e-headhey guys00:09
e-headI'm trying to add "tiling" fuctionality to xfwm, sort of like aero-snap.00:09
e-headso, anyone around?00:14
e-headI have found a blog entry and patch (I think) on a german site on how to patch xfwm4.00:15
e-headIt looks like it's not the same minor version that xubuntu uses though.00:15
e-headWould it be reckless to just compile and install a patched version?00:16
gglitchQuestion: if I, as a user of Xubuntu 11.10, install kubuntu-desktop, to have the option of logging into either one, what exactly will happen? I know a bunch of kde stuff will be downloaded and installed, but will KDE stuff run in the background even when I'm logged into xfce?02:33
gglitchAnd will it affect the appearance of my xfce environment?02:34
douglasI installed Xubuntu 11.10 on a machine, and connected it to a windows 7 machine via LAN, and network bridged the LAN and WiFi on the win7, and Xubuntu can't connect to the internet because it is auto configuring its IP address to the same one as the win7 machine...03:36
douglasDoes Xubuntu use the same networking daemon as Ubuntu?03:38
brianp1992can anyone explain what the KDE is?03:39
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.03:42
Unit193douglas: You can set the IP in the networking applet.03:42
douglasyeah, I was wondering why it failed setting it up automatically... I guess its most likely windows fault, right? :P03:44
douglasthanks anyways Unit19303:44
Yanchoguys are there some known problems betweeen xubuntu's ubuntuone installer and the ubuntuone packages found in apt ?08:23
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:34
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/08:35
cheburequehi, everybody!08:51
cheburequecan anyone tell me how to change workspaces layout? by default they all set in a line, but i need 2x2 layout08:52
baizonpeople cant even wait longer then 5 min09:11
Kingsyguys, I have just plugged in a usb phone, but I cant find it to unmute it in the sound settings.. what is the best way of doing this?09:53
Kingsyit appears in dmesg as [ 1907.519282] generic-usb 0003:04B4:0306.0005: hiddev0,hidraw2: USB HID v1.10 Device [HID 04b4:0306] on usb-0000:00:1a.0-1.1/input309:54
Unit193Not seen a USB phone, so all I personally can do is tell you to see if it turns up in pavucontrol, and that the hardware is compatible.09:58
Kingsypavucontrol ?10:03
KingsyI am in the sound mixer now if thats what you mean ?10:03
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol10:03
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.1-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 136 kB, installed size 1024 kB10:03
Kingsywell_laid_lawn: that program is AWESOME10:06
Kingsyeverything works perfect now10:07
well_laid_lawnI never use it - I just know the bot link ;)10:07
Kingsyman I need to remember pavucontrol.. MUST install that on every xubuntu installation10:07
Unit193Glad it helped!10:07
well_laid_lawnthe phones accessable now?10:08
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Kingsywell_laid_lawn: your damn right, I made the phone call.. SMASH10:18
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Cyrus_CNi'm glad  to be here,please take care.10:22
Starnhey the installer is different than what i remember.. how do i select the partition i want to install on.. (don't wanna accidently install over the other OS's) am i gonna have to do a manual setup? if so whats the suggested Swap size for 4gb of ram?11:46
Starnalso this is the first time i am having a defualt install of Xubuntu.. normally i used ubuntu.. but now it has unity. (dislike that) and this is closest i can get to old ubuntu without using old ubuntu11:47
fireballinSup all, i am trying to duel boot linux with Win 7 but before the gui starts it locks  up and i can see where it says "unable to Mount Image"12:03
profus2hi everybody12:15
profus2could somebody help me with finding the easiest way of connecting to a xubuntu client 11.10 via vnc (local lan)12:16
profus2i have a vnc client installed on my machine and would like to connect to the linux client12:17
