magespawngood morning all06:09
magespawnMiight be the Apache I have installed.06:26
Kilosmorning superfly and others07:08
magespawnmorning Kilos07:09
Kiloshey magespawn , you early hey07:09
Kilosyou got that command07:09
magespawnI think it may the apache server I have installed07:09
magespawnbeen here awhile too07:09
Kiloslsof -i:808007:10
Kilosdid you run that07:10
magespawnno that returns nothing07:10
Kilosshould tell you what is using it07:10
Kilosoh my07:11
magespawnthis does nestat -an | grep ":8080"07:11
superflymorning Kilos!07:12
Kilostcp thats a direct thing like wget useshey07:12
Kilosdo you have gwibber running07:13
superflymagespawn: it could be07:13
magespawnlsof -i:8080 does nothing but lsof does 07:15
Kiloswhat does it tell you07:16
magespawnbut there is a lot of info07:18
Kilosthere was also this to look at07:18
magespawnhad a look but do not see anything new therer07:19
Kilosdid you try running it as root07:20
Kiloslots of permission denied07:21
magespawnwhen i run lsof as root there is even more 07:23
superflymagespawn: netstat -ltnp07:23
Kilosi meant starting the bot from root07:24
Kilosim guessing now07:24
Kilosthe fly will find the prob07:25
Kilossomething using tcp07:26
magespawnline 1307:26
superflydon't start ibid from root!!!07:26
magespawnno did not07:26
superflyI gotta go out - magespawn are you using anything other than IRC?07:26
magespawni do have Apache installed07:27
superflymagespawn: no, I meant sources in Ibid07:27
Kilosone of these07:28
magespawndo not think so just used the package managed install instructuions from the site07:28
KilosIbid understands many protocols, including IRC, Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk,07:28
magespawnno just irc07:28
Kilosyou dont use gwibber hey?07:29
Kilosbut its installed?07:29
Kilosmine used to eat data even if not open07:29
magespawnyup on the laptop07:30
magespawnbut not as far as i know on the server unless it is default07:30
Kiloschesk if its installed on this pc07:30
Kilosremove it seeing as you dont use it07:30
Kilosyeah from lucid it was default i think07:31
Kilosif you look in synaptic and type in gwibber at the top it will show if installed07:33
Kilosi dunno the command to find whats installed07:34
Kilosread it just the other day but forgot already07:34
Kiloshi there nlsthzn 07:40
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:41
* Maaz washes some mugs07:41
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos 07:41
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:45
magespawnhi nlsthzn07:45
nlsthzngood morning magespawn 07:46
KilosMaaz, ty07:47
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:47
* Kilos is so happy with the bot being back07:47
magespawnokay then08:38
Kiloswhat did i miss08:39
magespawnnot sure i just got discoonected it is the apache tomcat server i have running so going to modify the port it uses08:40
magespawnbrb have to restart the server08:51
Kilosmagespawn, wb08:57
magespawnHi Kilos 09:01
magespawnthe bot is here09:02
Kilosgc hi09:02
Kilosdrunk already09:03
magespawnhad to change the default port for the apache tomcat to listen on09:03
magespawnweb server09:03
Kilosyou are clever now. do you wanna put it on ##kilos as well?09:03
magespawnbrain is a bit fritzed09:04
magespawnjust followed instructions really09:04
Kiloslol was a big job hey?09:04
magespawnsteep learning curve09:04
magespawnlots of reading09:04
Kilosas long as you can remember what you learned its worth it09:05
Kilosgc coffee on09:05
* gc washes some mugs09:05
magespawnthats the thing learnt how to use vi which was a big step, clipped all the pages and url to evernote09:05
Kiloshee hee09:05
Kilosi started learning vim but head jammed09:06
Kilosgc welcome to ubuntu-za09:07
gcThank you so much Kilos09:07
magespawnnow to set up the dyndns and prot forwarding so i can get to the server remotely09:08
magespawntakes a while to make the coffe to09:08
Kilosthey take 4 or 5 mins09:09
gcCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:09
Kilosgc thanks 09:09
gcno problem, Kilos09:09
magespawngc google ibid09:13
gcmagespawn: "Ibid. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibid. :: "IBid" http://ibid.illinois.gov/ :: "ibid. - definition of ibid. by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and ..." http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ibid. :: "Could you shed some light on "Ibid" for me?" http://ask.yahoo.com/19991209.html :: "IBID PROJECTS Contemporary Art" http://ibidprojects.com/ :: "ibid records | here we are" http://ibidrecords.com/ :: …09:13
magespawnhah this was worth the effort09:14
Kilosgoogle how to setup ibid on ubuntu09:15
Kilosgc google how to setup ibid on ubuntu09:15
