cody-somervilleWhat does this mean?? bzr: ERROR: Start revision not found in left-hand history of end revision.05:56
vilacody-somerville: presumably from 'bzr log', you asked for a revision range for which the link between the revisions is not trivial, fixed in later bzr releases (I'd say >= 2.5)09:16
cody-somervilleI'm running 2.5b209:17
vilaright, I'm not fully here, could be b5 or b6 or even 2.5.009:17
vilawhat is from bzr log ?09:18
vilawhich revision range did you use09:18
vilausing a larger one can work around the issue, there is a way to escape (can't remember it right now, may be -n0 ?)09:18
vilawhich setup are you using to end up with 2.5b2 ? Can't you upgrade ?09:20
vilacody-somerville: I will be there for only a few minutes :-/09:22
cody-somervilleI'm doing bzr log -r 95.1.16..9609:24
vilaDoes -n0 help ?09:24
cody-somervillevila, no change09:25
vilacan't upgrade ?09:26
vilaI fixed that bug in anger as it was really a stupid limitation but now I can't remember the work around :-(09:26
cody-somervilleI'm using bzr from beta ppa. I'm on maverick.09:26
vilaan alternative would be 'bzr qlog'09:28
vilaiirc correctly, the issue is related to mixing simple revnos (96) and dotted revnos (95.1.16)09:30
cody-somerville'bzr log -r 85.1.1..' produces same error09:31
cody-somerville-n0 fixes that one though09:31
vilayup, the invisible revno after '..' is the current one09:31
cody-somerviller85.1.1 lives under r92 :/09:32
vilaqlog (from the qbzr plugin) is the best I can think of09:33
vilagtg, sorry for all the trouble :-/09:34
vilacody-somerville: that's bug #904744 so fixed in 2.5b509:35
ubot5`Launchpad bug 904744 in Bazaar "bzr log -r bzr-2.5b3..bzr-2.5b4 fails" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90474409:35
vilafixed 3 months ago and not available to you, epic fail :-(09:36
mathrick$ bzr branch git://github.com/brutall/brut.apktool.git apktool10:56
mathrickbzr: ERROR: The repository you are fetching from contains submodules. To continue, upgrade your Bazaar repository to a format that supports nested trees, such as 'development-subtree'.10:56
mathrickaka, bzr branch doesn't have any option to control the format it will use10:56
mathrickand bzr pull from that repo to an init'd development-subtree branch fails with   File "bzrlib\branch.pyo", line 180, in open10:57
mathrickTypeError: open_branch() got an unexpected keyword argument 'possible_transports'10:57
* mathrick pokes jelmer gently10:58
LarstiQmathrick: bzr-git and bzr versions out of sync?11:59
LarstiQmathrick: you can pass --standalone to branch in order not to use the containing repo12:00
LarstiQmathrick: I'd hope that it would then pick a suitable format to store things in12:01
mathrickwell, it's not a repo I was trying to branch to12:02
* LarstiQ runs into stable vs testing issues installing dulwich12:06
LarstiQsqueeze-backports to the rescue12:07
LarstiQmathrick: so I'm having some trouble reproducing due to other hurdles12:11
mathrickLarstiQ: yeah, fortunately I don't really need to do a whole lot of git there, so I just installed real git and cloned it that way12:12
LarstiQmathrick: but if you could confirm with --standalone to be absolutely certain, then I would argue it is a bug12:12
mathrickyes, same thing with --standalone12:13
LarstiQmathrick: do you want to report it, or shall I?12:19
mathrickI'd appreciate if you did12:19
LarstiQsure thing12:21
LarstiQmathrick: in the process of gathering some more data, I'll tell you the bug number when I've filed it12:29
LarstiQmathrick: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-git/+bug/95149412:33
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 951494 in Bazaar Git Plugin "branching a standalone branch complains that the repository does not support submodules" [Medium,Confirmed]12:34
LarstiQmathrick: in terms of code, I think the problem is that the initial branch is made before we discover that submodules are present12:34
LarstiQmathrick: I don't know how involved it is to detect that first12:35
LarstiQmathrick: the other option would be for bzr-git to default to a subtree aware format, not sure about that either12:35
LarstiQjelmer: ^^12:35
jelmerhi mathrick, LarstiQ15:25
jelmersee my comments on the bug report - we don't really want to silently create branches in experimental formats15:25
SinnerNyxhello, i'm new to bazaar. I have an SFTP server, and I was told that this is all I would need to start using bazaar. I'm on windows and I downloaded the bazaar windows package, which says it comes with tortoisebzr (which i figure to be similar to tortoiseSVN), but I can't find where I can start the program or make a repository?16:10
beunoSinnerNyx, have you looked at the tutorials?16:13
SinnerNyxbeuno, sorry, I thought those explained the CLI16:14
beunoSinnerNyx, ah, they do, but I guess it's easy to translate to the GUI16:15
SinnerNyxbeuno, thats good except i'm asking where the GUI is...16:15
SinnerNyxhow would I start the gui for instance?16:15
beunoI wouldn't know on Windows, sorry16:16
