itaylor57what version of chromium should be running in precise?00:50
glosoliitaylor57: wait I will check :)00:54
glosoliitaylor57: Chromium 17.0.963.7800:55
Daekdroom!info chromium-browser00:55
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 17.0.963.66~r124982-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 19722 kB, installed size 72047 kB (Only available for any all)00:55
itaylor57cause somehow i have 18.0.997.0 (Developer Build 116462 Linux) Built on Ubuntu 11.10, running on Ubuntu 12.0400:56
spacebug-I just updated my packages and now the keybignings are not working correctly. I didof course also installed and ran the unsettings program from a third party PPA that alowes changeing stuff to unity.00:58
glosolispacebug-: you mean the key bindings you set in keyboard properties via system settings ?00:59
Daekdroomspacebug-, some of the keybindings show in <Super> aren't accurate.00:59
spacebug-well first of all, I have always had ctrl+F# to change desktop, now firefox somehows grabs this also and my plugin "session manager" in firefox gets this (but it also changes the desktop).01:01
itaylor57well i uninstalled and reinstalled and now have right version01:04
glosoliAnyone knows if there's an ability to change maximize behaviour in Ubuntu ?01:07
spacebug-it seems to be working in my virtual machine running an updated unity 2D. But again maybe that program did something01:07
Daekdroomglosoli, don't crosspost questions.01:10
DaekdroomAnd what are you talking about?01:10
glosoliDaekdroom: CompizConfig-Settings-Manager -> Grid -> Edges -> Resize Actions -> Top Edge -> set it to "Fill Screen" move window with mouse to the top of the screen and see a magic01:13
glosolihow maximized windows should really look like01:13
glosolito avoid max min close buttons to look like being in the wrong position01:14
DaekdroomIn the wrong position?01:17
DaekdroomI don't see them in the wrong position.01:17
glosoliDaekdroom: do you have Unity Panel Always Shown ?01:17
glosoliSo you just like that cheap design :)01:18
glosoliSorry couldn't resist calling it cheap01:18
glosolieven mailing lists are trying to solve01:19
glosoliit's a problem for them too :)01:19
DaekdroomI get what you're saying.01:19
DaekdroomIt didn't use to be a problem back when the Dash button used to be in the top bar, tho.01:19
glosoliDaekdroom: yes....01:19
glosoliand that big dash button01:19
glosoliis not economic decission for laptops :)01:20
glosolispace in launcher is already limited as you can't make it less than 32px01:20
glosoliif dash button will be moved to the top of that unity indicator or whatever that panel is called01:21
glosolione problem will be gone :)01:21
glosolione very big problem01:21
spacebug-seems to be working in unit 3D as well in my virtual machine so I (the program) probably messed something up01:21
glosolispacebug-: might be because of some updates, happened for me twice :)01:22
glosoliDaekdroom: want me to show you another problem ?01:22
glosoliDaekdroom: which occured after dodge window removed01:22
glosoliOr I think it occured after that, but meanwhile it's a big problem too01:22
DaekdroomOooh. Launcher looks so shiny in 64px.01:23
DaekdroomI think I'ma use it like this.01:23
glosoliDaekdroom: not in 1366x768 resolution it doesn't :)01:23
DaekdroomThere is one problem with changing the launcher size, tho.01:25
glosoliDaekdroom: anyway, put  2 windows fully maximized in two different workspaces ant press Super +S  and try to see what's wrong :) you should look for workspace borders that windows fully maximized and there is empty place being shown, it's okay for power user, but may look complicated for daily or new  users01:25
DaekdroomThe global menu edge won't fit well with the Launcher ending. The gap might become too big or get in the menu's way.01:25
glosoliDaekdroom: that's why there  is needed some work to do, in btw check another problem I described.01:25
spacebug-glosoli: ok ;)01:26
glosoliFor some it may look okay, but these kind of little design BUGS as I call them, really won't make ubuntu shine better01:26
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mongofor anyone who wants to try openvswitch in place of bridge-utils on 12.04 I wrote up this hack of a document01:44
spacebug-I'm on unity-team's PPA. How can I remove that version installed and install the one from main?01:51
spacebug-also compiz and other packages01:51
DaekdroomAre you talking about removing unity-team's PPA?01:55
glosolispacebug-: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge01:55
glosolispacebug-: and then sudo ppa-purge ppa:unity-team/ppa01:55
spacebug-yeah well that will remove tha PPA right? But I want to downgrade all packages installed from that PPA to the ones in main01:55
glosolippa purge will do that for you01:56
spacebug-ah nice ;)01:56
glosoliuse the two commands I mentioned above01:56
spacebug-ppa-purge command not found01:57
spacebug-oh sorry01:57
glosoliinstall it first :P01:57
spacebug-yeah ;)01:57
spacebug-tired :P01:57
glosolispacebug-: heh, know this feeling when everything starts falling out of the hands :D and eyes go mad :D01:59