gcKilos: "Ubuntu Manpage: ibid-setup - Create a basic configuration file and ..." http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/ibid-setup.1.html :: "Ubuntu Manpage: ibid.ini - Configuration file for Ibid" http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man5/ibid.ini.5.html :: "Ubuntu Manpage: ibid - Run an Ibid bot" http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/ibid.1.html :: "[ubuntu] Tips to install XMMS on Lucid - Page 4 - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubu…09:15
Kilosoh ya must have info in man as well09:15
Kiloswhen your towers are up the bot will help attrack customers and hopefully more ubuntu users09:16
magespawnthats always a good thing09:26
Kilosand i think you might be able to kinda advertise as well when they connect09:28
magespawni think i might need to upgrade the server 09:28
magespawnold machine09:28
Kiloseish why?09:28
Kilosisnt the upgrade dicey?09:29
magespawnnot sure what the requirments will be if lots of people are connected at the same time09:29
magespawnhardware only09:29
Kilosi remember someone saying dont upgrade. not sure what though09:30
Kilosoh i see09:30
Kiloshow old is it09:30
Kilossuperfly, uses a P2 for his server09:30
magespawnnot actually sure was a donated tower09:31
magespawnhold will get specs now09:31
Kiloscat /proc/cpuinfo09:31
magespawnor sudo lshw09:32
magespawnCelerin 2.6ghz09:35
Kilosthats fast for a server09:35
Kilosand 1g of ram that should be fine09:36
Kilosif it struggles with others using it as well add ram09:37
Kilosbut should be fast enough, much faster than my clonker09:38
magespawnmaybe set up a hluhluwe wug09:38
Kilosyou could even get it to reach the game reserve. they can pay the tower costs09:40
Kilosthats how ptawug did it09:41
Kilosgot each area to pay for their own relay towers09:41
magespawnthey have a website up09:48
magespawnyou on the wug09:49
Kilosgc google ptawug09:49
gcKilos: "PTAWUG - Pretoria Wireless User Group" http://www.ptawug.co.za/ :: "Getting Started - PTAWUG - Pretoria Wireless User Group" http://www.ptawug.co.za/content_list_11 :: "IRC - PTAWUG - Pretoria Wireless User Group" http://www.ptawug.co.za/content_list_3 :: "Ptawug | Facebook" http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ptawug/103968902973671 :: "www.wug.za.net :: Wireless User Groups South Africa" http://www.wug.za.net/ :: "ICASA gives PTAWUG high site …09:49
Kilosthey are big09:49
magespawnare you part of it?10:00
Kilosno i havent got a wireless card10:00
Kilosthat thing10:00
Kilosbut i know they work right past me to brits. they got a tower on the mountain above hartebeestpoort dam10:01
Kiloshi psydroid 10:04
Kilosi thinkthats about 100 ks magespawn 10:04
psydroidhi Kilos10:05
Kilosyou could even getmtubatuba that way10:05
psydroidhi magespawn10:05
magespawnhi psydroid10:05
magespawnyup need a nice high hill though10:05
Kilosthere are somearound there10:06
Kilosthe expense is the ting10:06
magespawnpretty flat here maybe up by pongola might need ICASA liscence10:06
Kilosstart small and once others hear about it they could help with costs10:07
magespawngood idea10:07
Kiloswe all had to learn to walk before we could run10:07
Kilosget the locals talking first10:08
magespawn"Sometimes you must run before you can walk." Tony Stark, Ironman.10:09
Kilosaks him if he ran before he walked as a baby10:10
magespawnMovie based on a DC comic10:10
Kilosnow he walks when he is tired thats why he runs first10:10
Kilosi hate youtube everyone puts everything there10:12
magespawngot to go shopping then i am of home see you late Kilos10:26
Kilosgo well magespawn 10:27
Kiloshi drussell can i worry you?10:34
drussellKilos: sure12:27
Kilosim struugling to get debdelta working. when i do sudo apt-get debdelta-upgrade it tells me invalid operation12:29
Kilosstruggling too12:29
Kilosi looked at the man pages, 4 of them but they too involved for me to understand12:29
Kilosand this link i dont understand drussell 12:30
Kilossomething between my apt and debdelta is missing12:31
Kilosim spoilt by everything else configuring automatically12:33
drussellKilos: yeah, debdelta isn't fully integrated yet, and currently no ETA for when it will be, if ever12:34
Kilosi need it for maverick. im gonna see how long i can go for12:34
Kilosdebdelta has 4 man pages and each one makes my head throb worse12:35
drussellKilos: you've only got 2 months of support left on maverick tho12:36
drussellKilos: then no more updates, no fixes and no new software12:36
Kilosi dont have a choice drussell 12:36
Kilosthen i will use aptoncd in case i need to reinstall12:37
drussellKilos: :o(12:37
Kilosor even remastersys12:37
Kilosmy pc cant handle unity and there is no cap to keep updating12:38
Kilosso i gonna stretch maverick12:38
Kilosi have the first man page at http://slexy.org/view/s2x4wmGMSp12:45
Kiloswas trying to save someone having to install debdelta first12:46
magespawnHowdy all15:01
Kiloshiya magespawn you on the fone now?15:02
magespawnI see the gc has gone15:03
Kilosyahe left just after you15:03
Kiloscoupla secs later15:03
magespawn Maybe when I logged it it logged out too so I should stay logged in15:04
