ScottKFYI, Kubuntu livefs builds will fail to build until Gnome is fixed thanks to telepathy (see ubuntu-devel for details)06:07
ScottKqtwebkit-source still building.06:14
j2_ScottK: I don't understand. Gnome is Broken because of a sharedlib so KDE is also broken?06:56
Riddellj2_: yes08:07
brestowshow in kde get current keyboard layout08:51
bulldog98brestows: for support please ask in #kubuntu08:56
brestowsbulldog98: i need determine in my application 09:00
bulldog98brestows: ok than it would be good to ask in #kde-devel ,since there are more developers in that channel09:00
bulldog98and maybe state in your question that you want to know that in your application (code wise)09:01
bulldog98since I got your question wrong09:01
brestowsbulldog98: this channel (№kde-devel) sleep :)09:01
bulldog98brestows: it can take sometime until someone sees your question09:02
brestowsbulldog98: when my app start it must be determine keyboard layout 09:03
brestowsbulldog98: sorry my english very bad :( will wait answer09:04
bulldog98brestows: what is your app supposed to do? Why do you need the keyboard layout?09:08
bulldog98mgraesslin: hi09:08
mgraesslinbulldog98: hi09:09
brestowsbulldog98: know about xneur ? 09:10
bulldog98brestows: after I read about it in wp yes09:11
bulldog98brestows: maybe as mgraesslin since he has the best knowlegde about Xorg09:11
brestowsok will try 09:12
Riddellbrestows: you can also browse existing applications to see how they do it, e.g. ubiquity or kvkbd09:14
brestowsRiddell: dbus can give current keyboard layout ? 09:32
Riddellbrestows: I don't know,  browse existing applications to see how they do it09:47
RiddellI expect there's an API for it09:47
brestowsRiddell: ok09:47
shadeslayerScottK: cool, my investigations uncovered a bug in multistrap ... so atleast it wasn't a complete waste of time10:45
bulldog98Riddell: time for a look at my installer mockup?10:56
Riddellbulldog98: yeah, what have you got?10:58
bulldog98Riddell: git clone kde:scratch/kolberg/ubiquity-mockup10:59
bulldog98qmlviewer -I /usr/lib/kde4/imports Ubiquity-mockup.qml10:59
* Riddell clones11:02
Riddellbulldog98: ah sweet11:03
Riddellbulldog98: so starting by porting the current design to QML?11:04
Riddellbulldog98: what are you using for the buttons?11:04
bulldog98Riddell: org.kde.plasma.components11:04
Riddellthere's various ways to do that in QML and I don't know if they're all reliable, lightdm has bugs on the input fields11:04
Riddelland it did have bugs on the buttons but looking at network-management now that's fine11:04
bulldog98Riddell: only the default theme has the other input fields work for me TM11:05
Riddellbulldog98: the circles in the bottom left are from the old wallpaper so can be replaced with something appropriate for this one or removed11:05
bulldog98Riddell: ok was just for having something there11:05
* bulldog98 will finish the rest of the mockup first before he goes into details11:06
Riddellbulldog98: I think I'd like the central area to be a bit lighter than the wallpaper, many wallpapers are more distracting than the current one so they won't all work as background straight11:06
Riddellbulldog98: is this what sheytan came up with?11:06
bulldog98Riddell: all you see is done by me11:07
Riddellbulldog98: I didn't know you were a talented artist too :)11:07
Riddellbulldog98: did sheytan not come up with some design or did I imagine that?11:07
bulldog98Riddell: neighter did I :)11:07
bulldog98Riddell: I asked him to look at it, but he hasn’t done yet11:08
Riddellbulldog98: do you have an idea of what's needed to program this and get it working?11:08
bulldog98Riddell: we need a few model to fill the menus, we need a string provider QObject, a timezone Provider, and we need a few other object to be filled from qml, so we get all the data in python. The rest should be quite easy, cause you only have to get the data back out of the objects11:10
bulldog98atleast that’s my hope :)11:10
Riddellbulldog98: it would help people to look at it if you just to put a .png on a web server, minimal effort for people to help is a good thing to do11:13
Riddellbulldog98: sounds like you know what you're doing, excellent11:13
Riddellbulldog98: done Python and PyQt/PyKDE before?11:13
bulldog98Riddell: I’ve got an Video of it (without popups) on my people.ubuntu.com site11:13
Riddelloh lovely, URL?11:13
bulldog98Riddell: not really done Python and PyQt/PyKDE before11:14
bulldog98Riddell: people.ubuntu.com/~bulldog98/ubiquity/ubiquity-mockup.avi11:14
Riddellbulldog98: conceivably Ubuntu desktop will be into this, they are already into QML and PyQt and this would stop the need of having to maintain two frontends11:14
