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didrocksJohnLea: hey, how are you?08:17
JohnLeaddrocks; morning!08:31
AlanBellmorning, anyone know when the unity menus and dash will start saying sensible stuff to orca users?08:35
AlanBelltedg had some changes to stop everything being a check item, but I don't think they have landed yet08:36
AlanBellright now the only stuff that gets read out is the keyboard shortcuts, the HUD is basically completely broken, dash is somewhat working08:37
AlanBelland is there some way we can stop massive regressions like this from happening?08:38
AlanBellthe theory was with unity as an upstream that things wouldn't land until they actually work and pass some basic tests, how can we get a basic sanity check with orca into that test suite?08:40
didrocksJohnLea: hey, spell my name to hilight me :)08:43
didrocksJohnLea: small question on quicklist08:43
didrocksJohnLea: should the static quicklist be capitalized as: "New Document" or "New document" ?08:44
Saviqdidrocks, hey, so... desrt says "you can't do that, unless you can whip up dbus", but even then I'd have to have control over the dconf backend's environment to point it to the schemas dir08:58
didrocksSaviq: hey, hum, this gsettings thing is really annoying for testing :/08:59
didrocksI wonder if we need to think a better way or just workarounding it08:59
Saviqdidrocks, so yeah, it could be doable with the memory backend, but QConf doesn't do that yet08:59
Saviqdidrocks, an interim solution would be to add unity-common to Build-Dep09:02
Saviq(at least for unity-2d)09:02
Saviqdidrocks, but I really hope we can get a X-Test-Dep09:02
didrocksSaviq: well, not build-dep, but in the merger env09:02
Saviqdidrocks, if you can do that, yes09:02
Saviqbut that would be very unity-2d-specific, not sure if you want that09:03
Saviqnot sure you'd want a "fake" build-dep either09:03
didrocksSaviq: I certainly don't want to add unity-common in build-dep09:04
didrocksSaviq: that will make every build on official repository taking it09:04
Saviqdidrocks, right09:04
didrocksandd will make it hard with arch skew09:04
didrocksso, I hate adding it to the merger env for unity-2d09:04
didrocksbut I don't see a better solution for now :/09:04
Saviqdidrocks, where do you think we could start a discussion about a (X-)Test-Dep for debian/control?09:05
Saviqdo you at all think that could be a solution09:06
didrocksSaviq: ubuntu-devel I would say09:07
didrocksSaviq: ok, I added the conditional dep for the merger09:07
didrocksSaviq: need to confirm it works of course, but it should be fine :)09:07
Saviqdidrocks, can I try locally? what's the diff to the unity-merger branch?09:08
JohnLeadidrocks: "New document"  We don't want to capitalise every word just for the sake of it09:08
didrocksSaviq: easy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/871181/09:09
didrocksJohnLea: ok, so you need to change the LauncherAPI page :)09:09
JohnLeadidrocks; url?09:09
angelocmhr3: done! this time I think that will be ok!09:32
jalcinehttps://launchpad.net/speechcontrol + unity = \o/09:33
Sweetsharkhi, there! please have a look at bug 945317. its a unity-2d only issue, so very likely a unity-2d fault.09:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 945317 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "menubar doesn't show in unity2d" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94531709:43
Saviqgord, hey, any idea about http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/871210/ ?09:44
Saviqgord, we suddenly got that while building unity-2d (some new release must've flown down)09:45
gordSaviq, yeah, that is me being silly, got too used to writing C++ code and not enough C ;) - give me two minutes09:49
Saviqgord, cheers09:49
gordmhr3, now TestGDBusPorxy is timing out on my system, i guess its time I greped all the tests for _add_seconds ;)09:51
gordSaviq, if you want to give a quick review to unblock that https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/hud-include-correct-glib/+merge/9608309:53
