DrknzzHi guys! Does anyone here have experience building kernels? I need to crosscompile a kernel to ARMv6, i have the GNU ARMv6 compiler, but make keeps telling me $CROSS_COMPILEgcc does not exist, even though i am pretty sure it does00:00
WebWalker3D|2I can't seem to get any version of ubuntu to work in Xen HVM as a guest.  Is there anything obvious I'm missing?00:00
icerootWebWalker3D|2: i dont know what xen hv,m is but with normal xen its working without problems here00:01
LirthI've noticed that my sound will no longer work on either my desktop or my laptop. It works fine when I'm running windows and I'm not sure what's causing the problem.00:01
KI7MTDrknzz, You may want to ask  in #ubuntu-kernel  I found a how-too but not sure how accurate it is, you can have a look here: http://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2010/10/19/how-to-cross-compile-arm-kernel-under-ubuntu-10-10/00:03
ituHow to rotate  a video 180°  (with mplayer) ?00:04
DrknzzKIM7 Thanks man, will have a look.... the kernel is for a phone, but ive checked some of the source and most stuff is plain 2.6.x linux files00:04
igor__what, linux cant play mkv files?00:04
itu(or mcoder)00:05
CFHowlettitu   http://nwlinux.com/rotate-a-video-using-mplayer/00:05
icerootigor__: linux has nothing to do with mkv files00:05
icerootigor__: and mkv is not a video-format its just a container00:05
igor__so it cant play them?00:05
icerootigor__: of course you can play them but you need the codecs00:06
igor__where do i get them?00:06
ituCFHowlett: i need  180°00:06
WebWalker3D|2iceroot: xen hvm is hardware virtualization, not paravirtualization00:06
icerootigor__: and what does "does not play" mean? laggy? no sound? not starting?00:06
Guest39889some log messages appear for a moment when logging out or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace...what are they and where do they come from?00:06
igor__i get a green video in vlc. and all the others either wont play or the audio and video is way off00:07
icerootWebWalker3D|2: ok, should be working fine. what are the exact errors you are getting?00:07
CFHowlettigor__   amazing what one can find with 60 seconds of online search   http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-play-mkv-files-in-ubuntu00:07
iceroot!codecs | igor__00:07
ubottuigor__: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:07
WebWalker3D|2iceroot: 11.10 can't find network card, 11.04 installs then doesn't boot - can't find root00:07
icerootWebWalker3D|2: i would suggest a test with 10.04 because that release is using the mailline xen-kernel00:08
WebWalker3D|2iceroot: I'll give 10.04 a shot, back in 10 min :)00:08
icerootWebWalker3D|2: my best results i get are always with the mainline xen-kernel, 2.6.18, 2.6.26, 2.6.3200:08
LirthI've noticed that my sound will no longer work on either my desktop or my laptop. It works fine when I'm running windows and I'm not sure what's causing the problem.00:08
igor__says unable to locate package vlc-plugin-esd00:09
lilVaratepDoes anyone know how to make irssi auto connect to irc and identify?00:09
jriblilVaratep: irssi.org/documentation startup HOWTO does :)00:10
igor__i've already installed the restricted formats too00:10
ActionParsnipigor__: set the output method in vlc to x11 and it'll probably be ok00:11
igor__guess i'll have to go to windows to watch. linux canrt play00:11
ActionParsnipigor__: try waiting for replies rather than pointless emotional stuff00:11
igor__its not emotional. i've been at this for hours00:12
igor__where do i find x1100:12
igor__ive looked00:12
igor__i dont see it in video settings00:13
igor__well, i tried it and still green video00:14
jadoeany dvb-viewer recommendations? kaffeine doesn't play audio on hd channels for me, totem/gnome-dvb finds only a small number of channels (not the important ones).00:15
pdqigor i much prefer gnome mplayer, totem movie player or umplayer over vlc on linux, once install restricted codecs i can play all my .mkv, .mp4 files00:15
ActionParsnipigor__: http://screenshots.oahermes.com/16/big_61_vlc-1.1.0-video-settings.png   just under skip frames, it says "output" I believe it's that00:17
WebWalker3D|2iceroot: 10.04 works...  Any thoughts why 11.x won't?00:17
ActionParsnip+1 for gnome-mplayer :)00:17
igor__yes i found it00:18
igor__it still isnt working00:18
ubottuTRESH: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».00:18
ActionParsnipigor__: tried gnome-mplayer ?00:18
ituAnybody who know how to  rotate  a video 180°  (yes i mean rotating 180° and not flipping and i think it should have some option to do this in one run ... not rotating 90° twice ) ?00:18
ActionParsnipitu: I believe vlc can do that00:19
itui do not have vlc  :(00:19
igor__it plays but the audio and video is way off00:19
ActionParsnipitu: you can install it though00:20
pdqitu, you sure have very specific needs hehe :) i only know of 90 degrees twice in mplayer00:20
igor__i gotta go. i'll try later. thanks for the help00:21
itubut thats silly00:21
itu(ok, seems to be the only possibility)00:22
ActionParsnipitu: why, you have a need and I'm naming a tool which can do what you need00:22
ActionParsnipitu: how is that silly>?00:22
LirthI'm having some sound problems with ubuntu 11.10. It's completely silent and is creeping me out. Windows 7 runs sound successfully so I don't think it's my speakers.00:22
pdqsilly, could be standing on your head to watch video :p00:22
ActionParsnipLirth: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh00:23
itumplayer is silly00:23
ActionParsnipitu: mplayer is the daddy :)00:23
CFHowlettitu http://mukeshchomu.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-to-rotate-videos-on-ubuntu.html00:23
itudont have the choice to install something right now00:23
ActionParsnipitu: http://nwlinux.com/rotate-a-video-using-mplayer/00:23
LirthActionParsnip: Do you want me to run that code in the terminal?00:23
ActionParsnipLirth: please, select to upload to the server and a URL will be made, what is it please00:24
DrknzzHi guys! Is there any command that allows me to test if a certain file exists and is readable?00:24
CFHowlettitu   http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/1345/rotate-a-video-file-by-90-degrees-cw00:24
ActionParsnipDrknzz: file /path/to/file    will show if the file exists or not00:24
DrknzzActionParsnip: Why would file report the file is there, but make fails to find it?00:25
icerootDrknzz: have a look at "man test"00:25
LirthActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=ec23669c5a30992323bf6930313763116b3d189400:26
itu(nobody seems to read me, even if i am very detailed...)00:26
icerootDrknzz: you want "-e" from test00:26
ActionParsnipDrknzz: bad make file00:27
Praxianyone ever use brightq for canon printers?00:27
DrknzzActionParsnip: I doubt a makefile for a linuxkernel to fail that miserably00:27
icerootDrknzz: if [[ -e filename ]] then echo "file exist" fi00:27
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ActionParsnipDrknzz: no idea00:27
ActionParsnipLirth: if you run:  alsamixer    are all levels unmuted and cranked?00:28
DrknzzThanks iceroot00:28
sujhey that download didnt work either00:28
[[thufir]]am I specifying my CDRW driver correctly in this command please?  should it be 1,0,1 or what?  http://pastebin.mozilla.org/151119700:28
LirthActionParsnip: I have no idea how to tell. I've never used it before.00:28
Drknzziceroot: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `then'00:28
jsecinteresting problem trying to install luakit from source. I have lua 5.2 installed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/876831/00:29
ActionParsnipLirth: then try it....00:29
ActionParsnip[[thufir]]: 1,1,0  by your output00:29
pdqsuj, i would recommend .torrent: http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent00:29
Praxican I use a mac printer driver on ubuntu?00:29
[[thufir]]ActionParsnip: thx00:29
ActionParsnipPraxi: no, it won't work00:29
icerootDrknzz: working fine here00:30
Praxidarn, getting completely shut down by this printer hehe00:30
Drknzziceroot: if [[ -e "/home/drknzz/SEKernelDev/arm-2010/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc" ]] then echo "file exist" fi00:30
DrknzzOh, sorry, messed up that00:30
DrknzzToo much coffe xD00:30
OldOneEyehow do i install xwin with kde on ubuntu server 11.1000:30
varatephow do I use fluxbox in ubuntu? i already apt-get installed fluxbox00:31
LirthActionParsnip: There are: Master (green), Headphones (red) PCM (Red) Front (red) Front Mi (empty) <other> Front Mi (green) Surround (red) Center (red). I have no idea what each level means or what the names are.00:31
Drknzzvaratep: Log off, then choose a fluxbox session00:31
helpanooblooking for another way then remastersys in order to make a full back up as is?00:31
varatepDrknzz: the only sessions i see is this one, guest, and other00:31
Drknzzvaratep: You need to logoff, there you can choose between unity and fluxbox in the logonscreen00:32
varatepDrknzz: by the password?00:32
OldOneEyehow do i install xwin with kde on ubuntu server 11.1000:32
iceroot!info xwin00:32
ubottuPackage xwin does not exist in oneiric00:32
icerootOldOneEye: what should xwin be?00:33
sujpdq:and then?00:33
ActionParsnipLirth: are the levels high though?00:33
ActionParsnipLirth: and unmuted. You can use M to unmute00:33
suji shud have a torrent software right?00:33
ActionParsnipsuj: in which OS?00:33
LirthActionParsnip: All except three are at the max.00:33
sujwindows 700:33
ActionParsnipsuj: you will need to install one00:34
ActionParsnipLirth: max the others if you can00:34
OldOneEyehow do i install xwin with kde00:34
sujhmmmm.thhhhhot so.lol00:34
suji will be able to download the whole file then right?00:34
LirthActionParsnip: Some have green highight to the letters. How do I tell if with green or without green is mute?00:34
icerootOldOneEye: what is "xwin"?00:35
ActionParsnipLirth: use cursors and M, press ESC to exit00:36
OldOneEyegui interface for linux00:36
pdqsuj, yep00:36
OldOneEyeit used to be called xwin00:36
OldOneEyewith startx00:36
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: do you mean Xorg?00:36
LirthActionParsnip: I tested both green highlight and without the highlight. Neither way I got sound'00:36
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: yes, thats xorg. If you have kde installed it will be running on top of Xorg.00:37
icerootOldOneEye: you are talking about xserver00:37
Praxiumm if your in KDE, isn't X already started? sorry pretty new at this hehe00:37
icerootOldOneEye: so you have a server without a gui and you want kde?00:37
ActionParsnipPraxi: you are right00:37
OldOneEyeyes iceroot00:37
OldOneEyei got ubuntu server 11.10 installed00:37
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: why didn't you just install Kubuntu?00:37
icerootOldOneEye: why installing server then? and the command you need is "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"00:37
OldOneEyeim gonna run shells from here00:38
icerootOldOneEye: for that you dont need the server-edition00:38
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: you can do anything you can in the server OS in the desktop OS00:38
icerootOldOneEye: the server-edition is the same as the desktop-edition without a gui00:38
OldOneEyehow i install a gui00:38
icerootOldOneEye: i told you the command00:38
PraxiAnyone have any ideas to get this printer working in Linux? canon imagerunner advance c7055?00:39
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: the WHOLE idea of the server OSis to NOT have a GUI to make it more secure and boot faster and use fewer resources00:39
ActionParsnipPraxi: checked the canon europe site00:39
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chaos_zerohey i have a small problem that i just want to fix for the sake of fixing it00:40
=== stewart1982 is now known as youngluv29
LirthActionParsnip: I tested both settings after placing it and exiting. Neither worked.00:40
chaos_zerowhen i start up my server (i mean, how often does that even happen?) i have to change interfaces to dhcp and back to static or it will not connect00:40
Praxidoh nothing for linux there00:40
chaos_zeroany idea why that is?00:40
Praxiooh ya chaos, had that happen to me00:41
Praxisomething was pointed at Eth1 instead of Eth0, can't remember what file that was though chaos_zero00:41
varatepwhat's a good window manager?00:41
ActionParsnipvaratep: openbox imho, compiz if you like eye candy00:42
chaos_zerowell it has 10 network interfaces00:42
pdqvaratep, i like awesome wm and xfce, but diff strokes for diff folks :]00:42
Praxilike 2 of my servers were doing that right out of the gate chaos_zero.  Any time they rebooted woudln't pick up dhcp unless I ran it by hand.  Had to go modify some dhcp file because it was looking at the wrong ethernet by default00:42
Kevin1aKubuntu keeps losing my wireless card.  I can't see wireless networks at all.  It worked right after I installed the system, but now it doesn't.  I had the same experience with Fedora KDE.  Is there something wrong with KDE and wireless configuration right now?00:42
varatepActionParsnip: Isn't compiz what unity is using?00:42
=== Axlin_ is now known as Axlin
zykotick9varatep: ask 10 people, get 10 different answers ;)00:43
chaos_zeroahh ok, if its not just me i guess its not as big a deal00:43
ActionParsnipvaratep: yes, unity is a plugin for Compiz. Just don't enable it :)00:43
chaos_zeroill have to make a script or something to run that at startup00:43
Praxiit was real zimple chaos_zero00:43
Praxibasically the dhcp file was set to eth1 instead of eth000:43
Praxiand I didn't have a eth100:44
waters33637anyone got a sec to help with setting up sftp .. Used this how-to, but doesnt work  ... help??       http://solderintheveins.co.uk/2011/03/ubuntu-sftp-only-account-how-to/00:44
ActionParsnipwaters33637: just install openssh-server and you are ready to rock00:44
waters33637kinda ....00:44
iceroot!work | waters3363700:44
ubottuwaters33637: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:44
ActionParsnipwaters33637: the access to files will be the access you give the user on the files like a normal user, so there is no extra config needed00:45
Praxichaos_zero, I think it was in here?  /etc/network/interfaces00:45
waters33637was looking to change root it and a non shell login for users00:45
DrknzzI am having problems running a cross-compiler, when i try to sh any of it's files [gcc/gpp...] sh spits out a syntax exceptions, which leads me to believe the files DO exist, as shown by a simple ls/nautilus... yet when i try to run them with ./gcc, bash spits out that's not a file nor a folder00:46
ActionParsnipDrknzz: have you asked in #kernel00:47
zykotick9waters33637: here's another article, might help?  www.debian-administration.org/articles/59000:47
DrknzzActionParsnip: #ubuntu-kernel is a ghost town... and i doubt this is really a #kernel related issue00:47
waters33637cool thanks ...00:47
Praxiya thats it chaos_zero my bad servers were set to auto eth1 when they should of been auto eth000:48
dj_ryanquestion for gnome-shellers, I cant seem to get the gnome-shell title bar to appear on the "correct" monitor in a multi-monitor setup. xrandr set the primary, and the displays settings says the screen i think is primary.00:49
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PraxiIs there anything like teamviewer available for unbuntu that will work WITHOUT a user logged on, is a hosted service type thing (so I don't have to poke holes in my firewall)?00:51
LirthActionParsnip: I tried the sound thing and still nothing. Any idea what I should do next?00:52
ActionParsnipLirth: does the system have a make and model?00:53
LirthActionParsnip: Nope. It's my first home built computer.00:54
ActionParsnipPraxi: you'll need to port forward for any service like that00:54
icerootPraxi: no, ssh, vnc, rdesktop, nx needs firewall modifications00:54
KI7MTYeah it's Home-brew-1.0.000:54
LirthActionParsnip: But it also doesn't work on my laptop which is an HP Pavilion dv600:54
rageoguampa, estoy con testdisk, crees que valdrá para algo?00:55
icerootPraxi: teamviewer is not "non-interactive" you will not find a non-interactive app which is doing what you want00:55
D4rthB4n3what application do u use to convert a vidio file into another video00:55
Praxiteamviewer works fine on windows without a user logged in?00:55
icerootPraxi: no00:55
Praxiuse it all the time00:55
icerootPraxi: then it should do the same on linux00:55
icerootPraxi: because the linux-version is the windows-version00:56
Praxilimitation of the linux client, its doing wine00:56
Praxiits not the same client either00:56
Praxihas stripped down options00:56
Praxinone of the options for 'start with windows' are there00:56
ActionParsnipPraxi: why do you want to connect to the remote system?00:57
PraxiI can make it start with user login, but if I'm doing this so I can remote in from home, and no user is logged in say due to a power outage, it won't work :)00:57
Praxibasically if something happens to the office while I'm at home, I need to be able to remote in and start fixing things.  Its easier with team viewer as nothing additional has to be opened, no ports have to be forwarded, that type of thing.00:58
iceroot!nx | Praxi00:59
ubottuPraxi: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:59
ActionParsnipLirth: for the HP DV6 you may need to run:    echo "options snd-hda-intel model=dell-m4-1 enable_msi=2" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf     and reboot00:59
diverdudeHello. I have a Lenovo W520 with nvidia graphic card inside. For some reason when i try to activate the nvidia drivers, the computer must be restarted for changes to take effect, and then it just hangs when trying to start up. So i cannot use my computer and have to wipe everything and install ubuntu again...That really sux!!! How can i correct this problem and make ubuntu use the proper nvidia drivers?00:59
icerootPraxi: you have to open a port but dont need a logged in user00:59
Praxithanks iceroot00:59
ActionParsnipdiverdude: no need to reinstall, just boot to root recovery and unnstall the driver...00:59
Lirthdiverdude: You can boot with "nomodeset" and it should work until you download and install the drivers.01:00
diverdudeActionParsnip: how do i boot to root recovery?01:00
ActionParsnipdiverdude: try:   nvidia-xconfig    in root recovery console, may help01:01
ActionParsnipdiverdude: hold shift at boot, select recovery mode, select root01:01
LirthActionParsnip: I tried that and it says it can't find the file or directory.01:03
diverdudeActionParsnip: i then get Error: Unable to write to directory /etc/X1101:03
diverdudeActionParsnip: and i did sudo nvidia-xconfig01:04
diverdudeActionParsnip: ?01:06
diverdudeLirth: but i cant even boot...just in recovery mode01:07
Lirthdiverdude: Do you have a live cd/usb?01:07
diverdudeLirth: yeah..or i can make one01:08
ActionParsnipdiverdude: you should have write access there. You can add the boot option:  nvidia.blacklist=1   and boot as if you'd never installed the driver01:09
diverdudeActionParsnip: how do i add that boot option?01:09
varatepwhat's the package for vi full called?01:10
Lirthdiverdude: Actually, can you access the GRUB?01:10
diverdudeLirth: yeah01:11
Praxiiceroot, have you looked at that freenx recently?  seems to generate a ton of errors about missing files when adding the repositories on 11.10?01:11
Lirthdiverdude: And, just to double check, you run into a problem after that where it has a black screen (maybe with a flashing underscore)?01:11
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icerootPraxi: no not with newer ubuntu versions01:12
diverdudeLirth: no it says checking battery state after having run a lot of aother stuff...and then i just hang01:12
icerootvaratep: vim01:12
Praxikk thanks for the reply01:12
icerootvaratep: if you want the real editor with all the stuff01:13
Lirthdiverdude: Try checking this page out. See if it helps. http://webpagedeveloper.me/blog/ubuntu-1110-boot-freezing-checking-battery-state-because-lightdm-fails-load01:14
ActionParsnipdiverdude: hold shift at boot and press E, then delete the words: quiet splash   and add the boot option: nvidia.blacklist=101:15
Lirthdiverdude: Try listening to ActionParsnip before me. (S)he's way more experienced at this stuff than me.01:15
ActionParsniphe ;)01:18
varatepcrap... i gotta re-do plugins/syntax/theme for vim01:18
ryaoDoes anyone know how to make a Ubuntu 10.04 LiveUSB key without using a GUI tool?01:18
diverdudeActionParsnip: should i add the nvidia.banlist=1 in the end of that tetfile or as a replacement for quiet splash?01:19
Michael2507bonsoir ya des francais ici ? :D01:20
varatepwhere's vim config files? i cant find in home or .config01:20
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ActionParsnipdiverdude: replace01:22
Minitux90hey everybody ! Is somebody french in this chat ? Beccause i'm not so good in English :$01:22
ubottuMinitux90: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:22
varatepwhere's vim config files? i cant find in home or .config01:25
kiama2005Have just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and having problems with  keyboard.  Shift + 2 gives " instead of @  keys are transposed.01:26
Lirthkiama2005:  Open system settings and select keyboard layout.01:27
Minitux90hi !01:27
Lirthkiama2005: What does it display?01:28
kiama2005Lirth have done this does not solve prob.01:28
Lirthkiama2005: What are you trying to have it as and what does it display?01:28
kiama2005English UK.01:28
matt5hey folks. I never actually tried installing linux with anything other than a CD/DVD disc. can someone commend on the installation process with.. say, a usb key? is it easier/just as easy as burning an iso on a CD/DVD, or what?01:29
Lirthkiama2005: It shows (UK)?01:29
CFHowlettmatt5   it's easier01:29
Lirthmatt5: I've noticed it running faster but I can't say that applies to everyone.01:29
CFHowlettmatt5   startup disk creator or unetbootin will do the job01:29
ryaoDoes anyone know how to make a Ubuntu 10.04 LiveUSB key without using a GUI tool?01:30
ActionParsnipmatt5: no moving parts is advantageous too01:30
matt5CFHowlett: a cd has to be completely free before an image can be burned on it. I assume I'll have to wipe clear my 20gb disc?01:31
ryaomatt5: With 11.10, you can dd the iso into a USB key and it will owrk.01:31
matt5and format it first?01:31
Lirthkiama2005: Is the problem system wide or just in most circumstances?01:31
CFHowlettmatt5   whoa, what?01:31
ryaoSomething like this, but it doesn't work for 10.04: dd if=ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=409601:31
ActionParsnipmatt5: format it fat32, then use unetbootin to put the MD5 tested ISO on the device01:31
CFHowlettmatt5   you do NOT have to "wipe" your hdd.  If you're booting another OS from redmond, you can install next to it (dual-boot).01:32
kiama2005Lirth in most circumstances that I have tried.01:32
aaron777does anyone get some log messages that show for a split second after logging out or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace?01:32
matt5CFHowlett: sorry, I meant: I would have to wipe clean the usb key, which I plan to use for installation01:32
mintmanwireless keyboard for 24 bucks a good deal01:32
ActionParsnipmatt5: yes, thats what I meant01:33
Lirthkiama: Does that mean there are some places where it works or every place you tried it doesn't?01:33
ugoubI just found how find keywords 'sel_role' from .js file and .xml file: find ../ \( -name "*.js" -o -name "*.xml" \) -exec grep -i -o --color=auto sel_role {} \; -print >> ~/sel_role01:33
kiama2005Every place so far.01:33
Lirthkiama2005: are all the letters in the right place?01:34
matt5hm, ok. That sounds very good, I was not expecting this. So thanks! I'll look more into this and try to go for the installation tonight. Which brings me my final question: I can install the 12.04 beta, and expect it to be properly updated by periodically doing "apt-get upgrade", right? so when it's finally out, I won't have to do anything... I will be all good and up to date. Does this sound about right?01:35
Lirthkiama2005: Try checking out this thread. It sounds like your problem.01:35
ActionParsnipmatt5: it will be upgraded like any other release01:36
CFHowlettmatt5   beta = not ready for prime time.  go with 11.1001:36
kiama2005Thanks Lirth will exit and give it atry.01:36
LirthCFHowlet: What about vista? That wasn't in beta once it was released...01:37
ActionParsnipLirth: well yeah, if its released it's not in beta..01:37
LirthActionParsnip: But was it "ready for prime time"?01:38
ActionParsnipLirth: according to the devs, yes01:38
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Kaizenis it possible to build an ubuntu desktop in just 50MB disk space?  all i want is the OS with a browser01:42
ActionParsnipKaizen: i'd look at xpud if thats all you nee01:42
Kaizenactionparsnip will it give me access to command line / bootup scripts etc?01:43
ActionParsnipKaizen: should do01:44
Kaizenactionparsnip ok i'll have a look, thanks01:44
psusiI think even damn small linux needs 100mb, and that's.... damn small! ;)01:44
Kaizenxpud looks promising, i'm a huge ubuntu fan though it's going to be painful01:46
ActionParsnippsusi: Download ISO image: xpud-0.9.2.iso (64MB)01:46
Kaizeninstalling it in virtualbox now01:47
GASSYPOOTSima bout to test my bootloader01:47
psusiI think asking for an OS that needs less disk space than the amount of ram my computer had in 1998 is asking a bit much01:47
Kaizenpsusi hehe, does seem weird :)01:47
CFHowletttiosam   greetings01:47
psusiof course back then we booted a minimal system from a pair of 1.44 MB floppy disks, but there was no gui01:48
OldOneEyewhy cant my hostname be resolved   feces.anus.com (
ActionParsnippsusi: have you not seen kkrieger? Its a full 3D FPS which is 96K in size01:48
ActionParsnipOldOneEye: i'd contact your DNS provider01:50
psusiActionParsnip, what, does it have 3 models with a polygon count of 20 each? seriously, wolfenstein 3d was like 10x that01:50
ActionParsnippsusi: http://powet.tv/powetblog/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/kreiger.jpg01:50
OldOneEyeok kewl01:50
OldOneEyewat problem would it be01:50
ActionParsnippsusi: in a word, no01:50
psusiActionParsnip, yea, that isn't fitting in any 96k01:50
ActionParsnippsusi: yes it is01:51
ActionParsnippsusi: try it01:51
varatepActionParsnip: I saw your picture01:51
ActionParsnippsusi: he textures are mathematically generated01:51
OldOneEyewat problem would it be01:52
bonhoefferif i have a bunch of files: 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 1-100.jpg 2-100.jpg 3-111.jpg -- i want to remove all of the [0-9]+\.jpg files only01:52
LirthActionParsnip: You helped me get my laptop audio working a bit ago. How do you think I'd do that for my desktop?01:52
bonhoeffercan i do this with rm ?01:52
bonhoefferand some glob operation -- or do i need to use find . with a regex?01:53
ActionParsnipbonhoeffer: i'd ask in #bash01:53
bonhoefferActionParsnip: fair enough, thanks!01:53
ActionParsnipLirth: do what?01:53
LirthActionParsnip: Get my sound working. It's not for some reason.01:53
ActionParsnipbonhoeffer: watch for duplicated files though01:54
ActionParsnipbonhoeffer: 1-100.jpg 2-100.jpg  taking away the number will leave 100.jpg for both01:55
bonhoefferi see -- yes i'll be sure to watch for that01:55
ActionParsnipbonhoeffer: so you may want to go from 1 to n and rename each file as a number in sequence01:55
bonhoefferi see01:56
CFHowlettbonhoeffer   see "Other Examples"  http://tips.webdesign10.com/how-to-bulk-rename-files-in-linux-in-the-terminal01:57
bonhoefferCFHowlett: thanks!01:58
aaron777does anyone get some log messages that show for a split second after logging out or pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace?01:59
aaron777im wondering what they are01:59
ActionParsnipaaron777: that happens02:01
young001hey,guys,i encouter a problem,i can connect to my vpn(pptp),but it takes nearly 20s to be connected,while under windows,only 3s,why?02:01
young001how to solve it?02:01
aaron777ActionParsnip: where do they come from?02:02
young001when my os go to sleep,and wake up the vpn will disconnect,how to connect automatically?02:02
young001any help?02:02
ActionParsnipaaron777: its just messages from the login, before the gui loads02:02
Kaizenumm xpud is a fail, can't install it to disk in virtualbox02:03
young001i have search a lot,nothing help,so i come to here to find if any help?02:03
aaron777ActionParsnip: is there any way to hide them? they're really annoying02:03
aaron777i always think somethings broken02:03
LirthCan anyone help me get my sound working on my desktop? It's completely silent and fairly creepy.02:03
ActionParsnipaaron777: you could add the word:  clear    in /etc/rc.local   abouve the exit 0 line02:04
rfiaca_it is possible to resize a linux partition where the ubuntu is installed? i have it with more space that i need02:06
jakuplsure it is02:07
ActionParsniprfiaca_: sure, do it in liveCD. Take a full backup first in case of catastrophe02:07
jakuplbut you need to boot the hd. with some live cd.02:07
rfiaca_hum, ok, make sense...02:08
rfiaca_thanks a lot jakupl  and ActionParsnip02:08
Kaizenhow the hell can they claim xubuntu is leightweight? it takes 2GB to install, that's not lightweight02:10
ActionParsnipKaizen: its light in RAM02:10
CFHowlettKaizen   I believe the light reference is to the required hardware to run ...02:10
ActionParsnipKaizen: it uses lightweight apps which use few resources02:10
Kaizenok, i stand corrected :)02:10
ActionParsnipKaizen: Lubuntu is even lighter, it uses LXDE and openbox :). You can go even lighter with just openbox, or even just flwm02:11
OerHeks2 gb isn't much02:11
Kaizenit is for my needs02:12
ActionParsnipKaizen: install ubuntu minimal, then install openbox and slim and you'll have a super light OS02:13
jakuplSlim is kinda yucky... but I use it, and it works.02:13
Kaizenwhat is slim?02:13
jakupla login manager02:14
jakuplit's lightweight.02:14
ActionParsnip!info slim02:14
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-8ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 755 kB, installed size 1424 kB02:14
Kaizenok trying lubuntu02:19
fellayaboyinstead of using my public ip that always changes what can i do so that i have one address when it changes02:20
fellayaboyor a hostname that i use02:20
Kaizenuse svpn.com02:21
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: get an account with noip or dydns and you can have a name that will update the DNS with your new IP when it changes02:22
Kaizenugh why is lubuntu installing gigs of junk.. grr02:23
fellayaboyActionParsnip, but u have to pay for those services right02:23
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: noip is free02:24
fellayaboyoh ok is it secure?02:24
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: just have to refresh the account when they send you an email to say you still need the name02:24
Kaizeni wouldn't trust them02:24
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: secure in what way?02:24
ActionParsnipfellayaboy: it just changes your ip to an easily rememberable name, what is there to be secure?02:25
fellayaboyoh ok ActionParsnip02:25
ActionParsnipKaizen: why not02:25
Kaizencos they control where the traffic goes, they could redirect anywhere whenever they feel like it02:25
fellayaboyhows the usual setup for this i never did a dyndns or no ip before02:25
fellayaboyi always remembered the public ip address never gave it a host name02:26
ActionParsnipKaizen: it resolves your ip to a name, thats it02:26
Kaizenyou can set it up in your router most times02:26
Kaizenname to ip you mean02:26
ActionParsnipKaizen: both if you want to get techy02:26
Kaizenthey do rdns?02:27
ActionParsnipKaizen: i'd imagine so02:27
ActionParsnipKaizen: ubuntu also has a client for noip in its repos, so it can't be bad :)02:28
Kaizeni'm still suspicious, how do they make money?02:29
ActionParsnipKaizen: you can pay for mail redirects and other services02:29
ActionParsnipKaizen: companies not making money can exist02:30
Kaizenthat's just silly :)02:30
CFHowlett*cough* postal service/amtrack *cough*02:30
ActionParsnipKaizen: for example http://www.no-ip.com/services/managed_dns/enhanced_dynamic_dns.html02:31
ActionParsnipKaizen: basically, you need to chill out02:31
jeremiah_gatongNeed help here, I'm on the terminal, I typed "mv *" all my directories are gone, where does they go?02:31
Kaizeni got my lubuntu now and the screen is ice blue so i feel more chilled02:31
alteregoai am still wondering if deckard is a replicant, did he know it?02:31
ActionParsnipKaizen: good :)02:31
ubottualteregoa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:32
ActionParsnipjeremiah_gatong: run:  sudo updatedb   then you can use the locate command to find the stuff02:32
jeremiah_gatongany other alternative?02:33
Kaizenoh man, even the base lubuntu is 2GB disk02:34
ActionParsnipKaizen: install ubuntu mini, openbox and slim or lightdm (or even do away with login manager wih some tweaks)02:37
Kaizenmaybe i can rip out some stuff from lubuntu02:37
ActionParsnipKaizen: sure, theres a bit of stuff in there you can rip out02:38
Kaizenhrm what's the tool that show what is taking up all the disk space?02:40
=== Guest17627 is now known as aaGp
ActionParsnipKaizen: disk analyser I guess. I'd rip out apps your don't need02:41
Kaizenthis is hard work02:49
jeremiah_gatongNeed help here, I'm on the terminal, I typed "mv *" all my directories are gone, where does they go?02:50
farsight-r ???02:50
hmwhow can I remove a wrong entry from Gedit's spell checker?02:51
jeremiah_gatongI used "move command" :(02:51
ActionParsniphmw: is there a file ~/.aspell.en.pws02:53
hmwActionParsnip: no02:53
ActionParsniphmw: or similar?02:54
MNichiejeremiah_gatong:  You should have gotten a syntax error if you did not give it a destination ie 'mv file destination'02:55
=== Maucat_ is now known as maucat
ActionParsniphmw: in the gedit plugins there is the spellchecker there. If you click configure are the additional words there?02:55
hmwActionParsnip: I can only disable that plugin. Does not look like there was a dictionary in ~ and the word is not in ~/.config/enchant/en_US.dic02:57
drounseis gnome pronounced, nome or or gah nome02:58
ActionParsnipdrounse: nome    the g is silent02:59
jeremiah_gatongI typed "mv *"02:59
jeremiah_gatongno error02:59
drounseActionParsnip ok thats what i thought but the guy from lockergnome  said it gahnome02:59
=== Pikkachu is now known as PikkachuAway
drounsehes an idiot anyway03:01
ActionParsnipdrounse: yeah some people think every letter is pronounced03:01
MNichiejeremiah_gatong:  Are you using ubuntu?  Which version?03:01
drounseActionParsnip well ive always pronouced it nome but this guy said gahnome and im like what? i thought ive been pronouncing it wrong03:01
MNichiejeremiah_gatong:  I think it is more likely that you are looking in the wrong folder03:02
=== Maucat is now known as love
hmwis "retreive" british english? I have set US English in Gedit.03:02
hmwleo.org doesn't know this spelling03:02
hmwpidgin does mark it as wrong, if this matters03:03
drounsedoes anyone here watch "The Linux Action Show"03:04
Kaizenlinux action? stripper show?03:05
drounseKaizen its on youtube or jupiterbroadcasting.com03:05
soreau! ot | drounse03:05
ubottudrounse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:05
drounseKaizen unfortuantly there is no strippers03:05
_Marcusdrounse: They should have some. It would make the podcast more intresting.03:06
drounse_Marcus yea but it is a pretty good podcast03:06
ActionParsniphmw: retrieve   is the right spelling in british english (Native englishman here)03:08
=== love is now known as maucat
drounsedoes anyone know how to downgrade minecraft to 1.1 in ubuntu03:09
scanictI have the update notifier going off on my desktop. When I click update it tells me i have no internet. I fired up synaptic tried the newest version of chrome randomly, same error. Yet....I am on irc right now, and my internet and dropbox work. Nothing has changed since the last time I got an update however many days ago that was. I am on ubuntu 11.10. Any ideas?03:09
Kaizenrm -rf minecraft03:09
drounseKaizen isnt that just going to remove03:09
Kaizenit's a downgrade03:09
Kaizenvery down03:09
drounseKaizen i dont want to remove lol03:10
Kaizenwell you should03:10
