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CuliforgeI could be talking complete nonsense... but does 10.04 not have acpi support and is that why when I dist upgrade I have to add acpi=off to my grub to get new install to load?01:36
philipballewCuliforge, it should.01:40
Culiforgenow i'm confused then01:41
Culiforgewhen I initially installed 10.01:41
Culiforgethings went just fine.. upgraded to 11.04 and I need acpi=off to boot normally...01:42
Culiforgesorry, fat fingers tonight apparently01:42
ThelasI'm unable to connect to a wireless (WPA) network under Ubuntu 11.10.  When clicking Enable Wireless from the menu it's disabled again very shortly thereafter. The same occurs from the Network menu in System Settings - I disabled Airplane Mode (which was enabled after the install), but it seems to reenable itself every time I reopen settings.  I tried the commands at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=882357 but after 03:24
Thelasthe command "sudo dhclient wlan0" appears to hang, as it does not return even af ter several minutes. I ^Ced, looked at the man page, and tried it with "-1", whi ch had the same problem. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm not sure how to p roceed.03:24
Thelas[sorry for the odd spacing, the message went over the max length of my irc client's textbox, so I composed part of it in vim, and the newlines from wordwrap apparently became spaces when I copied it.03:25
M0hiThelas, dhclient wlan0 hung and never responded with a value?03:38
ThelasYeah, as far as I can tell. Didn't get a prompt back at least.03:38
M0hican you run lspci and pastebint he result?03:39
Thelassure. Any particular part you want, though? (I'll be copying it out by hand, as the computer with Ubuntu, well, won't connect.)03:40
ThelasEither way, just finished copying the full output out: http://pastebin.com/76y9sknE03:51
ThelasM0hi, if you're still there, pastebinned it above as requested.03:58
M0hiSorry. I din't see it coming. give me a min Thelas =]03:59
M0hiThelas, yours is a 64 bit OS or 32 bit?04:04
ThelasI downloaded the 64bit ubuntu installer off the site, assuming that's what you mean.04:05
M0hiThe post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1900253 says that you have to disable N :[04:07
M0hiLemme dig more on it Thelas04:07
ThelasM0hi: Should I do that, then? Or are you still looking for something else?04:08
M0hiThelas, Just create a backup file and please do the changes mentioned in that. Lets give it a try =]04:13
ThelasThe file doesn't exist, so no need to back it up.04:13
M0hiAhha! okies04:13
ThelasI'm getting a permission denied when I try to cat >> it though, even with sudo.04:14
Thelas(and vim and emacs aren't installed by default apparently.)04:14
M0hihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1844396 another post04:14
M0hidid you create the file and try it04:15
* M0hi prefers nautilus ;D04:15
Thelashow should I edit it?04:15
Thelassince I'm getting "Permission denied"04:16
M0hiThelas, 1) sudo nautilus 2) goto the particular location, create the file 3) right click and open with gedit04:19
Thelasyeah, I just figured that out04:19
Thelasnot sure why sudo nautilus worked but not sudo cat04:19
Thelasbut oh well04:19
M0hior else change the file permission first. sudo chmod 777 <file-path>04:19
M0hihehe cat do not need a sudo unless the file is locked though ;P04:20
ThelasI meant "sudo cat >> /etc/[...]"04:20
Thelasbut either way, change made. Do I reboot now, or..?04:20
M0hiYep. Try rebooting. I will be here. just ping my name wheny oua re back =]04:21
ThelasThis is on a separate computer, I have no internet at all on the ubuntu box.04:23
M0hiawwe :[04:24
Thelasbut I'll ping you when it's up04:24
ThelasM0hi: Well, that was the fastest reboot since ever04:25
ThelasI have opened the Network settings and there is no longer a Wireless tab at all.04:25
M0hiowh! that's great. check whether the issue got resolved =]04:26
ThelasAlso, Airplane mode turned itself back on. Again04:26
M0hiForgot to ask you a question. What is your laptop model?04:27
ThelasLenovo V570.04:27
M0hiThelas, are you looking at that thread?04:35
Thelasyes, I did04:35
Thelastrying the commands, acer_wml does not exist for rmmod04:37
Thelasand more importantly it isn't found by modprobe04:37
M0hiso sudo rmmod -f acer_wmi returns nothing?04:38
Thelaswith -f it returns nothing, yes04:39
M0hidmesg | grep iwl returns nothing?04:41
Thelas[    9.041459] iwlagn: Unkown parameter `11n_disable50'04:43
M0hi:/ its the entry we made and it is not present already :/04:44
Thelasyeah, that's what that looks like to be04:44
Thelaswhat now?04:44
Thelasshould I delete that, reboot, and try the same thing again?04:48
M0hiThelas, saw something in http://askubuntu.com/questions/77719/wireless-doesnt-work-on-a-lenovo-v57004:49
Thelasshould I delete the file you had me make earlier first, or keep it/04:51
M0hiyeah. Delete it and give a try for the response in askubuntu04:52
ThelasWell, I just got a popup saying "connection established"04:57
Thelasso I think I am now entitled to be happy.04:57
M0hiMe too :)04:58
M0hiSo you tried the second point right? Just planning to keep a note to help in future ;D04:59
ThelasThe answer that was +2ed is the one that helped.04:59
M0hiThelas, Internet is connected now?05:01
M0hiYay!! great =]05:01
Thelasof course not everything's working smoothly...05:02
Thelas"sudo apt-get install vim" yells at me05:02
Thelasby which it mean it says "Package 'vim' has no installation candidate."05:02
ThelasI'll figure that out, though.  Thank you for the help with the internet.05:05
M0hiThelas, ^05:05
M0hiwait...! 11.10 right?05:05
ThelasYeah, 11.10 for me.05:06
M0hiThelas, sudo apt-get install texlive-full vim05:07
Thelasah. It's yelling at me about locks now... I'll wait for after the updates, maybe it'll work then.05:07
M0hiAye! :)05:08
