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melmothHi there ! i m trying to follow the juju tutorial on a novastack cloud hosted on some kvm virtual machines...14:25
melmothi m stuck at juju status....14:25
melmothAny idea what i should do to get further ?14:26
melmothhmm, probably this pastegbin will work better http://pastebin.com/yKsQYYUV14:27
melmothbasically, i have no idea at all what is this zookeeper thingy.14:28
marcoceppimelmoth: Zookeeper is kind of the glue that tracks what charms are deployed on what unit, etc. It looks like it's not running on the bootstrap node, but I can't say for sure. Furthermore I don't have the slightest clue how to repair such an issue14:32
melmothhmm, may be i use some image that do not comes with zookeeper.14:33
melmothindeed. It s not installed...14:33

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