knomemadnick, how's the plymouth stuff?11:51
knomeastraljava, you had a HP laptop? what wifi? i just installed xubuntu on wife's laptop, and with the broadcom wifi, i needed to use the b43 driver instead of the STA driver, which got installed by default..12:19
astraljavaknome: I'll get back to you about that later, gotta run now.12:41
madnickknome: pretty much solid, the "problem" I have is that, while I can test it using my own message sequences, I cannot test it using VBox and get the real messages, since I don't see the screen at boot15:40
knomemadnick, then just push it for others to test15:43
ochosihey there15:49
astraljavaknome: What was that again? My freenode server rebooted, and using SSL reconnects in a weird way, and thus I /quit and /connect'ed, thus losing backlog.18:30
knome14:19  knome: astraljava, you had a HP laptop? what wifi? i just installed xubuntu on wife's laptop, and with the broadcom wifi, i needed to use the b43 driver instead of the STA driver, which got installed by default..18:34
knomeastraljava, ^ that18:34
astraljava  *-network18:37
astraljava       description: Wireless interface18:37
astraljava       product: BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller18:37
knomei have bcm4312.18:38
astraljavaconfiguration: broadcast=yes driver=brcmsmac driverversion=3.0.0-16-generic firmware=N/A latency=0 link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn18:39
astraljavaHuh, nice names for these drivers.18:40
knomepleia2, you there?21:18
TheMouldyMarsBarknome: hardly anyone comes here21:18
knomeTheMouldyMarsBar, wrong. many people come here regularly. sometimes they just lurk.21:19
TheMouldyMarsBar*hardly anyone CHATS here21:19
knomewell, that's wrong too. people chat here when they need to discuss about development21:20
TheMouldyMarsBarMost just go to #xubuntu21:20
knomenow that we have all freezes ongoing, there's not much to communicate about, except some bugs21:20
knomewell, #xubuntu is for the support. if you need support, that's the correct channel.21:21
knomewe don't specifically discourage random chatter here now and then, but usually people take that to #xubuntu-offtopic or other channels21:22
pleia2knome: hey22:09
pleia2no response yet from the trademarks folks :\22:12
knomepleia2, umph.22:13
knomepleia2, i was thinking the alternate disc still22:13
pleia2knome: to drop it?22:13
knomepleia2, well yeah. isn't there any other way to achieve those certain things?22:13
pleia2use server alt and install xubuntu-desktop :)22:14
knomedo you think that's something we shouldn't tell people to do?22:14
knomei mean, testing the alt vs. not testing22:14
knomeand maintaining vs. not22:15
knomethose are the things22:15
pleia2oh, that, we will keep the alt?22:15
pleia2what is the blocker to testing the alt?22:15
knomeis it worth it?22:15
knomenothing really22:15
knometime and resources22:15
knomeif we didn't have alt, we'd have more tests on desktop22:16
pleia2ok, I think desktop has to take precedence22:16
knomethe other choice is to drop anything in the alt-tests to "run-once"22:16
pleia2I can't help with hardware testing (no spare hardware) but I can help with virtual testing of alt22:17
knomewhatever the case, i think we'd benefit from more testing22:17
* pleia2 has been meaning to help with testing more anyway22:17
knomeand actually reporting and discussing issues sooner22:17
* pleia2 nods22:17
knomei'm not really pro-drop-alt22:17
pleia2I love alt22:18
knomebut i'm just wondering if we have the resources for it22:18
pleia2yeah :\22:18
pleia2will you be around for a couple hours?22:18
knomewe should maybe take a poll or so in the website on how many people will use alt22:18
knomeprobably yeah22:18
knomeas long as my back can take it, yeah22:18
pleia2ok, I am going to go grab my lunch and then I'll sit down to look at testing stuff22:18
knomeokay, sure22:18
knomebon appetit :)22:19
pleia2I did testing before when it was a wiki page list of tests ;) but I haven't used the iso tracker yet22:19
pleia2oh, I'll start the daily downloads now22:19
knomewell, that's pretty cool22:19
knomeit's really straightforward22:19
knomeand i think just promoting testing could get us easily a few people doing tests now-and-then22:19
* pleia2 nods22:19
knomebut of course, we need continuous contributions :/22:19
pleia2once I figure out how to do it, I'll write that blog post I've been meaning to write22:19
pleia2preference to testing 64 vs 32?22:20
knomeping me when you get back from lunch22:20
knomei think it depends on what has been tested22:20
pleia2and is there a daily alt?22:21
knomelooks like we have 0 tests on everything for 2012031022:21
pleia2ah, /daily vs /daily-live22:21
pleia2ok, wgets going, I'll ping you when I return :)22:22
ochosiknome: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=738122:25
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.xfce.org: HTTP Error 404: Not Found (http://bugzilla.xfce.org/xml.cgi?id=7381)22:25
ochosiunfortunately it's a bit too late for precise, but for +1 we could make use of this22:25
ochosi(if you remember the appmenu-button proposal we worked on)22:27
knomeyeah, i do22:27
knomedo you have any opinion on testing?22:28
ochosido you mean anything concretely?22:28
ochosi(haven't had time to read the backlog yet and am about to watch a movie)22:28
knomeastraljava, ?22:29
knomefor what? :P22:29
knomewhen was the QA meeting again?22:30
astraljavaI think it was on Wednesdays.22:30
knome"was" ?22:30
astraljavaHaven't participated lately anymore.22:30
knomeubuntu wiki sucks22:33
