the name of the process that is taking up all the CPU?11:47
parapanpfifo: just now, nautilus was taking 200% of the CPU ....but then is dissapearing and I cannot kill the process ...looks like a ghost process or so ...11:48
bilal03hi guyz... i can't change my resolution to standard ( its 1440x900 for my LCD). In Display properties it cannot detect my monitor and resolution stuck on 1024x768. i'm using ubuntu 11.10... any idea about this???11:48
pfifoparapan, it sounds like you broke your system while updating, reinstall11:49
parapanpfifo: I was afraid of that ..I updated via USB modem and probably I had errors when downloading ....:(11:50
pfifoparapan, update more often11:50
ponrajuganeshthanks a lot pfifo11:50
ponrajuganeshgot it :)11:50
Starnhey the new installer for ubuntu/xubuntu is way different than the last time i used.. i have two hard drives.. both 500gb used windows partition manager to make 240gb partition for ubuntu/xubuntu  will ubuntu installer automatically detect the smallest partition so to speak and install on that?11:50
pfifoStarn, be safe and partition manually11:51
parapanpfifo: do you have any clue about evolution mail client if they have a support channel on freenode ??11:51
Starnso don't used install alongside them?11:51
pfifo!alis evolution11:51
FireballinSup all, i am trying to duel linux with Win 7 but before the gui starts it locks  up and i can see where it says "unable to Mount Image11:52
wadkar'sudo apt-cache search setroubleshoot' yields nothing (please don't redirect me to Software Center) , google results show that package is there, what am I missing?11:52
pfifo!alis | parapan11:52
ubottuparapan: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:52
Starnif not in manual is suggest swap size for 4gb or ram 4gb swap?11:52
=== max is now known as Guest26880
jmoerkStarn: I'm pretty sure it selects the free one, but there should be an option for seeing which one is being used if I remember correctly11:52
pfifoStarn, the recommended amount of swap for a system with 4GB of memory is 8GB11:53
parapanpfifo: Ok, thank you for support11:53
Starnpfifo: ok thanks.. do you know the exact number for 8gb? i only remember 4292 to be 4gb..11:53
Starnjmoerk: the install alongside them option should detect the "free space" and install in that?11:54
pfifoStarn, 8589934592 bytes11:54
babilenStarn: 8192 and 4gb would be 409611:54
MayazcherquoiHey guys, how can I stop *all* programs that run full screen from crashing? (running oneiric, netbook w/ 1280x576)11:54
jmoerkStarn: exactly11:54
casacome rientro in ubuntu italia ?11:55
LjLcasa: /join #Ubuntu-it11:55
Starnjmoerk: i see there is ext 4 now.. that's suggest to use?  (can you tell it's been awhile?)11:56
Starnjmoerk: btw i am manually setting it up..11:56
pfifoStarn, ext4 is really nice, almost instant fsck11:57
patrunjelHi. I have some files with names in the format : Whatever_name.flac, and I want to change then into The_same_name.mp3 . I tried piping ls to mv, a for statement, and piping ls to a variable and then renaming the files after the variable. Everything failed :D . Could you please help me out?11:57
Starnpfifo: ok. i'll use that! lol ok how does this sound to you?  /dev/sdb5 swap 8192mb    /dev/sdb6 ext4  /  243.4gb   the / after ext4 is mount point.11:58
pfifopatrunjel, ls *.falc | sed 's/flac/mp3/'  THEN copy and paste its ouput11:58
jmoerkStarn: seems fine to me11:59
pfifoStarn, meh, i would use a single partition and then add a swapfile instead11:59
pfifopatrunjel, notice i misspelled the first flac11:59
Starnpfifo: woo i don't know if this is a new option or now.. but it's letting me choose which device to put bootloader.. should i use the one that is the same device as windows OS? for i intend to restore windows boot loader and adding ubuntu to the list.. in case grub fails (which my luck it has done so with every install i have had)12:00
Starnpfifo: i prefer to make a partition for a swap. i even do that for windows.12:01
pfifopatrunjel, sorry, i didnt give you enough command there, run 'ls *.flac | sed 's/\(.*\)flac/mv "\1flac" "\1mp3"/'12:02
pfifoStarn, have fun resizing the amout of swap you have :)12:03
MonkeyDustpatrunjel  flac is not mp3, does renaming the files convert them?12:03
MonkeyDustpatrunjel  flac is 'free lossless oudio codec' - mp3 is not lossless, it is compressed12:04
Starnjmoerk: did you read what i said to pfifo ?  if my bios is set to load /dev/sda  first that would leave windows boot manager alone correct? that is if i placed the bootloader on /dev/sdb ? and than i could boot into grub just by going to bios boot menu selecting second hard drive vs going through windows manager or grub.. w/e... i am confusing my self.12:04
zainwmorning all12:04
jmoerkStarn: I really don't know, I always just use grub as the bootloader12:05
pfifoStarn, yes you can install grub on a different device and then boot from it via the boot menu12:05
Starnpfifo: i rarely resize the swap partition. and if i ever need to i can do so easily by taking space from the ntfs partition on the same hard drive.. it's currently 500gb hard drive that's empty.12:05
jmoerkpfifo has a point though, a swap file is easier to resize12:05
Starnpfifo: thanks and jmoerk thanks as well that'll kinda make it easier for me.. i don't mind holding down esc key when bios loads up to get to linux. been doing so anyways12:06
hobbeltanyone tried an Ubuntu / OSx / Windows dualboot?12:06
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:06
hobbeltso a trippleboot :)12:06
pfifohobbelt, you can multi-boot just as easy as dual boot12:06
Starnhobbelt: i've never used mac... but i use to have xp vista and ubuntu and another linux distro on the same machine.12:06
fireballinSup all, i am trying to duel boot linux with Win 7 but before the gui starts it locks  up and i can see where it says "unable to Mount Image" i am not really new to linux just new to the whole win 7 thing so not sure what is happening12:07
hobbeltStarn I have Win 7 and Ubuntu atm, that works perfectly (it always has) but will probably ruin Grub with OSx install, if it works at all12:07
KlojumI'm using a tripleboot on my laptop currently... WinXP / Ubuntu 11.10 / OpenELEC12:07
pfifofireballin, do you use uefi?12:08
hobbeltJust need iMovie, but dont think it will run in vmware12:08
=== ROBADINOIA is now known as Zizzu
Starnhobbelt: gah i miss my win7.... i had a poweroutage which kinda destroyed the hard drive with win7! now i am stuck with xp for speed (games) ubuntu for awesome stuff and dev.. and vista for audio work..  i hear mac os12:08
zainwmorning all, is there any one that could help me with a question please about installing 11.10 on a dell R610 server please?12:09
Starnhobbelt: i hear mac os's are great for picture and audio and video editing if you got the money12:09
MonkeyDust!anyone| zainw12:09
ubottuzainw: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:09
hobbeltGot free students lisence on al OS :)12:09
anoobi've created a bootable usb device with LiLi USB Creator. I've disabled everything except removable device in bios but it doesn't boot at all. I don't have a CD driver and I want to install Ubuntu ...12:09
yunneed ubuntu server.. (french)12:09
Starnhobbelt: that's very nice! that is how i got my win7..12:09
hobbeltsame here :)12:09
hobbeltalright, ill just try and be sure to keep a livedisc close12:10
Starnhobbelt: to be honest it was my friend who went to college... and he gave me his copy.. he had unlimited access to any os on as many machines as he wanted... (super jealous) but anyways this isn't the place to have general chat.. um.. i believe you should of installed windows mac than ubuntu...12:11
hobbeltStarn yes, thats true with windows.. but i know a livedisc can fix that with bootfix or something like that.12:12
Starnhobbelt: if mac os screws anything up i can tell you how to restore the windows boot loader which can be setup just like grub.12:12
zainwI'll admit to being a completely noob with Ubuntu, Centos im not too bad with. I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 on a dell R610 server with a H200 Raid card and 2 x 250gb in raid 1. All goes well, everything installs ok, reboot and hey presto... It wont boot in to ubuntu. There is no grub screen, nothing12:12
hobbeltzainw you booting the right disc?12:13
Starni suck at using grub hobbelt so please don't ask anything about that directed to me.. i'll probably further break your os.. haha12:13
zainwused the guided setup with in the installer to set all that up. it did ask to use MBR so said yes12:14
hobbeltzainw or partition the right way? raid1 requires you to manual select the right partition properties as far as I recall12:14
zainwin fairness, it didnt give me the option to choose which disk12:14
Starnhey on ubuntu install when it ask where are you.. whats the closest place to oklahoma city? so i can have the currect time?12:14
hobbeltStarn just pick something within your time zone12:15
Starnnvm.. hobbelt i found oklahoma city.. doubt you can get closer than that.. haha!12:15
hobbeltzainw i would look into the advanced installation guides for raid setups12:15
hobbeltzainw --> https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html12:16
Starnholy crap.. they finally actually added my town to list of locations! i might faint..12:16
zainwin theory, a live cd should get me in to the system as it stands shouldnt it? dont mind wiping everything again if needed as its a new install12:18
pfifozainw, is your card a fakeraid?12:18
P1ratehi :)12:19
fireballinmaybe someone else might have an answer as to why when attepmting to dual-boot ubuntu from USB drive with Win 7 it locks up and says "Unable to Mount Image"12:19
zainwnope, its a proper hardware H200 from Dell12:20
=== Inkscape is now known as FreeNET
hobbeltfireballin does it say more?12:20
pfifozainw, then the advanced installation isnt for you12:20
zainwits all about the software raid from the looks of it12:21
pfifo... atleast not for setting up thye raid12:21
hobbeltpfifo but then it should work out of the box..12:21
zainwi would have thought that the installer would have just done it like centos does lol12:21
pfifohobbelt, a realraid will simply look like a single drive, and doesnt require any additional drivers or software12:22
MonkeyDustzainw  centos is redhat based, no?12:22
fireballinhobbelt, no it doesn't12:24
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
hobbeltfireballin is it a mountable usb drive? or did you just put the iso on the usb?12:24
ZaitzevI'm running a windows program  in wine, but it doesn't show in the dash, nor is it visible using Alt+Tab. Why is that? oO12:24
fireballinhobbelt, it is mountable this will be the 3rd or forth install from this drive12:25
ubuntuoh hi12:29
ubuntuis this on12:29
ubuntuhello :P12:30
fireballinhobbelt, any ideas?12:30
ubuntucan anyone help me12:30
Starnbe right back install is done.12:30
fireballinubuntu, ask away12:31
hobbeltfireballin well, try to hash check the iso on the stick, it might be corrupt if you have used it a couple of times. After all is flash memory..12:31
ubuntuwill installing ubuntu delete my windows xp i have?12:31
hobbeltubuntu if you install it on the same partition yes12:31
hobbeltSo just dont to that12:31
ubuntuoh thx12:31
fireballinubuntu, no in the installer is an option the install aloongside12:31
hobbeltubuntu you could even try the wubi installer the first time12:32
fireballinhobbelt, ok i will try that12:32
fireballinty :)12:32
ubuntui have ubuntu 11.10 instalation on my usb stick12:32
mdl4hey all12:33
mdl4what's good12:33
ubuntuok im going to install it from usb :)12:34
zainwso no more thoughts as to why cant boot with MBR on this raid then folks? this install seriously to bug me as it never errors or anything :(12:34
Amozzainw, when you install, does it look like one disk?12:35
zainwyes it does12:35
Amozthe RAID I mean12:35
Amozand you use the alternate installer, ubuntu-server?12:36
zainwjust gives me the 255gb disk then i use guided with lvm or with out12:36
zainwusing the ubuntu 11.10 setup disk12:36
Amozzainw, which one?12:36
zainwhave tried 10.04, 11.04 and now 11.10 so must be something im missing12:36
Amozzainw, is it for a server?12:37
pfifozainw, are you using lvm or not?12:37
zainwyes Amoz12:37
nodestoolwhere does zsh put the config files for autocomplate?12:37
Amozzainw, and you're using the 11.10 server image?12:37
zainwits the 3rd cd I've downloaded fromthe ubuntu site just in case the others were faulty12:38
zainwits server 11.1012:38
Picinodestool: /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/ would be a good place to start, as well as the zsh documentation.12:38
Amozzainw, have you tried something else than guided installation?12:39
hubxhey, I recently upgraded to 12.04. Now if I plug in my external screen (Dell 24") I can't use the screen of my notebook. (xrandr shows correctly configured VGA1 and LVDS1, so I guess its a driver problem)12:39
Amozfor example setting up partitions and bootloader yourself?12:39
zainwAmoz, not yet12:39
nodestoolThanks Pici12:39
tomreynis it possible to use gnome3 applets with xfce4?12:39
hubxwhat information should I include in the bugreport12:39
Amozhubx, depends what you're reporting for12:39
Amozzainw, might help to have a little more control of the installation12:40
hubxAmoz, " I recently upgraded to 12.04. Now if I plug in my external screen (Dell 24") I can't use the screen of my notebook. (xrandr shows correctly configured VGA1 and LVDS1, so I guess its a driver problem)"12:41
sacarlsonzainw: maybe there's an option to disable the internal raid in bios?  run then normal?  if so maybe you can setup a software raid in ubuntu12:41
auronandace!12.04 | hubx12:41
ubottuhubx: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+112:41
zainwAmoz, in what way12:41
hubxauronandace, ty12:41
Amozzainw, maybe the guided installer does something stupid12:42
Amozsometimes its better to do it the manual way12:42
Amozzainw, what happens after installation when you try to boot?12:43
zainwAmoz, sorry on the phone12:44
sacarlsonamoz: zainw: maybe if it's just an mbr problem he could try add a 3rd disk just for the mbr to isolate if that's the problem,  like just use a usb flash as the mbr to try12:45
Amozsacarlson, zainw after install, maybe you could boot up the live cd and explore the disk for partitions etc. see if everything is there as it should. Also you can reinstall MBR from the live usb12:47
zainwSorry about that guys12:48
thoongwhen is the next release after 11.10? current iso is a bit wonky on my system.12:48
Amozthoong, 12.04 in april12:49
thoongthanks save me from burning it12:49
Amozthoong, you know you can use an usb, right?12:49
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:49
thoongyeah but kinda old school12:49
zainwAmoz, have booted with the livecd at present and in fairness, its sees the 255gb drive but there is very little on there that i would recognise as being anywhere close to how it should look etc12:50
sacarlsonamoz: zainw: I agree should be able to mount and explore the attempted install with the livecd, my guess is it fails to mount in grub12:50
starnhow do i setup irssi to auto connect to two servers? example freenode and efnet.  and have auto identify for freenode plus auto join channels?12:50
Amozstarn, have you tried the irssi documentation?12:51
bdrewery_starn: offtopic, #irssi, setup multiple networks.12:51
zainwsacarlson, it wont even show me the grub screen if i font use the live cd12:51
Amozzainw, what happens then?12:52
Amozzainw, most computer usually say something if it can't find an operating system om disk etc12:52
zainwAmoz, when i try and boot with out the live cd?12:52
tomreynhi, is it possible to use gnome3 applets with xfce4? i'm trying to get the gnome-invest applet working with xfce. the normal way to do this seems to be using xfapplet, but this was since removed off oneiric (which i'm running).12:53
zainwamoz, Nothing, the server does its loading of hardware as in loads raid setup, loads network, loads iDrac card then it SHOULD load the mbr but it doesnt, it just stops dead in its tracks12:53
zainwIf i leave the boot from other devices on such as network etc, says that there is no bootable system12:54
starni have looked a the documentations some.. but i don't remember anything they said.. plus i need to finish update and installing video drivers before i go to a website for everything is super hard to see atm..12:54
auronandacetomreyn: i thought xfapplet was for getting gnome2 applets working (it wouldn't work with gnome3 applets) thats why it was removed (because gnome2 was removed)12:54
sacarlsonzainw: but can you explore the attepted install with a livecd to see if the files are there that we would expect to see?12:55
Amozzainw, +1. Just see if /boot/grub is there etc12:56
tomreynauronandace: yes i think you're right there. so how would i get gnome3 applets working in xfce4, if that's possible?12:56
georgieeeMy internal card reader (connected via internal USB) only works sometimes. Ubuntu recognizes it properly:12:56
georgieee"Bus 001 Device 007: ID 058f:6362 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Card Reader/Writer"12:56
Amozzainw, I assume you checked BIOS settings, tried resetting it etc. ?12:56
georgieeeThe inbuilt bluetooth is working out of box and without problems.12:56
georgieeeI tried to load "usb_storage" but it doesn't help. Seeing my card reader working is still just a matter of luck. Many other threads show me, that this is a main issue:12:57
FloodBot1georgieee: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:57
=== thyri0n- is now known as thyri0n_
auronandacetomreyn: i doubt you can yet, xfce has yet to transition to gtk3 (the next xfce release 4.10 will be the last gtk2 release)12:57
zainwAmoz, sarcalson, the only thing that i can see there is what could poss be the /boot section as its only 255mb and thats it12:57
georgieeeCan someone help?12:57
tomreynthanks for explaning, auronandace12:58
=== thyri0n_ is now known as thyri0n
auronandacetomreyn: no worries :)12:58
zainwAmoz, as for the bios, yeh done all that stuff, even rebuilt the raid last night just to me sure i wasnt being a complete pleb12:58
Amozzainw, 255mb?12:58
zainwamoz, Yes, 255mb so guess its the /boot partition on the drive12:59
Amozzainw, why don't you mount it and explore it when you're in the live session?12:59
Amozzainw, where do you see this 255mb ?12:59
sacarlsonAmoz: zainw: wouldn't we also see /home ; /var and a few other things?  like it didn't fully install or it puts that on another partition your not looking at12:59
zainwAmoz, its down in the "Devices" section when open up the home folder13:00
Amozzainw, that's the live usb then?13:00
Amozzainw, doesn't it find the partitions on disk then?13:01
zainwAmoz, well no, i dont think it is as there is a filesytem which when explored, its spins up the cd. I've used a CD rather than usb to boot from13:01
zainwAmoz, its looking that way yes13:01
Amozzainw, oh13:01
zainwits all really  strange lol13:02
Amozzainw, well in that case we need to find out why it doesn't sho13:02
User111im trying to mount my time capsule in lubuntu, but my command that once worked, doesnt work now when i reinstalled ubuntu, any ideas?  command is "sudo mount.cifs // /media/mounted -o pass=somepass"13:03
sacarlsonzainw: amoz: so fdisk -l or whatever is later version won't even see any other disks?13:03
zainwAmoz, if that 255mb section is the /boot patition, shouldnt there be a grub list file on there or something?13:03