Daekdroomppa-purge is such a small package I wish it was shipped by default.02:00
spacebug-seems nice yeah02:00
DaekdroomThe .deb is 4.3KiB02:00
glosoliLike I wish it would ship smth like ubunu tweak02:00
glosoliby default02:00
spacebug-and that seem to have made it ;)02:12
glosolispacebug-: congrats02:15
spacebug-tnx alot man (or woman) or simply glosoli ;)02:16
glosoliman man ;D02:16
glosolispacebug-: no probs :) anytime, okay, gotta go, good night :) 04:17 AM here02:17
spacebug-3:17 here hehe02:18
bastidrazordoes anyone have the default /etc/sudoers ?02:50
bastidrazorgood deal. me keeping my 11.10 sudoers isn't going to matter.02:59
philipballewin 12.04 a bug that was soupposed to be fixed in the 3.0.0-15.25 kernel is still present in the current status and I can confirm that the bug exists https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/87265204:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 872652 in linux (Ubuntu) "screensaver backlight stuck off, system looks hung" [High,Fix released]04:52
philipballewIt is a backlight bug that makes my backlight always stay on04:53
jbichaphilipballew: go ahead an open a new bug05:09
philipballewjbicha, sounds good boss. I just hope its not my error here and I look like a noob. I dont always make a noob of myself, but when I do, I do it on the internet so everyone can see05:10
c_smithhmmmm, haven't run into the backlight bug myself..... strange.05:13
c_smithand I'm using a laptop that I've had for around 3 years.05:13
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philipballewc_smith, its on a dell studio05:13
c_smithah, no wonder, I'm using a Compaq Presario.05:14
c_smithruns everything but games quite nicely.05:14
c_smithgames, it's a hit or miss with this machine, but that's considering I have a Intel Integrated GMA.05:15
philipballewc_smith, yeah i am intel as well05:21
hot_wheelzhow come when I open the additional drivers menu none appear hence it says none available? (12.04)05:23
c_smithbleh.... Compiz just crashed..... and apport crashed gathering the info >.<05:26
philipballewtime to file my first bug ever!05:27
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, you have external hardware attached like nvidia?05:29
jbichaphilipballew: run ubuntu-bug linux to report a kernel bug05:30
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock no just an internal videocard (nvida)05:35
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, thats nice your clean05:35
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock so any ideas?05:38
philipballewis there a way to clean up my bug report to make it not look like crap? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/95133905:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 951339 in linux (Ubuntu) "Brightness does not work in Ubuntu 12.04" [Undecided,New]05:47
hot_wheelzI tried to install and test the YouTube Lens but requires the following package to run http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/precise/main/base/gir1.2-dee-0.5...The problem being that it appears to have been pulled from the repository so as you would expect it fails to install any idea why05:49
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, you still can use dash to search for a youtube clips05:54
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock so it kinda installs then?05:55
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, sort of included05:58
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock so you don't know why the package was pulled then?05:59
philipballewhibernation disapered as an option after upgrade? is there a guide to ree add that? my swap is all still the same so no problem there06:01
jbichaphilipballew: http://askubuntu.com/questions/9475406:03
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, see it in action open dash go to video and type justine beiber and set filter06:04
* philipballew hugs jbicha 06:06
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock so it does06:14
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, yep06:15
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hot_wheelzscriptwarlock that still does't exsplain why the package is missing from the repo though06:30
hot_wheelzscriptwarlock i am sure it will be fixed by time the final release rolls around right?06:33
scriptwarlockhot_wheelz, excatly06:34
scriptwarlockhalo Edico07:15
EdicoI've switched from unity to gnome without effects. Right click on the top panel doesn't show anything07:16
Edicoalso I can't create a new panel07:17
EdicoI want to add icons on the top panel07:18
dr_willisalt right click perhaps07:18
Edicooh! they changed that!07:19
dr_willissome time ago07:20
EdicoI've changed from ubuntu 10.04 to 12.0407:21
Edicobig step07:21
dr_willisi suggest just diving into unity and forget the gnome fallback/classic stuff.07:22
EdicoI don't like unity07:23
Edicothose effects slow my computer07:23
dr_willisand how long have you actually used it?07:23
dr_willisthere is unity-2d07:23
Edicocan I remove compiz from unity07:23
