snap-lHello, everyone01:52
jjesseyo yo02:00
snap-lI guess we can call the meeting to order02:01
snap-lhello, order.02:01
snap-lFirst off, I want to thank everyone who participated in the jam yesterday02:02
snap-lwhether it was in spirit or in person. :)02:02
snap-lOverall it was interesting to see how Precise is shaping up02:02
snap-lthough I'm thinking it has some issues with NVidia cards still02:02
snap-lI know brousch filed a few bugs02:03
brouschkubuntu 12.04 looked solid02:03
brouschyeah, little things02:03
snap-lI have it installed on the Asus Eee 701, which was a feat.02:03
brouschi seem to have taken one of your chocolat ebeers02:04
snap-lThat's fine. :)02:04
snap-lI have some of your porter and ale. :)02:04
snap-l's all good. :)02:05
snap-lThey were there for sharing. :)02:05
brouschthanks for hosting. and thank jodee for putting up with us02:05
brouschit worked out really well for me02:06
brouschhey, there's the man02:06
snap-lYeah, I think it worked out really well02:06
gibWhat is the topic for tonight?  Penguicon, Ubuntu 12.04 . . .02:06
snap-lJust doing a quick recap of the jam02:07
brouschrecords were set02:07
gibCool. I saw no problem with Ubuntu 12.04.  Hey why don't they call it something easy to type like U1204?02:08
snap-lgib: Having trouble with Pangolin? :)02:08
brouschi'm looking forward to it02:09
brouscha good lts is such a beautiful thing02:09
gibNo problems at all with U-P (Ubuntu Pangolin).02:10
snap-lOK, cool02:10
gibWhat kind of records?  Count of issues or what?02:10
snap-lAnything else to talk about re: the GJ?02:10
gibWhat is the GJ?02:11
snap-lgib: brousch was being facetious that he recorded two bugs instead of one.02:11
snap-lGlobal Jam02:11
brouschit was a personal record02:11
gibAh, and I reported noen - so we are even with prior records.  Sorry.02:11
snap-lOK, without further ado, let's talk about Penguicon and the release party.02:12
gibWell I love the personal record thing.  Maybe we can post like a tribute.  You know: you can do it too. For everyone to see.02:12
gibDid we get a clear understanding of the location in the hotel?02:13
snap-lgib: That's what I pasted.02:13
snap-lThis is a note from the Penguicon Hotel Liaison02:13
snap-lI'm not sure how big the hotel bar is at the Dearborn Hyatt02:14
gibSounds like we need to do a field trip. Date, time?02:15
snap-lMy assumption is that anyone who spends their free time collecting coins also drinks heavily.02:15
snap-l(Yes, I'm somewhat kidding)02:15
snap-lSo my question would be do we want to take up Penguicon's offer?02:15
snap-lI don't think we have time to take a field trip, unfortunately.02:16
snap-lMy understanding is that time is of the essence.02:16
brouschtake a sick day02:17
snap-l(my other question would be who all is planning on attending?)02:17
gibSo, going to a bar to pay for derinks when we have purchased a all weekend long drinks free ticket to Penguicon is, umm, soo geeky.02:17
snap-lgib: Well, I don't think the free drink are out on Friday02:18
gibI plan to attend.  So can we meet in a roo party or con suite?02:18
snap-land I see it as an act of good faith that Penguicon is thinking about us02:18
snap-lgib: I'd rather not take over the con suite02:18
snap-lthat would be rude02:19
gibroom party is a cool idea. U room for Ubuntu.02:19
snap-lIf someone else is willing to host the room, I'd be OK with it02:19
snap-lThey're $99 for a night02:19
gibFigure the cost of getting a room party together.  A bit expensive. But then we could give out those CDs all night.02:20
snap-lWell, let's focus on the offer from Penguicon for now.02:20
gibSo if we kick in for the $99 ten bring in some beer how many people do we need to break even?02:20
gibSmall bar: limited number of people.  an't decide until we now the capacity.02:21
gibIf we fit 10 people then I'm okay with it.02:22
gibOver ten then it would be better in my opinion to get a room and split the cost of room and beer.02:22
snap-lUsually we have around 15-20 people02:23
gibMaybe we can pull in some other groups.  MUG, MDLUG, SEMCO, Wash Lug ...02:23
snap-lUsually membmers of those groups show up to the release party anyway.02:24
gibOPtimistacally, 20 people would be easy to put up a cash donation jar.02:24
gibJust need someone to collect cash and watch the beer.02:24
snap-lActually, IIRC, that's illegal in MI.02:24
snap-lLiquor control commision and such02:24
gibSo, then we do a pay ahead to get in system.02:25
snap-lI'm thinking the best way would be to contact the Hotel Liaison and get some more information about their proposal02:26
snap-lI'd rather not get into having a room party, as that gets into liability and such02:26