Amozzainw, what you're exploring is the mounted cd13:03
Amozzainw, most probably13:03
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Amozzainw, can you pastebin sudo lshw -c disk ?13:04
Amozzainw, that shows me my physical disk at least13:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:05
georgieeedoes someone else have problems with card readers?13:05
Amozmaybe doesn't work for RAID systems, i dunno13:05
Dave-MaydewHave tried the Mouveau but does not work13:05
georgieeedoes ubuntu actually recognizes card readers?13:05
zainwAmoz, just looking for a terminal on the live... not used to this setup LOL13:06
zainwIm sorry, makes me sound like a right pleb13:06
pfifogeorgieee, hardware support in linux can be hit or miss13:06
Amozzainw, ctrl+alt+t13:06
User111well, actually i believe my command still works, cifs says its connected, but the folders doesnt show, any ideas?13:06
sacarlsongeorgieee: I have a cardreader that works on ubuntu,  but that doesn't mean they all work13:07
zainwoh wait got it13:07
georgieeesacarlson, which modules did you load in /etc/modules?13:07
sacarlsongeorgieee: it was plug and play,  I don't have any mem sticks to try to test it now13:08
Dave-Maydewis there actually a fix for the Nvidia GeForceFX cards in Ubuntu 11,04 and 11,10?13:08
KM0201whats wrong with them?13:08
georgieeehm... ok thx13:08
zainwAmoz, it sees everything there when i do that lshw command13:08
zainwwhat would you like to know13:08
Amoz zainw that means the hardware is recognized13:09
zainwah ok then13:09
Dave-MaydewUbuntu 11.04 and 11,10 doesn't work with GeForce FX Cards13:09
Amozzainw, now check lsblk13:09
josef_The Nvidia card works very well in Linux Mint but on Ubuntu 11.x problems with dual display13:09
Amozzainw, that should list block devices orsomething13:09
georgieeeMy card reader is only working sometimes. If it worked it might be (for some reason) disabled the next time. It is connected via internal USB13:10
georgieeeif somebody knows what this issue could be connected too I would be glad13:10
zainwAmoz, it does13:10
Amozzainw, pastebin it for us to see13:10
Dave-MaydewI aint running Dual Display I have a Sony VGC-V2M all in one media PC13:10
Amozzainw, that way we can see a lot more information13:10
Dave-MaydewSo how do I get it running??13:10
zainwhang on then and let me come in from that box as im on another pc at present13:11
sacarlsongeorgieee: I have had some intermitent problems with some mem sticks but I thought it was a hardware problem,  sometimes after I clean the connectors on the sticks it seems to work13:11
MagusAgnusguys, besides kleopatra, is there any program for managing crypto files?13:12
MonkeyDustMagusAgnus  seahorse, i guess13:13
zainwOK Guys im back, how do you want me to paste or what would you like me to paste?13:13
sacarlsonamoz: zainw: now that he see's the partitions with lshw I guess he can mount and see what's in them?13:13
bazhangDave-Maydew, whats the exact model13:13
Amozsacarlson, should be possible13:13
Amozsacarlson, we'll see if it really is the blockdevices on disk though13:14
Amozcould be just the cd13:14
bazhangsacarlson, you mean fdisk -l correct?13:14
Amozthats why i want a pastebin13:14
zainwAmoz, how do you want that pastebin thingy?13:14
sacarlsonbazhang: yes but lshw  returned what was needed for that13:14
Amozzainw, pastebin the output from lsblk13:15
Amozand from: ls /dev | grep sd13:15
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:16
Amoz!pastebin | zainw13:16
ubottuzainw: please see above13:16
Sph3r3Good Morning - is anyone awake?13:17
bazhangSph3r3, ubuntu support issue?13:18
sacarlsonSph3r3: well it's getting later here so we will soon be going to sleep13:18
zainwAmoz, im sorry for asking and feeling really special here but how or what do i do to get the pastebin thingy13:18
jnslim trying to reinstall grub from live cd i have mounted my root partition and chrooted it, now iam unsure what install_device i should feed grub-install13:18
Amoz!pastebin | zainw13:18
Sph3r3bazhang - yes.  installed IDLE on a new ubunutu install, when I go to save it says I don't have permission13:18
zainwoh just that?13:19
sacarlsonzainw: sudo apt-get install pastbinit13:19
Sph3r3PyPe does the same thing13:19
Amozzainw, waa13:19
Amozthe bot isn't working13:19
sacarlsonzainw: sudo apt-get install pastebinit  I think13:19
Amozzainw, put it in there and link it here13:19
bazhangpastebinit is the package zainw13:19
zainwLol im sorry for being such a noob with ubuntu LOL13:19
Amozzainw, pastebin has nothing to do with ubuntu though13:19
user1hi, i installed ubuntu 10.04 LTS but there is no gui, pls help me.13:19
Amozuser1, how did you install it, what version? computer?13:20
sacarlsonbazhang: zainw: yes that one13:20
Amozuser1, the more you can tell us the better13:20
luist_hey guys.. i made my own repo, generated a Release.gpg from the Release file and on the client that im trying to use this repo, im getting a NO_PUBKEY error… what am i missing?13:20
user1i installed ubuntu 10.04 32 bit os in my laptop, but there is gnome (GUI)13:21
Amozluist, you dont have a key for the repo13:21
Amozuser1, did everything finish as expected during the install?13:21
Amozwhen you boot the computer, what happens ?13:21
zainwbazhang, it says that its unable to locate the package pastebinit13:21
Amozzainw, nvm that13:21
Dave-MaydewHas anyone actually got Ubunu 11.+++ working with GeForce FX Cards??13:21
user1its coming only tty113:21
luist_Amoz: what else should i do on the server side?13:22
user1like black screen13:22
bazhangDave-Maydew, yes; whats the exact model13:22
Amozluist, I don't know exactly but you need to have a public key for the repo I suppose13:22
sacarlsonzainw: maybe sudo apt-get update ; first13:22
Amozopen it13:22
Amozand paste the output from the commands there13:22
FloodBot1Amoz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:22
Amozeven FloodBot1 agrees =P13:23
sacarlsonAmoz: I didn't know he had a gui, I thought he's working on a term zainw13:23
MonkeyDustFloodBot1  is merciless13:23
Amozsacarlson, oh well it sounds like he has a live session running13:23
Amozhe was referring to the devices in nautilus13:23
sacarlsonAmoz: ok13:23
zainwAmoz, its done13:24
bazhangDave-Maydew, I've asked you for the exact model number twice now, care to inform the channel13:24
Amozzainw, now give us the link13:24
zainwsacarlson, using a livecd here13:24
user1can i install ubuntu-desktop after installed my ubuntu 10.04??13:24
zainwAmoz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/861895/13:24
Amozuser1, did everything install as expected?13:25
user1yes Amoz13:25
zainwAmoz, sacarlson and dazhang, Thank you so much for your help while i think about it13:25
Amozzainw, now paste lsblk as well13:26
Amozand link us13:26
=== rafacarrascosa_ is now known as rafacarrascosa
zainwAmoz, its at the bottom of that page13:26
user1Amoz, can u pls tell me how to get gnome (GUI)13:26
zainwno probs13:26
zainwjust glab for the help13:27
Amozuser1, you used the desktop installer right?13:27
user1i installed server edition 10.04 LTS13:27
Amozuser1, why?13:27
Amozuser1, that one doesn't include a gui13:27
Amozbecause it's for servers13:27
bazhanguser1, sure you can install ubuntu-desktop on that13:27
user1then is it not included gui in 10.04 LTS13:28
jnslHelp much appreciated, im on a live cd and i need to reinstall grub. I have my root partition mounted. if i do su -c grub and do find /boot/grub/stage1 it cant find anything...13:28
Amozuser1, not in the server edition13:28
Amozuser1, I'd recommend installing the desktop edition if you're gonna use it as a desktop/laptop13:28
jnsli can locate stage1 on my root partition in /lala/boot/13:28
Amozzainw, it recognizes the sda device13:29
user1Amoz, we can use this as a server, that y i installed 10.04 LTS13:29
Amozuser1, a laptop server?13:29
Amozokay then13:29
Amozuser1, sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:29
user1thnx Amoz its very useful thing.13:29
Amozzainw, you can see the 232GB partition in the sda5 partition13:29
zainwAmoz, no mate, its not mounted13:30
Amozzainw, are you sure you can't see it in nautilius?13:30
Amozzainw, it's not mounted no13:30
Amozbut if you open nautilus, the filemanager13:30
k1llj0yhow do u "ssh true" for xchat?13:30
FloodBot1swaggi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:30
Amozzainw, can't you see them under "devices" ?13:30
zainwAmoz, nope13:31
Amozzainw, then do the following13:31
swaggik1llj0y: sup broz13:31
k1llj0yhow do u ssh xchat?13:31
k1llj0yhey swaggi13:31
bazhangk1llj0y, you mean ssl13:32
bazhangk1llj0y, #xchat13:32
Amozzainw, in your homefolder mkdir tempmount13:32
k1llj0ythought it was ssh13:32
k1llj0yi should go to #xchat?13:32
swaggik1llj0y: what are you trying to do exactly?13:32
Dave-MaydewSorry on the phone13:32
k1llj0yjust secure tunnel here13:32
MonkeyDustk1llj0y  you need X to use use Xchat = ssh -y remote-user@remote-ip "xchat"13:32
Dave-MaydewI am running GeForce FX570013:33
Amozzainw, then sudo mount /dev/sda5 ~/tempmoun13:33
Amozzainw, should work13:33
TesttubeHi guys13:33
bazhangDave-Maydew, thats quite an old card?13:33
Amozzainw, also paste output from df -h please13:33
krnekheleshTesttube: hi13:34
k1llj0ywhats the diff between ssh and ssl?13:34
zainwAmoz, mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'13:34
Dave-Maydewbut works in 10.04 and 10.10 and Linux Mint13:34
swaggik1llj0y: ssh is secure shell13:34
k1llj0yssh for remote, but cant ssl do the same?13:34
Amozzainw, could be LVM messing up things maybe13:34
MonkeyDustk1llj0y  ssh is a protocol, ssl is a security thingy13:34
swaggik1llj0y: ssh is secure layer13:34
Dave-Maydewbut I want to use Ubuntu13:34
Amozzainw, but I suppose you need LVM?13:35
k1llj0yah ok13:35
zainwAmoz, sorry that was the last type of guided i tried before throwing out the window13:35
k1llj0yssl is not a protocol?13:35
swaggiit's a security layer13:35
Dave-MaydewSo is there a way of getting it to work??13:36
k1llj0ywhich would mean that ssh is more powerful...13:36
MonkeyDustssl is used for emails, iirc13:36
MonkeyDustssh is used for remote connections13:36
swaggik1llj0y: ssh runs on ssl13:36
bazhangk1llj0y, this has nothing to do with ubuntu support13:36
k1llj0ysorry, lol13:36
bazhang##security k1llj0y13:36
swaggiHey come on guys13:36
AmozSSL is a protocol13:36
bazhangswaggi, ubuntu support issue?13:36
k1llj0yty bazhang13:36
k1llj0yand swaggi13:37
swaggino problem k1llj0y13:37
k1llj0yive been sick, brb...13:37
Dave-MaydewSo Nvidia13:38
Dave-Maydewis it possible13:38
Dave-Maydewas I'm not the only one having these problems13:38
zainwAmoz, i think im gunna trash the current raid system, take out the 500gb drives and just try with the basics with a manual install of grub from the server cd13:38
Amozzainw, that might be the best option13:39
Amozzainw, or if you feel adventurous, try the raid but without LVM and manual partitioning13:40
Amozor something like that13:40
Amozhave no idea why it would fail like this though13:40
zainwAmoz, cant thank you enough and every one else that has helped me out today13:40
Amozzainw, good luck13:40
zainwAmoz, thats what i was going to do13:40
DeeTahdoes ubuntu installer back up the MBR before installing grub?13:40
zainwThanks every one :)13:40
theadminDeeTah: No, why would it?13:40
allu2Hello, can someone try to swich desktop in unity using ctrl+alt+up+left while on the down right desktop? does it work?13:41
DeeTahtheadmin: in case I wanted to restore windows7 mbr without looking for the cd just to cast fixmbr13:41
theadminDeeTah: Oh... Nay, doesn't do that -- you'll have to use the CD. But then again, I think Windows Recovery Console is installable as an app in Windows, so you can run fixmbr without having to actually use the CD...13:42
krnekheleshallu2: it works for me, although I must ask which version of unity are you running?13:42
swaggiDeeTah: no13:42
DeeTahtheadmin: i can't find the app version13:42
allu2krnekhelesh: um the one with oneiric(?) i can't move that way, all other directions work but not that one :S13:42
swaggiDeeTah: which windows?13:42
studente1my ssh user, despite being a root group doesnt have full features like color and autocomplete13:42
allu2krnekhelesh: i can move first to left and then up, or first up and then left but not change directly by pressing both same time13:43
sacarlsonDeeTah: I don't think grub backs it up for you but you could manualy backup the mbr with something like the dd command ,   man dd13:43
allu2krnekhelesh: this works tough from left up to down right13:43
k1llj0yok #security is not responding13:43
_johnnyhi, im trying to find a hex editor with binary support. can anyone recommend one? most of those which claim to have, only support viewing in hex/dec/oct (i wish to be able to see the binary representation of a byte) :)13:43
k1llj0y##security i mean13:43
krnekheleshallu2: hmm that's wierd. I also have that problem...13:43
allu2krnekhelesh: :S bug?13:44
krnekheleshallu2: if I press up + left not simultaneously but quickly in succession then it works13:44
krnekheleshallu2: yeah a bug I guess...and I am running Precise13:44
allu2krnekhelesh: i wonder if this has been reported13:44
allu2krnekhelesh: or maybe i'm only one paying attension to such minor things ^^13:45
krnekheleshallu2: nice catch though :)...we want a pixel perfect precise!13:45
krnekheleshallu2: can you report a bug and provide the bug report link?13:45
krnekheleshallu2: I'll mark it confirmed13:45
HDroidIs dualscreen / xinerama with current intel graphics (9xx) working reasonably well in Ubuntu nowadays?13:46
VertIs there a package for the Android SDK?13:46
allu2krnekhelesh: ok, time to try ubuntu-bug for first time :P13:46
krnekheleshallu2: try ubuntu-bug compiz13:46
krnekheleshallu2: since it is related to compiz package13:46
allu2krnekhelesh: uh and i already put unity13:46
allu2going back..13:46
krnekheleshthat's ok13:47
* allu2 needs to learn some patience..13:47
krnekheleshI'll change the package for you13:47
ironfroggyI have had troubles the past few days with pulseaudio streams not producing anything. the pavucontrol monitors dont even show any activity in the playback. does anyone know what might cause this?13:47
allu2no need i managed to cancel it before ^^13:47
krnekheleshoh o13:47
AmozVert, nope13:47
AmozVert, you have to install manually13:47
VertAmoz: Thanks13:48
AmozVert, developer.android.com13:48
Amozme thinkgs13:48
kjsuhm, how do I restart x windows on ubuntu, normally ctrl - alt - backspace works however this fails to restart on 11.04 which I am running from a USB pen, ideas?13:48
ironfroggywould it be harmful to uninstall and reinstall pulseaudio?13:48
Amozkjs that was disabled a few version ago afaik13:48
kjsAmoz: so it would seem, there is no gdm service to restart either...13:49
theadminkjs: alt-print-k13:49
sacarlsonHDroid: I read a bit on xinerama but never seen it working,  I us quicksynergy instead to make two computers act as one big screen, but not as cool as xinerama would be13:49
VertAmoz: Yeah, I was reading though the guide for manual install. I just wanted to check there wasn't an offical ubuntu package for it before I started downloading and building it myself.13:49
AmozVert, building?13:49
kjstheadmin: was that a joke?13:49
VertInstalling sorry.13:50
theadminkjs: And, Oneiric uses lightdm instead of gdm13:50
HDroidsacarlson: hmm ok... I've been buying Nvidia for the last... couple of decades, guess I'll do that again to be sfe.13:50
Amozkjs, you're on natty, 11.04?13:50
theadminkjs: No... Alt-Printscreen-K is the shortcut to kill all apps in current TTY which successfully restarts X as well13:50
Amoztheadmin, oh I gotta tr *poof*13:51
theadminAmoz: wut?13:51
Amoztheadmin, I gotta try that13:51
sacarlsonHDroid: it seems the docs on xinerama I did see were old, hope it still working,  if it does I'd love to hear about it13:51
=== raph__ is now known as ypcress
MonkeyDust!info xinerama13:52
ubottuPackage xinerama does not exist in oneiric13:52
sacarlsonMonkeyDust: HDroid: seem from what I could tell xinerama had become a part of something else, but I didn't see any examples after it moved13:53
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1213:53
=== max is now known as Guest29077
sveinseI have a Natty system where I set eth0 to static in /etc/network/interfaces, yet NM takes over this IF and assigns an dhcp address. How can I disable NM temporarely from a boot-script (upstart script)?13:57
User111hi, i want to launch mirage with some commands when the computer boots, how do I do this?13:59
compdochappy leap day14:00
User111i can launch it the way i cant from terminal, but when trying to lanuch it with rc.local nothing happens14:00
MonkeyDustUser111  man mirage, read what options there are, make a command and put it in startup programs14:00
User111startup programs? im on lubuntu, there are no startup programs to my knowledge14:01
HuselHey, I've just installed Ubuntu, and I'm wondering where is the normal place to install programs, like C:\ or C:\Program Files on Windows? Is it File System?14:02
MonkeyDustUser111  didnt know you're on lubuntu, missed that part14:02
User111i have the command, i just need for it to run.. the command is..14:02
User111mirage -fsR /media/capsule/photoframe/rotation14:02
MonkeyDustHusel  /usr/bin/14:02
bazhangHusel, the package manager takes care of that14:02
User111i made a script and tried to run it via rc.local14:02
User111sleep 4014:03
User111mirage -fsR /media/capsule/photoframe/rotation14:03
FloodBot1User111: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:03
swaggiThat's why straight up sysvinit sux. It's possible to do but sysvinit is so messy.14:03
swaggiThat it confuses a peep14:04
MonkeyDustHusel  pragrams are installed in /usr/bin/ -- some config files may be stored in /home/your_user or in /hom/your_usr/.config14:04
sveinseHow can I from a upstart job disable start of another job (that haven't started yet)?14:05
swaggiHusel: *nix filesystem and windows file system are really different14:05
swaggiread man intro14:05
User111hm, so i cant launch mirage from rc.local? :(14:05
Huselokay, thanks :)14:05
swaggiopen a term, type man intro, press enter14:05
sacarlsonsveinse: does this work? http://www.adamish.com/blog/archives/31514:06
Huselalso how can I get the taskbar to be at the bottom instead of the left?>14:06
mdl4lol whoops14:06
MonkeyDustgreat, mouse stops reacting :(14:06
swaggiHusel: depends on the deskop you use. try right clicking on it and toggling around.14:07
sveinsesacarlson: Perhaps, yet my static network has no dns-nameserver, so I'd be lying to eth014:08
godofwareverytime i restart ubuntu 11.10 I would like all my open windows and applications to be remembered, any ideas?14:08
MonkeyDustgodofwar  save session14:08
godofwarMonkeyDust: where do i save session?14:09
sacarlsonsveinse: normaly the gateway acts as the dns so I'm not sure what your problem is14:09
MonkeyDusti'm looking in system settings14:09
Trevor69420bleh anyone here use NTOP14:09
helo1Hello everyone!14:10
sveinsesacarlson, I need to configure eth0 as a static network on a small LAN with no default GW nor DNS. It's a special recovery mode where NM is clobbering this setup14:10
MonkeyDustgodofwar  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/gnome-session-save.1.html14:10
theadminsveinse: Just uninstall networkmanager?14:11
theadminsveinse: (or stop it from starting)14:11