=== mikester01 is now known as mikester01|AFK
dr_willisthere is unity-2d   no compiz in it07:24
Edicorelog :)07:24
dr_willisin 12.04  unity is starting to shape up. its still a work in progress. but gaining neat features07:25
dr_willisthey do seem to be 'pulling' in 2 directions. going with features that would be good on a touch screen.. but then things like HUD that need a keybord07:26
Edicodr_willis, how can I change the icons of the left panel?07:30
EdicoI mean the size of the icons07:31
dr_willisthe myunity or unity-tweak tool i think07:32
dr_willisi always shrink them down to the min.07:32
Edicome too but I don't find the option07:33
dr_willis!info myunity07:33
ubottumyunity (source: myunity): Unity configurator. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 2069 kB, installed size 7860 kB07:33
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EdicoI can't launch ubuntu software center, I click on the icon, blick few times and doesn't launch the program07:48
Edicothis happens after I did the updates07:49
crizzysame here07:50
crizzyi sometimes wonder do these package maintainers test their uploads at all07:50
scriptwarlockrunning fine here fully update07:50
Edicois there a way to have other panels besides the left one? In ubuntu 10.04 I've used to keep many icons in panels07:51
crizzyexcept with some 3rd party panel software.. awd, etc07:52
Edicothe icons on the left panel I can't make them smaller than 32 px07:52
scriptwarlockEdico, you can adjust via appearance07:53
scriptwarlockEdico, oh 24px not yet possibl07:53
crizzyand never will be, likely07:54
crizzyand you will never be able to move the panel either07:54
crizzylove these braindead design decisions..07:54
Tanzinkwhen is the assumed release date for 12.04 ?07:56
dr_willisthere are some tweaks and hacks to move the launcher to the bottom07:57
crizzythose are indeed _hacks_07:58
Edicothat could give much space07:58
crizzybut officially it will never be possible07:58
dr_willisand you could use some other docks uf yiu want other poanels07:58
crizzyso, i don't count it being possible07:58
* Tronic wonders if Canonical accepts patches to Unity taskswitcher.07:59
dr_willisthe left panel is the launcher. thats its focus. thats why its settings are so fixed07:59
crizzydr_willis: still bad design is bad07:59
crizzynailing the panel at left "just because" is no reason07:59
scriptwarlockwhat if the monitor was displayed vertically07:59
dr_willisits all debateable07:59
crizzyalso the original excuse for it was, that they wanted panel always to be close to the ubuntu button. well, which was moved to the panel itself in 11.10...08:00
dr_willisthey had reasons08:00
crizzy^ no valid reasons anymore according to their own excuses08:00
TronicIt already behaves exactly like it should but it just looks wrong. Fixing that shouldn't be too difficult but I don't want to waste the time if the patch is going to be ignored like the others I've sent.08:00
Edicodr_willis, what other docks?08:00
dr_willisEdico:  several in the repos.08:00
ubottuUbuntu includes several dock-like navigation bars. Some options are: avant-window-navigator, cairo-dock, docky (formerly part of gnome-do), stalonetray, simdock, kdocker, kooldock.08:00
crizzynone of those docks work well, though08:00
valdur55crizzy, docks?08:01
dr_willisthey seem to work well for most people08:01
crizzydr_willis: that's what ppl always claim08:01
dr_willispointless argument day...08:02
crizzyyet first time i start an opengl app in any other res than native desktop, boom awn stuck at that resolution even after quitting the app.. works "great", sigh. reproducable: always08:02
crizzyi won't bother to report bugs anymore.. they just get ignored08:02
valdur55crizzy, fill more info and use labels08:03
valdur55opengl app - problems with video card driver?08:03
crizzyawn problem08:03
crizzylike, if you start an app with 800x600 and you have 1920x1080 resolution, awn gets stuck at middle of screen like it would run in 800x60008:04
crizzyneeds to be killed, only way to fix08:04
Edicoin the left panel is it possible to give a custom command for an icon?08:06
Edico*to set a custom command08:06
dr_willisyou can make custome launchers08:06
dr_willisseen guides at the askubuntu.com site on that topic08:07
crizzyin gnome2 there were easy menu editor for that.. not anymore. now you don't even have a gui to change fonts anymore :/08:16
dr_willisi think alacarte still works.08:19
dr_willisi recall seeing some font settings also.08:19
dr_willismight have been in myunity08:20
crizzydr_willis: none of this is possible with default installation without hacks08:22
crizzywhich makes me sad08:22
crizzylike ui design went backwards in time some 20 years.. except even back then this stuff was possible :/08:23
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snadgehmm.. removing 1.5gig of kernels09:18
EdicoI wonder if the final release of ubuntu 12.04 will have a package for php 5.4.0!09:24
crizzylikely not09:28
crizzywhich is a shame.. 5 years stuck with 5.3 when 5.4 would finally drop some deprecated stuff and be 20% faster..09:28