Saviqgord, checking, unity is still under freeze, though, right? do we want to UNBLOCK that?09:55
gordoh yeah right, sure09:56
Saviqgord, approved, but I can't change the state of the MR10:10
gordSaviq, yeah thats fine, just wanted to get an approve from you :) thanks10:11
Saviqgord, cheers and thanks10:11
* AlanBell tests HUD in unity 2d10:33
AlanBellso you type a string, and there are 5 options below it all called "push button"10:33
AlanBellnot massively useful10:34
AlanBellgord: y u no expose content of HUD suggestions?10:36
jalcineWhat was the string?10:36
gordAlanBell, oh right, accessibility? geez, hold on let me get right on that10:36
AlanBellgord: unity 2d, they are all called "push button" and not what they actually say10:37
AlanBellin 3d I think they are completely silent still10:37
gordAlanBell, give greyback a poke when he's around10:37
trijntjeHi all. On a non-english system, will unity still search the english tags in .desktop-files or only look in the translated ones? I need to know if I should duplicate the English tags while translating10:38
gordmhr3, ^ didn't we have a conversation about this? ;)10:39
mhr3gord, and not just with you :)10:41
mhr3trijntje, what do you mean by tags?10:41
mhr3gord, i did grep all usage of add_seconds in the tests, should be good10:42
trijntjemhr3: For example Keywords=Code;Editor;Programming;10:43
trijntjealso see http://mhall119.com/2012/02/contributing-to-unity-for-non-developers-keywords/10:43
angelocmhr3: done! I think that mountable uri patch should be ready!10:49
mhr3angeloc, cool, will take a look soon10:49
mhr3trijntje, only localized version of that will be used10:50
angelocmhr3: great!10:50
trijntjemhr3: thats good to know, thanks.10:50
trijntjeI dont know if this has been discussed already, but wouldn't it be better to also search in the English keywords by default, to improve consistency across languages?10:51
mhr3it has, and is considered undesired10:52
seb128trijntje, no it wouldn't be better, especially for people who don't know english and would wonder why that typed match something which has nothing to do with it10:54
seb128trijntje, just because it matches an english keyword they don't know about and which is showing nowhere in the ui10:54
trijntjemhr3, seb128: that also makes sense. Good to know it has been considered and rejected10:59
trijntjethanks for your responses!10:59
AlanBellis this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityTests the tests that are done on unity pre-release? or has that been superceded by the stuff balloons is doing with checkbox?11:09
AlanBellthere is no mention of either Onboard or Orca on that page11:09
AlanBellor compiz enhanced zoom or high contrast themes or any accessibility stuff at all11:10
AlanBellnot even changing the text size11:11
zygaI've just reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/94789011:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 947890 in unity (Ubuntu) "Artefacts in dash icon overlay" [Undecided,New]11:14
zygaI've included an attachement with a screenshot + magnification of the problem11:14
zygacould anyone have a look and check if this is GPU/rendering bug, styling bug or an explicit design?11:15
jmlwhen I search for an app in the dash (e.g. Firefox), it finds it, but I can't seem to activate it11:16
jmlEnter doesn't appear to do anything11:16
jmlneither does clicking on the icon.11:17
gordzyga, yeah its a known issue with radeon gpu's11:20
Saviqdidrocks, just so you know, until https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/hud-include-correct-glib/+merge/96083 gets merged (and released) unity-2d won't build11:20
zygagord: thanks, is there a duplicate to track?11:20
didrocksSaviq: it's already unblocked11:20
Saviqdidrocks, yes, but not yet approved11:21
didrocksSaviq: why didn't you approve?11:21
Saviqdidrocks, can't11:21
SaviqI'm "community" when it comes to Unity11:21
Saviqdidrocks, and then, won't it need to be released for the merger to pick it up anyway?11:21
gordzyga, not sure off hand, but if your around in three hours or so, you can ask jaytaoko when he arrives - he's been tracking/working on it11:21