sacarlsonsveinse: ok if you don't need a dns just point to yourself even if it don't work I guess that should prevent nm from messing with it14:11
sveinsetheadmin: How to stop it when it hasn't started yet?14:12
MonkeyDustsveinse  you mean: prevent it from starting14:12
sacarlsonsveinse: you can just kill it after it starts, not sure how to prevent it14:12
User111when making a startup script for rc.local, do I need the full path to where the program is located, or will simply the name of the program do?14:12
helo1sveinse: simplest solution is probably removing the NM packages14:12
swaggiUser111: use full14:12
theadminsveinse: Stop it from starting at boot, i.e: sudo mv /etc/init/network*manager.conf /etc/init/networkmanager.conf.DISABLED # I honestly don't remember whether it's "networkmanager" or "network-manager" so I put that * in there14:12
User111hmm... where are programs usually stored? :D14:13
helo1theadmin: I think it's with the -14:13
Trevor69420user11 depends14:13
swaggiUser111: echo $PATH14:13
theadminUser111: "which progname" will tell you the fullpath to progname14:13
helo1&@ sveinse14:13
Trevor69420whatever $PATH is14:13
Trevor69420usually bin i think14:13
theadminhelo1: I dunno, I didn't use networkmanager in a long time now14:13
sveinseI have an upstart job which runs very early (prior to rc/runlevel and prior to network). It decides two modes: recovery mode or application mode. NM must start in app mode, but it clobbers the static network in recovery mode.14:13
sveinseThe core of the problem is that upstart has already decided to start nm, so renaming the /etc/init/network-manager.conf file has no effect14:14
User111well that didnt tell me much, but im reasonably sure the program i want is in usr/bin14:14
helo1sveinse: rename the .conf file at shut down. Then start the service with a script IF you boot into app mode14:15
theadminUser111: "which progname" will tell you the full path to "progname".14:16
sveinseI cannot control NM config as this config is controlled by networkmanager's packages, which ubuntu policy manual prohibits me to touch other packages configs14:16
theadminUser111: e.g: which firefox # returns /usr/bin/firefox14:16
User111yes thanks, i understood it now :)14:16
kapzhello there! I want to play movie files from my one ubuntu PC on another one connected via router through LAN cable...I open the location via ftp with login in nautilus and double click the file(to be opened with smplayer) but nothing happens, it just stay sblank14:16
User111its in usr/bin14:16
Trevor69420kapz try VLC14:16
helo1sveinse: May I ask why you need NM in app mode?14:16
sacarlsonsveinse: I just run a script to put my system into static mode with something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/861956/14:16
theadminkapz: smplayer is pretty cool, but I don't think it works with remote filesystems14:17
User111time to reboot and try stuff14:17
swaggimplayer does14:17
sveinsehelo1: We use it to control wifi and general user network setup14:17
Trevor69420just not very well14:17
Trevor69420to be honest the VLC streaming option might be best14:18
theadminkapz: Actually, try "Open URL" in smplayer (ctrl-u)14:18
Halexander9000Hey, if I wanted to record my screen, what program would I use?14:18
sveinsesacarlson: Yes, I tried that. But doing service network-manager stop has no effect, as upstart haven't started network-manager yet. But it's about to.14:18
sacarlsonsveinse: after I complete my static operation I just put it back to dhcp mode with sudo dhclient eth014:18
helo1sveinse: sacarlson's pasted script above looks like it does the trick of stopping the NM service (which you can do after booting into recovery) and then sets the static IP. Run the script later in the boot process to avoid that issue14:19
sacarlsonsveinse: or add a delay in the script to make sure that network manager is already started to stop it14:19
swaggiHalexander9000: ffmpeg14:19
kapzTrevor69420, same thing happens with vlc14:20
Trevor69420kapz try VLC in streaming mode14:20
Trevor69420dont try via FTP number one14:20
Trevor69420maybe through SMTP14:20
Trevor69420errrr SAMBA rather sorry14:20
swaggiyou could try sshfs14:20
Trevor69420SMTP is mail14:20
FloodBot1Trevor69420: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:20
Halexander9000swaggi: Problem is, X11grab isn't working.14:20
sveinseAFAIK upstart makes a decision tree on which services to start, so upstart has already decided to start NM when my script is run. And I cannot delay anything, as upstart wont start network until my script is done. (start on starting network)14:21
Halexander9000swaggi: Unknown input format: 'x11grab'14:22
sacarlsonsveinse: you can put the script in cron as @reboot  and add a delay there14:22
=== NickIsAlreadyInU is now known as Steevca
sveinseCron isn't running yet. cron starts on runlevel [2345] so that's too late14:23
fusiform___gyrushey :)14:23
Trevor69420kapz ur best bet is to set up a media streaming server14:23
sacarlsonsveinse: or get dirty and just edit the script that starts network-manager14:23
User111ah it didnt work. there is simply not way to auto launch this program14:23
Trevor69420i've tried accessing videos over LAN via FTP and SMB and both are pretty glitchy to be honest14:23
Halexander9000Ffmpeg's X11 grab is not working. Can someone please help me?14:23
fusiform___gyruscan someone help me on pm about wifi bug...14:23
User111how do i turn off screensaver permanently?14:24
theadminfusiform___gyrus: You don't ask for help in PM, you ask in the channel14:24
SteevcaIs there like an irc chanell about all linux distros?14:24
theadminSteevca: #linux14:24
Trevor69420kapz: try these steps: http://n00tz.net/2008/07/vlc-media-server-ubuntu-hardy/14:24
Trevor69420Steevca: #linux14:24
Trevor69420yay what he said14:24
Steevcatheadmin,Trevor69420 Thanks.14:24
User111nvm, dumb question14:24
sacarlsonsveinse: too late?  how critical could time be at boot?  so it take 15 secounds longer to have a static address at boot. is that so bad?14:25
Trevor6942015 seconds?14:25
Trevor69420A WHOLE 15 SECONDS... NOOOOOOO14:25
Halexander9000Ffmpeg's X11grab is not working. " Unknown input format: 'x11grab' ". Can someone please help me?14:26
helo1sveinse: yeah I don't follow why it is too late either. you need it to be late.14:26
sacarlsonTrevor69420: that's just a random number I picked as a delay,  if you want to wait 60 seconds be my guest14:26
theadminHalexander9000: You don't have to repeat yourself this often, wait till someone who knows comes here... Repeating once every 15 minutes or so is okay, but not every minute ;)14:26
User111is there an autostart folder or similar in the X gui environment?14:26
theadminUser111: ~/.config/autostart/14:27
Trevor69420i was kidding sacarlson14:27
sacarlsonTrevor69420: no problem14:27
User111"direcotry not vaild" and i cant find it anywhere14:27
User111its like i have half a ubuntu installation14:28
User111lots of stuff is missing14:28
Trevor69420i've been trying to figure out for the life of me how to get NTOP to monitor two interfaces at once14:28
Trevor69420this is CRAZY14:28
sveinsesacarlson: When rc/runlevel is set, then all of the user services start which is the "app mode". The recovery mode decision script is set to run before rc and before network is up. That is important for other reasons14:28
theadminUser111: You know, the errors you give make me think you're not running Ubuntu, or infact, any Linux distro... they're *weird*14:28
anders__I've trouble with installing Miramath. Can anybody help me?14:28
User111im running a default lubuntu 11..somethingsomething14:28
theadminUser111: I see, huh.14:28
Trevor69420lol that was helpful14:29
theadminUser111: So, when you "cd ~/.config/autostart" nothing happens?14:29
User111it was the only ubuntu version that can run on my ancient laptop14:29
Trevor69420User111 no it isnt14:29
helo1I have an annoying issue with my wlan I was hoping someone could help with. My wireless randomly starts working (sometimes it will work for a week, sometimes less than a half hour). I will be connected using it just fine, and the connection will abruptly drop. I can still see networks in range, but any attempt to connect will result in it asking for the password over and over even though I know it is right. A reboot always fixes the14:29
Trevor69420Ubuntu Server would also run ;-)14:29
theadminUser111: Ah wait, so you're using LXDE -- try ~/.config/openbox/autostart/14:29
User111ill try14:29
sacarlsonsveinse: I'm getting stuck then, is editing the network-manager script out then also?14:30
helo1randomly stops lol ***14:30
T_H_XTrevor69420: use cacti instead14:30
sveinsesacarlson: I could, yet violating the ubuntu package policy manual14:30
Halexander9000Ffmpeg's X11grab is not working. " Unknown input format: 'x11grab' ". Can someone please help me?14:30
Trevor69420T_H_X i love NTOP i had it monitoring two interfaces before but cant figure out where in the conf to add the other one14:30
User111openbox it is14:30
Trevor69420i have it only monitoring WAN (which is most important)14:30
Trevor69420LAN is useful to have tho so i can see which machines are using the most bandwidth every month14:31
User111now, how to use that openbox thingy to launch a program?14:31
=== olli_ is now known as olli
theadminUser111: Simply put "command &" for each program in that file14:32
T_H_XTrevor69420: edit /var/lib/ntop/init.cfg14:32
Huselso do I just extract the whole folder for the program I've downloaded to usr/bin?14:32
T_H_Xadd more interfaces there14:32
bazhangHusel, what package14:32
Trevor69420T_H_X thanks i know where the config file is but where to declare the additional NIC is beyond me14:33
Huselnot sure, I downloaded from the website, klogic14:33
T_H_XINTERFACES="eth0 eth1"14:33
Huselit's in a tar.gz14:33
theadminHusel: DON'T extract anything to system folders (apart from maybe /opt), usually a bad idea14:33
MonkeyDustHusel  in ubuntu, most often, you download from the repos, not from a website14:33
bazhangHusel, got a link14:33
theadminHusel: Unpack that archive (anywhere) and look for files called "README" or "INSTALL", read them.14:33
Huselah okay, thanks guys :)14:34
mbeierl_helo1, I've had that issue before, but it turned out to be the wireless router was dying.  Sorry I can't be of help from the client side of things14:34
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ubi_pls, how can i uninstall ubuntu14:35
=== anjar is now known as anjar_95
spike_connect shadowfire14:35
ubi_it is installed on hard drive alongside my windows xp14:35
konzaubi_, install any other os in the same partition14:35
mbeierl_ubi_, install another operating system over top of it14:35
bazhangubi_, was it a wubi install?14:35
Ho^Ohubi_: You simply erase the partitions containing Ubuntu.14:35
MonkeyDustubi_  delete the partition is one way14:35
Ho^Ohubi_: Wait, how exactly is Ubuntu installed?       Inside windows using "Wubi"?14:36
ubi_but i cant see that partition in windows xp, i have only C14:36
ubi_it is installed usinng usb flash drive14:36
MonkeyDustubi_  use a live cd, windows cannot see linux partitions14:36
konzaubi_, dude use a partition manager14:36
Ho^Ohubi_: You do not get linux partitions, you can only see a partition the partition inside Window's Disk Manager.14:36
ubi_ahaa thx14:36
helo1mbeierl_: thanks for the feedback, but this occurs in many different locations (totally randomly). I've had it occur while at many different client offices as well as my own office and home.14:36
konzaubi_, Windows can not see ext3/4 partitions14:36
ultrixxhi everyone14:36
MonkeyDustwindows cannot see anything not-windows :p14:37
ubi_i will delete it and reinstall ubuntu cause i fucked up installation first time14:37
ubi_thx all14:37
konzaMonkeyDust, :)14:37
bazhangubi_, no cursing here14:37
ubi_oh sory14:37
Ho^OhHow can I resolve this issue, I am trying to "Browse files" inside my Bluetooth device, whenever I try to do so, I get this message: Error: DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.2799 was not provided by any .service files Please select another viewer and try again.14:38
Ho^OhThe bluetooth icon nolonger appears in my unity notification bar.14:38
BlackIt hapns on 11.10 nly!14:38
anjar_95Can noone help me with Miramath?14:39
Ho^Ohanjar_95: What are you trying to do with "Miramath" exactly? We can not help if we do not have details relating to your issue.14:40
anjar_95Hi. I'm trying to install it14:40
Ho^OhWhat version of Ubuntu?14:40
starnhow do i get "this connection is untrusted. would you like to continue anyway"  says the vertificate is self signed for google and facebook in empathy.14:41
biopytehi. how can i remove an application launcher icon from the gnome panel?14:42
Ho^Ohstarn: You must've visited an httpS:// webpage...14:42
anjar_95There is a one-file installer, but it doesn't work!14:42
biopytealt + right click  ... gives only "launch" and "properties"14:43
Ho^Ohanjar_95: Error message regarding that?14:43
Ho^OhSaying "it dun work" is not useful information.14:43
starnHo^Oh: i have https enabled for facebook.. and no matter how i type google's address it automatically takes me to https14:43
Visual`someone hase knowlegdes with 11.10 server and openldap ?14:43
sveinsesacarlson: I think I've got it. My early-boot script was start on (filesystem and starting network). By using start on (filesystem and starting network-manager) I can affect NM the way I want!14:45
sveinsesacarlson: Thanks for your inputs at least14:45
pfifostarn, google is all https by default14:45
sacarlsonsveinse: very good,  hope I didn't add more confusion than help14:45
Chipzzzstarn: i just did a google search & the cert was signed by Thawte14:45
anjar_95Just a minute14:46
starnChipzzz: is that why empathy gives me that everytime i connect to facebook and google chat?  pfifo: ok. i kinda figured so.14:46
Ho^Ohbiopyte: Try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/91445/how-do-i-remove-an-icon-from-the-top-panel-in-gnome-fallback-mode14:46
Ho^Ohpfifo: Not default in my browsers. One of them  being google chrome...14:47
anjar_95Cannot open self ./miramath or archive ./miramath.pkg14:47
Chipzzzdunno, i'd be surprised if google's certs are self-signed14:47
anjar_95It's made by PyInstaller14:47
jayeshcan anyone tell me whether ubuntu can be directly installed on a usb drive14:48
Ho^Ohbiopyte: SUPER(dumb windows key) + ALT + Right click.14:48
kapztheadmin, VLC gives the output: http://pastebin.com/4PYSJpDf14:48
xangua!usb | jayesh14:48
ubottujayesh: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:48
pfifoHo^Oh, thats odd, Its impossible for me to google unencrypted even http://www.google.com:80 still redirects me to the https counterpart14:48
hardc0deHow can I read local software documentations, which are installed but never used14:48
theadminkapz: Needs the password...14:48
Chipzzzstarn: you could try to traceroute the server & see if it looks right14:49
biopyteHo^Oh: thanks it worked ... Gnome guys made a mess ... I'm pi....d14:49
kapztheadmin, it does not ask for a password14:49
theadminkapz: Doesn't mean it doesn't need it14:49
sacarlsonpfifo: what country is that?14:50
kapztheadmin, I meant to ask where do I put the password?14:50
theadminkapz: You likely can't use protected streams with it14:50
pfifosacarlson, unied states14:50
theadminkapz: Though you can try it in the form of ftp://user:password@ftp.example.org14:50
Ho^Ohpfifo: Untied states? :P14:50
kapztheadmin, oh ok...will give it a try and see what happens...thanks anyway. :)14:50
sacarlsonpfifo: in thailand it redirects also but defaults to http, I can choose https://google.com  and it will connect with no errors here14:51
starni'm in the united states14:51
biopyteanybody using the e17 desktop ? what do you think?14:51
Ho^Ohkapz: It's not good practice to put that in URL bar. Could try that in "incognito mode/privacy mode/etc" so website visiting history doesn't display the FTP with password you've gone to.14:51
Ho^Ohbiopyte: I'm not using it. I'm on Unity.14:51
theadminbiopyte: It's not bad at all, but kind of difficult to handle, I like openbox more :D14:52
=== anders__ is now known as anjar_95
theadminHo^Oh: kapz is trying that in a media player, not a web browser14:52
biopytei'm looking for a gnome alternative ...14:52
theadminHo^Oh: Needs to stream from FTP :/14:52
theadminbiopyte: Try Xfce14:52
Ho^OhOh I see.14:52
kapzHo^Oh, it's internal network...will it still affect it?14:52
Ho^Ohbiopyte: I prefer LXDE over XFCE.14:53
biopytei dont want to spend to much time with this issue14:53
DerFlashI've some OpenGL problem here. maybe someone can help? I'm running ubuntu 11.10 in virtual box on a mac with 3D accel activated. glxinfo seems ok, glxgears works fine. but when I try to capture the openGL window with glc-capture I get: "OpenGL Error: Failed to get size for 0x……..(glXSwapBuffers)" I've tracked down the error to the virtual box additions fakedri_drv.c but still don't know how to fix it:14:53
=== avernos_ is now known as avernos
biopytexfce i tried ... its ok14:53
Ho^Ohkapz: I thought you was using that in a web browser, my bad.14:53
biopytewhat about kde ....for me it was always too bloated ... but maybe things changed14:53
theadminbiopyte: It's the same :D14:54
Ho^Ohbiopyte: For one, it's fast on the hardware I'm on.14:54
theadminbiopyte: Well... a nice alternative is LXDE, well, you can also try to build some custom desktop like openbox + lxpanel + dmenu, for example.14:54
biopyteopenbox  ... thats a desktop? ..sounds more like a WM14:54
DerFlashmaybe someone can really understand the fakedri_drv.c call that's failing and provide some idea?! please? :-)14:55
Ho^Ohbiopyte: When I speak about fast, I speak in terms of having no problems when multitasking.14:55
biopyteyeah ... i check lxde14:55
wcchandleris 12.04 beta 1 the same as today's daily build?14:55
Ho^OhDerFlash: Visit #Vbox14:55
biopytei DEFINITELY need a virtual desktop with 3x3 workspaces14:55
DerFlashk, I'll try. thx14:55
Husel-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$KDEDIRS     does this KDE come with Ubuntu or do I need to install it, and if not, where can I find the directory?14:56
biopytetheadmin Ho^0h : thx14:56
Ho^OhHusel: There exists Kubuntu, which is basically the KDE version of the standard regular Gnome flavored Ubuntu.14:56
HuselHo^0h: is there a way to do it on the standard one, since it's installed now :)14:57
biopyteKDE ... never liked it ... but looks pretty straight now14:57
pfifoHusel, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop14:58
Huselthanks :)14:58
Ho^OhHusel: Do you want KDE, or KDE without many default programs?14:58
Huselwithout the programs, I think the program I'm installing just needs to use some of its files14:58
Ho^OhHusel:  sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace15:00
Huselthank you :)15:00
Ho^OhHusel: Be sure to make sure it's not going to give you text editor and such. (I've only used this command on Linuxmint, but I believe this should do as well)15:00
dedicated1I am trying to figure out what ports that are used at this moment but I have no clue how to scan for them, anyone that can help me with that? I need to know the ports to set up my ufw firewall15:01
pfifodedicated1, the 'nmap' command is suitable for that task15:02
Ho^OhHow can I resolve this issue, I am trying to "Browse files" inside my Bluetooth device, whenever I try to do so, I get this message: Could not display "obex://[00:33:42:46:52:30]/".  Error: DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name :1.2799 was not provided by any .service files Please select another viewer and try again.15:03