drounseKaizen why?03:10
ActionParsnipdrounse: download the 1.1 version of the game..03:10
hmwActionParsnip: thank you. It's weird, the other PC has the same version of gedit and can see it as wrong spelling. The "bad" gedit does not mark "retreixyve" as wrong, either, but it marks other words. Any idea what could be going on?03:10
drounseActionParsnip i cant find a download link03:10
ActionParsnipdrounse: i'd find a minecraft channel03:11
ActionParsniphmw: not sure, very weird03:11
hmwActionParsnip: oh. Turning off syntax hilighting works, it is a PHP file.03:13
=== maucat is now known as love
=== love is now known as maucat
hmwActionParsnip: it does only check strings that are actually strings in PHP, but not in the HTML part.03:16
=== Maucat is now known as Guest73453
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
Jorophoseso i have a Dell V130 laptop here, celeron u3400 and intel series 5 chipset, and my hard drive is no longer detected. i tried a different hard drive that i know works, it's also not detected (at the BIOS level). I ordered an SSD but I don't want to open it if that won't work either. any thoughts on what's going on?03:17
Kaizenthe drive is borked?03:18
Jorophosemy motherboard has a daughter card with what seems to be the HDD controller on it (at least, it has the SATA plugs) but it also does audio-out... and audio out IS working (live USB works perfect; it's just the internal HDD interface is bunk)03:18
hmwActionParsnip: fyi: Switching to HTML solves the problem03:18
Jorophoseboth drives are WD Blue, so maybe they broke the same way? But I doubt they're BOTH bork and invisible to the BIOS because of it?03:18
Kaizenwhat did you mess with?03:19
NorthernSonis there some kind of trick to get ubuntu alternate install cd to work with a usb drive ? I used unebooten to create the disk, and it does boot, but then installer seems to forget where it booted from, and is looking for a cd drive03:19
JorophoseKaizen: nothing. just swapped HDDs. Haven't been experimenting with it, it's my production laptop. :/03:21
mundoes anyone know how to program a bluetooth device on ubuntu, i.e. send AT commands?03:21
GASSYPOOTSHELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MISSING A BOOT MENU!!!!!!!!!!!03:21
MNichieGASSYPOOTS, where did you see it last?03:22
GASSYPOOTSi never did03:22
GASSYPOOTSbeen 2 days since i installed03:22
GASSYPOOTSubuntu's my default noww my grandma wants me to switch it back to linux03:23
GASSYPOOTSwindows i mean03:23
=== PikkachuAway is now known as Pikkachu
ajay_update-grub ?03:23
GASSYPOOTSheres the startup....03:23
ajay_tried it ?03:23
GASSYPOOTSpush button....03:23
GASSYPOOTS......channel out of range......03:23
GASSYPOOTSauto ajusting....... Ubuntu ......03:24
GASSYPOOTSthen desktop shows up03:24
GASSYPOOTSwhen i said ubuntu i mean the purple screen with the dots under it03:24
Kaizenhmm i installed mini but all i get is flashing cursor03:25
Kaizenhow rude03:25
MNichiereboot and hold down the shift key while it is booting, it should take you to a grub menu03:25
GASSYPOOTSim dual partitioned03:25
=== love is now known as maucat
jayarmy ubuntu server shutdown when i lost power, now it comes back up and the videos all messed up, only 1024x768... what could that be?03:27
jonnysHey Guys, Ive been trying to find a way to move the Dash from the right to the bottom haven't found much resources on it, is it possible?03:27
MNichiejonnys, I don't think so03:27
=== MogDog66 is now known as Mog|Away
GASSYPOOTSim realy amazed how fast ubuntu is and my grandma wants it off O_O03:28
GASSYPOOTSto snailwindows 703:29
GASSYPOOTSrealy how do i make it come up03:29
ActionParsnipKaizen: add the boot option: nomodeset   or use: nouveau.blacklist=1   if you use nvidia03:29
Jorophosenothing on the hard drive? any idea on what channels might have a better idea?03:29
SHOVELLugh my primary hard drive partitions are not recognized03:29
GASSYPOOTSi use nvidia but what?!?!?!?03:30
Jorophosejayar: possible your filesystem was damaged? it's easily fixable but worth a shot?03:30
GASSYPOOTSmine autoboots ubuntu with no boot menu03:30
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=103:30
SHOVELLJorophose, did you do the kernel update?03:30
gerinychi got a bunch of windows shares on my home network, but ubuntu seems to have trouble seeing them, sometimes they're there, and sometimes they just disappear all at once. help?03:30
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: hold shift at boot03:30
GASSYPOOTSdid that03:30
MNichieThe left shift key or right shift key?03:31
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: then press E to edit the boot and add the optin#03:31
ActionParsnipeither shift is fine03:31
GASSYPOOTSstill didnt do anythingi did right shift03:31
JorophoseSHOVELL: Was there a bad kernel update? I was running 10.04.3 on it, and 10.04.2 on the spare HDD...03:31
SHOVELLanyone else loose their primary hard drive partitions?03:31
GASSYPOOTSi dont get why she wants windows back so much??????03:31
Jorophoseall intel parts in there, and an ath9k wireless card03:32
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: shift is the default to show grub menu03:32
JorophoseSHOVELL: No, sorry. Try a liveUSB and see what your /etc/fstab looks like?03:32
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: or you can boot liveCD and chroot03:32
GASSYPOOTSand she thinks i can uninstall ubuntu whill ime running it03:32
SHOVELLJorophose, i dont know did you do the update to 3.0.0 16?03:32
GASSYPOOTSinstalled with a live usb03:32
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: then you can use that and chroot03:32
earthkinhello.  is this where I can get help with ubuntu?03:33
GASSYPOOTSits installed to HD now03:33
Kaizenhow do i add the boot option? i edited the thing but it said bad command03:33
GASSYPOOTSjust give me a youtube or something on adding a 11.10 boot menu03:33
harry_how do i learn about ubuntu03:33
Kaizenit stops at mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth03:33
earthkinI could use some urgent assistance with a mouse/touchpad issue03:34
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: you hold shift, its taht simple. As soon as the system starts to power on. Hold it03:34
GASSYPOOTSit doesnt do anything03:34
delinquentmehey all I'm looking for a beginners tutorial on how to setup shell scripts for ubuntu ... basically I want to write a script I can use to create my dev and deploy environments automatically03:34
earthkinmouse/cursor is MIA after fresh install of 11.1003:34
delinquentmeany high quality suggestions?03:34
SHOVELLJorophose,  fstab looks fine03:34
wulfgarprofor some reason all video playback for me is black and white no matter what player I use03:34
GASSYPOOTSrealy how do i make it appear03:34
wulfgarproany ideas?03:34
JorophoseSHOVELL: No, I didn't, sorry. Ubuntu 10.04.3 stopped at the 2.6.32-series kernel.03:34
SHOVELLJorophose, oh03:35
earthkinplease help - private msg is best....03:35
wulfgarprousing 11.10*03:35
GASSYPOOTSme too03:35
GASSYPOOTSwhen i boot it up theres no boot menu03:35
scanictI have the update notifier going off on my desktop. When I click update it tells me i have no internet. I fired up synaptic tried the newest version of chrome randomly, same error. Yet....I am on irc right now, and my internet and dropbox work. Nothing has changed since the last time I got an update however many days ago that was. I am on ubuntu 11.10. Any ideas?03:35
JorophoseSHOVELL: Yeah, so I have no idea what's going on here, because my Live USB also can't see the hard drive (through any included utility). it's not a terribly big deal because Dell can sell me a replacement daughterboard for under $100 (I think it might be closer to $60) but it'd be nicer if there was a simple fix :/03:36
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: if youmake a text file with the top line:  #!/bin/bash    and mark the file as executable, it will be a script03:36
MNichieearthkin, look in ~/.xsessions-errors there might be a hint there03:36
ThelasI'm unable to connect to a wireless (WPA) network under Ubuntu 11.10.  When clicking Enable Wireless from the menu it's disabled again very shortly thereafter. The same occurs from the Network menu in System Settings - I disabled Airplane Mode (which was enabled after the install), but it seems to reenable itself every time I reopen settings.  I tried the commands at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=882357 but after making03:36
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: you can use a chroot03:36
Thelasthe command "sudo dhclient wlan0" appears to hang, as it does not return even after several minutes. I ^Ced, looked at the man page, and tried it with "-1", which had the same problem. Any help would be appreciated, as I'm not sure how to proceed.03:36
harry_Is there like one to one support03:36
SHOVELLharry_, the channel is busy at the moment be patient03:37
earthkinhow do I look in ~xsessions-errors?03:37
delinquentmeActionParsnip, so i can just run all the commands I want .. sequentially and with those two things .. it will install?03:37
SHOVELLharry_,  sorry i read that wrong03:37
wulfgarproany ideas?03:38
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: yes, it will rus as if you typed the commands03:38
jribearthkin: you mean ~/.xsession-errors?  Use any text editor03:38
GASSYPOOTSwhat is chroot03:38
MNichieopen a terminal and type 'gedit ~/.xsessions-errors'03:38
GASSYPOOTScan you atleast give me a terminal command03:38
earthkinI don't understand.  WIthout a mouse I can't use anything except a terminal, which I'm in now03:38
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: its not just one commad03:38
earthkinoh, thanks gassy03:38
MNichiethen type  'vi ~/.xsessions-errors'03:38
Jordan_UGASSYPOOTS: Is Windows still installed?03:38
earthkinran that command, but it says "Cannot open display"03:39
Jordan_UGASSYPOOTS: What is the output of "sudo os-prober"?03:39
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/03:40
MNichieearthkin: try 'vi ~/.xsessions-errors'03:40
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: use that and use a chroot (3rd time to be told)03:40
judgepgearthkin: cat ~/.xsession-errors | less03:40
earthkinok, now it gives me a blank text file.  what now?03:40
=== _status is now known as rooot
SHOVELLi looked in gparted on a livecd to try to enlarge the "extended partition" to make additional partitions(multiboot) but the primary hdd i have is showing no partitions????03:41
Jordan_USHOVELL:  You probably have an invalid position table. This can be fixed.03:42
SHOVELLJordan_U,  ooooh03:42
SHOVELLJordan_U,  is there a guide on how to do this?03:43
Jordan_USHOVELL: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?03:43
LirthWould anyone be able to tell me why my sound isn't working?03:43
Jordan_USHOVELL: http://www.rodsbooks.com/fixparts/03:44
SHOVELLhttp://pastebin.com/5RBUzDHe Jordan_U03:44
earthkinUPDATE: finally got the log for the errors file.  What am I looking for, and how to I scroll up?03:45
Jordan_USHOVELL:  That's the first time I've seen that particular error.03:46
earthkinMNichie: finally got the log for the errors file.  What am I looking for, and how to I scroll up?03:46
scanictearthkin: does PgUp work?03:47
SHOVELLJordan_U, think you might be able to help the description that the tool you linked seems to be the case03:47
MNichieearthkin, I think you want to go to the bottom of the file, press shift+g to go to the end of the file03:47
earthkinscanict: no, it doesn't03:48
earthkinMNichie: I'm not in a file anymore - I just want to scroll up the screen. shift-g doesn't help03:48
MNichieoh, to scroll up/down in the terminal press shift+page up/page down03:49
Jordan_USHOVELL: I think it's probably that your extended partition is mis-sized, if that's the case it should be trivial to fix with fixparts.03:50
SHOVELLJordan_U, it looks like i have lost my sda and sdb03:50
mi3anyone knows python here? I want to use it with conky..03:51
SHOVELLJordan_U, i have not tried to change the extended part yet can i do this with that?03:51
Kaizeni think i'm going to hire someone to make me a custom linux build03:52
MNichiemi3: Try #python03:52
=== Maucat_ is now known as love
Jordan_USHOVELL: I don't know. You should fix its current size first though (if that is the problem).03:52
JezarithIt is cool when 3 of your major production database servers doing 1k tps decide to divide by 003:52
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 16991 in Scheduler "divide by zero bug in find_busiest_group (actually inlined update_sg_lb_stats )" [Blocking,New]03:52
SHOVELLJordan_U,  to what it truely is?03:53
earthkinMNichie: Thanks.  So what am I looking for now? when I'm looking through the errors file?03:53
mi3thanks MNichie03:54
LirthKaizen: There are so many things online for building a computer. You should save the money and build it yourself. The actual building piece is fun and then the bug fixes (if you have any) are usually interesting.03:54
SHOVELLmi3 do /join #python03:54
Jordan_USHOVELL:  Yes (to where it is actually large enough to fit the logical partitions already in it).03:54
mi3yeah i got it03:54
SHOVELLjordan, thanks03:54
Jordan_USHOVELL:  Follow the tutorial.03:55
SHOVELLJordan_U,  thanks ill try it03:55
Jordan_USHOVELL: You're welcome.03:55
delinquentmein bash whats the difference between if [[ ]]     and the simple if statement?03:56
LirthDoes anyone know how to install Steam (and the games) onto ubuntu without using wine?03:56
atpa8ais that "normal" that i see 'starting openssh' like 15 times during boot?03:57
Jordan_Udelinquentme: A lot, #bash can probably give you all the details.03:57
Jezarithatpa8a, signs point to no03:57
atpa8athat's what i'm thinking03:58
atpa8adid i miss something during the do-release-update?..03:59
janosis there a netinstall option for Precise ?04:00
atpa8aany one running 11.10, do you see 'Starting OpenSSH Server' more then once?04:01
freestandingwhat is the best way to install rails on ubuntu 10.404:01
atpa8aduring boot that is04:01
atpa8afreestanding: passenger04:01
earthkinMNichie are you there?04:01
freestandingpassenger: ok thanks04:01
atpa8afreestanding: at least this way i got it going04:02
freestandingyou did this through command line04:02
atpa8afreestanding: solely04:02
atpa8afreestanding: redmine was picky about gem versions04:02
freestandingi was thinking about using rvm04:03
freestandingbut I hav never used passenger04:03
earthkinMNichie I have to go eat dinner now.  could you email me if possible? wendybscher(at)gmail04:03
atpa8amight be you can do everything with apt but depends on which gem versions you need04:03
freestandingok.. but i do not know why i have to email you04:03
SHOVELLJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/yQeMtRs904:03
bazhangGASSYPOOTS, no caps04:06
GASSYPOOTSsorry but plese help04:06
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: did you get into the chroot ok?04:07
GASSYPOOTSno whats that04:07
freestandingany quick commands to reload shell environment04:07
GASSYPOOTSwell help quick04:07
earthkinMNichie I just don't know if I will find you again in an hour.... will you be here?04:07
MNichieearthkin, still here04:08
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: the link I gave you earlier04:08
earthkinwhat am I looking for in this error log file?04:08
ActionParsnipfreestanding: source ~/.bashrc   will do it04:08
GASSYPOOTSi dont have it04:08
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/04:08
earthkinMNichie: what am I looking for in this error log file?04:08
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: why ask for help so much, then IGNORE help when it's given04:09
MNichieearthkin, Post your errors file to paste-bin or something similar.  I can't tell what to look for beside an error...04:09
freestandingActionParsnip: thanks no wonder i was source ~/.bash_profile04:09
freestandingand it was not working04:09
LirthWhich version of wine would you recommend of I'm trying to use Steam and its games?04:09
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: where is your head04:09
Jordan_USHOVELL: Try "sudo fixparts /dev/sda"04:09
earthkinI can't - it's a different computer!04:09
ActionParsnipLirth: check the appdb, see which is friendliest04:09
SHOVELLJordan_U, that is what i did04:09
LirthActionParsnip: Or "PlayOnLinux"?04:09
GASSYPOOTSi already have a live usb04:10
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: you are using tonnes of caps and flooding the channel, yet when someone actually gives you a link you don't see it04:10
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: can you explain please?04:10
ActionParsnipLirth: thats a gui but the backend doing the work is wine04:10
earthkinMNichie: I can't - this is a different computer!04:10
Jordan_USHOVELL: Not according to your pastebin.04:10
LirthActionParsnip: Ahh...04:10
MNichieYou can turn the keypad into a mouse with this04:11
LirthActionParsnip: When you say "friendliest", what do you mean?04:11
MNichieYou can tab to the icon04:11
GASSYPOOTSuhhh i need to uninstall04:11
ActionParsnipLirth: the appdb shows what works and such, as well as the seam used04:11
ActionParsnipLirth: and wine used04:11
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: how did you install the OS?04:12
GASSYPOOTSlive usb04:12
SHOVELLJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/rRBsZ0RM04:12
SHOVELLJordan_U, you are right04:13
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: then delete the ubuntu partition and either resize the ntfs into the freed space or create a new partition for user data04:13
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: you will need to reinstate teh windows boot loader as ubuntu overwrote the bootloader with grub04:13
LirthActionParsnip: So when I found Steam in the list and looked at it, it showed "Wine Version 1.3.37". Does that mean I should get 1.3? Also, why would one version work better than another? Are the numbers not released linearly like the Ubuntu releases (10.04 -> 10.11 -> 11.04 -> 11.0)04:13
GASSYPOOTSso delete the ubuntu folder under /hp04:14
MNichieActionParsnip: at this point pretty sure it is a troll04:14
bazhangGASSYPOOTS, this is a wubi install?04:14
GASSYPOOTScant access windows04:14
earthkinMNichie: that wouldn't help me at all, as I would have to basically reboot to do that - no error file log to help me.  Would it be worth it? I am taking a break for dinner now....04:14
atpa8ai don't seem to find anything special one would have to do with release upgrades... yet i see *multiple* 'Startin OpenSSH Server'...04:15
Rurd2diubuntu 12 coming by september?04:15
MNichieearthkin, why would you have to reboot?04:15
bazhangRurd2di, april04:15
GirlyGirlRurd2di: assuming 12.04 its april04:15
Rurd2dicant wait04:15
freestandinghow can i install rubygems?04:16
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, i think this will do it http://packages.debian.org/sid/mbr04:16
SHOVELLJordan_U, should i use "test disk"?04:16
scientes_apt-get install mbr04:17
scientes_from linux to restore the MBR04:17
bazhangscientes_, thats from debian packages04:17
earthkinMNichie: oh, you're right, just exit the terminal.  forgot04:17
LirthRurd2di: You can look at the version number to tell it's release date. This blew my mind when I learned it. 12.04 means the twelfth year and the forth month (April 2012). 11.10 means eleventh year and tenth month (October 2011). If you already knew that, sorry.04:18
starcomputers_can someone help me with zorin os04:18
scientes_bazhang, this make you happy? http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/mbr04:18
bazhangstarcomputers_, check the zorin os support forums04:18
starcomputers_i have no one is there to help04:19
bazhangstarcomputers_, it's not supported here04:19
freestandinghow is git referred to04:19
GASSYPOOTSuhh how's that supposted to help04:19
delinquentmeim looking for a nice simple tutorial on how to SSH into a brand new machine / node without using a new RSA fingerprint each time04:19
freestandingapt-get install git does not work04:19
freestandingis there another name for it04:19
GASSYPOOTSi have virtualy no access to windows04:19
delinquentmelike I've accepted probably 20 different ones now .. surely theres a way to push up one that I've used locally right?04:20
scientes_freestanding, apt-get install git-rcs on old04:20
krishhi there04:20
ActionParsnipLirth: if you get wine 1.3 for your release it will work as well as it states in the appdb04:20
freestandingscientes_: thanks04:20
ActionParsnipRurd2di: 12 is the year ;)04:20
scientes_^^^ freaky[t]_04:20
=== krish is now known as Guest83215
Guest83215i could not find my trash bin on my system04:20
Guest83215where to find it04:20
Guest83215how to install04:20
GirlyGirlGuest83215: open nautilus04:21
ActionParsnip!trash | Guest8321504:21
ubottuGuest83215: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.04:21
SHOVELLfreestanding, apt-get git-core04:21
GASSYPOOTShow bout easy bcd04:21
freestandingSHOVELL: ok04:21
SHOVELLfreestanding, that is the package i have been using04:22
delinquentmeis there a ways to automatically grant these kind of request in a bash script?        After this operation, 139kB of additional disk space will be used. \n Do you want to continue [Y/n]?04:22
freestandingi went with git-core04:22
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: sudo apt-get -y upgrade    etc04:22
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: or you may need to use --force-yes04:22
LirthIs there a way for me to have the same center click to scroll from Windows in Ubuntu?04:22
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: read:  man apt-get04:22
GASSYPOOTSi guess ima have to play with the boot XD04:22
mobiusgreetings #ubuntu :)04:23
freestandingmobius: greetings04:23
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, i believe that package i linked you too restores the MSDOS MBR04:23
GASSYPOOTSwine is slow :D04:24
scientes_however it might have been a differn't package which was dropped b/c of copyright considerations, if so you have to use the XP/whatever NT-windows recovery CD04:24
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, that is not wine04:24
mobiusI seem to be having difficulty locating my trash folder in ubuntu :p04:24
scientes_and wine is not slow, and you seem awfully like a trol GASSYPOOTS04:24
ActionParsnipmobius: should show in the unity panel04:24
mobiuskind of odd really...04:24
mobiuskk thanks :)04:24
SHOVELLJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/rRBsZ0RM still get the issue and the program wont run04:24
scientes_mobius, look in04:25
Jordan_UGASSYPOOTS: I tried to help you earlier and you seemed to ignore me. You should work on reading responses and actually responding.04:25
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: some games actually pull more frames under Wine04:25
scientes_ActionParsnip, ==right04:25
LirthWhen using wine, how do I tell where the files are saving? I'm trying to install Steam and I can't figure out where it's actually going. Does it matter?04:25
GASSYPOOTSive been wondering that too...04:25
jaimie_so when i installed ubuntu, i guess I didn't install GRUB.04:26
scientes_Lirth, its in .wine/drive_c/04:26
scientes_Lirth, its in ~/.wine/drive_c/04:26
ActionParsnipLirth: the things should get added top your system menus like normal apps. they are in stalled to ~/.wine/drive_c04:26
Lirthscientes_: thanks04:26
jaimie_Then when I did an apt-get update & apt-get update, it complained.04:26
scientes_Lirth, and in wine, drive Z is your root filesystem04:26
ActionParsnipjaimie_: what was the complaint04:26
scientes_unless you configure otherwise Lirth04:26
varatephow do i get vimrc to make its config file again?04:26
varatepvim* to make its config file again04:26
jaimie_"You chose not to install GRUB to any devices.  If you continue, the boot loader may not be properly configured, and when your computer next starts up it will use whatever was previously in the boot sector."04:27
Lirthscientes_: I have no idea how to configure otherwise, so I'm all good. :)04:27
jaimie_It'as asking me Yes or No.  TBH I don't get it because I didn't install GRUB.04:27
dr_willisyou could copy the system vimrc from /etc04:27
mobiusim getting "operation not supported"  when i try to open trash04:27
scientes_Lirth, winecfg04:27
Jordan_USHOVELL:  Odd. It must be either very strange, very broken, or both, for even fixparts to complain and not handle it.04:27
mobiusthats weird...04:27
jaimie_anyone feel like helping a bit?  I'm terrified of a reboot :P04:27
SHOVELLJordan_U, but i am using it now?04:27
Lirthscientes_: hear no evil... break no computer04:27
Jordan_USHOVELL:  First you should backup any important data.04:28
scientes_Lirth, well, when you work with wine you often have to fiddle with things for certain apps04:28
Jordan_USHOVELL:  The linux kernel trends to be very forgiving of problems with partition table problems.04:29
ActionParsnipjaimie_: do you single boot?04:29
jaimie_so i thought no grub was ok.04:29
SHOVELLJordan_U, the other thing is that i can reboot just fine04:29
GASSYPOOTSi only want one link to download not 2004:30
jaimie_it instablled grub, though.04:30
bazhangGASSYPOOTS, for what04:30
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, you obviously don't want help, go away04:30
ActionParsnipjaimie_: cool, you can always install grub using terminal04:30
GASSYPOOTSuninstalling ubuntu without windows04:30
LirthIs there a way to use a torrent to download my steam games faster WITHOUT pirating? For example, I bought TESV: Skyrim a while ago and would like to use it on this computer but I don't want to have to wait the several hours to download it.04:30
jaimie_"Setting up grub-common (1.98-1ubuntu13) ... Setting up grub-pc (1.98-1ubuntu13) ..."04:30
Jordan_USHOVELL: I meed to leave soon.04:31
jaimie_Action: Thing is, why did it do that?04:31
SHOVELLlol thanks for the help04:31
jaimie_i never asked it to.04:31
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: delete the ubuntu partition in windows and either format the new space to make a new storage partition or resize the ntfs into the free space. You will then need to reinstall the windows boot loader04:31
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: I can't phrase it any clearer04:31
jaimie_ActionParsnip: Should doing a "grub-update" suffice?04:32
mattwj2002hi guys04:32
ActionParsnipjaimie_: usually it's smooth, yeah try: sudo update-grub04:32
LirthI use google chrome but I don't like their built in [X] [--] [[]] (close, minimize, maximize) buttons. Is there a way to use the ubuntu ones instead?04:32
jaimie_update-grub, woops.  ya.04:32
GASSYPOOTSthis http://i.imgur.com/xS39w.png04:33
GASSYPOOTSthe part my mouse was over04:33
jaimie_ActionParsnip: But what I don't get is why did my apt-get upgrade & update trigger the installation of grub?04:33
jaimie_or am i just a tard and missing something?04:33
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I would recommend highly reinstalling an MS style mbr before removing Ubuntu's partitions.04:33
GASSYPOOTSand whats that04:34
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, your browser links to "Troll Science" go away04:34
mattwj2002I don't know if it'll work prefect but have you guys tried google plus hang out rooms?04:34
GASSYPOOTSmeh its funny04:34
dr_willisLirth:  goolges chrome has a right click nenu item to use system decorations04:34
GASSYPOOTSbut for real this isnt about bookmaks04:35
ActionParsnipJordan_U: I gues04:35
Lirthdr_willis:Where would that be?04:35
GASSYPOOTSso just delete the ubuntu folder?04:35
mattwj2002I am right now in a video conference with 7 other people with it!04:35
ActionParsnipLirth: right click the top bar, its there04:35
mattwj2002using ubuntu!04:35
FloodBot1mattwj2002: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
dr_willisLirth:  under the right click menus on the title i belivw04:35
ActionParsnipmattwj2002: nice :) using what app?04:36
LirthActionParsnip, dr_willis: I feel dumb now. Thanks04:36
mattwj2002chrome and a browser plugin04:36
SHOVELLmbr repair help anyone?04:36
mattwj2002I don't have video or voice but I don't have a webcam and I need to buy a mic and headset04:36
ActionParsnipLirth: its all learning, so its cool B)04:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:37
* GASSYPOOTS wonders what a partition is04:37
ActionParsnip100% troll now04:37
varatepif i deleted the vimrc files, how do i get them back?04:37
LirthActionParsnip: Except that it was explained almost perfectly well.04:37
dr_williswikipedia has good info on hard drive partitions04:37
varatepI wanna customize vimrc but idk how to make one from scratch04:37
ActionParsnipvaratep: use your backups04:37
varatepActionParsnip: what backups? there are none04:37
ActionParsnipLirth: hehe, you learn little bits like that as you go04:38
dr_willisvaratep:  copy the one from /etc/04:38
varatepdr_willis: I deleted that one04:38
varatepdr_willis: LOOOOL04:38
dr_willisvaratep:  why?04:38
ActionParsnipvaratep: i suggest you add your config to your backup schedule04:38
varatepdr_willis: I was trying to customize and I got frustrated with not being able to save with gedit so i just deleted it04:38
=== yakko is now known as yakko_focusing
lipenghi  all04:39
dr_willisvaratep:  reinstall the vim package i guess.. and a user edits theur iwn configs. not the system configs04:39
GASSYPOOTSso do i just delete that folder or do i haz to search for the partition04:39
dr_willisnot sure how gedit matters with vimrc.....04:40
varatephow do i see all of the different vims i have?04:41
dr_willisuse the synaptic package manager gui is one way varatep04:42
MiggsEvening peeps04:43
superdave321Sound isn't working after 'upgrade' to ubuntu studio. any ideas?04:45
MiggsI have a headless server and a laptop both running 11.10. The server is configured to allow network access to sound sinks. The laptop is set to discover them. Yet the laptop cannot see the server's sinks. Not even in avahi-discover. The server can see it's own sinks in avahi-discover though. Any suggestions?04:45
SHOVELLi lost my partition table on my primary hdd or corrupted it04:46
GASSYPOOTShow do i uninstall linux?!?!?!?04:46
ActionParsnipGASSYPOOTS: i told you already04:47
bazhang!repeat | GASSYPOOTS04:47
ubottuGASSYPOOTS: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:47
SHOVELL!ignore gassy04:47
scientes_GASSYPOOTS, his browser image says he has a bookmark "Troll Science"04:48
scientes_so yeah i agree with SHOVELL04:48
bazhangSHOVELL, its /ignore, no !04:48
bazhangscientes_, thats enough, lets move on04:48
bazhangGASSYPOOTS, you have been given the answer to your question many many times.04:49
bazhangGASSYPOOTS, so stop repeating.04:49
krish_I coul not find my recycle bin/trash bin04:49
bazhang!trash | krish_04:50
ubottukrish_: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.04:50
krish_where it is located and how to install it on desktop04:50
ActionParsnipkrish_: there is a tweak you can do to make the trash icon show on the desktop04:51
cyber_Hey guys, I am going to build a new machine. any suggestions on a good MB and Video card? I will be running AMD octacore04:51
jaimie_ActionParsnip: So I did an update-grub.  I'm doing a full backup with backup-manager now just so it's less trouble if I need to do a reinstall.04:52
jaimie_Reboot and pray?04:52
Lirthcyber_: maximum pc just did an 8 core build if you want to check it out.04:52
jaimie_I'm just not sure why it forced me to install grub.04:52
jaimie_It didn't update my kernel04:52
ActionParsnipkrish_: try SuperL+T04:52
ActionParsnipjaimie_: sounds good dude04:52
krish_Actionparsnip: tweak?04:53
ActionParsnipjaimie_: no problem04:53
ActionParsnipkrish_: try the shortcut first :)04:53
jaimie_i hope ...04:53
krish_please help me04:53
cyber_TY Lirth is that for a Linux build?04:53
Lirthcyber_: and aparently nvidia is now a part of the Linux Foundation, so I'd go with them for the gpu.04:53
Lirthcyber_: I'm not sure the difference between a regular and a linux build. I just collected all my pieces and put them together.04:54
Lirthcyber_: Check out this article -> http://www.maximumpc.com/article/features/step--step_guide_how_build_gaming_pc_amds_bulldozer_cpu04:54
cyber_okay TY04:55
ActionParsnip04:52 < ActionParsnip> krish_: try SuperL+T04:55
ActionParsnipkrish_: I already told you....why are you still asking??04:55
Lirthcyber_: I just started reading the website and magazine and they have a ton of useful information. It's mostly for Windows becasue that's the majority of computer users, but they do mention linux pieces and almost always cover hardware.04:56
GEEMacEvening/morn folks,  Can someone point me to a good know fix for the Busybox,initramfs boot issue?  Been at this for a week with no luck.04:57
SHOVELLhelp!!!!! http://pastebin.com/PywC6r4A04:57
jaimie_Wow, AMD is fabless now?04:57
escott!details | GEEMac04:57
ubottuGEEMac: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:57
Lirthjaimie_: fabless?04:57
jaimie_they don't make any CPUs04:58
jaimie_just design04:58
jaimie_that's pretty risky04:58
jaimie_no wafers.04:58
ActionParsnipjaimie_: how is this ubuntu support related?04:58
varatepWhat does this mean: Cannot source a directory: "$HOME/.vimrc"04:58
escottvaratep, it is trying to load that file and cannot04:59
jaimie_Action: Someone mentioned AMD up there.04:59
jaimie_I haven't looked at AMD in awhile.04:59
jaimie_(re bulldozer)04:59
varatepescott: How do I enable it to load the file? I made a .vimrc folder and a vimrc file in that folder04:59
go8765hello. i want to change my partitions but before i want to backup mbr - s this is good idea?04:59
CFHowlettgo8765   couldn't hurt -04:59
Lirthjaimie_, ActionParsnip: cyber_ was asking about using it for a linux build.05:00
escottvaratep, and you are seeing this wehn you start vim?05:00
varatepescott: Yes.05:00
GEEMacI'm running Ubuntu version11.10, I have a problem with booting, I boot to busybox v1.18.4 and stop at initramfs.05:00
escottvaratep, sorry im slow .vimrc is supposed to be a file not a directory05:00
varatepescott: oh so i don't make the directory? its just .vimrc in my home folder?05:00
MiggsAnybody able to help me out with my PulseAudio problem?05:00
ActionParsnipMiggs: whats the issue?05:01
LirthWhat does it mean for Linux gaming if nvidia joined the Linux Foundation?05:01
MiggsI have a headless server and a laptop both running 11.10. The server is configured to allow network access to sound sinks. The laptop is set to discover them. Yet the laptop cannot see the server's sinks. Not even in avahi-discover. The server can see it's own sinks in avahi-discover though. Any suggestions?05:01
mi3!cookie | ActionParsnip05:01
ubottuActionParsnip: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:01
escottvaratep, yes usually if it is supposed to be a directory it will be something like .program or .program.d but .programrc is always a single file05:01
varatepescott: .vim is afolder though correct?05:01
MiggsYes, all the cookies to ActionParsnip!05:01
go8765CFHowlett: i need to load from my life cd to make sfdisk -d /dev/sda1 > backup-sda1.sf05:02
go8765 or its not necessary?05:02
franz_where to put downloaded plasma themes?05:02
LirthMiggs: I'm new to servers. What does headless mean?05:02
MiggsLirth, it's lacking a monitor.05:02
varatepescott: Where do I put the custom color.vim's? i made a .vim/colors folder in the home directory.05:02
LirthMiggs: Cool. That makes a lot of sense, thanks.05:02
CFHowlettgo8765   you mean to back up the mbr?  wait 105:02
MiggsIt just sits on the shelf and I only make it do things over ssh.05:02
escottGEEMac, and have you verified the uuid in fstab with that from blkid05:02
escottvaratep, .vim/colors05:02
go8765CFHowlett: yes. ok05:02
go8765il be wait05:03
varatepescott: Is that right though? I made a .vim/colors/ in the home directory05:03
MiggsIt's not completely headless since I do run XBMC on it but for all intensive porpoises it's close enough.05:03
varatepescott: it didn't have that .vim folder so i made it myself05:03
escottvaratep, thats absolutely correct05:03
CFHowlettgo8765   see05:03
=== Dark is now known as Guest66348
ActionParsnipfranz_: http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=8290505:05
go8765CFHowlett: hm.. thanks. so i need life cd to do this or not?05:05
