bkerensatgm4883: When you checked in Orlando did they require a deposit for the room?00:00
tgm4883I want to say yes they did00:01
tgm4883I'm pretty sure they asked for a credit card, it might just to cover stuff from the mini bar00:02
tgm4883I don't recall00:02
bkerensatgm4883: ok well I have my chase debit card which is mastercard.... Someone said they charge the card for $200+ and hold it for a week or something00:02
bkerensajust wanted to make sure so I can have however much is needed in the account for the card I bring00:02
tgm4883bkerensa, I don't really remember. You might try calling the hotel00:06
bkerensatgm4883: I just did :D $30000:07
tgm4883Even for  a conference?00:07
bkerensatgm4883: yeah thats not good at all00:07
bkerensatgm4883: yeah00:07
tgm4883thats outrageous00:07
bkerensaand they hold it for ten days00:07
blkperlbkerensa: we ran out of disks00:26
bkerensablkperl: You said you wouldnt run out00:27
bkerensablkperl: Ok I bring more soon00:27
blkperli lied00:28
bkerensaalbrigha: sup00:29
* bkerensa goes back to kitchen to see what they are doing to my wall00:30
nathwillthat's awesome blkperl :D00:36
bkerensanathwill: Damn $300 to check in to my free shared hotel room in Oakland00:39
nathwillit's just deposit though, right?00:39
bkerensanathwill: yeah but they hold it for ten days and I was already budgeting $200-300 for this trip00:39
bkerensaso this free trip is having some heavy upfront00:40
nathwillyeah, that's a bit of a dent00:40
nathwillhey bkerensa00:59
nathwilli see you created a logos branch for the ubuntu-us-or team00:59
nathwillwe gonna push jvlb's logo up there for ready access?00:59
bkerensanathwill: why dont you merge propose  it on his behalf since he isnt here01:00
nathwillsure thang01:00
bkerensanathwill: I hope to gank some other stuff from California and remix for us locally and produce some local stuff ofc01:00
nathwilli'm glad there are some folks w/ some art skills, because mine are nil01:01
nathwillwoot: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-or/+junk/logos/files01:08
bkerensaello nathwill02:40
bkerensayour ZNC misses you :)02:40
bkerensanathwill: Should I just nuke it?03:24
nathwillja probably03:24
bkerensanathwill: you see the new logo jvlb designed?03:25
bkerensanathwill: nvm03:27
nathwillhey, you redesign your site?03:27
bkerensanathwill: what do you mean?03:31
nathwilleither your site looks way different on a bigger monitor or you redesigned your website03:32
bkerensanathwill: Umm I changed the background and colors a bit but the layout is the same03:32
bkerensathere were some improvements to the framework03:33
nathwillthat's probably what looked different03:33
bkerensaMarkDude: You see the new logos?20:07
bkerensaslangasek: if you could remind me what the grep command was to find a certain line in a source dir and then replace a certain line in a source dir that would be great :O  I promise to write it down somewhere this time until I memorize20:27
bkerensais it just... grep -rl FIND_TEXT * | xargs sed -i "" 's/FIND_TEXT/REPLACE_TEXT/g' ?20:29
MarkDudeOh sure20:32
MarkDudeYou mean do the stuff that Fedora does not make this complicated20:32
MarkDudeback in my day son20:32
MarkDudewe had gifs and we liekd them20:32
MarkDudePNGs also20:32
MarkDudewe could look at them directly, well with a viewer20:33
MarkDudewhich were hassles20:33
MarkDudeLet me know when you ahve a version I dont have to GIT20:33
bkerensaMarkDude: We dont use Git.... I try not to at least... Ubuntu has bzr20:35
bkerensaIn fact it is Fedora that use Git20:35
MarkDudeOk, how bout we just go with I am dumb20:35
bkerensathe same git I just submitted a patch to upstream ;)20:35
MarkDudeand have a bbq now20:35
bkerensaMarkDude: ok you come over Ill supply the steaks and grill :)20:35
MarkDudewe are doing pinup shots too20:35
bkerensayou bring the women20:36
MarkDudeWell that is taken care off20:36
* MarkDude is willing to pose for a few pinup shots20:36
MarkDudeit will be epic20:36
bkerensaoh no20:36
* bkerensa hides20:36
MarkDudeand I will NEVER live it down20:36
MarkDudeWell , the girls are also making a dress out of pink bublle wrap20:37
MarkDudeand dryer vets20:37
MarkDudeYou will see some pics of it20:37
bkerensaI dont know how you do it Mark :)20:38
MarkDudeI dont wither20:44
MarkDudeJust sorta happens20:44
slangasekbkerensa: yeah, that's the command20:44
bkerensawell I got one patch likely being applied this weekend and another in progress22:50
bkerensatime to go enjoy my weekend :) seeya on monday guys :D22:50

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