sheepzis there a way to make the "Connect to server" use the home directory15:03
zainwAmoz, back again :)15:03
sheepzinstead of the root directory15:03
sheepzfor ssh15:03
dedicated1pfifo: nmap localhost would be the right command?15:03
dedicated1ohh nmap not installed O_o15:04
pfifodedicated1, nmap is an incredibly complicated program, and I do not remember the exact command, youll have to check google or the manual15:04
theadminsheepz: username@server:dir is the syntax (you can leave out the username, so "server:dir", e.g. "ssh.example.org:~"15:04
zainwany onwe know if Amoz or sacarlson is around? just want to give em an update from the problem i had before that they helped with15:05
pfifozainw, im intrested15:05
kalimojoanyone heard about the raspberry pi ?15:06
sacarlsonzainw: it works now?15:06
bazhangkalimojo, its offtopic here15:06
subthalamus!seen Amoz15:06
ubottuI have no seen command15:06
sheepztheadmin: I mean the nautilus plugin or whatever15:06
bazhangkalimojo, try #ubuntu-offtopic15:06
pfifopi comes in different flavors now? I want some cherry pi!15:06
sheepzwhere I can browse it in nautilus15:06
zainwhi pfifo, hey sacarlson. I ripped the raids apart, swapped the drives around and left out the 2 x 250gb15:06
theadminsheepz: Likely the same, just put it in like that while connecting. Or maybe add the actual directory to bookmarks15:06
sheepztheadmin: ssh program unexpectedly exited15:07
zainwwent to install server again but did manual partition and all is good15:07
magicJkalimojo: i have a raspberry15:07
bazhangmagicJ, feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic15:07
sheepzand if I put the folder as "~"15:07
sheepzit says it cannot be opened on the target host15:07
subthalamusubottu: seen Amoz15:07
ubottuI have no seen command15:07
sacarlsonzainw: cool and this time lvm or extX?15:07
zainwsacarlson, I now have a fully running and self booting 11.10 thanks to you guys help before15:08
zainwsacarlson, i've left as ext415:08
sacarlsonzainw: ok that might be all it was the lvm thing15:08
sacarlsonzainw: sometime in fixing things you break them with more problems than when you started15:09
zainwsacarlson, I had tried ext4 before and it didnt work. Im still wondering if the installer was putting the files on the wrong drive for some reason as its works fine with only the 1 drive defined in the raid card15:09
pfifozainw, you were using lvm? thats why it wasnt working15:09
zainwpfifo, it didnt matter what i tried, it just wouldnt work15:09
ActionParsnipmagicJ: how well does ubuntu run on it :)15:09
pfifozainw, lvm is softraid15:10
Ho^OhATM, I'm using LVM + LUKS.15:10
Ho^OhAnd my machine is still fast.15:10
zainwpfifo, lvm worked fine with CentOS 6.2 but not with Ubuntu15:10
Ho^Ohzainw: What's the problem regarding it?15:11
sacarlsonpfifo: I think lvm can be used with or without raid or luks but it's another layer of complication for me15:11
theadminsheepz: Meh just mount it as sshfs15:11
pfifosacarlson, theres little reason to put a softraid on a hardraid.15:11
lahwranhow do I find how many inodes my filesystem has?15:11
pfifolahwran, `df -i`15:12
sacarlsonpfifo: oh I agree no need for that15:12
Ho^Ohlahwran: Try: df --inodes / /home15:12
lahwranpfifo: thanks15:12
zainwHo^oh, installing server, no matter what drive setup (guided, non guided, lvm or ext) i used, the server wouldnt boot in to anything and kept saying that the drives werent bootable but with Amoz and sacarlsons help before, is all good now15:12
ivan__hey guys! Could anybody help, I lost sound after mute and unmute15:13
ActionParsnipivan__: run:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    then wait a few seconds and try some sound stuff15:13
ivan__tnx, let me try15:14
X3l3r0nhi, all15:14
Ho^Ohivan__: sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload15:15
Ho^Ohivan__: Actually, you will remember this command better: sudo alsa force-reload15:16
ivan__well i tried both waht you said and what ActionParsnip said15:17
ivan__didnt work15:17
godofwardoes anyone know what the next patch of updates will release for Ubuntu 11.10?15:17
ActionParsnipivan__: does a reboot help?15:17
Ho^Ohivan__: Did my solution helped?15:17
ubi_hi, me again :P15:17
Ho^Ohubi_: WB.15:17
helo1I have an annoying issue with my wlan I was hoping someone could help with. My wireless randomly stops working (sometimes it will work for a week, sometimes less than a half hour). I will be connected using it just fine, and the connection will abruptly drop. I can still see networks in range, but any attempt to connect will result in it asking for the password over and over even though I know it is right. A reboot always fixes the 15:18
dedicated1anyone has some more suggestions on how to find ports used by programs? I want to scan them so I can add them to ufw15:18
Ho^Ohhelo1: Change your network name, or change the wifi channel your router/wifi box uses.15:18
ubi_i have partition magic 8.0 but it can't manage linux partitions, can someone recomend some that can15:18
helo1dedicated: disable the fw and run a nmap scan.15:18
ActionParsniphelo1: can you pastebin the output of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; uname -a     Thanks15:18
=== hwilde_ is now known as hwilde
ivan__Ho^Oh, no it restarts alsa but still no sound15:19
ActionParsnipubi_: clonezilla15:19
helo1Ho^Oh: The issue occurs on every network, at work, at clients, at home. All channels, various AP hardware15:19
pfifodedicated1, maybe stop all non-target programs, and then run netstat, and then get the target programs to try and connect15:19
ActionParsnipubi_: if you used ext3, you can use partimage from the repos :)15:19
dedicated1helo1: I am trying that but I can't figure out how nmap works it looks damn complicated sorry15:19
LjLdedicated1: netstat will tell you, "netstat -l" will tell you about ports programs are listening on15:19
Oerubi_, gparted live cd can. > http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php15:19
dedicated1thank you all15:20
Amozsacarlson, looks like zainw got his problem solved15:20
helo1dedicated1: nmap -v -sP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx15:20
ubi_my nert book dont have cd drive15:20
ActionParsnipubi_: you can make a live USB of it15:20
sacarlsonAmoz: yup15:20
ActionParsnipubi_: the stuf the gparted CD does can be achieved on the ubuntu cd15:20
ubi_i will try with clonezilla first15:20
kapzit just doesnt work...grrrrrr...vlc says Network interaction failed:15:20
kapzVLC could not connect with the given server.Your input can't be opened...but network is fine and I can browse through nautilus.15:20
helo1dedicated1: do you have an Android phone?15:21
kapzany help is appreciated, thanks15:21
ActionParsnipkapz: is it a samba shared folder you are connecting to?15:21
dedicated1helo1: yes15:21
dedicated1helo1: why? :)15:21
helo1dedicated1: there is a really nice app called fling. It does port scanning very easily and does a good job displaying results. Give that a try.15:22
dedicated1ahh ok ty15:22
kapzActionParsnip, actually I am trying to play a movie from another ubuntu PC connected via LAN cable...I can open the folder via nautilus through ftp but as mentioned above, I can't with VLC15:22
ActionParsnipdedicated1: there is a gui for nmap too afaik15:22
ActionParsnipkapz: so the ubuntu PC is running an FTP service?15:22
Ho^Ohdedicated1: lsof -i:portNumberHere15:23
ivan__ActionParsnip, could you please tell me how to reinstall pulseaudio, all I find in google is how to UNinstall it15:23
ActionParsnipkapz: tried accessing it via the ~/.gvfs folder?15:23
pavolzetorhi, are there any restrictions of using colours and logos from ubuntu and canoniucal?15:23
ActionParsnipivan__: its in a default install....15:23
pavolzetorI would like to make school presentation15:23
LucidGuyI rsync a filesystem from one host to another.  The source is 8.4TB in size and the destination ended up being 13TB.  I definitly have the delete option in place.  Could the 4.6TB be all sparse?15:23
dedicated1netstat -l worked but I cannot find irc/empathy in there so maybe nmap is better for the job?15:23
llutzdedicated1: sudo lsof -i15:23
kapzActionParsnip, I can ftp through nautilus so I gues it should be running it...shouldn't it? or xinetd takes care of it...i dont know exactly but I can login via ftp on that machine using nautilus15:23
ActionParsnipivan__: install pulseaudio package and it should be ok15:24
Ho^Ohllutz: Oh right! With root.         sudo lsof -i:portNumberHere15:24
ActionParsnipkapz: tries gnome-mplayer ?15:24
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
dfcnvtMorning, I need help regarding to the selection of file/program. (ex: don't open *.txt with pdf program... reset that)15:24
ivan__thank you15:24
pfifodedicated1, netstat -l lists ONLY listening ports, drop the -l15:24
dedicated1llutz: zomg worked like a charm :D ty ^^15:24
kapzActionParsnip, no but I tried smplayer which uses mplayer215:24
dfcnvtAlmost all different type of file opened with a wrong program.15:24
kapzit stays blank15:24
ActionParsnipkapz: are you using KDE?15:25
kapzActionParsnip, Unbuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell15:25
ActionParsnipkapz: then why didn't you install gnome-mplayer. smplayer is based on Qt so will have haulted in a tonne of KDE stuff to make it run...15:25
llutzActionParsnip: qt-stuff, not kde15:26
ActionParsnipkapz: seems like an odd choice15:26
Ho^Ohpavolzetor: Use libreOffice impress15:26
ActionParsnipllutz: it makes my point :)15:26
kapzActionParsnip, but it does the same with vlc15:26
Oerpavolzetor, yes, see >>> http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/15:26
pavolzetorthanks guys15:27
pavolzetorI just wanted to know if it is legal or not15:27
ActionParsnipkapz: try accessing the share via the ~/.gvfs folder15:28
Trevor69420kapz are you still trying to watch videos over a network share?15:29
kapzTrevor69420, yep stil struggling with it15:29
chris_Hey all, I'm trying to use update-alternatives to pick up x11 cursors.... But it's not finding them even though they're in /etc/X11. Is there a way to force it to pick the one I want?15:29
ActionParsnipkapz: tried a different sharing technology...15:30
pfifokapz, anyreason your using ftp? nfs allows me to watch movies stored on the local network, works like a charm too15:30
ZeloZeloschris_, you can edit the default.theme for the mouse15:30
=== chris_ is now known as chrisgeorge
chrisgeorgeHrm. Thanks ZeloZelos, I'll give that a try15:30
night_how can i join ubuntu-cn channel15:31
ActionParsnipkapz: or samba :)15:31
kapzActionParsnip, pfifo : I am using ftp because it's fast and installed on my system....I have not tried another protocol cox I don't know any other way15:31
ActionParsnipnight_: type:   /join #ubuntu-cn15:31
jnslAnyone have time to help me get my computer running? grub is messed up15:31
night_ActionParsnip, thx15:31
Trevor69420FTP is sloooooowww15:31
Trevor69420SAMBA is ALOT better15:31
kapzthen...what should I use?15:32
Trevor69420at least over LAN15:32
chrisgeorgeZeloZelos: Where is that located? I don't see it in /etc/X11/cursors15:32
Trevor69420u should be using VLC media streaming Katz to be honest15:32
ZeloZelosjnsl there is a grub rescue page on ubuntu's site just follow that its pretty easy15:32
Trevor69420cuz you're trying to stream videos15:32
Trevor69420not just play them over a network share15:32
pfifokapz, use cifs if you want to share to windows as well, or nfs between 2 unicies15:32
Trevor69420u get alot better performance streaming with VLC15:32
jnslZeloZelos http://pastebin.com/P0XFidzX15:33
Trevor69420streaming will transfer at a lower bitrate katz15:33
ActionParsnipTrevor69420: http://forums.neurostechnology.com/index.php?topic=9263.0    not that much different really15:33
Trevor69420ActionParsnip, yea thats true too15:33
pfifoTrevor69420, assuming the remote machine can handle realtime transcoding15:33
night_so many people15:33
kapzit's between two unices....but nfs was slow and kind of buggy in my experience...I even asked for help in this channel regarding it, but didn't get satisfactory ans so I installed ftp and I could share files without any hiccups!15:33
ZeloZeloschrisgeorge, umm i forgot :\15:33
Trevor69420pfifo only if he has to transcode15:34
Trevor69420if he's streaming with VLC to VLC he wont need to transcode15:34
pfifoTrevor69420, to get a lower bitrate, one has to transcode15:34
Trevor69420not if the source is already at a low bitrate15:34
ZeloZeloschrisgeorge, i set up a shortcut a long time ago n im not in linux right now..ill start vb if you ll wait15:34
ranger_mcfrendlyubuntu for non-geeks sent me here!15:35
chrisgeorgeZeloZelos: That'd be cool, I'm not going anywhere :)15:35
pfifoTrevor69420, you said...  n/m15:35
Myrttiranger_mcfrendly: welcome, do you have Ubuntu problems or questions?15:36
ActionParsnipranger_mcfrendly: howdy15:36
ranger_mcfrendlyNope, I'm fine thanks :P15:36
Halexander9000I wish compiling had a progress bar.15:36
kapzbahhhh.....sigh another futile attempt.. this streaming stuff sucks. NOT Easy. :| I better carry that hdd.15:37
Myrttiranger_mcfrendly: great, welcome to the merry group, feel free to ask if you have questions, or help others. Our non-support chat is at #ubuntu-offtopic15:37
Trevor69420kapz did u follow the guide i sent you?15:37
pfifoIm ordering pizza for #ubuntu, all 1594 of us15:37
uictamalehaha nice15:37
mneptok!ot | pfifo15:37
ubottupfifo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:37
Amozpfifo, <315:37
uictamalei'll take pepperoni please15:37
Trevor69420i cnt eat pizza15:37
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: it can if you add calls to notify-osd in your make file (if it supports it), you could have lots of mini make files with a batch script to compile and extra lines to output stuff :)15:38
Trevor69420seriously one remark deserves him an !ot15:38
night_Trevor69420, why did you can't eat pizza??15:39
mneptokTrevor69420: considering Myrtti reminded everyone about offtopic chat less than a minute earlier, yes. Myrtti reminded you, too.15:39
ivan__.... damn, is there a way to reinstall all audio related $#!7 I lost my sound and can't get it back15:39
Trevor69420me?? what did i say off topic15:39
ZeloZeloschrisgeorge, here  http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/how-to-change-mouse-cursor-theme-in.html   its taking forever for vb to start up,  i may have broken the ubuntu vdi15:39
chrisgeorgeawesome, thanks ZeloZelos15:39
ZeloZelosnp chrisgeorge15:39
ZeloZeloschrisgeorge, all you need to do is put the name of the mouse theme's folder inplace of the one already there so inherits=Theme15:40
krishHai, How to install ooVoo on Ubuntu15:41
=== krish is now known as Guest27060
ZeloZelosn log out n in or restart x15:41
Guest27060Tried through wine15:41
pfifoGuest27060, is it in the repos? if not then look on launchpad.net for a PPA15:41
usuariohi. i'm having troubles to install updated packages on ubuntu. it appears as a "bnet" problem. anyone? thank u15:42
Guest27060i tried installing ooVoo through wine also15:42
ActionParsnipKraln: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1801/why-no-oovoo-on-ubuntu15:42
Guest27060but it is not working15:42
pfifoGuest27060, ohh its a windows app15:42
pfifo!appdb | Guest27060 make sure its supported15:42
ubottuGuest27060 make sure its supported: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help15:42
ActionParsnipKrish: http://www.securitybeacon.com/?p=715:42
Guest27060Yes.  Now i am newly migrated from windows to ubuntu15:42
=== _srp is now known as srp_
MindSparkhi, anyone's gotten wsgi to work on ubuntu?15:43
ActionParsnipMindSpark: what does it do?15:45
ActionParsnip!info wsgi15:45
ubottuPackage wsgi does not exist in oneiric15:45
MindSparkActionParsnip, it's the cgi interface to python for apache15:45
MindSparknot equivalent but similar to php's mod_php15:45
cancerActionParsnip: Hi, i'm back after created VM. Now got a new problem. Cannot install kubuntu15:45
pfifoMindSpark, most people would just use httpserver15:46
mneptok!info mod_wsgi15:46
ubottuPackage mod_wsgi does not exist in oneiric15:46
ActionParsnipcancer: ask the channel15:46
ActionParsnip!find wsgi15:46
ubottuFound: libapache2-mod-wsgi, python, python2.6, python2.7, python3.2, libapache2-mod-ruwsgi, libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbg, libapache2-mod-uwsgi, libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbg, libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3 (and 37 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=wsgi&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all15:46
mneptok!info libapache2-mod-wsgi15:47
ubottulibapache2-mod-wsgi (source: mod-wsgi): Python WSGI adapter module for Apache. In component main, is optional. Version 3.3-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 126 kB, installed size 400 kB15:47
mneptokMindSpark: note the "is optional"15:47
MindSparkmneptok, yes, but I want to start coding python for web, and I just can't find resources on how to get this done15:48
mneptokMindSpark: what is "this?"15:49
newerubuntu 怎么装gtalk?15:49
pfifomneptok, nearly everything "is optional" even the kernel15:49
pfifoMindSpark, python isnt really the language of choice for web programming, you want PHP15:50
bazhang!cn | newer15:50
ubottunewer: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:50
MindSparkmneptok, python.15:50
mneptokpfifo: that's hardly true. Python is used extensively for web apps.15:50
bazhangnewer, /join #ubuntu-cn15:51
MindSparkpfifo, yes, I know. Been doing php for the last 10 years, I need to start switching :)15:51
newerhow to install gtalk?15:51
mneptokMindSpark: did you install Apache? did you install the wsgi Apache module?15:51
newerHelp . how to install gtalk?15:51
MindSparkmneptok, yes, I did15:51
pfifomneptok, maybe as a cgi15:51
nibbiernewer, sudo apt-get install gtalk15:51
bazhangnewer, sudo apt-get install gtalk15:51
mneptokMindSpark: have you told Apache ot load the module in httpd.conf?15:51
MindSparkmneptok, sudo a2enmod mod-wsgi15:52
MindSparkERROR: Module mod-wsgi does not exist!15:52
mneptokpfifo: almost every piece of Canonical web software, including Launchpad, is written in Python.15:52
newerI have try, but it can't15:52
mneptokMindSpark: which wsgi package did you install?15:52
ActionParsnip!info gtalk15:52
ubottugtalk (source: gtalk): plug-in replacement for standard talk. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.10-14 (oneiric), package size 141 kB, installed size 396 kB15:52
nibbiernewer, what is your error message? and: gtalk is not google-talk. if yu want to use google-talk install pidgin, and add an gtalk account15:52
pfifomneptok, so what your saying is, because launchpad uses python, pythn is the language of choice for all web development tasks?15:53
Halexander9000Can someone please help me? http://pastebin.com/dB5M1Brg15:53
MindSparkmneptok, libapache2-mod-wsgi15:53
mneptokpfifo: 'reductio ad absurdum' is a false debate tactic.15:54
mneptokMindSpark: and you enabled it in your server config?15:54
MindSparkpfifo, I don't know if it's the choice for web or not, but from the few lines of code I've seen on python, I can say it's much more organized and readable than php15:55
newersudo apt-get install gtalk15:55
newerReading package lists... Done15:55
newerBuilding dependency tree15:55
newerReading state information... Done15:55
