al4nc4dsvery nice studio 12.0403:10
al4nc4dsthanks for all!03:10
Halexander9000Greetings from Eastern Europe, gentlehumans! I have 495 png files. I use this command to combine them into a video file at 16 frames per second: "ffmpeg -i 'frame%d.png' -r 16 out.mkv". But instead of getting a video file 495:16=30.9375 seconds in length, I somehow end up with a 19 second one. Could someone please tell me what seems to be the problem?06:16
holsteinmabye your code06:16
holsteini would try it again, and then maybe try a few different output file types06:17
holsteinmabye try a different settings or 206:17
Halexander9000Thank you for your concern, but I realize that I mixed up some commands.06:25
holsteinHalexander9000: cool :)06:25
Halexander9000Apparently Coca-Cola is not a good coffee substitute at 8:25 am.06:25
holsteinnah... you need the goods!06:26
Halexander9000The goods?06:26
CFHowlett*jolt cola!*06:26
Halexander9000Oh, hey you.06:26
CFHowlettHalexander9000   glad you know where the REAL ubuntu action is!06:27
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Tried the ffmpeg room too. Seems to be dead so far.06:27
CFHowlettHalexander9000   yeah, I've noticed that.  So, you're making a gif or a video?  Do we get to see this creation?06:28
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'm messing around with a random desktop recording of me playing a youtube file of a clip from Courage the Cowardly dog with that creepy wiggly armed blue guy with his hand stuck to his head telling Courage that he's not perfect in his dream/nightmare.06:30
Halexander9000I think if was extracted from the last episode of the show.06:30
Halexander9000I'm just doing this to get accustomed with the software.06:30
CFHowlettsounds like fun.  You have openshot too?06:31
Halexander9000CFHowlett: If I do make something worth your time, I'll let you know.06:31
Halexander9000I need Youtube viewers anyhow :D06:31
CFHowlettfair enough.  here's my latest still to video conversion  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua_vTyR9jEs&list=PLCD6C3483E4436CD3&index=1&feature=plcp06:31
Halexander9000Openshot is kind of glitchy with .ogv files.06:31
Halexander9000CFHowlett: What does CFHowlett stand for?06:32
CFHowlettHalexander9000   I haven't done .ogv yet.  I found openshot much easier that cinelerra06:32
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'm afraid of video editors now since I have a 2008 netbook as my main and only machine. A unmodified factory ASUS EEE PC 904HD.06:36
CFHowlettHalexander9000   well you should be quite happy to run ubuntustudio as it's now based on xfce - lighter load and all that06:36
Halexander9000CFHowlett: So, did you got hired?06:37
CFHowlettHalexander9000   Travel authorization documents have just entered american airspace and I expect to be in China by end of month.06:39
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Erm... do you intend to become a Chinese citizen?06:40
CFHowlettDon't intend to ... not that they'd make it easy.  I plan to see as many countries as I can.  Just going there to work is all.06:40
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I have this weird feeling that China is going to declare war all of Earth's nations and especially America. Don't ask why. Emotions are supposed to be illogical.06:41
CFHowlettHalexander9000   Personally, I'm more scared of North Korea ...06:42
Halexander9000Psh... North Korea has nothing on China.06:42
CFHowlettHalexander9000   I kind of trust china to act with SOME kind of sense.  NK, not so much ...06:43
Halexander9000CFHowlett: China has tech to knockdown all satellites from the sky, bringing down world wide communications and has it's own independent network of satellites for global positioning.06:45
CFHowlettHalexander9000   could be.  but enough ruminating ... there's buntu's to play with!06:45
Halexander9000True, true. And I still have half a two litter of Cola to consume XD06:46
CFHowlettmore caffeine in mountain dew ...06:46
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I too want to visit Japan one day... and learn Japanese. I never ever traveled over my own country's border.06:48
CFHowlettHalexander9000   I'm an old fart and I waited TOO long to do so.  Get passport, get tickets and get out of town, young man!06:48
Halexander9000CFHowlett: My birthday is only composed of 1 and 9 digits only. Guess my birthdate, and you'll know just how young I am. Hint: Month is a double digit.06:50
Halexander9000Congrats for your being a father!06:51
Halexander9000I was about to say "your son" but I don't know enough. So I have to correct that: "you being a father*"06:52
Halexander9000CFHowlett: This is strange... "ffmpeg -f image2 -i frame%d.png -r 16 out.mkv" does that same weird behavior.06:55
CFHowlettHalexander9000   try a different container - mpeg or mp406:55
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'll see if I can...06:56