TronicDoes anyone else have trouble with ubiquity crashing when doing manual partitioning?09:31
TronicI haven't exactly identified when that happens but it appears to be a problem when I choose "install ubuntu" rather than "try ubuntu" and then start the installer from desktop icon.09:32
TronicThis is with kvm (qemu).09:33
dns53are there currently any show stopper bugs before i test the upgrade on this laptop?10:10
dr_willisnot that ive seen mentioned lately dns5310:11
dns53thx, time to upgrade10:25
thechefI have delayed scrolling in chrome, the more excessive I scroll the more delay. I can cause it to be delayed by up to 4 seconds. I have Unity2D and intel graphics, slow hardware, but it wasn't delayed a few days ago. I assume either the most recent pwn2own-caused chrome update or ubuntu updates caused this.11:05
Andy80di you know if there is an existing bug regarding Network Manager on precise? I've an Asus 1215P and my wifi connection worked fine until today. I booted the netbook, I'm connected to my home wifi, but clicking on the wifi icon in the top panel doesn't show me available wifi networks. This is strange :\11:49
dr_willisIve not heard of any new issues today. You could try booting with an older kernel and see if it works11:49
Andy80dr_willis: I'm trying to upgrade to latest packages and I'll reboot to see if it was a temporary bug.... I'll keep you updated, thanks :)11:51
Andy80dr_willis: it magically re-appeared without rebooting :) it's still upgrading packages... probably it was really a temporary bug, fixed by something it has just installed11:56
dr_willisused a canned air duster to clean off my linux box... and it crashed. :)12:33
dr_willisor else i hit the power button or somthing...12:33
ironhalikisnt liquid propane a conductor? :)12:46
DaekdroomIs it?12:46
ironhalikIm not sure12:47
ironhalikI once red about some guy, submerging his PC in demineralized water12:48
ironhalikit worked for a minute or two, then crashed12:48
dr_willisdeionized water.12:49
dr_willis'pure' water is not a conductor.. but it dosent take much conatnimation to get it to conduct.12:49
ironhalikboth are corect AFAIK12:49
dr_williswe have gallons of deionized water at work.12:50
ironhalikyeah, they sell it at gas stations12:50
ironhalikBTW, anyone using GSM modem in their lappy with ubuntu?12:51
dr_willisbeen looking at data plans for those things today.. hard to justify the Price for me.12:51
ironhalikIve got a Dells rebranded 3G modem, and it looses connectivity while on a train12:52
ironhalikand my android phone has nice 3g connection in the same placer12:52
ironhalikdr_willis: Im on a prepaid plan and without timelimit, its ok for emergency use12:52
ironhalikscriptwarlock: hows the range? connection quality?12:52
dr_willisid just use it at work.. it would be cheaper for me to just pay for a teathering plan for the android12:53
ironhalikdr_willis: or root your phone, and get tethering without nazi operators permission12:54
crizzypermission to use tethering? wut12:54
ironhaliksome operators block tethering and charge additional fee for enabling it12:54
crizzyif some operator would try limiting how their pipes are used (like limiting tethering), they'd get few million euros fine12:55
ironhalikin europe, prolly yeah12:55
crizzy+ bad press and lose all the customer sto competitors.. :D12:55
ironhalikits net neutrality issue, they oversell their pipes, assuming most people dont use the bandwidth12:55
crizzyesp. as changing operator is just matter of buying new one.. they handle moving the phone numbers, etc, so you don't even lose service for a day12:55
ironhalikand when they do use what they paid for, suddenly theyre hogging12:56
crizzyno contracts here.. actually they were illegal until couple years ago12:56
ironhalikwheres that crizzy?12:56
dr_willisironhalik,  they are catching that.. plus i only got 2gb..12:56
crizzyno one buys them still either.. that would be incredibly stupid, locking yourself to one isp for a year or two12:56
crizzyironhalik: finland12:56
ironhalikIm on orange, on prepaid12:57
ironhalikfor 30 bucks, I get 6 gigs of data + those 30 for whatever12:57
ironhalikand the account is valid for two years12:57
ironhalikactually its a knockout offer among all the operators here12:58
ironhalikjust that I got a SIM card for my lappy, and it turns out the 3G modem is useless on a train :)12:59
crizzy13,90eur/mo for 15MBit 3G here12:59
crizzy4,90e for 0.5Mbit basic :)12:59
ironhaliknice, didnt think there were unlimited 3g data plans anywhere :)13:00
crizzyi think only limited "plan" available here is iphone13:00
crizzywhich is lulz13:00
crizzyif someone would add datacaps... everyone would just change operator :)13:01
crizzyiirc Elisa added 50gigs/month after it gets throttled.. they more or less got huge customer loss after that13:01
ironhaliknice competetive market13:01
crizzycompetitive thanks to regulations13:02
crizzytelecommunications is like water and electricity imo, it should be regulated and definitely not let for "free" ripoff markets13:02