newergtalk is already the newest version.15:55
MindSparkmneptok, sudo a2enmod mod-wsgiERROR: Module mod-wsgi does not exist!15:55
newer0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 17 not upgraded.15:55
FloodBot1newer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:55
MindSparkshouldn't that do it? I am getting this error15:56
mneptokMindSpark: have you tried manually editing the config file and enabling it?15:56
newerbut I can not find gtalk in my pc15:56
nibbiernewer, do you want to use google-talk?15:56
nibbiernewer, <nibbier> newer, what is your error message? and: gtalk is not google-talk. if yu want to use google-talk install pidgin, and add an gtalk account15:57
MindSparkmneptok, not really, but I can see wsgi.conf and wsgi.load are linked from mods-enabled to files in mods-available15:57
ActionParsnipHalexander9000: http://soledadpenades.com/2010/04/26/unknown-input-or-output-format-x11grab-ubuntu/15:57
newergtalk is not google talk?15:58
llutz!info gtalk | newer15:58
ubottunewer: gtalk (source: gtalk): plug-in replacement for standard talk. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.10-14 (oneiric), package size 141 kB, installed size 396 kB15:58
pfifo!info talk15:58
ubottutalk (source: netkit-ntalk): Chat with another user. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17-14 (oneiric), package size 22 kB, installed size 92 kB15:58
nibbiernewer, no, its not15:59
newersorry, I am newer15:59
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: Aw man... this will be the third time I compile ffmpeg...16:00
L3top_!info nvidia-current16:00
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 280.13-0ubuntu6 (oneiric), package size 30824 kB, installed size 90500 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)16:00
newercan I use apt-get to install gtalk?16:00
TUX11ok bit of a strange problem. ive plugged my usb drive into the pc and it has trouble mounting it, how can i check the filing system, it was working ok last night16:00
pfifonewer, gtalk is already installed on your system, however gtalk will not work with google-talk16:01
ActionParsnipnewer: `just use pidgin :)16:02
newerthen how can i make it work16:02
L3top_If 295.20 is certified, why is nvidia-current set at 195 in lucid (knowing that nvidia-glx-260 has better support), and 280 in oneiric?16:02
bazhangnewer, install pidgin16:02
newerI trying16:02
theadminL3top_: Ubuntu doesn't introduce major software updates to older releases, especially LTS16:03
TUX11how can i check a usb drives file system16:03
ChipzzzTUX11: did you unmount it properly last night before unplugging it?16:03
TUX11i shut down16:03
TUX11from the start menu16:03
neweris    sudo apt-get install pidgin?16:03
pfifoTUX11, e2fsck /dev/sdXY for ext2 drives dosfsck /dev/sdXY for fat16:04
ChipzzzTUX11: that's one likely cause eliminated :-)16:04
TUX11ok lemme give it a bash16:04
L3top_thanks theadmin, but given that they have introduced a new VDPAU revision with better h264, It is a shame it is not even installable.16:04
L3top_from a package16:04
theadminL3top_: Search for a PPA16:04
Canadian1296I need to edit /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/* but even as root I get "fsync failed" when I try to save my changes (in vi)16:04
pfifoTUX11, dont forget, checking a filesystem while its mounted will destroy it16:04
theadminCanadian1296: You can't edit stuff under /proc16:04
theadminCanadian1296: ...As far as I know, at least16:05
TUX11cuz i usually just shut down from the start menu and its ok16:05
ActionParsnipL3top_: there is the Xorg edgers update ppa (less fresh more stable)16:05
L3top_I can get it via PPA, we just try not to introduce them to our source tree because our versioning is so specific.16:05
TUX11but yesterday i was playing around with Vbox16:05
Canadian1296theadmin: But I have to. How would I?16:05
TUX11could that have done somethink16:05
L3top_Thanks all.16:05
theadminCanadian1296: What are you trying to actually acheieve?16:05
newerbazhang, how to install pidgin?16:05
theadminnewer: sudo apt-get install pidgin16:05
Canadian1296theadmin: I'm setting up openswan and I need to disable "accept_redirect" and "send_redirect" by changing the file contents from 1 to 0.16:06
=== companion is now known as Companion
ActionParsnipnewer: about 4 people have told you, and told you the same thing...16:06
theadmin!pm | newer16:06
ubottunewer: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:06
pfifoCanadian1296, you want to echo -n 1 > /proc/path/to/node16:07
TUX11grrr brb im guna try a manual mount lol16:07
ActionParsnippfifo: that'll need a sudo some place16:07
Ho^Ohnewer: PUSH ctrl+alt+T     to open up a commandline/terminal window. Then you type in the above command. (Or open terminal from Ubuntu's app menu).16:07
Canadian1296pfifo: I tried echo, but what does the -n do?16:07
llutzCanadian1296:  echo 0 |sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/send_redirects (same for accept_redirect)16:08
pfifoActionParsnip, sudo and echo do not mix, Canadian1296 sudo -s first to become root16:08
M4dH4TT3rcannot find sandbox server = network error?16:08
theadminpfifo: Not -s, -i16:08
pfifoCanadian1296, -n omits the newline16:08
pfifotheadmin, i use -s16:08
theadmin!wfm | pfifo16:08
ubottupfifo: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/16:08
Canadian1296pfifo: Alright ill give it a try16:08
pfifotheadmin, -s will work for you and him as well ^^16:09
theadminpfifo: It messes the system up though, doesn't set up the environment properly16:09
M4dH4TT3rquick question - cannot find sandbox server = network error?16:09
Canadian1296Ive always used -s. what should I be using?16:09
pfifoCanadian1296, research both -s and -i and determin for yourself which best suits your needs16:10
Canadian1296pfifo: Alright16:10
newerI am sorry, what is pm?16:11
ActionParsnipnewer: private message16:11
ActionParsnippfifo: well, they do, you just need to pipe to sudo tee ;)16:12
M4dH4TT3rquick question - cannot find sandbox server = network error?16:13
pfifoActionParsnip, lol, sure sudo and tee get along great :)16:13
Canadian1296pfifo theadmin llutz: I got it, thanks :)16:13
ActionParsnippfifo: exactly, so:  echo "text" | sudo tee /etc/whatever/file   will work :)16:14
llutzCanadian1296: to make that permanent, change the values in /etc/sysctl.conf16:14
ActionParsnipllutz: could just add to the sysctl.conf file and run:  sudo sysctl -p16:14
newersudo apt-get install pidgin16:15
newer  The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:15
newer   pidgin : Depends: perlapi-5.10.116:15
newer            Recommends: pidgin-libnotify but it is not going to be installed16:15
pfifoActionParsnip, for me that would always end up being sudo  echo "text" | sudo tee /etc/whatever/file because ill first try and fail at plain  echo "text" > /etc/whatever/file16:15
FloodBot1newer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:15
llutzActionParsnip: thats the way to go16:15
ActionParsnipllutz: bit easier :)16:15
ActionParsnippfifo: of  tee -a   if you want to add to the file, tee will make the named file only contain the text you pipe :)16:16
theadminI wonder. "echo" is apparently a bash built-in, but who stops you from creating /bin/echo or something which would just echo all the arguments? That'd let you use "sudo echo".16:16
theadminCrazy ways of doing simple things xD16:17
ActionParsniptheadmin: could make a script I guess, that would take the text and the file to manipulate16:17
=== Companion is now known as companion
llutztheadmin: "$ which echo" -> /bin/echo16:17
pfifoI thought echo started out as a real program before bash was mainline16:18
theadminllutz: Oh huh. Means, when using... Oh, I get why it won't work anymore16:18
theadminlol, the >16:18
theadmin>.< Sorry, my brain segfaulted on me16:18
Trevor69420who here has ever used openvpn or is using openvpn currently16:18
ActionParsniptheadmin: haha16:18
ubsrvhi all; i'm trying to configure the 'quota' utility in my ubuntu server, but every manual I check is configured on the /home partition.. My system has only one partition with 'everything', is that a problem for the quota utility?16:18
TUX11ok guys no quiet sure whats wrong, ive hard wired it into the PC and the check comesback ok16:19
ActionParsnipubsrv: i believe the quota uses the owner of the files16:19
TUX11but when its connected to the usb it wont mount16:19
TUX11could this be due to python which i installed testerday16:19
ActionParsnipI found newer's issue16:19
=== user_ is now known as UA-1
pfifoubsrv, so long as root doesnt have to obey a quota, there shouldnt be any issues16:19
ubsrvok! thx pfifo, ActionParsnip!16:20
gartralok, i've been fighting this for WEEKS.. I've googles extensively and i'm HOPING someone here knows the answer.. I have Neverwinter Nights, a closed source game that has a linux client.. but I can't get that client too run. it keeps complaining that it can't find libmss.so.6 even thout the launcher script explicitly states 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./miles:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH' which is where that library resides.. can ANYONE point me it the right direct ple16:23
=== _nyuszika7h_ is now known as nyuszika7h
theadmingartral: Any chance of wrong architecture?16:24
gartraltheadmin: negative. 32 bit game, 32 bit OS16:24
ActionParsnip!find libmss.so16:25
ubottuPackage/file libmss.so does not exist in oneiric16:25
gartralActionParsnip: it's a closed source library.16:25
ActionParsnipgartral: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc16:25
mneptokgartral: why the relative path in that EXPORT? make it full and see.16:26
ActionParsnipgartral: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149708716:26
ActionParsnipgartral: sudo apt-get install libssl-dev16:26
gartralActionParsnip: oneiric16:27
sun_devilI have a Epel RPM in my downloads.  I do a ls /home/user and can see it, this sounds stupid, but how to i get into download directory?16:27
pfifogartral, create a symbolic link for libmss.so.6 to the directory the executable is in16:28
theadminsun_devil: cd path to change current folder to "path"16:28
theadminsun_devil: Also, you can't install RPMs on Ubuntu (not in a sane way anyhow :P)16:29
gartralActionParsnip: that's a very freaking annoying dependency for a sound library.. but worth a shot16:29
ActionParsnipgartral: it will install the lib as its a dep of the dev package16:29
smiley_I have a system with 48 disks...ubuntu only sees up to /dev/sdag (disk #31) any ideas about where I need to look in order to get the OS to see at 48?16:30
gmachine_24I have been using Linux/Ubuntu for a decade and now I'm using 11.10 and I have to ask how I can boot to a command prompt because I can't find the answer.16:30
smiley_In solaris I had to modify a file to see the rest...but I am not sure if I should have to on ubuntu or not16:30
ActionParsnipgmachine_24: add the boot option:  text16:30
sun_deviltheadmin, Yes, I have a Ubuntu, but the RPM is in another puter in Centos.  Thanks, I finally got into the directory16:30
pfifogmachine_24, add nox to the kernel line16:31
theadminpfifo: That'd be "text", "nox" sounds like something from Gentoo16:31
gartralActionParsnip: Did not help.16:31
theadmingmachine_24: "text" at the end of kernel line16:31
gartralpfifo: I don't understand... put the dynamic link where?16:31
gmachine_24theadmin I imagine this was left out by design?16:32
theadmingmachine_24: What was?16:32
gartraltheadmin: changed too absolute path, no fix16:32
theadmingartral: Hmmeh. I dunno >.> I had a similar problem, no idea what to do with it16:33
pfifogartral, in the directory the executable is in, thats the first place programs look for shared libraries16:33
gmachine_24theadmin: 'text' at the end of the kernel line16:34
gartralpfifo: no help16:34
theadmingmachine_24: Well, duh, I mean... why would you want to boot into console by default?16:34
pfifogartral, can you identify what program is actually running? not the startup script16:34
gartralpfifo: nwmain16:35
SerythSo, I'm trying to play a DVD with mplayer, but when I run "mplayer dvd://" I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862099 what's going wrong? Ubuntu 32 bit.16:35
gartralpfifo: before you ask, calling nwmain alone leads too a segfault16:35
azertyuhi there16:35
pfifogartral, move to the directory its in and run 'ldd ./nwmain' make sure it has all needed libs16:35
theadminSeryth: Hi16:35
Seryththeadmin: o/16:35
azertyumay be i got an genius question16:35
azertyulet me try if i got answer16:36
ActionParsnipgartral: could use apt-file to find the file you need, it will tell you the package16:36
rob-bobwhat files are loaded when i sudo -i, apparently not /root/.bashrc or /root/.profile, anyone know where I need to ad shell scripts to be loaded when i switch to root user with sudo -i ?16:36
gartralpfifo: libmss.so.6 => not found. it's the *only* one not found16:37
azertyuwell i got text file16:37
azertyuwhen i do cat text.file it display several lines16:37
pfifogartral, copy all libmss.a and libmss.so files you have to that directory and try again16:37
gartralActionParsnip: apt-file: command not found16:37
azertyui simply would like to color each line into different color16:38
azertyuwhat i have to do ?16:38
azertyufor a better visibility i simply would like to color each lines into different color when i m doing cat text.file16:38
gartralpfifo: did so: libmss.so.6 => not found still16:39
MonkeyDustazertyu  you mean in bash?16:39
azertyucan we use case in graphical mode ?16:39
Chipzzzrob-bob: have you tried "sudo -u root -i" ?16:39
pfifogartral, can you pastebin the output of `ls -la libmss*`16:39
azertyuMonkeyDust: ?16:40
=== lemurph_away is now known as lemurph
gartralpfifo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862132/16:40
MonkeyDustazertyu  where do you want colored lines?16:41
ratcheersmiley_: Interesting question. I can't find anything specific, but I would think it would be controlled by sysctl. I'm still looking.16:41
gartralpfifo: before you call me an idiot: that nasty little chain link wasn't me.. that's how it was packaged16:41
azertyuwhen you cat text.file from a terminal every line want to color it into different color16:41
pfifogartral, thats standard... can you pastebin the output of `file libmss.so.6.5.2`16:41
azertyudo you get my questioN ? MonkeyDust16:42
gartralpfifo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/862136/16:42
MonkeyDustazertyu  cat does not have that option16:42
pfifogartral, where did you get this file originally?16:43
=== mysam is now known as Uncle|Sam
azertyuwhat command we need to use ?16:43
gartralpfifo: Game's install cd.16:43
=== _nyuszika7h_ is now known as nyuszika7h
bentech4youhow to get system full report .like redhat's sysreport or like Sun explorer output16:44
ActionParsnipgartral: it needs installing...16:44
azertyuin the same way of cat what command to use to color each line ?MonkeyDust16:44
MonkeyDustazertyu  you can write a bash script and use color variables16:44
pfifogartral, can you `ldd libmss.so.6.5.2` and see if its missing any libs16:44
gartralActionParsnip: how would I go about doing that manually?16:44
klawdi have ubuntu on my whole drive. now i want to install windows16:45
klawdcan i resize my partition?16:45
azertyui don't know how to16:45
gartralpfifo: No.16:45
gartralpfifo: No. it is not missing anything?16:45
gartraler .*16:45
MonkeyDustklawd  widows will ruin your grub -- first win, then lin is the golden rule16:45
pfifogartral, no its not missing libs or no ldd failed16:45
bentech4youis there any way to get system report including full hardware.?16:45
ActionParsnipgartral: sudo apt-get install apt-file      would be the obvious and correct way16:45
gartralpfifo: All Dependicies appear satisfied.16:45
klawdMonkeyDust: too late for that unfortunately16:46
klawdill handle the grub.. i just need to resize the partition16:46
gpmon 11.10, my wifi passphrase is NOT remembered though i have set it to auto-connect and available to all users. i have to enter it manually each time. is there a fix/workaround? just upgraded packages and sad to still see this bug.16:46
MonkeyDustklawd  you will to repair the grub menu after you installed windows16:46
gartralMonkeyDust: you can, in an emergency, boot from a live cd and re-install grub into /dev/sda..16:46
MonkeyDusthave to*16:46
MonkeyDustgartral  not easy for a beginner16:47
gartralActionParsnip: I thought you referring to my libmss issue as that library needing too be installed16:48
pfifogartral, try adding 'LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/my/libmss.so.6.5.2'  at the beginning of the line in the startup script that actually runs nvmain16:48
=== nakou_ is now known as Nakou
ActionParsnipgartral: you can use apt-file to see what package gives the .so file and install it16:48
ldiamondhow do I change the user under which a service runs?16:49
kim_#ubuntu-indonesia @irc.freenode.net16:49
gartralActionParsnip: That is a futile task as libmss is Miles Sound System, which is entirely closed source and only distributed through their SDK too closed-source developers, who thn compile it into their games.16:50
ActionParsnipgartral: do you have the .so file?16:52
gartralActionParsnip: Yes...16:52
gartralpfifo: Ok.. now i'm beginning too get really annoyed.. STILL can't load the darn lib16:53
pfifogartral, is there a libmss.a anywhere?16:54
ActionParsnipgartral: then put it in /usr/lib16:54
gartralpfifo: negative16:54
sun_devilHow can I find out if a epel repository has been added to Yum?16:55
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
Picisun_devil: Ubuntu doesn't use yum.16:55
ChipzzzPici: it's in the repos16:55
PiciChipzzz: That doesn't mean that we use it for anything.16:56
gartralpfifo ActionParsnip -THUD- well that fixes THAT. now I get a segfault16:56
sun_devilI know its a centos16:56
ubihi again16:56
ActionParsnipsun_devil: then ask in the centos channel, this is ubuntu support16:56
Picisun_devil: Then you should be asking in their channel. not #ubuntu16:56
ubiim looking for some linux partition manager that runs under windows XP16:57
starnhey anyone in here know how to split the audio to play through speakers as well as headphones but only certain audio sources? eg Teamspeak goes to headphones rest of the audio through speakers?16:57
Piciubi: That would a more appropriate question for ##windows16:57
senayarext4 is not recognized by windows16:57
senayaryou can't16:57
klawdubi: why not use gparted live?16:57
sun_devildo you know a good channel for centos,  I tried #centos  ?16:57
ubigparted, i+ll try thanx16:57
urfr332gOubi, you can use gparted as a bootable partitioner.16:58
pfifogartral, ohh well, thats odd. so its found now? but your getting a segfault running the startup script?16:58
Picisun_devil: You need to be registered to join there.16:58
Pici!register | sun_devil16:58
ubottusun_devil: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:58
gartralpfifo: both start-up script and directly calling nwmain..16:58
ubiis gparted simple to use16:58
geekbrican apparmor.d files be named anything you want, or do they have to be named for the path to the binary they are working with16:58
pfifogartral, did you remove the LD_PRELOAD16:58
=== R4ndZ is now known as RandomZeta
gartralpfifo: no..16:59
User111how do i hide the mouse cursor?16:59
urfr332gOubi, depends on your definition of simple, is to me. :)16:59
guddyaanyone tell me how to set proxy server in ubunt16:59