Starnum.. remote desktop?12:18
profus2what program?12:19
Starnprofus2: are you trying to remotely control a machine? for VNC to work you need a server machine and a client.12:19
Starni believe xubuntu comes with one? i could be wrong.12:19
profus2@Starn: did not find anything12:20
Starni often use Teamviewer for remote control and VPN.12:20
Starnprofus2: look into teamviewer see if it's what you want..12:20
profus2i would not use teamviewer for "internally" connect12:20
Starnprofus2: i personally use it to remotely control my desktop via my phone over local network.12:21
profus2@Starn: cool12:21
profus2we have some windows machines here and they can speak via vnc12:21
profus2so very strange that this should not be possible with linux12:21
Starnprofus2: have you done a google search?12:21
Starnprofus2: it is very possible in linux.12:22
profus2i found some info relating to older ubuntu versions and wanted to asked the experts what is valid with the new 11.1012:22
Starnthey have remote desktop viewer built into xubuntu in the internet section i don't use it but i believe it also can go through lan via direct ip.12:23
profus2thanks anyway, I will try to find some info on the net12:23
Starnprofus2: i am no expert if i was i would probably have told you a great answer.12:23
tomreynhi, i'd like to use a gnome-applet on xubuntu. apparently you do this via the xfapplet plugin, but this is not available on my xubuntu 11.10. do i need to install some package?12:23
profus2@Starn: thanks again and cu some time ..12:24
Starnprofus2: i am right you can use the remote desktop viewer in xubuntu to access VNC locally.. you'd type something like
Starntomreyn: i don't know the answer but i am sure someone will eventually get to you12:25
Yanchoguys is it possible to help me debug ubunt one client please ?12:25
Starndoes empathy messenger come with xubuntu?? or is this something i will have to manually get? i prefer it over pidgin.12:29
Starnnever mind i just answered my own question right after typing that.12:30
Starnanyways be right back.. rebooting install is done.12:30
starnhow do i get Empathy onto xubuntu14:15
starnsecond thought forget that.. where is cron file stored?14:20
PiciWhich cron file?14:21
starnwhere i put the script in for random wall papers every 5 minutes.14:21
PiciJust run crontab -e as your user.14:22
starni want to copy the script from my old install.. this is a fresh one.14:22
PiciIts in /var/spool/cron/ then14:22
starni temporarly have the hard drive with the other xubuntu hooked up so i can get some of my old settings that i don't remember how to setup... haha14:23
starnPici: thanks. now i'm waiting 5 minutes to see if it worked..14:29
starnPici: omg it worked thank you so much for telling me there is no way i would've remembered how i wrote that script down!14:30
Picinp :)14:35
starnugh i dislike pidgin used to love it.. so i like totally just removed it and installed empathy haha14:37
TheSheepgajim ftw :)14:40
ivan__hey guys! Could anybody help, I lost sound after mute and unmute15:13
TheSheepivan__: start the mixer, change the device to pulseaudio and unmute that too15:16
ivan__hey TheSheep15:33
ivan__can't find what you said but15:33
ivan__i've tried restarting alsa15:33
ivan__reinstalling pulseaudio15:33
ivan__what not15:33
ivan__and still cant get sound ???15:33
TheSheepivan__: press altf+f2, type xfce4-mixer, press enter15:39
ivan__well I don't have any pulse* there no more15:41
ivan__just two alsas15:42
ivan__before i started doing stuff15:44
ivan__i had a lot more options there15:44
ivan__but the last thing i did is i reinstalled pulseaudio, so i dont really see a reason for all that stuff missing15:45
WhereIsMySpoonQuestion: what terminal emulator does xubuntu use?15:48
WhereIsMySpoonxfce to be precise15:48
ivan__how do i find out WhereIsMySpoon ?15:49
WhereIsMySpoonif i knew that i wouldnt be asking, now would i?15:49
ivan__;) i thought you were not a xubuntu user and came here to find out15:50
WhereIsMySpoonnope, just installed xubuntu15:50
WhereIsMySpooni like it so far15:50