zygaok, will do11:22
didrocksSaviq: no, it's UNBLOCKED11:22
zygaI'm about to report another bug like that11:22
didrocksand said above, so pass the freeze :)11:22
zygafor "selectors" (like "all" in the filter pane)11:22
Saviqdidrocks, right Unity 5.6 is still unreleased?11:22
didrocksSaviq: yeah11:23
Saviqdidrocks, that makes sense11:23
mhr3angeloc, looking good, could i ask you for one more thing? :)11:28
mhr3two actually11:28
angelocmhr3: sure!11:28
mhr3angeloc, one is simple - the enum you added should have some "don't know what's this" value - like UrlType.UNKNOWN11:29
mhr3and if none of the regexes match, you'll return that type11:29
angelocmhr3: ok!11:30
zygagord: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/947901 this is the other bug, I think they are related once you've mentioned the GPU issue11:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 947901 in unity (Ubuntu) "Artefacts in dash filtering option buttons" [Undecided,New]11:31
angelocmhr3: right now i'm going to lunch, after that, will implement for sure!11:31
mhr3angeloc, and two - i find the regex that tries to match web pretty vague - it would be interesting if it matched against list of known top-level domains (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains)11:32
mhr3angeloc, although the second one should go in a separate branch11:32
mhr3based on the first one though11:33
angelocmhr3: ok, first i'll implement UrlType.UNKNOWN, than I'll do a simple pytgtk program to test regexp versus top level domain, than i'll update you, ok?11:34
angelocmhr3: yes, they are pretty vague, but they are the ones I found, so I think they are working!11:35
mhr3angeloc, yea, it's what we've been using so far, but imo it doesn't work well11:35
angelocmh3r: they are not meant to make some sort of url validation, are you asking that?11:36
gordzyga, yeah its the same issue11:36
mhr3angeloc, i'm primarily worried about the "[a-zA-Z0-9\\-]+\\...+"11:36
mhr3angeloc, it matches pretty much any filename like "daemon.vala"11:37
mhr3but having that list would help us say "oh yea .vala isn't a top-level domain - this is NOT a web url"11:37
angelocmhr3: ok, so you are asking for url validation (com, org ...) a more serious regex!11:38
angelocmhr3: i have to file another bug or will update merge proposal page?11:38
mhr3angeloc, no, separate bug, separate branch pls11:39
angelocok, i open another bug and relative merge proposal!11:39
angelocbye, I'm late!11:39
zygagord: I've got a third one for you, this one is rather different but perhaps the root issue is the same: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/94790411:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 947904 in unity (Ubuntu) "Date and file-size range widgets do not display any text" [Undecided,New]11:39
mhr3angeloc, cu11:39
zygagord: again, look at the screenshot11:39
gordzyga, nah thats different, MacSlow ^^^ any idea?11:40
zygagord: I could switch to fglrx and check if that changes anything11:41
zyga(also feel free to educate me on the proper names of the widgets/elements I'm referring to (filter pane, music lens date widget, document lens size widget)11:42
MacSlowzyga, gord: a fix for that in currently in the review-queue...11:52
zygaMacSlow: thanks11:53
MacSlowzyga, gord: the distorted textures (buttons) is an odd texture-coordinate issue (probably)... iirc Jay is currently looking into this11:54
gordMacSlow, yeah already mentioned11:54
MacSlowzyga, gord: btw http://people.canonical.com/~mmueller/after-927710.png11:55
gordMacSlow, niiice... but one of your cpu's is being tanked by something!11:55
gordunless thats memory maybe?11:56
MacSlowgord, no... I'm compiling (doing tons of reviews again) in the bg11:56
gordah :)11:56
MacSlowgord, no wait... that's memory... cpu is the left most11:57
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htetaungHow can I configure burg-manager12:18
psypher246hi all, global menus stop working for empathy main window, anyone else have this issue?12:37
