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bobweaverHello there I am trying to configure Single SignOn options with one of my sites for members to log in. I was wondering where I could get information about the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/877191/  thanks for you time / please disregard line 17 to the end sorry08:49
wgrantbobweaver: Ubuntu Single Sign On is an OpenID provider, not CoSign or LDAP.08:58
bobweaverthank you very much wgrant08:58
bobweaverdo you know of a wordpress plugin ?08:59
bobweaverthat works with OpenID ?08:59
wgranthttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/openid/ looks relevant.08:59
bobweaverSweet wgrant  Thanks !09:01
rebelcan a package that's being daily-built by launchpad depend on another package that's only in my ppa?13:40
dobeyrebel: yes15:51
dobeyrebel: well, it has to be in the ppa which the recipe is being built to.15:51
rebelthat's great15:51
rebelcan it not only depend, but also build-depend on a package in the same ppa?15:57
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dobeyrebel: yes. it must be in the same ppa the recipe is building into though17:36
rebelawesome. thanks dobey17:36
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python_guruhow can i acquire an openPGP key in order to sign the code of conduct on launchpad?21:33
python_gurui am on ubuntu right now21:34
python_guruis there any utility like the ssh for the ssh-key creation is?21:34
EvilResistancepython_guru, seahorse21:35
python_guruwhat's the actual command to generate the key21:35
python_guruso are you saying that i must copy&paste the fingerprint of that SSH key i have?21:37
EvilResistanceno, they're separte21:40
EvilResistancein seahorse, you need to create a new key21:40
python_guruin seahorse under My Personal Keys if i click on my item (the SSH key that i have stored, and then i click the Details tab of that SSH key window)21:40
EvilResistancein the window that shows up: select OpenPGP key21:40
python_gurui see a fingerprint21:40
EvilResistancewhoops caps21:40
EvilResistancenot use already-existing keys21:40
python_guruokay i will21:40
python_guruplease guide me through this process buddy21:40
EvilResistancei cant atm, i'm not in Ubuntu atm21:41
python_guruou said i must select OpenPGP keys21:41
python_guruwhere exactly is that?21:41
python_guruin seahorse?21:42
EvilResistancegod damn it hold on21:42
python_gurui don't see any OpenPGP option21:42
python_guruokay i'll god damn hold :D21:42
EvilResistancewatch/listen to the  screencast21:42
python_guruoh shit21:43
python_guruthe video does not work on my system21:43
python_guruis it anywhere else?21:43
python_guruor can you watch it and tell me exactly what to do?21:44
python_guruand please don't be pissed again :D21:44
python_guruanyne else?21:44
python_guruanyone else?21:44
python_guruoh you're back21:46
python_guruthank god21:46
python_gurui wanted to kill myself21:46
python_guruguess i'll pass that :D21:46
python_guruwhy the satan's ass does that vodeo not working on my fucking system?21:47
python_gurulick my pussy21:47
python_gurucan you just tell me how the fuck should i suck this horse's ass?21:48
python_guruwhy does anyone want to sign that fucking code of donkey-ass piece of dog shit anyway???21:51
python_guruwhy does anyone want to sign that fucking code of donkey-ass piece of dog shit anyway???21:52
python_gurutalking about the Ubuntu Code of FUCKING conduct here21:53
python_gurugot a clue?21:53
python_guruany bozo has a clue?21:53
dobeywell that was inappropriate22:04
EvilResistancei should push to have him banned...22:07
dobeyand that was going to sign the code of conduct?22:08
EvilResistancenot if i can help it xD22:13
EvilResistancethey probably wanted to sign the CoC so they could use PPAs or something22:14
EvilResistanceor Bazaar...22:14
rebelhuh? I didn't sign and can use bzr and ppas just fine, as far as I noticed23:04
tsimpsonrebel: you need to sign the CoC to create PPAs23:18
rebeltsimpson: https://launchpad.net/~rebel "Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct: No" https://launchpad.net/~rebel/+archive/ppa explain this then23:19
tsimpsonrebel: probably bugs, see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Activating_a_PPA23:21
dobeyi don't even see the "Signed Ubuntu ..." bit on your lp user page23:21
rebeltehe. fine with me, I'm not too eager to sign it23:22
tsimpsonthe PPA service is mostly an Ubuntu service (delivered via LP), so the Community Council want you to say you won't kill the kittens23:23
rebel"We expect members of the Ubuntu community to be respectful [...] with people outside the Ubuntu project" bugs me, I like to be able to not respect certain people23:23
tsimpsonbeing respectful does not require you to respect them23:24
dobeyrebel: there's a difference between being respectful, and not respecting them23:24
dobeyanyway, i'm not really here :)23:25
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