WhereIsMySpoonbut dont like the terminal emulator15:50
starni just fresh installed xubuntu and i know my hardware supports playing one audio stream through headphones and another to speakers.. and i am wondering how i do this?15:51
ivan__same here, first time linux experience, seems quite decent!15:51
WhereIsMySpoonthis isnt my first linux experience ^^15:51
WhereIsMySpooni just dont like ubuntu anymore15:51
ivan__yeah, that unity stuff is crap.15:52
WhereIsMySpoonit really is15:52
WhereIsMySpoonand gnome 3 sucks too15:52
WhereIsMySpoonso, anyone know what terminal emulator xfce uses, please?15:52
starnWhereIsMySpoon: i agree... i switched to xubuntu the second they started using unity.15:52
ivan__WhereIsMySpoon, I'd try asking in #ubuntu there are lot of people there15:53
starnWhereIsMySpoon: http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/terminal15:53
starnall i had to do was click "help" on this and "about" "visit terminal website"15:53
WhereIsMySpoonthat aint what mine looks like15:54
starni kinda like it. i costumized mine.15:54
WhereIsMySpoonand i didnt want to know about a terminal15:54
starnya know mine doesn't look like that either.... mine has smoother edges.. and prettery text.15:54
WhereIsMySpooni wanted to know how to find out what *I* have15:54
starndid you defualt;y install xubuntu?15:55
WhereIsMySpooni installed it from ubuntu15:55
WhereIsMySpoonsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop15:55
starnthan you're more likely still using ubuntu's15:55
WhereIsMySpoonubuntus terminal emulator is not the same as this one im using here15:55
WhereIsMySpoonthe one that xfce is popping up for me auto forks processes15:55
WhereIsMySpoonwhich is hella annoying15:56
starni have no issues with my ubuntu to xubuntu or my fresh install with xubuntu. nothing like that.15:56
WhereIsMySpoonmy normal ubuntu install with unity didnt do this15:57
WhereIsMySpoonso i dont know why switching to xfce should15:57
starni would have to reboot into the defualt install of ubuntu than xubuntu like what you did to see.. but i use the lower bar that can be hidden to bring up my terminal15:57
starnWhereIsMySpoon: it shouldn't15:57
starndo you see a help button WhereIsMySpoon ?15:57
WhereIsMySpoonthere is ^ - [] X on the top right15:58
WhereIsMySpoonthe ^ is actually an up arrow15:58
ablomenWhereIsMySpoon, normally it would be xfce4-terminal15:58
WhereIsMySpoonthen there is a thing to click on on the top left15:58
ablomento check which you are using, check ps ax or something15:59
WhereIsMySpoonwhich gives a menu with maximize, minimize, minimize all other windows, move, resize15:59
WhereIsMySpooni see gnome-terminal16:00
WhereIsMySpoonwhich is what im using on my otehr install of ubuntu16:01
WhereIsMySpoonwhich doesnt do this weird forking16:01
xslguys where can i find all options of kioskrc16:02
starnWhereIsMySpoon: try running the terminal that came with xubuntu.. see if that helps.16:06
WhereIsMySpooni am16:07
WhereIsMySpoonstarn - im just pressing on the icon top left which opens up the menu16:07
WhereIsMySpoonthen clicking terminal emulator16:07
WhereIsMySpoonliterally, its called that, "terminal emulator"16:08
starnWhereIsMySpoon: and it still says it's the same one as what you use in your ubuntu install? for when i did like you did i have two terminal's.16:08
WhereIsMySpooni dont know how to get what it is, apart from looking in my processes and seeing a gnome-terminal16:09
WhereIsMySpoonwhich i guess is what is running16:09
WhereIsMySpoonbut i cant be sure16:09
starnon mine i see "terminal"16:10
starninfact WhereIsMySpoon the only gnome i see is polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1.. nothing else that is gnome is running.16:11
WhereIsMySpooni have gnome-keyring-daemon, gdm-simple-slave --displayid /org/gnome/DisplayManager/Display1, gnome-volume-control, your polkit thing, gnome-terminal and gnome-pty-helper16:12
WhereIsMySpoonim not sure im actually running xfce properly16:12
WhereIsMySpoonmaybe i need to reboot or smth16:13
