bobweaverHello there I am trying to configure Single SignOn options with one of my sites for members to log in. I was wondering where I could get information about the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/877191/08:38
bobweaverthanks for you tme /08:38
bobweaverplease disregard line 17 to the end sorry08:39
Amozcjohnston: is it supposed to use 960.gs or the canonical grid?14:42
cjohnstonAmoz: 960 is for the wide viewed schedule14:53
cjohnstonit has a specific use and I don't think it needs to be messed with14:54
Amozcjohnston: okay14:59
Amoznow I've imported the css files like this instead14:59
Amozcore-reset, core-grid,core,default,django_extras15:00
Amozthen I'll change selectors in grid, and if something needs manual editing, that will take place in default.css15:00
Amozif that's okay with out15:02
cjohnstonwe can try it..15:02
Amozhopefully we can use a lot from the canonical base and remove stuff from default.css15:02
Amozcjohnston: the 960 is overriding styles from core.css :(15:18
AmozI need to move the css imports after the 960 import in that case15:19
cjohnstonAmoz: whick ones? 960 is supposed to make the header the full width of the page on certain pages15:19
Amozcjohnston: header#page-header15:20
cjohnstonI'm on my cell phone right now so I dont have the files to look at15:20
cjohnstonon all pages Amoz or just certain ones15:20
Amozwell "all" there is in the summit menu15:21
cjohnstonhrm.. its only supposed to do it on a couple pages15:22
Amozcjohnston: as it is now, the 960 is included after everything else, and the header#page-header is the selector in the 960 and the summit html15:29
Amozcjohnston: what other sites are using the django-theme?15:30
cjohnstonltp, jono's thing and I don't know what else15:35
cjohnstonmhall119:  nigelb i deas?15:35
cjohnstonany ideas15:39
cjohnstonAmoz: if you want to push it, I'm on the computer now, I can take a look16:23
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Amozcjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~fougner/+junk/light-django-theme-new-design17:35
cjohnstonAmoz_: it look correct to me19:05
cjohnstonAmoz_: the issue that I see is the link in the main nav look wrong19:05
cjohnstonAmoz_: although that could be because the html changes werent applied to summit/common/base.html19:06
cjohnstonAmoz_: and it looks like in your website_base.html the <ul> for the subnav is never closed19:07
cjohnstonAmoz_: I modified the base.html and its still a little off... but better19:12
cjohnstonAmoz_: for some reason, there isnt the padding on the right side of the header links19:13
josephmillscould I try to help with the css ?19:43
cjohnstonjosephmills: speak to Amoz_ and see what he may need19:59
cjohnstonwe are trying to update summit to the new guidelines20:00
cjohnstonjosephmills: ping21:33
bobweaverpong sorry cjohnston  I missed the ping but I have to go to a clients server right now will be back in like 2 or 3 hrs take care21:44
Amoz_cjohnston: the ul is closed here22:05
Amoz_oh, you wrote subnav.. nvm22:07
Amoz_cjohnston: but that's closed as well it seems22:07
cjohnstonAmoz_: it doesnt look like it on the LP view22:08
Amoz_you mean in the code?22:08
cjohnston85                <ul class="clearfix"> 86                           {% block sub_nav_links %} 87                        <li class="active"><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:void(0)" title="Indice">Indice</a></li> 88                        <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:void(0)" title="FAQ">FAQ</a></li>22:08
cjohnston 89                       <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:void(0i)" title="Regolamento">Regolamento</a></li> 90                        <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:void(0)" title="Ricerca">Ricerca</a></li> 91                        <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:void(0)" title="Accedi">Accedi</a></li> 92                        <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="javascript:22:08