CFHowlettgo8765   fwiw: last time I changed my mbr partitions, I had to reinstall grub and perform the windows repair.  It seems editing the parts changed the uuid's and thus restoring MBR didn't work.05:05
CFHowlettgo8765   yes live cd or a gparted cd05:05
curiousxaloha all05:06
MiggsActionParsnip, nothing comes to mind?05:06
GEEMacescott, I have no clue where to look for the uuid, this is a dual boot that was installed via wubi on a Windows 7 64bit system.  It was fine until I did an update and since then it stops at the Busybox/initramfs prompt.05:06
CFHowlettgreetings curiousx05:06
curiousxuuid? maybe blkid command?05:07
escottGEEMac, well lets start with by running "blkid" and comparing the output of that to the ouput of cat /etc/fstab05:07
curiousxsudo blkid05:07
GEEMacSearching the net shows that this is a known issue after an update.  Non of the little detailed fixes worked.05:07
curiousxaloha CFHowlett thx05:07
go8765CFHowlett: hm... another question - where is right variant ?  http://www.opennet.ru/tips/info/786.shtml or http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6828965&postcount=205:08
escottGEEMac, it might be an issue with wubi. i usually recommend using anything but wubi05:08
GEEMacEscott that is going to be a bit tough at the moment since I am rendering some video and it is on this system.05:08
[[thufir]]anyone know how to use dar with cdrwtools?  I don't know the syntax05:08
kenroHelp? When trying to install gkrellm in 11, it wants to remove my entire gnome dte?! Isn't gkrellm 'gnome-philic'?05:09
curiousxme to, i dislike wubi05:09
=== freestanding is now known as Bboy
GEEMacI did try the blkid and the cat/etc/fstab and it stated that it was not a command or it just sat there with no cursor.05:10
CFHowlettgo8765   try em both.  check your usb to see which one works.05:10
escottGEEMac, "cat /etc/fstab"05:10
GEEMacthat was something I tried earlier on when the isssue started.05:10
escottGEEMac, are you sure you are in the initramfs? what makes you confident that is the case05:11
kenroHelp? When trying to install gkrellm in 11, it wants to remove my entire gnome dte?! Isn't gkrellm 'gnome-philic'?05:12
GEEMacI was at the intiramfs prompt and I could do a Help and get the commands.  that's as far as I could get.  I will have to wait until this rendering is don and drop out of here to reboot this system.  Is there any working information on a webpage tha I can print out here?  I have spent a week trying all sorts of posts and no luck.05:14
ActionParsnipkenro: are there any bugs reported?05:14
kenroSeems to me conspi05:14
kenrooops miskey05:14
bazhangkenro, ubuntu-desktop package?05:14
escottGEEMac, how do you know its an initramfs prompt? there are other prompts in the boot process05:14
kenroActionParsnip:  Actually, never thought it could be a bug, as I've had repo configure problems as well...05:15
hot_wheelzany ubuntu tv people in here?05:16
GEEMacBercause it states intiramfs just above the prompt and the commands that can be listed are those used for intiramfs.  Apparently this is something posted all over the net with no working fix.05:16
bazhangkenro, what packages? ubuntu-desktop?05:16
bazhanghot_wheelz, try #ubuntu-tv05:17
kenrobazhang:  Say what? All I know is it's the package listed with synaptic. Simply, gkrellm. perhaps you ask if I'm using ubuntu... yeah.05:17
GEEMacJust above the intiramfs is the Busybox info.  then it stops right at the intiramfs prompt.05:17
hot_wheelzbazhang thanks05:17
bazhangkenro, ubuntu-desktop is perfectly safe to remove, its a meta package05:18
bazhangkenro, it does NOT remove the GNOME DE05:18
kenrobazhang:  Ah right, transitional pkg? I know this. I also know synaptic wants to remove gnome, replace with a couple random kde libs.05:19
bazhangkenro, if you'd care to pastebin the list we can take a look at it05:20
GEEMacI guess I will have to wait until much later to try the Cat....   I probably have another 2-3 hrs of rendering of this very long video project.05:20
straubstraub: /exit05:21
kenrobazhang: Could be related to (yet unresolved) repo misconfig? gpg keys, et al...? Synaptic wants to remove gnome, but apt says 'deps unresolvable...05:22
GEEMacAll I can say is that the Wubi install went fine and worked for a few months until I did the usual update and that was it for the boot up after that.05:22
kenrobazhang:  I'll pastebin my sources.list?05:23
GEEMacSorry Escott, I can't get any mor detailed than that.  I am just an end user of Ubuntu.05:24
bazhangkenro, the package list when you try to install gkrellm would be better05:24
varatepwhy do people use windows managers?05:24
escottGEEMac, if its some wubi specific issue i wont be able to say what to do05:24
Guest66348b/c they can?05:24
varatepI tried it, but it seems like it makes things difficult05:24
varatepNo shortcut keys05:24
unkrmsg ubttu hello05:25
CFHowlettGEEMac   per the wubi staff, it's a testing platform, not a long-term installation solution ...05:25
igor_hey, I'm having a problem getting VLC to play aMKv file.  It plays sound but the video is all green.05:25
GEEMacWell All I know is that it went smooth and worked for a while with not one issue.  It was a update while in Ubuntu that killed it, it was well past the wubi install.05:26
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
igor_are there any plugins to help this?05:26
CFHowlettGEEMac   time to upgrade to a dual boot then?05:26
ActionParsnipigor_: http://www.wiredrevolution.com/ubuntu/fix-blue-tinted-video-in-ubuntu05:27
kenrobazhang: Paste from kenro at Sat, 10 Mar 2012 00:26:15 +0100     does this have what you need to find the paste?05:27
igor_the screen is not tintnted. its solid green , no video at all05:27
GEEMacApparently it is not a Wubi issue since a full week of reading the posts, it is an issue with all the installs after a certain update which I do not know what item in the update caused it.05:27
bazhangkenro, pastebin link?05:28
ActionParsnipigor_: try a different output method. x11 works well in most cases05:28
GEEMacCF it is a dual boot.05:28
=== yakko_focusing is now known as yakko
CFHowlettGEEMac   noted...05:28
kenrobazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/877060/ ?05:28
GEEMacI do not run it from windows, I have to boot the computerand run it from the grub menu.05:29
mosnoso deja-dup -- ubuntu's official backup tool -- can only do TWO incremental backups, then it's back to a full backup???05:29
igor_still no go05:29
ActionParsnipkenro: can you give the output of:  apt-cache policy gkrellm; lsb_release -a    thanks05:29
ActionParsnipigor_: is it the same in all players?05:29
bazhangkenro, what about installing those depends first?05:30
igor_other players the audio is way outta sync05:30
mosnowhat utter crap.05:30
igor_or they crash05:30
ActionParsnipmosno: why is it the official one?05:30
mosnoActionParsnip, it's the one that comes with 11.1005:30
ActionParsnipmosno: there are plenty of backup tools in the repos05:30
mosnoActionParsnip, it's the one that runs a service by default05:30
ActionParsnipmosno: so, doesn't mean anything05:30
bazhangmosno, use something different then05:30
mosnoActionParsnip, sounds pretty official to me05:30
CFHowlettmosno   deja-dup is not an ubuntu/canonical product05:30
ActionParsnipmosno: there is no official anything05:31
bazhangmosno, this is not channel rant05:31
mosnobut why is it doing a full?05:31
igor_i always thought VLC was the best, could play anything05:31
imrobertcan someone help me out with the fonts05:31
ActionParsnipmosno: its just default installed, nothing more, nothing less05:31
bazhangmosno, support here, ask if you need some05:31
=== DarkLord is now known as Sudo
mosnobazhang, i rather keep using it and fix the problem, i'm researching now05:31
=== Sudo is now known as Sud0
CFHowlettigor_   wrong codecs = no play.05:31
kenrobazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/877072/05:31
mosnobazhang, do you know how to make it work properly?05:31
mosnoie. indefinite incrementals/05:31
GEEMacCF,  If I think I followed the background of Wubi correctly, all it is is a way to install Ubuntu to a partition on your drive while you are in windows. I guess you can say it is a lasy way of doing the dule boot install... lol05:31
=== Sud0 is now known as Saw
=== Saw is now known as BBM
imrobertweb pages are all weird with ubuntu's fonts05:31
=== BBM is now known as BigBadMike
ActionParsnipimrobert: in all browsers?05:32
bazhangmosno, I dont use it, is it important to use that one tool? why not sbackup rsync backintime or something else05:32
ygukhiis anyone on what.cd?05:32
escottimrobert,  install the msft truetype fonts package part of restricted-extras05:32
igor_i have installed the restricted stuff too05:32
ygukhii need some help with my torrent client05:32
imrobertActionParsnip, yes05:32
mosnobecause a) i've already started using it, and b) it is the DEFAULT tool that comes with this OS05:32
ActionParsnipygukhi: shoot05:32
curiousxigor_: nvidia or ati ?05:32
mosnoie. it should theoretically work better than the rest and/or have better integration05:33
CFHowlettGEEMac   lots of wubi's get broken due to update - most famously, the great grub2 migration.  dual boot is more stable.  I reiterate: wubi is for trying ubuntu - not long-term use of ubuntu.05:33
imrobertActionParsnip, the text almost looks blurry05:33
bazhangmosno, so install something else05:33
curiousxwhat is the driver version ?05:33
mosnodoes anyone know how to make deja-dup do more than 2 incremental backups?05:33
bazhangmosno, we are just supporters, ranting wont change whats on the cd install05:33
ygukhii need a version of a torrent client that lets me download files from what.cd05:33
ActionParsnipmosno: I have never had a single success with brasero and always advise folks try xfburn when  brasero fails to deliver and they say xfburn works.05:33
ygukhiim using vuze and its not letting me use the tracker05:33
mosnobazhang, that's true05:33
mosnobazhang, i'm just upset05:34
igor_i believe 280 , how do i chaeck05:34
GEEMacIff you Google Busybox intiramfs you will get a ton of hits on it and so far non of the fixes worked yet. Guess it's back to a re-install and hrs of tweaking again.05:34
ygukhiconnect TO the tracker05:34
bazhangkenro, try installing the depends, first05:34
curiousxigor_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates ; sudo apt-get update05:34
mosnoActionParsnip, strange, i had brasero fail in debian but work in ubuntu for burning mp3s to audio cd05:34
GEEMacAnd ..... not updating the install when it is working...05:34
curiousxit will install 295 wich is better than 28005:35
kenrobazhang:  Did. It will install gkrellm first. Falling back into the errors.05:35
curiousxi ran into some cooler troubles with 28005:35
bazhangkenro, you have kde4 installed as well? sounds like a bug05:35
ygukhineed a new theme05:35
bazhangygukhi, then install one05:35
igor_should i retstart?05:35
bazhang!themese | ygukhi05:36
curiousxonce finish, yep05:36
GEEMacShame that this is a known issue and no fix yet.05:36
bazhang!themes | ygukhi05:36
ubottuygukhi: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:36
=== prateek is now known as Guest44486
igor_brb, if problem persists05:36
ygukhithank you05:36
varatepAnyone have any idea how to use DWM?05:36
kenrobazhang:  Oh! You mean with apt. not synaptic. Sorry. Will try. Also, yes I've had kde4 on here. Should be mostly, functionally, uninstalled, now, but I occasionally find residual kde libs...05:37
bazhangvaratep, got it installed yet?05:37
curiousxreally i dont remember, but, if the drivers doesent auto activate, activate it in the jockey-gtk "aditional drivers"05:37
mosnoat least i'm not the only one https://bugs.launchpad.net/deja-dup/+bug/49018805:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 490188 in Déjà Dup "Deja Dup keeps making fresh backups" [Medium,Confirmed]05:37
varatepbazhang: Yup I got dwm installed im on it right now. how do i use a web browser in this beast?05:37
=== Mog|Away is now known as MogDog66
curiousxhas gone05:37
varatepbazhang: HOLY crap this is awesome05:38
ubottutao_: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。05:39
CFHowletttao_   ok ...05:39
ygukhihow do i install a theme05:40
tao_o easy05:41
tao_what is the type05:42
ubottuThe Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it05:42
h0meygukhi, system > appearance > theme05:42
ygukhithen install?05:42
ygukhidone that and opened the file i want to install but the filetypes i dont think they are recognised05:42
CFHowletttao_  this is the ubuntu support channel.  If you need help with ubuntu, please ask.05:43
Saint|Evening all.05:43
tao_it is my first time use the IRC05:43
CFHowlettSaint|   greetings05:43
GEEMac中文或英文 Tao05:43
CFHowlettenglish only in this channel please.05:44
varatep!CN | GEEMac05:44
ubottuGEEMac: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:44
kenrobazhang: Fogive if intruding, but... still with me?05:44
CFHowletttao_   you have already joined #ubuntu ... what's your question???05:45
GEEMacCF that is the response I wanted the bot to put up for Tao not ja but cn05:45
Saint|Geemac, your name just reminded me. Anyone know if there is a PPC version of ubuntu still around? Just curious.05:45
tao_it is my first time use the IRC05:45
CFHowlettGEEMac   okay.05:45
=== SnipeMeNot is now known as Acid_Wir3
tao_what should i do05:45
MiggsHey peeps - If one machine on the network cannot see zeroconf services provided by another machine, what are the likely causes?05:45
CFHowletttao_   type /join #ubuntu-offtopic05:46
tacomasteri was wondering if i have a laptop and in the past year i have had 3 hdd drives fail on me could it be the controller messing it up?05:46
kenrobazhang:  Thanks for helping. Unfortunately, it remains unresolved. Perhaps there are alternatives...05:47
CFHowletttacomaster   3 in the past year?  what's the make/model of your computer??05:47
tacomasterhp pavillian dv7000 series05:47
kenroDoes anyone know how to set up always-visible hardware monitors, like with kde's plasma applets?05:48
CFHowletttacomaster   so name brand.  Can we safely assume you're installing OEM parts, not "refurbished replacement" parts?05:48
kenroI meant... in gnome3...05:48
tacomasterCFHowlett, yea all 3 were brand new05:48
ygukhihow do i get rid of the icons in my menus?05:49
escottkenro, what sensors do you want to see?05:49
CFHowletttacomaster   dirty power supply?  clearly something is wrong.05:49
curiousxkenro: could be "conky" ?05:49
Guido1Hello, i already have some problems with windows in a windows network, but with ubuntu one more. wit al comouters i can see the windows computers. with windows i can even se the folders from the xp cpmputer "1", but i cant open them - only if i conect them as a network drive. on this computer is the printer. sharing it works fine. only linuz can't find the printer seams to mee. what can i do?05:50
tacomasterCFHowlett, i always have it pluged in to a ups when im at home on it which is like 85+% of the time05:50
ygukhiwhat are the filetypes?05:50
ygukhiyou are trying to open05:51
bazhangygukhi, for themes?05:51
GEEMac>>Tao<<  鍵入/加入#Ubuntu的CN05:51
kenroescott: harddrive temps, wifi throughput... much the same as gkrellm, which I can't seem to install.05:51
CFHowletttacomaster   hope you bought the extended warranty.  I don't know what to make of this, but I'd demand a replacement or refund ...05:51
escottkenro, have you checked extensions.gnome.org05:51
ygukhii dont want these icons next to my application names05:51
fbdystangtacomaster but is it running 85% of time?05:51
bazhangtar.gz usually05:51
ExtremeDevilzHello guys kinda new to Linux but I wish know if Im able to customize Ubuntu like Linux ?05:51
ExtremeDevilzwhoops I meant Themes05:51
CFHowlettExtremeDevilz   yes.05:51
tacomasterfbdystang, yes i have my laptop on almost every where i go sadly my laptop is my baby that follows me lol05:52
fbdystangtacomaster: if you have it moving/vibrating while it is running it will damage the HDD pretty quick05:53
curiousxExtremeDevilz: ubuntu is extremely customizable05:53
tacomasterfbdystang, when its on it doesnt get moved but i carry it in my backpack when its off could that be it?05:53
Guido1Hello, i already have some problems with windows in a windows network, but with ubuntu one more. wit al comouters i can see the windows computers. with windows i can even se the folders from the xp cpmputer "1", but i cant open them - only if i conect them as a network drive. on this computer is the printer. sharing it works fine. only linuz can't find the printer seams to mee. what can i do? I already fdound out that the windows computers have a do05:53
kenroescott: Eztensions to what? Any/everything gnome?05:54
fbdystangtacomaster: if the platters are spinning while you are moving your computer then your HDD will be toast05:54
tacomasterfbdystang, thats what im saying when the computer is on i dont move it but when its off to carry it between places its in a backpack05:55
escottkenro, gnome 3 extensions if that was what you were asking about05:55
kenrocuriousx: Well, at least conky installs... so far...05:56
kenroescott:  I'll check it. Thanks.05:56
curiousxkenro, install lm-sensors05:56
curiousxkenro: and install "hddtemp"05:57
CFHowletttacomaster   were those 3 failures sudden with no warning??05:58
almoxarifeGuido1: simple solution, take a folder/dir you own, say 'Public' in your home folder and right click on it while in file/folder/nautilus browser, you will have a 'share' option, chose the option, go thru the few key strokes to set it up, you will begin to see those 'windows' folders on the networked windows machines from then on05:58
kenrocuriousx: I hate cli-toral recourse. I can't type well, and who can remember all those flags, options, exeptions...05:59
CFHowlettbigboss   greetings06:01
bigbosshi howlett06:01
curiousxkenro: nobody can remembrer, i have a couple of text archives in case i need it06:02
CFHowlettbigboss   icu.  howz trix06:02
curiousxkenro: look at this =P http://i.imgur.com/TSlHv.jpg06:02
kenrocuriousx:  Heh!06:02
Guido1almoxarife: i guus i have to use sudo. I'm stil quite new to ubuntu. can you explane it in more detail please?06:02
scientes_curiousx, that looks cool06:02
scientes_however its also riced06:02
almoxarifeGuido1: no 'sudo'06:02
scientes_it would be cooler if it was on wayland06:03
bigbosswhat and i dont know the codes to write broo sorry06:03
curiousxscientes_: ty06:03
bigbossyou see me O______O06:03
curiousxkenro: this is a conky example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/877089/06:03
Guido1almoxarife: i'm using obuntu 10.04. so how do i have to do it step for step?06:04
curiousxkenro: in gnome-look you can find more example, with theirs install intructions06:04
bigbossandroid yaaic is hard needs help :(06:04
kenrounix is byzantine pos which no one sysadmin understands very well. And gnuLinux isn't far behind. but pc-lappy 'nix is shmexxy... or something...06:06
almoxarifeGuido1: simple solution, 1. take a folder/dir you own, say 'Public' in your home folder 2. and right click on it while in file/folder/nautilus browser, 3. you will have a 'share' option, 4. choose the option, 5. go thru the few key strokes to set it up, you will begin to see those 'windows' folders on the networked windows machines from then on06:06
curiousxto verify the drives temp, do: sudo hddtemp /dev/<disk>06:06
bigbosshi guys06:06
almoxarifeGuido1: you might get a current version of ubuntu too, your choice06:06
Guido1almoxarife: on another computer i have a curent version, but no internet however it is conected06:07
bigboss<guido1> your cute :)06:08
SHOVELLanyone have any ideas on how to fix this? http://pastebin.com/PywC6r4A06:08
bigbossanyone in here play xbox <306:08
almoxarifeGuido1: 10.04 not connected to internet, got it06:09
Guido1almoxarife: after step 3 i can dicide if everyone (without user acount) may exces it, change the files and which name should be shown up06:09
Guido1not conected is another ubuntu06:09
almoxarifeGuido1: that is your decision to made06:09
Cobiehi all :)06:10
almoxarifeGuido1: 10.04 connected to the internet, got it06:10
kenrocuriousx: Conky looks interesting. I guess only KDE is going to have the info a quick glance away... Why not just use desklets, or such, then?06:10
Guido1almoxarife: not conected is another ubuntu. not the one with the problem.06:10
Cobiecan anyone here help me with a simple problem? i can't seem to mount my floppy drive. for some reason it doesn't show up on my desktop06:10
almoxarifeGuido1: not, got it06:11
mister2is there a way to remove for-purchase software from the software center?06:11
Guido1i have one with ubuntu 10.04 and one with 11.10 - 11.10 does not want to conect to the internet. 10.04 i'm just using with this chat06:11
Guido1almoxarife: i have one with ubuntu 10.04 and one with 11.10 - 11.10 does not want to conect to the internet. 10.04 i'm just using with this chat06:11
curiousxconky is very, very customizable, extremely fexible, you can monitorize anything, and verify anything, just take a look at gnome-look06:12
almoxarifemister2: yes, install 'synaptic' and use it instead, no spam06:12
mister2almoxarife that wasn't my question, i can use apt-get if it comes to that... unless synaptic has a gui?06:12
SHOVELLHELP i have a broken partition table anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? http://pastebin.com/PywC6r4A06:12
almoxarifemister2: it does06:12
sta-hianyone here try to install linux on an old crt imac?06:12
mister2and suddenly i am interested06:12
Guido1almoxarife: what do you exactly mean with "4. choose the option, 5. go thru the few key strokes to set it up,"06:13
kenrothanks, all who've spoken to my assistance. Starbucks closes soon, and I got much work.06:13
almoxarifeGuido1: means that the option must be picked/clicked/checked/X'ed06:13
Guido1almoxarife: okee, after i marked the the options i can ponly click on "automatic setup rights"06:14
Halexander9000Greetings from Eastern Europe, gentlehumans! I have 495 png files. I use this command to combine them into a video file at 16 frames per second: "ffmpeg -i 'frame%d.png' -r 16 out.mkv". But instead of getting a video file 495:16=30.9375 seconds in length, I somehow end up with a 19 second one. Could someone please tell me what seems to be the problem?06:14
Cobiecan anyone here help me with a simple problem? i can't seem to mount my floppy drive. for some reason it doesn't show up on my desktop... anyone here?06:15
almoxarifeGuido1: that would be step 5. yes, clicks to complete, yes, you want to do that06:15
SHOVELLHELP i have a broken partition table in ubuntu 11.10 anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? http://pastebin.com/PywC6r4A06:15
Guido1almoxarife: okee, one moment]06:16
CFHowlettHalexander9000   I've done the image/video conversion via ffmpeg...did ALL of the images render to video??06:16
almoxarifeGuido1: then re-boot, yes re-boot, its not a server, the world won't end06:16
varatepGolf on ubuntu... im the best!06:17
ActionParsnipCobie: the only way I've seen floppy work, is an entry in /etc/fstab and manual mounting it. You MUST unmount the floppy before ejecting it06:17
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I believe so, although I don't know of any means to verifying that. When I do play it back it seems to run at a higher speed than the source video I extracted the frames from.06:17
Halexander9000means of verifying that*06:18
CFHowlettHalexander9000   according to the following, you missed an element "-f".  See *Turn X images to a video sequence*  http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/19-ffmpeg-commands-for-all-needs06:18
SHOVELL5 1/4 floppy or 3 1/2 floppy06:18
scientes_5+1/4 FTW06:19
mintmanShojo: wow good morning :)06:19
scientes_truly floppy floppy disks06:20
* ActionParsnip resists massive urge to make penis jokes06:20
CFHowlettActionParsnip   bad AP!  BAD!06:20
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, I must've mixed the commands up. Yes, that's the same blog I took the commands from. Thank you.06:20
CFHowlettHalexander9000   have fun / be safe06:20
beatboxheroHey guys how do I enable my webcam in something like a chat room?06:21
beatboxheroI know It works06:21
beatboxheroSkype works. But It im in a webpage that requests access to it nothing pops up06:21
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Apparently CocaCola is not a good coffee substitute, since I just woke up.06:21
zaneznewbie_question: how to see how much space a package will take up before installing it via ubuntu's software center06:21
scientes_skype is non-free beatboxhero ----and flash doesn't implament webcam functionality on linux06:21
beatboxherooh so its a lost cause then06:22
CFHowlettHalexander9000   jolt cola - all the sugar, twice the cafeine.06:22
ActionParsnipZanes: apt-get tells you. Not sure about software centre06:22
R3db3ardbeatboxhero, did you try cheeze?06:22
beatboxheroI figured there would be an application that owuld help it06:22
curiousxHalexander9000: go to the photos directory: cd <directory>06:22
scientes_beatboxhero, empathy works06:22
beatboxheroYeah cheese didnt do anything for me06:22
R3db3ardthat's all I got.06:22
zanezActionParsnip, thanks06:22
Guido1Okee, i can see the computers in the network. by one i can see the folders, but bu the one with the printer i get an error - can't ask for list of shered maps from server06:22
beatboxherothere is just a particular website that i wanted to use it on...06:22
Halexander9000curiousx: Thank you for your concern but I do believe CFHowlett has already pointed out my mistake.06:23
beatboxheroif it doesnt work with flash then its hopeless haha06:23
beatboxherothanks anyways guys06:23
ActionParsnipWebcams are creepy06:23
scientes_beatboxhero, petition them to move to HTML506:23
scientes_(not sure if HTML5 has webcam stuff, yet...)06:23
beatboxherolol beats me06:23
beatboxheromaybe ill try06:23
Halexander9000ActionParsnip: People whoring themselves in from of webcams are creepy.06:24
curiousxok, just i wanted show you a mencoder way06:24
varatepNOW: Name the best Virt box for UBuntu06:24
beatboxherookay I WILL try haha06:24
Halexander9000in front*06:24
scientes_certainly have good streaming video stuff06:24
almoxarifeGuido1: in 'printers' tab of systems-admin you can turn that option on06:24
ActionParsnipvaratep: there isn't a best anything06:24
=== mikester01 is now known as mikester01|AFK
SHOVELLvaratep,  oracle virtualbox i think is the only one supported in ubuntu06:25
R3db3ardthe recent family guy was the best06:25
ActionParsnipvaratep: each option will excell in a different given situation06:25
Guido1almoxarife: i gues you mean on windows xp06:25
ActionParsnip!vbox | SHOVELL: varatep:06:26
ubottuSHOVELL: varatep:: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:26
almoxarifeGuido1: no, in ubuntu, and xp also if you don't share the printer06:26
SHOVELLActionParsnip,  i know that lol06:26
ActionParsnipvaratep: there is also vmware and qemu06:26
Guido1the printer is on xp, it is shared. other xp computers, even 95 can find it06:26
varatepis there another alternative to wine?06:26
almoxarifeGuido1: in 'printers' tab of systems-admin you can turn that option on06:27
varatepI saw someone say there's something better than WINE, but not sure what.06:27
curiousxPOL (Play On Linux) that use wine =P06:27
ActionParsnipvaratep: crossoveroffice and cedega.06:27
almoxarifeGuido1: in 'printers' tab of systems-admin you can turn that option on the ubuntu machine06:27
varatepActionParsnip: : for video games?06:27
curiousxand Crossover06:27
R3db3ardvaratep, not a better one06:27
ActionParsnipvaratep: neither of those are free in any way06:27
Guido1almoxarife: i think it is turned on, because other computers can find the printer from the problem xp06:28
ActionParsnipvaratep: sure. They each have an appdb06:28
SHOVELLok so my MBR is missing data how can i fix this?06:28
curiousxigor_: solved?06:28
igor_no vlc crashes06:29
igor_no sound or picture06:29
curiousxdo you have 295 installed ?06:29
SHOVELLprogram to recover/fix the partition table?06:29
Guido1almoxarife: by ubuntu i can only chose for "watch waiting documents to be printed" under the tab "printer"06:29
almoxarifeGuido1: I am not talking about xp, you must allow ubuntu to search for 'networked' printers, that is done in the 'printer-ser' tab of the printers configuration on the UBUNTU machine06:29
curiousxwhat does meant "idk"06:29
igor_i dont know06:29
R3db3ardvaratep, are you wanting to game? if so which?06:29
ActionParsnipigor_: if you make a new user and login as that is it the same? Have you tried logging in to unity2d session06:30
igor_oh. the driver yes06:30
almoxarifeGuido1: I am not talking about xp, you must allow ubuntu to search for 'networked' printers, that is done in the 'printer-server' tab of the printers configuration on the UBUNTU machine06:30
curiousxigor_: you r running Unity ?06:30
Guido1almoxarife: okee, ad new printer --> network printer and than?06:30
igor_no i havent06:30
Guido1almoxarife: windows printer via samba?06:31
ActionParsnipcuriousx: it means (i) (d)on't (k)now06:31
varatepR3db3ard: Probably maplestory, diablo 206:31
curiousxwhat ever, open a terminal and type: nvidia-settings06:31
igor_i'll ry06:31
curiousxActionParsnip: ok, ty06:31
DocPlatypusI just upgraded to 11.10, and now all my appearance tweaks are reset back to some ungodly default. worse, the appearances dialog appears to only let you pick between four canned themes and does not let you customize. is there any way around this?06:31
almoxarifeGuido1: ? no idea what that means06:31
igor_ok open06:31
ActionParsnipvaratep: check the wine appdb. See if it works06:31
DocPlatypusegregious violation of the "principle of least surprise", btw. I can't recall a single Ubuntu upgrade that didn't completely screw up my desktop appearance in some fashion06:32
curiousxso, there you can see the driver version06:32
igor_yes 295.2006:32
curiousxwich is...?06:32
R3db3ardvaratep, nice, the quake engine runs pretty well in ubuntu classic so diablo should be no sweat with a little winetricks font installs.06:32
ActionParsnipDocPlatypus: could try xfce406:32
curiousxits ok, so do: mplayer -vo gl2 <video.avi>06:32
curiousxand verify if that works fine06:33
DocPlatypusActionParsnip was joking, right?06:33
igor_am error occured06:33
igor_no dont work06:33
Guido1almoxarife: by adding a printer i can chouse "network" and than between a) vind printer; b) appSocket/HP jetPrinter; b)internet printing protocol (ipp); c)LPD/LPR-host of -printer and d) windows printer via SAMBA06:33
curiousxpaste the error06:34
igor_Could not find GStreamer caps mapping for FFmpeg codec 'h264', and you are using an external libavcodec. This is most likely due to a packaging problem and/or libavcodec having been upgraded to a version that is not compatible with this version of gstreamer-ffmpeg. Make sure your gstreamer-ffmpeg and libavcodec packages come from the same source/repository.06:34
=== dean is now known as guest34534
curiousxyou have serius troubles =P06:34
almoxarifeGuido1: http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/sharing-printers-with-ubuntu-lucid-10-04-lts-and-a-firewall/ <-- see the second graphics, that's where you need to be06:34
igor_oh no06:34
guest34534whenever i try to do video in omegle it has a popup window which says allow or deny and i can't click either of them?06:35
Guido1almoxarife: the printer i want to use is not conected on the ubuntu, but on the xp06:35
pfifoguest34534, goto the global flash settings and always allow omegle06:35
almoxarifeGuido1: http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/sharing-printers-with-ubuntu-lucid-10-04-lts-and-a-firewall/ <-- see the second graphics, that's where you need to be , by pressing the 'server' tab up top06:35
curiousxnah, no too big xD06:36
igor_is there hope?06:36
johngilbroughThe Ubuntu ssh manages specify that the TZ (timezone) variable will passed on to new connections *if* it is set before the daemon is started.  I'm setting in the users .bashrc but that's not working.  Any suggestions?06:36
guest34534whenever i try to do video in omegle it has a popup window which says allow or deny and i can't click either of them?06:37
curiousxbut...  seems like you installed some repositories, that are makeing some torubles maybe =P06:37
pfifoguest34534, goto the global flash settings and always allow omegle06:37
Guido1almoxarife: than: what is the server tab?06:37
varatepI'm in DWM, and I downloaded something in chromium and clicked show in folder and for some reason a desktop popped up and i cant get rid of it. help!06:37
igor_yes . i remember installing the restricted06:37
almoxarifeGuido1: http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/sharing-printers-with-ubuntu-lucid-10-04-lts-and-a-firewall/ <-- see the second graphics, that's where you need to be06:37
Guido1ah, setting06:37
guest34534pfifo, how do i get to the flash settings?06:38
varatepI'm in DWM, and I downloaded something in chromium and clicked show in folder and for some reason a desktop popped up and i cant get rid of it. help!06:38
Guido1i have the window. whoich options do i have to mark?06:38
pfifoguest34534, their on adobe's flash website06:38
DocPlatypusI hope 12.04 doesn't hose my system like this when I upgrade06:38
curiousxigor_: give a second06:38
Guido1almoxarife: i have the window. whoich options do i have to mark?06:38
curiousxigor_: sudo -E wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update06:39
guest34534pfifo, do i need to sign in to the site? :S06:39
Guido1almoxarife: i think only the one on the top06:39
pfifoguest34534, no06:39
almoxarifeGuido1: the first06:39
curiousxit will install "medibuntu" repositories06:39
almoxarifeGuido1: and reboot06:39
igor_says error 40406:40
guest34534pfifo, lol i've no idea what i'm doin, googled it and all, do ya have a direct link?06:40
DocPlatypusokay, another question. how do you get rid of the stupid ads in Ubuntu Software Center, and any references to paid proprietary software?06:40
curiousxigor_: see the webpage and copy and paste the command given06:41
pfifoguest34534, http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager06.html06:41
igor_again error 40406:42
pfifothere are ads in software center?06:42
Guido1almoxarife: okee, one moment06:42
CFHowlettpfifo   yes indeedy06:42
DocPlatypuspfifo: yes, there's a huge ... I don't even know how big banner in the new USC06:42
igor_ok. first command was error 404. second command worked06:43
pfifowhat? I suppose that explains removal of aptitude06:43
igor_now what06:43
almoxarifepfifo: install synaptic, spam free06:43
varatepI'm in DWM, and I downloaded something in chromium and clicked show in folder and for some reason a desktop popped up and i cant get rid of it. help!06:43
curiousxigor_: sudo echo "" >> /etc/resolv.conf06:43
DocPlatypuspfifo: I have aptitude still06:43
igor_it says permission denied06:44
pfifocan I sell software through software center?06:44
curiousxigor_: do: sudo su06:44
CFHowlettpfifo   you'd have to ask canonical06:44
curiousxthen the command i given to ya06:45
icerootpfifo: yes06:45
airtonixigor_: curiousx: the correct way to echo text into root owned files with sudo is to use 'tee' : echo "" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf06:46
varatepgood night guys... i got major coughing going on06:46
curiousxnow: echo "" >> /etc/resolv.conf06:46
icerootairtonix: tee -a06:46
airtonixiceroot: only if you want to append06:46
Guido1okee, i rep\boted06:46
icerootand i guess its "nameserver" instead of ""?06:47
guest34534pfifo, i deleted all sites off it and went back to the site i want and always allowed it but it still won't work D:06:47
Guido1what do i have to do now?06:47
curiousxthen: the first large command at: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php06:47
almoxariferesolv.conf is auto generated, you can put what ever you want into it but its wipe on the next start of 'network-manager'06:47
pfifoguest34534, then i dont know, that seems to work for everyone else06:47
igor_page wont load06:47
icerootbut i am also interessted in "how to put software in software-center for money"06:48
almoxarifeGuido1: now?06:48
curiousxits ok igor_ dont worry06:48
Guido1almoxarife: i can't see the printer between the other. i gues i have to instal it - ad printer06:49
Guido1almoxarife: but how do i correctly ad the printer?06:50