starnhey anyone in here know how to split the audio to play through speakers as well as headphones but only certain audio sources? eg Teamspeak goes to headphones rest of the audio through speakers?16:13
starnWhereIsMySpoon: you may need to..16:13
WhereIsMySpooni think thats quite difficult to do starn16:13
WhereIsMySpooni know you cant do it on windows16:13
WhereIsMySpoon7 that is16:13
WhereIsMySpoonor vista16:13
WhereIsMySpooniunno, im sure google has some answers16:14
starnWhereIsMySpoon: you mean can or can't?? for i can do it in xp vista and 7 my hardware supports it.16:14
WhereIsMySpoonyou physically cannot do it in 716:14
WhereIsMySpoonall sound is redirected through one output16:14
WhereIsMySpoon"so you cant pirate music"16:14
starnWhereIsMySpoon: with my hardware i can enable it.16:14
WhereIsMySpoonyour hardware might very well allow it16:15
starni orinally learned how in win 716:15
WhereIsMySpoonwindows 7 doesnt16:15
WhereIsMySpoonunless theres some sort of hack16:15
starnWhereIsMySpoon: there is no hack.. windows 7 supports it.. i just use the audio drivers provided by the sound card maker not windows.16:16
starnand therefor i feel that my sound card supports the ability than i assume xubuntu can too.16:16
WhereIsMySpoonok then16:16
WhereIsMySpoongoogle it ^^16:16
WhereIsMySpoonim sure it isnt any different on ubuntu than xubuntu16:16
WhereIsMySpoontheyre only window managers rather than different systems16:16
starngoogle is sucking for me.. only providing info on how to stop audio from playing through both.16:17
WhereIsMySpoonstarn, PulseAudio seems to be the thing to do it with16:17
starnnatively xubuntu uses alsa16:18
starnand WhereIsMySpoon i tried using pulse on same machine with ubuntu than xubuntu and ended up breaking everything.. hence fresh install...16:18
WhereIsMySpoonlol really?16:19
starnoh wow i made it come out both.... not exactly how i wanted but it's a step.16:19
WhereIsMySpoontry that16:20
WhereIsMySpoonand this i think16:20
WhereIsMySpooni see whats happening16:22
WhereIsMySpoonthis terminal launches nautilus forking it16:22
WhereIsMySpoonbut not most other apps16:22
WhereIsMySpoonhow interesting16:23
WhereIsMySpooni guess thats useful16:23
WhereIsMySpoonyou dont usually want nautilus to be clogging up a terminal16:23
xslwhat file allows me to edit the applications menu?16:33
holsteinyou can try alacarte... or check out http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/customize-menu16:34
holsteinxsl: ^16:34
starnin teamspeak my headphones or what ever appears to be playback device: HDA Intel(ALC1200 Analog) [plughw:0,0]   how would i figure out what to type for speakers? for like say a music player???16:45
gourhave problem with my friend's machine (netbook) - can't login via gui manager (it looks like incorrect password), although same login works in cli. nay hint?17:27
gourit looks like lightdm created some mess17:28
gourahh...repalced my keyboards..17:32
gourpersonally i'm not fan of lightdm and prefer lxdm over it17:34
gourhaving too many problems with it on arch---it was messing with locales17:34
gourhopefully it's not too difficult to replace lightdm with lxdm17:37
gourahh, it looks xubuntu stuff is tied to lightdm :-(17:37
gourit looks that there are quite some horror stories about problems with lightdm & (x)ubuntu17:40
gourwe're going to put arch on the machine instead of fixing this stupid issue...18:06
`marianne`i'm having problems with grub every time i try to install... ugh... any linux atm18:14
`marianne`trying to install xubuntu again, maybe from there i can do a boot repair18:15
`marianne`but boot repair has been, unusually, failing badly18:15
`marianne`anyone else been having problems with grub lately?18:15
holsteinnope... whats the trouble?18:15
holsteini know, i would likely test the hardware at that point18:15
`marianne`well, as will happen most likely after i finish this install, i'll get a plain grub command line18:16
holstein`marianne`: do you get to the desktop live?18:16
`marianne`and any time i try to update-grub after fixing it with boot repair, it whines at me about being out of memory and syntax errors in the newly generated grub.cfg.new18:16