cjohnston9493                {% endblock %}22:08
cjohnstonAmoz_: how much is left to be done? It's looking pretty awesome22:09
Amoz_cjohnston: basically, I just took the new canonical css files and imported them22:10
Amoz_changed the main-nav selectors in the css22:10
Amoz_then replaced all img paths with 'images'22:10
Amoz_that's about it22:11
Amoz_I'm still under the impression that I have no clue what I'm working on22:11
Amoz_I mean, what goes where22:11
cjohnstonwi see that they used inner-wrapper, what does that do?22:11
Amoz_the common-dir vs. the ubuntu_website dir22:12
Amoz_there are templates in both22:12
Amoz_the what?22:12
cjohnstonlet me see if I can find a high level overview of templates22:12
cjohnstonheres the django doc on templates https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/templates/22:13
Amoz_cjohnston: I'm not sure it's used22:14
cjohnstonbasically, website_base.html is the highest level template22:14
cjohnstonit is on their index.html file, but i dont know what it does and if we need it22:14
cjohnstonwebsite_base.html contains blocks.. main-nav block, sub-nav block, content block, etc22:15
cjohnstonthose blocks then become editable on other pages.. for example.. website_base.html contains dummy main nav links...22:15
Amoz_yeah I'm with you so far22:16
Amoz_I know the templating stuff for DJango22:17
Amoz_but in this specific case22:17
Amoz_I'm a little confused about the different directories with templates etc.22:17
Amoz_but nvm22:17
Amoz_you can use my branch as a base if it looks good22:17
cjohnstonits for the different apps22:18
Amoz_and the "common" dir?22:18
cjohnstonbase.html extends website_base.html  so website_base.html will be the default template for all of our django sites22:18
Amoz_sounds like stuff spanning multiple sites22:18
Amoz_standard stuff22:18
cjohnstonand base.html customizes the website_base.html for the specific site22:18
cjohnstoncommon is just where the stuff goes that isnt sponsorship related and isnt schedule related22:19
cjohnstoni.e. base.html is both and index.html is neither22:19
Amoz_sponsorship... schedule..?22:19
cjohnstonAmoz_: summit is a scheduling webapp that runs the schedule for Ubuntu Developer Summit and Linaro Connect (and more coming soon)22:20
cjohnstonFor UDS the ability exists to get sponsored to the event22:20
cjohnstonteh sponsor app is where you apply for sponsorship, and then the applications are reviewed and voted upon22:21
cjohnstonthe schedule app is where everything related to the schedule lives22:21
cjohnstonso each summit, each meeting, each attendee, etc22:21
Amoz_schedule for UDS22:22
Amoz_a calendar thingy22:22
cjohnstonUDS, Linaro Connect, whatever the event is, yes22:22
Amoz_sort of22:22
Amoz_i c22:22
Amoz_sponsorship, what is that?22:22
cjohnstonAmoz_: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/   <-- that days schedule in an agenda view22:22
Amoz_just tell me to google if questions are answered on the interwebz22:23
cjohnstonhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/display   <--- the same days schedule in a grid view (used for display monitors located around the event)22:23
Amoz_holy cow22:24
cjohnstonAmoz_: UDS allows for non-employees to attend at Canonicals expense.. or sponsored....  uds.ubuntu.com22:24
Amoz_i see rainbows22:24
Amoz_I see22:24
cjohnstoneach different color represents a track22:24
cjohnstontrack is kinda like a topic22:24
Amoz_have you been there? at the UDS?22:24
cjohnstonyes... 422:24
cjohnstonTwo of them were here in Orlando22:24
cjohnstonI will be attending the next one in May also22:25
cjohnstonAmoz_: here is the schedule for one of the days at the last Linaro Connect event: http://summit.linaro.org/lcq1-12/2012-02-06/22:25
