dougis there a way i can tell what version of a package 12.04 is likely to be tracking?01:11
psusidoug, what do you mean?01:12
psusiyou can find out what version of a package is currently in 12.04 by looking it up on launchpad.net01:13
dougcool, that might be what i'm looking for01:14
doughm, looking at https://launchpad.net/qtwebkit01:14
doug> There is no current release for this source package in Ubuntu.01:15
psusithe source package appears to be gqwebkit-source01:16
psusiqtwebkit-source rather01:16
psusiyou can also use packages.ubuntu.com01:17
psusiis there any sort of glib utility function somewhere to parse a string for backspace characters and process them?01:32
CoreyI'm seeing something odd-- I install a package that I built, and it seems to install python libraries twice, once in /usr/share/pyshared/salt/, and again in /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/salt/.  The latter isn't shown at all by dpkg -c, and -S says no package owns it-- how do I effectively troubleshoot this?02:55
CoreyThe .install file for this package reads simply usr/lib/python2*/dist-packages/salt/02:55
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jalcineSo that package I had issues compiling with, its source uses a C++ safe name, whereas the it's header doesn't.03:19
jalcineDefinitely going to give my two cents upstream.03:19
CoreyOh jeez, one's a symlink.  Not sure where it came from...03:20
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vibhavhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/deluge/+bug/852454 is fixed upstream06:24
vibhavWhat do I need to do with it?06:24
vibhavoh wait06:24
vibhavI need to submit a debdiff for it, right?06:25
tiagoscdI'm fixing the first bug (#750134) in Ubuntu, and I like to get help to build and test package, as well how I can send it to LP06:25
tiagoscd*my first bug06:25
tiagoscdcan anyone help me?06:26
vibhavtiagoscd: yes06:26
vibhavtiagoscd: Can you give me the url of this bug?06:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 750134 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) ""Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu" icons differ widely in size" [Medium,In progress]06:27
vibhavhave you fixed this bug in the source ?06:27
tiagoscdyes, i got their code via apt-get source and resized the image to an acceptable size06:29
vibhavtiagoscd: now cd to the source via the terminal06:29
tiagoscdvibhav: ok, done06:29
vibhavtiagoscd: execute "debuild -S"06:30
tiagoscdvibhav, ok06:31
vibhavtiagoscd: did debuild succeed?06:32
tiagoscdwell, i need to review my GPG key06:33
tiagoscdvibhav, just a moment06:33
tiagoscdvibhav, I'm running debuild -S now06:45
tiagoscdvibhav, I need to modify changelog first?06:49
vibhavdch -i06:51
vibhavand then put the change you did06:51
vibhavThe format is06:51
vibhav* Fixed icon (LP: #BUGNO)06:51
tiagoscd* Fix size of the "Install Ubuntu" pixmap. (LP: #750134)06:53
vibhavnow run debuild -S06:53
vibhav(again, Since yo uhave modified the changelog)06:53
vibhavyou *06:53
tiagoscdsignfile ubiquity_2.9.27ubuntu1.dsc Tiago Hillebrandt <tiagohillebrandt@ubuntu.com>06:55
tiagoscdgpg: ignorado "Tiago Hillebrandt <tiagohillebrandt@ubuntu.com>": chave secreta não disponível06:56
tiagoscddebsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting...06:56
tiagoscdmy GPG key is fine, I created it just now06:56
vibhavnever mind06:57
vibhavnow "cd .."06:57
vibhav"ls | grep dsc"06:59
vibhavpaste the output07:00
tiagoscdonly this07:00
vibhavdebdiff ubiquity_2.9.27.dsc ubiquity_2.9.27ubuntu1.dsc07:00
vibhavdont use this command07:00
vibhavdebdiff ubiquity_2.9.27.dsc ubiquity_2.9.27ubuntu1.dsc > patch.debdiff07:00
vibhavsubmit this patch to Launchpad07:02
vibhavIN the comments section of the bug you are fixing07:02
tiagoscdvibhav, the image that I've resized will be putted into this patch?07:04
tiagoscdLP ask me if this file is a patch07:05
tiagoscdcan I confirm?07:05
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tiagoscdCan anyone continue helping me?07:19
tiagoscdNow debuild -S was worked07:19
tiagoscdSuccessfully signed dsc and changes files07:19
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plipphi guys and guysettes, I'm looking at "Packaging New Software" and following the steps. The application (kqrcode) is missing a few dependencies, among others 'libqrencode' as I had a missing file  'qrcodec.h'12:00
plippAnyway, the page tells me to look the file up at 'packages.ubuntu.com' to find the missing package. And then it goes on to install libqrencode-dev.  However, I failed in finding that package on the site. Tried searching on different releases and what not.12:01
plippclarification: I failed to find any package that contains the file 'qrcodec.h'12:02
plippdirecthex: Yep, that yields in "Sorry, your search gave no results."12:04
plippit's actually not in libqrencode-dev either, no..12:06
jtaylorqrencode does nto have that file12:06
jtaylorneither the packge nor upstream12:06
plippjtaylor: Yes, I realized that. I was merely assuming that the page was correct and I was wrong.12:07
plippBut as always, assumption is the mother of a lot12:07
directhexi believe it's "assumption is The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young"12:08
directhexor something12:08
plippFun fact: I know I'm pretty much always wrong. So even now when I was right, I ended up being wrong.12:08
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Pikkachuhi, is it a practice in raw patch management to specify dependencies as comments within the patches?14:03
Pikkachufor example, you are applying a few patches to an application, some are mandatory (early access to bug fixes) some are not (rejected features)14:04