`marianne`holstein, i can boot the livecd, yeah18:17
holsteinsudo update-grub18:17
holsteinreport whatever whining, and we can troubleshoot that18:17
`marianne`but i'm having this weird grub problem with debian, linux mint, and *ubuntu18:17
holsteini would want to test that hard drive18:17
holsteinyup.. and the hardware is a constant18:18
holsteinif you get to a desktop live, then the hard drive is a constant option for a point of failure18:18
`marianne`*pouts* i hope not18:18
holsteinyeah?... hardware is cheap... id rather just know and replace it and move on18:19
`marianne`anyway, install finished, guess i'll see if it worked lol18:19
holsteinrelatively cheap i should say18:19
`marianne`sure, me too, but i just had to replace a dodgy graphics card lol18:19
`marianne`after deciding to treat myself to a bluray player18:19
`marianne`anyway, back in a bit, lets see if it works :)18:19
`marianne`well, that didn't work18:40
`marianne`even after a default boot repair18:41
`marianne`perhaps i should just get an SSD18:45
`marianne`given that i've wanted one for forever, and 120gb isn't too unreasonable a price18:45
MeXTuXI installed Ubuntu 11.10 and want to try Xubuntu. Is it as easy as enter sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop ??? :)19:07
baizonMeXTuX: yes19:08
baizonMeXTuX: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/xubuntu19:08
MeXTuXIs the notification system the same as in GNOME??19:12
baizonMeXTuX: yes19:12
baizonthe indicator applet19:12
joel135what handles wallpapers in xubuntu?19:42
joel135how do I turn it off/on?19:43
hobgoblinjoel135: right click - desktop settings - none in Image19:44
joel135I can't do that without logging out and in right now (no pcmanfm running) what's the command?19:46
joel135or how do I start pcmanfm at the desktop again without logging out?19:47
joel135turns out I'm using lubuntu... bye :)19:52
Dayofswordsis there some way I can get similar functionailty as the right-click >encrypt/sign/descypt that seahorse can do on normal ubuntu?21:55
ThePendulumHow do I mount an ISO file?22:17
ThePendulumIt says it can't find it in /fstab, which is true, because the file is in my home folder22:18
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.22:28
Dayofswordsalso, there is archive mounter, haven't used it yet in xubuntu22:30
ThePendulumI tried the mount command, but as I said, it returns that the file can not be found in the /fstab folder22:32
ThePendulumFor my file is in the home folder, not in fstab22:32
TheSheepThePendulum: because you didn't type it like in the example22:32
ThePendulumWhat did I miss?22:33
ThePendulumOh wait22:33
ThePenduluma / at the end for setting the mount point to its root22:33
TheSheepThePendulum: don't moount at /22:33
ThePendulumSo apparently, I mounted it22:33
ThePendulumWhere else?22:34
TheSheepThePendulum: mount at some directory you created for that22:34
TheSheepThePendulum: if you mount at your system's /, it will crash horribly22:34
ThePendulumWell, it didn't22:34
Dayofswordsdoes anyone else has issues copy/patsing file from thunar(?) file manger on tot he desktop?22:48
Dayofswordson to the*22:48
ThePendulumWorks just fine for me22:48
ThePendulumWhat folder are you trying to copy from?22:48
Dayofswordsany file actually, i copy a file(right click, copy) in the file manager and then right click on desktop, and the paste option is unavavble. i go to the desktop fold int he file manager and i can patse it.22:50
Dayofswordsjeez that was some bad typing...22:50
Dayofswords i go to the desktop folder in the file manager and i can paste it.*22:50
ThePendulumThat seems to be true indeed22:51
ThePendulumCan't you just drag it?22:51
Dayofswordsyes, that works.22:52
Dayofswordsi go look around and see if it's a bug22:52
Dayofswordsi think this is it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/35181622:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 351816 in xfdesktop "xfdesktop has problems with "cut" command" [Unknown,Confirmed]22:54

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