AlanBellmorning all07:52
AlanBellI have a Mum&Dadbuntu to build today07:52
MartijnVdSwhat kind of hardware?07:53
richardperkinsMorning all07:54
AlanBellhttp://www.ebuyer.com/337174-zoostorm-pentium-sandybridge-no-os-desktop-pc-7873-1051 this one I think07:54
richardperkinsI know its early but wanted to seek some advice before the children surface07:55
MartijnVdSAlanBell: Nice. I just built a new Granbuntu machine with an Asus barebone + Sempron 14507:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://ie.asus.com/Barebone_PC/V_Series_2530L/V6M4A3000E/ that barebone07:56
MartijnVdSAlanBell: + 4G RAM, + Sempron 145, + some SATA disk I had lying around, + some DVD player I had lying around07:57
MartijnVdSTotal price: €14007:57
AlanBellthe base unit is at the post office, I have to go pick it up in a bit08:04
AlanBellso what applications should I put on it?08:04
AlanBellI am putting precise on it08:05
MartijnVdSAlanBell: aisleriot08:10
MartijnVdSYours is Sandy Bridge? That should have enough power for Google Earth. You might want skype (or stick with Google talk's video bits, or G+ hangouts?)08:11
AlanBelldad has an iPad as well08:12
AlanBellprobably put some games and stuff on it08:12
AlanBellgoogle earth doesn't need much power, runs fine on my sons single core 1.4ghz laptop with intel graphics08:13
AlanBellthere is an ebook application people rave about08:14
AlanBellcaliber or something08:14
MartijnVdSIt works great but the UI is horrible08:14
AlanBelllooks OK to me08:18
OmNomDePlumeWhat's the best thing to eat the morning after you've been so drunk you've puked your guts out?08:22
MartijnVdSOmNomDePlume: Bread with chocolate sprinkles + large glass of milk08:25
gingand coke zero08:34
MartijnVdSAnything with lots of water, really.08:35
MartijnVdS\o popeyman08:39
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MooDoomorning all08:52
MartijnVdSMooDoo: hello08:53
OmNomDeBonBonThank you MartijnVdS, I will try that.09:00
popeyhow on earth do you do a slider in glade?09:13
dipizzlehow nice to finally be on an irc channel09:42
AlanBellhello dipizzle09:42
popeyAlanBell: you've played with glade haven't you?09:43
popeyknow how to do a slider like the one in the appearance dialog where you make the launcher bigger/smaller?09:43
AlanBellI think that is a scale widget09:45
popeyahh, it may be called "Scale"09:45
popeythe 'orientation' thing was off screen09:46
AlanBellyeah, they are vertical by default09:46
AlanBellpopey: how is trublr these days?09:51
popeyworking on it09:52
AlanBellshould I install it on this PC I am going to give to Mum & Dad?09:53
AlanBellthis is the first install I have done for ages without orca running!09:59
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brobostigongood morning everyone.10:47
AlanBellright, that is most of the cool stuff installed, 22GB used :)11:03
AlanBellall it needs now is the "show my desktop to Alan" button11:20
marxjohnsonIf I've got one byobu session nested inside another, how can I detach the nested one? If I hit F6 or C-a d it just detaches the outside one, and when i reconnect the nested one is still there11:28
AlanBellC-a C-a d11:29
shaunoI thought it was just C-a a d.  Stacking will melt your brain eventually tho ;)11:30
marxjohnsonyay well one of those too just worked11:31
AlanBellshauno: you are probably right11:31
shaunothe C-a a gets passed to the client (the inner screen in this case) as C-a11:31
czajkowskiwhoo RAT tickets arrived11:31
* AlanBell haz RAT tickets \o/11:54
dauberser... afternoon even12:06
* christel_ yawns12:36
christel_oh i should buy rat tickets, which date did we say? july 14th?12:36
* christel_ pokes czajkowski and AlanBell 12:37
bittinRAT as in RatholeRadio?12:38
christel_rat as in real ale train :)12:40
AlanBellyes, 14th July12:44
AlanBellhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1603/detail/ even12:45
popey\o/ beer12:46
PendulumAlanBell: are you sure you're allowed to do installs without Orca running? ;-)13:04
christel_i have purchased rat tickets13:14
christel_\o/ indeed :D13:17
czajkowskichristel_: yay :D14:39
* popey moos from the LUG14:53
czajkowskipopey: be careful http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs10/i/2006/135/9/6/_quot_Death_is_coming_for_YOU_quot__by_Nikittele.jpg14:54
dwatkinsczajkowski: heh, that reminds me of the Warcraft II death knight which would say this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBViA9draOs14:58
czajkowskidwatkins: hah14:58
