Unit193I'd really recommend at least 1 or 2 larger screenshots on the site...03:56
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pleia2good day, knome!17:28
knomehey pleia2 17:28
pleia2I'll try to look through the burndown chart this evening to help with beta notes, but work is very busy today17:29
knomemr_pouit, micahg: is alacarte seeded for beta??17:30
baizonknome: thank you :)17:31
knomebaizon, for?17:31
baizonfor that info :D17:32
knomethat was a question17:32
baizonah ok17:32
knomeit should be, but i'm double-checkin17:32
knomepleia2, http://pad.xfce.org/p/xubuntu-precise-betanotes should be quite complete already...17:38
pleia2knome: oh good :) I'll review later and maybe add some pretty intro/conclusion text17:38
pleia2(for our blog post about it)17:38
knomeyep, thanks17:39
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseManifest -- i don't understand what ship-live means in that context17:40
knomeor in any context17:40
knomeor, why is it /desktop where everybody else is /live ?17:41
hobgoblingot a really strange font issue in 12.04 - everything takes what I tell it except system settings window titles - what I'd like to know is what package to report it against - http://i.imgur.com/7zLPn.png - tia17:54
micahgknome: yes, should be seeded17:56
hobgoblinnvm - apparently you can only change with styles - thanks anyway 17:57
pleia2http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11728015&postcount=4 is the response hobgoblin got on the forums, correct?17:59
Unit193knome: It is when I tested yesterday.18:09
astraljavaknome: Sorry for the delay with the -live package. I'm so exhausted after a day of shoveling snow, that I have no energy to do anything. This weekend it'll happen, unless tomorrow or Friday is an easier day.18:33
knomeastraljava, okay, thanks for telling and np :)20:55
micahgmr_pouit: we won't be able to use gtk3 only indicators with xfce being on gtk2 still, right?22:12
* micahg seriously hopes 13.04 will bring a gtk3 xfce22:12

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