cjohnstonSo far, we have 5 events scheduled this year for Summit.. Linaro Connect last month, UDS the beginning of May, Linaro Connect the end of May, Linux Plumbers in August, and a co-hosted UDS and Connect in November22:28
Amoz_some stuff to do then22:28
cjohnstontheres quite a bit of work to do.22:29
cjohnstonAmoz_: you can see an overview of what we did between mid-november and mid january: http://chrisjohnston.org/ubuntu/big-changes-to-summit22:31
cjohnston2400 lines of code22:31
Amoz_oh my22:32
cjohnstonThink of maintaining two different themes that work with one code base.. thats enough of a headache22:32
cjohnstonAmoz_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/summit/+spec/linaro-q212-requirements is what we hope to accomplish by mid April22:33
Amoz_well that's cool22:33
cjohnstonwhich is why any help is awesome22:33
Amoz_hopefully I can do some22:34
cjohnstontheres that list, one other blueprint and a whole bunch of bugs..22:34
Amoz_fortunately, web stuff is quite straightforward compared to the advanced architecture stuff the kernel hackers do for example..22:36
Amoz_my god I feel lost when I look at all decisions they make22:36
cjohnstonlet me pull the theme back up and see if I find issues and I'll let you know what I see22:37
Amoz_yeah my branch wasn't really supposed to be "finished"22:37
Amoz_I barely begun coding22:38
Amoz_but if you think it looks good that's great22:38
cjohnstonwhat else do you need to do with it?22:38
cjohnstonif you have more, by all means22:38
Amoz_gee, I don't know ^^22:38
cjohnstonit needs to follow the guidelines as close as possible22:38
Amoz_it just felt... to shabby22:39
Amoz_I threw it all in there and expected to do some coding22:39
Amoz_and now you're saying everything looks good22:39
Amoz_you disappoint me son22:39
cjohnstonwell.. if you have other changes to make, go for it.. I'll work on the changes to lp:summit to make it all look right22:39
cjohnstonI saw atleast one issue22:39
cjohnstonbut I just glanced22:39
Amoz_look again and you will find a dozen more22:40
Amoz_but yeah22:40
Amoz_we could try merging it, and see what we get22:40
Amoz_then we'll take it from there22:40
Amoz_if it's good enough for merging, that is22:40
Amoz_it's midnight here by now22:41
cjohnstonI have a few things that once I get it fired up I'll show you screenshots of22:41
Amoz_just mail me or put U1 links here22:41
Amoz_you dont use dropbox?22:41
cjohnstoni use u1 and dropbox22:41
Amoz_cjohnston: so have you tried precise yet?22:46
cjohnstonI've been running it since before a222:47
Amoz_like primary?22:48
cjohnstonall three machines22:49
cjohnstonAmoz_: http://ubuntuone.com/3J7pjP8d94o7z1h9noMJD322:57
Amoz_yep, I've got the same one here, basically22:58
Amoz_which browser are you on?22:58
cjohnstonfor some reason the sub-nav stuff isnt showing up where it should22:59
cjohnstonits not showing up at all22:59
Amozis there a way for me to see the subnav somewhere?23:00
cjohnstonthe code or in the browser23:01
AmozI mean the html/css23:02
cjohnstoni think i figured out why23:02
Amozso, mostly browser I guess23:02
Amozcant see that one23:02
Amoz-q doesnt exist for me23:03
Amoz-p does though23:03
cjohnstonthat works23:03
cjohnstonthe sub-nav stuff it outside of the header23:03
cjohnstonso thats part of it23:03
cjohnstonbut it doesnt seem to be fixing it23:03
cjohnstonAmoz_: would it be #sub-nav li {23:04
cjohnstonor .sub-nav li {23:05
AmozI'm kind of shutting down for tonight, but the subnav was something I didn't check23:05
Amozhold on23:05
cjohnstondont worry about it23:05
cjohnstonsee ya later.. i gotta go anyway.. at work23:05
Amozhow can you stay on IRC when you're on work? :P23:09
Amozcjohnston, hmm, I think the <li> elements are missing in the subnav23:13
Amozat least they are for me23:13
Amozthat would explain a lot23:13
Amozanyway, I changed all the .nav-secondary to #sub-nav in core.css23:14
Amozthat should remap the subnav styles to the correct elements23:14
Amozanyway, gotta go, cya!23:14

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