CFHowlettSir_Leto   if you insist ... I'd install regular ubuntu then do the ubuntustudio upgrade from that.   Also, stick with LTS releases ... 10.4 at present00:00
Sir_LetoOkay, thanks00:01
CFHowlettSir_Leto   have fun / be safe00:01
Sir_Letoalso. how do I fix that fglrx driver issue?00:41
Sir_Letois that only in 11.04?00:41
cwillu<Sir_Leto> If I could resize without losing my stuff, I would03:19
cwillustandard installer will do just that03:19
cwillubackups are still recommended, because a power cut at the wrong time will break things03:20
cwillubut that's also the case with a wubi install03:20
cwillu(or any install really.  Backups are not optional if keeping your data is a requirement.)03:20
* cwillu ponders ways to make ubuntu-minimal depend on a magic "backups_up_to_date" package03:21
RedWarhi all.  I have downloaded ubuntu studio, and I am looking for videos on trying to use it for audio recording like podcasts and music making.  Can anyone point me in the right direction.  I have been googling, but it has yielded reviews or installation videos.04:19
holsteinRedWar: you can just use audacity for most of that05:03
holsteinmost of what we have as far as tools (such as JACK) are really overkill for what you are doing05:04
holsteinyou dont really need ubuntustudio to make a podcast, though i use ardour and JACK when podcasting05:04
holsteincheck out the #opensourcemusicians community :)05:04
CFHowlettRedWar   audacity is the swiss army knife of podcasting...05:05
holsteinand a low barrier of entry05:05
ershi there. I need help... i have problems with my ubuntustudio (oneric) the top menubar is no displaying. the applications windows overlaps it and I just can see the menu bar when i close all the windows...05:23
erssomebody have any suggestion or any link where I can find help?05:24
holsteiners: i would say you have changed the behavior of the panel05:26
CFHowletters   love to but I still use 10.04 because 11.10 is NOT recommended.  (LTS is a good thing)05:26
holsteinassuming thats what you mean by panel05:26
holsteintop menubar = panel?05:26
holsteiners: i would either just make a new user account, and look around in there about how to recover from the unwanted changes05:27
holsteinOR, get a xubuntu live CD and look around in there05:27
erswell, I'm a completely newbie, not sure if is the panel, I mean the top bar where the clock, the network icon, the menu where the applications are....I logged as a "guest" and the bar works fine... but not in my account05:31
holsteinyup... thats a panel05:32
holsteinif you make a new user, or login as guest, you'll see the "default" scenario05:32
holsteinyou can also find the config files in your /home directory and remove them... and get back to the default setting05:33
holsteinyou should try and find out what you changed.. something like "allow maximized windows to cover panel05:33
ersoook. yep, .config is a directory... so you recommend me to rm it? or any specific file or directory inside it?05:38
holsteiners: ?05:39
holsteindid i say rm anything?05:39
holstein*dont* just rm random things05:39
holsteinim saying you can remove temporarily, or rename the config files responsible for the settings of the changes you have accidentally made to the XFCE panel05:40
holsteinsomewhere in ~/.config/xfce4/panel/ maybe05:40
ersok, i'll try that. thanks holstein... now I'll restart to see what happens.thanks again05:48
Halexander9000 Ffmpeg's X11grab is not working. " Unknown input format: 'x11grab' ". Can someone please help me?14:27
grzesiekhi, could anyone here help me with Jack configuration? It seems to work fine, but crashes often and randomly for no apparent reason, preetty annoying...14:36
cwillugrzesiek, how are you starting it?15:01
cwilluand can you pastebin the output of jackd?15:02
grzesiekcwillu: I start it from Jack Control, but someone on #jack channel just advised me to use the terminal and get the core dump, when it crashes... so I'm waiting for it to crash :) it usually takes ten minutes or so, when it does I surely can paste the output15:14
holsteinyeah... thats what i was going to suggest15:24
holsteinlas is the guy, if you can get him to help15:24
Halexander9000Can someone please help me? http://pastebin.com/dB5M1Brg15:53
holsteinHalexander9000: looks like the x11grab is the issue16:25
holsteinwhat are you trying to accomplish?16:25