SinnerNyxbeuno no worries. How is it on your system?16:16
beunolet me see if I can dig up some docu16:16
beunooh, I've been using the CLI for too long  :)16:17
SinnerNyxfair enough. To be honest I'm about to make a repository for my team of 3, and the other 2 aren't the most technical16:17
SinnerNyxso I'm avoiding CLIs as much as possible16:17
beunoSinnerNyx, for setting things up, you can use the CLI16:18
beunoand then to interact, use the GUI16:18
SinnerNyxthat's fine, but I need to figure out the GUI first. I want to see if it's appropriate and usable by my team16:19
beunoSinnerNyx, there's also this: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/16:19
beunoseems to have a nice tutorial: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/tutorials/foss-contribute.html16:19
SinnerNyxsweet, this looks good actually16:20
SinnerNyxthanks alot beuno16:20
SinnerNyxok so now I'm trying to init a repo. I've done it and it says: http://pastebin.com/7LjLymFy16:26
SinnerNyxhow do I now make this available on my SFTP server?16:26
jelmerSinnerNyx: you want to create a branch, rather than a repo (which is just a working environment)16:32
jelmerSinnerNyx: once you create a branch, push it to somewhere on your sftp server, "bzr push sftp://yourserver/some/location/branch"16:32
SinnerNyxOk, I am clearly outclassed here, I'll need to read more about repos16:33
SinnerNyxjelmer, so I'd make a repo on the server?16:36
SinnerNyxjelmer, I'm not understanding, from what I'm reading I want to make a repo as a 'trunk' and then upload that to the server16:43
SinnerNyxor else make a trunk on the server and update it with my source16:43
mathrickSinnerNyx: offtopic question: brony?16:49
SinnerNyxmathrick: lol, no idea what or who that is16:49
mathrickthat means no then :)16:49
SinnerNyxi figured as much :p16:49
SinnerNyxsorry for the newb questions, but i've never really had to set up a repository on my own before16:50
mathrickSinnerNyx: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MLP:_FiM#Internet_following . I highly recommend watching it, but as I said, it's terribly offtopic. It was just that your nickname suggested you might be that.16:50
SinnerNyxLOL, what the...16:51
mathrickjelmer: obviously that's not what I had in mind, but the problem is that it tells you to create a branch in a format with subtree support, and that's not at all possible using the current UI, as far as I can tell16:51
mathrickjelmer: I'll check what got out of date here and try the init + pull route, and if it works, then it would probably be prudent to suggest that in the error message16:52
mathrickAFAIK, development-subtree is not the only format to support nested trees16:53
SinnerNyxmathrick, over my head16:54
mathrickSinnerNyx: there's a fanfic called "past sins" where the main character is called Nyx. That's why I thought you might be a brony. But even if you aren't, it's still not too late. Just watch MLP: FiM, it's more than awesome :)16:54
mathrick*"Past Sins" even, to use the title capitalisation16:55
SinnerNyxlol, thanks mathrick16:56
SinnerNyxhilarious, thanks mathrick. i'll stick to trigun16:56
jelmerSinnerNyx: sorry, was away for a bit17:02
SinnerNyxno worries, had an interesting conversation about "My Little Pony" :P17:02
jelmerSinnerNyx: you want to make a branch as a trunk ("bzr init foo"), not a repository (which is merely a central location where version control data is stored)17:02
jelmerhah, I was wondering what MLP was the TLA for..17:03
jelmermathrick:  you can create a branch with subtree support using 'bzr init --development-subtree'17:04
SinnerNyxso jelmer, I did an init, and it worked I think. but now how do I get it up to my sftp server? I can't get it to connect. bzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host orcaweb.zapto.org:4489; Error reading SSH protocol banner17:04
jelmerOdd_Bloke: oh, that's odd - does 'sftp -p 4489 orcaweb.zapto.org' work?17:04
jelmerSinnerNyx: oh, that's odd - does 'sftp -p 4489 orcaweb.zapto.org' work?17:05
jelmerOdd_Bloke: sorry!17:05
SinnerNyxjelmer: first which port should i use? explicit ssl or implicit?17:05
mathrickjelmer: yes, that's what I did, although it failed with some errors suggesting bzr-git being out of sync with bzr. However, that's 1) not possible from the `bzr branch` UI 2) not at all obvious from the error message, especially for someone who is trying to just clone a repo without necessarily being intimately familiar with bzr17:05
mathrickjelmer: I assume that what you have in mind is init manually, then pull, right?17:06
jelmermathrick: yes17:06
SinnerNyxjelmer, I'm on windows. no sftp command17:06
mathrickthen I think the error message should say so17:06
SinnerNyxwinscp can connect fine if that makes any difference17:06
jelmermathrick: I wonder actually, if we perhaps just shouldn't have that message say "sorry, repositories with submodules aren't supported yet" rather than hinting people to use experimental formats17:06
jelmerSinnerNyx: ah, yeah - that's what I was wondering17:07