ironhalikyeah, too much potential for abuse13:02
crizzyUS is grand example of this :D13:02
crizzyworse 3g/cellphone networks than in africa13:02
ironhalikwe had a national telco here13:02
ironhalikand for some odd reason, the politicians decided to straighten it out13:03
ironhalikand actually managed to make it nice - everybodys happier13:03
ironhalik20 meg DOCSIS for 20 bucks etc13:03
ironhaliknow they could do something about electricity ;>13:04
ironhalikI buy more and more efficient electronics and pay 50% more then last year for power13:04
crizzyhere's also good that operators _must_ rent their pipes to other operators with a "fair" price13:04
crizzyso basically they can't "own" any areas13:05
crizzyi could form my own isp too and just buy the connections13:05
ironhalikYeah, its same here13:05
crizzyand they would have to sell it for less than they charge their customers for it13:05
ironhalikfor the national telco at least13:06
crizzyactually everyone has entitled to 1mbit connection by law13:06
crizzyin whatever craphole you live in, the operator MUST deliver internet for you there :D13:07
ironhalikyeah, heard about that, on slashdot I think13:07
ironhalikthat somewhere they added internet access to the constitution :)13:07
ironhalikwe have some subsided operator here, thats supposed to provide free 3G access, capped at 512Kb/s13:08
ironhalikbut theres lots paper work to get it13:08
ironhalikwould be good enough for my lappy :)13:08
DocPlatypuscrizzy: no three strikes law for filesharing?13:09
ironhalikI guess three strikes are better then bullying with lawsuits13:11
ironhalikAhh, if only finland was a little bit warmer... ;>13:11
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iaHello. Can someone, please, take a look at bug 951540 - any confirmations or duplicates?14:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 951540 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Hibernation not available in the system indicator nor power system settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95154014:09
ironhalikia: AFAIK, its currently done on purpose14:18
ironhalikia: your system needs to be whitelisted14:20
ironhalikia: you can use pm-hibernate or or you can enable it via some hack14:21
valdur55Lubuntu live-session misses cups package14:22
edgyHi, how can I tell whether my nvidia binary driver is loaded not the vesa or nv or whatever else?14:26
edgyI am asking because my xorg.conf file doesn't contain any reference to nvidia14:26
Chipacaedgy: what does xdriinfo say?14:30
edgyChipaca: $ xdriinfo14:40
edgylibGL is too old.14:40
Chipacaedgy: and glxinfo?14:41
bjsniderglxinfo|grep vendor14:44
edgyChipaca: http://pastebin.com/Xmgvfmzn14:46
edgybjsnider: NVIDIA Corporation14:46
Chipacaedgy: that looks like the proprietary driver alright14:46
edgyChipaca: but I sitll think it's not. first because I remember xorg.conf should be modifed to contain nvidia14:47
edgysecond because I remember the frames from glxgears should be more than 60000 (160000 may be)14:48
valdur55edgy, what about v14:56
valdur55glxinfo | grep direct *14:56
Daekdroomedgy, glxgears framerates mean nothing14:58
alex_mayorgaI see some video corruption between the login screen and the actual desktop, what should be the ubuntu-bug command to use?14:58
Daekdroom(unless they're lower than your refresh rate. Then I think that's a problem)14:58
edgyDaekdroom: I don't care about its meaning but I know the first time i installed the driver in this same laptop the number is much higher. beside I still believe xorg.conf should reference the driver, no?15:00
JohnNapsterwhere's the About box found in ubuntu 12.04?15:00
JohnNapsterit's labeled Overview15:00
JohnNapsterit says  ubuntu 12.04 LTS15:00
JohnNapstershould have been  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS15:01
JohnNapstercapital U15:01
JohnNapsterplease fix that15:02
alex_mayorgaJohnNapster: File a bug repport15:03
alex_mayorgaJohnNapster: The window with the typo should have a "Help" menu and a "Report bug" entry under it15:03
bluefrogand precise it is very important...15:06
JohnNapstercan you tell me the package name of that particular thing?15:07
JohnNapsterif you click on  System Settings...15:07
JohnNapsterthen click on the first icon in the System section15:07
JohnNapsterthe  Details  thing15:08
JohnNapsterwhat do you see as your version of ubuntu?15:08
JohnNapsterwhat exactl do you see?15:08
JohnNapsterubuntu 12.04 LTS  or  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  ?15:08
bastidrazori see it in lowercase too.15:09
JohnNapsterthat's a typo then15:10
JohnNapstercan you fix this if youo're a dev?15:10
JohnNapsteror tll me the package name that would have this string in it15:11
JohnNapsteror tell*15:11
alex_mayorgaHelp! How do you zoom out after pressing Meta+R accidentally?15:27
alex_mayorgaWhat-s the package that shows the ubuntu logo and a progress bar on startup and shutdown?15:34
spacebug-sorry :(15:54
bmoezwhen i start up my computer, ligthdm don't open and that is what i have:16:04
bmoez ...<every line end by:>...    [OK]16:04