starnHello, i'm trying to do something with sound that appears to impossible. i'm trying to get music stuff to play through my speakers and VoIP and other voice chats to play through my headphones.. i can make ALL audio play through both... but i can't figure out how to split it.. the people over at #ubuntu suggested jack.. and suggested i get help from here..18:03
holsteinstarn: JACK is overkill18:04
holsteini would install and look at pavucontrol18:04
starnholstein: i did a fresh install and this uses Alsa.18:04
holsteinstarn: cool18:04
holsteinyou can try something live using pulse then18:04
holsteinpavucontrol actually provides that per application routing possibilities.. in theory18:04
starnholstein: i've had no luck with pulse on my other install..18:04
holsteinnot JACK18:04
holsteinyou can run JACK on one device, and pulse on another (again in theory)18:05
holsteinyou can have multilple sound cards showing up in JACK18:05
holsteinthats a pain, and it glitchy18:05
holsteini say, if you are pushing play on files, and doing VIOP.. JACK is overkill18:05
starnholstein: i have a single card.. that on hardware level supposedly supports split audio like what i am wanting. it uses Realtek drivers in windows.18:05
holsteinstarn: cool18:06
starni think on here it uses HDA Intel ALC120018:06
holsteini would literally just install pavucontrol and route as i want18:06
holsteinasumming the alsa drivers support it18:06
starni'll try that i guess.18:06
holsteinyou can install JACK and figure out how to get it running18:06
holsteinsometime tomorrow when you get it running stable, and not spitting out xruns, you can find that its not quite right either18:07
holsteinmost VOIP apps are likely not going to support JACK anyways18:07
starnoh holstein apparently i already have pavucontrol neat.18:07
starnholstein: the primary VOIP app i use is Teamspeak 318:07
holsteini know mumble did *not* support JACK out of the box18:08
holsteinnor did the developers care to add that support18:08
holsteinyou can search around and see if teamspeak supports it18:08
holsteinand go through what we did there.. ask if they want to add JACK support or whatever18:08
holsteinBUT, JACK is *not* what you want18:08
starni think they do already... when they came out with 3 they tried to support everything for 2 only supported oss and nothing else18:09
holsteinthey either do or not... you'd need to find that out..18:10
starnholstein: i don't see how to reroute audio to speakers in pavucontrol.18:10
starnlike it detects ports : Analog output and ports : Headphones.18:10
holsteinyou can http://forum.teamspeak.com/showthread.php/20346-JACK-support and lobby for JACK support18:10
holsteinstarn: depends on your hardware what is detected.. i dont trust labels *anywhere*.. i just go ahead and route signal and test18:11
starnhow do i route it?18:11
holsteinstarn: i use pavucontrol18:11
starni am basically retarted when it comes to sound on linux.18:11
starni have it open.18:12
holsteinnah.. just give it a minute to sink in18:12
holsteinits a GUI... theres not lines like JACK18:12
holsteinand i foget18:12
starnwhats the other tool holstein to enable virtual sound devices and other stuff?18:12
holsteinforget* what it looks like actually18:12
holsteinbut, its do-able18:12
holsteinstarn: not sure.. feel free and try the mailing list, or try #opensourcemusicians18:12
starnwell i've been all over pavucontrol.. and i just can't seem to find away i've been at this for the past 4 days.18:13
holsteinpavucontrol is the way to go though18:13
holsteinstarn: OK... i though you literaly just fired up pavucontrol18:13
starnholstein: the program for pulse.. it was like pulse something allowed you to even make a server for ipods.18:13
holsteinsure... theres all kinds of options like that i bet18:13
holsteini mean, i have other machines, so i might just set up a dedicated streaming rig18:14
starnholstein: i just can't remember the name could've sworn you suggested it.. i do remember talking to you before and you suggest pavucontrol but i could've sworn you suggested something else as well18:14
holsteinor one of the phones i have18:14
holsteinpavucontol is on a per application basis18:14
holsteinyou should have the applications running18:15
holsteintest with a couple instances of VLC18:15
holsteinor VLC and something else18:15
holsteinif they are not running, they wont show up there18:15
starni do like my new sound device.... it's got really nice sound haha.. now than i see VLC both of them but no options18:18
holsteinthe problem is, you dont have 2 cards18:20
