eruditehermitcnd, hey00:08
cnderuditehermit, howdy00:08
eruditehermitso a couple of things00:09
eruditehermitthere are 2 sets of acceleration and sensitivity settings in gnome00:09
eruditehermitmouse and touchpad00:09
eruditehermitwhat am I supposed to change as a user00:09
eruditehermitif I change the mouse stuff, does it only apply to non touchpad things?00:10
eruditehermiti.e. usb mice00:10
cnderuditehermit, correct00:10
cndwell, I'm not a gnome developer00:11
cndbut I believe that to be correct00:11
eruditehermitso I think the touchpad accel and sensitivity work00:12
eruditehermithowever, they are really high by default00:12
eruditehermitthe sensitivity00:12
eruditehermitas in the lowest sensitivity is really high00:12
cndwhat does accel vs sensitivity mean to you?00:12
cndI don't really know the difference00:12
eruditehermitaccel means that if I move my finger fast, I should be able to move my mouse further than if I do it slowly00:13
eruditehermita dynamic sensitivity?00:13
eruditehermitdoes that make sense?00:14
cndso I don't know exactly who's default is bad00:14
cndX synaptics input module, or gnome00:14
cndprobably X synaptics, because the gnome default feels fine here00:15
cndso X synaptics should have picked up on some property of your device and set a different scaling factor00:15
eruditehermitI liked the defaults that the psmouse proto=exps provided00:15
eruditehermitas far as accel and sensitivity00:15
eruditehermitis there a way to query that information00:16
eruditehermitand set it to be the same00:16
eruditehermitalso is there a way to obtain more than the gnome gestures00:17
eruditehermithow do I find out if the touchpad accepts 3 finger touch00:17
cnderuditehermit, no real way to query the exps defaults00:19
cndexps used the X evdev driver00:19
cndwhich has a different way of handling acceleration and sensitivity00:19
cnderuditehermit, 3 finger gestures are disabled by default in ubuntu because they are reserved for, and may be used by, unity00:20
cndunfortunately, the only 3 touch gesture in unity is broken right now00:20
cndbut it's being fixed :)00:20
cndhowever, you can manually override this if you want00:20
cndsynclient ClickFinger3=200:20
cndsynclient TapButton3=200:20
cndwill enable middle click emulation through tapping and clicking (if you have a clickpad)00:21
eruditehermittapping and clicking?00:21
cndon the touchpad00:22
eruditehermitso if I click with 3 fingers on the touchpad00:22
eruditehermitI will get middle click?00:22
eruditehermitit worked00:23
eruditehermitare there ways to make 3 finger gestures?00:23
cnderuditehermit, what do you mean?00:24
eruditehermithow does one make this persist?00:24
eruditehermitswipe left with 3 fingers closes a program00:25
eruditehermitlets say00:25
eruditehermitor something like that00:25
cndif you're using unity, you have to live with the unity gestures00:25
cndit won't allow you to configure them00:25
cndif you're not in unity00:25
eruditehermitwhat are the unity gestures?00:25
cndyou can use the utouch-geis API00:25
cndthe only three touch unity gesture is dragging the window and spread/pinch to maximize/unmaximize00:26
cndbut that gesture is broken right now00:26
eruditehermitso zooming will be gesture enabled00:27
Sarvatteruditehermit: Option "ClickFinger3" "integer" and Option "TapButton3" "integer"00:28
eruditehermitwhere do I put that?00:29
Sarvattsave that as /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:30
eruditehermitxorg really needs a persistent settings mechanism00:31
eruditehermitI thought the point was to remove xorg.conf00:31
eruditehermitnot being executed anymore00:34
Sarvatthas to have a .conf extension doesn't it?00:35
eruditehermitthats what I mean00:36
eruditehermitseems very temperamental00:37
eruditehermitlet me test00:39
Sarvattdarn idr isn't around, was going to ask if there were any plans to cherry-pick all these intel commits to 8.0 branch anytime soon00:41
eruditehermitthat script in /etc/init/vgaswitcheroo.conf isn't working00:49
eruditehermitis there a way to see if it is being called?00:49
eruditehermitand if it is being called, if its working00:49
eruditehermitI swear it was working a few days ago00:49
eruditehermithey, does anyone have experience with hybrid graphics?04:11