gibYes, getting more info would make the decision easier.02:26
snap-lif you want to have a room party for each of the groups to get together on Saturday, that would be great02:26
gibOkay, how about finding someone else who is already hosting a party?02:27
gibWow about a non-alcoholic party?02:27
snap-lOK, I'll contact Jer to get some more details about their proposal02:28
snap-lgib: Perhaps you could check with the other groups to see if they're already having something represented at Penguicon02:29
snap-lI think the GLLUG had parties in the past02:29
snap-lNot sure who to contact about that.02:29
gibOkay.  I'm headed to bed now.   See you guys later - bye bye.02:29
snap-lHokay then02:31
snap-lAnyone else have any opinions about the release party?02:31
brouschrock on02:32
snap-lbrousch: Thanks. (whithering look)02:32
snap-lProblem is most of the people who do the release party aren't IRC regulars.02:33
snap-lAnd while I don't mind the idea of a room party, I'd rather not open up the group to that kind of liability / mess.02:33
brouschwould get cramped02:34
snap-lAnd I'm not about to rush the consuite with an "official" party.02:34
snap-lthey have enough problems. :)02:34
brouschwhat is the consuite?02:34
snap-lEssentially it's a suite that they put food and drink in02:35
snap-lgenerally it's crowded02:35
brouschsounds like a good place02:35
snap-lbrousch: (whithering look)02:36
snap-lOK, anything else we need to discuss tonight?02:37
snap-lOK, if there's nothing else, we can call this meeting finished.02:46
snap-lfinished, get me a drink.02:46
snap-lThanks, everyone!02:46
brouschthanks you sir!02:46
rick_h_did I miss anything?03:29
rick_h_wtf is this github thing03:34
snap-lrick_h_: ?03:34
rick_h_twitter is all over with rails, insecure defaults, github investigations, wtf03:35
snap-lrick_h_: Zed Shaw, or someone else?03:36
rick_h_I've got to trace it I guess. It's kind of all over the map. Just got home after most of the day afk03:39
rick_h_ah, http://jtimberman.housepub.org/blog/2012/03/04/github-is-classy/03:40
snap-lWhat the fuck?03:41
rick_h_yea, still reading up on wtf went down03:42
snap-lApparently somoene used github to make a point about RoR03:42
rick_h_right, and Github nuked him and people got cranky on both sides03:42
Blazeixoh, yeah, hackernews went crazy about it03:55
Blazeixit's the end of github as we know it03:55
snap-lI don't see what the big deal is.03:57
snap-lThey activated the account again03:57
snap-leveryone == happy03:57
snap-lI swear the net will get their knickers bunched up over things that don't affect them at all03:58
snap-lI'd be more worried that Rails has insane defaults.03:59
Blazeixi suspect they activated the account only after everyone freaked out03:59
Blazeixnot that i'm saying github was in the wrong here03:59
snap-lI saw something similar that Chris of Pramid posted about strings in Python doing crazy things with iterators.03:59
rick_h_Blazeix: what did everyone get cranky about?04:00
rick_h_I've only hita couple of things and not seeing where everyone disagrees with github?04:00
Blazeixthey got cranky that github froze the guy's account and then called his demo 'an attack' in their followup blog post04:02
Blazeixsnap-l: what's up with python strings?04:02
snap-lPython 3 changes how iter is used.04:03
rick_h_yea, strings in py3 no longer have __iter__ methods I think04:03
rick_h_I've never used that method to split str from list, but I guess it's common04:03
* snap-l is looking for the original article04:05
snap-lfuck, too quick04:06
snap-lGood morning13:12
nullspacesnap-l: morning13:18
mydogsnameisrudymorning its a very cool -8 today13:22
brouschhm, water heater guy is coming out already13:27
nullspaceso any news on what might break in 12.04 if I upgrade?13:35
snap-lnullspace: Well, do you have an NVidia card?14:20
snap-lI noticed some strange artifacting on one of my older machines14:20
brouschdamn updated codes15:34
brouschalways cost me money15:34
snap-lbrousch: Which one? :)15:47
brouschchimney size, gas shut offs, water pressure15:52
snap-lbrousch: Oh, lovely.15:54
snap-lYeah, what starts off as one fix turns into 5 updates15:55
snap-lThought you might have been talking about discount codes being the death of you.15:59
snap-lLike, oh, I  dunno.....15:59
* snap-l is a sucker16:02
brouschthis plumber has an ipad, but no app for estimating and quoting. basically it just has PDFs of all their prices and he has to page through them16:05
brouschthen types it into a spreadsheet app16:05
snap-lTalk about making more work for himself.16:05