DocPlatypusokay... where is the proper place to provide feedback on the upgrade procedure?06:51
=== justn_ is now known as justn
DocPlatypusbecause I have a lot of it, and most of it's *not* positive. this is by far one of the worst OS upgrades I've ever done.06:52
almoxarifeGuido1: google 'add network-printer on ubuntu' is a good start06:52
head_victimpfifo: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/06:53
bigbossxbox anyone?06:54
icerootbigboss: wrong channel06:54
bigbossdo you have a link or something or channel name im new sorry man06:54
zsarHow can i access inotify on the terminal?.\06:54
iceroot!alis | bigboss06:54
ubottubigboss: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:55
igor_curiousx: still here?06:55
Guido1almoxarife: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu - "specify the host IP address or name" just the name or with something added like \\06:55
igor_any other things to try?06:55
curiousx404 ?06:56
igor_the last command you gave me says "06:57
igor_failed: Name or service not known.06:57
igor_wget: unable to resolve host address `www.medibuntu.org'06:57
Guido1almoxarife: if i just enter the name of the server it says "no printer found"06:57
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
curiousxno, i dont know what can i do =(06:58
almoxarifeGuido1: Find network printer <-- is an option, did you pick it?06:58
curiousxi dont know whats happening =(06:58
igor_the quiet update failed06:58
Guido1almoxarife: yes06:59
almoxarifeGuido1: Find network printer <-- is an option, did you pick it? and it found ??06:59
Guido1almoxarife: it found "no prointer on thies computer"07:00
igor_how do i install the latest vlc?07:00
delinquentmehow do I select what line I'd like to echo a string into of a file?07:01
curiousxigor_: sudo apt-get install h264enc x26407:01
delinquentmeIE I'd like to insert the string at the very top of the file07:01
delinquentmehow can I do this07:01
pfifoigor_, generally to get the latests stuff you have to check out the source fron their git/svn and compile it yourself07:01
almoxarifeGuido1: don't know what to tell you, verify printer is on etc, someone else may be of assistance on the issue, I am not into hardware issues07:01
DocPlatypusokay... during upgrade to 11.10, why did I wind up with i386 packages again after specifically removing them before?07:01
Guido1almoxarife: xp computers can find it07:02
cool345you need to buy something first BEFOR YOU DO ENYTHING07:02
DocPlatypusis it really that difficult of a concept that I only want amd64 packages on here, not i386 crap?07:02
cds!stupid bot that never works07:02
ubottucds: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:02
igor_its late i'm not up to doing that07:02
curiousxlast vlc: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/vlc07:02
curiousxsudo apt-get update07:02
curiousxsudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc07:02
Guido1almoxarife: xp and ubuntu can't see the shared folders on the xp computer with the printer07:02
curiousxbut the lastest vlc wont solve the issues07:03
bigbosschannel names?07:03
almoxarifeGuido1: almoxarife: xp computers can find it, then you say they can't,07:03
cdsDoes anyone know how to get amazon's mp3 downloader to work on 11.10?07:04
curiousxrefering to the error output given from mplayer yo have some codec version issues from diferentes repositories or some like that07:04
Guido1almoxarife: they can find the printer, but not the folders07:04
cdsIt seems the bot isn't talking07:04
almoxarifeGuido1: good luck07:04
Guido1but bevore that i had to setup a domain on xp07:05
curiousxwell. sorry i cant help ya, cya all07:05
horseatingweedsIf I let Kubuntu sleep to long (suspend to ram), when I wake it up, the screen is black. The mouse pointer is there though. Isn't there a key combination to reboot the desktop to fix this kind of thing?07:05
igor_i uninstalled vlc and canrt get it back in software manager07:05
pfifohorseatingweeds, ctrl+alt+backspace is what your looking for, but the shortcut needs to be enabled07:06
bobweaverigor does  apt-cache seach vlc          show it ?07:06
horseatingweedspfifo: Thanks. I was trying that. How do you enable the shortcut?07:06
almoxarifehorseatingweeds: you have a screen-saver running prior to suspend?07:07
horseatingweedsalmoxarife: no07:07
Guido1almoxarife: what i can do is "SAMBA printer". there i can find the network,. but not the computer07:07
ilmihey tell me how to install gnome shell07:07
almoxarifehorseatingweeds: suspend for 'too long' ? you mean the monitor ?07:08
igor_i cant get vlc to install from the software manager07:08
igor_can someone help me?07:08
Guido1how can i change the network groep and setup a domain on ubuntu 10.04?07:08
SHOVELLi hope i fixed my partition failure brb REBOOT07:08
horseatingweedsalmoxarife: I mean, I suspend to ram, and if I wake it up a couple hours later, it awakes properly. But if I let it sleep over night, only a black screen comes up.07:09
ubuntuwhats a good channel for discussing financial planning07:09
=== shadowh511 is now known as Razers_computer
ubuntui cant find the list with google07:09
bigbossim new hw07:09
bigbossim new here any tips?07:09
pfifo!alis | ubuntu07:09
ubottuubuntu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:09
=== Razers_computer is now known as shadowh511
Guido1almoxarife: how can i change the network groep and setup a domain on ubuntu 10.04?07:09
Vinnie_winhow do I get a shell07:10
soidexehi! How can I remove ppa without ppa-purge?07:10
soidexeand without gui07:10
almoxarifeGuido1: google it07:10
soidexei'm trying07:10
Guido1almoxarife: i found this: http://patrick.familiekoning.com/2009/04/17/hoe-voeg-ik-ubuntu-linux-in-een-domein-toe/, but do i realy have to instal something?07:11
pfifo!google | almoxarife07:11
ubottualmoxarife: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.07:11
Shinkamu1Results for | almoxarife on Google:07:11
almoxarifesoidexe: purge a ppa is not the same as remove a ppa,07:11
pfifo!google stuff07:11
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/07:11
Shinkamu1Results for stuff on Google:07:11
almoxarifepfifo: noted, you help him07:11
pfifo!ops | Shinkamu107:11
ubottuShinkamu1: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!07:11
soidexealmoxarife: I need to get rid of "404 Not Found"07:11
totesmuhgoatsi want to change the default option in grub, i notice there is a DEFAULT option in /etc/default/grub07:12
elkyShinkamu1, disable that script please07:12
totesmuhgoatsbut I am wondering how i idenfity what number menu option is which07:12
totesmuhgoatssince it seems to take a number as an argument07:12
almoxarifesoidexe: 404 error can't be rid of by you, 404 is a place on the internet that is a black hole for what ever reason, wrong address maybe?07:13
bigbossWho is anonymous?07:13
soidexealmoxarife: old ppa07:13
horseatingweedsI can't find ctrl+alt+backspace in the system settings07:13
totesmuhgoatsbigboss: a mouse characterized by being nony07:13
almoxarifesoidexe: there you go, old and gone then07:13
soidexealmoxarife: what should I do?07:14
soidexealmoxarife:  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/nginx/php5/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found07:14
almoxarifesoidexe: why can't you use a gui to do the clean-up?07:14
soidexealmoxarife: it's a server07:14
soidexedamn it...07:14
almoxarifesoidexe: you can install ppa-purge07:14
almoxarife!info ppa-purge07:15
ubottuppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (oneiric), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB07:15
zykotick9soidexe: not sure why gyou don't want ppa-purge (seems like best option to me), but you could possibly manually remove it from /etc/sources.list.d/?07:15
almoxarifesoidexe: its cli07:15
soidexeokay, will do that07:15
soidexezykotick9: cannot access /etc/sources.list.d: No such file or directory07:16
almoxarifesoidexe: you do understand that ppa purge and ppa removal are two different things07:16
zykotick9soidexe: sorry, /etc/apt/...07:16
Guido1soidexe: i think in smp.conf, but where exactly do i change the domain?07:16
elky!google test07:17
ubottuI have no google command, use http://www.google.com/07:17
Shinkamu1Results for test on Google:07:17
soidexealmoxarife: thanks a lot! that helped!07:17
almoxarifesoidexe: cool07:17
cdsi broke apt07:20
cdsis there any type of apt-get undo07:20
bigbossanyone ! how do i connect to other servers and channels07:20
horseatingweedsAnyone know how to enable ctrl+alt+back to restart x server?07:20
cdsnow it only complains about unmet dependencies07:20
=== cds is now known as thechris
zykotick9!dontzap | horseatingweeds07:21
ubottuhorseatingweeds: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap07:21
thechrisHow do you undo an apt-get or dpkg?07:21
SHOVELLwell i got the partition table sorta fixed it is readable but gparted still wont read it HELP07:21
thechrisor make apt work after a failed script from the internet07:22
zykotick9thechris: "sudo apt-get remove foo" replace foo with the package name07:22
pfifobigboss, goto  http://www.yaaic.org and read the docs for your IRC client to see how to join servers and channels. To search for channels on freenode check !alis to search for other networs use google07:22
zykotick9thechris: "sudo apt-get -f install" is the general, fix apt option07:22
=== mikester01 is now known as mikester01|AFK
thechriszykotick9: is there any option that does the right thing, or does it just do whatever it wants...07:23
horseatingweeds<zykotick9> Thanks07:24
* SHOVELL wants to spam really bad07:24
zykotick9thechris: not sure what you mean.  good luck.07:24
thechriszykotick9: for some reason, the only way to remove a package is to install five other packages07:24
zykotick9thechris: sounds like a meta-package issue07:25
diverdudehello...can anybody help fix my installation...on bootup the system just hangs07:25
mi3!cookie | zykiticj907:26
ubottuzykiticj9: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:26
SHOVELLsorry tired..... anyways is there a better place to find help with partition table issues in ubuntu?07:28
scientes_!cookie | scientes_07:28
ubottuscientes_, please see my private message07:28
waxstonediverdude, hold shift wwhile booting for the grub menu07:29
SHOVELLscientes what is cookie?07:29
dr_willisSHOVELL:  a baked treat ;)07:29
waxstonediverdude, press e, add nomodeset to kernal line07:29
SHOVELLomg lol meant !cookie07:29
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:30
diverdudewaxstone: yes, im there07:30
waxstonediverdude,  add near quiet splash07:30
SHOVELL!cookie | shovell07:30
ubottuSHOVELL, please see my private message07:30
dr_willisnoquiet nosplash    nomodeset nofb   text           options      turns off most all the eyecandy07:31
DocPlatypus!cookie | DocPlatypus07:31
ubottuDocPlatypus, please see my private message07:31
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:32
diverdudewaxstone: how do i save the changes to that GRUB file?07:32
dr_willisalso seen options to block specific modules from  loading07:32
scientes_oh geeze, what did i start!07:32
waxstonediver crtl-X to boot07:32
scientes_i was making a self-congratulatory joke07:32
waxstonediverdude, press crtl-x to boot07:32
waxstonediverdude, saves automatically I believe through grub menu07:33
dr_willisaltering grub at boot does NOT save it permently07:34
scientes_after changing a grub setting you have to run update-grub07:34
dr_willisedit the grub configs for perm. changes07:34
scientes_if you change FROM grub, then it actually does same it07:34
scientes_but not on btrfs07:34
scientes_*does save it07:34
zykotick9dr_willis: +1 /etc/default/grub for most stuff, and "sudo update-grub" if you make any changes07:34
dr_willisive never seen grub menu alter the grub.cfg scientes_  that could be dangerous07:35
scientes_dr_willis, well, its "save_end"07:35
self_test, hi to all07:35
scientes_i ran into it cause it causes a error on boot with btrfs, cause its not supported07:35
scientes_dr_willis, however grub DOES change the fs on boot07:35
SHOVELLi had some issues with gparted seeing the partitions but the computer boots fine and i can now read the partition table but gparted cant read the table07:35
waxstonedr_willis, oh thanks, so should he edit /etc/default/grub/grub after?07:36
zykotick9scientes_: btrfs makes no sense07:36
dr_williswaxstone:  /etc/default/grub07:37
Kacohello there07:39
scientes_zykotick9, what do you mean?07:40
amazingrandoi'm trying to free up some space on my disk07:40
amazingrandowhat are some big packages i could uninstall?07:40
zykotick9scientes_: sorry.  i should keep my "opinions" to myself.  run whatever you want :)07:40
scientes_just to clarify, grub works on btrfs07:40
scientes_hahaha, it was nice to have a snapshot for my upgrade to precise07:40
waxstonescientes_, what are btrfs?07:40
scientes_however i do know that btrfs isn't as fast07:40
scientes_!btrfs | waxstone07:41
ubottuwaxstone: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs07:41
scientes_well, that didn't meantion any of the features you get with COW07:41
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zykotick9zfs is super cool (it's almost like Windows System Restore) but running it on gnu/linux is silly, it's run using FUSE (though there is some other option as well), but it can't be included in the linux kernel due to licensing (which is unfortunate) </OT file system wish>07:43
scientes_zykotick9, you like zfs, but not btrfs! wow07:43
zykotick9scientes_: it's super cool on the *bsd and opensolaris07:43
enigma_haha wrong window07:45
diverdudewaxstone: i tried adding the nomodeset and press ctrl-X but same problem07:46
diverdudewaxstone: when i enter that file again my changes are not there07:46
waxstonediverdude, ok 1 second07:47
waxstonediverdude, do you have a live cd?07:48
SHOVELLi had some issues with gparted seeing the partitions but the computer boots fine and i can now read the partition table but gparted cant read the table is it possible to fix this with out re installing?07:48
zykotick9diverdude: do you have an option for recovery?  does it work?  if so, edit /etc/default/grub then run "sudo update-grub"07:48
diverdudewaxstone: i can make one07:48
diverdudezykotick9: yeah i have that..moment ill try07:49
waxstonediverdude, it would help, then follow what zykotick9 said07:49
waxstonediverdude, make GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"07:49
zykotick9waxstone: what i said WON'T work from a LiveCD/USB!07:49
waxstonezykotick9, you cant mount a drive from live cd?07:50
zykotick9waxstone: but chroot is required!07:50
scientes_zykotick9, actually it will if you properly chroot07:50
waxstonediverdude, are you comfortable with using the terminal?07:50
scientes_or you can also use grub-install --boot-directory however update-grub doesn't support that07:51
scientes_(however it should)07:51
diverdudezykotick9: /etc/default/grub is just an empty file?07:51
zykotick9diverdude: that's not the right /etc/defult/grub then!07:51
scientes_diverdude, you havn't chrooted then07:52
waxstonediverdude, definitely shouldnot be07:52
waxstonediverdude, how do you knwo it is empty?07:52
justgregSearching for some help with gmount issue07:52
TanzinkIs 12.04 going to be a LTS ?07:52
scientes_what package have the "udevinfo" binary?07:52
zykotick9Tanzink: yes07:52
zykotick9Tanzink: #ubuntu+1 for discussion07:52
scientes_c-n-f doesn't seem to be working07:53
diverdudewaxstone: well i do sudo emacs /etc/default/grub and nothing is in the file for me to edit07:53
diverdudeahh if i cat it, it has content07:53
waxstonediverdude, make GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"07:53
Tanzinkzykotick9: So there is absoulty no reason to install the LTS version if I'm going to do a fresh install it seems..07:53
diverdudewaxstone: but why cant i edit it with emacs then07:53
diverdudeok...nano can do it07:54
zykotick9Tanzink: not sure what you meant.  BUT, no reason to install BETA unless you want to fight issues and report bugs.07:54
SHOVELLnow i cant make new logical partitions07:54
diverdudehmm but no write permission even though i did sudo???07:54
waxstonediverdude, after edit, sudo update-grub07:54
zykotick9Tanzink: FYI 12.04 will be 5 years support desktop - that's crazy07:55
Tanzinkzykotick9: nobody said anything about BETA software.  I said no reason to install the (stable) LTS version(s) of *buntu  seeing as the next release is going to want an update anyway (LTS -> LTS)07:55
diverdudewaxstone: but i cannot edit it...it has read only07:55
waxstonediverdude, how did you get to the terminal?07:55
zykotick9Tanzink: sorry, i wasn't sure what you meant07:55
diverdudewaxstone: in grub menu choose recovery mode07:56
myndzi_i'm having a heck of a time trying to get usb tethering working under ubuntu desktop? (11.10)07:56
myndzi_google seems to show that there may be specfic problems with the epic 4g07:57
myndzi_but i can barely manage to surf, can anyone point me in the right direction?07:57
waxstoneCan he edit from recovery or only form a tty terminal07:57
diverdudewaxstone: hmm also i cannot do sudo -s07:58
waxstonediverdude, I would exit recovery mode07:58
diverdudewaxstone: it just remains in my bdi user shell07:58
zykotick9diverdude: is the filesystem read only (ro)?  type "mount" to check.07:59
waxstonediverdude, reboot , hold shift, highlight recovery,press e , edit kernal line replace recovery with text07:59
waxstonediverdude, u will get a terminal07:59
diverdudezykotick9: hmm it prints a lot of stuff when i try that...what wil indicate read only?08:00
zykotick9diverdude: ro on left side somewhere08:00
zykotick9diverdude: right side08:00
zykotick9diverdude: look for the / directory most likely08:01
diverdudezykotick9: it does say in the bottom: mount: warning: /etc/mtab is not writeable (e.g. read-only filesystem), ...08:01
zykotick9diverdude: i'm guessing your on a read only filesystem :(  might be possible to remount to read/write - but i'm not 100% sure how, so perhaps using the !grub chroot instructions is my "tried and tested" suggestion.08:02
zykotick9diverdude: from a livecd/usb i mean08:03
SHOVELLi had some issues with gparted seeing the partitions but the computer boots fine and i can now read the partition table but gparted cant read the table is it possible to fix this with out re installing?08:05
diverdudezykotick9: ahh i managed to make it writeable08:06
zykotick9diverdude: nice08:06
waxstonediverdude, what did you do?08:07
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=== Guest40223 is now known as marco82
diverdudethere was an option in that recovery mode that where i could remount with write permissions hehe08:08
diverdudenow i tried changing that nomodeset and did sudo update-grub08:09
diverdudeand now rebboting08:09
marco82how gnome shell without hardware accelerator?08:09
diverdudenow it writes more stuff to the screen...but still just hangs at checking battery state :(08:10
zykotick9marco82: don't think it's possible, yet.  (there is a testing implementation in the wild i believe)08:10
waxstonediverdude, how many harddrives do you have?08:11
diverdudewaxstone: just 108:11
marco82ok tnk08:12
waxstonei have 1 more then I dk, get back to the grub menu and press e on the first option08:12
zykotick9diverdude: this is a portable i assume?  you might want to try noacpi and/or noapic but those are 100% shots in the dark - but might be interesting for testing purposes08:13
diverdudezykotick9: no...its the one thats built into my laptop08:13
zykotick9diverdude: by portable i meant netbook/laptop/etc08:14
waxstonefile=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.lz quiet splash nomoderset --08:14
waxstoneyou kernal line should look as above08:14
waxstonenomodeset  sorry08:14
zykotick9waxstone: modeRset08:14
diverdudeif its for any useful info for you it says Message: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory08:14
waxstonethat is after  checking battery message?08:15
diverdudewaxstone: before08:15
diverdudeit also says could not get the system bus. Make sure the masse bus daemon is running08:16
MrokiiHello. My computer behaves strange, in the way that it lowers brightness sometimes when I switch to TTYs (Ctrl-Alt-Fn) or sometimes even when I move or resize windows on the Gnome-desktop. A friend suggested to disable Xorg power management functions but didn't say how. Does anybody know where I can find them? I already disabled the power management function I can access via the Gnome (GUI) preferences.08:17
waxstonei dk what that means... diverdude08:18
waxstonediverdude, is this a new install?08:18
zykotick9Mrokii: is this an EEEpc?08:18
diverdudewaxstone: no unfortunately....if it was i could just wipe the damn thing and reinstall08:18
waxstonesis you have a LAMP server or mysql on it?08:19
hans_hello, how can i arrange the icons on the dash bar in a certain order ?08:20
waxstonehans_, left and drap into place08:21
waxstonehans_, left click and drag08:21
Mrokiizykotick9: No, it's a regular tower.08:21
zykotick9Mrokii: ok, just checkin'08:21
hans_waxstone: thanks, but doesn't work08:22
waxstonehans_ unity?08:22
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hans_unity ?08:23
waxstonehans_, which desktop are you using?08:23
zykotick9ignore love08:23
hans_i just installed and use the desktop that comes up08:24
lovezykotick9: ?08:24
dr_willisclick hold. drag drop i thought08:24
waxstonehans_, this dash you are talking about is a on the left hand side? applications one on top each other?08:25
hans_you'right, it's on the left08:25
waxstonehans_, left drag to the desktop(right) first dont drag down08:25
scientes_whats the status of systemd on ubuntu?08:26
dr_willis!info systemd08:26
ubottuPackage systemd does not exist in oneiric08:26
hans_waxstone: it worked ! thank you very much08:26
dr_willis!find systemd08:26
ubottuFound: live-config-systemd08:26
waxstonehans_, no problem08:26
scientes_dr_willis, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/systemd08:27
gr33n7007hWhat's better "Gnome\|KDE\|Fluxbox" ?08:27
bluefrogthe one you like08:27
dr_willisgr33n7007h: use what you want08:27
zykotick9gr33n7007h: What's better "Green\Blue\Orange" ?08:28
dr_williszykotick9:  hot pink08:28
scottzthe one you like08:29
MultbrelchGnome of course08:29
gr33n7007hSay a Live CD of your choice is Fluxbox, based on debian/ubuntu how can you change it to gnome/kde ?08:30
zykotick9gr33n7007h: only Ubuntu is supported in #ubuntu08:30
dr_willisgr33n7007h:  use a live cd that has what you want08:30
theadmingr33n7007h: Try them all. Gnome is somewhat unnatural, it is hard to get used to. KDE is Windows-like. XFCE feels similar to Gnome2 (like the old, pre-Natty Ubuntu desktops). *box'es are pretty confusing at first, but WAY lightweight. LXDE is also Windows-like, but whereas KDE feels like, say, Windows 7 (with a load more features), LXDE feels like Windows 95 xD08:30
bc81hey there.  is there such thing as a 'universal' (cross compatible) filesystem that can accommodate files over 4 GiB? i'd use fat32 if not for the 4GB file-size limit.08:31
theadminbc81: ntfs08:31
bc81theadmin: other than ntfs?  :)08:31
gr33n7007hYes, but the live CD I want is Fluxbox which i dont really like, just wondering if I could change it to gnome08:32
theadminbc81: None really08:32
zykotick9theadmin: that was pretty good overall, my personal preference would have tainted a few remarks08:32
theadmingr33n7007h: You probably can, but none of the official Ubuntu CDs come with Flux08:32
bc81theadmin: ok, just wondering.  thanks08:32
theadminzykotick9: What was pretty good?08:32
zykotick9theadmin: your DE/WM breakdown above08:32
velkogr33n7007h, yes and no. the cd contains the fluxbox files so it will install fluxbox. but after that you can install gnome/kde/xfce/lxde whatewer you like08:33
theadminzykotick9: Ah lol, it's not exactly correct though08:33
gr33n7007hright ok so I can install Gnome08:33
gr33n7007hLet me just check in #debian one minute!08:34
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theadminHello, metl_chic and velko.08:44
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jsoftHow do I make sun-java6 the default java instead of the openjdk one?08:46
waxstonejsoft, this might help you http://microchip.wikidot.com/mplab:how-do-i-install-and-use-sun-java6-jre-instead-of-open08:51
DocPlatypusokay... is there a setting I can set somewhere that says I never, ever, ever want this multiarch junk on my system? that's twice I've had to clean up after Ubuntu's brain-dead upgrade procedure now.08:51
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velkoDocPlatypus, i don't think so. you can set packages to "hold" and this will keep them in the currently installed version. but you cannot set to hold packages which are not installed. besides multiarch seems to be the next big thing in debian so they are pushing actively in this direction08:53
DocPlatypusvelko: I don't see what's so good about it. I've come dangerously close to hosing my system beyond repair because of it, because aptitude does not make it the least bit easy to see what's i386 and what's amd6408:54
DocPlatypusit just shows two of the same package. if I could hide all the i386 turds by default I wouldn't mind it as much, though I still strongly prefer all amd64 packages (unless I'm missing something regarding a reason why i386 packages *need* to be available)08:55
auronandaceDocPlatypus: using skype or 32bit flash?08:55
zykotick9DocPlatypus: multiarch is very much still in development!  dpkg multiarch JUST entered debian upsteam a couple of weeks ago!  keep in mind dpkg is what apt-get actually uses to install stuff.08:55
DocPlatypusauronandace: no skype. I prefer the 64-bit flash, since I'm on a 64-bit system it just makes sense.08:56
auronandaceDocPlatypus: or wine?08:56
DocPlatypusauronandace: the only wine I use here is the kind made from grapes. and technically I'm more of a bourbon man :-)08:56
auronandaceDocPlatypus: i can't think of much else that would need 32bit libs/compatibility08:57
DocPlatypusthat's the whole reason I run GNU variants and free software... if I wanted to run Windows programs, I'd go buy a PC with Windows on it.08:57
DocPlatypusas it stands... I was burned horribly by Microsoft in 2000-2002. so I'm done with Windows.08:57
[[thufir]]how do you pipe dar to a CDRW?  I'm out of space.08:58
SHOVELLi had some issues with gparted seeing the partitions but the computer boots fine and i can now read the partition table but gparted cant read the table is it possible to fix this with out re installing?08:58
DocPlatypus[[thufir]]: I'd just delete something about 700 megs in size and/or use a USB thumb drive08:59
DocPlatypusI think technically you can pipe the output to wodim but it'll burn the raw data to the disc, not a nice CDRW you can just mount and view08:59
[[thufir]]I have 700 MB free, but need to back up ~20 GB onto disc.09:00
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[[thufir]]I'll check out wodim09:00
DocPlatypus[[thufir]]: my 24-hour grocery store sells 16 GB thumb drives for under $25.09:00
[[thufir]]huh, that's a thought.09:01
DocPlatypusthat's US$, not sure what country you're in09:01
[[thufir]]no, that's ok.  I would just probably do the morally questionable cc purchas and return, but...09:01
[[thufir]]or iPod type thing.  hmm.09:02
airtonixDocPlatypus: the real question is are they slow or fast usb thumb drives?09:03
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DocPlatypusairtonix: any drive is fast enough if I'm just doing a one-shot backup. I tolerated USB 1.1 on my old machine for a good 2-3 years09:03
syddrafDoes anyone know of a way to take 6 channels of audio in a video and compact it into 2 channel mp3?09:04
DocPlatypusI can't imagine anything equal or larger than 4 GB being that slow09:04
* [[thufir]] agrees with DocPlatypus. 09:04
[[thufir]]I really wanted to use up all the ancient CDR's I have, though.09:05
airtonixDocPlatypus: i have two sets of usb thumbdrives i happend use for liveusb installs, the cheaper ones are noticeably slower.. adding about extra 5mins installation per installation session09:05
monserhello all09:08
monserubuntu boots very slow09:08
monserit hangs on ohci usb 1.1.09:08
monserhow to fix that?09:08
monserI want like 3 min to start up09:08
velkomonser, do you have any usb devices plugged into the computer while it boots? you may try to booth without them and see if there is any difference09:11
AscavasaionHello.  I have just sent a file via bluetooth from a Windows XP machine to my Ubuntu machine.  However I have no idea where the file is now.  Can someone point me in the right direction to see where Ubuntu saved the file?09:13
vseris it possible to see inotify on the terminal09:13
auronandaceAscavasaion: check your home folder, i think there is a public folder09:14
Ascavasaionauronandace: No, it is not in my home Public folder.09:15
monseryes i do have09:16
velkoAscavasaion, isn't it better to right click the bluetooth icon and look up the preferences for the place it uses to store the files? i don't have bt on this computer so i cant click you trough09:16
monserits a external hard disk plugged with usb to ide/ sata cable09:16
monserif i remove it there is not difference09:16
monserI tried09:16
monserI mean if I unplug it09:16
velkomonser, it sill hangs on "ohci usb 1.1"? why?09:17
velkomonser, are your mouse, webcam, keyboard... connected via usb?09:17
AklsMy system went crazy. All apps are giving errors like "failed to contact configuration server" and something about d-bus, how can I fix everything?09:18
Ascavasaionvelko: That worked, thank you :)09:18
monservelko: no no such devices are connected09:18
monseris there a way to disble this ohci 1.109:18
monserthe usb are 2.009:18
velkomonser, you can blacklist the driver in /etc/modporobe.d/09:19
wswhere is the Debian package db (one retrived with dpkg -l) stored?09:20
monserhow to modprobe.d is a directory09:21
monserhow to blacklist it in a directory?09:21
velkows, dpkg -l does not retrieve anythong09:21
Daulityi got a problem with flash and my usb headset, the sound is klicking even when the flash vid is pauzed, the odd thing is the clicking stops when i drag a random window of the flash vid or when i switch tabs in the browser anyone know tis problem?09:21
velkomonser, you don't of course09:21
velkomonser, you first find out the exact name of the dirver via "sudo lsmod | grep ohci"09:21
monsercould you be more specific , please09:21
wsvelko: the list of packages (binary or text) in a file?09:22
cheaterwhat ever audio engine you are using, it has a priority comparable to flash, but flash is using up all cpu power09:22
velkomonser, then you pick a file in this directory and look for a line starting with "blacklist" - duplicate it and replace the name of the driver with the one you found out before09:22
cheatervelko: he has to copy the file to a new name before doing that.09:23
velkocheako, i don't understand what do you mean?09:23
velkocheako, sorry09:23
cheaterhe shouldn't be editing files that are already there.09:24
velkocheater, i don't understand what do you mean?09:24
velkocheater, why not?09:24
monserthat command does not show the driver09:24
cheaterbecause it is bad practice.09:24
monseronly these ohci1394     ieee139409:25
velkomonser, the ones containing ohci in the name will do09:25
velkomonser, just mark their names and blacklist them09:25
velkomonser, i don't know about ieee1394. don't blacklist it09:26
HaferstrohHello, does anyone knows if there exists a ppa for nautilus ?09:28
velkows, i don't know about which file you are talking. but it might help to lookup the files in /var/lib/dpkg09:30
KaizerSoze_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa09:30
KaizerSoze_sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:30
KaizerSoze_nautilus -q #restarts nautilus09:30
peterrooneyws, dpkg -L09:31
oCeanHaferstroh: please not that PPA's are 3rd party repositories and not supported!09:32
HaferstrohoCean,  is noted, but I got two really annoying bugs (I suppose these are bugs). First I cannot use the "send to" Dialog in nautilus e.g. if I want to send a file directly to evolution. Second is: if I plug in a USB device and open it in nautilus and while the window is open I unmount the device, nautilus shuts down09:34
iceroot!bug | Haferstroh09:35
ubottuHaferstroh: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:35
Haferstrohiceroot, ubottu  I acutally did send it via launchpad. But maybe in a newer Version of nautilus these Problems are fixed.09:36
icerootHaferstroh: then you will get an info on that bug09:37
icerootHaferstroh: but its great that you filled the bugs, its always the best way to report issues and to get things fixed09:37
Haferstrohiceroot is there a "last version" ppa of nautilus or not ?09:38
icerootHaferstroh: no09:39
icerootHaferstroh: you could have a look at 12.04 if it is fixed there09:39
icerootHaferstroh: or ask in #ubuntu+1 if someone can reproduce your bugs on 12.0409:40
almoxarifeHaferstroh: I don't think a ppa version of nautilus would correct your issues09:40
Haferstrohiceroot I'll check it out via VBox. I am using gnome-shell maybe its a gnome3 issue ?09:40
icerootHaferstroh: but installing newer main-components is not a good idea in an older system09:40
almoxarifeHaferstroh: have you ran nautilus from terminal to see the what's what or looked at the logs?09:40
HaferstrohI dont think, that my hardware it that old09:41
icerootHaferstroh: the vm solution is a good idea09:41
icerootHaferstroh: older system = older ubuntu release09:41
icerootHaferstroh: not related to hardware09:41
Haferstrohthe terminal gives no output after nautilus closes down09:41
RocheLimitDuality, Flash is a general PITA as well as the the linux audio system. Have you got the most recent Flash version?09:41
Haferstrohiceroot, okay09:41
almoxarifeHaferstroh: the logs show anything?09:42
Haferstrohwhere do I find the nautilus log file ? Somewhere in /var .. ?09:42
ubuntuok how do i display model and serial number of computer with ubuntu terminal09:42
icerootHaferstroh: maybe /var/log/syslog09:42
almoxarifeHaferstroh: I would look in /var/log/syslog and kern.log09:43
icerootHaferstroh: if you are still facing the bug on 12.04 you should mention that on the bug, normally that will only be fixed for 12.04 and not older versions09:43
monserhow to navigate in a taskel.how to check what to be install?09:43
monseri see a * which indicates what you want to be installed but how to uncheck09:44
wyldemonser: space bar09:44
ubuntuok how do i display model and serial number of computer with ubuntu terminal09:45
=== companion is now known as Companion
monserok thank you.This should be written on the screen.it is vital09:45
oCeanubuntu: dmidecode (commandline) will give you lots of information09:46
monserDo you a a tutorial how to use apptitude in its terminal gui?09:47
Haferstrohhttps://launchpad.net/nautilus/+series shows as last version 3.0.2 . But nautilus --version shows GNOME nautilus 3.2.109:47
ubuntuyou mean type dmidecode in the terminal09:47
monsersame question, how to navigate uncheck and so on?09:47
wyldeubuntu: you can try sudo lshw09:47
oCeanubuntu: yes09:47
icerootmonser: what software you want to install?09:48
icerootmonser: lamp?09:48
monserjust messing around trying to fix what it is not working by trying this and that09:48
Mech0zif my ubuntu desktop just boots and say Read Error, can that be becuase I removed a drive from a raid6 array?09:51
cnttucmewhat is your pc specs?09:52
icerootMech0z: yes maybe09:53
ubuntuwell what im looking for is the type of hdd i need for this dell laptop09:53
ubuntuwhat do i type in the command line09:53
cnttucme df -h09:54
monsernow the aptitude is installing something09:54
monserand not displaying what09:54
oCeanmonser: control your language here, please. Those acronyms are not welcome here09:55
cnttucmehey guys is there a book i can buy for ubuntu?09:55
cnttucmeOr even linux in general?09:55
oCean!manual | cnttucme09:55
ubottucnttucme: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:55
acroyear2Hey all, I set a line in etc/network/interfaces to: iface eth0 inet static as it was previously dynamic and the IP kept changing. I also set the fixed IP and netmask. But now I can't seem to communicate with the outside world - stuff like wget no longer works. Am I missing something?09:56
monserhow to find out what aptitude is installing09:56
oCeancnttucme: ^that's a little bit outdated, but still useful. Obviously there are 1000s of books on linux in general09:56