pfifogartral, do it, LD_PRELOAD is a hack16:59
ActionParsnipsun_devil: http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=816:59
=== RandomZeta is now known as Zeta
guddyatell mi how to set up proxy server in ubuntu16:59
ubidoes gparted have graphic slider like partition magic16:59
ActionParsnipguddya: http://blog.mypapit.net/2006/02/how-to-use-apt-get-behind-proxy-server-ubuntudebian.html16:59
gartralpfifo: still segfaulting16:59
urfr332gOubi, yes basically it has sliders.17:00
pfifoubi, gparted is almost identical to partition magic17:00
ubiok thanx lol17:00
sun_devilOk thanks17:00
ubii go try it17:00
ActionParsnipguddya: what?17:00
T_H_Xguddya: System Settings > Network > Network Proxy17:01
pfifogartral, well I could debug a segfault, but it wont help cause theres no way to fix it, youll have to file a bug report with the games maker and hope they fix it17:01
starni managed to make sound come out both headphones and speakers at the same time but how do i split an application to come out of selected connections. eg music to speakers and VoIP to headphones? i'm using ALSA i believe. device HDA Intel ALC120017:01
dedicated1hi there, I am trying to auth myself on Quakenet with Empathy but adding my password to the account settings doesn't work and when I auth manually I get "Failed to open private chat". Anyone here that can help me with that? any help is welcome :)17:01
ActionParsnipstarn: is the system a laptop?17:02
gartralpfifo: that's highly unlikely.. it's Bioware/Atari.. the game is a decade old17:02
ActionParsnipstarn: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh17:02
starnActionParsnip: desktop with more sound jacks and stuff than i can count.17:02
sun_devilrules smooles17:02
dedicated1starn: change input to microphone?17:02
pfifogartral, most likely you have new version of required libraries that are not compatible with what it wants, and theres not much you can do to downgrade. the program needs to be updated to use new technology17:03
=== bk_ is now known as Guest95307
dedicated1I am trying to auth myself on Quakenet with Empathy but adding my password to the account settings doesn't work and when I auth manually I get "Failed to open private chat". Anyone here that can help me with that? any help is welcome17:04
gartralpfifo: after a moment's testing. the game's server seems too work.. so i'm betting the issue is in SDL.. which the install has an old fallback version of17:04
sackytoalguien podria ayudarme a instalar unos drivers ?17:04
=== anders__ is now known as anjar_95
pfifogartral, maybe run the windows client in wine, if its that old, you should have good support and decent framerate17:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:04
starnActionParsnip:  that command is not working.17:05
guddyaactionParsnip: how to set up proxy server in ubuntu17:05
gartralpfifo: been, but wine won't load the sound library, so i don't have sound >.<17:05
ActionParsnipguddya: I gave you the link that tells you how. What more do you want....17:05
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak17:05
User111no way to hide the mouse cursor? stupid thing pops up during full screen slideshows17:05
starnActionParsnip: nevermind i am just blind and mistakin O as a 017:05
pfifoguddya, you should start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Squid17:05
fiz0how do i grep throug all files to find string?17:06
ActionParsnip16:59 < ActionParsnip> guddya:17:06
Picifiz0: grep -r "string" /path/to/files/17:06
Piciguddya: Are you trying to setup Ubuntu to get behind a proxy that already exists, or are you trying to install a proxy server on Ubuntu?17:06
guddyai want to install gui based proxy server17:07
gartralpfifo: changed around the library loader too point too the fallback SDL.. got a new error.. Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)17:07
ActionParsnipguddya: you don't need a gui for proxy. its in built in the OS...17:07
fiz0Pici, thank you that was exactly what i was looking for17:07
ActionParsnipguddya: or do you want to setup a proxy for others to use?17:08
starnActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=8c758e7a43c944868178969e3d5eb9269580a188  there is the output.17:08
pfifogartral, try running it as root17:08
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest90610
gartralpfifo: same issue17:09
anjar_95I can't remove python2.5. I've run "autoremove", but when I type "python", 2.5 starts up.17:09
ActionParsnipstarn: try:  echo "option snd-hda-intel position-fix=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf17:09
guddyai am new in ubuntu17:09
ActionParsnipguddya: which!? You cannot intelligently reply 'yes' to someone giving you TWO options....17:09
gartralanjar_95: sudo apt-get purge python2.517:09
gartralActionParsnip: THANK YOU!17:10
kalimojohas anyone ever actually paid for software for ubuntu ?17:10
Picianjar_95: whoa whoa, what release of Ubuntu are you using?17:10
Chipzzzanjar_95: do you have another version of python installed?17:10
Picianjar_95: Okay, just wanted to make sure that you had another version of python installed :)17:10
anjar_95I think both 2.7 and 3.217:10
pfifokalimojo, i hear cpanl used to be popular17:10
starnActionParsnip: it said option snd-hda-intel postion-fix=117:10
ActionParsnipstarn: yes, but it also added it in the file, reboot to test17:11
kalimojopfifo what is cpanl17:11
ActionParsnipgartral: all good :)17:11
anjar_95But it still says python 2.5 isn't installed17:11
starnActionParsnip: alright i will be right back.17:11
guddyathank's actionParsnip17:11
pfifokalimojo, cpanel is used to configure a linux server via a web interface. but its not compatible anymore17:11
ActionParsnipguddya: no, which is it of the two...17:12
Picianjar_95: What does ls -l $(which python) say?17:12
gokulHello, i am not able to install ubuntu 10.04.4 server without internet, any way to bypass that ?17:12
=== Zeta is now known as R4ndZ
gartralActionParsnip: anytime i ask something like "would you like a hotdog, or a hamburger" and the other person says "Yes".. i feel like dumpung mustard on their head!17:12
Chipzzzi think python 2.x and 3.x are sufficiently different that you may have a dependency requiring 2.x...17:12
pfifokalimojo, also, xen has some proprietary stuff that xen hypervisor can use17:12
ActionParsnipgartral: tell me about it, could use XOR to blow their mind17:12
PiciChipzzz: 2.7 should be installed.17:12
kalimojopfifo ok17:13
kalimojois python installed by default on ubuntu ?17:13
theadminkalimojo: Yes17:13
Picikalimojo: yes.17:13
pfifogartral, Ill take one too plz17:13
gartralActionParsnip: I usuualy take the AND gate approach and give them one of each..17:13
pfifokalimojo, yes python is required17:14
anjar_95-rwxr-xr-x 2 root root 5560610 2012-02-27 21:02 /usr/local/bin/python17:14
dedicated1hi there, I am trying to auth myself on Quakenet with Empathy but adding my password to the account settings doesn't work and when I auth manually I get "Failed to open private chat". Anyone here that can help me with that? any help is welcome17:14
ChipzzzPici: so what's the problem, then?17:14
starni am back.. don't remember who was helping me though.17:14
VIPER-IIanyone know of a good torrent downloading program?17:15
PiciChipzzz: They want to remove python 2.5, which is installed for some reason.17:15
pfifostarn, i think your looking for ActionParsnip17:15
Mech0zIf I have drives on a raid card exposed as normal drives (each drive running raid0 basicly) should a VM running on ubuntu be able to see those disks?17:16
Pici!torrent | VIPER-II17:16
ubottuVIPER-II: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P17:16
Chipzzzah... sorry17:16
pfifo!info transmission | VIPER-II17:16
ubottuVIPER-II: transmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.33-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 0 kB, installed size 20 kB17:16
pfifo"package size 0 kB"?17:16
VIPER-III've heard some of them capable of squeezing the upload to 0bytes.  Is that true? Any of them do that?17:16
theadminpfifo: Metapackage likely, points to transmission-gtk I'd guess17:16
starnActionParsnip: i rebooted in alsa should i disable "auto-mute mode"? or leave it enabled and try to configure music player to play through speakers?17:17
gartralpfifo: hmm.. this is wierd.. ldd ./nwmain gives me linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0x77759000)17:17
gokulHello, i am not able to install ubuntu 10.04.4 server without internet, how can i bypass that ?17:17
pfifogartral, ignore that, its normal17:17
ActionParsnipstarn: i'd just play, see what you can do. If the option causes issues then run:  gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf    and delete the line17:18
Picianjar_95: Hmm.. Can you pastebin the output of: dpkg -l  |grep python217:18
chipotleActionParsnip: are you familar with hd audio and surround sound to a receiver via hdmi17:18
starnwhat is IEC958 and IEC958 capture and IEC958 Default PCM  ActionParsnip ok.. any suggested utility to help me play around with this stuff??? for sound on linux is super confusing to me.. btw thus far it's not broken anything17:19
pfifogartral, say, your not trying to run a 32bit game in a 64bit enviroment are you?17:19
L3top_IEC are your digital outputs17:19
ActionParsnipchipotle: my sound troubleshooting is very limited17:19
gartralpfifo: already covered: No.17:19
L3top_I can probably help you chipotle17:20
starnL3top_: should i just leave the IEC's checked?17:20
=== tazjin|away is now known as tazjin
L3top_They should be unmuted if that is what you mean17:20
pfifogartral, run `valgrind ./nvmain` and paste bin... the book it outputs17:21
L3top_Tell me what you are trying to achieve17:21
L3top_and what you are using to try and achieve it17:21
gartralpfifo: argh.. that's a painfull request.. I don't have 120 MB too instal valgrind17:22
pfifogartral, you can uninstall it later17:22
gartralpfifo: no.. i'm telling you I physically *don't* have 120 mb free on my hdd17:23
pfifogartral, thats the only way I know to debug a segfault17:23
gartralpfifo: ok.. i'll remove something and make room17:23
starnL3top_: i don't even believe i am using the digital.. but i am trying to achive audio such as music and other desktop sounds to play over speakers and VoIP apps or what ever to play over headphones..  i am able to have all audio play through both.. but i can't seem to figure out how to split it... i've tried manaully typing into my config box of my program HDA Intell(ALC1200 Analog) [plughw:0,0]  and varries others to get it to work..17:24
Subject1neis there an libreoffice for ubuntu ? or is it only openoffice ?17:24
pfifogartral, keep a list of all the programs that it add as dependencies, so you can remove them all17:24
Mech0zis there free virtual machine software in the software center?17:25
=== munx_ is now known as munx
=== suporte is now known as Cabal
L3top_I thought your original question had to do with hdmi?17:26
ActionParsnipMech0z: virtualbox17:26
Mech0zActionParsnip ty17:26
=== Cabal is now known as Guest77273
L3top_starn: if you are using HDMI then you are using digital, and the IEC985s concern that17:26
starnL3top_: my original question was what i basically just said.. than i asked what IEC958 was... i did mention i had ports for HDMI and Digital.17:27
=== Guest77273 is now known as soporte
ldiamondhow do I change the user under which a service runs?17:27
=== soporte is now known as kd
=== noname is now known as Guest49207
gartralpfifo: the apt repos are SLOOOW17:27
=== kd is now known as Ragnarok
starnL3top_: to what i am aware of everything is plugged into analog  (3.5mm) jacks..  though i do have spdif jack which works with my 3.5mm speakers...17:28
gartralpfifo: hum-dee-dum17:30
pfifogartral, you should be able to apt-get clean to free up some space17:30
pfifoafter this operation17:30
primedeathI have Ubuntu on my tablet now.. How do I change it to properly use my touch keyboard?17:31
L3top_Sorry starn, had you confused with <chipotle> ActionParsnip: are you familar with hd audio and surround sound to a receiver via hdmi17:31
primedeathI can't seem to find it.17:31
arnprohey guys, my recently has recently been reported as doing suspicious activities, and according to logs, it has been trying to access root of other servers17:31
arnproso how can I check if any malicicious script is doing it?17:31
ActionParsniparnpro: could use rkhunter17:32
LjLand/or chkrootkit17:32
adycan someone tell me how i uncompres .7z ?17:32
llutzinstalling that _after_ a possible infection is senseless17:32
serverlinuxhello. Hlp in Spanish please...17:32
LjLady: install p7zip17:32
llutz!es | serverlinux17:33
ubottuserverlinux: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:33
gartralpfifo: that "book" broke ubuntu's pastebin17:33
Chipzzzarnpro: do you have a wireless router?17:33
adyLjL ty17:33
pfifogartral, try fpaste.org17:33
serverlinuxubottu tanks my friend...17:33
ubottuserverlinux: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:33
=== neersighted|AFK is now known as neersighted
arnproChipzzz: my server is hosted in server4you, it's a vServer, right now they gave me recovery access, and the data is mounted in /mnt, how can I check what part of my server tried accessing others?? is there any logs for it?17:34
gartralpfifo: http://fpaste.org/oDu9/17:34
pfifoarnpro, ask them todo a reinstall, and make sure you dont install any unofficial software in the future17:35
arnpropfifo: we only used that server to do mailing, no one of our team ever had access to the shell....17:35
arnpropfifo: we use Plesk to manage it17:35
demon_sporkI can't get Google Chrome to set up sync in Ubuntu. It works for my account with every other computer I use, OS X, Windows 7, Chrome OS but the Ubuntu version of Chrome just sits forever trying to set up sync17:35
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
ActionParsnipdemon_spork: tried a reboot?17:36
gartralpfifo: Ooops.. I pasted it twice..17:36
demon_sporkActionParsnip, yes17:37
Chipzzzarnpro: you could start by checking auth.log to see if someone else has access that you don't know about17:37
gartralpfifo: nvm, mouse jumped17:37
serverlinuxsomeone has installed MS-SQL Express on Ubuntu?17:37
ActionParsnipdemon_spork: try renaming the hidden config folder in $HOME17:37
Chipzzzarnpro: ...and your hosting company should have the particulars of the intrusions...17:38
ActionParsnipserverlinux: why not use mysql....17:38
arnproChipzzz: there is no auth.log in /var/log, however there is a messages file, should I check there?17:38
serverlinuxdoes not work for the program you need17:39
pfifogartral, the problem is in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/libdricore.so my guess is that the game was not intended to run on the new version of Xorg. do you have and fallback GL/Mesa/DRI libs?17:39
Chipzzz...After that, as ActionParsnip suggested, there's rkhunter17:39
gartralpfifo: No...17:39
sstaserverlinux: install MS-SQL in Linux is going to be....tricky at best17:39
anjar_95Pici: Any ideas?17:39
Chipzzzsorry, it's /var/log/auth.log?17:40
sstaserverlinux: if you absolutely NEED MS-SQL then isntall it in Windows17:40
arnproChipzzz: where can I find the history file of a user?17:40
pfifogartral, well, you can try building a few older versions of SDL, to bridge the gap between the old program and the new X.17:41
gartralpfifo: bah.. ok.. thank you for looking into it.. i'm not downgrading my dri system for a game a decade old17:41
serverlinuxMy mission is to work in ubuntu17:41
llutzarnpro: ~username/.bash_history17:41
Chipzzzarnpro: you mean the terminal commands history?17:41
sstaserverlinux: then you need to use a database that will run in ubuntu (there must be like a hundred alternatives)17:41
serverlinuxif but the system only works with MS SQL. perhaps with WINE but does not execute17:43
sstaserverlinux: mysql and postgresql are (probably) the most popular.17:43
arnproyes, Chipzzz I opened the bash_history and i only got 1 line.... "su" that means they were successfull???17:43
serverlinuxpostgres yes, but Mysql is no compatible17:44
sstaserverlinux: there's not much you can do about it.  If the thing NEEDS a specific (windows only) database, then that's what it needs.  Run it in Windows17:44
dedicated1I am trying to auth myself on Quakenet with Empathy but adding my password to the account settings doesn't work and when I auth manually I get "Failed to open private chat". Anyone here that can help me with that? any help is welcome17:44
serverlinuxsorry my english is bad...17:45
llutzarnpro: check roots bash_history17:45
gartralpfifo: not enough free space, not enough time.. I'm on an atom netbook...17:45
ActionParsnipserverlinux: then you may be stuck with Windows then17:45
arnproI did llutz, and the file only says "su" and there's no /var/log/auth.log17:45
sstaserverlinux: you can try running it in wine...I don't think much of your chances though...17:46
Chipzzzarnpro: arnpro sounds like you've been hacked17:46
pfifowhy does ubuntu ship with 'su' but not support enabling the root account?17:46
serverlinuxTraducir del: español17:46
serverlinuxEscribe texto o la dirección de un sitio web, o bien, traduce un documento.17:46
FloodBot1serverlinux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:46
pow4hdoes anyone know how to type the 'start of heading' character, which is ascii for 1?17:46
llutzpfifo: on vps it has to (different from normal systems)17:46
=== shymega is now known as Guest30127
arnproChipzzz: llutz: is there any way to trace a hacked server? without bash_history and auth.log???17:47
sstapfifo: because (a) su is mandated by POSIX and (b) su is for much more than just root17:47
serverlinuxThere is an emulator like Virtual PC windows?17:47
sstaat least I'm pretty sure su is mandated by POSIX17:47
sstaserverlinux: virtualbox17:47
llutzarnpro: make an image and use some forensic tools on it. but you should setup your vps from clean fresh media17:47
serverlinuxok, i chck it17:48
arnprollutz: yes, my host is awaiting for me to "check" what happened, but then they are reinstalling it...17:48
sstapow4h: ascii character 1.  Try ctrl-A (not sure if that will work or not, but worth a try)17:48
anjar_95I repeat my problem: I've uninstalled python2.5, and have only python2.7, but when I start python in the terminal it says python2.5!17:49
Chipzzzarnpro: is you site php or python?17:49
pfifoanjar_95, you most likely uninstalled  a meta package, try running python2.717:50
arnproChipzzz: php maybe, we got Plesk set up for mailing stuff17:50
Buddcompiz is freezing on me occasionally when I zoom out to see all my windows or screens. Strace tells me it's waiting on a futex. Killing and restarting compiz fixes it (until it happens again).17:50
Picianjar_95: Sorry, I missed your message earlier (just read it), did you by chance happen to install python2.5 manually at some point? compiling from scratch or something?17:50
ActionParsnipBudd: I suggest you report s bug17:50
ActionParsnipBudd: also create another user and see if its the same there17:51
anjar_95Yes, that's very possible17:51
BuddActionParsnip: good idea; I'll try that.17:51
Chipzzzarnpro: your hosting company will probably want you to take some measures to prevent another unauthorized access17:51
zambai need a CLI ftp client that's able to download using multiple threads.. any suggestions?17:52
Picianjar_95: Normally /usr/bin/python exists as a symlink to the current version of python. So, on my install here it points to /usr/bin/[4~python2.717:52