brouschwhen he pulled out the ipad i was impressed, then i saw how they were using it16:07
nullspacesnap-l: ever heard of  "the synthetic dream foundation" ? electro industrial band, german based remind me of FLA and skinny puppy16:16
snap-lnullspace: Not familiar with them16:17
snap-lWhat's a good album to start with?16:17
snap-lI'm only seeing Tendrils of Pretty on Amazon16:18
nullspacebehind the gates of horn and ivory seems pretty solid16:18
snap-lTheir website is pretty impenetrable. :)16:18
nullspaceoh, ouch16:20
nullspacethere site sucks16:20
snap-lI'm liking it16:21
snap-lwishlisted. :)16:21
snap-lnullspace: BTW: have you checked out the Club Metal Episodes on Open Metalcast?16:21
nullspaceI'v been keeping up on them16:22
nullspaceyour doing an awesome job with your podcasts16:22
snap-lThank you.16:22
nullspaceI have no idea where you find all that music16:23
snap-lBeen finding a lot of really great industrial out there.16:23
snap-lbandcamp and Jamendo. :)16:23
snap-lAlso, Synthematik is one of the online labels that I've been pillaging relentlessly. :)16:23
snap-lThey're my go-to place for industrial music16:25
snap-lHave actually found some of their artists on FiXT as well.16:25
nullspaceyeah I hit up FiXT once in a while when I need new music or when a fav artists releases a new EP or album16:28
brouschi spent $220 on tech books last year16:38
snap-lbrousch: amateur.16:42
brouschi have read maybe 10% of them16:43
snap-lbrousch: amateur16:43
snap-lI think I've read 1% of each of them. ;)16:44
Blazeixanyone going to the Great Lakes Functional Programming Conference in May?16:44
snap-lBlazeix: Hadn't heard about it until now16:44
Blazeixmy work is kind enough to send me there, so i'm going :)16:44
Blazeixbah, beat me to it16:45
snap-ler, no...16:45
Blazeixthey just started selling tickets, there's a link the their google groups page16:45
snap-lThey're really spartan about any info16:46
Blazeixyeah, most of the info has been sent out via the detroit dev day email list16:46
snap-lHuh, I missed those16:47
snap-lhttp://oss.linn.co.uk/trac/wiki/SkweezyDs Linn just got a Gold Star from me17:49
brouschpython3 will cost billions to convert!19:08
greg-gfuck ycombinator news19:10
greg-gthem and all their brogrammers19:10
snap-lYeah, I've given up on ycombinator19:14
brouschi don't think i've seen greg-g cuss before19:15
snap-lthey're the sort of engineers that spend more time computing their car payment than doing anything useful19:15
snap-lbrousch: I've seen it. :)19:15
Blazeixwhere do you guys go instead? I still use ycombinator pretty awesome19:15
Blazeixplease don't say reddit19:15
snap-lbut not the front page19:15
Blazeixer, s/awesome/often/19:15
snap-lalso, rick_h_'s news service.19:15
snap-land twitter.19:16
Blazeixugh, the last thing i want to do is turn twitter into an rss reader19:16
snap-lTwitter isn't an RSS reader19:17
snap-lTwitter is ephemeral19:17
snap-lreddit is ephemeral19:17
snap-lycombinator is ephemeral19:17
snap-lSlashdot should be treated as ephemeral19:17
Blazeixtwitter is where I go when I want to know what my friends are doing.19:18
BlazeixI haven't yet transitioned to the firehose model19:18
Blazeixmaybe I'll give slashdot another chance, but it has such ugly associations for me19:19
Blazeixi suppose i should spend some time pruning away the categories i don't care about19:20
snap-lBlazeix: It's not just you.19:23
snap-lI've stopped using Slashdot in favor f using Reddit.19:24
snap-lmostly because I use Slashdot via the RSS reader, and I haven't found a good way to turn off their stupid comments in RSS.19:24
snap-land if I use my user RSS feed, Google Reader takes forever to update, but the user feed is what gives me the links to the original source.19:25
snap-lbroken behavior.19:25
rick_h_greg-g: one of them steal your lunch?20:16
rick_h_Blazeix: thought about the functional conf, but don't htink so20:16
rick_h_Blazeix: and yea, select reddit rss feeds + lots of twitter filtering20:16
snap-lI can't do reddit with RSS20:18
snap-lit's impossible.20:18
rick_h_meh, I do a half dozen feeds there I think20:19
Blazeixman, reddit is full of super-sensationalist crap, though20:32
Blazeixespecially /r/linux and /r/programming20:32
Blazeixhackernews isn't free of that by any means, but it's better20:32
snap-lBlazeix: reasone #1 why I don't use the RSS feeds on reddit20:36
greg-grick_h_: just my lunch money :(21:02
rick_h_Blazeix: yea, requires title filters, but oh well21:14
brouschwater heater and code fixes came to almost exactly the same price as my tax return23:07
greg-goh, building codes23:29

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