FreejackAlright. I've installed bazaar and I'm using directories in my home directory from the working directory, but I've set up another directory/partition under /opt/archives for the repository. What's the proper way for getting bzr to use this configuration, since I'm not using anything network related.00:31
pooliehi wgz00:31
poolieFreejack, just make the repository in /opt and check it out locally00:32
pooliebzr checkout --lightweight /opt/archives/project/trunk ~/work/projcet00:32
FreejackHeh. That simple eh?00:32
spivFreejack: I'm sure we can find a way to make it more complex if you want ;)00:32
FreejackThat's alright. This'll do.00:33
bob2was lightweight originally a plugin?00:34
spivbob2: not that I recall00:35
FreejackHrmmm....need to set up the permissions properly. Commit fails.00:37
FreejackIt works!00:46
FreejackGot some hacking to do. bbl.00:47
Noldorinhey poolie, jelmer01:47
pooliehi there02:08
pooliehi all07:22
vilahi all !07:49
mgzmorning all09:03
ggherdovHI all. Is there any news about this request https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/269095 , or the page contains the most up to date info (i.e., it's unassigned and low priority) ?09:35
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 269095 in Bazaar "bzr missing "cp" command for forking files /w history" [Medium,Confirmed]09:35
ggherdovoh, that bot is cool indeed.09:36
mthaddonhi folks - I consistently get a traceback when tab completing in precise for a bzr command, but apport tells me the bug is fixed released - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr-git/+bug/90363909:48
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 903639 in bzr-git (Ubuntu) "bzr crashes on bash tab-completion" [Medium,Fix released]09:48
mthaddonjelmer: you seen anyone else with that issue in precise? ^09:50
mgzif you run `bzr plugins` what version of bzr-git does it say you have?09:54
vilajelmer: bug 941672 is said to be fix released in 2.5.1 but doesn't appear in lp:bzr/2.5 O_o09:58
ubot5`Launchpad bug 941672 in Bazaar ""bzr help branches" crashes with bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'Option' object has no attribute 'get_help_topic'" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94167209:58
vilajelmer: but is merged on trunk with a news entry in 2.5 >-/09:59
mthaddonmgz: not installed10:00
mgzmthaddon: then it's not actually the same bug? and fdt...10:01
vilamgz: morning !10:02
mthaddonmgz: sure, but apport keeps directing me to that - so I should just file a new one?10:02
mgzrun `BZR_PDB=1 bzr bash-completion` and see what the actual plugin with the missing option is?10:04
mthaddonmgz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/880112/10:05
mgzp name10:06
mgzokay, er... which plugin provides that? :)10:07
mgzbzr help commands|grep review-submit10:07
mgzanyway, new bug against that plugin should do, if it's on the latest version10:07
mgzand I shall fix.10:08
mthaddonreview-submit      Submit a review. [lpreview]10:08
mgz^morning vila!10:08
* mgz branches lp:bzr-lpreview10:09
mthaddonI have an out of date version - let me update and check10:10
mgzseems to be unchanged in trunk, resolving it now10:10
mthaddonyeah, still getting the same with trunk10:11
vilamgz: can you vote on https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/940164-native-texinfo/+merge/96796 ?10:13
vilanot super important but a bit of a pain for me to not be able to run the full test suite anymore :-/10:14
vila(the laternative being to uninstall sphinx which I rather avoid ;)10:14
vilaalternative even ;)10:16
mgzyup, will flag that approved10:16
mgzhm, don't have push rights to bzr-lpreview10:16
* mgz proposes10:16
vilasudo push10:16
mgzmthaddon: lp:~gz/bzr-lpreview/dry_run_option_not_global10:17
mgzbzr-svn is broken because I didn't update the version in the all-in-one installer10:45
mgzbzr-git is broken because I did update the version in the all-in-one installer10:45
mgzhow am I meant to know what versions to include again?10:46
mgzthis was with my special copy-what-doxxx-does method, which apparently isn't enough10:46
vilamgz: well, basically, as a packager, you should either release the tip *OR* rely on upstream to flag the version you're supposed to package10:56
vilai.e., you're responsible but not gulty ;)10:57
* vila bbl10:58
jelmerargh, getting the right plugins together for a release is still a nightmare :-/11:18
jelmermgz: sorry about that11:18