arnproChipzzz: hope they do, because the goal of this server was to have no administration, but easy stuff to use...17:52
zykotick9zamba: just want to say downloading is not typically CPU bound, but i'm certainly unaware of a multithreaded ftp client17:53
skaCan I install Seamonkey 2.6+ on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?17:53
skaIf so, how?17:53
ActionParsnipska: there is a PPA17:53
Chipzzzarnpro: most are accomplished through various exploits of the underlying code17:53
zambazykotick9: "thread" was the wrong word.. i meant multiple download sessions17:54
fairuz_I have a 8GB USB stick. Is it possible to have several Ubuntu on it? Like 11.04 and 11.10. So that I can use the same USB stick and later choose which version I want to boot on.17:54
anjar_95Pici: It links to 2.717:54
arnproI guess I will have to dig down where the problem started, thanks alot Chipzzz, helpful!!17:54
arnproChipzzz: I already saved all the logs I could and going to ask my host to back them up for me17:55
theadminfairuz_: You can try to install grub2 on it and have it boot isos17:55
ActionParsnipska: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:joe-nationnet/seamonkey-beta; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install seamonkey    will give you 2.7-b417:55
Chipzzzit's a start... good luck & glad i could help :-)17:55
Picianjar_95: so remove the other python executable from /usr/local/bin/ then17:55
arnprobut, is it possible to look for _all_ files that have been recently modified???17:56
quadruplehello, is this a problem:           RX packets:2253411 errors:0 dropped:727 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:218584 errors:646 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:64617:56
llutzarnpro: find / -mtime xx  (man find)17:56
sstaarnpro: find with the -mtime flag17:56
ActionParsnipquadruple: is it a wired connection?17:56
skaActionParsnip: Thanks.. were did you find it?17:56
zzarbijoin #flume17:56
ActionParsnipska: the ppa search page17:56
quadrupleActionParsnip: eth0, yes17:56
fairuz_theadmin: So the idea is to create two partition on it for 11.04 and 11.10, then install grub2 to choose?17:56
starnis there some kind of amazing utility that helps splits audio to two different sources? eg like say one audio based program sends to headphones and other audio based program sends to speakers??17:56
ActionParsnipquadruple: tried a new cable? Tried a different port on the router?17:57
theadminfairuz_: Nah, one partition with the ISOs of Ubuntu on it, and GRUB2 to boot those ISOs17:57
ActionParsnip!ppa | ska the search page here will show you17:57
ubottuska the search page here will show you: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:57
theadminfairuz_: Though your way is valid too17:57
bluefrog_starn, with two sound cards17:57
quadrupleActionParsnip: yes still the same17:57
starnbluefrog_: one sound card that supports that kinda function on hardware level..17:57
anjar_95Pici: It worked. Thank you very much!17:58
Picianjar_95: great!17:58
bluefrog_starn, then it must be possible17:58
starnbluefrog_: or at least i think it's one..17:58
quadrupleActionParsnip: two machines have this thing, same hardware17:58
Chipzzzarnpro: yes, but often the code doesn't have to be modified to be exploited... you could, however easily check with a recursive ls sorted by date17:58
fairuz_Your way seems easier. I can add other version of Ubuntu later on17:58
ActionParsnipquadruple: which ethernet chip?17:58
norehi everybody!17:58
starnbluefrog_: i know it's realtek.   HDA Intel ALC1200.17:58
Picistarn: JACK can likely do that.17:58
starnPici: is there a simple guide to using jack for configuring sound servers in linux is possibly my weakest ability.17:59
quadrupleActionParsnip: chip? Intel Corporation 82562V-2 10/100 Network Connection (rev 02)17:59
ActionParsnipquadruple: are there any bugs reported?17:59
zykotick9starn: there is nothing "simple" about JACK - good luck (you'll probably need it)17:59
fairuz_theadmin: Normally what should I put for grub2 partition size?18:00
theadminfairuz_: Grub isn't installed to a partition18:00
quadrupleActionParsnip: have checked a little bit, not sure if they are the same problem18:00
norei've installed haproxy and when it runs it shows "poll" and "select". But according to haproxy documentation there are another two "epoll" and "sepoll". My question is how can I find a package with these "epoll" and "sepoll"? thanks@18:00
Picistarn: I don't know how up to date this is, but its probably a good place to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/What%20is%20JACK18:00
starnzykotick9: yeah.. i tried jack before... i'm not even sure if i installed the thing right..  it's a pain in my well you get the point.18:00
Picistarn: The folks in #ubuntustudio may also be able to help.18:00
fairuz_theadmin: I'm lost then :)18:00
esingwould you recommend me to put windows xp or ubuntu on my thinkpad t23 ?18:01
starnPici: !! that is a epic idea! i never thought about ubuntustudio!18:01
Piciesing: This is #ubuntu, what would you expect us to say?18:01
ActionParsnipesing: thats offtopic here18:01
fairuz_theadmin: So with your way, I just need one big partition? with all ISOs and grub2 on it?18:01
pfifoIve installed/configured/used Jack, and its not too bad, it only becomes a pain when you want to mix jack and pulseaudio18:01
esingpici you are right my question was stated wrongly ...18:01
theadminfairuz_: You don't need a partition for grub, grub is a bootloader...18:01
esingwill thinkpad t23 be fully supported by the new ubuntu 11 ?18:02
theadminfairuz_: Well, you'd need to store it's configs somewhere but still18:02
ActionParsnipesing: try a liveCD / USB and try18:02
Piciesing: You may want to take a look at http://www.thinkwiki.org/ , ThinkPads are generally well supported.18:02
esingpici thanks!18:02
fairuz_theadmin: Ok. I think I got it a little bit. I will try first with grub-install18:04
chipotlehi, is there a way i can get linux kernel 3.3 on ubuntu 11.10?18:04
sstachipotle: only way I know is to compile it yourself18:05
chipotlessta: ehhh18:05
chipotlefrom linux.org?18:05
pfifochipotle, there may be a !PPA18:05
chipotlei read that i can't have hd audio on 3.0 unless i patch it myself. i read that from arch linux... is there a way to use those patches on ubuntu?18:06
chipotleah yeah, kernel.org18:06
sstachipotle: yep.  Note that's unsupported...so if it breaks you get to keep both halves :)18:06
chipotlei found it here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture#HDMI_Multi-channel_PCM_output_does_not_work_.28Intel.2918:07
zykotick9ssta: it might not break in half - thus suggestion "if it breaks you get to keep the pieces" is often more accurate ;)18:07
pfifochipotle, maybe you should install a 2.6 kernel instead18:07
sstachipotle: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile might be helpful if you decide to compile18:07
sstazykotick9: :)18:07
chipotlei think i'll just buy a grafx card so i can get arond intel audio18:07
chipotleany recommendations? i've heard good things about nvidia 430 and 520....18:08
pfifozykotick9, my ubuntu always breaks in exactly 2 equal parts18:08
zykotick9pfifo: wow - that's handy ;)18:08
pfifochipotle, ATI all the way18:08
chipotlepfifo: ati? on linux?18:08
serverlinuxCHIPOTLE: 43018:08
chipotleserverlinux: any others to consider?18:09
serverlinuxuse Nvidia Quadro18:09
pfifochipotle, i have an nvidia, i wish i had gotten an ATI instead18:09
zykotick9pfifo: are you serious?  chipotle i'd never personally recommend ATI for anything on linux YMMV18:10
chipotleserverlinux: can you point me to a card?18:10
chipotlezykotick9: i've heard great things about the 430. and microcenter has some in stock18:10
serverlinuxmy machine is XEON 2  6 gb ram and ati radeon 120mb haha18:10
drullanhi. i have a problem with the update... dpkg stops all time on the same update level and... a can't install anything new :S18:10
sstachipotle: depends what you need.  I have a nv210 in this and it's been fine.  Very much depends on the use you want from it though18:10
dedicated1I am trying to auth myself on Quakenet with Empathy but adding my password to the account settings doesn't work and when I auth manually I get "Failed to open private chat". Anyone here that can help me with that? please?? I can't figure out how to auth at all even searching the web for hours didn't help :(18:11
pfifozykotick9, If I had gotten an ATI i could have wated even more time and energy mining bitcoins18:11
zykotick9dedicated1: ask on quakenet - your question has little to do with Ubuntu18:11
drullanhow can i fix update problems without make miracles?18:12
uber-n00b+OK SsXEo0Sl1V2.tMmwX1iZ0Vp/18:12
chipotlessta: it's for a htpc linux18:12
serverlinuxchipotle speak spanish ?18:12
dedicated1well I think it's a problem with Empathy and since it's Ubuntu's default I thought I'd ask here, besides18:13
dedicated1I asked 2 times in the Empathy channel on irc and it's kinda dead :(18:13
chipotleserverlinux: no18:13
dedicated1but will do18:13
chipotlei'm american so we only speak english :P18:13
sstachipotle: ah...I've never done one of those, so I can't advise, sorry18:13
zykotick9dedicated1: empathy is an IM client, you might want to try an IRC client instead18:13
serverlinuxchipotle: Not only is the video card, also check your processor18:13
drullanhow can i fix it? http://pastebin.com/WXLGzmEP18:13
chipotleserverlinux: i have an i3 sandy bridge18:14
serverlinuxmy machine is xeon dual ...18:14
_Ethan_there was a program for free to recover deleted files, can someone remember me what was the name ?18:14
ppzykotick9 : empathy is also an IRC client.18:14
_Ethan_it worked also in windows18:14
zykotick9pp: not really...18:15
ssta_Ethan_: recover?  Getting back deleted files from extX is...tricky18:15
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: use your backups...18:15
drullanis more kinde amsn18:15
ssta_Ethan_: there's a tool called recover, and one called e2undel.  Neither are all that great at it18:15
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: foremost is ok18:15
_Ethan_thanks a lot18:16
theadmin_Ethan_: foremost, ext4undel (or something along those lines), photorec18:16
_Ethan_ i think it was recover18:16
pp_Ethan_: You can try foremost but I don't know how to use  it.18:16
drullanHello everybody :) i don't know how to fit it http://pastebin.com/WXLGzmEP and i must install eclipse jet!18:16
_Ethan_i want to use it in windows18:16
sstaoh, then you want a windows tool...18:16
drullan_Ethan_ Recovery Magic...18:16
Gremuchnikhi guys!  I can hear lots of reads/writes on my hard disk, much more than usual, its looping.  how can I best check the cause for this?  thanks18:16
drullanand not on windows recomended... try with Acronis18:17
drullanis a ultra boot tool18:17
theadmindrullan: Run "export LANG=C" and run the command(s) which produced the output again so that it's in English.18:17
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: easy recovery pro18:17
_Ethan_was this one i think18:17
_Ethan_ActionParsnip but i dont want to pay18:17
drullanwith features like recovery tools like ... oh, no acronis... is other name... wait18:17
ssta_Ethan_: that's not for Linux...18:17
drullanHirens boot cd18:17
=== Fuchs is now known as Zombiefox
theadmin_Ethan_: Windows software is unsupported here... Try Photorec, and go to ##windows18:18
ActionParsnip_Ethan_: use your backups18:18
pfifoGremuchnik, running 'lsof' should give some hints18:18
zykotick9Gremuchnik: iotop is a command line application (requires sudo) that will show what is using your disks18:18
drullan_Ethan_ i full recomend you the Hirens Boot CD, Recovery MAgic...18:18
_Ethan_theadmin nobody answers in windows18:18
L3top_Hirens ftw18:18
drullanis very slow, but runs!18:18
charles_____Hello. (I'm currently on Windows.) I have the latest version of ubuntu, ubuntu 11.10. I have a 3G wireless "dongle" modem for use with my laptop. I'm wondering how I get this modem to work with ubuntu?18:18
_Ethan_drullan thanks18:18
uber-n00b+OK Favmw/vvQ9..usaVt17F.u21wE9tN0YntuA0B1Eir.X76Sg118:18
uber-n00b+OK /Bg4Z0bL1Z60lDH8f1uuHKE/awScM1VdY88.QhNQ11zuY6H.1Rx740avC9a1uzeCq1sGVPe0B4dcZ0yD/uc03fZfs0N2z9f.18:19
drullan_Ethan_ u wellcome ;)18:19
LjLuber-n00b: ?18:19
sstacharles_____: usually they "just work".  If you use the network-applet thingy (no idea where unity hides it)18:19
uber-n00b+OK mNjmF1UTbzW/umD4N159.HY1z9vig1sZxic/zEQNa.D/wVV/hXWjX.5z/JJ07jZAT/QoJPA.EHgj6.yhlN41O9m3l1DxPQa0N3fI609NNuN0l8Y3e/5G4zw0GjaUp0Tf7tC1P41/W.4QLQq/nLscq1HrYWe/omJ3n1IyMsr118:19
drullantheamin how can i do that? cause thats the ubuntu software output message... not from the terminal18:20
ActionParsnipcharles_____: run:  lsusb    and use the 8 character hex id to find guides18:20
starnwhat was the pulse program to add virtual audio streams?? and what is the Alsa version for same thing?18:20
charles_____ActionParsnip: ok, is this something i can do on ubuntu while not connected to the Internet, if you understand what i'm saying18:21
Gremuchnikpfifo - zykotick9 - what do I look for in the output of lsof or iotop? thakns!18:21
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
GremuchnikI tried both, don't see anything abnormal, but I hear the disk going and going and going18:22
drullantheadmin: the 85% is in engish or a filename :O:)... and i don't know where i must put the lang change :(18:22
pfifoGremuchnik, the name of the program thats causing all the disk access18:22
Gremuchnikpfifo - understood, buthow do I indentify the culprit?18:23
zykotick9Gremuchnik: what's listed at the top of iotop? that's what is performing the most I/O activity18:23
Gremuchnikright, and I see nothing special there. that's what so weird18:23
drullanI have a problem (poorly translated) type "not accomitted dependences" or similar... and every time it kilsl all the updates and installations. How can i fix it?18:24
Gremuchnikmabye my disk is making noises without w/r very much...18:24
drullandepends... not installed and over and over again...18:24
Zaldoes iotop show swap usage?18:25
zykotick9Zal: not directly - it's just DISK read/write output18:26
seanismhow much memory would my VPS require for ubuntu and vnc so I can remote into a GUI?18:26
zykotick9!requirements | seanism18:26
ubottuseanism: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu18:26
theadminseanism: Probably around that, but actually depends on how hungry the GUI is18:26
sstaseanism: 2G imo...1G *minimum* I'd say18:26
seanismfor a VPS though?  I know for physical18:26
theadminssta: wut? This ain't Windows you know, any distro which requires 1G ram is just plain crazy18:26
seanism10.04 so I can ssh / vnc in18:27
zykotick9theadmin: that's ubuntu's recommended minimium you realize?18:27
Zalzykotick9, ok, I guess that would still work if his machine were thrashing.18:27
theadminzykotick9: Recommended?...18:27
theadminzykotick9: Maybe... I ran ubuntu with 512m fine though, but then again that was back in Lucid times18:27
sstatheadmin: running any sort of DE in less than 1G...not really sane imo18:27
seanismya thats what Im afraid of18:28
DaekdroomThe recommended is 1GiB18:28
theadminssta: Who said anything about DEs? GUI != DE, you could just very well use "naked" X, or some Openbox...18:28
DaekdroomI boot my x64 Ubuntu to a little over 550MiB... so...18:28
theadminzykotick9: Also, again, the "S" in VPS stands for "server", meaning it's not going to do any heavy tasks such as multimedia playback so...18:29
zykotick9Daekdroom: using 64bit with 500MB ram is crazy you realize?  32bit would give you more accessible memory in such a setup.18:29
sstatheadmin: sure.  1G is still tight imo.  Remember, Lucid was 2 years ago.  When I ran Linux first 32-128MB was fairly standard...I wouldn't want to try that now...18:29
zykotick9theadmin: and in my opinion GUIs on servers - make NO sense.18:29
Daekdroomzykotick9, I did not say I have 500MB. I said Ubuntu starts using over 500MB for me ;)18:30
DaekdroomI have 4G18:30
theadminzykotick9: Agree entirely, makes no sense to me either.18:30
zykotick9Daekdroom: sorry, misunderstood18:30
_Ethan_the program i was looking for is called Restoration folks, very cool and simple18:30
seanismi would run desktop just so I can remote in and have some things running or active at all times for convenience18:31
Zaltheadmin, mightn't a server be used for multimedia multicasting, for example? Just sayin'18:31
sstaseanism: screen?18:31
philipballew_Is there a proper way in Debian to get a newer kernel for squeeze, or should I just compile one?18:31
theadminZal: Um, so? To broadcast you don't need a GUI, you'd need it to receive ;)18:31
seanismi use screen now with my small vps18:31
zykotick9philipballew_: backports - but this isn't debian support - see #debian18:31
seanismim in irssi now18:31
Zaltheadmin, true no GUI, but still some heavy lifting18:32
theadminZal: Oh... well that's true indeed.18:32
dtcrshrlhello everyone. i have a dell latitude d530, and im installing ubuntu 11.10. on the live boot the wireless dont work, but its avaiable on the optional drivers, which i can download on this live mode. After the installation if i go to the optional drivers it clains I dont have internet access, and the broadcom driver wont show on the list. Is there a way to use the usb boot image I installed to get this driver? Im on a catch 2218:32
sun_devilTrying to install portsentry from downloads but got a tar error of not recoverable18:34
philipballew_crap... wrong channel18:34
=== asdw348sd is now known as mileon
theadminphilipballew_: No problems, watch out the next time though ;)18:34
sun_devilTrying to open portsentry-2.ob1.tgz18:34
theadmin!find postsentry18:35
philipballew_theadmin, maybe i should just subscribe to less irc channels, but thats never gonna happen :)18:35
ubottuPackage/file postsentry does not exist in oneiric18:35
theadminphilipballew_: :P18:35
westernanalogTrying to do sudo apt-get update but I get this at the end: http://pastebin.com/nQKDvA5Q Please help18:35
oCean!info portsentry18:35
ubottuportsentry (source: portsentry): Portscan detection daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-12 (oneiric), package size 72 kB, installed size 308 kB18:35
theadminoCean: Ah, pardon my misspelling18:36
shivam7074is there any download accelerator 4 ubuntu???18:36
theadminsun_devil: Why are you installing something that is available in the repos from a tarball?18:36
westernanalogPlease tell if I must translate some of the readouts18:36
theadminwesternanalog: Please run: "export LANG=C", after which execute "sudo apt-get update" again and repaste it18:36
Zizzupff tutto li :\18:37
westernanalogtheadmin: Will do18:37
westernanalogtheadmin: Tha same output18:38
theadminwesternanalog: Supposed to be in English now, no?18:38
theadminwesternanalog: If not, do "export LANG=en_US.UTF-8" instead of that "C", figured it'd be possible to use "C" but guess not18:38
omidoHi . i'm looking for a good desktop search tool like Beagle.18:39
zykotick9theadmin: C "should" have worked18:39
omidoHi . i'm looking for a good desktop search tool like Beagle.18:39
theadminzykotick9: "should" indeed, why wouldn't it?18:39
theadminomido: No point in repeating yourself18:39
zykotick9theadmin: operator error is my only guess18:39
omidotheadmin: Afer i posted my first message i saw chainloader's wellcome to ubuntu state.so i thought my first message is not sent.18:40