cnttucmeI was hoping for a book recommendation but ill check that out. Was hoping to learn more about command line.09:56
monserit is doing it at the background09:56
monserall i see is icon telling package manager is working09:57
acroyear2Would I need to set default gateway as well?09:57
peterrooneycnttucme: join #bash, and read the docs they suggest in the topic.  and watch.09:57
cnttucmeSounds good09:58
monserhow to uninstall all packages from the gui? and leave the system with cli09:58
cnttucmeThanks sir.09:58
RocheLimitDuality, I don't know your specific problem, but you could try playing with the audio setings, reduce the system volume below max, see if there are conflicting audio inputs perhaps.09:58
wyldeacroyear2: if you set a static ip yeas, because dhcp is no longer setting that for you09:58
monserhow to stop networking manager deleting /etc/resolf.conf09:58
acroyear2wylde: Gotcha, that seems to have fixed it, thankyou09:58
monseri want to have my own dns server09:58
monserevery time network-manager sets it own09:59
monserand deletes nameserver i have put in that file09:59
monseri killed that aptitude10:00
monsernow i do nto know what has been installed and what not10:00
onoez_omgi need to run two instances of hostapd daemon in order to have two access points on two different interfaces, but is there any proper way to specify both configuration files in /etc/default/hostapd so it could be started over init.d script?10:01
onoez_omgthanks and soz for my english (if matters)10:02
wyldemonser: /var/log/dpkg.log10:02
monserwylde: how to stop network manager messing with my settings in resolf.conf10:03
zykotick9monser: either A) set your DNS in N-M or B) stop using N-M10:04
wyldemonser: no idea, and I'm not sure you should be arbitrarily playing with thing you don't know how to fix.10:04
monserwell how to learn if  you do not mess arround10:05
wyldemonser: research?10:05
monseri can nto stop using n-m because i need it for wifi10:05
monserbut i do not need it for wired10:05
wyldemonser: google, Ubuntu forums etc10:05
monserresearch can not get you where experience can10:06
wyldemonser: if you say so...10:07
monserthat aptitude deleted everything10:10
dr_willisnetwork manager has settings to set the dns i recall10:10
damo22what ever happened to console control of wifi10:10
damo22without n-m10:10
dr_willisdamo22:  its doable10:10
damo22iwconfig and iwpriv etc10:11
KazzykidHey, could someone help me disable the desktop? Ubuntu noob here10:12
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode10:12
dr_willisKazzykid:  ffor what reason?10:13
=== Companion is now known as companion
Kazzykidah, thanks, and primarily to free up cpu use for a litecoin miner :)10:13
krnlhi. i can see in auth.log, that someone tries to login to the server, and use different usernames in every sec. he's bruteforcing the server with usernames. is there any program that can check it the auth log or somewhere else if an IP has several login failes, and blocks that IP automatically?10:15
onoez_omgkrnl, seems like portsentry10:17
monserhow to remove all the gui xorg and everything10:17
monserand leave the system with cli10:17
zykotick9damo22: the best console-only option for wireless i've found is wicd-curses10:17
onoez_omgapt-get purge xorg* or something like that i suppose10:17
dr_willistight on space?10:20
zykotick9monser: you shouldn't remove "xorg and everything", reinstall with the mini iso, then add what you need.10:21
krnlonoez_omg: but portsentry only checks for portscans, isnit? how about checking if someone continuously connecting to port 22 where sshd already listening?10:21
monserok i do nto have a terminal anymore10:22
monserhow to leave the gui and get to the terminal?10:22
monserctrl shift f1 does not help10:22
dr_williskrnl there are tools that can auto ban those ips. vua iptables10:22
krnldr_willis: im looking for a tool like this. can u suggest pkg name?10:23
=== mh0- is now known as mh0
dr_willismonser:  the console .alt ctrl f110:23
dr_willis!info fail2ban10:23
ubottufail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.5-1 (oneiric), package size 79 kB, installed size 672 kB10:24
dr_willisi think theres another similer to fail2ban10:24
krnldr_willis: thnx10:24
cnttucmeWho here knows how to get the desktop cube?10:24
bazhang!ccsm | cnttucme10:25
ubottucnttucme: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz10:25
dr_williscnttucme:  Webupd8 blog site had on usung unity and the cube10:25
onoez_omgkrnl, still trying to resurrect it in my memory, just give me some time lol10:25
krnlonoez_omg: :)10:25
dr_williscube can break unity.  be carefull10:26
MikeroHi, I'm trying to map my mouse buttons correctly but I'm a little stuck on that. I'm changing the Options "ButtonMapping" in my xorg.conf file but it doesn't seem to work.10:28
onoez_omgkrnl, fail2ban10:29
cnttucme"sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" is how i installed it. In case anyone else was having trouble.10:29
krnlonoez_omg: yeah dr_willis already mentioned, thnx, i installed and it works! :)10:29
natrixnatrix89where do I add a domain name & ip that doesn't exist in ubuntu network config to do web testing?10:30
onoez_omgsometimes my memory does bad tricks lol10:30
onoez_omgas well as my english10:30
cancerHow to run windows files in kubuntu?10:31
onoez_omgi need to run two instances of hostapd daemon in order to have two access points on two different interfaces, but is there any proper way to specify both configuration files in /etc/default/hostapd (for example) so it could be started over init.d script?10:32
ROBOT1024 wine or vbox10:32
daughainca someone help me with an automount issue?10:32
cancerrobot1024: asking whome? !me, them neither wine nor vbox. dual boot.10:32
cancerrobot1024: can install wine.10:33
Mikerocancer: What?10:33
cancermikero: i run this command 'sudo apt-get install wine' but no responce.10:34
ROBOT1024cancer:vbox is better10:34
cancerrobot1024: Vbox in kubuntu?10:34
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:34
Mikerocancer: I'm not an advanced user, so I just installed it through Ubuntu Software Center. Seems to work.10:35
ROBOT1024cancer: i think vbox is better,wine is too much trouble10:35
MikeroROBOT1024: But vbox is useless with heavy software and games.10:35
cancerRobot1024: 'sudo apt-get install vbox' < will this work?10:35
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox10:36
cnttucmesudo apt-get install wine10:36
cnttucmethen hit Y and enter10:36
klipcancer: actually for vbox you will have to install windows anyway10:36
DarkApexwhen i start ubuntu one i get this error -                           File Sync error. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "current_status" with signature "" on interface "com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Status" doesn't exist10:36
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dr_williswine may work.well. it depends on the app10:36
DarkApexi am using 11.1010:36
cancerMikero: i am on dual boot. have installed windows and kubuntu both.10:36
cnttucme 10:36
daughainHow do you get usb drives to automount in 11.10??10:37
cnttucmeBroken iso? try burning at a slower speed10:37
DarkApexPlease Help10:37
DarkApexwhen i start ubuntu one i get this error -                     File Sync error. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod:  Method "current_status" with signature "" on interface  "com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Status" doesn't exist10:37
cnttucmeI told you10:37
dr_willisdaughain:  at boot time. add entry to /etc/fstab10:37
cnttucmeBurn a new image and burn at a slower speed10:38
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Mikerocancer: I am too, and I'm running steam and my games on wine.10:38
daughainOr maybe I should ask how to get them to mount somewhere useful10:38
cnttucmeI had a similar problem and i had to burn at a slower speed and it fixed itself10:38
daughaindr_willis, n00b here, what entry, and will that work to mount all drives?10:39
MikeroCan anyone help me setup my mouse in Ubuntu? I just need a slight kick in the right direction.10:40
cnttucmesystem settings > mouse and touchpad10:40
cancermikero: check This out http://paste.ubuntu.com/877293/ this is responce to "sudo apt-get install wine"10:41
cancerrobot1024: check This out http://paste.ubuntu.com/877293/ this is responce to "sudo apt-get install wine"10:41
deusonsay to me10:41
badrwhat ?10:41
ROBOT1024i don't use wine10:43
cancer: check This out http://paste.ubuntu.com/877293/ this is responce to "sudo apt-get install wine"10:43
cancerHelp http://paste.ubuntu.com/877293/ this is responce to "sudo apt-get install wine"10:43
Mikerocnttucme: Thanks, but I should have been more clear :p. What I am actually trying to do atm the moment is mapping the button on the side of my mouse. I tried configuring the xorg.conf "ButtonMapping" Options, but that doesn't seem to work.10:44
jdownieanybody here know anything about autofs?10:44
dns53jdownie not a huge amount but ask your question10:46
cnttucmeMikero:hidpoint software (hidpoint.com) is gonna do the job.10:46
daughainOk, can someone telll me where to find the commands to edit fstab to automount usb drives?10:47
Mikerocnttucme: Ok, thanks. I'm going to check it out.10:47
kvartz0/ hello every110:49
Spyro2is there another way to copy s(ome)th(ing) and also delete the extraneous files on the destination other than rsync10:50
kvartzguys what is bonjour capable chat client for ubuntu?)10:51
RocheLimitSpyro2, what have you got against rsync if it does what you want?10:51
Spyro2RocheLimit, i'm trying to cp a filesystem over but i cannot chroot into it( there is no such file (/bin/bash) )10:52
Spyro2i used rsync --acls --delete --devices --executability --group --hard-links --human-readable --itemize-changes --owner --perms --progress --recursive --specials --times --xattrs --checksum10:53
Spyro2and --delete10:53
RocheLimitDid you run rsync as root? Is it a permissions problem?10:56
Spyro2as root10:56
Spyro2sth i done wrong < tar cp | tar xp -C destination , and chroot workd10:57
RocheLimitDid you get errors during the rsync?10:58
Spyro2oups didn't check that10:59
klawdhi! i installed xubuntu and toyed around with themes. now i dont have minimize/maximize/close buttons anymore11:00
klawdcan someone help there?11:01
klawdactually i dont even have a toolbar11:02
kubuntuHello! How can I have a fixed IP assigned to my system connected to a network. I get sometimes and at other times
damo22kubuntu: manual assignment11:03
kubuntudamo22: Yes, where exactly?11:03
damo22kubuntu, network manager?11:03
damo22kubuntu, might be another way, use your router to assign a fixed address per mac address11:04
kubuntudamo22: I went there. Where under NM>manual> ipv4 config ?11:04
kubuntudamo22: Yes, that works good. But there used to be system way as well11:04
damo22kubuntu, i dont know the gui way only console way11:05
RocheLimitSystem settings -> -> Network connections, select wired or wireless, then edit the connection.11:05
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cheaterdoes ubuntu have anything like /etc/profile.d ? that is, a directory where you put shell files and they get sourced when you start an interactive shell session?11:06
kubuntudamo22: Yes, what's the console way?11:06
damo22kubuntu, last time i did it i used /etc/network/interfaces and put in a static ip11:07
kubuntudamo22: Ah, ok11:07
cheateroh, it's still /etc/profile.d. ok.11:07
ssiieif i dont want to use network manager what can i use to start my usb 3g connection ?11:07
sacarlsonssiie: I assume you could use a console to connect, but I'm not sure what your 3g connection looks like11:10
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tomodoif I have a .deb file, can I install that?11:11
klawdhow can i prevent ubuntu from overwriting my motd?11:11
sacarlsontomodo:  if it finds the dependancies you can just double click in nautilus to try to install it11:12
Spyro2tomodo, run gdebi or double-click it11:12
kubuntudamo22: Adding this line - etho - will help?11:12
sacarlsonklawd: what's a motd?11:13
damo22kubuntu, its not as simple as that, man interfaces11:13
robin0800ssiie: you can use wvdial cli or gnome ppp gui11:13
Spyro2ssiie, or wicd11:13
wunnlemy unitys keeps crashing when i press alt-tab. i can re-run unity by dropping the console, but it started to get annoying.11:16
monserhow to switch back from the console to the gui11:16
monseralt+shift+f1 takes you to the console11:16
monserhow to go back?11:16
wunnlectrl + alt + f711:16
RocheLimitklawd: have you tried update-motd?11:17
monserthank you11:17
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=== companion is now known as Companion
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android-seekerhello can anyone direct me where i can get help for android11:25
sstaif it were me, I'd try #android (just a wild guess)11:25
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monserif I change the permissions of resolv.conf would that disable network manager to deletes my nameserver ?11:26
spyrosactually no,11:26
rootcomafor me, I put a lock on the file11:27
=== Companion is now known as companion
rootcomaLet me reference. One moment11:27
rootcomahttp://forums.vpslink.com/ubuntu/200-howto-howto-lock-resolv-conf.html well actually this looks like a better fix11:29
rootcomaactually.. Let me find my old solution11:29
=== companion is now known as Companion
rootcomasudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf11:31
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
wunnleanyone knows anything about alt+tab unity crash?11:34
rootcomaI have used "sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf" on 3-4 ubuntu machines, and have never had a problem. You just have to remember to "sudo chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf" before you can edit it again11:36
dr_willishmm. I just use network manager to set my dns servers..11:41
sstathere's always more than one way to do it....I disable network manager except on laptops11:43
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Guest48957i want chat11:46
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ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com11:48
DaughainAnyone help me with mtab?11:48
dr_willisDaughain,  give details of what you are wanting to do.11:48
DaughainI wantn to get the system to stop mounting the first usb drive I plug in at /11:49
dr_willisat / ? / is the root of your installed system.11:50
dr_willisa usb drive should get mounted to some /media/nameornumber11:50
DaughainI know, and thats where its ounting it. Have a line in mtab telling it to.11:50
dr_willisI dont even see how thats possible.  its fstab that tells where things mount  also..11:51
Daughainfstab has a line that tells it to miount at root also.11:51
dr_williswhen you boot the system / is mounted allready. Plugging in a usb shouldent be remounting  / to it. that would mostliuley crash the system  idmeiatly11:51
DaughainI dunno, thats why I came here.11:52
dr_willisperhaps a  clean reboot and a pastebin of your /etc/fstab /etc/mtab and mount command output11:52
Veovis_MuaddibWhen setting up an SMB share, as secured here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-fileprint-security.html I am unable to login from Windows 7.  I am given a login prompt that asks for a login, if I use my credentials it defaults to using WINDOWS\user and the login fails.  I've tried SERVER\user and that also fails.11:53
DaughainRebooted three times in the last 30 min.11:53
dr_willisthen pastebin the same files/info after inserting a usb.11:54
DaughainLemme reboit again, gonna try another e3dit.11:54
daughainOk, that solved it.11:59
sacarlsonVeovis_Muaddib: I guess removing security is not an option?  maybe replace with only allow certain ip addresses to access fileshareing12:00
daughain/dev/sdb1       /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1     That line was in fstab, and was causing all my issues.12:01
sacarlsonVeovis_Muaddib: I was surprized to even get file shareing working at all with window 7 about a week ago (no security)12:02
geirhadaughain: That's why you always use UUID or LABEL12:02
Veovis_Muaddibsacarlson: Yeah, removing is not going to fly.  :P  It's not meant to dissuade someone cracking in, just make sure users can't read each other's documents12:02
Veovis_Muaddibsacarlson: Yeah.12:02
dr_williswhy would you even be editing the / entry in your fstab?12:03
daughaingeirha, Errr....That has been there since I installed. That came from the mint install I did.12:03
Veovis_Muaddibsacarlson: I can get it working fine with no security, but usually I have trouble with securing it.  I got it to work a few months ago and was bragging to other techies I know :P  But set up a new server and now it doesn't work12:03
dr_willislast i used mint - it used uuid type nameing in the fstab.12:03
dr_willisexample line...12:03
dr_willis# / was on /dev/sda6 during installation12:04
dr_willisUUID=422a7921-679c-4a7b-8d24-6b01e5795c65 /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       112:04
daughainDunno. Did a fresh i8nstall on a newly formatted drive using mint. Thats been there the whole time.12:04
sacarlsonVeovis_Muaddib: how about file share over ssh , that should also work on windows 7, maybe easier to setup security with thta12:04
theadmindr_willis: uuid looks ugly though, I want my fstab to look cute so I use labels. That's just me, there might be other cases.12:04
dr_willisdetermind the UUID of / and put it in there... if you are using mint, you should be asking for help in the mint channels.12:04
dr_willistheadmin,  I change my uuids :)12:04
theadmindr_willis: You can change them?12:05
daughainIm not, upgraded to Ubuntu 11.1012:05
dr_willistheadmin,  tune2fs command can change them i recall.12:05
Veovis_Muaddibsacarlson: Yes, certainly.  But XBMC media shares need to be accessable and I don't think XBMC works with sftp or anything like that12:05
theadmindr_willis: Oh... wow.12:05
dr_willisdaughain,  you upgraded to 11.10 FROM mint?12:05
daughainThats what it said.12:05
dr_willisdaughain,  im suprised that worked at all.12:05
Veovis_Muaddibdr_willis: Learn something new every day :P  Thanks12:05
dr_willisdaughain,  it may be worth the while to do a clean install of 11.1012:06
daughainNo clue, dr_willis , it offered the upgrade and I took it.12:06
dr_willisi would find it weird that mint would upgrade you to ubuntu...12:06
Veovis_Muaddibdaughain: That sounds terrifying.  I'd clean install now personally.12:06
MonkeyDustVeovis_Muaddib  clean install is easier and more efficient if you have a separate /home partition12:07
dr_willisMany of the ubuntu-spinoffs have big warnings on their web pages about NOT using the upgrade features to upgrade to the latest ubuntu. but wait for them to come out with their own upgrade path.12:07
* daughain shrugs12:07
MonkeyDustwrong nick12:07
dr_willisdaughain,  what does your lsb_release -a say?12:07
MonkeyDustdaughain   clean install is easier and more efficient if you have a separate /home partition12:08
daughainMy issue is solved, so Im happy.12:08
dr_willisdaughain,  id bet theres going to be many other issues in your future12:08
preetamhi my webcam freezes in ubuntu 11.10 while doing video chat..I have nvdia video card12:08
daughaindr_willis, I doubt it, thisi8s my wifes netbook, I just needed it to automount usb sticks.12:09
Sluaghmonkey_dust does using a /home partition with both, say, ubuntu and mint, cause no problems concerning the config files?12:09
MonkeyDustSluagh  yes, guess so12:10
dr_willisSluagh,  shareing the same home dir/user btween disrtos can cause issues.  you could set up each disrto to use its own sub dir on the same partition to keep things more seperate12:11
Sluaghmonkeydust so maybe using an extra partition for data files that you can even use with windows too would be better, so that you keep home directories for every distro you use?12:11
daughainlsb_release says Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric12:12
dr_willisdaughain,  consider yourself lucky the system even booted after upgrading from mint to ubuntu.12:12
MonkeyDustSluagh  that would be media files, then, i can think of no other12:12
Sluaghmonkey dust ok, but do i understand you right that using extra a seperated /home partition is useful if you upgrade or repair the system on root from time to time?12:13
daughainLeast its working now12:13
MonkeyDustSluagh  yes, it's what i do12:13
Sluaghmonkeydust i will try that. thank you!12:14
Forever1HI everyone12:17
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preetamplease help me my webcam freezes in ubuntu 11.10 while going google video chat12:23
gagan662preetam: hey..12:24
Veovis_MuaddibI uncommented the default homes share and enabled browseable, which lets me access the server, but I can see no shares and don't know how to tell Windows 7 my credentials now.12:24
preetamyes gagan662: can u please help me in fixing the problem12:24
dannywhere are you from.qaqan12:24
MonkeyDust!ot| danny12:25
ubottudanny: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:25
zykotick9dr_willis: any system that went from mint->ubuntu is a franken system and is unmaintainable12:25
gagan662danny: Kaneda...;)12:25
dannywhait's the mater ?/12:25
dannyoh ,year12:25
dannyI'M from china12:25
theadmindanny: This is a support channel.12:25
gagan662danny: cho chachi chi cha..12:25
theadmingagan662: You, too.12:26
LjLgagan662: that wasn't funny12:26
gagan662LjL: it wasn't for u..12:26
bazhanggagan662, lets move on12:27
Veovis_Muaddibback on topic: Who here is up to the challenge of troubleshooting SMB shares?12:27
dragongirl1 /bar scroll nicklist * +100%12:28
Veovis_MuaddibI'm trying to set up user authentication as per the Ubuntu guide.  When browseable is turned off on a share, I am unable to login from a Windows 7 box, and given a login prompt that doesn't work.  When I turned browsable on because I had forgotten to uncomment it, I can access the server but cannot see any shares.12:28
jadoeI get 25% cpu usage from nautilus (on a 4 core cpu). bug?12:34
ronghailhow do you start sshd?12:36
sp4zhi, anyone know an app like htop but for network traffic/connections that runs from cli?12:37
muellironghail: sudo service sshd start12:37
Whiskeyhow do i get terminal to shoq åäö12:38
sp4zpsycho_oreos: thanks thats perfect12:38
ronghailsshd: unrecognized service12:38
muelliWhiskey: well, you can set up the compose key that enables you to build those characters easily12:38
jadoesudo service ssh start12:38
psycho_oreossp4z, nw12:38
ronghailyeah I tried guessing all the normal ways too12:38
Whiskeyand exactly whit that you mean?12:38
ronghailthat doesn't work either12:38
ronghailI mean on udumbo12:39
ronghailstart:  unknown job: ssh12:39
muelliWhiskey: well. I have the compose key on the caps lock key. I can thus easily build ä by pressuig <compose + " + a>12:39
dr_willisits not ssh i think.. try tab completion12:39
dr_willissshd perhaps?12:39
gagan6621ronghail: have you installed ssh-server?12:40
jadoeronghail: is sshd installed?12:40
theadminronghail: Look under /etc/init/ for the .conf file.12:40
dr_willissudo service list (I think shows them all)12:40
ronghailI did apt-get install openssh-server12:40
gagan6621ronghail: reboot..12:40
ronghailI didn't install a kernel12:40
ronghailthis isn't windows12:40
theadmingagan6621: What kind of a suggestion is that? This is Linux12:40
dr_williswillis@SlimUbuntu:~$ sudo service ssh status12:40
saju_masuppose a file is copying to dir /mnt/s1,  i want to remove /mnt/s1 and kill copy operaion,  have any way to do it with a single command,  i tried "rm -rf /mnt/s1"   but not working .12:40
dr_willisssh has always auto started for me when i install the openssh server12:41
ronghailunknown job ssh12:41
doomgiverhello, guys12:41
ronghailyeah always started for me with older versions12:41
dr_willistry  that apt-get install line again...12:41
ronghailalready latest, or something to that effect12:41
doomgivercan someone tell me  what can be the side effecs of force-mounting a ntfs filesystem? that might have bad sectors?12:41
ronghailalready at newest version12:41
ronghailthere is /etc/init.d/ssh      but it doesn't start sshd12:42
dr_willis ls -l /etc/init/ssh.conf12:42
dr_willis-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 667 Feb  6 10:52 /etc/init/ssh.conf12:42
theadminronghail: Seems to be "ssh", but...12:42
ronghailI have that file12:42
gagan6621ronghail: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start12:42
ronghailyeah did that12:42
doomgivercan someone tell me  what can be the side effecs of force-mounting a ntfs filesystem? that might have bad sectors?12:43
dr_willisdoomgiver,  possible dataloss or currupted files.12:43
ronghailit tells me unknown job ssh12:43
theadminronghail: Something wrong with the initscript itself probably :$12:43
dr_willis sudo /etc/init.d/ssh  status12:43
dr_willisRather than invoking init scripts through /etc/init.d, use the service(8)12:43
doomgiverdr_willis ok,any idea of the extent? will the disk become unusalbe? or will some sort of data recovery be possibe?12:43
ronghailyeah it says that here12:44
dr_willisdoomgiver,  no way anyone can predict.12:44
doomgiverdr_willis: and thanks!12:44
dr_willisdoomgiver,  if you want to get the data in the safest way. Image the disk to a file. perhaps using ddrescue then mount the file.12:44
ronghailmkdir /var/run/sshd; /usr/sbin/sshd12:44
gagan6621having problem with graphics driver...12:45
dr_williswonder if the sshd command has some verbose output options12:45
ronghailthis has nothing to do with the sshd command at all12:46
dr_willisgagan662,  state the issue wth more details instead of 'Help!' helps more...12:46
Syriahello, i am trying to upgrade to 11.10 but i get this message, How can i solve this please? paste.ubuntu.com/877415/12:46
ronghailit has to do with ubuntu's retarded init replacement12:46
ronghailand their stupid service management12:46
dr_willisronghail,  its been working for most people for the last 4 releases I belive.. so whatever...12:46
gagan6621show 40% cpu while moving windows across desktop...12:46
gagan6621xorg use 40% cpu12:46
ronghailnot the latest though12:46
doomgiverdr_willis: wont the image have the same 'defects' as the hdd? also, the disk is not mountable in ubuntu, it asks me to to "chkdsk" in windows (the disk has windows, and im unable to boot from it, and its a crashed one, the case was dropped from several inches while the systems was running)12:46
dr_willisor has upstart been the default for more then 4 releases?12:47
dr_willisdoomgiver,  ddrescue can try to recover bad sectors. thats its main feature. :)12:47
doomgiverdr_willis: thanks once again for taking your time out to answer me,12:47
crizzygagan6621: sounds completely normal12:47
dr_willisdoomgiver,  you dont need to mount it for ddrescue.12:47
gagan6621crizzy: is it ok..?12:47
doomgiverok, i;ll see the man pages12:47
fafuHello, I need some help with Ubuntu 11.10.. well first I installed ubuntu 9.04 to my brothers laptop and wifi worked fine.. since it didnt want to update anything on the old ubuntu, I wanted to install the new 11.10.. but now with 11.10, the wifi doesn't work even I put the driver on.. so whats the problem12:47
doomgiveralso, how big can the image get? the hdd is ~1 tb and about 750 gb is used12:47
Syriadr_willis:  Could you please help with this paste.ubuntu.com/877415/  ?12:47
dr_willisdoomgiver,  also you may want to put it in an usb enclosure and try  whatver disk-rescue tools the manafacture may have. After you image it.12:48
buzzmandtDoomgiver                                                                     sg12:48
dr_willisSyria,  a summary of the problem would be nice.12:48
crizzygagan6621: linux/x is 100x heavier and crappier than windows, so yes it's normal :)12:48
buzzmandtMsg nickserv 68541812:48
dr_willisdoomgiver,  ive recovered 2+TB usb hd's befor. :) took over a week.. but i recovered 99% of the files.12:48
buzzmandtOops lol12:48
doomgiverhmm, alright! thanks12:48
gagan6621crizzy: i thought its lighter than windows...lol12:48
Syriadr_willis:  I am trying to upgrade to 11.10 but I get a message telling me "Forbidden Ip"12:49
crizzygagan6621: that's what fanboys want you to believe, but totally not true :)12:49
crizzygagan6621: win7 is 100x faster and less crashy than any linux. sad but true12:49
Syriadr_willis:  I have used a global proxy but it didn't work!12:49
sattu94dr_willis: A week? How did you keep the system up ?12:50
doomgiverwait, did you guys say windows 7 is less crashy and faster than linux?12:50
ico666doomgiver: hi12:50
dr_willissattu94,  up? it was reading from a usb-enclosuer..12:50
MonkeyDustcrizzy  completely true, except for the words used12:50
theadmindoomgiver: Just ignore the trolls12:50
doomgiverthen please explain how i can get 10 second boots with a optimized arch build?12:50
dr_willissattu94,  ddrescue can stop/restart/continue its operations also..12:51
crizzydoomgiver: win7 never crashes on me, ubuntu/unity/regular desktop apps on linux on the other hand crash 5 to 50 times / day12:51
sattu94dr_willis: No, Power wise ?12:51
theadmindoomgiver: I'll call the ops, give me a sec12:51
doomgiverico666: yo12:51
dr_willissattu94,  Huh? I plugged the flakey usb drive into my desktop box...  and used ddrescue12:51
sattu94dr_willis: No, dint the lights go away ?12:51
DocPlatypusSyria: what program is telling you "forbidden IP"?12:51
dr_willissattu94,  What?12:52
sattu94dr_willis: So you had continuous ? electricity for the whole week ?12:52
dr_willissattu94,  err.. yes..12:52
DocPlatypusSyria: you should, at minimum, be able to install what's on the CD/DVD without having to worry about network configuration12:52
sattu94dr_willis: WoW.12:52
* dr_willis has 6+ Mo uptime on many of his machines.12:52
SyriaDocPlatypus:  I am trying to upgrade my system to 11.10, I am from Syria and i can understand why my IP address is forbidden.12:52
Myrttican we move the discussion over the merits of different operating systems elsewhere12:52
doomgivertheadmin: ok, i see waht he did there, sorry for disturbing the peace12:52
Myrttithank you12:52
SyriaDocPlatypus:  But how can I solve this? a global proxy with the apply system wide did not help!12:53
trijntjeI want to set another shortcut for run command (default is alt+f2). But whatever I set gets ignored and 'run command' is still triggered by alt+f212:53
DocPlatypusSyria: there's gotta be a host somewhere that doesn't ban the country12:53
sattu94whois dr_willis12:53
DocPlatypus(can't wait for the day when installs over Freenet/GNUNet are a realistic option)12:53
Kingstonewhy is ubuntu better than any other linux distribution?12:54
Kingstonei'm looking for a linux system to install12:54
MyrttiKingstone: you're welcome to continue that discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic12:54
theadminKingstone: It's not "better" nor "worse". It's somewhat unique though. Ubuntu has developed it's own dekstop, Unity, which I find to be awesome for netbooks or touchscreens, for example. It has a few other tools you won't find elsewhere, too12:54
DocPlatypusdarn... I tried...12:54
doomgiverumm, Kingstone, nothign is 'better' per se12:54
researcher123after using the backup utility Deja Dup if I try to restore on a newly formated system, will the new users have same privileges as earlier?12:55
doomgiverKingstone: it all depends on your need12:55
DocPlatypusdoes the entire world have the country of Syria banned for some reason?12:55
DocPlatypussince apparently it's an issue for at least one would-be Ubuntu user12:55
doomgiverKingstone: eg, for speed, i'd use arch linux, if i wanted ease of use, i'd choose linux mint or ubuntu12:55
Myrttias I said, you're all welcome to continue the discussion about the merits of different operating systems and linux distributions elsewhere, for example in #ubuntu-offtopic12:55
gagan6621crizzy: hey other problem when i turn on transparency in terminal. cpu stuck at 77%12:56
gagan6621crizzy: is it ok too?12:56
ziv_hello, I'm getting started in Ubuntu anbd I need a bittorrent client. what is a good bittorrent client for Ubuntu?12:56
doomgiveryou know, i save logs of convos in the chatrooms, they are a WEALTH of knowledge12:56
DocPlatypusziv_: Transmission12:56
trijntjeziv_: transmission is installed by default12:56
gagan6621crizzy: hey other problem when i turn on transparency in terminal. cpu stuck at 77%12:57
ziv_thank you!12:57
theadminziv_: Ubuntu has Transmission built-in, check it and if you don't like it, give the following a shot, too ($IFS=" "): qbittorrent ktorrent deluge rtorrent12:57
dr_willis!logs | doomgiver12:57
ubottudoomgiver: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/12:57
DocPlatypusziv_: a bunch of old/obsolete/less featured are still bundled, such as BitTornado and the original BitTorrent client in Python. I recommend not using them, however, and sticking with Transmission12:57
crizzygagan6621: that sounds a bit edgy.. try restarting the terminal if the cpu usage drops again..12:58
DocPlatypusziv_: I second theadmin's advice but I recommend against rtorrent unless you really need a console client12:58
DocPlatypusnot a huge fan of deluge either12:58
gagan6621crizzy: wait..12:58
MonkeyDusti prefer deluge12:58
doomgiveruse rtorrent, cli goodness12:58
doomgiverdr_willis: ty once again12:59
trijntjeHow can I set a new shortcut for 'run command' under oneiric? Changeing it in 'keyboard preferences' doesn't take effect12:59
DocPlatypusif you like text mode/CLI, sure... if I'm running an unattended seedbox I'll screen/tmux an rtorrent client12:59
DocPlatypusbut other than that, I stick with Transmission13:00
gagan6621crizzy: no affect .....13:01
ironhalikAnyone uses any Dells 3G modem with Ubuntu?13:01
gagan6621crizzy: now its around 80% ;)13:01
sattu94Heh.. O cant seem to download rtorrent using apt. It says IP is forbidden.13:01
fafuHello, I need some help with Ubuntu 11.10.. well first I installed ubuntu 9.04 to my brothers laptop and wifi worked fine.. since it didnt want to update anything on the old ubuntu, I wanted to install the new 11.10.. but now with 11.10, the wifi doesn't work even I put the driver on.. so whats the problem13:01
MonkeyDust!bcm | fafu start here13:02
ubottufafu start here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:02
DocPlatypusfafu: is the wireless kill switch turned on? which wireless chipset?13:02
gagan6621crizzy: graphics card -> ATI Technologies Inc Manhattan [Mobility Radeon HD 5400 Series]13:03
crizzygagan6621: uhm dno.. things more or less work fine on my 687013:03
gagan6621crizzy: actually m using Xubuntu 11.10 x86_64 arch..13:04
=== inblu is now known as bdg-inblubottle
fafuswitch is on so it cant be because of that.. broadcom sta wirless driver is only thing what I know about that one.. I'm really noob at things with ubuntu :D13:05
ronghailperl modules I have built on lots of previous ubuntu versions aren't building on 11.10.  junk.13:05
ronghailget an older version or a better distro13:06
theadminronghail: Ask actual support questions, this is not a channel for complaining you know. Also, some of the Perl modules might be in the repos.13:06
dr_willisor it may be the verion of perl thats the issue.13:06
ronghailthe proper way to install perl modules is with cpan13:06
ronghailthere is no problem with perl13:07
dr_willisyou havent really given any details.. so who knows..13:07
ronghailI am just trying to help that guy with his wireless by pointing out that 11.10 is hopeless13:07
theadminronghail: I assume you *do* have build-essential installed? Without it pretty much nothing is gonna build...13:07
ronghailand he should downgrade13:07
ronghailyes I have build-essential13:07
* trijntje recals that there were some missing headers when the perl package was build, and thats why things failed13:07
gagan6621theadmin: when i turn on transparency in terminal. cpu stuck at 77%.what to do.13:07
theadmingagan6621: Don't ask random people your questions, for one.13:08
gagan6621theadmin: i dint get support so i am asking you..13:08
monserman what support13:08
monserits help13:08
monsersupport is for the commercials13:08
theadmin!patience | gagan662113:09
ubottugagan6621: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:09
oCeanmonser: move on, ok? Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic13:09