* mgz hugs jelmer :)11:19
jelmerThis keeps coming up though, I wonder what the best approach here is. We do quite a bit of automated testing for individual projects but not for the thing as a whole.11:22
mgzwell, one thing is I'd like to run selftest after install and have it actually pass, which would catch some dumb stuff like this.11:26
maxbmgz: Well, if it helps at all the ppa appears to be installable, and I don't see any complaints running 'bzr plugins' with all the packages installed11:27
mgzmaxb: and what's your method of knowing what versions of plugins to include? perhaps I can copy.11:28
maxbmgz: This is also known as the mostly-copy-what-jelmer-does-in-sid method :-)11:28
maxbOr slightly more usefully, take the latest release of everything, and bump up to a snapshot where something complains11:29
maxbThough my view of latest release is slightly skewed since I use Debian sid as a convenient aggregator of latest versions11:29
mgzpackage management does solve a few issues :)11:34
jelmera related issue (I think) is that it should be possible to just run "bzr selftest" and have everything pass, even with plugins installed11:38
jelmersome plugins currently break in that case - e.g. bzr-search registers some hooks which add extra HPSS calls and then break some of the blackbox tests11:38
mgzyeah, I saw that bug11:40
mgzthere was a thread a while back11:40
jelmerI'm also seeing a really weird bug where bzrlib.tests.test_msg_editor seems to be running vim11:40
mgzabout whether it was right to run tests with plugin hooks installed or not11:40
mgzthere were arguments both ways, makes them less reliable if you do, but doesn't test real world situation if you don't11:41
mgzjelmer: sounds very possible, probably an isolation issue, there's a msg_editor command that will fallback to vim if earlier things fail11:42
jelmermgz: the weird thing is that it only happens if I run bzr selftest with (some) plugin installed11:43
Nghmm, if I run into a NoSuchId error while committing with bzr 2.1.4, is that something that's likely to be repairable?12:53
NgI had about 12 processes committing from scripts, and presumably two of them have clashed somehow12:54
jelmerNg: can you provide some more context? NoSuchId just means something wasn't found12:56
Ngjelmer: sure, I'll get you the error12:56
Ng(pasted in private)12:58
Ngall sorts of weirdness is now going on, the current revno is claimed to be 1, but the older revisions still somewhat exist, so they end up being claimed to be negative12:59
Ng(if it's relevant, there are 58395 revisions in total)13:00
vilajelmer: hi !13:06
vilajelmer: did you see my previous msg about bug #941672 ?13:06
ubot5`Launchpad bug 941672 in Bazaar ""bzr help branches" crashes with bzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'Option' object has no attribute 'get_help_topic'" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94167213:06
vilajelmer: landed on trunk but not on 2.513:07
vindolinhow do I extract a subdirectory from an existing bzr repo into a new repo while keeping the history?13:09
mgzvindolin: broadly two options, `bzr help split` or fast export, filter, fast import13:11
mgzthe first keeps the entire repo history unchanged, which may not be what you want if most changes are unrelated to that subdir13:12
mgzthe second creates a new history that looks like the old one, which will be smaller but can be confusing13:13
jelmervila: ah, I'll have a look at landing it on 2.5 too, seems appropriate for there13:15
vilajelmer: especially given the bug milestone ;)13:15
vilajelmer: and the news entry !13:15
jelmerNg: hmm, that does look pretty odd13:15
jelmerNg: can you perhaps try running 'bzr rm' (no arguments) before commit?13:16
vilamgz: meh, can't find back the bugs about running the smart server as an external process for tests13:16
jelmerNg: other than that, I don't have any idea what this might be..13:16
Ngjelmer: doesn't help I'm afraid13:17
mgzvila: bug 86611113:17
ubot5`Launchpad bug 866111 in Bazaar "Run tests against out of process smart server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86611113:17
Ngjelmer: shall I file a bug? It's going to be kinda hard to reproduce13:17
jelmerNg: is there any chance you can try with a more recent version? 2.1 is really old13:18
viladamn it, selftest tag tot test13:18
vilamgz: ta13:18
Ngjelmer: I've copied the borked tree over to a machine with 2.5.0 on it and that can't commit either, running the plain "bzr rm" there hasn't helped13:18