Sarvattplenty of experience hating it but only on nvidia/intel lenovo where its possible to pick the gpu in the bios, none with ati/intel here04:12
eruditehermitSarvatt, so remember that init script we worked on a few days ago04:12
Sarvattthat was RAOF but yeah04:12
eruditehermitSarvatt, it stopped working04:12
eruditehermityeah collectively04:13
eruditehermitwhenever I wake up from suspend my power consumption goes up a lot04:13
eruditehermitas if the discrete gpu is switched on again04:13
Sarvattsudo service vgaswitcheroo start fix it?04:13
eruditehermithowever vgaswitcheroo reports DIS as off04:13
Sarvattah yeah i have no clue, sounds like it doesnt work over a S3 :(04:14
eruditehermitSarvatt, sudo service vgaswitcheroo start works04:16
eruditehermitbut its not working on bootup04:16
Sarvattthe machines canonical certifies that i have to care about are pretty much just business class ones and dell/lenovo only use ati/intel on consumer class ones04:16
* Sarvatt has a strange perspective i guess :)04:17
eruditehermitdo you know about getting fglrx to work with this?04:17
eruditehermitsupposedly it works04:17
Sarvatttseliot is the best person to ask about that, he wrote the scripts fglrx uses04:17
Sarvattbut he wont be around till monday CET04:18
eruditehermitbtw you said ppa-purge is broken?04:19
Sarvattyeah, it doesn't know about multiarch04:19
Sarvattit just tries to purge the native arch packages and leaves the :i386 stuff which breaks things bad04:19
eruditehermitso how do I go about doing this properly?04:20
Sarvattthats what i use to purge edgers, but you it'll install some crap you dont have installed now04:21
Sarvattlike -dev packages04:21
* Sarvatt really needs to fix ppa-purge one of these days...04:21
Sarvattcairo libdrm and mesa :i386 packages really screw it up04:23
Sarvattsince anyone with wine installed has that04:24
eruditehermitit doesn't quite work04:24
Sarvattwhich is like everyone that cares to use edgers04:24
eruditehermitit has some more dependencies that break it04:24
Sarvatthad even more packages than that installed?04:24
eruditehermitlibpixman-1-dev/precise libpixman-1-0/precise libpciaccess-dev/precise libpciaccess0:i386/precise04:24
eruditehermitand more04:24
eruditehermiteverytime I add one04:24
eruditehermitit complains about more04:24
Sarvattoh yeah pixman is new04:24
Sarvattsince i purged it last04:25
Sarvattadd libpixman-1-dev/precise libpixman-1-0/precise libpixman-1-0:i386/precise libpciaccess-dev/precise libpciaccess0/precise libpciaccess0:i386/precise to it04:26
eruditehermityep that did it04:27
eruditehermitI was missing one of them04:27
Sarvattcool beans, sorry about the trouble, its such a pain in the ass04:27
Sarvattforgot ricotz updated those two libs today04:27
eruditehermitoh thank you so much for putting up with my questions04:27
eruditehermitsorry about bothering you guys04:27
eruditehermitthe things not working on my laptop are slowly being fixed04:28
Sarvatti uploaded new synaptics and evdev that should work but they still haven't built04:28
eruditehermittouchpad finally works a year after I bought it04:28
Sarvattyeah sforshee fixed alps to not suck04:28
Sarvattthat was freaking awesome :)04:28
eruditehermitthat fixed so many laptops04:28
eruditehermitfinally multitouch on linux04:28
Sarvattlike all dells in the past year04:28
eruditehermitall dells in the past 3 years04:29
eruditehermitso the broken parts on my machine are hybrid GPU04:29
Sarvattwell alps wasnt used across the whole line till sandybridge, was rare before that04:29
eruditehermitlight sensor04:29
eruditehermitand power consumption04:29
Sarvattthat was like entirely rc6 being enabled by default04:30
eruditehermitI still have issues04:30
eruditehermitwith my hybrid GPU turning on randomly04:30
eruditehermitand even with all the power savings04:30
eruditehermitit still only gets 3hrs04:30
eruditehermitvs 5-6 on windows04:30
eruditehermitwhich is a lot better than the 1hr I was getting04:31
eruditehermithow to make video players use intel vaapi04:31
eruditehermitand flash plugin to use vaapi04:31
Sarvattsudo apt-get install i965<tab>04:32
Sarvattoh flash i dont think that uses vaapi at all04:32
Sarvattbut the va 965 drivers are a separate package now04:33
