MagicFabmdeslaur, ping21:40
MagicFabmdeslaur, j'ai remarqué tes contributions au dialogue de screensaver dans 12.04... je me demandais si tu sais si le boutton "switch user' va revenir ?21:40
Ankmanallo MagicFab21:48
Ankmanposting a note in the ubuntu forum doesn't neccessarily mean that a maintainer would have a look into it?21:49
Ankmani seem to have had a problem with the do-release-upgrade program, as it hangs in the middle somewhere when running without X, as it seems to display a message in X and connot open the display. i consider this as a design-flaw as i would think do-release-upgrade is meant to run in text mode only21:51
MagicFabAnkman, forum? Probablement le pire endroit pour laisser un commentaire pour un dev.21:53
MagicFabWow, je viens de trouver - mdeslaur nevermind - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/95058322:01

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