ThelasFor now, the person who lent me this other computer to use while I was getting this working would like it back, so I'll probably come back next time I can't figure something out (once I have an IRC client on the Ubuntu machine.)05:08
ThelasThank you!05:08
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nlsthznAny gosu's here when it comes to playing with screen resolutions?!07:42
justgregdoes anyone here know how to use gmount07:56
justgregi am getting this error message and i don't know how to resolve the issue07:56
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tag__hi all16:31
tag__i used to connect to my usb modem by right clicking on the network icon on the task bar.16:31
M0hiHello tag__16:31
tag__hi M0hi :)16:32
tag__now, the network icon is invisible from the task bar.16:32
M0hinow are you not able to see the network icon ?16:32
tag__any workaround ?16:32
tag__I'm on Mint16:32
M0hiWhat version of Ubuntu are you using? 11.10 ? and what service provider?16:32
M0hi:o you need help in Mint? :]16:33
tag__i checked mint, irc.  it doesn't exist i believe.16:33
tag__hope it is ubunt in the core :)16:33
tag__can that right click window be invoked via some command ?16:34
ubot2`Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:35
tag__thank you.16:35
tag__that was cool. thank you geirha16:36
M0hiInternet is slow again :[16:37
tag__welcome back.16:37
tag__geirha: it redirects to a .de site16:39
tag__hope that is fine?16:39
M0hihttp://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=60588 has two solution. 1) gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel  2) killall gnome-panel AND SOME OTHER OLUTIONS16:39
M0hierr caps :[16:39
M0hiOhai geirha =]16:40
tag__is it really impossible to invoke that window?16:41
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geirhatag__: redirects to a .de site? I don't follow16:43
geirhaM0hi: Hi :)16:43
tag__the link to mint irc redirects to .de site16:44
ubot2`Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:44
M0hitag__, did you read the link I've shared?16:45
tag__sorry M0hi i didn't see. i think I missed it with all the status updates. Could you please re share it?16:45
geirhatag__: Ah, yeah it's common that when you connect to a generic address for a network, it redirects you to a specific server on that network; one with less load16:46
geirhas/network/irc network/16:46
M0hioh!!! irc://irc.spotchat.org16:47
M0hiright click that and click connect16:47
tag__i'm on webchat. :(16:47
M0hi<M0hi> http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=60588 has two solution. 1) gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel  2) killall gnome-panel and some other steps*16:47
tag__thank you M0hi16:48
tag__let me check them.16:48
geirhaAh, ubottu's !panel factoid used to advice that16:48
ubot2`Factoid 'panel' not found16:48
M0hiI think its cleaned16:49
ubot2`To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »16:49
geirhaNope, just forgot the s :)16:49
tag__it's on my friends computer. let me call him.. brb16:51
tag__thank you geirha and M0hi16:51
* geirha is upgrading to Breezy Badger16:53
stlsaintgeirha: ??16:53
geirhaI installed 4.10 in a vm, and now I'm upgrading version by version... for fun ^^16:53
stlsaintgeirha: wow16:54
geirha4.10 had firefox 0.9.2. Crashes on google16:54
M0hiawww lol16:54
stlsaintgeirha: that bug might be fixed in 11.10 ;)16:55
geirhastlsaint: I'll let you know when I get there. Have a few releases to go yet16:55
stlsaintha cool16:56
stlsaintgeirha: at least we know your not hurting on net resources16:56
geirhaIt's just a few hundred megs to download per release16:57
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geirhaAnd I've set up an apt-cacher-ng in case I have to redo some steps17:01
stlsaintgeirha: ah good step17:01
tag__looks like he slept.17:07
tag__I'll confirm it in coming days.17:07
tag__thank you again M0hi and geirha17:08
tag__sometimes my log-out button becomes invisible from the taskbar (Ubuntu lucid)17:10
tag__i go for the command gnome-session-save --logout17:10
geirhaThat's because Ubuntu doesn't want you to leave17:11
tag__no i see :)17:11
geirhaMust be that one applet that crashes for whatever reason17:12
tag__network-icon applet is on a different system (on Mint)17:12
tag__logout button applet issues on my computer (on Lucid)17:12
tag__But i configured both.17:13
tag__something related to me? :D17:13
geirhaWhen it happens, try right-clicking on the panel -> add to panel -> indicator-session17:13
tag__i'll try it next time17:13
tag__else, I'll go for the one that was given above17:14
ubot2`To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »17:14
tag__sometimes you just get stuck after opening Google, wondering what to type.17:15
tag__hungry. be back.17:25
geirhaThey should bring back the splash screen from Breezy.17:26
geirhaNice brown progress bar, with text scrolling by, indicating the success of each service it starts17:27
geirhaAh, from 5.10, I can upgrade using update-manager17:32
geirhaBreezy has a gui program for formatting a floppy ^^17:45
tag__but do you have a floppy? ^-^17:49
geirhaI have a stash of them somewhere ... but no computer with a floppy drive17:50
tag__in the long run, i believe fruits will win over fast-food18:04
tag__Fruits are ready to eat.. fast food, you have order it :D18:05
tag__i just did that .18:05
tag__bye all18:16
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sluckxzwhen i mount a smb share with mount -t cifs -o username=......  only root can write to the directory.  how can i give a user write access.21:59
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sluckxzadding uid=1000,gid=1000 worked for me.22:13
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StepNjumpIs windows live (msn) safe against hackers?23:35
escottsluckxz, use users instead of setting a uid23:36
escottsluckxz, hard coding a uid will break for other people, but users will allow you to mount it and take ownership of the files23:37

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