DrknzzHi everyone. I am trying to crosscompile a kernel for my Sony Ericsson device, but i am constantly getting errors about make not finding a compiler that IS there.... Help Please?00:07
philipballewCan someone tell me if a patch from this bug has made it into the current 12.04 kernel or not. I am still getting the error03:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 872652 in linux "screensaver backlight stuck off, system looks hung" [High,Fix released]03:45
aweapw, ping15:38
awevanhoof, good morning16:12
akgranerapw, cking, bjf  - no issues yet since I ran that script17:47
akgranerand it looks like it was deja dupe that's causing the issues, however, I don't know why as it didn't do that before.  I'll keep digging around.  just wanted to let you all know17:50
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