eruditehermitdo you mean sudo apt-get install i965*04:33
eruditehermitalso I have that driver installed04:33
eruditehermitbut my CPU usage spikes when playing videos04:33
Sarvatti965-va-driver is what you need to make va work04:33
Sarvattthe package name04:33
eruditehermityeah I have that04:34
Sarvattthat should totally be a recommends or suggests..04:34
eruditehermitit should be a depends04:35
eruditehermitnot sure why someone wouldn't want it04:35
Sarvattagreed :)04:35
Sarvattbecause they use fglrx and want to save 50kb disk space?04:35
eruditehermitor do suggests get pulled automatically04:35
Sarvattpeople are weird04:35
Sarvattrecommends do i think04:35
eruditehermitthen recommends is fine04:35
eruditehermitso if someone wants to remove it they can04:35
eruditehermitbut by default it should be installed04:35
SarvattUncompressed Size: 28.7 k04:37
Sarvatteven less than i thought04:37
Sarvatt2.7kb compressed size on the livecd04:38
eruditehermitso how do I test if it is being used when I play a video?04:38
Sarvattthink i'll file that bug :)04:38
Sarvatteruditehermit: what playback app?04:38
eruditehermitlets say totem04:38
eruditehermitor vlc04:38
Sarvattdepends on which you're using, its enabled different ways04:38
Sarvatttotem is weird, i think that uses gstreamer-vaapi04:39
Sarvattvlc is weird too04:39
Sarvattyou go to INPUT codecs04:39
Sarvattand check the use gpu accelerated decoding04:40
Sarvattvainfo will tell you what your gpu supports04:40
Sarvattand hope your videos arent like mine encoded in h264 hi10p profile that cant be accelerated by any gpu04:42
Sarvatti'm not sure how you make sure the upstart script is used every boot though04:43
Sarvatti thought it ran every script in /etc/init/ at boot, maybe the radeon hasn't loaded when it tries to run?04:44
Sarvatt(sometimes, making it racy)04:44
Sarvattthere might be a conditional you can throw in there to make it wait until its ready, lessee04:44
Sarvattno, i remember what RAOF pasted you waited until radeon loaded04:45
Sarvattmaybe add the vgaswitcheroo stuff to /etc/init/plymouth.conf?04:46
Sarvatthmm no radeon is usually modprobed by xserver which would be well after plymouth starts sometimes, especially in a dual gpu scenario04:47
Sarvatterr lightdm i meant there instead of plymouth04:47
Sarvatt           and (drm-device-added card0 PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY=104:48
Sarvatt would be satisfied by the intel being ready04:48
eruditehermitwhy wouldn't the upstart script work as is?04:49
eruditehermitit should wait for both intel and radeon04:49
Sarvattradeon being modprobed isnt enough, it takes a long time to finish loading, we hit bugs with that many times in the past04:49
eruditehermitah I see04:50
Sarvatt(just thinking out loud, might be wrong)04:50
eruditehermitit doesn't wait till its finished?04:50
eruditehermitit fires off scripts after they just start?04:50
Sarvattnope it just checks if its loaded before running and probably runs the same time that its modprobed, can ya paste it?04:51
broderit's not critical that the radeon card be turned off *immediately*, right?04:51
eruditehermitthe script?04:51
broderso just add a sleep 3 or something04:51
Sarvattbroder: nope04:51
Sarvattoh yeah, friggin easy solution!04:51
Sarvatteruditehermit: do what he says, add a sleep 3 :)04:51
Sarvattfriday night, beer oclock, brain not working obviously04:52
eruditehermitlike that?04:52
Sarvatteruditehermit: perfect04:52
eruditehermitso is there a way to do stuff before suspend and after resume04:53
eruditehermitI want to turn all GPUs on and then off on resume04:53
Sarvatthave ya googled vgaswitcheroo suspend?04:54
brodereruditehermit: put http://paste.ubuntu.com/877039/ in /etc/pm/sleep.d/00_vgaswitcheroo04:55
broderpossibly chmod +x it04:55
broderyou did say that echoing OFF back into the switcheroo node fixes it, right?04:55
eruditehermitI think so04:56
eruditehermitwell I'll do an ON first04:56
eruditehermitthen off04:56
Sarvatteruditehermit: its gstreamer0.10-vaapi05:01
Sarvattfor totem05:01
Sarvatti'm not sure if its automatic that it'll use it though, probably is05:01
eruditehermithmm I already have that too05:02
Sarvatttjaalton: wth is that package name? :P05:02