Pikkachubut you do not want the non-mandatory ones in a patch queue, because they're not supposed to be run into a given order14:05
Pikkachusomeone else may select which non-manadatory patches to apply14:05
jtayloryou could put them as comments in the quilt series file14:07
valdur55Hey! Lubuntu misses cups package.  Printer managemend doesn't find printer server14:11
tiagoscdI fixed the bug #750134 and already built it (debuild -S). Now I need to know how to test the app and after how to submit it to LP14:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 750134 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) ""Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu" icons differ widely in size" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75013414:26
tiagoscdCan anyone help me?14:26
tiagoscdMy first bug fix :)14:26
Pikkachujtaylor: I think I'll just reference the dependencies within the patch15:03
tumbleweedthat sounds sensible15:06
tumbleweedbreaking up the quilt series into blocks of different types of patches is also helpful15:06
PikkachuI'm sorry I think I'm being offtopic, I asked here just because I know you make patch management, not because I'm actually in ubuntu and building a package (I don't know what "quilt" is)15:09
tumbleweedquilt is the program we use to managed debian/patches15:10
Pikkachucool, I tried to build a package but failed miserably, documentation is extremely complex and long15:10
Pikkachuin my opinion of course15:11
* tumbleweed avoids getting dragged into that discussion again15:11
Pikkachuwell, as for the question tbh I don't think the term dependency apply completely given that one patch would not need other to be applied to achieve its intent, it's really just the technical problem of line references.15:13
Pikkachu Currently I have 5 patches here but none of them conflict regarding line references, so I'm not worrying that much15:13
tumbleweedI woludn't call that a dependency then15:14
Pikkachuyeah dependency is not really a good term15:14
tumbleweedif they apply and work on their own, you don't need to worry at all15:15
PikkachuI think maybe I'll just put them in a queue and if one wants to apply specific patches, then I let them manually changing the patches15:15
Pikkachuyeah currently they can be applied in any order15:16
Pikkachubut in the future two could change the same file but one affect the reference used by the other, in that case is that I think I'll just put them in a queue15:17
Pikkachubtw I found out a neat way to produce a patch log using the patches themselves, I just do something like:15:19
Pikkachu@@ -0,0 +1 @@15:20
Pikkachu+ Description of this patch15:20
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LaneyWoe is "oh crap, nobody merged haskell-devscripts yet, did they?"17:26
iulianLaney: Oups. That was on my todo list. Completely forgot about that. It was the next package to do after GHC. :(18:00
iulianI'm doing it now.18:00
LaneyI did it18:00
Laneybut it means the syncs I already did are busted18:00
Laneyso if you fancy uploading some rebuilds ^o)18:01
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Laneyok, doing them myself18:45
* Laney accidently made twice as much popcorn as was intended18:46
iulianLaney: Will do.18:58
Laneyiulian: reuploading everything I synced19:15
Laneysorry buildds :(19:15
jtayloranyone aware of a reason why asterik is not up to date with debian?21:11
jtaylorjust looked at the release notes and it only has a bunch of fixes so its probably worth it to get that into precise21:12
Pikkachuhi, has anyone ever used ubuntu font in windows?21:12
quidnuncAnyone know how cabal-debian generates dependencies?21:16
shadeslayerjtaylor: I don't see any package called asterik21:46
shadeslayeroh cool21:46
jtaylorI think its a good idea to stick as close to upstream as possible, it had a security update each release21:47
shadeslayerwell, 2 things, it'll need a merge and someone will have to test it on armhf21:48
jtaylorwhy the latter?21:49
shadeslayer"Fix building on armhf with debian/patches/armhf-fixes:"21:49
jtaylordebian has armhf now too21:49
jtaylorit built there21:49
jtaylorthe patch can be removed half21:49
jtaylorthe configure part does not seem to be in debian21:49
jtaylorthough it does not appear to break the build21:50
shadeslayerwell, I'm not entirely sure that stuff that builds on debian armhf will also build on ubuntu armhf21:50
jtaylorthe patch is tiny, so probably was never a large issue21:50
shadeslayerpossibly, I haven't looked at the patch, just looking at the changelog21:50
jtaylorI'll push my merge in a moment21:51
shadeslayercool :)21:51
jtaylorI kept all the really old hardy stuff21:51
jtaylorcan probably be dropped as I doubt it still works ^^21:51
jtaylorsome backport stuff21:51
jtaylorfriggin bzr and its humongous andwidth requirements!21:53
shadeslayerhahaha ...21:54
jtaylorok apparently updating is not such a good idea, well the merge can still be used for +1 then22:36
jtaylorwhy does bzr upload 4MB+ data for a 1kb diff!22:50
jtaylor7MB and counting, its larger than the orig tar already ...22:54
jtaylorok used the wrong merge base but its still much larger than the diff22:58
dupondjeSome small question. How do we handle a difference in files in a package on debian and ubuntu. For example on debian it should install normal init scripts, on ubuntu upstart scripts.23:10
Ampelbeindupondje: dh_installinit should do the right thing already.23:15
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dupondjeAmpelbein: so you mean dh_installinit will install upstart file on ubuntu, and normal init script on debian right ?23:29
Ampelbeindupondje: That's what I get from it's manpage, yes.23:30
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