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Nope, same darn thing. "ffmpeg -f image2 -i frame%d.png -r 16 out.mp4" still outputs 19 seconds.07:01
CFHowlettHalexander9000   play with the settings - 24 for example.07:03
Halexander9000CFHowlett: But... I recorded the thing at 16 fps... that will shorten the video to... um... 19 seconds... Wait a minute...07:04
Halexander9000Are you saying that ffmpeg forces the video to have at least 24 fps even though I tell it not to?07:04
CFHowlett16 fps is an odd settings - most videos default to 2407:05
Halexander9000Well, I am an odd person with an odd computer.07:05
Halexander9000CFHowlett: So I can't force it to 16 fps?07:05
CFHowlettyou did the right command to force sfaik but research how to force it.  I suspect the answer is simple but conveniently obscure ...07:06
Halexander9000If it's obscure, I'm sure the word convenient is not the one you're looking for.07:07
CFHowlett*simple* but obscure07:07
Halexander9000CFHowlett: North Korea. Racist nation?07:11
CFHowlettHalexander9000   never been ... can't say from experience.07:12
Halexander9000Got past the first episode of your podcast.07:13
CFHowlettah!  thank you for listening!07:14
Halexander9000CFHowlett: Now I have to relisten and search for the content you referenced so I can download and read.07:20
Halexander9000I'll subscribe instead. I'm trying to solve my problem right now.07:20
CFHowlettfair enough.  fyi, links are on the blog ...07:20
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'll make sure to check that later. In the mean time some guy suggested I should check this out "did you telling ffmpeg what the framerate of the input was ?""ie. put the -r 16 before the -i FILE""then try what I suggested"07:23
Halexander9000Neither this "ffmpeg -f image2 -i -r 16 frame%d.png -r 24 out.mp4" or this ""ffmpeg -f image2 -r 16 -i frame%d.png -r 24 out.mp4" is a working command. I always get a "command not found".07:24
CFHowletttry it!07:24
Halexander9000I already did. I don't complain about thing I didn't try.07:24
CFHowlettI'm afraid you've got a spot of research ahead ... http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html07:25
CFHowlettwait 1 ....07:25
CFHowlettbit rate/frame rate/ all kinds of rates.  I don't pretend to understand it all...but see this.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/877141/07:27
Halexander9000Well... except for drugging. I was forced to try a puff of cigar as a dare at my 18th birthday party with my parents. And I have tried drinking occasionally, but I always end up drunk after two or three cups of the thing. So I can complain about those two. I don't intend to try drugs anytime. If ever.07:27
CFHowlettok.  Hey, starbucks is about to kick me off their couch and out of their house.  Don't forget to see the forums: ubuntu studio, ubuntu multimedia.  Gotta catch up with you another time ....07:29
Halexander9000CFHowlett: I'm a dumbass. I typed the commands with quotes...07:30
* Halexander9000 face-palms himself.07:30
Halexander9000CFHowlett: See ya. Take care.07:30
superdave321I "upgraded" to ubuntu studio from vanilla using this article: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu How can I get the UI back while keeping the apps and plugins?17:11
holsteinsuperdave321: gnome2 is gone17:13
holsteinXFCE is what we went to because its arguably the most gnome2 like17:13
superdave321ok, so how do I get it back? or can I even get it back?17:14
holsteinsuperdave321: gnome2 is gone17:14
holsteinubuntu/cononnical is doing what it always did17:14
holsteinprovide you/us with the latest version of gnome17:15
holsteinwhich is *not* gnome217:15
holsteinif you want gnome2, you can run an earlier version of ubuntu17:15
Sysione doesn't bring things back from dead17:15
holsteinyou can look into the cinamon, or mate projects17:15
holsteinyou can build your own version with gnome217:15
holsteinyou can try XFCE, we didnt just throw a dart at a dart board or filp a coin17:16
holsteinyou can use *any* of the DE's with the ubuntustudio specific pacakges, inculding KDE17:16
holsteini suggest, trying to take some time to explore them live, and see what you like17:16
holsteingnome2 is just going to get further and further obsolete as it gets closer to EOL17:17
holsteinpersonally, im running 10.04, and have been, and i dont plan on moving on til 12.04, where i will use XFCE17:17
holsteingotta run... good luck superdave321 :)17:18
tehoweCinnamon is pretty good actually, I thought for a while I'd have a hard time deciding twixt it and Unity... but why? I can use either whenever I feel like it just by logging out & back in :) Choice!17:19
Sysignome-shell could be my favourite, if it wasn't dependant about pulseaudio17:19
Sysiwell, not completely dependant, I could still try17:20
tehoweWhich makes me wonder if I can use Cinnamon with Ubustudio 12.04 the same way.. never tried Lubuntu or whatever we're moving to17:20

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