hot_wheelzhi guys05:03
OutOfControlHowdy hot_wheelz 05:04
hot_wheelzanyone here currently using xbmc? 05:04
head_victimGood evening12:33
benonsoftwareHiya patriotaqus and head_victim 12:36
patriotaqusHi there12:37
benonsoftwareHow is everyone going?12:37
patriotaqusI am alright, but i am having difficulty getting ubuntu to install. 12:38
dns53what method are you using and where is it failing?12:38
patriotaqusWell i used wubi12:39
patriotaqusand when i restarted it threw an error my way (which i submitted) and then it seemed the OS was somewhat loaded but then a commandline (or something similar) came up with something along the lines of 12:40
dns53well it should normally work, i have seen issues when the windows disk is fragmented or you need to run scandisk12:40
patriotaqus"checking CUPS spool..." [OK] and just hung there12:40
patriotaqusDisk probably isn't fragmented -> newly formatted12:41
patriotaqusI uninstalled ubuntu in program manager, i am going to try again but should i instead install with CD to avoid issues?12:43
dns53download an iso and check the md5sum, you can use a 64 bit iso if you want just have it in the same directory as wubi.exe12:48
patriotaqusill check it now12:50
patriotaqusthe checksum was correct12:54
patriotaqusokay well i have made an attempt at putting it on an usb (no cds), so i am going to do another attempt. thanks 12:57
head_victimNice work dns53, I have never even looked at wubi so of absolutely no use :/12:59
dns53it's good but it did have it stop working as my drive became fragmented, a defrag fixed it13:02
head_victimI only ever dual booted and then switched entirely and occasionally run windows in a VM13:02

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