holsteinyou just have one18:20
holsteinand you have 2 outupts that you are trything to split to18:20
starnthan how come the evil sound card says it supports it.18:20
holsteinit doesnt18:21
holsteinit just has some jacks18:21
starnaccording to manufacturs it does.18:21
starnand microsoft..18:21
holsteinnot unless you have seen it happen18:21
holsteinand maybe driver support in windows will provide that18:21
holsteinbut thats not going to help you here18:21
starnit has the options in windows i know this for sure.18:21
holsteinyou are goin to use the alsa driver18:21
holsteinand either its there, or not18:21
holsteincan you do it?18:21
starnand in linux i noticed it does..18:21
holsteinits all open18:22
holsteinyou can do what you like18:22
starnbut i don't have Digital headphones or speakers18:22
starnor HDMI18:22
holsteinare you going to be able to do that really easily in like a couple minutes?18:22
holsteinlikely not18:22
holsteinwhat would i di?18:22
holsteini would set up another box18:22
starnthis has HDMI Digital and spdif18:22
holsteini would would get a $4 USB audio device18:22
starnthey don't sell those here.18:22
holsteini would use a CD player18:22
holsteini would use a phone18:23
holsteini would work around it18:23
starnwell all my music is on my computer hard drive.18:23
holsteinstarn: cool18:23
holsteinyou can stream that too *anything* on your network18:23
holsteinyou can ssh in and share it off that way18:23
holsteinwhatever you like18:23
holsteinim just saying.. dont get caught up in what the windows drivers are capable of18:24
starnnothing else other than the person i don't want hearing VoIP... computer is even connected to the network. :\18:24
holsteinthat vendor *can* provide that functionaltiy to you... and they are not18:24
starnwell i am also going by what the people who made the card said.18:24
holsteinstarn: but about *windows* support, correct?18:24
starnand last time i tried their linux drivers... kinda had to redo linux for they broke my kernal18:25
starnthey support linux18:25
holsteinthen ask them whats up18:25
starni only buy hardware that states linux is supported18:25
holsteinmabye you'd have better luck in the LTS. in 10.0418:25
holsteinits its supported, then i would ask them for support18:25
holsteinor try some other live CD's18:25
holsteinyou can fire up JACK and see how the device shows up18:27
holsteinit'll likely show up as a stereo device18:27
holsteinmeaning that, everything comes out of the 2 channels... which is the way most cards are18:28
holsteini have a netbook that has support for what you are talking about18:28
starni found the program i was trying to remember. paprefs.18:28
holsteinwhen i run JACK, i see 4 channels... 2 stereo outs18:28
holsteini can write to them independently like i do my 10 channel interface18:28
starnwithout jack i see 2 plugged in out and 1 audio in.. and HDMI spdif and Digital.18:29
holsteinbut, thats literally the *only* consumer grade, internal sound card i have seen like that18:29
holsteinand when i got the latest kernel, that is gone18:29
holsteinstarn: i would try writing to one of them then18:29
starndo you remember what version you was using?18:29
holsteinstarn: all of them since 8.04 pretty much18:30
holsteinthat was 11.04 i think18:30
holsteinnot that its going to help you any18:30
holsteinthat was a much different card18:30
starnfor i have no issues making sound come out of all devices.. i just can't stop one sound from going to other decive.. its either all devices [speakers headphones] or one.. or none..18:30
holsteinstarn: correct18:30
holsteinits all just one big stereo device18:30
holsteinthats what im saying18:31
holsteini have only seen one case where that was *not* the situation18:31
starnwell i still have seperate for HDMI and the Digital ports.18:31
holsteintypically... its just one big stero device18:31
starnguess i buy Digital speakers.18:31
holsteinstarn: cool.. then write to that one.. ask VLC to use that18:31
holsteinroute another player to that other device18:31
starni do have spdif and vlc sees i do... i guess i'll look in back see if it works.18:32
holsteingoing to another deivce would be easiest, since that splitting is going to depend on the driver you have, and alsa apparently is *not* supporting that device fully, and the vendor is either not helping you or you havent aksed yet18:32
holsteinif the vendor provides a driver, you could try it18:33

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