theadminzykotick9: What's wrong with the operators? it is "export var=value"... At least if it's the standard "export" command18:40
shivam7074is there any download accelerator 4 ubuntu???18:40
seanismits called faster internet18:41
omidoshivam7074:  Use Kget or another frontend for wget18:41
forever2432shivam7074: try "transmission"18:41
omidoI use Kget on my Kubuntu system and its very good18:41
LordDeathI see a bright future for ubuntu18:41
HSarenaHi! I wanna to format my flash disk but it give an error, plz help me, tnx18:41
theadminHSarena: Paste the error?18:41
omidoLordDeath:  i dont18:41
LordDeathactually I am seeing the win8 preview in a VM right now but that is the same ^^18:42
godofwarLordDeath: i do too but i wish there were some more updates for 11.1018:42
oCeanLordDeath: chat/discussion is in #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is for tech suport issues18:42
omidoshivam7074:  I meant a GUI for wget.like Kget18:42
dtcrshrdo I still need ndiswrapper for wireless in ubuntu 11?18:42
zykotick9theadmin: operator meaning - the person performing the action (i mean)18:42
dtcrshrim with a dell latitude d530, but the wifi wont work18:42
dtcrshrall forum posts are from 2008, 200918:42
omidodtcrshr: Broadcom?18:43
theadminzykotick9: Ah, you mean "user" error, heh, didn't realize it at first18:43
HSarenatheadmin : Daemon is inhibited18:43
ActionParsnipshivam7074: there is uget, fatrat and jdownloader which can help. Your connection can only go as fast as you pay for18:43
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: depends on the wireless chip18:43
theadminHSarena: da wut... How are you formatting the disk?18:43
shivam7074which is better i got confused???18:44
dtcrshrbroadcom bcm431118:45
westernanalogtheadmin: I did a translation myself: http://pastebin.com/E8ENRi6u18:45
dtcrshromido: broadcom bcm431118:45
theadminwesternanalog: This looks weird, try "sudo apt-get clean" and then try again18:45
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:45
westernanalogdid so18:45
omidodtcrshr: Broadcom has Propritary firmware i think. you can find it in debian forums. ask in #debian18:45
omidoah yes zykotic10 is right18:46
HSarenatheadmin : first time it's show another error then i delete this flash, now i can't format this18:46
westernanalogtheadmin: I did so18:46
theadminHSarena: How are you formatting it?18:46
theadminwesternanalog: Hm. Try changing to another mirror.18:46
dtcrshroh crap18:47
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: you haven't needed ndiswrapper for a long while now18:47
ActionParsnipshivam7074: there is no better or best, each has its strengths18:47
dtcrshrits a nice notebook, but i dont want install the vista that came from.. ubuntu seems nice, besides the wireless just wont work18:47
HSarenatheadmin : with Disk Utility18:47
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: get a wired connection and get fully updated, reboot and use the additional drivers app. It will work18:48
ActionParsnipdtcrshr: those cheap broadcom chips are abundant and have decent support18:48
theadminHSarena: Try the cli way: sudo mkfs.FILESYSTEM_TYPE /dev/sdXY (where FILESYSTEM_TYPE is the fs you're formatting to, X is the device letter and Y is the partition number)18:48
dtcrshrhm ok18:48
westernanalogtheadmin: seems the main mirror did the trick. not sure yet cause it is not finnished and i have a dinosaur connection to the net18:50
theadminwesternanalog: Well I'm glad it at least moved a step forward ;)18:50
westernanalogtheadmin: so far. thanks!18:51
shivam7074i m a new ubuntu user where i can learn to use it n solve probs related to it???18:52
oCean!manual | shivam707418:52
ubottushivam7074: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:52
ActionParsnipshivam7074: there are lots of howtos online, I'd just look for them (and ask here) as you need18:53
pow4hso if i have a data file full of 1s and 0s, and my posix style read function is returning their ascii number for it, how do get it turn back into 1s and 0s like i wanted? i did vi myfile 123 :wq , then read() storing it to char array[10], and when i printf with array[0] it says 4918:53
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allu2could someone check if they can repeat this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/94328618:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 943286 in compiz (Ubuntu) "minor glitch when switching between virtual desktops." [Undecided,New]18:55
shivam7074the manual is teaching abt 10.10 i m using 10.11???18:55
HSarenatheadmin: thank you, i can format it, but now i can't mount it18:57
HSarenatheadmin: Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc, missing codepage or helper program, or other error In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try  dmesg | tail  or so18:58
theadminHSarena: Why are you mounting /dev/sdc? Did you format the whole device?18:58
fairuz_theadmin: The partition that I will use to store the ISOs, what should be the FS? is FAT32 is ok?18:58
theadminfairuz_: I thinks so18:59
fairuz_theadmin: thanks18:59
=== R4ndZ is now known as RandZ
theadminfairuz_: Then again it might be better to use extX just in case18:59
fairuz_theadmin: Oh, I will try ext3 then18:59
=== kernel is now known as Guest24352
shivam7074how to know which ubuntu version i m using now???19:00
HSarenatheadmin: yes, i formatted it19:00
theadminHSarena: /dev/sdc itself?19:00
theadminHSarena: That's... wrong -_- Well, it's possible to do it but it's not the right way around19:00
ZalAnyone use RightScale? Anyone like it?19:01
theadminHSarena: You need to create a partition, format the partition19:01
HSarenatheadmin: how?? with Disk Utility???19:01
theadminHSarena: I don't know how that even works, try gparted19:02
ActionParsnipfairuz_: if you use Fat32, you will not be able to use DVD ISOs19:02
fairuz_ActionParsnip: Oh thanks for the info. I'm trying with ext3 right now.19:02
nijotzin the ubuntu software center, there's an advertisement for "and yet it moves". If I click on it, I get "There isn't a software package called andyetitmoves"19:02
zykotic10shivam7074: "lsb_release -a" in a terminal will show you19:02
nijotzany repos I need to enable or something?19:03
ZalActionParsnip, why is that? Does Fat32 have a max file size that's too small?19:03
theadminZal: fat32 is limited to 4GB19:03
theadminZal: Per file, that is19:03
* Zal snickers at fat3219:03
ActionParsnipZal: yes, max file size for fat32 is 4Gb19:03
ActionParsnipunless the ISO is smaller...19:04
superstrawyou can use "split" to break up a large file.19:04
ZalActionParsnip, righto, thanks19:04
ActionParsnipsuperstraw: not if you want to boot the iso19:04
superstrawah myesh indeed.19:04
Zalor even mount it19:04
czzwhat's it mean when my Ubuntu 11.10 server doesn't have /etc/resolv.conf by default?19:05
ActionParsnipyou COULD add some stuff to reform the image in tempfs then boot it. messy19:05
fairuz_What should I choose for the flags? I'm formatting with gparted.19:05
fairuz_Does boot is enough?19:05
ActionParsnipczz: it should have one. Very weird. I suggest you run:  echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf      to get started19:05
zykotic10fairuz: FYI grub doesn't case about "boot flags"19:05
pow4hCryWolf you gave 2 answers not several19:06
L3topfairuz: xfs is best for media only19:06
Zallarge file media19:06
ActionParsnipL3top: why so?19:07
HSarenatheadmin: tnx ;)19:07
czzActionParsnip, Thanks!19:07
shivam7074hello, i m using ubuntu 11.10 but the manual is 4 10.10...is there any manual for 11.10???19:08
L3topIt is my understanding because of the way large blocks are addressed. I will get you a solid answer in a moment. I have read and forgotten it.19:08
volandis there any way to see youtube fullscreen and work in other programs same time?19:08
=== Zombiefox is now known as Fuchs
fairuz_:( my machine just crashed. Anyone answered to my question before? :)19:09
ryzzanbluetooth is no working... any tip?19:10
ActionParsnipshivam7074: what are you having issue with?19:10
ActionParsnipryzzan: run:   dmesg | grep -i blue   do you see the device being detected?19:10
ryzzanActionParsnip: nothing happened19:11
fairuz_theadmin: Does boot flag enough for the USB stick?19:11
theadminfairuz_: That won't install grub to it if that's what you're asking.19:11
ryzzanActionParsnip: the command passed, but i had no result19:11
shivam7074vollentiers send me a link 4 manual as i m a new ubuntu user but it was 4 10.10 version whereas i m using 11.10...19:11
fairuz_theadmin: No, just asking for the formatting19:11
ActionParsnipryzzan: then its not detected by the kernel at boot. is there a switch to enable / disable it?19:11
theadminfairuz_: grub doesn't really care for the "boot" flag, it's some Windows thing19:12
=== charlie is now known as Guest1018
fairuz_theadmin: oh ok19:12
dez4rkDoes anyone know if DDR3 1600 RAM would be compatible with a motherboard that says it takes DDR3 1333 RAM? Both are 240pin.19:12
=== Zizzu is now known as TIOSSERVO
ryzzanActionParsnip: there is... and it's already enabled19:13
forever2432dez4rk: yes it is19:13
=== TIOSSERVO is now known as Zizzu
dez4rkforever2432: Thanks.19:13
forever2432 dez4rk: cool i'm currently running those specs19:13
L3topActionParsnip: The XFS guaranteed-rate I/O system provides an API that allows applications to reserve bandwidth to the filesystem. XFS will dynamically calculate the performance available from the underlying storage devices, and will reserve bandwidth sufficient to meet the requested performance for a specified time. This feature is unique to the XFS file system. Guarantees can be hard or soft, representing a trade off between19:14
L3top reliability and performance, though XFS will only allow hard guarantees if the underlying storage subsystem supports it. This facility is most used by real-time applications, such as video-streaming.19:14
sergeyme again...  Any way to look youtube fullscreen and work on other monitor?19:14
ryzzanActionParsnip: i have this warning, telling me that "networg is down"19:14
ActionParsnipL3top: nice, good paste dude. Thanks :)19:14
fairuz_I don't see any grub.cfg in the /media/myusb/boot/grub/ . Should I just create one myself?19:15
ryzzanActionParsnip: Network is down19:15
ryzzanTraceback (most recent call last):19:15
ryzzan  File "/usr/bin/blueman-manager", line 231, in inquiry19:15
ryzzan    self.List.DiscoverDevices()19:15
ryzzan  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/blueman/gui/DeviceList.py", line 445, in DiscoverDevices19:15
ryzzan    self.Adapter.StartDiscovery()19:15
FloodBot1ryzzan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:15
theadmindez4rk: This is a question for ##hardware , not #ubuntu19:15
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=== Jinxed-- is now known as b0ot
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
dez4rkThanks theadmin, didn't realize.19:18
FireBeardhey guys, when I listen to radio via Rhythmbox, it sounds like a broken MP3 [glitches and things]19:18
shivam7074i m clickin on  songs in playlist in bansee but they rnt playin19:18
FireBeardit's driving me insane19:19
forever2432FireBeard: did you upgrade or install a audio driver recently?19:20
FireBeardit's been a problem for quite a while19:21
FireBeardsometimes it happens, sometimes not19:21
FireBeardmore, the last few weeks19:21
FireBeardit glitches, audio goes away for a tenth of a second or so... :x19:22
FireBeardEVERY second, sometimes more per second19:22
allu2FireBeard: hum do you have url for the radio station?19:22
forever2432FireBeard: there is a system monitor, if you can run it in the background and watch your CPU,Memory while playing music19:22
FireBeardI have several where it happens19:22
theadminFireBeard: Do other players work?19:22
FireBeardnot really no19:22
FireBeardsys mon looks quite normal19:23
MonkeyDusto/ FireBeard19:23
shivam7074please any one reply to my asked question!!!19:23
FireBeardhey MonkeyDust19:23
chipotleany idea which grafx card is better? http://bit.ly/wQFJJH or http://bit.ly/wvxhPv ?19:23
FireBeardhttp://livestreams.omroep.nl/npo/mp3/3fm-bb.pls that's one where it happens19:24
FireBeardbut I don't think it's the fault of the webradio19:24
MonkeyDustchipotle  "better" depends on what you do with it19:24
=== companion is now known as Companion
forever2432FireBeard: sorry whats your audio hardware? spec19:26
FireBeardAudigy ZS 219:26
westernanalogwhen i open firefox the whole screen flicker black. also when loading webpages19:26
FireBeardeuh, Audigy 2 ZS that is,19:26
FireBeardit's a fine card19:27
chipotleMonkeyDust: htpc19:27
westernanalogany one got an idea what cause tis?19:27
usuarioneed a lift, hey, any programmer to help me here, please <- instert coin here19:27
FireBeardit doesnt happen in Audacious, but I hate Audacious :\19:28
forever2432FireBeard: great card, we need to find out if its a software or hardware fault, have you got internal sound? onboard19:28
FireBeardit's software19:28
FireBeardAudacious works19:28
forever2432FireBeard: if Audacious works then its a neither a hardware nor software driver but a config fault19:29
FireBeardforever2432: yea, it must be damn Rhythembox19:29
FireBeardthat's sad, because I like it19:29
=== anders__ is now known as anjar_95
FireBeardstrange thing is, it doesn't happen ALL the time19:30
micahcavaleriI have a stupid newbie question.  I am trying to learn how to use git and gitosis.  Where do I get my server name from?!19:30
FireBeardyou never use anything ending with ~tosis man19:30
forever2432FireBeard: yea it is a pitty, great card for gaming19:31
FireBeardit's a great card allround19:31
FireBeardRhythembox just decided to be a bitch19:31
micahcavalerianyone? gitosis? (I will freshen my breath)19:32
forever2432FireBeard: its prob a bug that will be sorted hopefully soon19:32
FireBeardforever2432: it's been happening on and off for a few months now19:32
FireBeardI'm too lazy to submit it to Launchpad, besides, my English is way too poor to do that19:33
forever2432FireBeard: it could'nt maybe be the getting hot, maybe stick a fan on it for testing19:33
L3topmicahcavaleri: most of us who use git set it up and dont think about it again. This is not really an ubuntu related question, so you may not get a reply unless it is fresh in someones head.19:33
FireBeardwhy wouldn't that be a problem with Audacious then?19:33
FireBeardmy pc is vented fine19:34
FireBeard1 intake, 2 outtake19:34
FireBeardthanks for all the suggestions tho :)19:35
FireBeardI guess I'll have to live with Audacious for a while19:35
forever2432FireBeard: a thumb suck, maybe Audacious doesnt use a default config for sound but its own19:35
FireBeardcould be19:35
FireBeardI can't be arsed to check if it's hot now tho19:35
FireBeardbut, I will check it out later, thanks19:35
forever2432FireBeard: ok cool hope you get it sorted19:36
FireBeardyea, me too19:36
FireBeardit's irritating19:36
JazoI cant make work my irc services. error : ./services: Exec format error. Binary file not executable.19:37
ActionParsnipJazo: chmod +x ./services19:38
JazoActionParsnip i wrote notghing happened19:39
AmozJazo, sounds like a corrupt file or something19:39
Jazowhat should i do?19:39
FireBeardforever2432: thanks again man :)19:39
AmozJazo, what you get from typing "file services"19:40
forever2432FireBeard: cool man :)19:40
ActionParsnipJazo: it won't. Try running the file now19:40
JazoAmoz services: ELF 64-bit LSB19:40
JazoActionParsnip same error19:41
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AmozJazo, what kind of file is it?19:41
uykusuzhello tigers, I fixed destabilized compiz by restarting it, but now i have to put it on somewhere to have it on every system starts, what should i write and where please?19:41
zykotic10Jazo: what is the output of "uname -m"?19:41
ActionParsnipJazo: chmod a+x ./services19:41
forever2432Jazo: chmod -R 777 ./services19:42
Jazo-»> ActionParsnip -»>  same error19:43
Jazoforever2432 same19:43
ActionParsnipforever2432: why recursive? Its a file...19:43
Jazozykotic10 %uname -m19:43
zykotic10Jazo: ok, just checkin'19:43
Jazohelp plz19:44
AmozJazo, what kind of file is it?19:44
forever2432Jazo: i agree with ActionParsnip: sounds corrupt19:44
ActionParsnipJazo: what filesystem is the file stored on?19:44
Jazoit's .conf file19:44
AmozJazo, you sure?19:45
AmozJazo, sounds like it should be a binary executable file19:45
forever2432ActionParsnip: is'nt ./ usually a dir19:45
Amozbut seems to be corrupt19:45
Jazoi dont exactly sure but i cant make it work19:45
ActionParsnipJazo: conf files configure apps and are not apps themselves. The ELF64 from earlier means it is an app, so not a conf19:45
zykotic10forever2432: ./ means = from this location19:46
nszeekHey guys, I am trying to make a fresh 11.10 install but I am getting stuck on the kernel loading from the installation media (firewire_core: created device fw0: GUID 008f1300b8820c00, S400) and it doesn't do anything after that line. Any ideas ?19:46
ActionParsnipForever: ./  just tells the interpreter to use pwd instead of $PATH19:46
JazoActionParsnip what should i do?19:47
Jazowhat s wrong19:47
forever2432ActionParsnip: zykotic10: thank you for explaining :)19:47
ActionParsnipJazo: is it stored on a usb storage formatted ntf19:47
ActionParsnipJazo: *ntfs19:47
capecarnationjoin #pinguyos19:48
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zykotic10Jazo: FYI you can't use chmod/chown on FAT/NTFS partitions19:49
ActionParsnipJazo: that's why then. Ntfs cannot hold Linux permissions. You will need to either copy the file to a Linux filesystem, or remount the whole ntfs partition as executable19:49
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crunchbanganyone know a good barebones distro with nasm and c?19:49
capecarnationanyone care to post their ideal partition structure?  i would like to set up the hard drive so that i can update the system without losing personal stuff, and to be able to try out new linux distros in a separate partition.19:50
pottofenianpotato fenian suck my potato balls19:50
sstacapecarnation: I usually just have /home separate and everything else in one.  I use virtualbox for trying stuff out19:51
Amozcapecarnation, install / on one partition, and /home on another19:51
brbsoupoh halo thar19:51
ActionParsnipcrunchbang: install ubuntu minimal, then install openbox and slim. Then the things you named. Will be as tight as it gets19:51
Amozbrbsoup, hai19:51
P1rateIf you want to try new stuff you might want to look into lives cd's/usb19:52
Amozcapecarnation, just leave some unpartitioned space on the drive19:52
brbsoupdoesnt ubuntu feed off hard work of debian developers19:52
pottofenianfuck off you fenian fat fucker go and go and die in the terroist attack like ur mum19:52
capecarnationbrbsoup, trolling?19:52
Amozbrbsoup, that's what open source is all about19:52
indranilWhich is   the     best driver for broadcom BCM43225?19:53
capecarnationi can't believe pottofenian would say something like that :/19:53
ActionParsnipcapecarnation: just have 10gb per distro with one partition from swap and one for user data which all the distros will use19:53
oCeanbrbsoup: do you have an actual support question? This is not the discussion channel19:53
fairuz_theadmin: My ubuntu stick with 11.04 and 11.10 works. Thanks a lot.19:53
zykotic10capecarnation: ignore the trolls, commending means they've accomplished there goal - to disrupt the channel19:53
theadminfairuz_: np19:53
brbsoupwheres discussion channel my only question sorry19:53