gagan6621when i turn on transparency in terminal. cpu stuck at 77%.what to do.13:09
MonkeyDustnot turn on transparency?13:10
ronghailalso had to install m4 gawk bison and texinfo which are essential to any build but aren't in essential13:12
gagan6621MonkeyDust: this is not my answer....13:12
ronghailanyway have fun13:12
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
helpanoobwas wondering if aptoncd makes a back up of all programes installed at that time of making? not just some13:15
ziv_hello, I have another question: I have two monitors, and when watching a fullscreen movie on one screen and working on the other the launcher and the top bar reapear above the video, is it possible to make them disappear?13:16
Sidewinder1gagan6621, Since no one seems to have your answer (I don't, sorry), have you done a quick search at the forums?  http://ubuntuforums.org/13:18
pfifoIs there any downside to migrating to Debian 6 from Ubuntu 10.04?13:19
trijntjeHow can I set a new shortcut for 'run command' under oneiric? Changeing it in 'keyboard preferences' doesn't take effect13:19
trijntjepfifo: I guess #ubuntu-offtopic is a better place for that. Or ask the people from debian why debian is better than ubuntu13:20
monserhow can I have passwordless root account?13:23
theadminmonser: That's the default.13:23
pfifomonser, change the 2nd field of root's entry in /etc/shadow to *13:24
trijntjemonser: that sounds like a really bad idea, dont do that13:24
pfifotheadmin, root has a password by default13:24
monseryes I know that it is possible to have root account with no password13:24
monserhow to do that?13:24
theadminpfifo: Uh not really, it's not set. It's not really empty either.13:24
pfifomonser, see my 'advice'13:25
theadminpfifo: The account is just locked out (the password hash is defined as "!", which no sane hash comes out as)13:25
=== hari_ is now known as harikt
trijntjemonser: why would you want to do that? Bad idea!13:25
Sidewinder1!root > monser13:25
ubottumonser, please see my private message13:25
monserpfifo:  is this gonna to disable the root account?13:25
pfifomonser, no it will enable the root account and anyone who wants to use it can13:26
pfifo... even if there in china and have bad intentions13:26
Sidewinder1Sounds like a great idea. :-(13:26
monserwhat is the /etc/shadow file for?13:26
trijntjepfifo: don't tell people how to do that kind of thing.. If they dont know how to they shouldn't be taught ;)13:26
pfifotrijntje, ill make a note of it13:27
monserwhy do you want to restrict the knowledge13:27
monsertrijntje: this is not an free soft attitude13:27
theadminmonser: Becuase it's silly to do silly things?...13:28
Kaizen"silly" and "bad idea" are opinions not truths, if someone wants to have a passwordless root it's up to them13:28
pfifomonser, type 'man shadow' to get all the details about what it is and how it works13:28
trijntjemonser: the point is that it's dangerous to do that. And if you have to ask help to set an empty root password, it *really* dangerous13:28
sitmaudathi man13:29
sitmaudati have a problem13:29
monserthe point is to spread and share what you know.Not telling the others not to tell13:29
monserthis is the point13:29
trijntjesitmaudat: ask away13:29
trijntjemonser: you should read the legend of king Midas13:29
Xirrin1I'm hoping someone might be able to provide me a little direction? I have a Mac Mini from about 4 years ago and am attempting to install linux on it. I have a Logitech diNovo keyboard that connects via bluetooth. The keyboard works perfectly fine to boot up, select a boot method, and type up until the bootup copmletes. Once complete I get the following message: "Bluetooth: hci- urb f72de180 submission failed" and the keyboard/mouse ac13:30
sitmaudat_/home/sitmaudat/Desktop/kmm/hook.c:27: Error: unsupported for `mov'13:30
sitmaudat_/home/sitmaudat/Desktop/kmm/hook.c:32: Error: unsupported for `mov'13:30
sitmaudat_could you help me13:30
sitmaudat_my cpu is i5-480m13:30
MonkeyDustXirrin1  install Ubuntu on it, or some other distro?13:30
sitmaudat_it does not have the instruction of "mov"13:30
sitmaudat_unsupport for 'mov'13:31
pfifositmaudat_, this is ubuntu support, you should ask in #gcc13:31
Xirrin1Both Ubuntu and BackTrack do the same thing :(13:31
saju_ma#fuser -k IMG_ww1;rm -rf IMG_ww1  nor killing processes,  have any way ?13:31
MonkeyDustXirrin1  Backtrack is not supported here, so stick to Ubuntu for now13:32
sitmaudat_sorry  I haven't get it13:32
theadminsitmaudat_: Not everybody is talking about your issue.13:32
theadmin!patience | sitmaudat13:32
ubottusitmaudat: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:32
Xirrin1Not a problem. The Ubuntu disk is what is in there at the moment.13:32
trijntjesitmaudat: what exactly are you trying to do?13:33
Xirrin1Just swapped it. Its strange though because it works normally until the boot sequence completes and then once the OS is up and ready to go it just stops working. I suspect an incompatible BT driver?13:34
sitmaudat_i am typing a kernel module13:34
MonkeyDustXirrin1  which ubuntu version is it, on that rather old mac?13:34
Xirrin1I've tried both 8.10 x86 and 10.04 x8613:36
Shojo!seen ActionParsnip13:36
ubottuI have no seen command13:36
Shojocould someone help me with a firewall issue?13:37
MonkeyDustXirrin1  i found this, find "bluetooth" on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuOnMacMini13:38
=== jorge is now known as jorgeromero
pfifo!anyone | Shojo13:40
ubottuShojo: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:40
Xirrin1Thanks for the find MonkeyDust! It looks like I've been following them already based on a quick glance but I'll take some time and dig through it - plus it looks like there's a BT section on there as well. You rock!13:40
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:40
Xirrin1I'll try it all out and let you know what happens!13:41
MonkeyDustXirrin1  my advice is to upgrade to a newer ubuntu version, it seems BT is not well supported on MacMini/Ubuntu http://blog.costan.us/2009/03/ubuntu-810-or-904-on-mac-mini.html13:41
MonkeyDustUbuntu 10.04*13:41
pfifo!it | luca13:42
ubottuluca: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:42
wunnlemy unitys keeps crashing when i press alt-tab. i can re-run unity by dropping the console, but it started to get annoying.13:43
Zaitzevwunnle: that happens to me randomly too13:43
wunnleZaitzev, are you using empathy?13:44
wunnlealso, how can i change pictures folder destination? i have two operation systems on my computer, so i want to use a common folder.13:45
aseemwunnle, picture folder destination as in ?13:45
pfifowunnle, use a soft link13:45
wunnlepfifo, ok13:45
Zaitzevwunnle: I am, occationally (whenever I remember to logon to it)13:46
wunnleZaitzev, i suspect from empathy for this unity crash.13:46
MonkeyDustwunnle  you could create a new partition and move the files you want to share to that partition13:47
wunnleMonkeyDust, i already have another partition. I just want to learn pictures in home folder have a destination property.13:48
mi3how can i load my plymouth screen without rebooting?13:51
Erealzanyone work with hexedit need some help i need to change edit a file but it seem like i cant touch the  string on the sides but i can edit the hex numbers ?13:53
Halexander9000Greetings Gentlehumans! Is there a way to set custom dimensions and position manually for application windows?13:57
pfifoErealz, i use bless and it does that just fine13:58
itaylor57Erealz, you might try ghex13:59
Erealznevermind i found the option to edit the hex and string on the side you know letters on the side14:00
MonkeyDust!find hex | Erealz14:00
ubottuErealz: Found: libconvert-binhex-perl, dhex, fetchexc, ghex, ghextris, hex-a-hop, hexalate, hexcurse, hexdiff, hexec (and 10 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=hex&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all14:00
Erealzit just tab to switch between them14:00
Erealzand f2 to save the change14:01
ramdan21hello . . . .14:01
pfifoMonkeyDust, no no no, it would be much better toask bestbot in #ubuntu-bots which hexeditor is the best14:02
pfifoluca, this is an english only chatroom14:03
pfifoHalexander9000, yes there is, almost all gui apps accept the -geom switch14:04
greenithi, i have a problem with ssh: i have 2 computers, a server and a desktop, and i set up a ssh-connection.... now i was tired of entering the password everytime and made a rsa-keypair, which i alrdy transferred (only the .pub of course) to the server, but when i connect, a windows opens, which asks me for the passphrase, then i can log in... how can i get rid of this window? i just want to connect without entering any password or pas14:05
=== captain_ is now known as captainfixerpc14
AchlysEpithetX_0, howdy14:05
AchlysEpithetInitiated a SYN stealth scan for nmap -sS -sU -T4 -A -v -Pn, x_14:05
AchlysEpithet* X_014:05
AchlysEpithetThats for d3eniz14:06
FloodBot1AchlysEpithet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
AchlysEpithetSure thing, I am faster than you are FloodBot1.14:06
AchlysEpithetWatch and be jealous. xD14:06
pfifogreenit, you need to generate a rsa-keypair that isnt protected with a passphrasse14:06
pfifo!enter AchlysEpithet14:06
greenitpfifo, i tried this too, but then it says that the agent is not able to log in with this key...14:06
velkoHalexander9000, there was also a program called devilspie but i don't know if it plays nicely with your environment. you can just try it14:07
pfifogreenit, you messed up somewhere, start at the beginning and try again14:07
MonkeyDustgreenit  there is an ssh account called "anonymous"14:07
greenitpfifo, k14:07
tsimpsongreenit: the password is not the SSH password, but the password you set when you created the key-pair. if you don't want that, then you should create a key-pair without a password14:09
greenittsimpson, k14:09
diverdudeIm trying to install nvidia drivers on a lenovo W520 which has 2 graphiccards as shown in this terminal output: bin.cakephp.org/view/329506174. When i try to install the drivers and reboot the system hangs and cannot start up. So i have to go to recoverymode and delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which then enables me to boot the system...but with very poor graphic capabilities. How can i fix it so that the system is running with optimal NVIDIA14:10
diverdudedrivers? Please someone help.14:10
greenitpfifo, do you know how i can remove the existing key from the ssh-agent?14:10
velkoMonkeyDust, this is the first time i hear about such account btw14:10
greenitpfifo, because this message displays with the new keypair: Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.14:10
Halexander9000pfifo: velko: Actually, I think I found a way to change the size of my resolution mode itself. Should work nicely for my purposes. Thanks anyway.14:11
MonkeyDustvelko  my mistake, it's FTP, not SSH that has "anonymous"14:11
mi3how can i load my plymouth screen without rebooting?14:11
pfifogreenit, delete the file that you scp'd14:12
delinquentmeim trying to run a bash script called test         and im getting this sillyness: -bash: .: /usr/bin/test: cannot execute binary file14:13
MonkeyDustdelinquentme  did you make it executable with chmod +x ?14:13
delinquentmeMonkeyDust, i thought all it needed was the bash config line @ the top14:14
delinquentmechmod 755 test right?14:14
=== eon is now known as Guest62616
MonkeyDustdelinquentme  you mean the bin/bash thingy ?14:14
pfifoits called a shebang14:14
diverdudeIm trying to install nvidia drivers on a lenovo W520 which has 2 graphiccards as shown in this terminal output: bin.cakephp.org/view/329506174. When i try to install the drivers and reboot the system hangs and cannot start up. So i have to go to recoverymode and delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf, which then enables me to boot the system...but with very poor graphic capabilities. How can i fix it so that the system is running with optimal NVIDIA14:14
diverdudedrivers? Please someone help.14:14
velkodelinquentme, also check if the first line in the file is "#!/bin/bash" (or make sure you call your script like "bash /usr/bin/test"14:14
delinquentmeyeap i've got this: #!/usr/bin/env bash14:15
victor___Hi. Does it make any diference if I install ubuntu via USB stick or with the Windows Installer (WUBI) ?14:15
delinquentmetop line  ... and im calling it with "  . test "14:15
theadminvictor___: A lot of difference14:15
AchlysEpithetvictor___, Using WUBI, it'll install it under windows's bootloader.14:16
theadminvictor___: Normal installation is more stable, WUBI hardly ever works it seems14:16
AchlysEpithetAnd as an application... you'll get to remove ubuntu from software package remove/add.14:16
velkodelinquentme, not ". test" but only "test" or "/usr/bin/test"14:16
pfifodelinquentme, the file still needs to be executable and you must either place it in PATH or call it using a path14:16
victor___Okay, so just a regular usb memory stick is ok?14:16
itaylor57delinquentme, using a bash script named test is not a good idea, there is a bash command test14:16
MonkeyDustvictor___  wubi is a "pseudo installation", it cannot be upgraded and is more limited than a real installation14:16
theadminvictor___: Sure, long as it's big enough14:16
AchlysEpithetvictor___, its okay but it usually gives you a lot of issue in the long run.14:16
victor___Allright i've never seen options to boot from usb but14:16
AchlysEpithetIt often keeps crashing on discreen graphic drivers, -.-14:16
victor___Somethig I have to change in bios possibly?14:17
AchlysEpithetThat kept happening with my Jaunty.14:17
itaylor57delinquentme, give it a different name like trial14:17
AchlysEpithetvictor___, the BIOS doesn't have anything to do with a WUBI.14:17
delinquentmethat was the issue14:17
mi3can anyone suggest how can I create my own plymouth screen?14:17
delinquentmeitaylor57, lolol i did! and there is another module called trial!14:17
theadminvictor___: Yeah, you need to set your bios to boot from your USB, if it can't you have to use a third-party tool like plop to boot your liveusb14:17
victor___Im refering to installing via usb stick, does it boot loading from it or how does it work? sorry for the confusion14:17
delinquentmeits now zonk and it works :D14:17
victor___Allright theadmin, thanks.14:17
AchlysEpithetmi3, http://joekuan.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/plymouth-create-your-own-splash-screen-with-scrolling-boot-messages/14:17
victor___Is there any reason 32bit is tagged as reccomended on ubuntu.com?14:18
AchlysEpithetvictor___, he meant like in wubi, I guess. :P14:18
AchlysEpithetvictor___, because many processors are 32 bit.14:18
victor___Ah okay but 64 just as stable?14:18
pfifovictor___, 32bit version supports more hardware than 64bit14:18
AchlysEpithetThough 64bit options are available, many softwares don't have their 64bit versions out yet.14:18
AchlysEpithetvictor___, its pretty stable.14:18
victor___Yeah i had some problems downloading 32bit libs the other day14:18
victor___To get them to run14:18
AchlysEpithetLike Flash doesn't have its 64bit out yet.14:18
victor___But running 64bit with 32bit libs is pretty much the same thing?14:19
MonkeyDustvictor___  32bit runs on both 32 and 64bit hardware -- 64bit only on 64bit hardware14:19
victor___Its not like im doing anything major14:19
AchlysEpithetvictor___, thats running a hummingbird in a wind tunnel.14:19
AchlysEpithetIt wouldn't matter much unless you need to utilise the processor's 64bit instruction set.14:19
victor___Hmm. So what would you reccomend me? Its my laptop atm14:19
AchlysEpithetStuff like encoding would be comparitively faster.14:19
victor___i7 2630m14:19
AchlysEpithetIt matters if you run a PHP parser.14:19
AchlysEpithetOr anything such.14:19
FloodBot1AchlysEpithet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:19
mi3AchlysEpithet: err I want a one with an animation, i have a script but its a little erroneous14:19
AchlysEpithetvictor___, you should use a 64bit14:20
AchlysEpithetYour processor is 64bit compatible already.14:20
AchlysEpithetAnd I believe it does have VT/x.14:20
victor___Im just gonna stream some video to my tv, and ply around with minor things14:20
victor___Ok thanks for the input14:20
victor___Do i just put the iso file on the stick and thats it? :P14:20
AchlysEpithetvictor___, still, 64bit is a good way to go.14:20
victor___Just wanna be safe:)14:20
AchlysEpithetvictor___, No not that way.14:20
AchlysEpithetUse unet boot in.14:20
AchlysEpithetWhat it basically does is extract the ISO file on a thumb drive.14:21
AchlysEpithetAnd then create a bootloader.14:21
AchlysEpithetDo you want me to fetch you a link?14:21
victor___Sure, yes please14:21
AchlysEpithetvictor___, one moment.14:21
AchlysEpithetThat one, victor___.14:21
velkoAchlysEpithet, since debian squeeze ubuntu and debian have hybrid iso images. you can just dd the iso image to the stick and it will work14:21
victor___okay, thanks :)14:22
victor___ http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/files/UNetbootin/568/unetbootin-windows-568.exe/download14:22
victor___oops sorry14:22
AchlysEpithetmi3, http://askubuntu.com/questions/84045/how-do-i-run-a-custom-animated-bootscreen should get you started.14:22
AchlysEpithetvelko, I think victor___ meant copying the ISO file to the stic.14:22
AchlysEpithet* stick.14:22
AchlysEpithetpardon me if I am getting it wrong though.14:22
AchlysEpithetBecause you usually need to make a disc have a boot flag to make it boot.14:22
AchlysEpithetAnd a boot loader that'll load a kernel, an init and all that shit.14:23
velkoAchlysEpithet, yes this wont work. but there is no need for netbootin14:23
AchlysEpithetvelko, there are alternatives, certainl.14:23
AchlysEpithet* certainly.14:23
pfifo!language | AchlysEpithet14:23
ubottuAchlysEpithet: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:23
AchlysEpithetBut UnetBootin is a bit hassel-free, I'd rather say.14:23
X_0unetbootin can be a pain...at times14:23
AchlysEpithetubottu, do what you are suppoed to, little bot. xD.14:23
ubottuAchlysEpithet: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:23
AchlysEpithetX_0, its never pain to me.14:23
AchlysEpithetubottu, you're dumb any way. You're like a trash running on a dell precision edge workstation with a PIII underclocked to a milivolt. xDDD14:24
ubottuAchlysEpithet: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:24
mi3AchlysEpithet: here is the paste of my screen it works correctly [it loads 71 frames] can it run above 400? http://pastebin.com/rCmjs6mH14:24
AchlysEpithetThis bores me now. -.-14:24
AchlysEpithetLet me check, mi3.14:24
victor___Alot more dists to choose from on unetbootin14:24
victor___11.10 Live/HDmedia I suppose14:24
victor____x64 ofc!14:25
AchlysEpithetApparently, that is okay, mi3.14:25
AchlysEpithetThough I can't confirm you on the fadein options there.14:25
victor___Oh nvm i could load a diskimage :P14:25
AchlysEpithetI didn't try it out yet.14:25
AchlysEpithetvictor___, Mhm. True that.14:25
ZaitzevFlash in Google Chrome stopped working for me out of the blue..and I don't have a clue what to do with it. Any ideas, anyone?14:25
AchlysEpithetI find storing ISOs a better option.14:26
AchlysEpithetZaitzev, is your ubuntu 64bit?14:26
mi3AchlysEpithet: can i load more then 400 images?14:26
AchlysEpithetSame old 64bit issue, Zaitzev.14:26
mi3AchlysEpithet: in that?14:26
ZaitzevAchlysEpithet: so it just randomly stops working?14:26
AchlysEpithetBeen waiting for months to find when they have a 64bit out, Zaitzev.14:26
AchlysEpithetIt is a bug.14:26
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:26
AchlysEpithetYou could google it, the ubuntu bug database has it.14:26
ZaitzevI'm trusting it exists, no need to read..14:27
AchlysEpithetmi3, I am sorry, I am not aware of the frame limitations.14:27
AchlysEpithetBut not likely it'd let you have 400 frames.14:27
AchlysEpithetI just checked the code, seems neat.14:27
AchlysEpithetPlaying a 150 is a safe bet, mi3.14:27
AchlysEpithetZaitzev, Mhm.14:27
mi3AchlysEpithet: can you suggest where can I get more help regarding plymouth?14:27
AchlysEpithetThough you should always check to see if there are bugs and shit already. xD14:27
AchlysEpithetmi3, would you prefer a link?14:28
Zaitzev64-bit systems has been around for what, a decade or so soon? and they have yet to build flash plugins that works for it? wtf..14:28
itaylor57!language | AchlysEpithet14:28
ubottuAchlysEpithet: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:28
AchlysEpithetitaylor57, sigh. -.-14:28
pfifoAchlysEpithet, your not allowed to swear in this channel14:28
AchlysEpithetMm. Well. Sure, I am not.14:28
mi3AchlysEpithet: ?14:29
AchlysEpithetmi3, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth <--- thats a bit of an official documentation. But that should get you stareted.14:29
AchlysEpithet* started even.14:29
victor___Oh just making sure. I can still dual boot it right?14:29
AchlysEpithetX_0, b33r, sir.14:29
AchlysEpithetvictor___, of course you can!14:29
AchlysEpithetJust change your bios to boot from flash drive.14:29
AchlysEpithetOh and btw, old Bioses don't have the option to boot from flash drive.14:29
victor___Can the installer make partitions or should I allocate free space in windows beforehand?14:29
AchlysEpithetBut most new ones do, all those post 2004 ones.14:29
AchlysEpithetvictor___, the installer can.14:29
victor___I only have 1 partition atm so..14:30
AchlysEpithetIt uses its default partition manager.14:30
AchlysEpithetvictor___, will work.14:30
AchlysEpithetI ran ubuntu on a Toaster ffs.14:30
victor___okay so it wont screw up windows? :P14:30
AchlysEpithetWell it was a toaster with a mini-itx.14:30
AchlysEpithetI needed one for the toilet.14:30
mi3AchlysEpithet: thats too simple where else can i get help related to plymouth?14:30
X_0arun pvt14:30
mi3is there any channel?14:30
AchlysEpithetmi3, some hard code stuff, I have this.. wait. hold on a second.14:30
AchlysEpithetmi3, not channel really.14:30
AchlysEpithetX_0, leave me one, hobo.14:30
X_0stfu and pm14:31
helpanoobhey does one need to defrag ubuntu as one would wimblows?14:31
theadminhelpanoob: Nope14:31
AchlysEpithetX_0, =(14:31
AchlysEpithetErrr.. I need a minute here mi3 and victor___ .14:31
AchlysEpithetI guess I owe X_0 some money.14:31
mi3AchlysEpithet: take your time14:32
AchlysEpithetUmm... I'll get in a minute or two14:32
AchlysEpithetAm sorry14:32
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
mi3AchlysEpithet: its ok take your time no need to be sorry, come on!14:32
=== BlouBlou is now known as alpacas
bosong anyone heard of artificial telepathy ?14:32
AchlysEpithetI came in here for after maybe a year, quite frankly.14:32
underHow. How can I remove unity and install gnome classic? Thanks.14:32
AchlysEpithetI am not a regular here. xDDD.14:32
dlentzunder, what version of ubuntu?14:33
underlast one14:33
theadminunder: Not possible for Oneiric.14:33
JohnNapsterhello y'all14:33
theadminunder: Gnome 2 is no longer developed, so... You have to wave it goodbye. Try XFCE.14:33
dlentzwell, MATE is probably possible from a ppa14:33
AchlysEpithetmi3, I guess http://joekuan.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/plymouth-create-your-own-splash-screen-with-scrolling-boot-messages/ is all I have got, I am afraid.14:33
AchlysEpithetBut it seems pretty helpful to me.14:33
AchlysEpithetI used one of those to create a nasty mac one. xD14:33
=== dewe is now known as Sokhibi
bosongunder i have 11.10 and dont like unity. i installed gnome-shell and gnome-panel. i then choose classic gnomre]]14:34
maebarahey. i've got a little problem. when i try to luch Far Cry through wine everything works fine expect sound. there is no sound in game. anyway to fix it?14:34
AchlysEpithethttp://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth/Scripts , mi314:34
AchlysEpithetThats the whole documentations that you'd need.14:34
bosongi then choose classic gnome at login time14:34
AchlysEpithetBut apparently, its having no sample scripts.14:34
AchlysEpithetmi3, let me know if that does.14:34
AchlysEpithetvictor___, ping. :P14:34
victor___So before I venture to installing. I have now made the boot-thingy with UNetbootin. I used the 11.10 desktop amd64.iso, successfully. I am currently running windows on a single partition. A 600gb hdd with 60% free. So ubuntu installer can make this happen? Create a partition out of the sole and only one I have right now? And dual boot magic?14:35
AchlysEpithetOi, wb eon__.14:35
victor___Because the partition is all allocated space, even if its not used?14:36
AchlysEpithetX_0, can you do a tracert on eon's I need the last hop, my nmap refuses to start up.14:36
mi3AchlysEpithet: umm do you know i was talking about the script i pasted?  i increased it to 105 [see line 173] can you suggest how?14:36
AchlysEpithetvictor___, It doesn't matter. It'll automatically change the format of the partition.14:36
AchlysEpithetLets say you have a 500gig hDD.14:36
AchlysEpithetand 250 Gig is for windows.14:36
delinquentmehttp://  << is this a reserved IP address?14:36
AchlysEpithetAnd you have another 250 gig partition that you don't mind sparing.14:36
auronandacevictor___: it will resize14:36
AchlysEpithetSo you could use the rest of the 250G (Whether formatted or unallocated) to run ubuntu.14:36
mi3AchlysEpithet: umm sorry how to make it to 300?14:36
AchlysEpithetmi3, Gparted will guid you. You can pull a slider.14:37
victor___Ah okay, thanks :)14:37
mi3AchlysEpithet: is there some calculation?14:37
AchlysEpithetIts all easy.14:37
victor___Has it always been like that?14:37
victor___Well the last 5 years atleast14:37
AchlysEpithetmi3, I am sorry, I am not qutie aware of the frame limits as I told you.14:37
JohnNapsterin ubuntu source code (more exactly in the update-manager package), how can i get the currenty installed ubuntu version? i am writing a patch and want to fix a string to say "Ubuntu %s is blah blah blah" % version     what should i put instead of the 'version' reference  ??14:37
victor___Anyway, reboot time :)14:37
bosongdelinquentme it looks like an apipa address for internal networking only14:37
AchlysEpithetvictor___, Sort of. xD14:37
mi3AchlysEpithet: can you explain me the calculation that has been done?14:37
victor___wish me luck, although im certain its not needed :P14:37
victor___Thanks alot AchlysEpithet14:37
AchlysEpithetmi3, I'll check 173 quick.14:37
velkovictor___, do a backup first14:37
AchlysEpithetvictor___, naaah. thats all right14:37
theadminJohnNapster: This isn't really helpful, but you can look at /etc/*-release files and the output of various lsb_release commands. e.g. on a 11.10 system, "lsb_release -sc" will return "oneiric"14:38
JohnNapsteri want the number, like "12.04"14:38
bosongdelinquentme The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved for Automatic Private IP Addressing. As a result, APIPA provides an address that is guaranteed not to conflict with routable addresses.14:38
AchlysEpithetAs far as I understand, it defines when after reaching particular number of frames it loops back, mi3?14:38
AchlysEpithetI just checked the synatxes and all, I didn't see all of it really.14:39
theadminJohnNapster: lsb_release -sr14:39
mi3ohh i see!14:39
AchlysEpithetBut the code looks clean, mi3.14:39
JohnNapstertheadmin: i cannot use that command in a script14:39
mi3i want it to stop looping and continue14:39
AchlysEpithetUmm.  could run it on an environment maybe.14:39
AchlysEpithetmi3, thats that you ded in line 169.14:39
delinquentmebosong, thanks much!14:39
JohnNapstertheadmin: i cannot use that command in a script... i am fixing the update-manager source code14:40
theadminJohnNapster: Depends on your programming languages, most have some statement like exec() or system() or whatever.14:40
JohnNapstertheadmin: which would you recommend?14:40
AchlysEpithetmi3, you set loop = 0;14:40
theadminJohnNapster: Which ARE you coding in?14:40
JohnNapstertheadmin: python14:40
mi3ok how do I stop it from looping?14:40
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
JohnNapstertheadmin: which python command would you recommend?14:41
AchlysEpithetmi3, Not very sure. I can say from line 173 that it'd start looping after reaching particular number of frames.14:41
mi3i hate to see it looping from frame 61 i guess14:41
AchlysEpithetIndeed. -.- . Loops freak me out.14:41
JohnNapstertheadmin: something like platform.version_string()14:42
mi3i am referring to line 17514:42
theadminJohnNapster: Something like this would work...: ubuntu_version = os.system("lsb_release -sr")14:42
theadminJohnNapster: Not too into Python personally, not sure if there is a native way to get it (probably not)14:43
pfifotheadmin, no, that returnt she exit code14:43
velkotheadmin, i don't think so. this will return the exit status of the command14:43
theadminpfifo: Oh, doh... How would I go about getting the output?14:43
pfifoJohnNapster, open, /usr/bin/lsb_release and READ it, it is a python script14:43
JohnNapstertheadmin: platform.system() returns "Linux"  ...  i want something that would return "12.04" or "11.10" or.... you get the idea14:44
theadminJohnNapster: I know what you mean, I don't think it's possible to do it by a simple function call14:44
pfifoJohnNapster, see above14:44
wyldegksu nautilus14:44
theadminwylde: This is not a terminal window14:45
wyldebah wrong window focused ><14:45
JohnNapsterhow does ubuntu code in general get its version string ?14:45
pfifoJohnNapster, from the file /etc/lsb-release14:46
JohnNapsteranother thing...14:46
ablyssmost all code uses subprocesses to read strings14:47
JohnNapsterwhat's the package name of the Overview thing in ubuntu?14:47
theadminJohnNapster: Teh wut? You mean the main menu thing, the dash? That's provided by the unity package, I believe.14:47
JohnNapsterin my Overview screen it says  ubuntu 12.04 LTS  and not  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS   (ubuntu --> Ubuntu)14:48
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  ask in #ubuntu+114:48
theadminJohnNapster: Ah that, gnome-system-monitor or whatnot probably (if it's still that)14:49
theadmin(not sure)14:49
delinquentmei want to set a shell variable to the value which gets returned by this call : wget -q -O -
delinquentme$NARF = wget -q -O - isnt doing it :D14:49
iconshey guys14:49
pfifodelinquentme, omit the $14:50
theadmindelinquentme: blah = $(command)14:50
tenobjectsIs inotify a server14:50
JohnNapstertheadmin: i'll take a look at it14:50
ablyssdelinquentme, export narf=blah14:50
=== f3bruary is now known as f3bruary_away
theadmindelinquentme: If you prefer, you can also go Perl-style: blah = `command`14:51
iconscan anyone help me with this !! I want to change the default gnome-launcher-panel-icon so when adding a new menu item the icon is a different one to the default spring looking icon14:51
no_gravityGood Morning! Whats the current linux way of compressing a directory? "tar -zcvf my_folder.tar.gz my_folder"? Does that compress with maximum compression?14:51
delinquentmenerp     not working>>>   narf = $(wget -q -O -
theadmindelinquentme: Get rid of the spaces14:51
iconscan anyone help me with this !! I want to change the default gnome-launcher-panel-icon so when adding a new menu item the icon is a different one to the default spring looking icon14:51
ablysstheadmin, spaces are not allowed in bash e.g., blah=$(command)14:51
theadminablyss: That's what I said just now, I forgot bash is so picky (been coding in Perl for the past few days which has a somewhat similar syntax in many things)14:52
delinquentmeawesome! TIL i why the $ is used to denote bash14:52
delinquentmetheadmin, +10 points14:53
theadmindelinquentme: lol, well -- yeah, spaces. If you want the variable to be available to child processes (things you start from this shell/script) you'll have to export it.14:54
JohnNapstertheadmin: nope, it isn't the gnome-system-monitor14:54
theadminJohnNapster: Ah sorry, hm... Not sure what else it may be then.14:55
JohnNapstertheadmin: it's the Overview window... i can't remember how i opened it14:55
theadminJohnNapster: I've not used Ubuntu for ages so that doesn't ring any bells xD I remember that the system monitor used to have some page with basic system info, at least earlier14:56
bosongtheadmin what are you using just now ?14:57
theadminbosong: Right now? Windows 7. Well, my main operating systems are W7 and Arch Linux, with Gentoo on my shell account. This is also offtopic.14:57
JohnNapstertheadmin: it does, but it isn't the thing that has the typo in it14:57
velkono_gravity, gzip and bzip can compress only single files, no directories. for this reason you can use tar to concatenate all files from a directory into one file. and use gzip or bzip to compress it. you can also tell tar to compress the archive on the fly (with the options z or j). but you cannot specify the compression level14:57
JohnNapstertheadmin: it's sort of like the ubuntu About box14:58
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  12.04 is still in development, it will be corrected, imo14:58
velkono_gravity, your command is correct. but if you want to select the compression level, you have to split it in two steps14:58
theadminJohnNapster: Hmmm.... Dunno where you found that xD14:58
no_gravityvelko: ok, i will go with the default compression level14:58
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: can youtell me how to open the About (Overview) box in Ubuntu 12.04  ?14:59
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  no, better ask that in the 12.04 channel #ubuntu+114:59
harry_how to download load the whole one year log of ubuntu support?15:01
XenethWeekend sucks for getting answers in ocher channels.  There's alway's talking her though:)  gives me something.15:01
bosongtheadmin why archlinux ?15:01
Xenetherr other15:01
theadminbosong: As said before, offtopic. If you want, we can take this to a pm session.15:02
pfifojesus, weekend? I thought it was tuesday15:02
harry_http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/  how to download the whole year ?15:02
MonkeyDustpfifo  this *is* year 2012, don't forget15:02
theadminharry_: sudo apt-get install httrack && httrack http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/15:02
theadminharry_: Something along those lines.15:03
theadminharry_: Or wget -r15:03
theadminBut... it'll give you a lot more than what you probably want15:03
harry_wow thanks15:03
theadminharry_: Get webhttrack, filter filenames by "ubuntu.txt" for instance, and make sure they are in the year you want.15:03
JohnNapsterha! i found it15:03
dlentzJohnNapster, if you don't know how you opened it, then neither do i15:03
theadminharry_: That's about it15:04
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: are you on ubuntu 12.04?15:04
dlentzJohnNapster, i am on precise15:04
JohnNapsterdlentz: please open the system settings15:04
JohnNapsterthen click the first icon in the systm section15:04
JohnNapsterDetails  asically15:05
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  no, 11.1015:05
dlentzJohnNapster, i don't have unity :\ (i use xfce) and unity doesn't run in my vm15:05
JohnNapstertoo bad15:06
JohnNapsteranyone on precise and has unity installed??15:06
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the 16th release of Ubuntu and is in Beta testing from 2nd March, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:06
OerHeksask in #ubuntu+1 JohnNapster15:06
pfifowhere can I get 12.10 support? #ubuntu+215:07
MonkeyDustpfifo  in #ubuntu+315:07
auronandacepfifo: it isn't started yet15:07
Kaizenwhere do i configure the system wide proxy settings in lubuntu?15:08
pfifodoes apt-get create a log? does dpkg?15:09
quazimodothis is absurd, my computer has cached the video im watching fully and yet the flash player in firefox *still* lags an randomly locks up for a second or two15:09
quazimodois this an ubuntu common issue?15:10
pfifoquazimodo, I usually have to disable hardware acceleration15:10
quazimodopfifo: where do i do that?15:10
nbubuntuhi , i have some simple question , as default does ubuntu 10.10 configure iptablet or ufw firewall ? because I wanted to open port . Torrent file deluge and vuze is in yellow state mentioning port problem15:10
pfifoquazimodo, right click the video15:10
quazimodopfifo: ok tried that, lets see15:11
quazimodonope froze up right now15:11
pfifonbubuntu, by default, atleast in 10.04, all firewalls are disabled15:11