Riddellmmm, slide bling!11:15
Riddellcall it Ubiquity Active and you have all the buzz words :)11:15
bulldog98Riddell: problem is we need kde-runtime for get it working11:15
Riddellbulldog98: yeah they'll want to use a pure Qt way to do buttons, but there are ways to do that (as shown by unity-2d)11:15
Riddellso definately an idea to bring up at UDS11:16
bulldog98Riddell: I won’t be at UDS, cause I have university then :(11:16
Riddellbulldog98: sure but I can organise a session and maybe you can join by IRC and voice stream11:16
bulldog98Riddell: sounds interessting11:17
Riddellyou'd be a good example to canonical and other ubuntu teams in starting development 6 weeks before the cycle even begins :)11:17
Riddellbulldog98: could you start a Kubuntu UDS Q series page and put this on it?11:17
Riddellwiki page11:17
bulldog98Riddell: if you tell me which namespace to put it in?11:18
RiddellKubuntu/UDSQSeries ?11:19
bulldog98sounds ok11:19
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | 4.8.1 http://ur1.ca/8kalp | Precise: Feature Freeze -> Bug hunting: http://ur1.ca/8kam4| http://ur1.ca/8kamo TODOs! | http://www.kubuntu.org/news/12.04-lts-announce | wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/UDSQSeries
bulldog98Riddell: created11:22
Riddelllovely, thanks11:23
bulldog98Riddell: should I blog about the ubiquity installer mockup?12:22
BluesKajHi all12:23
Riddellbulldog98: you're on planet ubuntu?12:32
bulldog98Riddell: yes12:32
Riddell"Jonathan Raphael Joachim Kolberg"  I can see why you go with bulldog :)12:32
bulldog98Riddell: yep12:33
bulldog98Riddell: where by most guys just call me Jonathan12:33
Riddellbulldog98: yeah go ahead, highlight "same design for now but better effects and easier to make more bling design"  "would be great for the whole ubuntu project to stop having to maintain 2 front ends"12:33
Riddell"Jonathan" is a confusing label in Kubuntu land :)12:33
Riddellbulldog98: and include a PNG and a link to the video12:34
bulldog98Riddell: will blog after I eat my meal12:34
Riddellmaybe <video> works for planet but I suspect it gets filtered out12:34
bulldog98Riddell: otherwise I can link to it12:39
Riddellyes you'll need to link to it anyway cos <video> won't work for all especially with a .avi12:42
bulldog98Riddell: qmlviewer can record in any format ffmpeg knows12:42
bulldog98also ogv12:42
Riddellbulldog98: I've had trouble with ffmpeg recently just trying to convert a series of photos into a video, it's too complex for me I think!12:43
Riddellor avconv as it is now12:43
bulldog98Riddell: there is a shortcut for recording in qmlviewer and that uses ffmpeg -> you can record in ogv or avi or…12:44
Riddellah right, well I guess ogv is best for <video> working but no great answer there12:46
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Riddelldrkonqi works again, all hail KDE sysadmin13:36
j2_Riddell: RE: Kubuntu being fixed isn't that the same as saying that Kubuntu will be fixed once telepathy is fixed ?15:35
Riddellj2_: I don't know what context you are refering to15:36
j2_Riddell: the comment that Kubuntu will be fixed once GNOME is fixed because telepathy is broken15:36
j2_It's a shared part of the stack so once telepathy is fixed both Ubuntu and Kubuntu will be working. Not really a matter of one before the other15:37
j2_Kubuntu livefs builds will fail to build until Gnome is  fixed thanks to telepathy15:37
Riddellj2_: yes16:09
j2_Riddell: ok16:39
ScottKshadeslayer: qtwebkit-source build finished successfully.16:48
shadeslayerScottK: could you please upload it?16:53
Riddellgood work shadeslayer, ScottK 16:54
Riddellwell assuming it builds in the buildds :)16:54
shadeslayerwell, digikam still needs investigating 16:54
ScottKshadeslayer: Uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.16:59
Riddellcalligra and kdevelop also need updating I think17:01
Riddellbut stay on the build failures if you're on a roll17:01
shadeslayerI'm doing KDevelop as we speak ;)17:02
shadeslayeriirc I put kdevplatform in my PPA17:03
shadeslayerScottK: what happened to qtwebkit? 17:58
shadeslayerIt failed17:58
shadeslayeron armhf ... not armel17:58
shadeslayerruntime/WriteBarrier.h:70:43: warning: cast from 'JSC::JSCell*' to 'JSC::Structure*' increases required alignment of target type [-Wcast-align]18:00
* shadeslayer goes off to #qtwebkit to ask18:01
debfxwhy did you expect that it builds on armhf? it didn't work before18:03
shadeslayerdebfx: I thought ScottK tested it in armhf ...18:04
shadeslayerdebfx: plus, earlier the builder ran out of memory for the linker18:04