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psypher246i have to close empathy and start again to get menus back, and then it only till the next time I minimize empathy12:38
gotwigHey there12:38
gotwigWanna ask for more customization options for unity , and a category in the software center12:38
gotwigfor unity customization12:38
gotwigand customization for themes etc.12:38
gotwigso were they any replies to my questions ...?12:42
jalcinegord: still about?12:42
jalcineI e-mailed you a while ago about SpeechControl (https://launchpad.net/speechcontrol)12:42
jalcinei'll ping you later when it has 0.1rc1, but I want to have it add speech recognition for HUD.12:42
gotwigjalcine: +1 :-)12:50
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AlanBello/ greyback, can we talk about HUD and orca?12:59
greybackAlanBell: yes13:00
AlanBellin unity2d all the suggestions are "push button" and in 3d they are all silent13:00
greybackAlanBell: oh not good, the string isn't being supplied13:01
AlanBellindeed, it is kind of useless at the moment :(13:01
greybackAlanBell: I'll log a bug about it, and I belive the fix is super-easy13:03
greybackAlanBell: thanks for pointing it out. I've not done my Orca test of unity2d yet13:03
AlanBellcan we get orca tests into the test suite?13:03
greybackAlanBell: it's on my todo list. I truly want to, just need to get all multi-monitor work & tests done13:04
AlanBellthings were supposed to land broadly functional and right now the global menu and hud are totally broken with orca13:04
greybackRight. Understood13:04
AlanBellI would like to get this stuff designed in from the start13:04
greybackCertainly. I admit I dropped the ball on that one.13:05
greybackOk, I'll do best to get Orca tests in asap13:05
AlanBellonboard too :)13:05
greybackThank you. You already gave me the information on how to do it, so it shouldn't take long13:07
AlanBellgreat, thanks13:08
didrocksAlanBell: you can as well join the testing effort from the ppa and signal it before it lands into precise btw :)13:13
* AlanBell installs the PPA again13:17
AlanBellI did have HUD from the PPA when it was first announced, then the PPA got moved around or something13:18
AlanBellso HUD is now in ~unity-team/+archive/ppa right?13:18
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mhall119hmmm, after a unity --replace, my dash color is green13:29
mhall119but my wallpaper is the stock blue-striped Gnome313:29
mhall119AlanBell: I thought HUD has officially landed in precise now13:29
AlanBellyeah, but it is broken13:30
gordmhall119, clear out the bg cache and try it again ~/.cache/unity/bgcachefile13:31
mhall119thanks gord, I'll gie that a try in a minute13:32
mhall119didrocks: pitti has approved https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/942782, but wants it uploaded, can you do that?13:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 942782 in Ubuntu "FFE: Add unity-quickly-lens-template package to Universe" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:32
AlanBellmhall119: nice, I want to try that :)13:33
didrocksmhall119: sure, will do today13:34
mhall119AlanBell: coming to a Universe near you ;)13:34
didrocksmhall119: where is the trunk already, still in singlet?13:34
AlanBellis there a way to do a lens that needs authentication yet?13:34
mhall119didrocks: lp:unity-quickly-templates13:36
mhall119AlanBell: I don't think the unity API provides anything for authentication yet, no13:36
didrocksmhall119: thanks13:36
mhall119AlanBell: will you be at UDS?  That13:37
mhall119AlanBell: will you be at UDS?  That's a good place to design such a thing13:37
AlanBellI don't know13:38
AlanBellI did apply13:38
AlanBellmost of my lens ideas are blocking on that feature13:39
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jincreatorHi, I'm wondering about indicator showing keyboard layout. It seems useless. Which package ship it?13:57
didrocksmhall119: sponsored, can you please pull and push lp:~didrocks/unity-quickly-templates/releasing0.0.2 ?14:00
mhall119didrocks: pushed14:03