eruditehermitbut weird05:03
eruditehermitpower usage goes from 13W to 26W when playing videos05:03
Sarvatteruditehermit: not surprised, i dont recommend using vaapi at all :)05:04
eruditehermithow come?05:04
Sarvattvaapi is a joke, it uses as much cpu as software rendering05:04
Sarvattplus you're running the gpu at higher voltages/clock speeds because its being used05:05
eruditehermitmy system is running at 13-15W05:05
eruditehermitneed to get it to 8-10W to match windows05:05
Sarvattits nothing like vdpau on nvidia where the cpu isnt stressed 05:06
eruditehermitLinux kernel is power hungry05:06
eruditehermitlet me test my new startup script05:07
eruditehermitthanks Sarvatt, broder05:07
Sarvattincrease the sleep if it doesnt work, 3 seconds really should be plenty though05:07
eruditehermitso it works!05:10
eruditehermitbut another annoyance I forgot about05:10
eruditehermitbrightness settings do not persist05:10
eruditehermitnor do bluetooth being on/off05:10
Sarvattits more like X starts at 8 seconds into the boot on a fast ssd, radeon hasnt finished loading by then, a second later its not ready and there is corruption on the screen from the plymouth->x transition before it was ready that was a problem05:11
Sarvattoh cool05:11
eruditehermitso many things don't persist05:11
eruditehermitxinput settings too05:11
Sarvatteruditehermit: thats what you get for buying a linux unfriendly sony :)05:12
eruditehermitdoes it persist on other machines?05:12
eruditehermitactually this machine has been pretty good05:12
eruditehermitDell's were a lot worse05:12
eruditehermittheir mice drove me crazy05:12
eruditehermitthis mouse was usable even with psmouse05:12
Sarvattthey're like the only oem besides apple that doesnt have any vested interest in making linux work, fujistsu would be number 2 close behind them in bios bugs and lack of platform drivers taking care of those things :)05:13
eruditehermitsurprising that everything mostly works then05:14
eruditehermitjust the ati thing05:14
eruditehermitand then general linux kernel power hungry ness05:14
Sarvattyea that ati thing is a problem for everyone, hybrid graphics are annoying :)05:15
eruditehermitI guess the light sensor isn't hooked up05:15
eruditehermitbut the rest of it works05:15
Sarvattno driver for it im sure05:15
eruditehermithonestly dell had shitty laptops last year05:16
eruditehermitactually everyone did05:16
eruditehermitwhen I got this05:16
eruditehermitI wanted something small and light05:16
eruditehermiteveryone was making big and heavy05:16
eruditehermitthis year people have caught on05:16
eruditehermitchoice was apple05:16
eruditehermitand sony05:16
Sarvattyeah agreed05:17
Sarvatti went apple05:17
eruditehermitand sony was lighter/more powerful05:17
Sarvattbut the only other option was sony05:17
eruditehermiteven apple at the time05:17
eruditehermitonly had the air05:17
eruditehermitair was 3lbs05:17
eruditehermitpro was 4.505:17
eruditehermitmine is 3.5 with the power of the pro05:17
Sarvattoh ok i waited till june for sandybridge airs, those are awesome :)05:17
eruditehermitI got it february05:18
Sarvattbut yeah GPU blows05:18
Sarvatti have a 17" laptop with a gtx 460m for that05:18
eruditehermitlol its good in windows05:18
eruditehermiti have an i7!05:18
eruditehermiti7 and discrete GPU05:18
Sarvattthat you cant use?05:18
eruditehermitat 3.5lbs05:18
eruditehermitI can use it in windows05:19
eruditehermitgetting it to work with fglrx is the trick05:19
eruditehermitwould be cool if X could hot swap GPUs05:19
Sarvattthe thing is, ati only cares about people who ship linux and have the oems escallate problems to them05:19
eruditehermitread something on phoronix yesterday about it being a possibility05:19
Sarvattwhich pretty much wont ever be sony05:20
eruditehermitHP and dell have nice ultrabooks now05:20
eruditehermitmore choice05:20
Sarvatti like ux31 atm personally05:21
eruditehermitbut really05:21
eruditehermitbrightness not being remembered05:21
eruditehermitthat isn't a sony problem05:21
eruditehermitits a gnome problem right?05:21
eruditehermitor x05:21
Sarvattno thats actually a bios problem afaik05:21
Sarvatti could be wrong05:21
Sarvattthe brightness level isnt stored anywhere on your system05:22