czajkowskiweird all my downloading of .avi file get launched straight away15:06
czajkowskiwhich is confusing if I'm doing about 3 in a god and all download at the same time15:07
kvarleyIn gedit can I use wildcards in the find and replace box?15:33
kvarleyDoing * doesn't seem to work15:33
cotterallkvarley: not by default but I think there are plugins15:36
cotterallkvarley: I can't find a *-style wildcard one but there's a regex one here: http://halfhourhacks.blogspot.com/2008/03/gedit-regular-expression-plugin.html15:40
cotterallkvarley: this one looks good too: http://code.google.com/p/advanced-find15:40
kvarleyThanks cotterall15:40
andylockrancan anyone access this over ipv6? http://ipv6.zrmt.com/gw7mwofidd.txt16:00
andylockrandoing the hurricane electric certification, but it's failing and I can't understand why :d16:00
MartijnVdSandylockran: is that host v6 only?16:02
andylockranshould be16:02
MartijnVdSworks fine here16:02
MartijnVdS"Test File" it says16:02
andylockranyeah, that;s right16:03
MartijnVdSandylockran: maybe the other end has a negative response cached?16:04
MartijnVdS(DNS response)16:04
MartijnVdSis the hostname quite new?16:04
shaunowget -6 url returns a 403 forbidden.  I dare say that might want to be a 2xx for a pass16:08
shauno(oddly, it works fine in my browser.  but under the safe assumption their end is automated, they may be hitting the same behaviour)16:09
swattorafternoon all16:16
DJonesAfternoon swattor16:18
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] Ubuntu  The Philosophy - http://zrmt.com/2012/03/10/ubuntu-the-philosophy/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ubuntu-the-philosophy16:19
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] ZRMT  to Andy Loughran (www.andyloughran.co.uk) - http://zrmt.com/2012/03/10/zrmt-to-andy-loughran-www-andyloughran-co-uk/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=zrmt-to-andy-loughran-www-andyloughran-co-uk16:19
swattorwould anyone be interested in happy hour in brighton?16:24
swattorwas thinking about emailing the list to email them16:24
AlanBellprobably :)16:24
AlanBellso we have reading in a couple of weeks, then wolverhampton in April (waiting for a pub on that one I think)16:25
AlanBellthere is interest in Southampton too16:25
swattorwhat's the best thing to do to try and move it along a bit?16:29
AlanBellpick a pub and a date :)16:35
AlanBellmaybe one in May?16:35
MooDoohello s-fox :)16:53
s-foxHello MooDoo :)16:54
* s-fox has the lucky blue socks on today :D16:54
s-foxand NO green. Haha16:54
s-foxHow are you MooDoo?16:56
MooDoos-fox: at work but ok thank you :)16:57
s-foxWorking on a weekend... :(16:57
MooDoos-fox: yeah i have to do it....shifts....in tomorrow too.16:58
MooDoojust what i was thinking17:02
s-foxWe're winning at the rugby :D17:08
* s-fox celebrates17:08
MooDoos-fox: it's a start, only just begun though17:09
s-foxTo be honest, alba need to score a try or 2 to have a good chance of winning17:10
s-fox3 points here and there isn't going to win the match17:11
s-fox6-0 !!!!!!!!!!!17:12
* s-fox thinks lucky socks are working17:12
czajkowskis-fox: *grin*17:27
s-foxczajkowski,  *glares*17:28
MooDoos-fox: loosing now?17:30
MooDoooh yeah lol17:30
czajkowskiMooDoo: oi oi :)17:33
czajkowskiwhoo 3 tries :D17:46
s-foxBack, booted into android17:49
czajkowskiwhoo TRY!18:11
s-foxMaybe someone will score this half czajkowski :-)18:38
czajkowskiask and you shall receive :)18:46
czajkowskiwhooo another try for Ireland - try #4 for ireland :D18:54
s-foxCzajkowski congrats on the win18:58
czajkowskicheers :)18:59
s-foxThink 1st half was better imo18:59
Eastoncan you put a background image when in console21:05
dwatkinsEaston: not easily, but you can put a background on the terminal application21:07
Eastonis that in side of gnome and kde21:07
dwatkinsyeah, if you use them, or XFCE etc.21:08
EastonThank you for the help I'll have to stick with black background then.21:09
dwatkinshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41709 Easton21:09
dwatkinslooks like the site is broken, unfortunately21:11
dwatkinsstill, it's possible, just not easy to find the installation files21:11
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bigcalmEvenin' all23:58
popeypip pip23:59
bigcalmGoodness, not expecting life23:59
* popey is watching films whilst upgrading machines23:59
bigcalmYou appear to be inflicting 12.04 upon many family members23:59
popeyyup ☺23:59

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