bmoez * starting ligthdm Display Manager * stopping crash report submission daemon16:04
bmoez * stopping CPU interrupts balancing daemon16:04
bmoezmountall: echec of plymounth command16:04
bmoez mountall: deconnection of plymounth16:04
bmoezcan i fixed by other ubuntu installed in the same compurt?16:04
DaskreechI installed the php5 package in 12.04 but php files are still set to download by apache16:27
Daskreechis that known?16:27
ppdhi there, has anyone experience with kyocera network printers in 12.04 and can confirm that they stopped working with cups 1.5.2?16:28
ppdwhereas in oneiric and cups 1.5.0 all works as it should16:28
tominglishi, i'm running ubuntu 12.04, and have run into a dependency problem when dist-upgrading my installation - here is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/VKVXVzcx - does anyone know what i can do to fix this?16:45
tominglisif i try to remove gconf2 / libgconf2-4 / libgconf-2-4 to reinstall them, then it offers to remove a lot of other important packages!16:46
tominglisi've had a good look on google / ubuntu forums but can't find a solution16:47
tominglisis there a way to fix this without having to do a clean install?16:47
dr_willisit mighht get fixed if you wait a day or so.16:50
dr_willisif its a package/repo issue.16:50
tominglisi don't think it's just that though16:53
tominglisi've been waiting a day, and i dist-upgraded a couple of other computers in the mean time and they worked fine?16:53
tominglisis there anyone that might be able to help me here, or is there a more appropriate channel to ask about this?16:56
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dr_willison the weekend - often things get pushed off untill monday17:01
tominglisthe change was yesterday though? and i've upgraded other computers in the mean time, and they've been 110%17:02
tomingliscan i force an older version of libgconf-2-4?17:03
swattoranyone else running precise have a real problem getting hold of scrollbars (unity)?17:03
tominglisin fact, it just seems that i need to force the installation of gconf2 ahead of the libgconf updates to make it work17:05
tominglisbut i don't know how to do that17:05
tominglisthe dependencies will all match once that occurs17:05
dr_willistominglis,  give package names in order I think.17:05
dr_willissudo apt-get install foo1 foo2 foo317:05
tominglisit just won't let me install that, it goes straight into the dependency dialog i try to do that17:07
tominglisas per : http://pastebin.com/VKVXVzcx17:08
dr_willis54 not fully installed or removed.  is sort of a red flag. :) but im not sure how to kick apt in the head17:09
tominglisis there a way to force it to bypass dependency checking and install something?17:10
tominglisi think if i can just put in gconf2 and then the lib file after it will resolve everything and configure those packages17:10
tominglisapt-get --force-yes install ?17:12
scar3crowworkaround to have a sound indicator for alsa mixer... (I have uninstalled pulseaudio) ?17:30
scar3crow(pulseaudio doesn't seem to work as well with games...17:33
elkngwhen kubiuntu 12.04 will be released ? 01.04.12 ?17:38
JohnNapsteranyone on ubuntu precise beta1 running unity desktop type in the Terminal   gnome-control-center info   and notice that it says  ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:39
JohnNapsterand not Ubuntu ...17:40
trismJohnNapster: the ubuntu logo is lower case...17:40
JohnNapsteralso, the "ubuntu" text is higher than the 12.04 LTS text    wtf?17:40
JohnNapsteris that by design?17:40
tominglisdr_willis: i fixed it - needed to manually download and install the conflicting packages with dpkg --force-depends -i17:45
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trijntjeI'm trying to upgrade to precise using 'update-manager -d', but when I click on upgrade I get an error: cannot find version information, server is probably busy18:35
trijntjelooks like apt-cacher caused some trouble, it works when I disable it18:40
delightE: Internal Error, No file name for libgcc118:56
delightI get this error on the configuration part of libgcc1 ...did a aptitude dist-upgrade on 12.0418:56
delightdid others have the same problem ?18:56
delightis there a way to quick fix this ?19:00
FernandoMigueldarn..... compiz/unity are fighting over Alt+Tab control :/19:03
jadoewhat vlc version ships with 12.04? (and where do I find something like this out?)19:05
iceroot!info vlc precise19:08
trism!info vlc precise | jadoe19:08
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-4 (precise), package size 1359 kB, installed size 3370 kB (Only available for any all)19:08
ubottujadoe: please see above19:08
trismahh I was too slow19:08
icerootbut just a second :)19:08
icerootjadoe: packages.ubuntu.com or "apt-cache policy packagename"19:08
piotr_kunahi there19:44
piotr_kunamy pigdin is hanging after startup in 12.04 :(19:44
KM0201hmm, works fine here19:45
DaekdroomSometimes pidgin's window won't show up for me. Then I kill the process and start it again.19:45
Daekdroomuntil it works.19:45
DaekdroomBut it's not hanging up.19:45
piotr_kunamine is showing the list19:46