OerHeksnbubuntu, port problems can be solved in your router15:11
nbubuntupfifo : I am getting yellow health on vuze15:12
pfifonbubuntu, are you forwarding ports through your router properly?15:12
nbubuntuOerHeks : pretty sure port are open on the router , let me check15:12
pfifonbubuntu, are BOTH programs trying to use the same port at the same time?15:12
bosongi run trnsmission and i dont have to do anything to the router15:13
pfifonbubuntu, are you trying to use a port less than 102415:13
nbubuntupfifo : dont think so , it's 5xxxx random number port range15:13
quazimodopfifo: ok so thats not working, then ill run off and ask the firefox guys or flash guys?15:14
pfifoquazimodo, I dont have any other ideas15:14
dommercan someone help me with a wine issue?  Is there a WINE channel even?15:16
MonkeyDustdommer  try #winehq15:16
MonkeyDust"whine" is funnier, though ;)15:16
JohnNapsterme again :D15:18
victor__Hi again.. Im in the installer mode right now, SSHing to my ECS.. The installation frooze during the keyboard layout selection15:18
victor__Appearently a known bug when using the keyboard instead of mouse, but touchpad wouldnt work so had to tab everything during installation15:19
victor__Can I kill the installation process? and restart it without rebooting?15:19
pfifovictor__, yeah15:19
candlepinhey stein-afk15:20
victor__How can i locate the id of the installer? novice here..15:20
victor__to kill it*15:20
pfifovictor__, `ps aux | grep ubiquity`15:20
dommerOk no ones answering in thewre :U15:21
MonkeyDustdommer  be more patient15:22
pfifodommer, linux is not made to play games, if you cant get it to wrk in wine, then run it in windows15:22
dommerIt's not a game I'm trying to instyall >:15:22
=== J-Mobi-J is now known as Jyothis_
=== Jyothis_ is now known as Jyothis
MonkeyDustdommer  maybe there's a linux equivalent, what do you want to do15:23
subdesignhi need a little help. possibly i chmod my filesystem, and cant log in to ubuntu15:24
subdesignwhat can i do?15:24
pfifo!gq | subdesign15:25
ubottusubdesign: Are you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.15:25
dommerMonkeyDust - Install reaper audio workstation.  There is no linux equiv, has to run in wine.15:25
pfifodommer, does the appdb have it listed?15:26
MonkeyDustdommer  there's Rosegarden and Audacity15:26
bosongsubdesign can you log in on the terminal ? ctrl+alt+f115:26
JohnNapsterwhen you click on System Settings...  in the Unity desktop... what package does the Unit desktop use for its system settings thingy?15:26
dommerThat's not the issue.  I think it might be the root settings, but I'm not sure.  I would have to get to root and see the permissions to know, but I don't know how to do that.15:26
subdesignbosong: boot to recovery mode: yes15:26
shaneohey guys so i plugged my usb into my pc this morning and for some reason it is read only and wont let me copy file to or from it any suggestions on what may have happened and how i could fix it15:27
JohnNapsterwhen you click on System Settings...  in the Unity desktop... what package does the Unity desktop use/call/whatever for its system settings details thingy?15:27
bosongsubdesign what happens when you do a normal boot ?15:27
dommermonkeydust - I've used audacity before, it's ok, I'm just better with REAPER.  Plus I learn how to use wine.15:27
subdesignbosong: after entering password the login screan appears again15:28
JohnNapsterunity-system-settings ot someting like that?15:28
andrey_how to change dns nameservers in ubuntu server 12.04?15:28
MonkeyDustdommer  are you familiar with "wineasio" ?15:28
andrey_without resolv.conf15:28
dommerno monkeydust15:28
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MonkeyDustdommer  I found this and continued searching "wine asio" http://www.davehayes.org/2007/04/27/howto-reaper-on-ubuntu-linux-with-wineasio15:29
nbubuntupfifo : router port is open but deluge show no incoming connection15:29
bosongat the login screen type ctrl+alt+f1 and log in from the terminal15:30
theBatManciao luca15:30
subdesignbosong: and then?15:30
bosongsubdesign you will at least have narrowed it down to a problem with unity/gnome15:31
subdesignbosong: i see15:31
subdesignthx trying out15:33
=== alpacas is now known as BlouBlou
pfifonbubuntu1, what is the output of `lsof -i -n | grep 'LISTEN'` can you pastebin15:34
imnicholHey does anyone know how to figure out what package "/usr/bin/ldd" is in?15:35
* mneptok cues the Bono theme15:35
pfifoimnichol, its from binutils15:35
mneptokerr ... wait. it was The Edge.15:35
MonkeyDustimnichol  try apt-cache policy15:35
imnicholpfifo, thanks, is there a command that will tell me for any given file what package it is from?15:35
pfifoimnichol, the program 'apt-file' can do that15:35
imnicholMonkeyDust, pfifo, thank you very much15:36
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
bluefrogJohnNapster, gnome-control-center info15:37
imnicholpfifo, apt-file tells me that ldd is actually in libc-bin15:39
imnicholJust FYI ;)15:39
The_BROSAnybody knows why it is not possible to move data from Firefox to Chromium?15:39
subdesignbosong: i can successfully log in from terminal. is it a good sign?15:40
AminosAmigoshe means preferences15:40
JohnNapsteryyou mean the bookmarks?15:40
nbubuntu1pfifo : /usr/bin/ 10809  ub  24u  IPv4  88742      0t0  TCP *:55807 (LISTEN)15:40
pfifoimnichol, ahh, binutils is /usr/bin/ld15:41
JohnNapsterhow to list all running processes in ubuntu?15:41
theadminJohnNapster: ps aux15:41
imnicholpfifo, an honest mistake, and you've really helped.  Thanks a bunch15:41
JohnNapsterah, thanks15:41
theadminJohnNapster: That's for the current user though15:41
bosongsubdesign yes and no. it means your account is ok but there is something wrong with unity/gnome15:42
JohnNapstertheadmin: good enough for me ;)15:42
The_BROS<JohnNapster> yes15:42
bosongsubdesign can you log into your gui using another account ?15:42
subdesignbosong: no, result is the same15:42
theadminJohnNapster: You can also install and use htop, a nice command-line task manager tool15:42
phpserverHello,what is the default windows manager in ubuntu15:42
theadminphpserver: compiz15:43
phpserverubuntu 10.0415:43
theadmingvo: That's a desktop environment, a window manager is e.g. compiz or metacity15:43
bosongsubdesign im out of ideas, hopefully one of the gurus here can take you further15:43
JohnNapsterokay let's say i would like to list currently running apps... how can i do that? i would like to get the name of that System Settings > Details thing15:44
pfifonbubuntu1, and port 55807 is routed to your machine?15:44
phpserverdoes compiz support immovable windows15:44
MonkeyDustsubdesign  can you login using the Guest account?15:44
gvoJohnNapster: htop?15:44
subdesignMonkeyDust: no15:44
JohnNapsterhtop okay15:44
MonkeyDustsubdesign  what screen are you in now, how far can you get?15:44
subdesignMonkeyDust: im on windows now or?15:45
MonkeyDustsubdesign  you lost me15:45
subdesignMonkeyDust: on ubuntu im using compiz15:46
givagood morning people15:46
gvosubdesign: describe what you are seeing on your screen.15:46
cotterallsubdesign: do you remember what chmod command you ran? was it something like chmod -R xxx /15:46
MonkeyDustsubdesign  if you see compiz, then you are logged in15:46
subdesigncotterall: i wanted to chmod 0664 files , coz has problems with file uploads (php)15:47
gvosubdesign: are you looking at a terminal window or a gui ?15:47
JohnNapsterhtop is very colorful and stuff, but i can't get the name of that thing15:47
gvoJohnNapster: What thing?15:48
subdesigngvo: i talk about gui, on terminal i can log in with my user15:48
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  what are you looking for?15:48
JohnNapsteri have opened the window and closed it and saw in htop that compiz was displayed at the top of the list and then back to htop15:48
JohnNapsteri am looking for the name of the  System Settings > Details  thing15:49
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  what are you trying to do or accomplish?15:49
gvoJohnNapster: What do you mean at the top and back to htop?15:49
subdesignMonkeyDust: the gui log in screen loads, but after entering password comes a black screen then again the log in screen15:49
MonkeyDustsubdesign  that's called lightDM15:49
gvosubdesign: so your login is failing, right?15:49
subdesigngvo: right15:50
MonkeyDustok, now we're getting somewhere15:50
gvosubdesign: can you get a terminal screen up by C-A-F1 ??15:51
centaurhow can I ask a question for emacs here?15:51
gvoBetter to go to #emacs15:51
theadmincentaur: Well, if it's not Ubuntu-specific might be best to ask in their channels15:51
subdesigngvo: you think when? on the graph login screen? or in recovery mode?15:51
MonkeyDustcentaur  just ask and wait15:51
centaurcould you please tell me how can i get to emacs?15:51
centauri am new to irc15:51
theadmincentaur: /join #emacs15:52
gvosubdesign: Now, can you do a C-A-F115:52
centaurthank you both for replying15:52
sstainstall it and run it (either from the menus or by typing "emacs" at a terminal15:52
centaur /join #emacs15:52
subdesigngvo: sorry im on windows now to able to do irc15:52
theadmincentaur: No whitespace in front15:52
alfkilhow do I connect to another server15:52
theadminalfkil: /server irc.example.org15:52
diverdudei did sudo apt-get purge nvidia*, how do i then install the nvidia drivers?15:53
MonkeyDustsubdesign  take note, then: on your ubuntu machine, press ctrl-alt-F - you get a terminal screen - work from there15:53
MonkeyDustsubdesign  take note, then: on your ubuntu machine, press ctrl-alt-F1 - you get a terminal screen - work from there15:53
JohnNapsteri have opened the System Settings > Details thing (in Unity desktop) and closed it and saw in htop that "compiz" was displayed as the command on the htop's list --- and then the command on the top of the htop's list was quickly changed to "htop"15:53
subdesignMonkeyDust: ok and what to do?15:54
gvosubdesign: boot again and do the C-A-F1 at the login prompt and edit .xsession-errors and see if you can find anything of interest, like error messages.15:54
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
MonkeyDustsubdesign  ask firther advice to repair15:54
JohnNapstergvo are you on launchpad?15:54
subdesignthx brb15:55
gvosubdesign: you can install windows software that will let you mount your linux partion so you could see that file from windows.15:55
gvoJohnNapster: No15:55
subdesigngvo: really?15:55
subdesigngvo: an i can possibly backup my var/www and database fileS?15:55
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  what are you looking for in htop?15:55
diverdudei did sudo apt-get purge nvidia*, how do i then install the nvidia drivers?15:56
subdesigngvo: what is the name of this windows app?15:56
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: i wanna know what's the process name of the thing when i click on System Settings > Details15:56
gvosubdesign: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/944915:56
JohnNapsterprocess name or the launchpad package name15:56
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  try ps -e15:56
danielcg25I want to install Ubuntu on a usb flashdrive, how do I do that? (not put the installer on it, install the os so I can boot from the usb stick)15:57
theadmindanielcg25: Just install like you normally do, but install to the USB stick, eh15:57
antaras_hi there !!!15:58
antaras_sorry for my english15:58
gvodanielcg25: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick15:58
subdesigngvo: ok bookmarked, going to ubuntu brb15:58
antaras_i use ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..15:58
antaras_did you know someone what i can do  ?15:58
danielcg25ok, that's what I thought but I wasn't sure. I haven't done anything with linux in a while, haha15:58
JohnNapsteri found a typo in it and i want to fix it in the right package16:00
CharminTheMooseWhat causes more system resources to be used: X's default grey screen or xsetroot -solid black?16:01
torgeir_Hello. Im wondering if someone can explain how i can log dhcp into an own file? In the default configuration file i can see "log-facilit local7" - So i can change this to a new local. Where can i define what file this is going to be?16:01
ZanzacarHas anyone used eclipse, and done file.io stuff? I cant get eclipse to read in a simple file  http://paste.pocoo.org/show/563629/ is my code and directory16:01
JohnNapsteram running Chromium, Terminal and some other thing i cannot name16:02
gvoZanzacar: Try #eclipse16:02
JohnNapsteri am running Chromium, Terminal and some other thing i cannot name (System Settings > Details)   how to get the name of that last thing  ??16:02
JohnNapsterin the console16:02
JohnNapsteri want it to spit out the name of this shit16:03
JohnNapstersorry for the bad word16:03
JohnNapsterubuntu precise 32-bit16:03
gvoJohnNapster: I'm not familiar with System settings >details.16:03
JohnNapsterunity desktop16:03
Zanzacargvo: been there. tried that. no one around.16:03
pfifoJohnNapster, ps aux16:03
gvoJohnNapster: Forget it.16:03
gvoZanzacar: Happens.16:04
=== mysam is now known as Uncle|Sam
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  details of what, exactly?16:04
JohnNapsterpfifo:  i did that and i can't find the thing in the plethora of other things running16:04
wyldehe's lloking for the typo in the UbuntuLogo.png in the gnome-control-center package :)16:04
gvoMonkeyDust: He wants to fix a type in the output of the Sytems Settings >Deatils output16:05
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: Details is just one thing in the settings16:05
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  in 12.04?16:05
wyldeJohnNapster: gnome-control-center16:05
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  we repeatedly asked you to go to #ubuntu+116:05
Sa7ananybody using an android ? need help coonecting to stuff?16:05
JohnNapsterwylde: thanks16:05
antaras_i use ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..   any ideas .. ?16:06
diverdudehow can i see where16:07
diverdudehow do i mount a usb stick i terminal16:07
JohnNapstermount command16:07
diverdudeJohnNapster: i know16:07
gvodiverdude: usually a usb stick will come up automatically16:07
JohnNapsteryeah, ubuntu does that automatically16:08
diverdudeJohnNapster: but how do i know which sdb?16:08
gvodmesg | tail16:08
gvodiverdude: ^^16:08
JohnNapsterwhat is sdb?16:08
subdesigngvo: .xsession-errors: mkdtemp: private socket dir: Permission denied16:08
diverdudeJohnNapster: you know sda1 sda2 sda3 etc16:08
JohnNapsteroh that16:09
antaras_diverdude,  open gparted to find whick16:09
CharminTheMooseWhat causes more system resources to be used: X's default grey screen or xsetroot -solid black?16:09
gvodiverdude: dmesg | tail16:09
JohnNapsterdmesg | tail16:09
gvosubdesign:  google that error.16:09
camaron_es la primera vez que entro por aquí16:09
auronandace!google | gvo16:09
ubottugvo: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:09
subdesigngvo: doing16:10
MonkeyDust!es| camaron_16:10
ubottucamaron_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:10
diverdudethat just shows 922.540441 xhci_hcd 0000:0e:00.0: WARN: short transfer on control ep16:10
Nach0zsubdesign: are you starting X as root?16:10
JohnNapsterdiverdude: just try to mount everything you can imagine16:10
JohnNapstersudo mount /sda1 ...16:10
diverdudeit also shows new high speed USB device number 3 using xhci_hcd16:11
gvodiverdude: I'm guessing the stick isn't being recognixed.16:11
JohnNapsteror maybe you have issues with the  /media  thing?16:11
subdesigngvo: found one: http://goo.gl/XNp5M - and yes, i have a tmp permission problem with php upload16:11
subdesignso maybe thats the problem16:11
JohnNapsterdiverdude: is your account in the admin group ?16:12
acovrigI am trying to use arecord and handbrake with Ubuntu 11.10, and can't get either one to work: arecord doesn't record any sound (no volume) and handbrake won't install.16:12
gvodiverdude: look for lines like [1400130.487594] sd 14:0:0:0: [sdd] Assuming drive cache: write through16:12
gvo[1400130.487607]  sdd: sdd116:12
diverdudeJohnNapster: yeah it is16:12
gvosubdesign: that's a start16:12
JohnNapsterdiverdude: which version of ubuntu?16:12
diverdudeJohnNapster: 11.1016:12
cheakoHello, did someone call me?16:13
subdesigna+x == 1777 ?16:13
JohnNapsterdiverdude: what file system does the usb device have?16:13
diverdudeJohnNapster: im guessing fat3216:13
JohnNapsterhmmm, that should work16:14
diverdudenot sure though...maybe ext416:14
victor__I just recently installed ubuntu via usb-drive and it all works now, however, upon booting it says something about a disk missing, cant recall exact message, could reboot if nobody has a clue..It tells me to wait to continue and I do and everything works, and press a button to reformat, blabla :P16:14
JohnNapsteryou plug your usb in and what happens?16:14
victor__Just prior to the login screen.16:14
victor__psyqiq, Hello16:14
gvodiverdude: Did you see the links in your dmesg like I showed you?16:14
JohnNapsterplug in your usb key and open the home folder16:14
acovrignevermind handbrake I didn't notice it was capitalized HandBrakeCLI (I was `locate handbrake`) :P -but I need to get arecrod to work (rec-from sox) doesn't work either16:14
psyqiqi have a weird issue...my wifi only connects when i connect with my smartphone to the router...16:15
MonkeyDustdiverdude  plug it in and type sudo blkid in a Terminal16:15
diverdudegvo: no...nothing with write-through16:15
psyqiqi`m on 11.1016:15
JohnNapsterdo you see at the upper left anything?16:15
gvodiverdude: OK try MonkeyDust suggestion16:15
jparkerCan someone help me figure out how to upgrade mysql 5.1.31 on ubuntu 10.0.4 to mysql 5.1.61?16:15
jparkerI cant seem to find a how too online16:15
JohnNapsterblkid   what does that do?16:15
gvoblock id16:15
diverdudeMonkeyDust: ahhh that shows 2 devis16:16
MonkeyDustaaahhhh :)16:16
psyqiqany ideas?16:16
diverdudeMonkeyDust: one has TYPE=ext4 other has TYPE=SWAP16:16
wyldeJohnNapster: btw...that U you're looking for is exactly the way Ubuntu Bold font displays a capital U16:16
gvoso your system isn't seeing the usb stick.16:16
diverdudeits not?16:17
JohnNapsterwylde: it looks typo-ish   doesn't it?16:17
Sa7anooh i made the news!!!16:17
diverdudeblahh :/16:17
MonkeyDustdiverdude  what's the outcome of sudo blkid ? use pastebin to show us16:17
wyldeJohnNapster: yep, but that's how it is in the font16:17
psyqiqit takes ages for the wifi to connect to the router on 11.1016:17
gvoMonkeyDust it's just his root partition and swap16:17
psyqiqany fix?16:17
antaras_i use ubuntu 10.04  and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..   any ideas .. ?16:17
wyldeonly difference between capital U and lowercase is the bottom right of the letter.16:18
JohnNapsterdiverdude: i plugged in my usb and typed  sudo blkid and i got  something in  /dev/sdb1   and fs=ntfs16:18
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  you too, use pastebinit16:19
JohnNapsterdo you have anything mounted  at /dev/sdbX that has fs fat32?16:19
diverdudeMonkeyDust: its on a crashed machine - no network :( But its something like /dev/sda1: UUID="long alphanum string" TYPE="ext4" and /dev/sda5: UUID="..." TYPE="SWAP"16:19
JohnNapsterthat's not it16:19
gvoMonkeyDust: vfat too16:19
JohnNapsterthat's the swap partition of your system16:20
JohnNapsternot usb key16:20
diverdudeand the ext4 ?16:20
gvoMonkeyDust: His system isn't recognizing the usb16:20
gvoroot partition16:20
diverdudemaybe its because its in recovery mode?16:20
JohnNapsterext4 is your "normal" partition where you have your files on16:20
gvodiverdude: Yes16:21
JohnNapsterlike music etc.16:21
diverdudeit cannot read USB in recovery mode?16:21
auronandace!caps | psyqiq16:21
MonkeyDust!caps| psyqiq16:21
ubottupsyqiq: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.16:21
candlepinkony called16:21
gvodiverdude: maybe  try this.  dmesg | tail -2216:21
gvothen install your usb stick and wait a few seconds and type dmesg| tail -22 again.16:22
gvoCompare the output.  Look for what was printed after you plugged it in.16:22
gvoIt may give you a hint as to why it isn't being recognized.16:22
victor__Anyone succesfully installed XBMC on ubuntu? The documentation says i should add a repository line but it seems to be outdated16:22
diverdudegvo: hmm that writes a lot of stuff16:23
gvoMax of 44 lines total.16:23
jparkercan anyone help me install a newer version of mysqll?16:23
gvoredirect the output to a file if necessary.16:23
jparkerubuntu 10.0.4 only has mysql 5.1.4116:23
jparkerI need mysql 5.1.6116:24
JohnNapsterdiverdude: do you still have your usb plugged in  ?16:24
antaras_i use ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..   any ideas .. ?16:24
JohnNapsterdiverdude: do you still have your usb plugged in  ?   try   mount /dev/sdb116:24
gvodiverdude if you're root, fdisk -l16:25
GASSYPOOTSi cant get BIOS selector ro appeat16:25
gvoBut that won't do anything if blkid didn't see it.16:25
gvoOh well.16:25
gvoJohnNapster: /dev/sdb1 can't exist if blkid didn't see it.16:26
JohnNapsterthen he must have a corrupted  fstab16:26
oratedWhat is ubuntu-10.04.'4'?16:27
locsmifHi all. Anybody familiar with I/O errors booting Ubuntu from an external harddisk using USB 3?16:27
gvoJohnNapster: ?16:27
subdesigngvo, MonkeyDust : thx, i can log in now to ubuntu sudo chmod 1777 /tmp worked16:27
gvosubdesign: Good.16:27
GASSYPOOTShow do i make BIOS appear16:27
MonkeyDust!yay| subdesign16:27
ubottusubdesign: Glad you made it! :-)16:27
shadesI just installed vsftpd. i did a passwd ftp and then I gave it my password... but I can't seem to login as the user ftp.. what gives?16:27
locsmifRoot filesystem disappears at random after a while and the system because unusable instantly. I've seen some discussion online but I'm unaware if there's a fix. Any pointers?16:27
subdesigngvo, MonkeyDust : but it was some prom, my left side icons again are big, so some settings are lost16:27
oratedWhat is ubuntu-10.04.'4'? (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download)16:28
subdesigni made a mega db backup i dont want this again :P16:28
subdesign*i make16:28
dr_willislocsmif,  if theres io errors. the device can get removed  or remounted read only,  sounds like the HD is dieing. or has other issues.16:28
auronandaceorated: a periodic release with the updates included since 10.4.316:28
acidraini properly shutdown a ubuntu 11.04 box, and after reboot the network manager says no network devices available. how can i fix this? and why did this happen?16:28
antaras_i use ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..   any ideas .. ?16:28
JohnNapsterdiverdude:  please look what you have in    /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab16:28
gvoJohnNapster: That's got nothing to do with his problem.16:29
acidrainany solutions?16:29
dr_willisacidrain,  what kind of network card do you have?16:30
victor__I downloaded the latest nvidia drivers for my gfx and linux 64bit. I checked the permission tab on the file to be able to run as a program. However I have to run it as root, how do I do that via GUI?16:30
gvoacidrain: wireless?16:30
victor__Or via line...16:30
shades  16:30
MonkeyDustorated  "the fourth maintenance update to Ubuntu's 10.04 LTS release" https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2012-February/000155.html16:30
ryannathanshow can I start xfce4 after forwarding X over a ssh16:30
acidraingvo: its wired. network card is realtek, its been modded to run on an older driver that works16:31
shadeshmm it seems I can't login as the user ftp because it's a dameon or something... when I try to load the users & groups GUI tool it lags real bad and hangs.. and i have to kill the process users-admin because it will not close when i click on the red x, what gives?16:31
acidraingvo: also its been working for quite a while16:31
dr_willisryannathans,  one normally run specific apps. not the whole desktop.16:31
gvoacidrain: lsmod and see that the driver was installed.16:31
dr_willisryannathans,  is this on a local lan or over the internet?16:31
victor__I dont understand, I just installed ubuntu fresh and I never picked a root password, how am I supposed to login as root to install the nvidia.run package?16:31
ryannathansdr_willis: lan16:32
victor__su ./file ?16:32
MonkeyDustvictor__  you don't login as root16:32
ryannathansryannathans@hitech:~$ xclock16:32
ryannathansError: Can't open display:16:32
gvovictor__: sudo16:32
acidraingvo: i did lsmod, but i dont see anything mentioning the driver.16:32
victor__"You appear to be running an Xserver, please exit X before installing"16:32
gvovictor__: the password it askes for is yours not root's16:32
acidraingvo: but like i said, its been installed for MONTHS. and all of a sudden its gone?16:32
dr_willisryannathans,  if you need a 'whole' remote desktop on the local box. you could use xdmcp, or vnc, or rdp,  depending on how you want to 'work'  or just run the specific apps you need and let them appear on the local box.16:32
victor__What does that mean? :P16:32
ryannathansdr_willis: how can I just run one app?16:33
quazimodowhy does ubuntu insist I use shitty video players?16:33
dr_willisryannathans,  if you can see both monitors of both pc's you could use synergy to share the keyboard.16:33
ryannathansdr_willis: I'm getting "Error: Can16:33
gvovictor__: You become root using sugo.16:33
quazimodosince ive been using ubuntu it has shipped with the shittiest media players16:33
victor__Successfully ran it with the sudo command now and that prompted16:33
dr_willisryannathans,  ssh -X remote    run the app.16:33
velkoryannathans, check that on the server you enabled xforwarding and that you connect with "ssh -X"16:33
quazimodowhy not ship with mplayer and save everyones time?16:33
dr_willisor was it -x   i forget... :)16:33
dr_willis!ssh | ryannathans16:33
ubotturyannathans: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)16:33
ryannathansdr_willis: I'm getting16:33
ryannathansError: Can't open display:16:33
dr_willisryannathans,  you dident use -X then is my first gues16:33
ryannathansdr_willis: i'm using putty16:33
MonkeyDustquazimodo  please join #insultubuntu16:33
dr_willisryannathans,  on windows? or linux?16:33
victor__ " ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before16:34
victor__         installing." when running sudo ./file16:34
victor__is X the GUI?16:34
ryannathanswindows, I ticked forwarding X11 and typed in localhost:2 after vnc4server -geometry 1440x900 on the localhost:216:34
acidrainmy main concern is why has linux all of a sudden disregarded my network configurations after months of having them?16:34
quazimodoMonkeyDust: except im not insluting ubuntu, i love ubuntu, i dont understand how all these great things come together and include crappy parole16:34
velkovictor__, yes16:34
gvoacidrain: do you know what module is your driver?16:34
dr_willisvictor__,  yes.. what are you trying to do exactly?16:34
Churchit's imho better/more universal to use -Y instead of -X for x11 forwarding via ssh16:34
victor__Installing the most recent appriopriate nvidia drivers16:34
victor__Since the generic ones did not support opengl16:34
victor__for my card, atleast16:34
dr_willis-Y i think is perfered on a local lan.16:34
victor__(taken from nvidia.com)16:34
acidraingvo: hang on, let me find out where it was installed to,16:35
dr_willisvictor__,  you may want to look for some guides on askubuntu.com about using the latest.16:35
diverdudeis it possible to mount usb sticks in recovery mode?16:35
Churchhad few java crapish gui apps (eg. for managing few disk arrays) that had their problems with -X but worked fine with -X16:35
MonkeyDustquazimodo  VLC does/plays about everything16:35
velkovictor__, you have to switch to a virual terminal with ctrl+alt+f1, login as your user, stop x "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm3 stop" and run your script16:35
dr_willisdiverdude,  yes. use the proper mount command.16:35
gvoacidrain: Did you upgrade your kernel recently?16:35
oratedMonkeyDust: Thanks. Secondly, do you know if laptop users should install desktop or netbook version? 'coz http://releases.ubuntu.com/lucid/ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso.torrent is not working16:35
victor__Oh.. allright velko, thanks. i'll double check askubuntu.com dr_willis :)16:35
acidraingvo: RTL8168/811116:35
Churcherr, fine with -Y that is.16:35
acidraingvo: i did do a system update, but why would that mess with what i have done?16:36
diverdudedr_willis: which one is that?16:36
dr_willisvictor__,  ive seen way to many people have issues when trying the 'latest' nvidia driver installer.16:36
HoldenMy cpu doesn't support virtualization. I tried to boot lucid iso...can someone confirm me that qemu is much slower than virtualbox? Or am I doing something wrong?16:36
dr_willisdiverdude,  totally depens on yoru system.  sudo mount /dev/sdXX /media/MAKEADIR16:36
dr_willis!mount | diverdude16:36
ubottudiverdude: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount16:36
ryannathansxterm:  DISPLAY is not set16:36
gvoacidrain: well if you installed a new kernel then you'll have to reins6tall the modules (drivers) for that card.16:36
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MonkeyDustorated  use desktop => netbook != laptop16:36
diverdudedr_willis: yes exactly..my problem is to find out what XX is in /dev/sdXX16:36
dr_willisryannathans,   you are using putty under windows? or linux?16:36
=== Zedrikov` is now known as JoFo
ryannathansdr_willis: i said windows16:37
gvodr_willis: his usb stick isn't being detected.16:37
dr_willisryannathans,  then you needt o have an actual X server running on the box. for the apps to appear on. Or just use VNC16:37
gvodr_willis no /dev/sd?  anything.16:37
shadesi made a new user but I can't upload files as this user, i'm getting a permission denied error..16:37
diverdudedr_willis: ?16:37
gvodr_willis other than swap and his root partion.16:38
quazimodoMonkeyDust: yeah vlc is fine, parole and before that totem were the issues16:38
dr_willisgvo,  dmesg soon after he plugs it in.. if not seen.. its very likely a dead usb. or dead port.16:38
ryannathansdr_willis: I have an x server running on localhost:2 started by vnc4server -geometry 1440x90016:38
gvodr_willis: we've already been there.16:38
MonkeyDustquazimodo  "if everything else fails, join #ubuntu" :)16:38
gvodr_willis it's not showing up in dmesg.16:38
ryannathansdr_willis: if I run x on this computer, who's processor and whose gpu is used?16:38
diverdudefunny thing is that when i plug it in., 3 lines appear in the terminal...so its not totally dead16:38
diverdudeand the USB stick works on other machines16:39
shadesdoes anyone have any idea?16:39
gvodiverdude what three lines?16:39
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
locsmifdr_willis: the hdd is fine..16:40
diverdude3091.833176 usb 3-2:new high speed USB device number 4 using xhci_hcd16:40
diverdudeand then16:40
victor___If shift+ctrl +1 switched to virtual terminal, how do i switch back? :P16:41
ryannathansdr_willis: if I run x on this computer, who's processor and whose gpu is used?16:41
diverdude3091.833176 xhci_hcd 0000:0e:00.0: WARN: short transfer on control ep16:41
diverdudefour of those lines16:41
Churchdiverdude: you are not typing that all, aren't you? :) you know that you can select text in xterm/gnome terminal/whatever alike and paste it in irc client?16:42
gvovictor___: ALT-f716:42
diverdudeChurch: yes i am16:42
gvovictor___ maybe16:42
victor__phew :D16:42
diverdudeChurch: you know that this is a crashed computer without network?? so no i cannot paste it16:42
Churchoh, i didn't.16:42
* Church noticed only latest bit about usb key16:43
gvoChurch I think he has two computers16:43
diverdudeyes i have16:43
victor__velko: I couldnt stop it like that :/ ( sudo /etc/init.d/gdm3 stop) that is16:43
MonkeyDustdiverdude  if you have more than one pc in the same network, you can ssh to the "bad" pc and use pastebin16:43
gvoI have to go.  diverdude good luck.16:43
victor__said command not found*16:43
diverdudecomputer is crashed because of bad driver support for graphic drivers...so i wanted to try and copy a Xorg.conf using USB key...but ofc. i also cannot mount USB16:44
gvoMonkeyDust: The badk computer has no network.16:44
dr_willisryannathans,  both.16:44
MonkeyDustdiverdude  not even a local network?16:44
dr_willisryannathans,  gpu/local cpu to display the app. remote to do the apps main processing16:44
diverdudeMonkeyDust: no its in recoverymode.....i dont think there is any network...ifconfig returns nothing16:44
tominglishi, i'm running ubuntu 12.04, and have run into a dependency problem when dist-upgrading my installation - here is the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/VKVXVzcx - does anyone know what i can do to fix this?16:44
Churchdiverdude: if it's not getting mounted automatically, from kernel log (eg. via command 'dmesg') you can see what device is assigned to that key (eg. /dev/sdc or alike), type fdisk -l /dev/sdc to list partitions on it and try mount it directly on some mountpoint16:44
MonkeyDusttominglis  #ubuntu+116:44
ryannathansdr_willis: so what is being used to say, render a 3d app16:45
Picklefacehi, I recetnly started using the button on my computer to shut my computer down16:45
Churcheg. mkdir /tmp/usb ; mount /dev/sdc1 /tmp/usb16:45
Picklefaceand now it takes like 20-30 mins to just boot up?16:45
dr_willisryannathans,  the local GPU/CPU would be doing most of the work.16:46
PicklefaceI only have linux on my computer btw16:46
paul_ukanyone here have experience with here-docs?  How do you treat $hello as a string rather than a variable ?16:46
acidraingvo: where do i install the driver modules again? i just refound the driver16:46
MonkeyDustpaul_uk  in bash?16:46
paul_ukMonkeyDust, yeah16:46
MonkeyDustpaul_uk  there the #bash channel16:47
victor__Why can't i shutdown X? Fresh desktop install .10 I tried sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop and gdm3 stop?16:47
paul_uknomihc, thanks16:47
MonkeyDustpaul_uk  there's the #bash channel16:47
ChurchPickleface: sounds like bootup process is waiting for something to complete/timeout. If you have that gui with progressbar thingie on boot, you can press 'esc' to switch to more verbose text mode and see what actually is slowing down things16:47
victor__even tried service gdm3 stop and invoke-rc.d gdm3 stop16:47
PicklefaceChurch: I get like 4 options on bootup now ? If I just leave it for a while it boots up by itself?16:48
wiherekhi. I chose the wrong program for a file association in chromium and now cant change it. I disabled it in gconf-editor and now cant even see it there. also when I click on a link to that file, it doesnt open16:48
wiherekI am talking about magnet links for bit torrent16:48
ChurchPickleface: i don't mean options in bootloader, but later on, when booting16:48
dr_willisvictor__,  what release of ubuntu are you using?16:49
ChurchPickleface: .. i'm veeery distantly guessing from powerbutton mention that you are not shutting down, but simply powering off, which might be bad in that sense, that filesystems need checking on boot, so if very big filesystems, sometimes it might take long time16:49
victor__dr_willis,  11.10 desktop x6416:49
nomihcvictor__, /etc/init.d/lightdm stop16:49
dr_willisvictor__,  its using lightdm  is the reason. :) not gdm16:49
victor__aha, thanks :)16:49
GASSYPOOTShow do I change back to Windows 7 without the original installation disc by using ubuntu16:50
ryannathansunless you deleted windows when installing16:50
PicklefaceChurch: yeah powering off16:51
MonkeyDustGASSYPOOTS  reboot and choose W7 in the menu16:51
PicklefaceChurch: how do I fix it ?.......16:51
ryannathansdr_willis: just installed an x server for windows, about to try again'16:51
dighello :) How can i check when ubuntu was installed on my PC?16:51
dr_willisryannathans,  oh? which one?16:51
dr_willisdig,  never really noticed a 'date of install' file. :)16:52
ryannathansdr_willis: Xming16:52
=== mobile__ is now known as ex0
GASSYPOOTSwhy does grub appear when i start  it up16:52
oCean!cn | root_16:52
ubotturoot_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:52
ChurchPickleface: for more speedy access filesystems cache things in ram and only ocasionally sync changes to filesystem. hence on normal shutting down changes get properly synced to disk and filesystems unmounted. <- just use normal shutdown from menu/whatever.16:52