didrocksmhall119: sorry, can you please --overwrite? I forget to add the bug # and wanted to clean the history14:05
didrocksmhall119: (also, don't merge it or you won't have the tag on the main branch, hence the "pull and push")14:05
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angelocmhr3: a question about url and TLD validation, we have to keep in sync with iana TLD, we file bug in feature to add new TLDs?14:44
angelocmhr3: a question about url and TLD validation, we have to keep in sync with iana TLD, we have to file bug in future to add new TLDs, is this the correct way?14:45
mhr3angeloc, well yea, but it's not like we're a browser, this is just to ease searching...14:46
angelocmhr3: ok, but we have to remeber that, because it will impossible to open urls that cannot match the regexp!14:50
mhr3angeloc, we have millions of users, someone will notice and open a bug ;)14:50
angelocmhr3: yust pushed latest changes for merge 95591, added UrlType.UNKNOWN14:50
angelocmhr3: ok!14:50
apwcan anyone tell me where the 'change viewport and take this window with it' keybinding moved to14:52
Daekdroomapw, it should be CRTL + ALT + SHIFT + Arrow key by default.14:53
DaekdroomBut it might be at Super + Shift + Arrow key for you, depending on when you last reset the configurations.14:54
apwif we are going to change these bindings on a weekly basis, at least keeping the help text up to date would be appreciated14:54
* apw wonders if anyone has tried typeing c-a-s-<arrow> ... /me has to move his chair right to manage it14:56
DaekdroomCRTL + ALT + SHIFT + Arrow is much easier than Super + Shift.14:57
apwnot on my keyboard14:57
apwwas there something wrong with super+alt ?14:57
apwwhich now has nothing on it14:58
DaekdroomIt's CRTL + ALT + arrow now.14:58
DaekdroomWhat happened is, they changed it to Super + Alt and Super + Shift. People hated it, then they changed it back because shortcuts containing super sometimes invoke Dash/shortcut overlay.14:58
seb128apw, we don't change on weekly basis, we changed once but the intend was to keep supporting the "classic" keybindings but compiz doesn't allow to set several keys to the same action so we reverted14:59
apwthey changed it back would imply they wen't back to the same places14:59
seb128apw, so it's back to what it was for years out of the week it was different before beta114:59
seb128apw, they did14:59
apwseb128, move window to the new viewport is not where it was before as far as i can tell15:00
apwmove viewport seems to be back to the old place yes15:00
DaekdroomYes, it is.15:00
seb128apw, what was your recall of the old keybindings for those15:00
apwi was under the impression that it was super-alt, and that was the reason we couldn't put 'switch viewport' ther15:01
apwanyhow, pretty please can we have the help right, as its confusing enough them moving without the help lagging15:02
seb128apw, those were the new keybindings that we used for a week15:02
smbI cannot recall for sure, but I am pretty sure it was only two keys + cursor for both15:02
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seb128apw, there is a merge request pending landing to fix the help15:02
seb128smb, apw: I never move stuff between ws with the keyboard but I'm pretty sure it has been ctrl-alt-shift-arrows for years15:02
seb128i.e same as change ws with shift added15:03
seb128I will try on an oneiric liveCD later15:03
angelocmhr3: I'm opening the new bug and the new branch, but the patch i've done is not into main package. I have to use my current branch as a starting point or i'll have to wait until patch wasn't taken into main package?15:08
mhr3angeloc, the former15:09
angelocmh3r: you are very patient with me!15:10
apwseb128, cool.  i have no longer any idea where i thought it was my history has been trashed15:10
mhall119ronoc: ping15:54
ronocmhall119, hey15:54
mhall119ronoc: hi,  I need to get some documentation on integrating with the Sound Menu for developer.u.c, using the new libunity API15:54
ronocmhall119, header file :)15:55
ronocmhall119, but seriously15:55
* ronoc goes to find the docs15:55