piotr_kunait logs in  i think19:46
piotr_kunabut the window is frozen then19:46
piotr_kunait will be dark in a few seconds19:46
piotr_kunainteresting is, i synced the ~/.pidgin directory to another machine, also 12.04, it works there19:47
piotr_kunasynced back19:47
piotr_kunait does not work here19:47
hakermaniaHey guys. Can anyone reproduce this huge bug?19:50
hakermaniaRight click on desktop->Change Desktop Background, wait for the window to load, and then click a random wallpaper from the list in your left. See? Background changed to the wallpaper you chose and the window 'Appearance' lost focus.19:50
hakermaniain your right*19:51
hakermaniawhere can I report this?19:51
Daekdroomhakermania, Appearance window doesn't lose focus for me.19:51
hakermaniaDaekdroom, are you in beta 1?19:52
piotr_kunagive me a tip, how can i diagnose/repair my pidgin19:52
DaekdroomI'm up-to-date19:52
hakermaniaDaekdroom, weird, I can reproduce it and so cans the bug-reporter over here:https://bugs.launchpad.net/wallpaper-changer/+bug/95073919:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950739 in Wallpaper Changer "wallch stealing focus while filling in form" [Undecided,New]19:52
DaekdroomHm.. There is a gnome-control-center update available for me.19:54
DaekdroomLet me test again in a minute19:54
hakermaniaok, thanks a lot19:54
DaekdroomStill nothing.19:55
DaekdroomWith or without a window behind 'appearance'19:55
hakermaniaDaekdroom, I am currently downloading updates. I'19:57
hakermaniall check again in a while19:57
phunyguyhello, I am having an issue with Rhythymbox and ubuntu 12.04, when my library exists on a smb share (via gvfs) - it gets through adding about 30-40 songs to the library, and then the share unmounts.20:10
hakermaniaDaekdroom, after updating and restarting I cannot reproduce.... Weird anyway though....20:15
hakermaniaDaekdroom, nah, it started again.... What should I do? I am up to date.20:16
DaekdroomIt started again?20:16
DaekdroomDoes that mean it did work alright for a moment?20:16
hakermaniaYes it did...20:17
hakermaniaIt worked fine and then I told you it worked, and then I rechecked and it does it again :(20:17
hakermaniaDaekdroom, check this file: http://www.mediafire.com/?cmzv9ihg605t2gd20:21
hakermaniasorry for advertising :/20:21
DaekdroomThat does not happen to me, at all.20:21
DaekdroomDo you set your Launcher as neverhide?20:22
hakermaniadid you see it?20:22
DaekdroomYes, I did20:22
hakermaniaNo, launcher autohides20:22
DaekdroomHm, it's not that.20:23
valdur55!pastebinit | hakermania20:23
ubottuhakermania: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:23
hakermaniavaldur55, did I pasted too much text?20:24
ruffleShey guys, there's this really annoying bug I'm hoping someone's already reported it. when you drag a maximized window it doesn't follow your mouse cursor and falls way below the cursor, like half of the window is off the bottom edge of the screen. has anyone ever noticed this?20:24
hakermaniaruffleS, yes I have, it happens when you drag a window quickly on the edge and then you don't drop it20:25
hakermaniabut you still drag it20:25
hakermaniait isn't annoying though20:25
valdur55hakermania, damn i thought that was text file :)20:25
hakermaniavaldur55, oh, np then20:26
valdur55which you shared with mediafire20:26
ruffleShakermania: do you happen to know whether this bug has been already reported on launchpad by any chance?20:27
hakermaniaruffleS, nop, i dont know20:27
ruffleShakermania: i find it to be highly annoying20:27
ruffleSooook.. thanks20:27
hakermaniaCan anybody else in this room reproduce the bug?20:31
hakermaniaDaekdroom, after another restart, i cannot make it reproducable.... weird...20:42
phunyguyhello folks, on my laptop, the wifi seems to slow to a chug, until i initiate a reconnect, then it works for a while at full speed, then drops to a crawl again (about 1mbit vs full g speed), the internal wifi is using the rtl8192ce module21:10
phunyguyits not my router, because it does it while at work as well.21:13
thiebaudehey everyone, quick question. On Ubuntu 12.04 when i have firefox open, How do I hide Unity?21:26
[deXter]Hi all, anyone here upgraded from 11.10 using the CD?21:30
MaWaLethiebaude:  for me it is hided automatically21:30
[deXter]I'm running it right now and it's taking ages at the "Removing conflicting operating system files" step.21:31
[deXter]Been like 30 mins+21:31
thiebaudeMaWaLe, it wont go away for me21:31
thiebaudewhen i have firefox open21:31
MaWaLethiebaude:  and for other apps?21:31
thiebaudeyep the same21:32
MaWaLethiebaude:  you have Unity 3D or 2D?21:32
thiebaudeshould i swithc to 2d?21:32
MaWaLethiebaude:  you can try for test but i don't think that it will be the solution21:33
thiebaudeok thanks for trying to help me :)21:34
MaWaLethiebaude:  sorry ;)21:34
thiebaudeMaWaLe, i found it, in appearence there is an option to auto hide21:50
MaWaLethiebaude:  but it's automatically activated :o21:52
thiebaudewhen ever i had used unity before, it was21:53
[deXter]It still getting stuck there.. any ideas folks?21:53
