BigWhaleAMD fixed their drivers... 12.2 doesn't crash if using Xvideo08:20
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tiagoscdI fixed the bug #750134 and already built it (debuild -S). Now I need to know how to test the app and after how to submit it to LP14:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 750134 in ubiquity ""Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu" icons differ widely in size" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75013414:44
tiagoscdCan anyone help me?14:44
dobeytiagoscd: i think you need to propose a branch against the upstream ubiquity tree15:50
tiagoscddobey, can you help me to make it?15:51
dobeytiagoscd: you also need to sign the canonical contributor agreement probably.15:53
dobeytiagoscd: bzr branch lp:ubiquity fix-750134; cd fix-750134; then make your changes and test them, commit, bzr push. then go to that branch page on launchpad and click the "propose for merge" link15:54
tiagoscdgreat :)15:55
dobeybeyond saying that, i don't have time to help you, though. #ubuntu-devel might be a better channel to ask about ubiquity though. and #bzr and #launchpad for issues specific to them15:55
tiagoscddobey, in the Canonical Contributor Agreement have the option to Add the Canonical Project Manager or contact15:55
tiagoscdwhat I can put in there?15:55
dobeyhttp://www.canonical.com/contributors lists slangasek as the contact for ubiquity15:56
tiagoscddobey, thanks :)16:14
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