ScottLastraljava, no, audacity is meant to be there, but i haven't really looked at the seeds yet01:03
ScottLi plan to this weekend, to add lowlatency kernel as well along with some photography apps01:04
ScottLlen-nb, what other apps do you want01:04
len-nbScottL, it would be nice if there was a text editor like nano, and take a look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/PrecisePangolin/MissingPackages#preview01:05
len-nbWe were talking about dvdstyler as well. I looked at the other one qdvdmaster? (I'm not sure but it was listed in the workflows) It doesn't seem to be in the repo... synaptic doesn't find it.01:08
len-nbScottL, I just went through the workflows and listed all the apps that I found missing. I am not sure we should include them all though.01:09
len-nbThat was one of the things we were supposed to talk about at our missed meetings I think01:10
ScottLlen-nb, no, i don't want to include all of them, don't want to make _everyone_ download all apps for workflows that only a few actually want (or thought of)01:11
len-nbI think there should be at least one good workflow in each of our areas. One full sound, one full graphics, one full video and one full photography.01:21
len-nbScottL, each of them should be a start to finish work flow. I can't see any other way to make the live dvd really shine.01:22
len-nbThat is why I thought there should be something that can print a video to dvd.01:23
len-nbI think the audio side of things is pretty complete already.... it seems most of us are musicians...01:24
CFHowlettI could do a podcast workflow if one of you can direct me to the expected template ...01:24
len-nb I can't tell if the photography and graphics sections have something reasonable though.01:24
len-nbCFHowlett, I think Scott wants to have workflows that can be installed after the iso install.01:25
CFHowlettfair enough01:26
len-nbI think the idea is to have a workflow installer that can load new owrkflows. So we would be looking for a podcast workflow as a meta at some point but not as part of the distro iso.01:27
CFHowlettlen-nb   ah I see I must have misunderstood - "tutorial" is the better term for what I can contribute.01:27
len-nbAh, so you mean using the apps we already have. I think our plans for docs is on line. So that would probably work fine.01:30
len-nbCFHowlett, Probably a tutorial that uses apps we don't include would be ok too.01:34
CFHowlettlen-nb   let me think about that - I was planning to do one for audacity01:35
len-nbCFHowlett, We are planning to include audacity anyway. The one person I know who does podcasts wants to be able to use skype to phone someone and be able to record the interview. We don't ship skype (non-free) but it uses PA and we do ship a PA-jack bridge01:39
len-nbMy gmail account includes a phone app too.01:40
astraljavaScottL: Ok, I added audacity, just in case you get busy or something, at least that can be tested.06:38
CFHowlettoooh tytytytyty!06:39
astraljavamicahg: Can you please update meta when you have time, so this change becomes effective. Thanks!06:43
astraljavaCFHowlett: Micah is about to, if hasn't already, entering into his day off, so it'll happen on Sunday the earliest. That means audacity will appear on the images the soonest on Monday. So, hold your horses. :)06:50
CFHowlettastraljava   putting down special coffee cup now and waiting patiently.06:51
astraljavaCFHowlett: Just remember to breathe every now and then.06:51
CFHowlettSince I only install LTS, I get excited every few years...06:53
CFHowlettNOT every 6 months.06:53
astraljavaI'm sorry for your wife... *groans*06:53
CFHowlettastraljava  ha!  not to worry - don't have one.06:55
tehoweI was wondering, 20:24
tehoweis the alternate install iso going to be supported this time around? I see last build was in January. If a beta quality build was turned into an ISO, I'd be interested in testing it.20:26
ScottLtehowe, there is a live-dvd iso available for beta testing20:32
ScottLtehowe, we will most likely discontinue the alternate images going forward20:32
tehoweScottL: But how will users take advantage of the privacy of a LUKS installation? 21:13
tehoweScottL: Or, will it be possible to seamlessly add Ubuntu Studio's near-RT kernel and meta packages to reg'lar Ubuntu?21:14
jussitehowe: it will21:17
ScottLfalktx_, 21:24
ScottLfalktx_, ping21:25
falktx_ScottL: pong21:25
ScottLfalktx_, would you still help me with getting a few themes into our package?21:26
ScottLi have one (or two) from dick macinnis and our old one ported to gtk321:26
ScottLi think it will be nice to include them21:27
* ScottL is running to the store for about forty minutes21:28
falktx_ScottL: isn't it already too late for it?21:28
tehowejussi: Oh, cool. So I guess to get the full Ubuntu-Studio experience I'd add those, and then the studio desktop, what is it LXDE or something21:29
tehoweAs soon as that's possible (due to state of repositories, etc) I'd like to take a crack at it and out together a how-to as I think it's important to have LUKS21:33
falktx_ScottL: what is missing/needs to be done currently?21:49
len-nbTried todays iso.22:43
len-nbmenu logo still has white background22:43
knomehurr durr22:43
len-nbAudacity is now there22:43
len-nbI have sent email to the list with a clear backgrounded logo.22:44
knomelen-nb, is that exported from svg?22:44
knomeapparently not...22:44
knomei shall do that22:45
len-nbThere are three files the svg is clear the two pngs are not22:45
knomewhat size png's would you need?22:45
len-nbcheckn the mail list. I have done one there22:45
knomeonly that one sizE?22:46
len-nbThat was the one scott had in there, I just took the white out22:46
len-nbThere is a second logo png as well, I didn't do that one, so it is still white background. I don't know if its size is different or not.22:48
knomecould you check that?22:48
len-nbCan I download it from the LP page?22:49
knomeor just point me to the LP page22:49
knomeokay, thanks22:50
len-nbit would be ubuntustudio-logo.png that is still white BG22:51
len-nbplus the one I sent22:51
len-nbknome: Those ones on LP are fine. Maybe they just haven't made it to the pkg yet22:54
len-nbI thought the pkg got remade automatically22:54
len-nbThose were fixed on the 8th22:55
knomeno, not from LP22:55
len-nbThat would be why then.22:56
len-nbScottL had mentioned he had fixed it which is why I thought I would check the iso. Also to see if audacity made it (it did).22:57

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