thiebaudenow im going have to make a decision as to am i going to keep this21:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924660 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "12.04 Installer stuck on 'Removing conflicting operating system files'" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:10
ironmone question more: can I use a 256GB SSD as follows: 1-st partition (120GB) for 11.10 and the 2-nd partition (120GB) for 12.04? The rest (16GB) as shared swap area? .. the system has already 16GB RAM and shouldn't swap (at least I hope so ;)22:12
Daekdroomironhalik, 16GB RAM doesn't need Swap at all, unless you want hibernate (then you need atleast 16GB Swap), and yes, SWAP is shared through the systems.22:13
DaekdroomI meant ironm22:14
DaekdroomDamn tab-completion.22:14
ironmDaekdroom: for buliding of combined iso images it is sometimes not enough (I use RAM disk .. )22:14
FernandoMiguelironm: I haven't had a swap since I moved to SSD/8 gbs ram22:14
FernandoMiguelofc I loose hibernate22:15
DaekdroomOh. You don't do the usual desktop things.22:15
ironmDaekdroom: / FernandoMiguel : I will not use this system as desktop (now web cache) ..only as system to create some ubuntu live images .. however I am doing it normally inj RAM disk22:16
gnarlinI'm running ubuntu 12.04 beta. When I run mplayer it complains that:  mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: libcdio_paranoia.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Could someone help?22:35
imnicholDoes anyone know what the situation is with bugs marked as diplicates of private bugs?22:36
bjsnider!file libcdio_paranoia.so.022:40
bjsnider!find libcdio_paranoia.so.022:41
gnarlinfile watch\?v\=KMU0tzLwhbE  libcdio_paranoia.so.022:41
gnarlinwatch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE:   ERROR: cannot open `watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE' (No such file or directory)22:41
gnarlinlibcdio_paranoia.so.0: ERROR: cannot open `libcdio_paranoia.so.0' (No such file or directory)22:41
ubottuPackage/file libcdio_paranoia.so.0 does not exist in precise22:41
gnarlinwell. if mplayer is relying on this package then mplayer needs to be fixed in precise22:41
bjsniderthat's probably your issue in a nutshell22:42
gnarlinso, does this mean that this is an official bug in ubuntu?22:42
bjsniderit probably hasn't been rebuilt recently and cdparanoia has22:42
gnarlinthere was another library problem, but I symlinked it22:42
bjsnidergnarlin, file a bug against mplayer in precise22:43
gnarlinI can't remember what library it was though :/22:43
gnarlinwill do22:43
bjsniderubuntu-bug mplayer22:43
bjsniderit probably just needs to be rebuilt to take into account changes in some dependencies, eg. cdparanoia22:43
gnarlinok. Filed bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mplayer/+bug/951875. And now we play  the waiting game. [queue jeopardy theme music].23:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 951875 in mplayer (Ubuntu) "mplayer complains that libcdio_cdda.so.0 and libcdio_paranoia.so.0 are missing" [Undecided,New]23:07
ironmhello. anyone around using live-builder 3.x on ubuntu? Where can I find newer live-build packages for ubuntu 11.10 than 3.0~a24-1ubuntu17 ? ... Thank you in advance for any hints ;)23:07
CacheMoneyI couldn't join the #ubuntu channel for some reason, so I'll ask my question on here.  I'm booting Ubuntu 11.10 from a USB on an older laptop.  I can't connect to the internet wirelessly for some reason.  Any ideas?23:14
DaekdroomCacheMoney, this is not the place for Ubuntu 11.10-related questions.23:16
TheToffJust checking: Is this the right place to discuss issues with the 12.04 beta build?23:33
TheToffI've specifically noticed two or three very crappy things concerning the new build, and I wanted to confirm user error before I started a bug report23:34
TheToffOne, the partitioning portion of the installer for 12.04 incorrectly reports my Windows NTFS partition as being completely blank, and as in the 11 series, I have no wi-fi until I install and blacklist acer-wmi23:36
spaceneedle the Top utility is reporting a high cpu usage(33% at times) for compiz.23:38
TheToffAfter setting up on a usb through Pendrive, and setting up the persistent changes file, I then set a root password using the traditional sudo passwd root command, and edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf to blacklist the acer-wmi so that I can have wi-fi, but the changes are not persistent, as they are supposed to be23:38
TheToffThe partitioning bit on the installer is not that bad an issue, more of a minor inconvenience, as I know the approximate size of my NTFS partition, but the problems with persistent changes across reboot is a bit of a bitch, pardon my french23:39
TheToffwell, you must all be very busy then.23:41
TheToffMy apologies for disturbing you on your endless sitting.23:41
TheToffHave a good day/afternoon/night23:41
DaekdroomWhy do some people behave like there's someone getting paid to watch this 24/7?23:42

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