Sarvattits up to the bios to remember what you were at before, is it right on the next POST?05:22
eruditehermitI just have to lower it on every boot once gnome is up05:22
Sarvattif its bright again on the bios screens the next boot linux wouldn't be what you blame05:23
eruditehermitdo you have any experience with fglrx at all?05:24
eruditehermitI am going to try something crazy05:24
Sarvatthardly any05:24
eruditehermitto USE it05:24
Sarvatti used it maybe 1 hour in my life :P05:24
Sarvattjust to see if new driver releases worked05:25
eruditehermitwith nvidia05:25
eruditehermitcan you switch GPU without restarting X?05:25
Sarvattyou cant do that on anything due to how X works05:27
eruditehermitlets see how fglrx does05:27
eruditehermitthe fglrx package in precise seems old05:41
eruditehermitand not to work with hybrid05:41
Sarvattit is old, because the one that works properly was released 2 days ago, the goal is to have the one released next week in final precise05:41
eruditehermitnext week?05:42
eruditehermitthey are releasing another one05:42
Sarvattor the week after, sometime soon05:42
Sarvattthey got delayed for the feb release05:42
eruditehermitI see05:42
Sarvattjan release was still as broken as the one in there now05:42
eruditehermitthe link is down05:43
eruditehermiton their website05:43
Sarvattwas no feb release, feb catalyst was released 2 days ago05:43
eruditehermitfor 12-205:43
Sarvattsafe to say if its broken in the precise one it'll still not work though :(05:44
eruditehermitif it is broken in 11-11 in precise?05:45
eruditehermithopefully they fixed it all to work05:45
eruditehermitseems like it does a lot of moving of other libs around05:45
eruditehermitregular libgl etc05:45
Sarvattits just a minor increment to the 12-2 one coming out real soon now, they skipped the february release and released an early version of marches for 12-205:45
Sarvattyou can build your own version from the ati.com one easily though no need to use the distro packages05:46
eruditehermitany idea where to get it from?05:46
Sarvattlike --build Ubuntu/precise05:46
eruditehermittheir link is down05:46
Sarvatthttp://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/amd-driver-installer-12-2-x86.x86_64.run works for me05:47
eruditehermitDuplicate headers received from server05:47
eruditehermitwow it works with wget05:47
eruditehermitchrome barfs for some reason05:48
Sarvattone sec uploading it05:48
Sarvattoh ok05:48
Sarvattthe website is all kinds of messed up in chrome here05:48
Sarvatthad to pick the driver with the keyboard05:48
Sarvatt./amd-driver-installer-12-2-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise it is05:50
Sarvattit doesnt work on i38605:50
Sarvattanother reason it probably hasnt been uploaded by now05:50
eruditehermit--buildandinstallpkg is what I use05:50
Sarvatthttp://ubuntuone.com/1UXKtX6u65jOGDrNpyWHyY if you didnt manage to get it05:53
Sarvattgotta use my 50gb ubuntuone storage somehow05:53
eruditehermitwget was able to get it for me05:53
eruditehermitstrange that chrome didn't like it05:53
eruditehermitI thought it was down05:54
SarvattVersion 19.0.1061.1 dev05:54
Sarvattworking fine there05:54
eruditehermitI have 1705:54
Sarvattoh i must be 2 days ahead of you then05:55
Sarvattdev channel :)05:55
eruditehermitstable is 17 still05:55
eruditehermitbut yeah05:55
eruditehermitchrome was at version 2 a few days ago05:55
eruditehermittime to try new fglrx05:56
Sarvattlooks like that went well :)06:33
tjaaltonSarvatt: the -vaapi part?blame ustream :)06:49
Sarvattwell i tried to install gstreamer-vaapi like the source package name :)06:49
Sarvattwas more complaining about the 0.10 part06:50
Sarvattbut yeah thats how gstreamer crap is namespaced just my own screwup06:51
tjaaltonbesides, it triggers bug 94674206:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946742 in intel-vaapi-driver (Ubuntu) "Shotwell crashes on start with gstreamer0.10-vaapi" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94674206:53
Sarvattoh FUN06:54
tjaaltonfixed in upstream master, but would rather know which commit06:54
Sarvatthttp://cgit.freedesktop.org/vaapi/intel-driver/log/ is taking forever to load06:56
Sarvattat least its hard to hit, have to purposefully install 2 things to hit it06:57