mathrickjelmer: but there are more subtree formats than just development, no?17:07
jelmermathrick: no, there's only development subtree formats at the moment17:07
jelmerSinnerNyx: and you're using using sftp in winscp, rather than plain ssh (with e.g. scp) ?17:08
SinnerNyxo snap. i see the problem I guess. I'm using FTP with explicit SSL and implicit SSL ports. so Should I just try to connect with ftp://orcaweb.zapto.org?17:08
jelmerSinnerNyx: ah, yes - ssl with ftp is a different thing than SFTP (which is a protocol tunneled over SSH)17:09
SinnerNyxoops, sorry jelmer17:09
mathrickjelmer: oh, I know I've used subtrees way before 2a was introduced with the then-development format. What happened to all that?17:09
mathrickjelmer: also, what about the 'git' format?17:10
jelmermathrick: subtrees have never been in any stable formats as far as I know17:10
SinnerNyxjelmer: I tried the explicit port and it gave me: 530 Have to use explicit SSL/TLS before logging on. So I'm trying the implicit port but it's taking a long time...17:11
jelmermathrick: the git format is the format used by git (which does support submodules to some degree, but doesn't support other things like revision ids, file ids or revision properties)17:11
jelmerSinnerNyx: no worries; I don't think bzr supports FTP over SSL though17:12
SinnerNyxso an sftp server is an ssh server that tunnels to a regular ftp server or that has an ftp server on it?17:12
jelmerSinnerNyx: it's not really ftp - just "a" protocol for transferring files that's part of SSH17:13
jelmerthe name is a bit confusing17:13
mathrickjelmer: and the git format is a real git tree (ie. would support submodules) or just something that's "git" from bzr's perspective?17:13
mathrickSinnerNyx: and for extra points, you can actually run SFTP over things that aren't SSH at all, though it's not a very popular option17:14
SinnerNyxbug report?17:15
SinnerNyxdidnt see that coming17:15
SinnerNyxjelmer so what kind of secure quick server can i put up that will let me host a bzr repo?17:16
SinnerNyxor branch...17:16
SinnerNyxor whatever17:16
mathrickjelmer: oh wait, I missed your reply, sorry17:17
jelmermathrick: it's a real git tree, but while it supports submodules it lacks support for some other things17:17
jelmerSinnerNyx: A SSH server should work17:17
mathrickit's a pity the nested trees have been in the work for such a long time. It's a very useful feature17:17
jelmermathrick: there has been some progress on it recently, we have a roadmap (that I still need to put into bzr.dev)17:18
mathrickany chances of it landing in 2.5, or is it clearly a 2.6(+?) thing?17:18
jelmerSinnerNyx: a bug report would be nice (though mostly we just shouldn't print a traceback in this case but a simple error message)17:19
jelmermathrick: it definitely won't be in 2.5, as 2.5.0 is already out17:19
jelmermathrick: I think 2.6, yes17:19
mathrickoh, I haven't been paying attention :)17:19
mathrickcool then17:19
SinnerNyxjelmer was that directed to me?17:19
jelmerSinnerNyx: yes, the bit about the bug report (from your pastebin)17:20
mathrickjelmer: also sometimes I feel like all I've seen in bzr was bugs (I certainly have uncovered more bugs than I'd like) and not working code, but that's probably because I've started using bzr way back. And anyway the impression always disappears when I try to use other VCS, where the bugs are designed in :)17:21
SinnerNyxjelmer i'm confused17:29
SinnerNyxfilezilla claims to be able to handle sftp...17:30
SinnerNyxso is that the wrong 'sftp'?17:30
mathrickjelmer: commented on the bug17:40
jelmermathrick: :)17:46
jelmermathrick: thanks17:46
jelmerSinnerNyx: is filezilla your server?17:46
SinnerNyxjelmer indeed17:46
jelmerSinnerNyx: it probably won't be listening on the same port as ftp though17:47
SinnerNyxI have two ports set up. the first is explicit SSL/TLS. The other is implicit SSL/TLS17:47
SinnerNyxthat's all I know.17:47
mathrickSinnerNyx: sftp generally uses port 22, ie. the ssh port17:50
mathrickjelmer: does that kind of message sound sensible to you?18:08
jelmermathrick: That message is more correct for your case, but the original was more appropriate for other situations (e.g. when you have a clone of a git branch and a pull operation would pull in submodules that have recently been introduced upstream)18:17
mathrickwell, it'd still work in that case18:18
mathrickahh, I see what you mean18:18
jelmermathrick: I think at this point it might be better to just say "sorry, submodules don't work" instead of suggesting to users that they somewhat do only to find out that stuff breaks later18:18
mathrickfair enough18:19
jelmeradmittedly the original message is pretty bad because it just tells users to upgrade, rather than making a note about the consequences of using development-* formats18:20
jelmermathrick: did it work ok for your git repo?18:20
mathrickah, I didn't have the time to fix it yet18:22
mathrickwill report back when I do18:22
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