mhall119ronoc: thanks15:56
ronocmhall119, python or C15:56
mhall119ronoc: both if you have them15:57
mhall119ronoc: I'm looking for more of a "how to use it", not just API definition15:57
mhall119we already have the API being extracted from gir15:57
mhall119but nothing that tells developers how they are supposed to use it15:58
* ronoc must really do a blogpost on it15:59
ronocmhall119, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.10/python/Unity-4.0.html#Unity.MusicPlayer15:59
ronocone sec , ill find you an example16:00
mhall119ronoc: a blog post that can be converted to a tutorial on developer.u.c would be fantastic16:00
ronocmhall119, http://paste.ubuntu.com/871645/16:04
ronocthat's a vala example of how it works16:05
ronocvery straight forward16:05
mhall119ronoc: are you still planning on writing a blog explaining it?16:05
ronocmhall119, yes will do so at the end of the week16:05
ronoconce some big bugs are done16:05
mhall119ronoc: ok, thanks, let me know when it's up?16:07
ronocmhall119, will do16:07
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angelocmhr3: done! I filed bug 948086, made a new branch and proposed it form merge!17:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 948086 in unity-lens-files "Web url regexp matches non url" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94808617:16
mhr3angeloc, woo, you're on fire! :)17:16
angelocmhr3: sorry, I made a mistake, please see the code in a few minutes!17:17
angelocmhr3: i lost my job somw weeks ago, since then i decided that i want to make a live with opensource, Ubuntu is really the best starting point to became a pro!17:24
angelocmhr3: now, it's ok!17:38
mhall119tedg: ping17:53
mhall119tedg: how can I change "Untitled Indicator (gtg)" to "Getting Things GNOME!" in the HUD?17:55
mhall119gord: ^^ ??17:55
mfischmhall119: all of the non-singlet lenses that I have seem to support the "See NN more results" feature, but the singlet ones don't.  Is there a way to enable this that I'm missing?17:56
seb128mhall119, call app_indicator_set_title17:57
tedgmhall119, Ah, seb128 beat me.17:57
mhall119seb128: ah, so it's gotta be done in code?17:58
mhall119mfisch: Unless singlet is missing something, you should get that17:58
seb128is there softwares not done in code?17:58
mhall119seb128: Quicklists ;)17:58
mfischmhall119: I don't see it (for example) in your community-lens.   I will poke around inside singlet18:01
mhall119mhr3: davidcalle: ^^ do you guys know of any reason Singlet wouldn't give a "See NN more results" ?18:02
mhall119mfisch: in Oneiric or Precise?18:02
davidcallemhall119, because there are no more results? :)18:03
mfischmhall119: Precise18:03
mfischdavidcalle: my lens does the same thing, it can only show 3 tickers, even when I enter, say 518:04
mhall119davidcalle: that's my thought18:04
mhr3mhall119, agreed with davidcalle :)18:04
mhall119mfisch: try a search for "team"18:04
mfischmhall119: well,18:04
mfischmhall119: this just leaves my lens as broken18:04
mfischmhall119: it is working18:04
mhall119it might take a minute18:04
mhr3although there's a bug about the count when using the other tiles18:05
mhall119our API isn't exactly optimized18:05
mhr3so maybe that's why18:05
mfischI've never  been able to get mine to work18:05
davidcallemhr3, indeed, the count can be off by two.18:05
mfischlet me check the obvious, like whether i'm putting more than 3 in the model18:06
mhall119davidcalle: btw, the ARB is voting on the graphic design lens18:06
mhr3angeloc, cool, i'll take a look tomorrow, tired now18:07
angelocmhr3: I'm also18:08
davidcallemhall119, right now?18:11
mhall119davidcalle: it was posted to their ML last night18:12
davidcallemhall119, ok, thanks :)18:12
angelocmhr3: than you!18:17
angelocmhr3:thank you!18:18
mhall119has anyone seen mark tully lately?18:28
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VelmontSo. In good'ol gnome it was possible to lock down stuff. I don't want my users being able to do user switching, nor lock the screen. They should *only* be allowed to log out. (Because the computers are used by several people).18:29