shadeslayer"/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Memory exhausted"18:04
debfxand now they have "fixed" the compiler to segfault ;)18:05
shadeslayer"g++: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault (program as)"18:05
* shadeslayer cries18:06
* debfx retries the build18:07
shadeslayersomehow I missed that ...18:07
debfxlet's see what bug we trigger next18:07
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karenhi, is there anyone who manage the chromium package under kubuntu?18:19
ScottKkaren: It's the same as Ubuntu.18:20
ScottKkaren: What's your question, we can help you figure out who to ask.18:21
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
ScottKshadeslayer: It was tested on armel.  I intend to switch our boxes over to Debian armhf, but didn't manage it yet.18:40
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shadeslayerScottK: ahhh ...20:23
shadeslayerKDevelop Packages : https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/experimental/+packages20:23
ScottKshadeslayer: Does it need FFe?20:27
shadeslayerScottK: Nope, only bug fix release I believe20:27
ScottKPlease check (all three)20:27
shadeslayer!info kdevelop20:27
ubottukdevelop (source: kdevelop): integrated development environment for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.3-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 1119 kB, installed size 4576 kB20:27
shadeslayerScottK: we have 4.2.81 in precise20:28
ScottKkdevelop | 4:4.2.81-0ubuntu2 |20:28
shadeslayeryeah, and this is 4.2.9020:28
ScottKSo that's from an Alpha to a Beta, right?20:28
ScottKSo it would not be unusual to see feature changes between the last alpha and the first beta.  Please check.20:29
shadeslayerokay, will do20:29
ScottKI can give FFe or I can sponsor, but not both.20:29
shadeslayerI'll need some time, will get back to you in a bit20:34
shadeslayerScottK: everything looks good, no new features from what I can see20:46
ScottKOK.  Thanks.20:47
Riddellguten abend21:07
bulldog98shadeslayer: isn’t the final out? (kdevelop)21:56
shadeslayerafaik no21:57
shadeslayerbulldog98: final will be out around April 521:58
bulldog98shadeslayer: ah ok21:58
shadeslayerMost likely it should be out *before* April 521:58
shadeslayerI'm guessing last week of March21:58
bulldog98Riddell: time for an other try of the mockup? (just git pull)23:00
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Riddellbulldog98: looks much the same, what's changed?23:22
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bulldog98Riddell: I desinged the rest of the sites23:23
bulldog98and moved the buttons out of the view to the bottom23:23
bulldog98and I made the timezone stuff23:24
Riddelloh cool, it's interactive23:24
Riddellbulldog98: for the bit marked "here comes the other stuff" do you know how to code that?23:24
bulldog98only problem atm is that I don’t know how I should react to different screen sices23:25
bulldog98Riddell: in which file?23:25
Riddellpresumably QML can do SVG fine?  (for the timezone map)23:25
bulldog98Riddell: yes23:25
Riddellcurrently ubiquity is fixed size I think23:25
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bulldog98Riddell: partitioner I think I could manage that, but it would need some time23:26
Riddellfor the "who are you page" that's the design we came up with 5 years ago in a basement in london, the gtk ubiquity has a nicer design now so it might be worth looking at that23:26
Riddelllooking lovely23:27
bulldog98Riddell: pic of it?23:27
bulldog98Riddell: blog post text: http://paste.kde.org/43699423:27
RiddellI can't find one but this reminds me it needs to include the boot splash stuff23:28
Riddellwhich is shown on first use of CD23:29
Riddellubiquity also has different modes, running standalone, running in a desktop session and oem-config23:29
Riddellbulldog98: http://www.kereltis.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ubuntu-install-7.png23:30
Riddellthis shows the full range http://www.kereltis.com/2011/01/05/a-simple-guide-to-installing-ubuntu-10-10/23:30
bulldog98Riddell: different modes is doable (needs different qmls I’d say)23:30
Riddellslide show is a bit nicer but very ubuntu designed, the progress bar is at the bottom23:31
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* ScottK got distracted. Uploading kdevelop stuff now.23:46
ScottKshadeslayer: I think all the kdevelop stuff is uploaded now.23:54
ScottKshadeslayer and Riddell: qtwebkit-source built on armel, but not armhf (linker memory exhaustion again).23:59

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