tjaaltonnah, just browse with nautilus to a folder where you have videos :)06:58
Sarvatti965-va-driver and the gstreamer0.10-vaapi thing06:58
Sarvatti like how cedarview pvr va crap doesnt even work with it that you went out of your way to add it for :P07:00
Sarvatttjaalton: hmm nautilus is fine here07:04
Sarvatton snb07:04
Sarvattvideo folder, thumbnails arent killing anything07:04
Sarvattwas gonna bisect but need to reproduce first :)07:06
Sarvattshotwell is just giving generic video thumbnails, bah07:08
tjaaltonok, fails here07:09
Sarvatthttp://ubuntuone.com/6BjApmzC9kzm1HyQSVm8fB (the one to the right of to the cursor)07:10
Sarvattwhat kinda videos do you have? avi?07:11
* Sarvatt browses to the NAS where all his videos are07:12
tjaaltonguess I tried it with bigbuckbunny07:12
tjaaltonmeh, resume fail07:12
Sarvattargh i think i did something so it didnt thumbnail videos and cant remember what it was07:14
tjaaltonok so is it unity fail when I get a blank screen, but the pwd dialog is obviously working07:15
Sarvattshotwell-video-thumbnailer: gen6_mfd.c:844: gen6_mfd_avc_ref_idx_state: Assertion `frame_idx < (sizeof(gen6_mfd_context->reference_surface) / sizeof((gen6_mfd_context->reference_surface)[0]))' failed.07:15
tjaaltonand the mouse cursor changes when it's moved around07:15
Sarvatti got that to stderr launching it in a terminal, thats from intel-driver07:15
tjaaltonyeah, unity replace fixed it..07:15
tjaaltonor not07:17
tjaaltonSarvatt: yeah that's the one07:17
tjaaltonlooks plausible07:22
Sarvattonly commit that touched that function between the two versions but yeah07:29
Sarvattdoesn't apply easy to test :)07:30
tjaaltonyeah I tried something and came to the same conclusion.. not easy to just pull something..07:31
tjaaltonso I asked the author if there's going to be a release soon but he didn't reply07:32
Sarvattgit cherry-pick 99ded53e66af1903f1d58ffbc24404d435a6de84; git cherry-pick 99ded53e66af1903f1d58ffbc24404d435a6de84 gets it to apply easily07:35
Sarvattgot it building now, wish i could make it crash07:35
Sarvattbut still i should be able to tell if that assertion is gone07:35
Sarvattno assertion after cherry-picking those two07:36
tjaaltonhehe, thanks07:36
tjaaltonyou can rest now :)07:36
Sarvatthttp://ubuntuone.com/6R5dmBssdYVJtouXzcciv6 if you want to check it07:39
Sarvatti965-va-driver and libva are in collab-maint and a friggin nightmare to update07:40
Sarvattas bad as libxcb was a year ago07:40
tjaaltonnightmare how?07:41
* Sarvatt is spoiled by X packages07:41
Sarvattchanges have to git in git, autoreconf via a patch?07:41
Sarvatterr have to go in git07:41
Sarvattor did that change too..07:41
* Sarvatt absolutely hates autoreconf via a patch07:41
Sarvattlike wacom in debian07:41
tjaaltonyeah that's stupid07:42
tjaaltonanother thing is importing tarballs when upstream uses git..07:42
tjaaltonlike, what?07:42
Sarvattthe git-buildpackage workflow?07:43
Sarvattaka nouveau?07:43
Sarvattoh xterm doesnt use git nevermind :)07:43
tjaaltonwell it should work fine with upstream branches from upstream git07:43
Sarvattricotz: tell me if i broke input on edgers :)07:58
* Sarvatt isnt using it and apparently evdev was broken before07:58
Sarvatttjaalton: hmm so the actual driver  is in libva-intel-vaapi-driver not i965-va-driver08:04
* Sarvatt only installed i965-va-driver testing shotwell08:04
Sarvattso disregard my saying i didnt hit the assert :)08:04
Sarvattno clue what triggered it then08:04
ricotzSarvatt, havent updated to your uploads yet ;), and the scrolling-brokenness was on the gtk3 side which was fixed in git master08:05
ricotzSarvatt, maybe you have an opinion to add https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpciaccess/+bug/95098508:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950985 in libpciaccess (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync libpciaccess 0.13-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New]08:06
Sarvatthttp://ubuntuone.com/6kx60S7s3RixNNpIuw6aea is libva-intel-vaapi-driver08:07
eruditehermitSarvatt, still about?11:38
FernandoMigueldarn..... compiz/unity are fighting over Alt+Tab control :/19:03
eruditehermitSarvatt, you about?20:38

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