jelmerNg: in that case, it would be great if you could file a bug13:21
Ngjelmer: sure thing13:22
ModnarI'm trying to do a branch on Windows 7 & keep getting this error bzr: ERROR: short readline in the readvfile hunk: 'Bazaar pack format 1 (introduced in 0.18)\r'13:25
vilamgz: commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~gz/bzr/https_proxy_host_matching_944696/+merge/96803, we can discuss further when you're available13:30
mgzneat, thanks vila, will probably have lunch first :)13:31
vilaha yeah, that weird TZ ;)13:31
Ngjelmer: 953005 filed, thanks13:45
Timarahi all!13:53
Timaracould someone please help me in using bzr+trac?13:57
TimaraI have a problem with the post-commit hook, and got confused about the many support pages I read13:57
smoserok... stupid question14:03
smoserbzr diff -r $(bzr revno)14:03
smoserbzr diff14:03
smosershould basically be the same thing14:03
jelmerhi Timara14:04
jelmersmoser: yes14:04
TimaraHi jelmer!14:04
jelmerTimara: what's your question?14:04
smoseri have some local branch that i've beeen doing udd on that is now in a state where it thinks bzr revno is '80'14:04
smoserand 'bzr revert' does nothing14:04
smoserbut bzr diff -r $(bzr revno)14:04
smosershows diff14:04
Timaraa have set up a trac server on a remote machine and would like to use: bzr commit -m "Fixed an awful bug" --fixes remote:12314:05
Timaratrac-bzr plugin is installed on the remote14:05
Timarasorry, bzr commit -m "Fixed an awful bug" --fixes remote:123 bzr+ssh://centralhost/proj114:06
Timaratrac wouldn't show the ticket 123 fixed14:07
Timarawhen I issue a trac-admin changeset added /srv/bzr/proj1 414:07
Timaranothing happens14:07
Timarawhat configuration shall be done in the local or the server side to update trac with each commit?14:08
jelmersmoser: it sounds like your tree is out of date with your branch; does "bzr up" do anything?14:15
jelmerTimara: I don't think trac can look at revision properties for recognizing fixed bugs yet14:16
smoser$ bzr up14:17
smoserUnapplying quilt patches to prevent spurious conflicts14:17
smoserbzr: ERROR: Unable to unapply quilt patches for 'other' tree: rmdir: failed to remove `.pc/69_issue93_fix_trace_in_write_pxe_file.patch': No such file or directory14:17
jelmersmoser: ah, ok - you're hitting an issue with the quilt integration; looks like the revision you're updating to has an invalid quilt state14:20
jelmersmoser: 'bzr up --no-plugins' should work around that14:20
jelmerI'm also working on improving the quilt integration to be more robust against this sort of issue14:20
smoserjelmer, right. i seems i didn't comit the .pc dir :-(14:21
Timarajelmer: it seams that the Trac plugin "Commit Ticket Updater" does exactly this14:23
Timarai have enabled it14:24
Timaraas I understand, it would be enough to issue a "trac-admin changeset added <repo> <rev>"14:25
jelmerTimara: as far as I know that only looks at the commit message, it doesn't have the ability to look at any other metadata in commits14:25
Timarai see14:25
jelmerTimara: (such as the data set with --fixes)14:25
jelmerI'd be interested in hacking things up so it does, but last I checked there were limitations in trac that prevented this14:26
smoserjelmer, you're right.14:26
smoseri was missing  a .pc/<patch_name>14:27
smoseri've committed that locally, moved the tag, pushed...14:27
smoserall is well now14:27
smosersorry for spam.14:27
jelmersmoser: still, that's a nonobvious way of failing so we should really get that fixed14:27
smoserthank you, and looking forward to .pc directories being considered metadata14:27
smoserjelmer, well, initially when i did the bzr pull, i got an error like bzr up gave me.14:27
jelmersmoser: (please don't hesitate to bring this kind of thing up!)14:27
smoserbut then... i said "oh, thats just buggy"14:28
smoseranad 'bzr pull --overwrite'14:28
smoserand that got me into the wierd state that i wwas in, with less useful error messgaes14:28
Timarathanks for the help jelmer, it seems I have to give it up at least for today...14:44
jelmerTimara: IIRC this is a limitation in trac rather than in bzr (there is no access to the revision properties there)14:47
jelmerTimara: you can still close bugs in the commit message, outside of --fixes.14:47
Timarajelmer: how do you do that?14:58
Timaraby -m "This mod fixes bug #123"14:58
