cprofittpleia2: ping03:16
Simeonhi all11:12
SimeonIs there a RSS-feed of the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter?11:13
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akgranerfor RSS feeds they need to sign up for the forums feed or the planet feed16:57
pleia2going through last of my rss feeds, then I'll send out the email for summaries18:16
pleia2we're doing pretty well so far though18:16
not_foundk, cool...18:17
* not_found is ready18:17
pleia2welcome not_found18:18
pleia2oh, nlsthzn :)18:18
not_foundoh crap... it is I nlsthzn18:18
not_foundI had an identity crises there for a moment18:18
akgranerpleia2, do you the stats put in if so I'll do that in the am for you18:22
pleia2akgraner: that'd be great :)18:23
akgranerwill do :-)18:23
not_foundakgraner: sorry to hear about you leaving the CC but best of luck with all the stuff keeping you busy :)18:24
akgranernot_found, thanks!  It was a very bittersweet annoumcement18:27
akgranerannouncement even18:27
akgranerpleia2, I've got a survey from Canonical I need to add to GCN will do that now18:28
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pleia2hey that's my pangolin :)18:57
pleia2(they gave credit, gold star!)18:57
pleia2cprofitt: pong (took the evening off last night)18:58
cprofittI am going to take the kids to see The Lorax in about 10 minutes19:02
cprofittwhen I get back I can take a look at working a bit more on UWN19:03
pleia2akgraner: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/UbuntuSurvey2012 right?19:03
pleia2cprofitt: The Lorax was great! :)19:03
* pleia2 saw it last weekend19:03
cprofittDid you see John Carter?19:03
cprofittThat was the first sci-fi book I ever read19:03
cprofittso I am torn about going to see it19:03
pleia2oh, I bet19:04
pleia2for that sort of thing I just keep my expectations low ;)19:04
cprofittthinking seeing it on DVD might be a better idea even though it means waiting19:04
pleia2I did for lord of the rings (which was mythology to me growing up, my father was a huge fan) and was pleasantly surprised when the films came out19:04
* cprofitt nods19:07
cprofittsorry I gotta run... I gotta get the children rounded up and ready19:07
pleia2have fun :)19:07
cprofittI hope you are on after the movie19:07
cprofitttalk to you later19:07
akgranercprofitt - I have to look at my email19:13
akgranerpleia2, I mean19:13
pleia2I added that link, it should be the one :)19:15
akgranerawesome :-)  I'll use Gerry's summary to me about it if you want19:16
pleia2please do19:16
pleia2ok, summary writing email sent \o/19:19
pleia2I'll dig up development team meeting minutes later (maybe tomorrow)19:22
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