jonocprofitt, congrats on your CC position!00:30
cjohnstoncongrats cprofitt00:33
cjohnstonjust read that00:33
cprofittthanks cjohnston00:35
cjohnstonNice to see you step down from the LC as well. :-)00:36
* cprofitt nods00:36
cjohnston(not that you being on the LC was a bad thing)00:36
cprofittI truly believe that it is the right thing to do00:36
cjohnstonI agree00:36
cprofittas I stated at UDS00:36
bkerensacongrats cprofitt00:37
cprofittthanks bkerensa00:37
nigelbCongrats cprofitt :)00:51
bkerensacprofitt: Does that mean your going to help fix the bug that akgraner mentioned in her blog post? :P00:53
cprofittI am not sure what stage that is at bkerensa - I do know it is being looked at00:54
cprofittand has been under discussion00:54
akgranerI'm still working on it :-)00:55
cprofittthat reminds me I still have to finish one of the things I was working on too...00:56
cprofittgotta get that sent out00:56
bkerensa:) So pleia2 was able to share a interesting fact on UDS which likely should have been included for those who got sponsorship e-mails basically there is a room deposit01:01
bkerensaand in this case the marriott charges $50xnight up front and holds it for 10 business days so $30001:02
bkerensaI guess this was a issue at one point in the past because it had not been announced and one or more people showed up and were not prepared to pony up $300 on a credit card01:03
cprofittbkerensa: for this upcoming UDS or previous ones?01:04
mhall119bkerensa: what's up?01:06
bkerensacprofitt: For this one and apparently previous ones01:11
bkerensacprofitt: philipballew and I are sending a e-mail out to address it were CC'ing Comm Council01:11
cjohnstonCC doesnt really have anything to do with it01:13
cjohnstonThat would be something to address with Canonical01:14
bkerensacjohnston: ok01:14
cprofittbkerensa: the deposit is refunded after your room is not destroyed right?01:21
cjohnstonnormally they make you put a card on hold...01:22
cjohnstonAFAIK every hotel does this01:23
akgranerthe way that works is for atm cards it can be held by your bank for up to 10 days01:23
akgranerthat's a policy for almost *all* hotels01:23
akgranerfor CC cards it only takes about 3 business days to see the funds01:23
akgranerthe hotel doesn't hold the money for 10 days - they release with 24 hours most of the time  - or the next business day following your checkout01:24
akgranerfor the case of events like uds or anything else where you have roommates and the room charge and tax goes to the master folio - the incidentals (phone, movie, mini bar etc) are not covered by Canonical01:26
akgraneror the sponsoring agency01:26
akgranerthat's hotel policy01:26
cjohnstonbkerensa: ^01:26
bkerensaakgraner: Yeah... I just wanted to bring it up because it was not announced and I guess in the past this has been a problem01:26
bkerensawith some sponsored attendees not having the money to cover it01:27
akgranerbkerensa, then in my mind - an email should go to those being sponsored explaining it, then if someone can't do that email Marianna explaining the situation so it can be worked out on a case by case basis01:28
akgranerI wouldn't make a big deal about it - but instead say - hey jono can you bring this to Marianna's attention please01:29
cjohnstonI guess I would think it would be prudent of the attendee to understand the policy of the hotel and not Marianna's job to figure it out and explain it to us01:37
nigelbI don't know what you mean by "it's been a problem"01:44
nigelbyou just need to talk to marianna or someone at the Hotel.01:44
cjohnstonnigelb: because the attendee doesn't have the ability to cover it01:45
nigelbcjohnston: I've seen marianna smootht that over with hotel staff.01:46
cjohnstonAgain I would think that attendees would consider that all hotel/flight rules apply01:47
cprofittwhen I have done it -- it does not show as a charge...02:13
cprofittI would have to go back and take a look though02:14
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nigelbYEah, its's "blocked"04:30
jokerdinowell, i have finished writing the post...05:05
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czajkowskibkerensa: the CC has nothing to do with the sponsorship of UDS, it goes via Canonical and Marianna who does the organising of it07:19
czajkowskicjohnston: sore head?11:03
cjohnstonno, just awake11:03
snap-ljcastro: Happy Birthday15:09
cjohnstonhappy birthday jcastro15:21
nothingspecialfor he's a jolly good fellow :D15:25
M0hiHappy Birthday jcastro :]15:37
cjohnstonczajkowski: /2616:52
cjohnstonsorry czajkowski16:52
s-foxHello :)16:52
cjohnstonsince I did ping you.. czajkowski, since a post was made to planet about the changes to LP, would it maybe be possible to get one saying they have been postponed  since not everyone is on that ML16:59
czajkowskicjohnston: I posed the launchpad-dev link which is public, the post was up for all of 4 mins17:00
M0hihello s-fox :]17:00
cjohnstonright.. but people who only read planet saw it on planet and never saw an update AFAIK17:01
czajkowskiI';ll ask Monday17:03
czajkowskibut I suspect the answer will be read lp-dev as thats where the info is and explainations of stuff is17:03
czajkowskiand where people are to comment17:04
cjohnstonI understand that.. but not everyone is on lp-devs, nor would know to go there to look for it.. just an announcement that its been postponed would be good IMO17:04
czajkowskifine, will ask.17:05
czajkowskibut for now its the weekend and not looking at anything lp releated as thats work.17:05
czajkowskitis the weekend so rugby and ubuntu work now17:05
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bkerensaHappy Birthday jcastro22:08
* popey notes from latitude that jcastro is enjoying his birthday at the beach! 22:49
bkerensajcastro: My birthday present to you will be to make a attempt at a Subway juju charm... No promises though :P22:51

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