trijntjeI have a question about the translations statistics here:
trijntjeHow can it be that the number of todo-translations goes up while we are past stringfreeze?09:14
jokerdinotrijntje: i guess it has to do with UIFe and the reordering of the template priority09:26
trijntjebut usually these UI-freeze exceptions are handfull of strings, not the 400 shown.09:28
trijntjeGuess we'll just have to work harder09:29
jokerdinothen i guess some templates were given a higher priority.09:32
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Mirvthanks kelemengabor for elaborating on my bugs18:25
kelemengaborMirv: thanks for finding them in the first place :)18:25
Mirvsuddenly I realized it starts to be time not to anymore ignore i18n bugs in precise :)18:26
kelemengaborabsolutely :)18:27

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