VelmontAny way to do that currently? Didn't find anything obvious in dconf-editor18:29
JanCVelmont: don't the old setting work anymore?18:30
VelmontJanC: They do not. :-) I have them in gconf.mandatory/%tree.xml18:31
JanCthey might have moved to dconf, but if that doesn't work you probably want to file a bug (or look if one already exists first)18:33
VelmontDoesn't even work in Gnome-shell :-)18:33
VelmontJanC: I'm trying to get it to work in both Unity and Gnome-Shell, but it works in neither. Since the upgrade.18:34
mfischmhall119/davidcalle: I found out my problem, but I'm not sure how to solve it18:34
mfischit appears that when my search string is a list of quotes, like "A FDX HPQ GM IBM" that I don't get the "more results"18:35
JanCVelmont: that's a regression for LTS users then...18:35
mfischwhen I hacked my code to pull up a list of 10 quotes, regardless as to the search string, it works18:35
VelmontDo you know dconf? -- Does it show all possible settings? Maybe I just have to manually input the same settings into dconf, because it didn't port them at upgrade?18:35
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VelmontOK, I'll debug a bit on my own. It actually seems to *have* recorded it, -- only, it doesn't work, see:       dconf read /org/gnome/desktop/lockdown/disable-lock-screen              ---->     true18:40
VelmontHmmm. But it also says true to stuff that shouldn't be true... Maybe it is not to be trusted.18:41
mhall119mfisch: what if it's 6 or 7 quotes?18:41
mhall119davidcalle said there was some counting but that might cause it to not work for 518:42
mhall119counting bug18:42
mfischmhall119: let me try18:57
mfischmhall119: the count is off as you said18:58
mfischmhall119: AHA18:58
mfischmhall119: the count is off by 318:58
mfischmhall119: 7 quotes, 3 are shown, and it says "Show 1 more result"18:58
mfischI was only ever testing 4 or 5 because I can't remember that many ticker symbols off the top of my head18:59
mhall119mhr3: do you happen to know that bug number? ^^18:59
mhr3mhall119, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/93494419:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 934944 in unity "Incorrect item count in "See x more results"" [Medium,In progress]19:01
mfischthx mhall119 and mhr19:02
mfischyep that bug says off by 319:03
VelmontHmmm. But it also says true to stuff that shouldn't be true... Maybe it is not to be trusted... hrmf19:04
BoxyK2Hi there, I get a warning that the maximum capacity of my battery is getting lower (NOT the current charge level). Does anybody know how to configure the threshold for this warning?19:07
BoxyK2does anyone have an idea how to solve my problem?19:30
thumperBoxyK2: try asking on #ubuntu-desktop19:54
BoxyK2thanks!!! I'll do that!19:54
bschaeferthumper, morning20:00
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davidcallemhall119, ping22:40
mhall119davidcalle: pong22:40
davidcallemhall119, what's the status of filters in singlet? Are they available?22:41
mhall119you can use libunity filters, as far as I'm aware22:49
mhall119but I haven't wrapped them in any singlet-specific things22:50
mhall119you add them like you add categories, just define them in the class22:50
davidcallemhall119, oh, perfect then, thanks :)22:52
mhall119np, let me know if it works, I haven't tested for it22:54
davidcallemhall119, it works perfectly fine.23:03
mhall119I love it when code works without being tested23:03
mhall119it's such a rare treat23:04
davidcallefilters = [filters] in Meta, and filter creation as usual. Really cool :)23:04
Andy80I say sorry for the next OT, but I/we owe this to him.....23:08
Andy80andyrock: happy birthday to youuuuuu! Happy birthday to youuuu! Happy birthday Andrea, happy birthday to youuuu!!! :)23:08
andyrockAndy80, thank you! :)23:11
andyrocknow my age starts with 2*23:11
Andy80andyrock: one more year and you'll be able to order a beer in USA :D23:14
andyrockAndy80, Luckily someone has invented the lies, so... :)23:15
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