magespawnAlso possible that the pc lost its electricity 15:05
magespawnMaybe when I logged out it logged out too15:06
magespawnAny who, at least it was working, I must about setting up automatic logging.15:12
Kilosyeah it works kiff15:12
Kilosmakes nice coffee too15:12
magespawnI'll be back later just going to "family time."15:21
superflyMaaz: tell magespawn "nohup <command> &"16:00
Maazsuperfly: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode16:00
Kiloshe has done well hey superfly ?16:01
=== nlsthzn is now known as not_found
Kilosevening all17:57
not_foundHi uncle Kilos 18:02
Kilosthat you nel?18:03
not_foundyup it is I :)18:03
Kiloswhere you come on the funny nick not_found 18:04
KilosMaaz, where is not_found 18:04
MaazKilos: Erk, dunno18:04
KilosMaaz, last seen not_found 18:04
MaazKilos: Excuse me?18:04
not_foundKilos: it is my nick on the forum... we are pushing to get our channel #ubuntuforums a bit more active, build some cimmunity :)18:06
Kilosnot some unity18:06
not_foundwe have enough unity already :)18:07
Kilosi wish peeps at launchpad will accept that im gonna keep maverick as long as i can. I ask for help to integrate debdelta and one keeps on advising me to go with later distros18:09
Kilosand if i can rum unity then go kubuntu or xubuntu18:11
Kiloseven after i say I dont have data to do the upgrades18:11
not_foundThe rest of the world don't understand uncle Kilos 18:12
Kilosapart from that i love maverick18:12
not_foundthe meerkat was / is good18:13
Kilosyeah and still 50 days support so why try change me18:14
not_found:) .. TBH I almost want to suggest you go for Debian.18:14
Kerberoi agree18:14
not_foundYou know enough to get it workign like you want... if someone gets you all the DVD's you would be good to go18:14
Kilosdoes debian look like maverick?18:15
not_foundit is Gnome 218:16
not_foundand debian is supported for ages...18:16
Kilosso will look just like maverick?18:16
not_foundthey only bring our a new version maybe every two years...18:16
not_foundjust about like maverik18:16
not_foundnot the same theme18:16
not_foundopen and close etc. on the right18:16
not_foundnothing that can't be changed by those that like to change things 18:17
Kiloswhat gets changed when ubuntu uses bebian packages18:20
not_foundlittle tweaks to make the defaults more friendly... and branding I suspect... not an expert18:21
Kilospartial upgrades are dangerous hey? my update manager wants to do a partial18:30
not_foundit has been known to be detremental18:30
Kilosin update manager i can stop firefox and some others to cut data. never use ff anyway18:31
not_foundif you remove it then it will never ask to update it...18:32
Kilosgood idea18:32
Kilosiwonder should i purge it18:34
not_foundwith the new aggresive updating that FF does there is  new version it seems twice a month18:34
Kilosdoesnt anything else use parts of its links18:34
Kilosyeah ff is a pain18:35
not_foundthis is the way of the internet now it seems... browser wars and all18:35
not_foundI am not sure what would be the best way of doing it...18:35
Kiloslol i get bang18:35
Kilosage old saying leave well enough alone18:36
not_foundthat was what I was also feeling... I don't mind killing my own installs but would feel terrible if someone elses gets nuked because of me18:37
Kilosha ha ha18:37
not_foundand at the moment my Ubuntu install is dead at home... did the update on Precise today and now it hangs and I have to hard boot everytime :'(18:39
Kiloseish 18:40
not_foundit happens I guess18:40
inetprogood evening18:45
Kiloslo inetpro 18:45
inetproKilos: I see not_found is lost?18:45
=== not_found is now known as nlsthzn
Kilosinetpro, i need you when you have time to spend18:45
* inetpro is very tired18:46
Kilosja eish18:46
inetprowhat's up doc?18:46
Kilosthat debdelta isnt integrated into ubuntu18:46
Kilosi been all over18:46
Kilosfound some links but dont understand what they say must be done18:47
inetprohmm... 18:47
* inetpro won't go the tonight18:48
Kilossomeone gave me airtime last night but dont wanna waste it if possible18:48
Kilosnot a prob18:48
Kilosi can wait. i know you are busy18:48
Kilosit has 4 man pages18:49
Kilosall greek18:49
nlsthznnight all18:49
Kilosnight nlsthzn 18:49
inetprogood night nlsthzn18:49
Kilossleep tight18:49
Kiloseish so quick18:50
inetproat least he found his self again18:50
Kiloshe says that his forum nick18:50
Kilosinetpro, do you know debian18:51
Kilosi been advised to use that18:51
Kilosbut feel like a traitor18:51
Kilosand also its 2g of maverick archives wasted18:52
Kiloswill use too much data to get debian working like this18:54
Kiloskbmonkey got his bot working here18:56
Kiloswas that apache server goodie using port 808018:56
Kiloshi sakhi 18:56
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:17
=== nlsthzn is now known as not_found
=== not_found is now known as nlsthzn

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