pleia2knome: back22:57
knomepleia2, mmh :)22:58
knomei just tweeted our next community meeting22:59
* knome gets some tea to drink23:00
pleia2so https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures is the page charlie-tca gave me 23:01
knomejust log into http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/23:03
knomei can guide you through23:03
knomeso, on the first page you have the milestones23:04
knomeyou want precise daily, of course23:04
* pleia2 nods23:04
knomewhen you click that, you'll have a list of products23:04
knomeyou can slim it down by unchecking most stuff on the left pane "filters"23:04
knomeyou probably want to leave "upgrade" and "xubuntu" (and statuses "untested" and "partial")23:05
knomewhen you've done that scroll to the bottom23:05
knomeyou can see the xubuntu tests23:05
knomealt amd64, alt i386, desktop amd64, desktop i38623:06
* pleia2 nods23:06
knomelet's say you want to test desktop amd6423:06
knomeclick that23:06
knomenow you can see all the testcases23:06
pleia2let's say i386, since I actually got that one ;)23:06
knomehehe, okay ;)23:06
knomethere are the testcase-specific results23:06
knomepassed/failed/running, and the bugs column will show links to any bugs that are found23:07
knomefor a working example, look at the desktop amd64 beta1 tests: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds/12681/testcases23:07
pleia2ah, nice23:07
knomewell anyway, the nicer thing23:07
knomethere's the download info link on top23:08
knomewith rsync/zsync commands23:08
knomeand http of course23:08
knomewith gpg signs and md5 checksums23:08
pleia2oh that is much better than trying to remember the cdimage link :)23:08
knomeyou have the document icons with the tool23:08
knomeif you click that, you'll get the procedure for that testcase23:08
* pleia2 nods23:09
knomenow, when you start testing a testcase, you click on the testcase name23:09
knomelet's say live session23:09
* knome logs in23:09
knomenow you have this simple add a result -page23:10
knomefirst, you select the outcome23:10
knomethen add bug #s for critical and normal bugs23:10
knomeand you can add a hw profile url and/or a comment, eg "vbox with 512 ram"23:10
knomei don't think we're using "in progress" -result much now, but i think we could benefit from that if we ever have more testers23:11
knomethat way you wouldn't start doing the same test somebody else is on23:11
pleia2where does the hw profile url come from?23:11
knomeit can be anything23:11
knomesome people add a wikipage for the HW info23:11
pleia2oh, like a link to a product page for your laptop?23:11
knomebut if you test with vbox, comment would be okay23:12
knomewell, that would work as well23:12
knomei don't know about it, but i suppose it's not clearly specified what that should be :)23:12
* pleia2 nods23:12
knomebut yeah, that simply is it23:12
knomeif you go back to the "precise daily" page, you can see the columns mandatory and run once23:13
knomethose will have the number of testcases run23:13
knomelike a good overview :)23:14
knomeand the bugs too23:14
pleia2ok cool23:14
pleia2I'll do a test and ask questions about where my bugs go ;)23:14
knomeagain good example; http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds23:14
knomewell, bugs should be at LP23:14
knomein the ISO tracker, you only need their numbers23:15
knomeand the system will fetch the rest23:15
pleia2yeah, I never know what packages to file stuff against23:15
pleia2so I'll just ask23:15
pleia2hey GridCube 23:15
knomeah :) most probably ubiquity ;))23:15
GridCubesay miss pleia2 23:15
* knome says: miss pleia2 23:16
GridCubecan i help in anything?23:16
pleia2ok, so wait23:23
pleia2Install (auto-resize) in Xubuntu Desktop i386 for Precise Daily links to http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/AlternateResize23:23
pleia2the 64 bit links to http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/DesktopResize which I assume is correct23:24
knomeah, yeah :)23:24
knomemost probably23:24
* pleia2 qas the qa23:24
pleia2ah, but I see a prerequisite for that one is actually having something to resize ;)23:27
knomerun a different test first, then resize23:27
knomethat's another thing that doesn't help getting resize-test-results23:28
pleia2there is all kind of strange greyness on the screen, not sure if it's just vbox weirdness23:31
knomepleia2, is it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/924909 ?23:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 924909 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Windows have grey traces in Ubiquity" [Medium,Confirmed]23:32
pleia2I think so, http://princessleia.com/temp/xubuntu_031012.png23:32
pleia2more grey happens when I move the window23:32
knomethat's it.23:33
pleia2I have a background at least, not black23:33
pleia2ah, someone says that23:34
knomewell yeah, that part is fixed23:34
knomeafter we uploaded a wallpaper ;))23:34
pleia2hehe, that helps23:34
pleia2ok, so this bug still exists, do I list the bug number into day's test?23:34
knomebut it's not critical23:34
knomesince you can still finish the testcase23:34
pleia2tsk, "arch" reports i686 rather than i38623:36
pleia2alright, that's all done23:39
pleia2thanks knome :)23:41
knomeno, thank you :)23:41
* knome switches to wife's laptop with newly installed xubuntu over windows vista \o/23:46
pleia2the alt installer is such a pretty blue, did you guys do that?23:52
pleia2the debian one is fugly (I use it /all the time/)23:52

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