ubot5`Launchpad bug 123 in Launchpad itself "There's no direct way to see the project info when translating it" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12314:58
Timaraand the commit message parser at Trac finds this subtrinsg and marks the bug as solved?15:00
jmlwhat version of bzr does pkg-import use in production?15:01
jmljames_w, vila: ^?15:01
vilajml: bzr revno 646815:02
Timarahave to go now, thank you for the help...have a good day15:02
jmlvila: thanks.15:03
mgzvila: time to talk https?15:27
vilamgz: first of all, I think you should land your proposal as it fixed a bug already affecting users15:29
mgzthere's also a polite post from Andreas on the bzr list about issues he's having post cert-ocalypse with webdav that we should respond to15:29
vilamgz: then, my suspicion is that https + https will still be broken. Can you test this ?15:30
mgzvila: that's broken by being broken though, in general15:30
vilaas in: only weird people will use that ?15:30
mgzin that the whole point of checking certs is that you then can't me MIM-ed15:31
mgzso if someone is running a proxy that sends requests then resigns them, bzr is now designed to fail15:31
vilaerr, not sure we're on the same page15:31
vilano, it shouldn't15:32
mgzthere are two kinds of https proxy15:32
mgzone just does CONNECT over http and forwards the data15:32
mgzthe other intercepts the traffic and resigns the data15:32
vilawell, you can connect to the proxy with https and *then* CONNECT to the real site via the proxy15:32
vilait's useless but not forbidden15:33
mgzI'm not certain you can...15:34
mgzcan you link me a description of how that works?15:34
vilaI fail you see while you won't15:34
jmlvila: what's distro-info/python? (as referred to in lp:udd's etc-init.d-mass-import)15:35
vilamgz: err, meh, indeed, the client won't be able do decode ssl twice...15:36
vilamgz: dunno why I kept this idea in the back of my head15:36
vilajml: james_w will know better, it's a python package to centralize some data about various distributions15:37
vilajml: it was installed on jubany because it wasn't packaged for lucid at the time15:38
mgzjml: just install python-distro-info, no?15:38
jmlmgz: not available in lucid15:38
jmlmgz: am trying to deploy udd on a fresh lucid ec2 instance15:39
mgzjml: ah, yeah, it's recent. maybe get it from the debian git branch?15:40
jmlmgz: it'd be nice to know what production is using15:40
jelmer'bzr branch apt:distro-info' :-)15:41
jelmer(if you have bzr-git and bzr-builddeb installed)15:41
james_wjml, apparently it is using a bzr branch with no repository15:42
james_w6 package-import@ubuntu.com-20111025231956-gzif3z6okqmzaag815:42
james_wso I'm not exactly sure how it got there15:43
vilajames_w: as fast as possible to avoid more import failures ;)15:44
* jml branches revno 8 and hopes for the best15:44
vilaeerk, no repo indeed :-/15:45
mgzvila: thanks for replying to the webdav post17:22
mgzjelmer: did we work out why lp:dulwich doesn't have any of the latest tags?17:22
jelmermgz: bzr-git doesn't always push tags yet17:23
jelmermgz: fixed now I think17:24
jelmer(changed the development focus to the main bzr branch rather than an import from git)17:24
mgzjelmer: yep, that did it, thanks.17:25
maxbjelmer: What is the relationship between those branches exactly?17:28
maxb(Especially as I pushed new ppa branches stacked on the17:28
maxb~vcs-imports one yesterday)17:28
jelmermaxb: they have the same contents17:37
jelmeror rather, are supposed to have the same contents.. there is obviously still an issue regarding tags17:37
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ModnarHi. I'm trying to get a branch under windows 7 x64 & keep getting this error: bzr: ERROR: short readline in the readvfile hunk: 'Bazaar pack format 1 (introduced in 0.18)\r'19:46
wgzModnar: read through this thread <https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2012q1/074297.html>19:49
wgzshort version, try branching over bzr+ssh rather than http19:49
Modnarok so how do I ssh then?19:54
Modnarwell so far this bzr is useless then since ssh doesn't work either off hand... I just have to smack the dev & tell him to use something that works like git or svn20:37
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pooliehi jelmer22:06
jelmerhi poolie :)22:06
mgrandihi peoplez.22:06
Pikkachuhow to make Bazaar ignore all but one single file?22:35
bob2you can just ignore all and explicitly add that one file22:37
Pikkachuok thanks22:40

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