root_好 谢谢16:52
dr_willisryannathans,  xming works very well. but it can be a bit confuseing to someone thats never used ssh/X/Xforwarding. but its wizard works well.16:52
ChurchPickleface: .. of course if filesystem check was the reason for slow boot.16:52
ex0or use... sudo init 016:52
dlentzGASSYPOOTS, hold shift when you start16:52
digdr_willis: but there are so many logs and things... I'd be dissapointed if it can't be checked :)16:53
dr_willistap the shift key like a  tapdancer on caffine. :)16:53
ryannathansdr_willis: I'm a hardened ssh user. Never played with a gui though16:53
GASSYPOOTSthat all?16:53
dlentzdig, it's in bug reports, so there must be a log somewhere16:53
PicklefaceChurch: oh..okay so how do I fix it ?......16:53
dr_willisGASSYPOOTS,  if grub menu is hidden.. shift key makes it show16:53
digdlentz: yup i saw it there too but i don't want to file a bug just to see it :)16:53
MonkeyDustdig  type ls -l /boot => the date is the installation date16:54
acidraingvo: thx for help. i fixed it16:54
Sa7anhi guys !16:54
MonkeyDustdig  type ls -l /boot/grub => the date is the installation date16:55
eQuiNoX__hi guys, could someone help me compile this right? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/563820/16:55
ChurchPickleface: i already told you. you should 1st confirm if that was the case, eg. if on boot you have for very long time 'checking filesystem blablabla', then probably that's the reason. and simply use normal shutdown to prevent such problems in future instead of pressing power button.16:56
victor__Hmm and now to start it? :P sudo /etc/init.d/lightgdm start ?16:56
PicklefaceChurch: kk16:56
MonkeyDusteQuiNoX__  in human language, please?16:56
oCeanMonkeyDust: dig, ls -l /boot/grub will just show contents of grub directory, that's definitely not install date (not for me at least) If I run ls -al /etc/issue for example I think that's the date I actually installed this laptop16:56
ChurchPickleface: i'm guessing that shutdown command shouldn't be that hard to find in whatever GUI desktop environment you use menus.16:56
MonkeyDustdig  take oCean 's advice, it's more accurate16:57
eQuiNoX__MonkeyDust: um, sorry. i tried compiling the code snippet in the link, with a command that ive shown in the link; i think im doing the linking part wrong. could someone check that out?16:57
GASSYPOOTSuhh shift doesnt make boot menu show up16:57
PicklefaceChurch: okay , thanks16:58
trisquelhi all.Is there a way to spoof the mac address of the network card in mini-ubuntu.iso  install 11.10.there is no ifconfig command16:58
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PhopsyHowdy all. I just upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 and, lo and behold, my sound has died. Can anyone offer some assistance?16:59
velkoeQuiNoX__, i guess you have to link to sqlite3 not just sqlite16:59
GASSYPOOTSso any other way to make win 7 / ubuntu 11.10b menu show16:59
victor__I managed to install the drivers after shutting down X. But how do I start it again? (using desktop 11.10 amd64) -    sudo /etc/init.d/lightdmp start ?16:59
jwtiyarhow i can change fonts in ubuntu like Desktop,Apps ?16:59
dr_willisGASSYPOOTS,  so does the sytem boot to linux? or windows?16:59
dr_willisGASSYPOOTS,  edit your /etc/default/grub file and have it set to always show the menu. rerun sudo-update-grub also.17:00
eQuiNoX__velko: the sqlite related libraries i have are http://paste.pocoo.org/show/563822/17:00
jwtiyarGASSYPOOTS, if u have problem with showing the grub menu install Boot0repair17:00
digMonkeyDust: it showed january 27th but i installed ubuntu a few days ago :) ls -l /boot isn't that bad. Just search for the first file in there and it should be it17:00
velkoeQuiNoX__, and you don't need the /usr/include and /usr/lib parts17:00
dr_willisGASSYPOOTS,  its also possible its just not seeing the windows install. 'sudo update-grub' Might show windows/detect it. and fix the hidden menu issue17:00
dr_willisfor some annoying reason - if ubuntu is the only os installed. the default is to hide the grub menu.17:01
trisquelthere is only ntcfg command17:01
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)17:01
velkoeQuiNoX__, so try with "gcc -Wall -lsqlite3 -o z"17:01
superdave321I "upgraded" to ubuntu studio from vanilla using this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu How can I get the UI back while keeping the apps and plugins?17:01
eQuiNoX__velko: yyup checked that out, it gives me "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lsqlite3"17:01
jwtiyarhow i can change fonts in ubuntu ?17:01
bennhow to access ubuntu files in windoees?17:02
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate17:02
dr_willisjwtiyar,  what version of ubuntu you using?17:02
velkoeQuiNoX__, have you installed the -dev package of sqlite?17:02
dr_willisSa7an,  actual support question17:02
jwtiyardr_willis, 11.1017:02
eQuiNoX__velko: yes17:02
bennhow to access ubuntu files in windows?*17:02
eQuiNoX__velko: lemme recheck anyhow17:02
velkoeQuiNoX__, libsqlite3-dev ?17:02
AmdpcHi..I have an iMac , and I want to install Ubuntu in it..Is there any special version of ubuntu for macs ?17:02
jwtiyarbenn, instal ext2explorer17:02
dr_willisjwtiyar,  you can use the gnome-tweak tool to set some font settings i recall17:02
victor__Am I allowed to repeat my question after approx 5 minutes? :P17:02
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:03
bennjwtiyar ok17:03
mneptok!repeat > victor__17:03
ubottuvictor__, please see my private message17:03
jwtiyardr_willis, im on unity , there is no option in original?17:03
eQuiNoX__velko: damn yeah thats the issue, thanks for your time17:03
victor__If I only knew howto switch tabs in irssi....17:04
victor__Always use x-chat... :P17:04
POVaddctvictor__: esc-NUMBER17:04
bambanxhow i can fix the grub? i have windows and linux but i can boot for windows :/17:04
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dr_willisjwtiyar,  not that i know of.17:04
POVaddctvictor__: or alt-NUMBER17:04
ryannathanslol, I opened a terminal from my ssh on X17:04
jwtiyarbambanx, install boot repair17:04
PhopsyCan anyone offer some support regarding ALSA producing no sound after upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10?17:04
victor__Ah thanks :)17:04
jwtiyar!grub > bambanx17:04
ubottubambanx, please see my private message17:04
dr_willisbambanx,  what is it doing exactly? does it boot to linux at all?17:05
jwtiyardr_willis, its not good , where i can get gnome-tweak ?17:05
victor__Well I can rephrase the question.. How do I start X running 11.10 ubuntu? is it sudo /etc/init.d/lightgdm start?17:05
victor__Thanks, btw POVaddct.17:05
theadminvictor__: sudo service lightdm start17:05
GASSYPOOTSboot is booted :D17:05
dr_willisjwtiyar,  its in the repos17:06
bambanxdr_willis, i wanna able to boot to windows too only i can see on the boot linux17:06
JustasHello everybody.17:06
jwtiyarbambanx, becuase u lost the grub17:07
victor__"Disconnected from Plymouth" is a bad thing, right?17:07
dr_willisbambanx,  rerun 'sudo update-grub' and see if it adds windows. if not you may need to add a custome entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom for your wundiows setup17:07
dr_willisvictor__,  not really.17:07
MonkeyDustbambanx  you can add the Windows chainloader to the grub menu17:07
victor__Well I cant start the GUI anymore, past the drivers, however terminal mode works fine17:07
triplchi all17:07
jwtiyardr_willis, boot-repair works great with this17:07
victor__As im doing this right now atleast17:07
SolventAnyone help a complete noob? Have no mouse/keyboard input after booting from install CD17:07
=== Companion is now known as companion
bambanxSearching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub17:07
bambanxSearching for default file ... Generating /boot/grub/default file and setting the default boot entry to 017:07
bambanxentry not specified.17:07
FloodBot1bambanx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:07
dr_willisjwtiyar,  cant say ive ever noticed that do more then reinstall grub..17:07
victor__So I assume it was the drivers, even though i didnt use the most recent, followed another users instructons on ask.ubuntu, because he warned of the most recent in the installer17:08
mintman_dr_willis: Is it legal to run to sessions of irc at the same time??17:08
superdave321I "upgraded" to ubuntu studio from vanilla using this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu How can I get the UI back while keeping the apps and plugins?17:08
triplchow to install UNITY to Ubuntu 10.04 ? I am still using the LTS version and do not want to upgrade the whole system. But I'd like to use Unity. I find with Google but not found.17:08
bambanxmintman, you are legal or ilegal?17:08
victor__At first I thought it was related to not statrting the service, but it auto starts and sudo service lighdm start takes me to the boot parameters/check routine anyway so17:08
jwtiyardr_willis, i had this problem boot repair fixed it after accessing through Live-cd17:08
trisquelI write in /etc/network/intefaces  hwaddress ether my:mac:add:re:ss , also I specify there the ip address, network mask, and the gateway.However I do not know how to restart the network interface,there is no /etc/init.d/networking  so i can excute a restart17:09
AcidRainThe program 'god' is currently not installed.  To run 'god' please ask your administrator to install the package 'god'17:09
MonkeyDustbambanx  search "chainloader" on this page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:09
dr_willis!info god17:09
ubottugod (source: god): Fully configurable process monitoring. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.18-2 (oneiric), package size 46 kB, installed size 388 kB17:09
JustasCan anyone help me with WiFi issues, please. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday on a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, and it does not recognise the wireless adapter. I cannot download any packages since thats the only way I can connect, no possibility to access the router with a wired connection.17:09
bambanxok MonkeyDust ty17:09
mintman_bambanx: logged into ubuntu with two different irc chat displays one is mintman the other got me as mintman_17:09
dr_willismintman,  makes sence dosent it.. :)17:10
mintman_no dont need to sessions to same chatroom17:10
dr_willismintman_,  if you want to get rid of one. close the other chat client.17:10
velkotrisquel, have you installed netbase?17:10
reducanyone know how to setup console cable in linux17:10
oCeanmintman_: you cannot have 2 same nicks in one session. For further help with irc/Freenode network, /join #freenode channel17:10
trisquelvelko: I can not install anything.It's a netboot install17:11
trisquelI need to set up the mac address first so i can get connected to the net17:11
dr_willisI have about 4 irc clients all connected to my 'znc' server thats connected here. :) so you just see me in here oncd.17:11
mintman_oCean: just give me the low down on reason why17:11
velkotrisquel, because this script is installed by this package. if the package has not been installed you cannot bring the iface up17:11
oCeanmintman_: this is not the correct channel, help is in #freenode17:11
dr_willismintman_: you cannot have 2 same nicks in one session. <- reason why.17:11
reducanyone know how to setup a router in linux ( w console cable)17:11
mintman_dr_willis: thank u17:12
dr_willisreduc,  'console cable' meaning what exactly?17:12
superdave321I "upgraded" to ubuntu studio from vanilla using this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu How can I get the UI back while keeping the apps and plugins?17:12
JustasCan anyone help me with WiFi issues, please. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday on a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, and it does not recognise the wireless adapter. I cannot download any packages since thats the only way I can connect, no possibility to access the router with a wired connection.17:14
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saikatdceuse any of the usb internet and install the drivers17:14
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saikatdceor download it in other PC and use it.17:15
MonkeyDust|wifi| Justas start here17:15
MonkeyDust!wifi| Justas start here17:15
ubottuJustas start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:15
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victor__Well after updating my NVIDIA drivers for openGL support and now rebooting the computer. I boot up, see the purpleish Ubuntu loading screen for a while. Then it jumps to the boot checklist, and the last 4 lines at the bottom says "mountall plymouth disconnected *3 + plymouth blabla failed" any clues?17:16
dr_willissuperdave321,  what gui are you refering to?17:16
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victor__And thats where i am at right now, virtual terminal works fine, but whenever i switch to ALt+f7 thats where i end up17:17
dr_willisreduc,  you are refering to 'serial' cable?17:17
ubottuscighera: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:17
dr_willisvictor__,  try 'startx' and see if any errors appear17:17
superdave321Ubuntu vanilla vs whatever Ubuntu studio uses...17:17
dr_willissuperdave321,  look on the sessions list of the login screen perhaps? i thought they both used Unity.17:18
victor__Fatal error, no devices found, and therefor no screens found.... :P17:18
superdave321dr_wills I don't have the hardware necessary for unity...17:18
victor__Can I revert? Because the nvidia installer made a backup of the x.conf?17:18
dr_willissuperdave321,   but unity is what ubuntu uses by default17:19
dr_willisvictor__,  the xorg.conf is the least of your worries.. if the nvidia's .run installer failed to work.. theres really not a lot i know of to do.17:19
bambanxi am back with double boot working MonkeyDust thanks17:19
victor__ok, reinstalling system then...17:20
victor__its only an hour old anyway17:20
MonkeyDust!yay| bambanx17:20
superdave321dr_wills: I've just been using the desktop ui.17:20
ubottubambanx: Glad you made it! :-)17:20
victor__thanks dr_willis17:20
dr_willisvictor__,  what is your video card?17:20
victor__Nvidia geforce m54017:20
dr_willisvictor__,  you may want to check askubuntu.com for suggestsions. they may know a way to get them going.17:21
victor__Thats the suggestion I followed :( ahwell17:22
salmiakit should be possible to stop use the propritary graphics driver and go back to the default one from command line, right?17:22
victor__one of them atleast, I'll bbl, thanks again.17:22
dr_willissalmiak,  should be. but i never use  the .run installer.. so no idea how to remove them17:22
abewhere i can get ubuntu 12.04 free??17:22
Xenethabe: All Ubuntu is free17:23
dr_willisabe,  download it.17:23
sacarlsonabe: but I will give you a discount17:23
DJonesabe: Just go to the ubuntu website and download the beta test version, but remember its still being developed so there may be bugs17:23
dlentz"victor__" is trying to install nvidia drivers on an optimus system. he needs bumblebee/ironhide17:24
dr_willisOptimus system? GOOD luck... :)17:24
abemy ubuntu 11.04 panel is lost, how can i fixed ???17:25
JohnNapsterabe wich panel?17:26
abeall panel in my ubuntu17:26
MonkeyDustabe  http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/17:26
dr_willisgotta run.. bbl17:26
underHi. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 . How can I update repositories?17:26
abei will try it17:27
MonkeyDustunder  sudo apt-get updtae17:27
MonkeyDustunder  sudo apt-get update*17:27
abesudo apt-get update17:27
abeunder : sudo apt-get update17:27
salmiakWhat is a Optimus system? sounds scary...17:28
mintman_Shojo: hello17:28
underI did apt-get update but I see Ubuntu installs old version of Eclipse. Why?17:28
MonkeyDustsalmiak  it's a Transformer17:28
abemintman hello17:28
MonkeyDustsalmiak  i guess "optimus" just mean "the best"17:29
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Shojohi mintman_17:30
dlentzoptimus = intel and nvidia gpu, which ends up being worse than just an nvidia gpu on linux17:30
suni_087i am getting error message "Permission denied"17:31
Vaelaincrease your permission?17:31
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salmiakaha. ok. I try to avoid intel though so I will proabably never get any of those then.17:31
MonkeyDustsuni_087  what are you trying to do?17:31
velko_under, doing "apt-get update" wont install the latest software version of whatever program you like but the latest version which is *in the ubuntu repository*17:32
suni_087i am getting error message "Permission denied"....can anyone help me out????....installing ubuntu 11.10 through wubi17:32
salmiaknightynight ROBOT1024 :-)17:32
reducanyone know how to setup a router in linux ( w console cable)?17:32
Xirrin1suni_087: Are you an administrator?17:32
undervelko_: in the latest ubuntu repository?17:32
abehow to install vga driver intel motherboard?17:33
sacarlsonsuni_087:  I would vote not using wubi, just setup dual boot with usb flash drive or other17:33
salmiaksuni_087: aha so you get it while you are installing??17:33
velko_under, no. there is no such thing as "latest" ubuntu repository. in the "current" repository. the repository you selected to install from17:33
suni_087salmaik:yup...almost at 98% :(17:33
Vaelasuni_087: use liveCD?17:34
suni_087thx <sacarlson>17:34
Xirrin1reduc: Which type of router? A standard home router, or enterprise/Cisco router?17:34
underso what I do to install the latest eclipse avoiding download the setup from its web site?17:34
suni_087@Vaela:havnt tried that out17:34
MonkeyDustsuni_087  live cd or usb is the "normal" way to install17:35
suni_087<salmiak> any solution???17:35
Vaelaprobably the better way, too.17:35
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: i found what i was looking for17:35
velko_under, maybe - i don't know. this action is not supported though. another option would be to find prepackaged version for ubuntu - from some ppa. this is also not supported. so if you want the latest and greatest, you are on your own17:35
JohnNapsterMonkeyDust: it's the gnome-control-center package17:36
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  nice, but what was it again? share it with the channel, for future reference17:36
suni_087MonkeyDust: thx..would try that out17:36
PhopsyCan anyone offer some support regarding ALSA producing no sound after upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10?17:36
salmiaksuni_087: I haven't tried with wubi myself so I don't know. but I assume there is something with the windows bootmenu that prevents ubuntu to add itself there.17:36
antarasi use ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and after update i can't see the wireless icon but i am connected properly..   any ideas .. ?17:36
MonkeyDustPhopsy  in a terminal, type alsamixer, if you see MM, go there and press M17:36
JohnNapsteranyone on ubuntu preecise beta 1 running unity desktop type in the Terminal   gnome-control-center info17:36
velko_antaras, is the package "network-manager-gnome" installed?17:37
PhopsyMonkeyDust: Afraid I've already tried all that. I thought it might be a PulseAudio issue, so uninstalled that but still no joy.17:37
antarasvelko_, how i can see ??17:37
JohnNapsteranyone on ubuntu precise beta1 running unity desktop type in the Terminal   gnome-control-center info   and notice that it says  ubuntu 12.04 LTS17:37
JohnNapsternot Ubuntu!17:38
velko_antaras, how do you install software? with synaptic? then use synaptic to check this17:38
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  wrong channel, tell that in #ubuntu+117:38
antarasok .. its installed17:38
JohnNapsteralso, the "ubuntu" text is higher than the 12.04 LTS text    wtf?17:38
velko_antaras, and what happens when you type "nm-applet" in the command line?17:39
PhopsyMonkeyDust: Yes, it was a PulseAudio problem. Reinstalling PA *apparently* resolved the problem. Utterly bizarre. By the way, is your username taken from the TV programme?17:39
velko_antaras, in gnome-terminal for example17:39
MonkeyDustPhopsy  glad someone knows it :)17:39
antarasvelko_,  ** (nm-applet:6907): WARNING **: <WARN>  constructor(): Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager.17:39
PhopsyMonkeyDust: It'17:39
PhopsyMonkeyDust: It's been an *awful* long time since I watched it, but it was utterly brilliant. Nice to have a reminder.17:40
abeapakah ada orang indonesia di sini ??17:41
JohnNapsteris unity part of gnome?17:41
antarasvelko_,  yes in terminal... A process of nm-applet is already running  ** (nm-applet:6907): WARNING **: <WARN>  constructor(): Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager.17:41
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  unity = gnome3 with compiz17:41
velko_antaras, so you have to find out why this connection fails. because nm-applet is the graphical representation of your connection17:41
velko_antaras, but you don't see your connection still?17:41
JohnNapsteri see17:42
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SiaromFiles HEN HUD and are not a bit redundant?17:42
antarasvelko_, no i cant see the wireless icon17:42
SiaromHEN Files and HUD are not a bit redundant?17:42
JohnNapstercompiz is a merge of two projects: fusion and ???17:42
JohnNapsteror is it the other way round17:43
JohnNapsterfusion is compiz + someting else17:43
JohnNapstercan't remember17:43
salmiakJohnNapster: beryl?17:43
JohnNapsterso fusion is compiz+beryl17:43
JohnNapsteror is compiz = fusion+berl  ?17:44
antarasvelko_,  what can i do ??17:44
icerootJohnNapster: compiz fusion = compiz + beryl17:45
JohnNapsterwe now have compiz... is that the old compiz we knew and love?17:46
irrumat0rIs it recommended to install Python 2.7.2 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (default one it comes with is Python 2.6.5), or will that break stuff?17:46
salmiakJohnNapster: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compiz says  "2007 merge of the Compiz and Beryl (a fork of Compiz) communities results in "Compiz-core" (only core functionality of compiz and base plugins) and "Compiz Fusion" (the plugins, decorators, settings tools etc)"17:47
velko_antaras, no ideas. kill nm-applet and start it again?17:47
dlentzirrumat0r, do you need python 2.7 for some program?17:48
brianp1992can someone help me setup an ftp file server?17:48
antarasvelko_,  ok man .. thanx  :)17:49
salmiakJohnNapster: on the other hand it says that "2009 a conference call was held between developers of Compiz, Compiz++, NOMAD and Compiz Fusion where it was decided to merge the projects together into a unified project, simply named Compiz"... I don't know much about love though.. :-)17:49
JohnNapsterso is compiz the latest and greatest compositing window manager?17:50
JohnNapsterfor the X windowing system17:50
brianp1992can someone help me setup an ftp file server?17:50
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  to me: no, i don't like compiz17:50
JohnNapsteryou like xfce better?17:50
DarxusLast night I used update-manager to upgrade from natty to oneric.  Today when I run "aptitude -f install" I get this:  http://www.chaosreigns.com/tmp/brokenpackages.txt  How do I resolve this mess?  Attempting to remove qdbus doesn't help, it's not installed.  (I've been using debian/ubuntu for probably about 10 years.)17:51
salmiakI don't use compositing at all so about greatest.... well I don't know....... :-D17:51
AcidRaindoes anyone know how to test if my server will relay emails from anyone?17:51
AcidRaini want users to be registered before it relays17:51
JohnNapsteryou don't like fancy stuff on your screen then :)17:52
DarxusAcidRain: Google search for open relay test?17:52
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  i don't17:52
JohnNapsterso if i were to remove compiz from my system... would i be left with a bare console?17:53
theadminJohnNapster: Nah, just no window borders17:53
MonkeyDustJohnNapster  you could use gnome fallback17:54
JohnNapstergnome-fallback  ?17:54
salmiakJohnNapster: as little fancy and animations as possible is what I prefer yes. the operatingsystem/desktopenvironment/windowmanager should be as little eye-catching as possible. I did like compiz zoom-function though.... I haven't found an ok non-compiz desktopzoom.17:54
JohnNapsterisn't xfce another windowind manager?17:55
irrumat0rdlentz: well, a lot of stuff I'm downloading use modules that become part of the standard library as of 2.7.2 which aren't there in 2.6.5, and that's the lastest version of Python 2 so...17:55
AcidRaini just setup a mail server in about 45 seconds...17:55
antarasvelko_,  are you here ??17:55
AcidRainwith no relay access17:56
irrumat0rdlentz: but I've found success so far just getting the modules I need from pip17:56
velko_antaras, yes17:56
JohnNapsterguess not17:56
salmiakJohnNapster: yes. XFCE is a window manager. Xubuntu is not neccearly "lighter" than the gnome thing when it comes to ubuntu I believe though17:56
JohnNapsterxfce is a desktop environment, just like unit, but xfce is very lightweight17:57
JohnNapsterunit = unity17:57
velko_antaras, but not for very much longer. i'm waiting for my washing machine to finish and i'm going to drink beer17:57
dlentzirrumat0r, choosing the default version of python is easy with the alternatives system17:58
antarasvelko_,  ok :)  if you can check this17:58
antaras http://pastebin.com/S9Ut8NKp17:58
JohnNapsterxubuntu has xfce installed by default17:58
antarasvelko_, http://pastebin.com/xsC3pKyV17:58
irrumat0rword dlentz17:58
dlentzso you can make 2.6.5 the default and run python 2.7.x programs with "python2.7 <program>"17:58
JohnNapsterthat's why the X in ubuntu17:58
salmiakJohnNapster: yeah sorry. xfce is the desktop environment, xfce's window manager is called xfwm17:58
JohnNapsterthat's why the X in Xubuntu17:58
velko_antaras, what about it?17:59
mintman_dr_willis:  Is it illegal to lookup the ip adress of the service provider ur attached to my ip tracer or ip tracker?17:59
antarasvelko_,  where is my wlan0 ??17:59
antarasim connect with wifi now and my wifi card isnt here ..17:59
velko_antaras, can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces?17:59
JohnNapstersalmiak: are you perhaps nolaunchpad?18:00
JohnNapsteron launchpad18:00
velko_antaras, and maybe the output of "sudo iwconfig"18:00
mintman_dr_willis: I thoght service providers have to make legally publizied ip adresses18:00
JohnNapsteri am on a netbook right now... is there any ubuntu version targeted for the netbook spacifically?18:01
JohnNapsterlubuntu  ?18:02
JohnNapsteri am on a system with only 4 GB SSD18:02
FyodorovnaJohnNapster, unity is the closest but no actual netbook version18:02
JohnNapsterand the standard ubuntu is kind of heavy18:02
satyanashFyodorovna, use Xmonad.18:03
salmiakJohnNapster: launchpad? that is the bug tracking website right? I don't think I've used that no. not so I remembere any login anyway.18:03
satyanashFyodorovna, If you can Handle it.18:03
superdave321I "upgraded" to ubuntu studio from vanilla using this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu Now my audio is not working. how do I get it back?18:03
JohnNapsterlaunchpad is project-hosting websit18:03
JohnNapsterit hosts ubuntu as well and all the packages...18:04
satyanashSomething like GitHub or SourceForge..18:04
JohnNapsteri thought you were a dev18:04
salmiakJohnNapster: you should try Lubuntu perhaps, it should be the lightest ubuntu distribution I believe. shouldn't eat too much disk space either. it uses LXDE desktop environment instead.18:04
Fyodorovnasatyanash, read the posts, if you can handle it. :)18:05
JohnNapsterdo you happen to know how to make a bootable usb key with Lubuntu on it  ?18:05
satyanashFyodorovna, Haha..18:05
JohnNapsteri don't have a CD-ROM in this netbook18:06
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Fyodorovnasatyanash, personally I have net met a open source I could not run, but thanks for your concern. :)18:06
antarasvelko_,  disconnected sorry  ..  tell me again18:06
antaraswhat r u want to paste  ??18:07
salmiakJohnNapster: no, but google knows:  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-lubuntu-on-a-flash-drive-using-windows/   :-D18:07
satyanashFyodorovna, I was talking to JohnNapster, actually. And by Handling I meant changing the default configging for Xmonad can be slightly complex for begineners.18:07
satyanashFyodorovna, But you probably knew that.. :)18:07
velko_antaras, please pastebin the content of /etc/network/interfaces and the output of "sudo iwconfig". and do it quick - the machine is done :)18:08
JohnNapstersalmiak: i'm on ubuntu precise right now18:08
JohnNapsteri wanna put lubuntu from ubuntu on a usb key and make the key bootable18:08
JohnNapsterwill pendrive do the job?18:09
antarasvelko_,  only this on interface auto lo18:09
antarasiface lo inet loopback18:09
velko_antaras, what does this mean? you have only lo in interfaces?18:10
antarasvelko_,  http://pastebin.com/fSnxPW4H18:10
antarasi dont have idea ..18:10
JohnNapstersalmiak: your link instructs to do that from within windows18:11
velko_antaras, ok - eth1 is your wireless card18:11
JohnNapsterwylde: are you here?18:11
salmiakJohnNapster: oh.. sorry. I just did a quick search with google. there must certainly be similar program for linux yes18:11
JohnNapsteri know it is18:12
velko_antaras, connected to "Free spot ... ;-)". maybe for this reason network manager does not recognize it? maybe it expects wlan0? but this is only a speculation18:12
velko_antaras, sorry dude - i'm off now18:12
OerHeksJohnNapster, you can use the tool in 'precise' too18:12
JohnNapsteri used one when i installed this precise beta118:12
JohnNapsterbut it didn't had the option to create a bootable usb stick for the lubuntu os18:12
MiggsHey guys, when my laptop screen blanks the backlight stays on. Making it kinda power hungry. Any way to turn that off as well?18:12
antarasvelko_,  thanx man anyway :)18:13
JohnNapsterOerHeks: you mean the startup disk creator ?18:13
DarxusThe answer to my question about my broken packages appears to be: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/831768  - aptitude is completely broken on oneric and precise.  WTF?18:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged]18:13
OerHeksJohnNapster, yes18:13
wyldeJohnNapster: yep, what's up?18:14
JohnNapsteri'll try18:14
JohnNapsterwylde: which font does the  gnome-control-center use ?18:14
wunnlemy unitys randomly keeps crashing when i press alt-tab. i can re-run unity by dropping the console, but it started to get annoying.18:14
OerHeksJohnNapster, if you have issues creating, then you better join #Ubuntu+1 for precise support.18:14
wyldeUbuntu or Ubuntu bold18:15
AcidRainyay i have 1 fully operational server!18:15
wyldeJohnNapster: the ubuntu logo is lower case... look through the wikik titles etc. It's deliberate not a typo18:15
JohnNapsterthat "ubuntu 12.04 LTS"  bold sign18:15
JohnNapsterso it's an image?18:15
JohnNapsteri see18:16
wyldeJohnNapster: yep, it's part of a png18:16
JohnNapsterthat's why the "ubuntu" text is a little bit higher than the remaining "12.04 LTS" one18:16
JohnNapsteri see18:16
OerHekswunnle, what videocard do you use, and did you install drivers for it?18:16
JohnNapsternice to know18:17
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Guido1hello, If i want to aces the maps on a special computer with xp i get the message "can't find list for shared maps" - i can acces the folders on another xp18:17
Guido1al are in the same intranet18:17
thechrisHelp, Firefox is now black background with black text.18:18
OerHeks'special computer with xp'.. how is that different from the other xp?18:18
wunnleOerHeks, unfortnately, i have a damn optimus thing. dual videocards, GT540m and Intel. i removed driver of nvidia, so ubuntu uses intel now.18:18
AcidRainGuido1: this is ubuntu channel18:19
OerHekswunnle, ahhh you have optimus, please look at Bumblebee , and there is also a #Bumblebee channel, those guys are up2date18:19
wunnleOerHeks, on freenode network, right?18:20
thechrisThis is actually very annoying18:20
thechrisI'm pretty sure apt broke this18:20
thechrisThere really needs to be an apt undo18:20
AcidRainthechris: i agree. i could of sworn that one time someone in this channel gave me a command to fix things like this18:20
JohnNapsterwylde: i have another question for you18:21
newhaskelleri have a question regarding my PS118:21
OerHekswunnle, yes18:21
AcidRainlol ps118:21
Guido1AcidRain: perhaps that is the reason why i can't add the printer from the xp on ubuntu, but for another xp can find the printer, if i enter the part. do you know a lot about conectin network printers?18:21
newhaskellerI just did PS1="\e[0;31m[\W]\$ \e[m "18:21
newhaskellerand this causes the cli to behave strangely..18:22
wunnleOerHeks, i spend hours on this channel to install a proper bumblebee on my last ubuntu installation. On this installation, a friend mine suggested to install nvidia driver, so it would work without problems with intel one. Is that a lie :P ?18:22
JohnNapsterwylde: how can i get the currently installed version of ubuntu in a python script  ?18:22
AcidRainGuido1: i know that ubuntu can handle just about any type of external usb device that you through at it out of box18:22
newhaskellerall i wanted was to change the color and only display relative path of present directory18:22
newhaskellerwhat did I do wrong?18:22
AcidRainGuido1: it handled my neural impulse actuator pretty well :)18:22
OerHekswunnle, i do not own an Optimus, i believe all you need is the graphic-card switcher to make nvidia work properly18:23
AcidRainwunnle: u need hax18:23
wunnleAcidRain, what is that?18:23
OerHekswunnle, it is far from perfect, it still uses a double xorg18:23
JohnNapsterwylde: so if i have a string "You are running Ubuntu %s" % version18:23
thechrisUpdating firefox doens't help18:23
JohnNapsteranone else knows this?18:24
thechrisAlso, firefox doens't send any messages to teh console18:24
JohnNapsteranyone else knows this?18:24
AcidRainwunnle: hax: n Something deemed unfair or unexpectedly unfavorable. Could be used to accuse someone of using cheating/hacking/some sort of trickery to accomplish something, usually jokingly.18:24
Guido1AcidRain: perhaps it is easyer if i give the computers a name. computer "1": xp with printer; computer "2": xp using printer from 1; computer "3": ubuntu and i want to print via computer 1, but it does not work18:24
jfisk1987hey guys18:24
JohnNapsterif i have a Python string "You are running Ubuntu %s" % version   --- how to get that version number of currently installed ubuntu?18:24
JohnNapsterversion =   ??18:25
muelliJohnNapster: check lsb_release18:25
OerHeksJohnNapster, you had that answer before, didn't you?18:25
AcidRainGuido1: let me get this straight here. im not a big person on printers. but i thought with a network printer it pretty much pulls up a web interface?18:25
AcidRainthe printer has its own ip address and what not18:25
JohnNapsterOerHeks: yeah, and i can't use this thing18:26
thechrisIts almost like one of firefox's dependencys was uninstalled18:26
thechrisis there anyway to fix this?18:26
Guido1AcidRain:: if i want to see the shared folders on "2" and "3" it is possible with every computer; if i want to see the shared folders on computer 1 it does not work - i only can see the computer18:26
JustasIf I have Realterk 8168C drivers which are for kernel v 2.4 and 2.6 will they work on Ubuntu 11.10?18:26
JohnNapsterNo LSB modules are available.18:27
Guido1AcidRain: I have one printer, a local network and difrent computers. al printer sheel use the same printer18:27
JohnNapsterif i do No LSB modules are available.18:27
AcidRainGuido1: that sounds like a netbios issue from like 1990 ^_^18:27
JustasBecause I already tried running the included 'autorun.sh', but I get an error message something like 'unload driver first'18:27
JohnNapsterif i do lsb_release  No LSB modules are available.18:27
wyldeJohnNapster: I was afk, what's up?18:27
JohnNapsterif i have a Python string "You are running Ubuntu %s" % version   --- how to get that version number of currently installed ubuntu?18:27
Guido1AcidRain: do you have any idea how to fix?18:27
sstaJohnNapster: -