lenScottL, I have only x86 machines. The iso doesn't look promising... just yet, It is still small.00:20
lenBut I will try anyway.00:20
len-nbLooks good.00:50
len-nbI get the ubuntustudio theme on the live dvd :-)00:50
len-nbI haven't installed yet... as I have some other work to do for a bit.00:51
ScottLlen-nb, that's good, i'm burning now01:26
ScottLi'm doing x86 as well01:26
ScottLwe need to get 64bit tested as well01:26
ScottLyeah, i'm very, very happy (and pleased) with that report01:53
ScottLand quite relieved as well, i should add ;)01:53
ScottLthe xubuntu theme seems to work in the live user session02:13
ScottLand while the applications menu icon is there, it has a incongruous background colour in relation to the theme02:13
ScottLi am installing now02:13
ScottLinstall went fine :)02:50
ScottLi noticed no background as well on desktop, but that is probably something i did wrong02:50
ScottLmicahg, lightdm worked fine as well apparently02:50
micahgvery cool02:50
ScottLLen-1204, i'll start looking at your work on the menu this week04:17
Len-1204Ok, I am just sending email to the list re backdrop. It is too messy to do here...04:18
Len-1204ScottL, take a look for an email on the list from me.04:22
Len-1204It doesn't really make sense... but it works.04:24
ScottLlen, i will look at the mailing list this morning12:03
ScottLtwo things we still need to check (and probably address) are the -rt privileges and pulse<->jack bridge12:03
lenscott-work, -rt... if the "proper" way doesn't work... try the preinstall script. PA-jack bridging works... but not automatically.14:40
lenI don't know if the PA devs are even working on it as I have heard nothing back after the request for more logs.14:40
lenWe can either run jackd all the time with PA on top (some sound cards don't play well) or turn pulse off an d on at jackd startup.14:42
lenPA -jack works fine with my HDA sound IF and with my envy24.  but not with the ensoniq.14:46
lentalk later. bye14:46
scott-workTheMuso: micahg : how would i check up on the progress of the -lowlatency kernel in the REVU new queue?  or who would you suggest i talk to to find out it's progress?15:58
micahgscott-work: it's in the archive already17:56
scott-workthen we can update the seeds then :)19:06
TheMusoscott-work: Yes, I just need to rebase to the latest kernel this weekend but yes you can update the seeds.20:35
scott-workTheMuso: i would like to learn about rebasing the kernel at some point21:31
* micahg will defer these uploads to TheMuso21:40
scott-worki should test the 64 bit beta 1 images tonight22:56
TheMusomicahg: What uploads?23:34
ScottLmicahg, do you say that because you expect updating the seeds will be involved or problematic due to the -lowlatency kernel?23:44

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